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PB forshort

Food was ok, pretty sure my burger was missing more than 1 ingredient and tasted kind of plain. It's a good place probably for drinks and sports, don't expect much from the food - I've had better bar food in other places.

Chad Chapman

I really like the food here. The Dirty Blonde beer is my favorite. The waitress aren’t bad to look at either.

Garrett Wilson

Great service! Checked on me at least 5 times during the course of my meal. Great food! I had the rib eye with asparagus and french fries. Steak was cooked to perfection. Awesome scenery as well

Kyle Volz

I am from out of town and regularly stop into Twin Peaks. The food was out quick but the location was very understaffed. What appeared to be "The Regulars" kept the waitresses and bartenders very occupied. This kept other customers from getting better service. I asked for my check after food and one drink, normally I stick around for a while.

Aleksandra Lukic

Not as impressed as I thought I’d be from how people have described it. Waited so long I actually had to walk to the bar and order myself a drink. Later I had to walk back to order more drinks for our table...our waitress was nowhere to be seen most of the time we were there. Wish the menu had more Vegetarian options.

Gokul Krish

Friendly Atmosphere , nice vibe!

Justin Bloss

Great food, hang out spot and the waitress Chelsey is the best!

Jeremy Daryl

Great food quality and excellent customer service and attentiveness! Other restaurants need to take note of their friendly service, accuracy of ordering, and quick food service and great atmosphere.

Conrad Law

Surprisingly good food with all the distractions. Interestingly there were young children and groups here. All was conducted in a family friendly way. Good job.

Robert Chitwood

Good food... excellent scenery

Tyler Wrage

Excellent food, atmosphere, and service. Catch a game or just have a drink with friends, the waitresses are polite and on top of things. A little pricy, but worth it for sure.

Rachel Davis

Ask for Chelsey. She is literally amazing.

Andrea De Castro

Absolutely wonderful food and service! Ask for Chelsey when you go in for the best experience.

Amanda Kellogg

Great food and good vibes all around. Chelsey is the best server, very attentive and courteous

Nicholas Gluba

Nice place with friendly staff and good food.


The food at Twin Peaks is excellent, in fact it's some of the best food I've had in the entire Des Moines area. The atmosphere is perfect for those times when I want to watch a sports event, and the servers as friendly as you can ask for. I should add that Twin Peaks has some of the best Sweet Tea I've had. Try and go while Shyy is working, she's super friendly, very attentive, and makes the dining experience a great pleasure.

lou domenge

the salad I got was quite good we went there to watch the UFC fights everyone there was there to watch the fights but they didn't have the sound on

Jaqui Giltner

Chelsey is an awesome server! Go in and say hi to her, you won’t regret it :)

Nick Shirley

Awesome food and great service from Chelsey!

Frederick Krick

Good food & service!

Paul Brungardt

Cold beer and nice views

David Wood

4 friends and myself worded ourzfood at 2:10 PM on a Sunday, July 7th of 2018, not busy at all. We all ordered chicken except for 1 burger. All ordered crispy and dry, they all came out wet. We all know ITS CHICKEN DRUMETTES !!15 minutes tops to make.WTF The last visit was the same way. Wait staff was great, it's the kitchen. There was one gentleman sitting at the bar who also waited 45 minutes for chicken.

Jeff Moyer

Very fun had a great time so much fun

teena hash

Service was awful. Never got our appetizers. Then the waitress leaves through the front door w her boyfriends and doesn’t come to check on us til after our food is served by another employee and half ate and tells us she’s gonna check on our appetizers and we told her we didn’t want them now. Not sure I will ever go back.

Brett Phipps

Great food and staff will go again

Brayde Koos

Beautiful women and Great service!!

Richard Webster

Great service

Larry Price

This place has changed a lot since it opened a couple of years ago. The food and decor is the same. But, the waitresses are wearing a lot less clothes. Twin Peaks seems to be in the process of switching from suggestive and daring to raunchy.


