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300 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309, United States

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REVIEWS OF Zombie Burger + Drink Lab IN Iowa

Hannah Winchell

VERY cool experience that you can only get in Iowa! Absolutely check it out. Highly recommend for a fun time. Their shakes are fantastic too! Lots of combinations of unique flavors and toppings

Emily Stone LandOf10KEats

This place is SO unique!! When I saw this place existed, and since I’m such a huge fan of The Walking Dead, I knew I had to stop here. I got a burger and shake to go, and it was so good! I got the grilled cheese burger. Which the buns are replaced with two grilled cheese sandwiches!! I could only eat half, and have the rest later. But wow SO good! I also had the unicorn shake, and that was for sure one of the best shakes I’ve ever had. This was had fruity pebbles in it, but there are so many others to pick from. I definitely will come back if I’m in the area again! I highly recommend coming here and look at all the cool decorations that are zombie theme. BURGER 5/10 SHAKE 9/10 VALUE 7/10 ATMOSPHERE 10/10 STAFF 10/10 LOCATION 9/10


Love the burgers here. Love the theme. Love the array of sides and shakes. It's hard coming here because I take a look at the menu and I want to try everything! All their food is exceptional and love the creativity of their burgers. Their pairings complement each other so well and the beef patties are cooked perfectly. Their fries are amazing, not sure how to describe them as they have that curly fry type texture and crunch to them. So good. Might I also recommend the zombie unicorn shake for dessert?

Amanda Erickson

I didn't have a shake but I've heard they're excellent. The burger I had was really good. I would definitely go again.

Alyssa Johnson

The selection of uniquely topped burgers, fun, hand-crafted zombie décor, plus milkshakes with optional alcoholic mix-ins all roll together to make this a favorite stop in Des Moines. During my visit I ordered the Trailer Trash burger (minus ranch dressing) which comes with fried pickles and chicken fried bacon. It was delicious. Their sweet potato fries are also spectacular and are served with ranch, but also go very well with their signature "zombie sauce" which is a house-made thousand island dressing. They also have the option of ordering a "bun" comprised of deep fried macaroni and cheese. I recommend getting only one of these patties and adding it to the middle of another burger as it does tend to fall apart a bit, but it's a fun novelty and worth ordering at least once! Service slipped a bit in quality, but the person who delivered our food was a big personality with a high level of professionalism and I can't really fault kids their for lack of experience. At any rate, this is a restaurant that has my longtime loyalty for its sheer originality and delicious food. The faces may change, but the character stays the same!

Abel Bain

The burger I had was great! I think the food and clever atmosphere makes for a great time! I'll come here again for sure! I'm happy that you can either take food to go or eat there! It's hard to park around here, but if you are walking by it's a great place to eat. Just watch out for all the undead puns. I recommend this place!

Mae Corbett

Stopped by on Friday night about 6PM, the weekend the Men's NCAA tournament was in town. The place was busy, but not packed. Staff attended to us quickly with water and such. Placed our orders, and the kids all excused themselves to look around an use the restrooms. The food was delivered to our table BEFORE they returned from the restroom. We had our order in hand in 5-7 minutes. We were AMAZED by the quick service. The food was also spot on! Delicious! We ordered a variety of burgers and plate of fries. Each was unique and tasted amazing. The kids all loved their specialty shakes! We'd go again if we get to Des Moines.

Dustin Houston

This was the best place to get a burger. I suggest everybody that likes burgers, you have to try this place out.

Indigo Meadows

I would actually give it 4.5 stars but I can't. So 5 it is because they don't deserve as low as 4! The food was so, so very good! And the portions were more than expected! We had burgers, chicken and a vegan "burger". The burgers were great as was the chicken. The fries are also very good! The vegan meal was gross, one bite and we tossed it. The other reason I would have taken a half star was we ordered chili cheese fried and there was a small sprinkle of cheese, barely able to be seen. Overall it was really good and we will absolutely go there again.


Zombie Burger is an absolute must! They have such a wide offering of burgers, I've loved every burger I've tried. The shakes are absolutely delicious as well.

Arianne Montague

Unique and tasty. Quirky and clever details, from the names on the menu to the decor. I had a burger with brie and prosciutto, and washed it down with a peanut butter porter. I'm not from around here, and was glad I chose to dine at this establishment.

Karin Mizell

A group of men who create these creative themed restaurants! A MUST! Creative meal choices. If you like the Walking Dead, this would be a fun restaurant for you. Meal labeled with your favorite characters like "The Negan" or "The Undead Glenn!" Loved this creative, fun ambiance!

Steve Karnes

Happy surprise ! Discovered their fried brussel sprouts, absolutely amazing. Brought my kids here several times, great place, friendly, efficient staff. Menu is too much fun not to try different things !

Ann Burkhardt

A must try when in Des Moines. The characters, the full size zombie manachins, great comfort food. More in a serving than I can ever eat! Great shakes, too.

Elizabeth Gatlin

Unique, fun and delicious. We sat outside and watched the world go by while enjoying some amazing burgers and shakes. Great service, too.

Matt Paulsen

To be honest, this burger was plane Jane. Really nothing jumped out at me when I tried it. Believe me I was excited and really looking forward to this burger based on the reviews but I was disappointed. It wasn’t a bad burger but I would much prefer a five guys over this one. That being said, cool little place they got. Decent patio, they got the decorations to bring people in.

