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REVIEWS OF 13th Street Coffee and Tea IN Nebraska

Tim Pagano

I can appreciate a place going for a stripped down "bare bones" aesthetic. I've been to coffee shops that can pull off that feel. This one definitely does not. The chairs are old and dilapidated; the coffee is mediocre. Finally, it's overpriced. I wish I could like this place but I just can't.

Ajanta Raman

Such a fabulous little coffee shop! The gelato is fantastic, and their coffee over ice is great. Their tea selection is very nice. The atmosphere is very relaxed. I especially loved the artwork on the walls. It's also dog friendly outside. 10/10 experience.

Jill Corona

Cozy spot, good place to get warm on a cold day

Zach Spector

Very good


Coffee is sub-par and overpriced! The guy that worked the evening shift was rude and lacked any type of customer service.

james kniss

Awesome as usual

Sandy Oberman

Female will return

Daniel Bennett

Jordyn Long

Easily the best coffee in Omaha. Nice casual vibe, great place to hang out. Try the HOT LATTES

William Fields

10/10 best tea I’ve ever had. I hate coffee, never had it, but I’m sure it’s better here than anywhere else. Love the incessant jazz, and you will too. Ask for the key to the cellar, vintage wines available.

Ryan Wilson

"2nd generation" coffee shop with a nice vibe

Johnson Bui

An old school cafe with a modern selection of teas and coffee at modest prices. At $3 for a medium coffee drink, it is worth it, I should also note that the staff is wonderful and they joked around with me while I waited for a date. It certainly eased the tension and I had a great time even before I walked in the store!

Chris G

Stepped inside over lunch hour today to buy some tea for now and some for later. Spent about 10 minutes looking around but no barista in sight. Walked out to take business somewhere willing to take my money.

Ryan Pospisil

Great gelato and a wonderful atmosphere!

Yvonne Barna

Yummy gelato!

jack sacks

Great coffee...

Brandon Pecka

Best smoothies hands down. The Razzle Dazzle is a must try.

Robert Stearns

Awesome local coffee shop near the little downtown strip of bars and restaurants in Omaha. We had a huge “small” serving of pistachio ice cream and a coffee on our way driving from Chicago to California and it was totally worth the stop! Spacious and nicely decorated space with friendly service!

bob roose

Good service excellent coffee

Megan Dermody

Over paid for a drink that was basically chocolate milk and ice blended, also barista basically made our drinks so fast just to hurry onto her phone right after she handed us our receipts to sign. Hope it was important to rush our drinks and make them horribly during your shift.

Dan Hull

Nothing about this place makes it special.

Eric Emanuel

Nice little coffeeshop. Sadly the location gets little traffic. I hope they get enough business because I really liked it.

Selim Sevencan

Their coffee's taste was like the others coffee. There is not a special taste is here. Also wifi password was 'trygooglinit'.

Bob Pelshaw

Was OK - nothing special. Seemed a little dingy... Server wasnt friendly until I gave a tip

Lamont Barkman

Great place

jesse ives

Great service and coffee

Fred Rollins

This perfect hidden gem, located right off 13th street as you enter downtown omaha, is a coffee shop for all ages the colorfully named drinks only add to artsy ambiance. The walls are decorated with paintings and mixed media art that are for sell. And the loft area has a few comfy couches, coveted by those who want a good date to be great.

Louie Harrison

Quaint, friendly coffee shop! Best in town!

Stephen Ziska

Tyler Winthrop

Good mocha

Bryon Wheaton

Nice enough coffee shop. Small and cozy.

T. L. Bainter

This little shop is quaint and quiet. The lackadaisical approach to its setup and decor is uniquely appealing and somehow calming. The barista on staff was very friendly and polite. I got an espresso during my visit--it was not bad by any means, particularly compared to typical coffee you'll find in the states, but it wasn't really outstanding, either. This is a nice shop to visit if you're within biking distance (they even offer a discount if you ride your bike!) and want to sit down and read or write for a while, but I wouldn't recommend going out of you're way for it. Thankfully, 13th Street is in a very active district, so you'll have plenty of other things you do before or after grabbing a coffee, here.

Jeff Posey

Good tea selection, food is good and being one of the few coffee shops open on Sunday evening makes it a big plus.

Erin Moore

Great place!

Mary Rincon

Nadia Elmasri

In the heart of downtown Omaha, it is a haven for students and businessman alike to take a break from their busy lives to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy smooth jazz.