Wife and I go for the UFC fights. Great place to watch them. Outdoor patio is a plus. Food and apps are okay. Beer is always nice and cold! Servers are friendly, but often seem confused and don't know who orders what. Maybe that's just the folks on the patio. We'll keep going back.


jade is an awesome server and makes me keep coming back every time!!

Bryce Meier

Above average food, sports and great service

Rick Smith

Miss Mollie kept us smiling and we'll served with her intoxicating energy. Thank you young lady

Gene Swanson

Nice scenery. Service sucked

Ruben Condado

Not bad, food & service was great

Ralph Chiodo

Best all around restaurant in the metro . Great food and drinks, friendly service, and lots of scenery.

Jaclyn Jay

Nice place to eat, the food is great. Staff is very nice and prompt to help

Cathy Moore

Excellent service and great food!

Kyle Robberts

Service and food is very good here. The chipotle chicken is a great lower calory meal.

Tom Muscovitz

Good atmosphere but the food rates a 3 out of 10. The waitresses were so busy huddled around with their phones to notice that there were quite a few people sitting with empty glasses looking for another. The price of drinks there you'd think they would be pushing them more. If there was some kind of management around there it was NOT evident

Tom Bowers

Not garbage, but i wouldnt go there again. Food took forever (busy Saturday night but thats what managing staff is for), order for the party was wrong and had to be brought back, drink orders were consistently wrong or took a long time to get, all for imo mediocre food. The girls are pretty but thats about it. Nothing to write home about.

Kevin Boies

Food was great.. Cassie was an outstanding waitress. Only negative part of the day was the Hawkeys won... GBR.

Daniel Riggs

The place was empty walked in ordered a beer 20 min later still wasn't there and there were very few people there

John Jordan

Great food & service!!

Chris Schule

Good service

Justin Applegate

Great place to eat and sports on TV and beer is super cold!

Martez Stevenson

Boots with the Fur! Lol

Richard Crouse

Atmosphere doesn't compensate for the food.

slowpony08 .

Cold beer and good food. Prices are a little high for the amount of food you get but the food doesn't disappoint.

Ace Space

Ever since y'all changed the cheesestick recipe I haven't stopped in much, but I'm glad I did. Chelsey is the sweetest girl here, she's got a great attitude and really makes you feel at home. Will definitely stop by and see her again!

Rob Cook

The service was good, foor was excellent. Had the billionaire bacon burger, was very tasty.

Mr McButthead

Great food and service, had the chicken salad and the cheeseburger

Dakota Rachuy

Had the best experience! My server Chelsey was the absolute best! She is always on her A Game!

Patrick McClain

Hell...the view of the peaks is amazing. Made we want to climb the summit that's for damn sure. Food on the other hand is average to below average. I ordered chicken tacos and got a chicken strip wrapped in a tortilla. I think they could do a lot better on food quality.

Bob Hays

Great cheese burger and sweet patoto fries.

Karim Cherradi

Ordered a naughty brunette and it tasted horrible. The mix was definitely not right whatsoever. They might have made a mistake and given me a Dropdead Redhead instead. The girls rather be texting in the kitchen than talking to their customers and interacting with them, (see photo) . That's unfortunate because I am usually a big tipper for exceptional service. Crowd is definitely a strange one, coming from Twin Peaks in South Florida it was definitely a culture shock coming to this one. BE AWARE they do not keep a tab open so if someone that you are sitting next to that you happen to engage in conversation with decides to leave before paying their tab (which happened) they will automatically pin it on you! So make sure you tell them ahead of time that you are paying for your own drinks only! Generally a very unsatisfying experience. Service was poor, girls were borderline average, and environment was absolutely depressing. I remember, one bartender was telling me a sad story about a garage door falling on their neighbor's young 3 year old girl and killing her. I guess I should not have asked what that tattoo on her back meant yikes

Nathan Nickles

Women are trashy. Don't sit at the bar because it will take you forever to get served. Went there is 3 people at the bar, bartenders just talked to each other and text on there phones. I walked out after 12 minutes.