Pamela Inman

Great food & drinks plus atmosphere and service! Do not miss this quirky, fun restaurant!

Ted Williams

Still my favorite place in Des Moines. Stopped through recently after not being in the area for years, pleased to report they still have the "magic". Food was better than I remembered, plus the themed shakes. Great place to grab a bite.

Steve Harris

Great place! Great food and people. Lots of freaky people around too!

Colton Schlumpberger

The burgers we had were cooked beautifully and the food was delicious! I had the Raygun double with sweet potato fries, the burger was juicy, savory and all the flavors worked well together. Additionally I had a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake with rum which was different, sugary and refreshing in the heat of July. Service was great despite being quite busy for lunch. I would definitely recommend this place if you enjoy burgers!

Rocco Post

Food is good but they have no designated parking at all

Kay Verdinez

I love eating at this place! One of my top favorite places to eat. I do wish there was more vegetarian options on the menu.

keya Conley

So many different types of burgers and the atmosphere is soo cool and laid back! The employee's are so nice and welcoming. A little pricey but definitely worth the spend!!

Rodney L Hendricks II

This is a neat place to eat just to say you've been. The portions of fries were huge and the burgers were good size, even though the whole meal is pricey. When you look at the menu online keep in mind the burger prices are stand alone. The food was still really good however, the shakes are quite small and in our case not very good. The staff was not very friendly not sure if it is part a act for the atmosphere of the restaurant or not but it didnt work for me. Cant do less than 3 stars simply because of the taste of the food and interest factors, if shakes and service had been different would have been a 5

Alex N

Amazing food and atmosphere. A little pricey but worth it. Staff is friendly. The burgers are delicious and the deserts are just as good. The zombie unicorn is a favorite of mine. I also love the "newspaper" they have. Definitely a place worth visiting.

Becky Haddad

Fun atmosphere and an eclectic crowd. Fun waiters and a creative menu. Unfortunately the burger wasn't anything special. I was hoping for a lot more, but the burger didn't taste like much.

Chris Parker

Great food. Love this place. Couldn't wait to move here from Colorado.

Lenka Birosikova

The place looks interesting, I liked the zombie theme and the staff was very nice. However, the burgers were not what we expected, the meat was quite dry in both burgers and the grilled cheese sandwich bun was tough to eat as the cheese wasn't melted properly. But in general, the flavour was okay.

blueberry in a box

Great food. Has a nice bar with many drinks and a good choice for a night out with friends and family! Wait times varry depending on the amout of people you have, the day, and the time. Overall a great place to go on a night out!

Daynie Brown

So eclectic with great vegan and vegetarian options. Staff is on it! Very cool atmosphere. Outside and inside seating. Take away or sit down. Cereal shakes! Definitely make a stop here when in Des Moines

Oliver Swehla

Had the Negan with the Beyond Burger patty and it was spectacular. Would definitely recommend! The chipotle mayo could have used a bit more kick to it (in my opinion) but overall the burger was great!

Stephan S

Really fun ambiance with great zombie artwork. Burger was spectacular. Freshly made loose meat with great fat and beef flavor. I got #17 which was with cheese curds and bacon. Every ingredient was top notch. The drink was a tequila old fashioned and was really good. Burger plus cocktail and 1/2 a basket of bacon blue cheese fries was just under $20 without tip. I’ve paid a lot more for bad burgers and bad service. Be careful of one thing though, we paid for parking at the meter outside but still got a $15 ticket. We had out of state plates so perhaps that was just too tempting.

Tim Dunbar

Love this menu. Sarah's Revenge is my favorite sandwich, along with the garlic/bacon/blue cheese fries. Top that off with a trip to the drink lab where I prefer the icy Joe(?)

Belinda Vasquez

Staff is quick and friendly. The food is unique and taste great.

kem magee

I loved this place. We have visited many times and the food is always yummy and hot. This last time, my son was getting out of a booth, and leaned on the table & the whole thing flipped. Knocking our food & shakes on the ground. Waiter was nice & helped clean it up. Said the tables flip all the time, didnt offer to make us another shake, and didn't apologize for something that "happens all the time." If that is the case they really REALLY need to fix the tables to the wall/floor.

Aniki The47th

Love this place! The shakes are awesome. Best burger I've had in a long time

Carmen Keeten

It was a burger joint...maybe because I didn't have a concoction made. Fries we ok...burger was ok. Eeeh. Cool to look at tho

Belphazhor Rabbyddirabhead

Grab yourself a Zombie Burger. You will not regret it. This place is full of very worthy souls.

Beth Thompson

I have been wanting to try this place for a while. When my family made the decision to visit the area we made a point to stop here for a meal. I am rather pleased. The prices are decent and the food is fantastic! Very cool atmosphere. My SO had this amazing burger with a fried Mac and cheese bun ( I had to try a bite, it was amazing!!) They have vegan options as well. I wish there was one of these closer to my home.

Kyler & Emily Aebischer

We love the fried pickles. They are cut long and they are very crispy. The flight option for the beer is a great deal and allows you to try all the beer you want. The burgers are juicy and delicious and we always get a fried egg on top. Really cool atmosphere as well.

brian smith

Fun place to go. We went on a Saturday night. Sit area was packed, 1/2 hour wait. We went to take out/self order area. Found seating for 3. Zombie burger GOOD. Cant wait to go back and try all the rest. FUN menu.