Scott Greenwood

Great drinks, interesting decor, good snacks, good location near Old Market (on the edge of it...)

only_the_best_ KS

The sandwiches are good in my opinion. But every time I have gone the server as been sitting down with a friend and I have had to stand at the counter for her to notice me just for her to be rude and rush away the second I get my order. It's the same lady every time that is rude. The other employees I have encountered have been kind enough. Also coffee not too good.

suzy q p

Paid 75$ for 8 muffins n 8 little danish. Their party room was a nasty spot upstairs . Must of been 90* . The waitress didn't greet us or show any of us where to go. Parking was HORRIBLE All of us had to feed the meter. Dark n just icky place. Worst 75$ EVER

Gary Pleas

Great coffees

Kerri Wehrer

Best coffee shop in town!

Arianne Zieg

Baristas were uninterested in providing quality customer service, from the few times I've been here they seemed to have wanted to get our order and have us gone what seemed like asap. The main lady, I think she's the owner or owner's daughter, is always unpleasant and tells it like it is. She seems to only be nice to the regulars and my drink was watery and had little flavor on top of that. For sure won't be coming back.

Shawn Bina

Very honey. The coffee was good. Really good actually. The location was nice; right on the outskirts of the old market. Very hippy atmosphere. The chairs are a bit rickety, but still a place I'd return to.

Katie Lieffers

Went yrs ago & loved it! However, today I went only bc I wanted to relax in the loft w/ the comfy couches...but it was SO GROSS!! The arm rests on the chair were wet?! stains on all the chairs, smelled, and dead bugs on the coffee table. Bummer. Downstairs is cool though.

Belma Sabic

Great atmosphere and coffee!!!

Logan Roberts

Very cute, relaxing coffee shop. Delicious java chip frappuchino. Nice jazz music playing. Friendly staff

Connie Powell

This is my favorite coffee shop. I love the atsmosphere and the coffee is wonderful.

Christie Bartlett

chris krivanek

Carole Policky

Staff is wonderful..very helpful

Svaliak The Dreamer

I used to come in here on a fairly regular basis, years ago. Their service was about what I'd expect from a coffee shop, though their coffee often left something to be desired at times. I was homeless at the time, and whenever I went there, I would make use of the available internet and study web development while trying out what I learned on my own work I'd post online. Their staff and customers were very friendly, helpful, and understanding - I don't think they were aware I was homeless, but if they remember me they'll know now. I highly recommend that anyone craving coffee or tea go there.

Christopher Rowe

Been going here since the 90s. It has a special place in my heart. Plus everything is awesome, so that's a super plus!

Brandon Price

Emily Miller

I loved this place years ago, but it isn't the same. Drinks are kind of pricey and not great, and pastries aren't stellar. I didn't have a just plain coffee- I'm sure that is fine.

UrFantasy Girl

Very nice small coffee shop. Employees are very nice and helpful.

Cactus Scree

Good coffee. The barista lets me bring the dog inside to relax with my beverage.

Mark Durante

I'm not really into fancy coffee and tea, but I do like the setup of this place. There are normal tables and chairs on the first level, but if you are there to hang out a while there are some more comfortable chairs upstairs that overlook the rest of the place.

T Derby

Easily the worst coffee I've ever had. I travel frequently and always make an effort to try as many local coffee shops that I can. Anyway, I asked for an iced latte, extra espresso, vanilla, etc. She charged me nearly $4 extra for these "extras" then didn't include any of what I ordered and paid for. She put a scoop of ice into my hot cup, so my beverage was lukewarm, not hot nor iced. Also- a very local place- if you're not local, the barista treats you terribly.

Tom Greco

Excellent coffee! Jessica is a very good barista! Great beans!


Coffee was okay, but the staff was rude. Sozo’s is a block away and a way better coffee shop with an amazing environment.

Rachel Zelm

Great menu and the barista was very fast

Robert Nutt

The best baristas and guests! Make friends here easily!

Pierre Ware

Nice great pretty coffee house great coffee great reading area

Gary Brown

Great coffee, vibe and customer service. Relaxing yet very stimulating

Andi Ackley

No thanks. The food had mold on it. When I told the owner, he didn't seem to care much.


kaori tsuki

I love this place. They open till very late. They have wide selections of drinks, ice creams and pastries. Best place to read books.

brian smith

Very cool coffee shop. Great coffee and great snacks. It's a very cozy place to take a break from your busy day and have a good cup of joe. Or go up to the loft and break out your lap top to cram for finals. Whatever you have going on this is a chill spot to be.

Lori Draper

Great place! Looked forward to being there every morning during my stay in Omaha.

Kevin Lack

Great place for coffee and pastries. One of the best places for coffee in Omaha.

Kristin Knott

So quaint...a great place to drink yummy coffee and read or relax while downtown.

Kathy Konopik

Great coffee place, outdoor patio, strong coffee, creamer and splenda. Also they serve food..

Sam W

Great selection of drinks and quick service for being really busy! Can't wait to go back!!

Connor Willingham

Always a great place for coffee in downtown!

The Jason

Great coffee shop in the Old Market!

Jered Jelinek

My favorite local coffee shop to study in.