Blake Daniels

Food’s decent but i always go for the service. ask for Chelsey!! fun, hilarious and sexy

Dean Kirgis

By far some of the best service I’ve had at twin peaks by Tanisha and Courtney! I will definitely be back again and recommend to all my friends.

Jason Kems

Staff was friendly and attentive. Food was good, hot and timely. Felt sorry for the staff having to "chill out" with one of the main heaters not working on such a cold day. It was a little cold in the corner where we sat.

Danny Riggs

Waited 20 min for a drink and the place was empty finally just left

Brandon Dack

The billionaire burger was absolutely amazing!!! Like to the point I was kinda say when it was gone. The fries were definitely everything I was told they would be. The bar service was awesome!! My waitress/bartender, Brooke, was very prompt, super kind and checked back several times. I didn't order alcohol, but the customer next to me did. She told him of the selection very professionally, not sure of the accuracy, but she seemed to know her bar selection extremely well. Not sure if or when I'll be back this way, but I can guarantee, this big beard is for sure a Twin Peaks return customer whenever I get the chance.

Dave Ewing

Food was good as always good service nice atmosphere

Craig Gertsch

Great game day atmosphere and plenty of cold beer! Thank you to our waitree Cassie for being a friendly face and fantastic waitress!

Shane Ort

Fun environment, but I am not sure if I would go there for the food only.

Kris Spoonhaltz

Nice place good food

Simone Saunders

Tanisha was our bartender and went above and beyond my expectations. I was surprised at her ability create a personal individual experience with such a large crowd. She responded to us quickly. She was really engaging and personable making my experience very comfortable from the moment I sat down.

Ben Hewlett

My dad likes going here. Food is average at best but who am I kidding you dont go to places like this for the food.

Brody Pfeiffer

Food was good..service could care less

Bill Hunter

Compared to your typical Hooter's, the girls are hotter, friendlier and skimpierly dressed. Unlike your typical Hooter's, the food is pretty good. My wife doesn't mind going because she really enjoys the food.

Jonatan Artola

The best place and service I will come back soon, thanks a lot

Mindi Woodard

Best place on the west side of des moines to eat, casually or any other. Best apps and hands down the food is AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS! The staff are very friendly and always checking on you. My favorite place to go when in des moines. Keep up the great work girls, we' ll definitly keep coming back.

Jason Lewis

Good food great time

Shadow Dragon

I watched our waitress talk to two old men for at least twenty mins (food was brought out extremely late) needless to say it was ice cold when it arrived I dont care if your showing you stuff off BRING ME MY FOOD

Michael Orta

I've been before, and, being a red blooded American male, I enjoy the thematic context and ambience. The food and drinks have always been worth going for, as well. However, this last time I made a discovery that warranted a review and five stars. I have recently adopted a vegan lifestyle for the sake of my health. And whether you agree or disagree with the evidence behind such decisions, surely you are aware of the difficulty people have in finding restaurant fare that meets the requirements. Twin Peaks was an exceptionally pleasant surprise. They have a sandwich called "the imposter" that is very similar to a burger, and can be vegan if you request the cheese and mayo to be left off. It is made of a party that primarily consists of beets. It is so good, that I will order it whether or not I am including animal based foods in my diet. I highly recommend it and the sweet potato fries are equally satisfying. I'm not sure if the whole wheat bun is vegan, but I had them use one of their wraps (tortillas) instead of the bun. Totally incredibly delicious. I will return often to get this sandwich.

seth morekov

Bad service and horrible food. Would avoid going to this place. The bar tender was on her phone the whole time and was sitting down with her back towards the bar for most of the time I was there. When I asked for my tab she said she don’t even know how to tab me out and had to get the manager. Every time I needed another drink I had to wave to get her attention and they weren’t even busy. The food was stale and messed my stomach up really bad. I wouldn’t recommend this place at all.