This is apparently a popular place. We visited on a Saturday around lunchtime so it was extremely crowded. If you enjoy spooky time as much as I do, you will enjoy the decor. Zombies! Being it was our first visit we were a bit confusing at first. If you want to be served you check in and leave your name. I waited to be acknowledge for about 3 minutes before another server said they’d be right with me. She conversed with the hostess and left. Then the hostess finally greeted me kind of nonchalantly. No explanation or apology for ignoring me. Due to this negative interaction I decided not to stay. We will visit again and I will up date this review. Hopefully there is a more pleasant hostess. However, you may opt to visit the other side which is more of a fast food style dining experience.

Sean Parrott

Visiting from Salt Lake City and came across this place on an early morning run. Brought the crew by for dinner and found everything to be amazing! If you're from Salt Lake and you're familiar with Lucky 13, this place will be right at home. Ordered the Undead Elvis and it was a blast of deliciousness to my taste buds. Will definitely return when back in town.

Christopher Stevenson

Pretty good Burger bar and the shakes aren't bad either. During the week cuts down on the wait times.

Larissa Morrison

Fabulous atmosphere! Fun, spooky and they have a yummy adult shake menu to go along with the tasty burgers. Collectible keepsake menus featuring fake Zombie newspapers. Fun date night in Des Moines, Iowa!!!

Abby Urbanek

My coworkers and I came here late on a Wednesday evening as this was the only place open until 11. I was very impressed with the service. We each got a burger and shared a basket of the loaded fries. We also got beers. I appreciated the late night hospitality and would highly recommend. I personally had their Dead Moines burger and would likely get that again.

Tina Streitmatter

The service was fast and friendly. The prices were affordable. Definitely eat there again

J John

The variety of burgers are very unique and very good we had five people in our party and we each got o different burger, I would definitely get the Elvis burger again, the food and shakes and our server deserve 5 stars however the lady taking our reservation and the text message system gets only 1 star. She was very angry when calling out people's names and she scolded me when she said last call for (last name) I then told her to cool down because it was the first time I heard my name called and I am still waiting for my text to tell me my table is ready 1 day later.

Hannah DeBruin

Okay first of all, the murals and decoration in this place are so fun! The burgers are super unique, and (depending on what you order) can be very greasy and delicious so watch out for that! My favorites are the Walking Ched and the Undead Elvis. If you’re not that hungry, their cheese fries are top notch. I also recommend this place for an afternoon or evening ice cream fix!! Definitely try their cake shakes or cereal shakes. Zombie Bride Wedding Cake is a personal favorite and sometimes I’ll just have it as a full meal it is so filling! In summary it’s just a fun place that you must experience whilst in Des Moines!

David Gifford

The service was great, the food was fast and delicious. The atmosphere wasn’t as “zombie” as I thought it would be.

Bonne Beth Reaves

This place was AMAZING! Visited while in Iowa. (From Arkansas) I had the white trash burger with sweet potato fries and a mojito. The atmosphere was fun and hip. I had my husband take pics of the food. I'll have to add that later. Highly recommend. Only negative I have is that the menu can be quite overwhelming.


Excellent, and quick service. Took a 45 minute detour to stop and eat here on my way back home from St. Louis, Missouri. I got my original plain hamburger with fries, but I also got (for the first time) a cinnamon toast crunch shake, and that hit the spot.

Skyler Lauder

My absolute favorite restaurant to go to. The food is absolutely incredible with options for everyone, I saw quite a few vegan and vegetarian options. The portions are VERY generous, and there's many sides and desserts. The decor and atmosphere is very fun and zombie themed as well. The crew is very polite, and I've never had an incorrect order. They also had paper straws, which was quite nice! Everything looked clean and organized; I have no worries about the safety and freshness of the food. It's a bit more expensive than your run of the mill fast food restaurant, but it is absolutely worth it to get such an incredible meal. I would recommend this place in a heartbeat.

mary evans

Excellent staff, so refreshing to interact with down-to-earth, sensible people. Our server (Jill) was accommodating and friendly; she adapted to our growing numbers with humor and enthusiasm. She took time to give us a personal interaction (when we had questions about the menu, she gave her authentic opinion which was well appreciated)

Amanda B

Great service, great food, my family.loves this place! Kids menu, good prices, drinks, variety of food.

Jackie Carnes

Love the food. Love the low key atmosphere. Wait staff is efficient and kind. Prices are economical.

Tommy ABP

The food is always good and the brussel sprouts are a classic. The chocolate cake shake is a great dessert option. Good place in the easy village for a burger and fries.

Rich Johnson

Amazing food choices with a fun theme. Staff was amazing, friendly and helpful.