Maria george

Ambience is gud

Scott Damery

Quality espresso, pastry a little dry nice sitting area

Mark Collier

The prices are good. The beverages are nothing to write home about, but are decent. It does have a nice downtown urban kind of look, with somewhat outdated uncomfortable furniture and tables, the kind of place I enjoy for reading or studying. This was a place I frequented until today. I was hanging out on the second floor reading and lightly tapping my foot to some jazz that was playing on the speakers and the Barista, rudely and loudly yells, “Can whoever is tap dancing up there please stop?.” Well, if I heard it, then everyone in the coffee shop heard it. I wasn’t tap dancing. I wish she would have made the short trek up the stairs to let me know in person, that my toe tapping was disturbing someone.

S.R. Aichinger

I come here a lot to write. It's comfortable and not at all pretentious, which I won't tolerate from a coffee shop.

Monty Vogel

Quite a bit of selection of drinks! Vegan cookies, other (non-vegan) sweet treats too!

Denise Jennett

I love coming here for the great coffee, good food, and local artist's work.

Tad Pufall

David Ortman

great selection and coffee. really enjoy the atmosphere and always friendly.

Jessica Rossing

I confess that I may be coffee snob but this coffee was awful. I was also disappointed with the non-recyclable to-go cups.

Joshua macall vlogs

Fast service, cozy environment and great tasting coffee. Not in the mood for coffee? Well their smoothies and gelato are just as great!

Casey Southards

This place is the single most reason my wife and I love coming to Omaha, NE. This is the greatest coffeehouse I have every been to and that says a lot. If you are ever in Omaha and you want to have a sit and read a good book with a coffee this is your place. If you are looking for a good breakfast or lunch this is your place. 5 stars all the way.

David Gautier

Very nice local coffee place. You can grab some delicious smoothie too. And the smiles are around the place. Thx

Miosotis Sanchez

We were visiting from out of town decided to have coffee their on our last morning before heading back home. My fiancé got a large latte and myself a medium latte he said he could barely taste any coffee had a couple sips and threw the rest away. My latte was the same it just tasted weird like warm up milk with alittle bit of coffee in it. I had a couple of sips and threw the rest away too. Was very disappointed.

Bernice Stubbs

Love this place. Try the gelato

Dawaune Hayes

Small, simple, and quiet is how I would describe 13th Street Coffee. They always have an interesting specialty drink and the smoothies and espresso are at minimum delicious. Definitely great place for a small meeting or a cup to go.

David Powell

I like this place coffee was good and the atmosphere was great

Cameron Nielsen

Great coffee and space but the baristas have been particularly rude and snarky every time I've been. Not a great way to start off studying.

Izzy Diamond

Always good. Good place to study too

Marc Caverly

Better coffee than Starbucks, open late, nice coffeehouse atmosphere. Love this place!

Shawn Slater

Limited pastries to choose from.

Della Hedrick

Caleb Berggren

Super cool space (be sure to check out the upstairs), fairly standard coffee.


Very cool atmosphere good coffee

Michael Cannell

Awesomeness in a cup. Give the Mexican latte a it!

Adrian Fuentes

I love this place. They have a great selection of drinks. The lady knows my drink by heart. The atmosphere is very chill, amazing place to study or have a silent moment on the upstairs level. The art work on the walls are for sale and they make this building pop. Customer services 10/10. 5☆ for decoration. And

Majdi Alkarute

Small and a little overpriced, but great atmosphere and amazing staff

James Lathrop

Love this place, amazing atmosphere.

Lee Kolb

Great place.

Dr. Anne G. Risa

Yousuf Hafuda

This coffee shop has a wonderful selection of loose leaf teas, smoothies, ice cream, and coffee. The space is very welcoming and relaxed. The open air ceiling and the jazz playing in the background help contribute to this vibe.

Tamie Baker

One of my favorite coffee shops in Omaha!

Kianoush Maleki

Not good chairs and tables

Shady Martinrz

Such friendly staff

Ray Mihulka

Run over there after Hiro88.

Linda Money

Liked nothing


Cool location and great for relaxing or working. The worst coffee I've ever had and that includes hotel coffee. The treats though are wonderful.

Fatima Alliyani

I really enjoy going to 13th Street Coffee because they're open late like 11pm or 12am. It's pretty convenient especially if you need to go somewhere to study or even meet up with friend's. I like the fact that there's an upstairs and it usually doesn't get packed as some other places. My favorite drink that I usually get is their Mexican Latte. They also have a variety of teas that you can try.

jackie hayden

Good place to chill or work. Great coffee! I had the Smore's flavor and it was amazing!

wafa nasser

I went to it at night after few drinks with my girls and it was pretty cozy and cheap and totally worth it will differently come back again

Stace Hamon


Rex Rex

Very nice place to be. Excellent!