Sarah Hoskins

Atmosphere was wonderful very friendly staff. Food was excellent. We live 3.5hr away and will drive to come eat here :)

Brian Peck

Great food and great service.

Steven Zaegel

The servers were more interested in entertaining their friends than. they did the customers

Todd Rust

Coldest beer in town!!

Brydon Papenberg

Went with a large group for a bachelor party. The server numbered everyone's hand so it was easy to keep track of the bills. This was a great idea and made things run smoothly when it was time to pay. Good fast service. Food fast and the waitress even put up with a bus full of grown men that had been drinking all day.

Nina Cayetano-Beatriz

Chelsey was amazing! She was super helpful and gave great service. Will definitely be back just for her!

Hannah Heckman

Best cold beer ever. Great happy hour specials. Service... one time it was under average, the other was super friendly and had multiple bar tenders checking on me. This is my new favorite place for a cold beer.

Bryan Mace

Great food and great service thanks to our waitress Cassie!!!

ric salyers

Our service was exceptional! The food was typical pub type food,and we enjoyed it. We started with mozzarella bites to warm up. They were excellent. They had a panko breading that tasted some what like garlic bread! They were perfectly cooked and delicious! We had a cheeseburger and bacon cheeseburger that were very tasty and accompanied by a very generous batch of fries. The fries and burger were cooked perfectly, and the bacon was thick cut and nicely flavored. My son had the boneless sweet bbq wings and loved them. Biggest complaints would be the non-Heinz ketchup,and the chilly temperatures inside. Small complaints in comparison to some good food!

Calvin Guzman

Service, food and drinks were all sub par...i get it, you go for the experience, but it would nice to enjoy as a restaurant too.


Cozy spot, nice venue. But don't come with large group of people on busy game day-- they don't push tables together and there aren't many 6 tops in the place. I had 6 people and called ahead, got on a list thinking they would accommodate but they didn't seem too concerned or eager to help the situation

Lyn White

Good food great service

Matt Hurley

Food isn't that great and it takes forever to get it. The waitresses aren't bad looking but they act like they the best looking thing in the world.

Brandon Wiese

Girls were amazing. Food tastes great. Just wish the menu was a little bigger. Not a lot of choices. The view was 10/10

Taylor Elvington

Chelsey is my favorite server. She's so kind, courteous, & gives great service!

Tyler Elliott

It was ridiculously cold out when I visited. And you have some things that are out of your control with the building. With that being said there are two sets of doors at the front for a reason. If you cannot close the inside set of doors then yes the wind will be blowing right into the restaurant. Made it very uncomfortable in the place. And was told by a regular that those doors have been broken for a long time. The girls did great for having to work under those conditions. They were also out of the new pulled pork sandwich that I wanted to try. Maybe it was just a bad day but all these seem to be management issues. Get it together.

Matthew Martin

Pros: Burger was hilariously good for the price. Possibly the best bacon I've ever had; relatively expensive but totally worth it. After adding the bacon to the burger, I decided what my last meal would be should I ever find myself on death row. Waitress was efficient, checking on us regularly. Cons: Kinda skimpy on the fries, which is generally the cheap filler. I dip my ketchup in my ketchup and I'm not sure why there isn't just a bottle on the table, but there weren't enough fries to care. Unsure why there isn't just a double w/ bacon on the menu (there is a bacon one on the menu that I'll try next time though, just probably still be hungry after). To be honest the food is good enough that they don't really need the eye-candy gimmick, but for the record the short latina at the front desk was the one that caught my attention. Long as they're going for eye-candy she should definitely be in the calendar or something. ig: mm_otr

Tim Baker

Showed up for the fights. Food was good per usual. Waitress was very attentive checking in every couple of minutes to make sure we were all good.

Margret Rachuy

Chelsea was super sweet and served us well.