Grey Wolf

When I first heard about this place, people were saying great things, so I was quite eager to try it out. When I first arrived, I had a little trouble finding a parking spot, but lucked out and found one in the parking lot across the street. Not a big deal, but if you go there with someone that is mobility-challenged, then you should be prepared to drop them off at the door. The inside of the place is cool and has all kinds of zombie memorabilia; including a special zombie-themed menu, which had an assortment of unappetizing foods. The prices seemed a bit high as well, but I was entertained and decided to play along. The line was short and the cashier was friendly, but unprofessional. Additionally, they got my order wrong despite bringing it to their attention. The wait was ridiculous: the place wasn't even remotely busy at the time, was sufficiently staffed, but it took almost 45 minutes to receive my order. After the long wait, I was really hungry, but I couldn't even finish my meal because it was gross. The tomatoes on my burger were rotten, not sour, or overly-ripe, but rotten. The fries were so soggy that they had turned into a mash and I have eaten better burgers from the dollar menu at Wendy's. Although I was pretty upset about the experience, I figured maybe it was just bad luck and so I decided to give them another chance. However, to my disappointment, I had almost the exact same experience on two other separate occasions. I have to say I was quite surprised considering the praise that I heard from so many people. One thing I can say for them is that they don't false advertise. Overall, this is just a trendy place for people that are more concerned about looking cool than getting a good meal. I can honestly say that it is worth going to at least once just for the experience. However, if by chance that you are the type of person that expects a good meal and service for the premium you are paying, then I would give this one a pass.

Robert Welch

wow worth a road trip! stopped in for a bite as we traveled through des Moines. the menu is creative and fun. we had the Walking Ched. a hamburger between 2 deep fried patties made from mac and cheese. Fun place to take your friends

Clayton Fiala

Zombie burger has great food. My fiance and I stopped there while driving through to eat. They had a vegan friendly burger that was delicious.

Issac Ortiz

Awesome late night spot. We were in town for a Cubs game and went here afterwards. Loaded fries are killer, spiked shakes are also great. Hope to have an opportunity to visit again.

Danny Price

Love Zombie! I used to be hooked on The Mushroom Apocalypse, but now I am hooked on The Lucille.

Sam Stickley

The carryout section is always super friendly and quick with service. The dine in section was extremely rude to me last night, however. I ordered food to go on the other side then ordered a shake to go for my significant other. I thought I would have a drink at the bar. When going over there I asked if it would be alright to have a drink at the bar. She said if you order food on the otherside you need to stay over there you can't eat here. The bar was nowhere near full neither was the dining area but she said they are about "full up". The bartender was short w me and corrected me on tequila, just to not have what I wanted. So, I settled on my drink and got out of there. I work in the restaurant industry I get wanting to maximize tip potential, but I'd never treat a guest as I was last night. Zombie burgers a great place to eat please find employees that want to work there on dine in side.

Kevin Keller

They have a very interesting menu. Unusual burgers and shakes with very interesting names to match. There are both waited tables and counter ordering section. Dine in and carry out is available. They said they make to order beyond the menu then denied my top two requests. A great place for something different as long as your order is the different they are comfortable with. Enjoy.

Adam Scharp

Food was really good and the atmosphere was kind of cool. I thought it was really weird that they wouldn't seat us until our entire party was there. Also they wouldn't transfer our tab from the bar to our table. If it weren't for those two things, it would have been 5 stars.

Mellisa Kittleson

Food was awesome! Service was awesome! They were busy but we didnt feel rushed out the door. Only problem we parked in the back unknowing that it was permit only parking the sign was not visible because of workers standing in front of it so we got towed! Watch where you park! Otherwise amazing atmosphere and friendly staff!

Natalie Flaucher

Really fun atmosphere and creative foods! This spot came highly rated. As a visitor it was easy to understand why! Family friendly and also vegetarian friendly!

Mat Goebel

Killer food in an awesome atmosphere. I've never been disappointed with anything I've gotten here. Like the place so much, I had to get a shirt.

Kevin Groenjes

Amazing experience. Fantastic food. Excellent customer service. Our server was Donny. He was very friendly. He helped us pick out the best beer I’ve had in ages: 2018 Barrel-Aged Stout by Central Waters Brewing Co. Top Notch! Donny also gave us recommendations for cool spots to check out in the area (we are just visiting). Donny is a big reason I’m giving 5 stars. Thank you, Donny! I had the Envy Corpse burger. I absolutely loved it. We also had regular fries and sweet potato fries. They have their fries nailed down STRONG! I give high praise to this establishment. Well done!!!

Sabrina Kerr

Good affordable burgers, the garlic, bacon, and blue fries were stellar! And so was the fruity pebbles shake!! Their beer selections were outstanding as was the flight pricing! Compared to what I'm used to paying for (and in smaller pours)

jason hamilton

Great tasting and unique burgers. Service and atmosphere are excellent also

Dave Nedrow

Food was great. One member of our party ordered chili and it was not hot temperature wise. Staff was friendly, waiter was not as attentive as he could have been for an upscale burger restaurant. But, overall the experience was very good. Wanted to purchase a couple T-Shirts and hats but they were down to a bare minimum on styles and on sizes. They said they should have them in about three weeks and to stop back. Kind of hard to do when you live 2+ hours away.

Zia Skepple

I was here on 7/31 at 1pm the greeters were extremely welcoming, I sat at the bar & my bartender's attitude was very unpleasant! He didn’t even greet me with hello like he did the other patrons that arrived after me. The food is amazing and I enjoyed eating it but did not feel comfortable while I was there. No matter how a person feels about a certain group of people customer service should continuously be upheld by staff.

Leah Fisher

It's a good place to eat there so many things to get good staff and good food

joshua collins

Great food, great atmosphere, great service

Adam Flora

Loved the food. Interesting music in the background. Fun theme.