1 1

Amazing beverages and people

Tyler Bundy

Check out the panoramic photo of the Interior that I added to get an idea of the layout. Great coffee shop, this was my first time at 13th Street Coffee Company. There is more than just coffee here, there is tea, coffee, baked goods, soda, ice cream, granola bars and all different types of books that you're able to peruse through as you drink your morning coffee. The atmosphere is an old style and local feel. This copy shop definitely supports the local Omaha economy by promoting local bands and local activities with flyers and handouts.

Sharon Dell

This has been a constant in my life since I moved into the area in high school in the early 2000s. Great selection and atmosphere and location.

Vivian Santiago-Alvarez

Coffee was good. Soup was bland.

Bhupesh Shetty

Nice cafe.. quiet space to do your work.

Braidon Barkman

I liked the café and the coffee was pretty good as well. I had an almond latté which I had never had before and i thought it was very good


Great coffee, great service.

M. W.

My favourite Old Market coffee shop. Reasonable prices, never too busy, comfortable vibe. Oh, and it's quiet.

David True

Very relaxing. Excellent coffee. Good prices.

Slowmotion Tornado

Sweet little place where my love treated me for a fantastic hot chocolate that kept me warm during what would then become my most favorite night on my 3-month long vacation trip to the US. Needless to say, it now holds a very special place in my heart and I would love to return him the favor here one fine day.


Had bereatfast as i was passing though People where friendly. Not so friendly at the other places throughout town. They must have thought it was the jim crow area no lol

Laura Seadore

Coffee was good. Cinnamon rolls were as hard as rocks.

Greg Tucker

Friendly, relaxed ambience. They have decaf

Ashley Dawn Andrews

Amazing atmosphere, Awesome chai tea, muffins delicious..our #1 Coffee Shop my Husband and I love to go to when we're in town.

Alejandro Calderon

Claire Wilder

Wierdo in front of us took like 30min to order, but good soup

Tonya Nelson

Love this place

James Field

Cozy atmosphere and good coffee.

Ladasia Griffin

Great coffee and tea!

tiffany B

Coffee... Oh yes!

Joe Crum

Miranda Major

A comfortable atmosphere, good coffee and gelato.

Tori Wilson

AMAZING. Chai Me a River is addicting, and the sandwiches are so good. The atmosphere is laid back and chill, and the music makes you want to curl up in a blanket and read a book. Highly recommend for lunch or breakfast.

Alexia Barkman

great drinks and great hang out place☺️

Suger McPhearson

I am amazed at their tea selection and at $4ish an oz I was happy to buy myself some lavender rose white tea!

Tandie Morillo-Fox

Not a fan of the coffee or service. Staff wasn't rude...just exceedingly indifferent. Coffee...OMG :( ! Extremely bitter and watery literally tasted like earwax (I'm not explaining how I know that). Drip tasted pretty much like the espresso...just slightly less bitter. My kids liked the gelato, though.

Christian Diaz

I used to come here nearly every day for coffee. One time I came just to work on homework and was minding my own business at a small table. I asked for the wifi and the owner told me that I need to order something first. I said that is fine and just worked on homework and did not use wifi. He told me to leave after 10 more minutes or order a $1.50 coffee. Terrible customer service, the value I have added to the place over the months and that is how they treated me. Been going to Sozo ever since.

kalliope Anthis

(Translated by Google) Try polar thick! (Original) Try polar espesso!

Anna Nocita

Comforting and peaceful vibes here. It's great place to study, relax and take a coffee break.

Magie McCombs

Delicious coffee and a comfortable atmosphere

mhster top

Just nice and calm

Thomas Porsel

It's were we always go to get Italian icy cream "Gelato"

Edill Colon

Pretty good atmosphere. Nice coffee. Nice jazz jusic.

Amanda Bright

A coffee shop open until 11 PM and 12 AM on the weekends? Wish I could find this in Los Angeles. They have WiFi, charging outlets, and the atmosphere is totally relaxed. Had an Americano and a Linzer cookie while I read my new book (from Our Bookstore - another totally amazing place!). The prices along with having a quiet, comfy place to read makes this place complete perfection.

Jesse E

Everything I want in a local coffee shop: Coffee, decent espresso, not too expensive, and plenty of room and outlets. Come here with a book or a laptop and get to work.

Curtis Harris

Love the atmosphere and the balcony .

Ashley Baer

Nice pastries, convenient downtown location, decent coffee, spacious interior.

Mr. Ezra’s gaming and more

I absolutely LOVE this little coffee shop. Very warm and welcoming. Def not a startbucks or scooter, in a great way! The owner is super nice and helpful. I always spend at least an hour there doing work and it is a very welconjng, cozy environment. Def recommend! Best coffee shop in Omaha!!

Tiki Cowan

Corey Ryan


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