Wendy McMullen

Food was good. Service not so much. Waitress walked by at least 5 times and left empty plates. Didn't stop to ask how food was. We had to ask for refills. Need to train new employees better.

eli duane overton

Good food, friendly people,

Teresa Burbank

Nice atmosphere, beer was very cold. Didn’t have any food.

david anders

Terrible. Never again. About 40 degrees in here. Better pay the bill. Rude service. Waste of money

Raymond Loren Naylor

Good food and cold beer! Kitchen is open until midnight on weekdays which came in handy as I was working late.

Aaron Alspach

Great food and service!

jason soder

One of my favorite places in Des Moines for............ food, yeah that's it,. They have food. Almost forgot.. Comfort food, some of the best pot roast I have ever had. Burgers are also first rate. If you take your wife, go on a bright day. That way you can wear your sunglasses and she won't be able to tell where you are looking.

Alok Kumar

Great food and lots of Sports

Jeff Hopper

First time there. Food and service were great.

Tina Pruitt

Terrific bartenders

Keaton Shore

Went there for a party with some work friends. Sat down in the back. Chelsey came over and helped us almost right away and took drink orders. She was friendly and helpful for the remainder of the night.

Publicsafety Officer

Great food, waitress was attentive. Very fast service. Will Definitly recommend.

Southern Viking

Food was good, the scenery even better. Tiddies galore.

Rae Ducky

Chelsey is my go-to server and the wings are better than bdubs

Todd Maguire

Cassie was great. Couldn't of asked for a better server. If I owned the place I'd give her a raise.

Becca DeVries

Friend pickles chips were great, but cheeseburger cold. The girls had a great attitude and service was nice. Just think the food could have been a bit better if it was proper temperature.

Ariel Golarte

Not as good as I expected, an ok place with ok food

tony shepard

Unbelievable slow service. Horrible service and they weren't busy.

Chad Swenson

Good food and great people

June Marie

Drinks are strong and fries are good. Chelsey was a sweetheart and took great care of my husband and I!

Andy Sowle

Gendya was an amazing server!

Carol Ragland Jones

First time there! Nice atmosphere, great place to watch football game! Spicy thai barbeque ribs, chicken wings, sweet potato fries were awesome! I will be back

Brian Sloan

Horrible drink prices. I will never be back.

James Reams

Not the first visit to this location, but not the best experience. Hostess focussed on large group table sets, waitress too busy to keep up with empty glasses and refill requests. Management should task staff member to keep up with restrooms as they look like off brand gas station concerns!

Stephanie Vandermark

Great place to eat, the girls are awesome and the foods not bad either.

Ricky Ballantyne

Great service and wonderful veiws

Matt J

UFC 240 was mostly a bust, except for my excellent server Chelsey. Very personable and attentive.

Greg Wilhelmi

I had a good time there. The food was really good. I wanted to try their in house beer but they were out at the time.

Cody Wiederin

Atmosphere and food was amazing. Our server Gendya was amazing and provided excellent service!

Chris Gadd

Great place to grab a burger and a beer

timmy baker

I typically have no issue when I come here, but on this occasion I did. I order the meat and cheese appetizer, and it didnt show up until I asked for it after my regular meal had already been eaten. They were kind enough to comp the app for the issue that I had. I will return, the food is always good, the beer is cold.

Bryan Crosby

I go there with my best friend every Tuesday for BOGO wings. It's a special time that I will always cherish.

Crystal Lambert

The service was great. Very friendly staff. And the food was very good. Will definitely be going there again!

Ken Goetsch

Great place, had alot of fun

Marc Schneider

Good food, poor service. The fried pickles were good - not too well done but still crisp. The hangover burger was very thick and tasty. Too bad the service was bad.... Took too long to order, no offer for drink refills and when it came time to pay had to flag them down to get the check. Only a couple wait staff seemed to be working and a few just sat on benches at the entry area, in uniform, and chatted and texted all night.

Jeremy Furman

I have not found a better place that serves excellent food! I have tried many different items on the menu and have not once been disappointed. Between that and the service, no other place compares.