Jesse Smith

Food was marginal. Expensive for what you get. For a place that specializes in looks it was flat and very normal. The order delivery was confusing. Would be best to put receipts with the items. And the bathroom needed cleaning and restocking badly. Go there for the atmosphere with friends but not the food.

Vincenzo Aceto

One of the best burgers I've ever eaten. The menu is vast and has an option for everybody. Burgers are customizable so even if you don't find one that's exactly how you want they will add or remove things. The spiked shakes are also excellent and their draft list has some great local options for people who enjoy craft beer. Definitely recommend for people who love great burgers.

Will Kaptain

Awesome. Just awesome. The restaurant's theme and name is fitting, as the food served here is so delicious I was moved into a zombified coma. Nothing can distract me from my sole desire, which is... more. More burgers. I need more. I even so much as watched my car get towed out of the adjacent parking lot and I didn't bat an eye. Nothing matters to me anymore except for zombie burger. More. i need MORE. Join the horde. Do not be afraid.

Tiffany Oh

This place is worth coming here at least once in your life, if you like quirky burgers, shakes/floats, and/or fried food in general. The burgers and shakes/floats are all wacky here, but they also have simple, basic versions for the purists out there. I always go for the quirkiest items I can tolerate eating, so of course, I ordered the walking ched, which is a burger with mac n cheese inside and fried mac n cheese as buns. I wouldn't get that again, but it's interesting to eat and try once. Basically, you'll need a fork to eat most of it. For the gluten-free people or people on special diets, you can order any of their burgers as salads, and they're pretty decent portions. I ordered the chocolate Nutella marshmallow shake, which was way too rich for me. I don't think I can drink Nutella no matter how much I love it in its original form. I didn't finish it until the next day, and it kind of got better the next day (fluffier), but it still hurt my throat with how rich it was. The poutine kind of grossed me out because it looked like gross cheese curd gravy dumped on top of their amazing fries. I've had better poutine in my life, but I don't know what's going on with their gravy. The fries are delicious, though. The fried brussel sprouts are also highly recommended to at least make you feel a bit healthier about the choices you make here. They're nicely fried - not too much and not too little. By the way, I'm terrified of zombies and death themes, but made it through this once, so that's why I probably wouldn't come here again - personal reasons.

Bryan Conley

Wow! The best burger I ever had! The jalapeno poppers were flavorful and huge! The fries are amazing. Really good flavor and nice and crisp. They were busy, but we got in reasonably quickly and the server, Danielle, was super attentive.


Food was ordered and 10 minutes later a fantastic meal is served. It's good priced, and delicious. Worth the 30 minute wait.

Jory Knowlton

A great unique dining experience. Good food. Save room to try one of their Adult Shakes. Yummy!

Gino Scarim

A must when you are in Des Moines! Fun menu with lot of options and specials. The vibe is cool, very clean. Had to wait a while for the food, but the place was packed so that's expected. The staff was very friendly and was able to answer all questions about the unique menu.

Laura Lee

Like the atmosphere the foods pretty decent to. I really enjoy downtown Des Moines. I like the buildings I would like the crowds and I love eating so I tried this place and it’s pretty decent

Vincent Schurger

We visited here on our way to Nebraska. I loved the "zombiance." Reading the menu was fun too. Their burgers were fabulous. They had a good mix of vegan/vegetarian burger options too. I also enjoyed their cake shakes (shakes mixed with cake...and liquor of you so indulge). If you are driving through it is a quick place to get a tasty burger.

David-Arthur Lyle Zigler

Love the delicious and unique menu. Food looks wonderfully mouthwatering, the names of all the food is not only hilariously entertaining but curiously intriguing as well. I recomend it to anyone and everyone. They have something to satisfy everyone's pallet Try it all and quench that zombie hunger

Chad Gatlin

Very interesting twist on hamburgers. My burger with a grilled cheese sandwich for each bun was excellent, the fries were big & tasty and the dipping sauce was quite good.

Day Broers-Case

It's a quirky theme, but they hit it just right. So glad to find vegetarian options offered on the menu. I had a delicious burger and enjoyed promo and courteous service. You have to go!

Ken Garton

Good food! Great staff! Reasonably priced! Clean! Fun place!

Grant Golden

The food here has actually gone up in quality since it first opened. Great food and fun atmosphere! The location is fantastic as well

Silas Potter

Love the very flexible/customizable menu (especially vegan/vegetarian options!) The staff is fantastic - make you feel welcome and you can tell they all just ... jive together. It’s a cool place.

Heather Gruver

The staff at Zombie Burger are a wonderful group of people. Friendly service. The wait for our food was short. The food is absolutely delicious. Best hamburger I have had in a long time. Their sweet potato fries are the best I have ever had.

Isaac Valencia

Amazing place. Wish there was one where I lived. It's a new and hip styled restaurant from what I'm used to that is very unique. The food is bold but amazing with some fries that are fantastic. Would make a great date night and recommend to all those that want to have a fun night out.

Scott Shay

My first time there. Fabulous food. Fun place. Very accommodating. Our wait for a table was longer than expected (10 of us) and they brought us 2 free baskets of fries to thank us for waiting. Great staff.

Alicia Klein

Good greasy comfort food. Love the fried pickles.

Clyde Hoekstra

Fast service, fair price, and good burgers!

Mina Baldini

Cool atmosphere but the burger party itself was only okay. The toppings and sides were great

Tyler Fisher

I enjoy eating here. The food and drinks are good and the meal and drink titles are creative. I think it's a bit pricey but the portion sizes are pretty good. You can usually expect a short wait on weekends.

Rachael H

The food was insane but the staff in the non restaurant side all looked like they hated being there. It may be because they had to serve a bunch of furry weirdos that weekend due to a con but hey, I wasn't one of those freaks! Anyways, I'll definitely stop there again for the food next time I'm in the state.

Amy Defalco

Awesome burger and fries. Tasty chocolate shake as well. If in the area again, we would definitely go back. The atmosphere is grungy and vibrant at the same time. Our server was rude and not at all helpful. We asked for a condiment that is part of the menu. She just looked miffed and said "NO" you can't get that. Weird. The host is personable and charismatic. As is the burger server.

Edwin Hinton

One of my favorite burger places nationally! Great milk shake choices with and without alcohol! I had the chocolate nutella, marshmallow shake, my wife had peach and Graham cracker shake! Good stuff. Bring your appetite. Double bacon cheese burger on bun made of 2 grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese curds, and half sized zombie salad.

Shawna Hill

A REALLY FUN PLACE TO EAT AND TAKE SOME COOL PICS!! The Walking Ched was to DIE for, very rich and filling that we had took our leftovers ALL the way back to Nebraska , even though this was last year, I can’t wait to visit again. The shakes, drinks and food looks exactly like the pictures and the staff was Soooo coool........THANK U 4 GHOULISH GOOD TIME

Shannon Lizakowski

Always amazing. Sides are definitely shareable - i.e. a mom and young son couldn't finish a basket of chili fries. Spiked shakes are tasty, too!

Carl Blume

Fun and quirky themed restaurant with fantastic food! The food all have creative names and the menu has a backside that reads like a newspaper. The service was great and prices are reasonable considering the location. They have tables placed outside the restaurant which is great especially if it's busy!

Paul Garza

Were taken good care of. Menue is awesome. But is in such a way even picky eaters can enjoy. Great beer list. And the shakes are just stooopiddd. In a good way. Check it out to find out!. Super fun time with friends.

Sara Mulholland

Quick service, good food and fun, unique atmosphere!

Mary Smith

First time here. Very good. They offer vegetarian and vegan options. The service was excellent! Definitely will be back.

W Strong

I'm not normally a burger guy but they do a great job here. Thin pressed burgers Good beer selection. Taylor is a great waitress

Oğuz Alp Duran

Gosh I loved there! I had the one right below the crease in the menu (I forgot its name). It was delicious and costs only 10 bucks. I got a double one and let me tell you, it's a real burger, and I've never had something of this caliper since god knows when.

Brittany Kaldunski

Great food and even better shakes! The fruity pebbles shake is amazing! Fun environment and great food!

Megan J

Zombie Burger is our go-to when out-of-towners come to visit. The burgers are delicious, you can't go wrong with an original zombie burger. If you're feeling adventurous the options are endless. I love the "trailer trash zombie" with cheese curds, fried pickles, chicken fried bacon, and ranch dressing. The fries are great, cooked perfectly every time and delicious with "zombie sauce!"

Tomas Paulius

Unusual names for burgers. Able to substitute chicken and portabello mushrooms for beef patties.

Jazmin Torres

Very small wait. We got our food in less than 15 minutes. The food was delicious! Very nice decor.

jerry klaas

Very cool place! Loved the Zombie theme and I am not one who cares for those kind of movies. Had one of the best burgers I ever ate, outside on a beautiful Summer evening with my Bride and Daughter. Our Daughter wanted to go and told us the food there was great. It was! Very friendly staff too. I believe our server was Ethan, so kuddo's to him.

Pampam Jr

Bathroom isnt the best cool posters and statue nice outside area lots options to chose from. You can get qaulity pictures of downtown at night there too.

Yung Kidney

This place is delicious they are very busy but serve fresh food and have great customer service. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks for consistency and those signature french fries!!!###ZombieClub


Cool vibe complements the fun concept for this burger joint. Shakes and fries combine with beverages to put it over the top. Patio is a delight. If you’re a cheese person, there is a burger that is served on a deep fried Mac n cheese bun! Highly recommend the blue cheese & bacon fries, top quality!

Hugo Thierry

40 minute drive to try this place out. 20 minute wait ... for nothing. The grill stopped working for us, but is fine for the previous order 20 seconds before.

Stormi Oldridge

The food was great. Our waitress was a bit snotty. But the food decor and company made up for it.

Sean Lisiecki

Fun staff, very good food and amazing shakes!

Justin Hatcher

It was absolutely delicious, got the bleu cheese burger on the menu; the menus are awesome got a whole story line on the front of it. The menu food names and drinks are well done for the theme, inside of the llace is nicely done top notch with a fun little late and pretty cool dress code for the staff. The drinks have some kick, tried a bunch of the shakes all effing delicious. Draft beers on point. Pretty wide selection we tried a wide variety everything was cooked very well and great taste, perfect seasonings. Parking situation is pretty lame tho to be honest, could used dedicated free parking for zombie eaters some where that would be nice. Also some of the plates from the dish crew came with food from previous tables on the bottom tho; could use a new dish washer that cares back there. No excuse for that stuff, washed dishes for a long time that is just being lazy. I'd recommend this place to anyone that likes a signature burger; off the chain and delicious a fun little stop for adults and children.