Mackenzie Tweeten

Food was really good! Price was great!

J Vegerano

Great spot!

C Ramsdell

Ordered boneless wings and was shocked to see how small they were. They did have good flavor but were tiny. Twin peaks? More like twin hills.

Suzey Enterline

Cheeseburger was cold and dry. Waited forever to get our drink order, another 15 minutes to have our sodas brought to us and then another 20 to have our order taken. Place didnt have a lot of activity so not sure why it took so long. This was my first time there. I'll give it another chance, but trust me when I say it will be a while before I go back.

Chris Santis

Were out of some dishes. Service nothing special

willy garay

Best place to go and have lunch with family or friends definitely will come back

Dakota Feickert

Great food and awesome service thanks to Gendya!

Brett Slagell

Good food, waitress could be friendlier.

Richard Burton

I like Twin Peaks at home in St. Louis. I'm in town on business and stopped in for lunch. First off here in Iowa it's cold as hell, and to have the heat not working was the first strike. Now, I do know things happen so I won't hold that against them. But I will have to say that the salmon that I ordered was in need of some help, It tasted like it was microwaved and the asparagus was burnt. I get that they try to get your food out to you quickly but I would rather wait to have it done right. I'm not giving up on them but this is not acceptable.

Cody Samec

Great food and drinks. The servers are also very respectful of the guests and not bothering you while you're enjoying your food, drinks, and friends like some places do.

mikel murdy

What time you got this morning right here on this island and you have to be taxed as the people who have to pay for the night and have to go through a few minutes to see

Bryan Kracht

Freezing cold in there (literally 38 degrees), and I left hungry due to small portioning. I won't be going back.

Chris Vickery

Food was ok and the atmosphere was good. Service was a little slow but it was an bbn off night so little understaffed it seemed.

Joe Hegg

Portions are huge! Obviously gorgeous staff but great attitudes! Food is amazing and the wings and nachos are amazing!

Brian Moffatt

Appetizer specials are good throughout the week. Service was attentive. Good place to hang after work and watch a game.

sharon b feeley

Great lunch deals, and very attentive staff!

Dave McCartney

Good burgers and the view isn't bad either

Greg Pickering

Came in for the first time, ordered to go later in the evening. I got there early so I came in and sat at the bar. One of the bar tenders with short white, blond hair was standing on the sink, crouched down talking to a couple of customers. Her shoes were dirty and it was kinda gross. The food was mediocre at best. The BLT bacon tasted like it was from breakfast, and the wings were not good at all.

Julie Teghtmeyer

Our server seemed pre- occupied. She took pur friends appetizer order and ran off before we had a chance to order ours. There was a hair inbedded in our mozzarella balls. When we finally got to speak to a manager she just said sorryand took them away without asking if we wanted a fresh order. She just took them off the bill and we never saw her again. The food wasn't very good either. I won't be back.

Jennifer Anderson

Great food and atmosphere. Chelsey was very tentative and provided excellent service. Highly recommend!!


Good food , reasonably priced.

Al Rey

Sunday night, Alexis our waitress was awesome. Very attentive and nice to my 11 year old nephew. My avocado burger was good but kinda small. Anthony's chicken fried steak was over cooked, on the edge of burnt. I wouldn't have served it. He never had one before, so he was ok with it. I will go back because of the service.

Vicki Waugh

Was not a great experience, asked for bacon cheese burger got a cheese burger. Fries were cold, too. The staff was great.

Kevin Johner

Always great food and happy staff! Love going there!

David Rogers

Love this place so much. The girls are always super sweet and the drinks are always cold. I love that there is always a table for me and they let me sit and do my work and keep the conversation lively. Always recommend this to anyone visiting!

Shawn M

Cold beer...awesome wings..hell yeah! The ginger approves

Mancave Tv

Very good service. Can't remember the waitress name but she was awesome. She was just as excited I got a puppy as I was. Made me feel like I was with friends. Definitely coming back when I'm in the area

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