Kelli Newton

Excellent menu selection in the full service section. The milkshake menu is unbelievably diverse (and can be spiked!). Every burger can be changed or added to from 3 cut burger, chicken, portobello mushroom, veggie and even vegan! Decor is a bit dark, not bloody but it's on the creepy side.

Kelly Marie

Their customer service has always been incredible. There are a variety of options and they will adhere to food allergies as best as they can. The only reason it’s lacking a star is because a lot of the food really lacks texture. While the taste is there, it still gives off bar food and appetizer vibes. It’d be nice to see them add in some healthier options and options that aren’t frat boy/bachelor pad, mom and dad didn’t teach me to cook, I only eat cereal and hot pockets on the weekends varieties. They are always extremely busy, but they make time for their service, and truly care for their customers, and the quality of experience they provide.


Burgers are hardly anything special. Pretty much paying for novelty here and a bizarre crowd. Overpriced for the food offered.

Cathy Hermansen

Waiter was excellent. Burgers were delicious! Shake was very good but I'd skip the alcohol next time cause couldn't taste it.

Rhonda Spellman

You might NOT want a burger... My teenage son and I went to Zombie Burger where he ordered a huge burger with a macaroni and cheese bun. He loved it and he loved the shake that he got with it. I ordered a zombie salad that was absolutely out of this world! It was mouth-watering and full of everything I love... fresh greens, dried cranberries, blue cheese crumbles, and so much more. I wasn't sure if I would care for that dressing that came with the salad so they gave me a choice. I settled on the parmesan dressing and it was outstanding. I also got the Brussels sprouts and they were absolutely delicious! It was a huge order so I ended up taking half home. I absolutely love this place and love the friendly, busy atmosphere. The employees are all extremely nice and the the food is outstanding! I will get the zombie salad the next time I go in and I might split a burger with my husband but I will definitely get that salad again.

Kurt Estes

This place must really be going downhill. Used to come here on special occasions like my birthday or my wife n I anniversary and both my wife n I would get the same thing every time. I'm sad to announce that they no longer make my favorite burger, the George Romero pitsburger. I believe the waitress said something about cutting costs and getting rid of Cole slaw which was on the pitsburger. For me, without that burger, no reason to return as none of the other burgers bring me to come back. Used to be great place with great food. Now I no longer desire to return.

Casey Dulis

We happened to get there during happy hour which had some great deals on alcohol and was well explained with a list provided to us. The bartender was sure to give everyone a last call for happy hour, something I've never experienced before. I was in a group of three and was weary when the bartender wasn't writing down our order, but everything came out as ordered with alterations correct. I got cheese curds for an appetizer. It came out quickly, was a good portion, and came with two dipping sauces. For my meal I got a burger and Mac and cheese. I know this is obviously a burger place, but I've been to a lot of specialty places that seem to think offering burgers with a bunch of toppings can let them slide with giving you tasteless burgers. This was definitely not the case here. The burgers were delicious on their own and you could go back time and time again without repeating a menu item. Overall, with three craft beers, an app, a double patty burger, and a side I spent less than $40 and made two full dinners out of the meal. The service was fantastic and the scene was great for families or a group trying to get a burger and beers. I will definitely be back and can't wait to try some of the specialty drinks.

Diana C

Loved the fun atmosphere, and the service was super friendly. We did go right at lunch, but the wait wasn't super awful. I didn't think I liked smash style burgers, but they were delicious and the cheese sauce for their fries was amazing! I didn't get their shakes, but they looked fun and good for dessert as well. Def try it out if you're in the area.

Terryn Trobaugh

Love zombie burger, the atmosphere is always great, the ambience is on point, the food has never disappointed, and the spiked shakes? Don't get me started!!!! (Pictured a trailer trash zombie burger with fries and poutine dip)

Lorie Ealy

First timers yesterday. Food was good. Decently priced. The shake I had was my favorite.


Burger and fries good. Shakes with liquor options even better.

Evern Nelson

The environment and ambiance is unique and very cool if you are into the zombie culture. If not, it is still a great place to eat. The food is very good and the portions are good so you won't go away hungry. And the service is just as good. The people are friendly and inviting and you can tell they like their jobs and thier customers.

Nathan Herbst

Delicious with a very large and creative menu. Hard to decide what to get! Also, the cereal shakes are very good.

Jeff Charlesworth

The chili cheese fries and t virus burger were great. I was hoping for a better beer selection.

Chet McBride

This place is amazing. The wait was excellent I have a very picky kid and they went above and beyond to figure out something he would like. I can't express in words the quality of food they serve it rates on my top 10 favorite restaurants. If you are looking for excellent food and a great atmosphere this is the place for you.

John Hsieh

Zombie Burger just down the street from the Iowa State Capitol is a must try when visiting DSM. The burgers patties themselves are fairly normal, but unique toppings/creations that the place makes with burger patties is what makes the restaurant so unique. Our favorites are Raygun and East Village. A notable mention is the Walking Ched, which is really a once in a lifetime sort of experience. Zombie does offer weekly burger creations that sometimes may trigger our fancy. Although many people also rave about the milkshakes, we prefer just having soda with our burgers. The line for the sit-down portion of the restaurant can get quite long during the busy dining hours, but a well-known secret for the locals is getting the food from the self-serve side of the restaurant and avoid the crowd all together. The service is quick and friendly, and parking can be a slight issue, especially during weekday lunches and on the weekends.

Brandon Carriere

Burgers and milkshakes and zombies oh my. This place is super popular and usually that means quality gets worse to meet demand. That isn't really the case here. The burgers are always tasty, not the best burgers but the number of variables and toppings is nice. Also love cereal milkshakes plus booze so that's hard not to like. Zombie theme is a little played out but it's OK.

cesar torres

The atmosphere was great and they did a great job with the theme. Every inch is super creative from the food to the setting. The prices were very fair, and the food was delicious. Our server was very attentive and very friendly. The fries are amazing! I recommend the loaded fries. My only critique, is that the hamburger patty could be thicker, but I can understand it may be small due the other great ingredients they add. However, every bite of our meal was very flavorsome. Finally, they have super fast service, we got our food not too long after ordering. Will for sure stop by again when I am back in Desmoines. Love this place.

Glenn Wiley

Awesome place. Only reason its 5 stars is the memories. Very un-pet friendly for an empty outdoor patio

Charles B

A very nifty burger joint with an unique atmosphere set to the theme of the zombie apocalypse. The poutine fries were out of this world! Got the undead Elvis burger which was a burger with peanut butter, fried bananas, egg, and bacon. Sound like a nightmare concoction? Well it was one of the best tasting things I've had in my life! The place was absolutely crazy busy yet the food was at my table very quickly and the staff were extremely friendly and prompt.

Soul teddy

Good fries, decent burgers. The service was great though. Be ready to grease up your belly, very filling

Anna Moore

Ordered the undead Glen vegan burger, shows on the menue it has a beyond meat vegan patty, instead was served a regular vegan patty, I have eaten beyond meat burger patties, and they are very tasty. Not sure which vegan patty was served. But was definitely not a beyond meat vegan patty, oh well, can't win em all.

Joel Kruse

I have been here several times. Never really been impressed. Each time I expect better since people do rave about it. This is just my opinion. It’s good for other people, just not for me. I hope you enjoy!

Cameron Harper

Best Burger Ive Had In My Life. Drove From Illinois And Picked This Spot At Random and It Didnt Upset At All.

Lin W

I was expecting the WOW factor but no. Fries were good burger was ok nothing I will run and tell my Burger Lovers about

Matt Fernandez

Second visit and still one of the very best burgers I have ever eaten. Tonight I had the trailer trash. It's fabulous, ranch, cheese curds, fried pickles...mmmm. and the fries are just yummy and the sauce is tasty. If you're a burger fan and in the area, definitely stop in and give Zombie Burger a try, you won't be disappointed.

Jerry Wu

We were here before sending our daughter to college. We ordered three pig nachos. It was very good. We really like it. It has ground pork, ham and pull pork. Very tasty. I ordered Planet Terror burger. It was ok. We will come here again when we are in town again. Show less

ter dust

Lunch was exceptional! If you know what you want, go for the counter service instead of full service and save some money.

Robert Nederlof

This is seriously one of the best foodplaces I've ever been to. Incredible service with a fantastic sense of humor, delicious food with hilarious names, an atmosphere with decorations you rarely see and all that for surprisingly low prices! When in Des Moines, Zombie Burger is a MUST visit!

Elizabeth Emrick

When we got there, we had to wait a moment to sit as you could tell they were short staffed...likely from the storm the night before. We were promptly seated, our drink order was taken and placed our food order within 10 minutes. Our burgers came out in less than 10 minutes! I was shocked. The food was fantastic, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had. The fries and ranch were out of this world. Hands down, amazing. ♥️

Ann Madamba

Good lunch. I preferred when i used to go here and hear Rob A playing rather than T. Swift. That's not really my thing. However, the food was good. The bacon in my sandwich could have been rendered better for more crispiness/less fatty chew. I enjoyed the fries and my birthday shake (2 Swirls, 1 Cup). The server was on point. We had a table of 9 and she navigated it well. I placed an order for a sandwich to go and she remembered it and timed it well.

Mark Johnson

Crazy burger creations with tastefully combined toppings and Zombie inspired names. Who doesn't love the undead??! Great shakes. Great staff.

I don’t like bottles Videos

Food was pretty good. My family liked it a lot. I did not like my patty very much because it did not taste good. We liked think the decor and music is creative. Our server, Isaac, was very nice and was very helpful. The food took exactly 9 minutes and 14 seconds. Isaac said it took a little bit longer for the food to come out. So it would have taken a shorter amount of time. Chocolate shake was very fine. Thank you Mr. Zombie Burger person.

Jamie W.

Very great food with a huge selection of burgers to choose from, all with fitting zombie-themed names to them. Burgers are very filling and it's very easy to order more than you might think you'll eat, trust me! The shakes are very interesting and something like pretzels in a shake might sound bad at first, but you really just have trust it. The shake of the day is a good way to try and experiment with their wide selection. Lines move fast and service is quicker than you think.

Michelle Marchant

Stopped in on our drive home from out of town. Great burgers, very friendly staff and quick service. Definitely will visit again if ever I'm in the area!

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