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125 Central Ave NW, Orange City, IA 51041, United States

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REVIEWS OF Townsquare Coffeehouse + Kitchen IN Iowa

Jackie Griffin

I'm not a coffee drinker but the smoothies and breakfast are good. Not many options for lunch and I wasn't super impressed with what I had. The menu isn't very detailed so I didn't know what was going to come on my sandwich. The service and the atmosphere are good but it's not a place I would rave about.

Cathy Jackson

Terrible experience! My husband ordered oatmeal with peaches, and they didn't have preaches... Sorry, but no excuse! They sell peaches everywhere in town! I ordered a coffee and bagel- she overfilled the cup w when I asked her not to, them out took, 15 minutes to get 1 bagel! So my husband doesn't ever want to go back! Giving 1 star is too much!

Ryan Anderson

Karsen Kredit

Linda Barber

Miranda Fahrenbruch

Great food and drinks, and service is usually pretty helpful. Music is of a very different taste than my own, but good eclectic mix. Good menu options, and a really fun location. Overall good experience.

Ashton Graves

Zach Miller

Anna Vruwink

My husband and I went to Townsquare during the week of Tulip Festival in May, on a morning where homemade drip coffee just wasn't going to cut it. And we did not want to leave. You guys. This coffee place is the coolest shop in the area. Hands down. They do cold press, pour overs, full plated hot meals made to order, soft pretzels (fave) with the best mustard I've ever had, all the usual coffee shop drinks, as well as seasonal menu items and specials. All of their ingredients are locally sourced, and they're niche as hell. 11/10 would irritate others by repeatedly recommending Townhouse Coffeehouse to any and everyone. We had coffee here every day, multiple times a day for the entire festival. Borderline obsessed, no apologies.

Jay li

Jennifer Winn

Great selection of coffees and beers, love the atmosphere and customer service is excellent. Definitely recommend!

Kendall Stanislav

Aaron Norman

Alan Park

Peggy McAllister

The pretzels and mustard are so good!!

Nick Rohlf

Once got offered a free breakfast if I'd argue incessantly with another patron about star wars. Man I wish I would have accepted that offer.

Mark Wilson

Great new location. Still lots of food and coffee options, other drinks too, including happy hour specials Mon - Fri 5-7pm. Check it out, you will be glad you did - there is something for just about everyone. Don't forget to watch for the live performances.

Jane Moser

Kim K

Awesome place!

Dannie Mallory

Jay Heimsoth

Great coffee shop with fun and delicious food.

Marsha Homan

John Werthman

Espresso was ok though milk was steamed too hot, probably over 180 degrees. Staff is really rude and unhelpful. They act like their error is your fault somehow. I was left with a really unpleasant experience and I’m not sure I’ll be coming back.

Drew Kortlever

Aida Padilla

Ice cream delicius

Michelle M

Excellent coffee!!

Lyndsay Bahrke

Great atmosphere, excellent service, and great selection. Love having this little treasure in our small town!

Heidi Burzlaff

Lindsay Bauer

Natalie Church

Luci Vanden Brink

Very enjoyable and Friendly atmosphere. Serves locally sourced goods. Healthy food options and good portions.

Ashlyn Gomez

Iamfish sodaker

Anita Heitritter

Great place to sit with an awesome cup of coffee! Love their breakfast also!

Josh Hulst

Such an amazing place for a small town or big city!

Micah Albert

Great place to have a coffee, beer, and relax with friends. Great coffee

Lori Rohwer

John Mcallister

Dena Eslinger

Hannah Wamhoff

Taylor Reynolds

Colby Vlietstra

Amazing place. Great food and coffee. So thankful this coffeehouse is in our amazing town!

Laura Heitritter

Love this place.

Deirdre Remmers

Good healthy food choices

Samuel Olson

Haley Milbrodt

sam wijnberg

Tasty coffee.

Grace Grothe

Mary Glasser

Beau Koerselman

Brandon Struecker

Nicki Hoekstra

I've lived in Orange City for two years and never visited here until I heard all the rave about it. I've been there twice for coffee and get togethers now and I really love the place! I haven't tried the breakfasts yet, but I've heard from more than one person it's amazing! Love the atmosphere!

Alison L.P. Compton

Cassandra McCready

David Klennert

Always a great time, good service, good drinks and food!

Isaac Hendricks

The hippest place in town.

Laura Snyder

Mark Brauning

Really nice relaxing place just to grab a cup of coffe

Stephanie Miller

Denise Davis

Friendly staff, great menu, and wonderful coffee!

Nicholas Wattonville

Daniel Den Boer

Jacob Bollman

Denise Krebs

Delicious food, great drinks, fun fellowship, right in the center of town.

Caleb Schreurs

Hands down the best place for coffee, conversation, or just to sit within Sioux county.

Daniel Burke

Saul Rodriguez


Joseph Groetken

Lillian Page

John Schwab

Nick Vander Zwaag

Genesis Torres

Love the new spot but can get really loud

Marina Albert

Josh Vollink

Nice sitting place, they have card games on the tables. But they food is very overpriced ($8 for some pancakes) and gay pride is really in your face here

Logan Mars

Zachary Couture

Great atmosphere, tasty food, fun owner. A needed addition to Orange City!

Heather Shepard

Nathan Rolofson

Frances Burd

This is our favorite place to get some alone time from the kids. Grab a coffee, read or go online for a few hours to unwind. Great beverages, try the chai!

Augie Jimenez

Current employees need some work. Food was okay but I'm sure it would have been better if there was better customer service. I had the BBLT and bread was a little on the burnt side. Wasn't all bad but could've been better. Soup cup wasn't anywhere near half full either.

Gabriella Vogel

Best place in town!

Ben O'Ram

This is an inviting place to come to, with good coffee and good food. The staff is nice and the owner is connected to the community. Live music and games nights are also good.

Jacob Stewart

Kara Prachar

Linnea Clausen

Luv the food and the people. My daughter is so jealous when she finds out that I stopped here without her ♥️

Billy B

Russ Huisman

Fun,fun,fun!! Best place to get great food and coffee!

Misty Hoffman

Love this place!!!

orlando perez

Ben Kamp

They have sexy coffee and good baristas but they no longer have a Carl.

Common Place Worship

Del Jensen


Emily Moret

Mary McCaffrey

S Doupnik

Great coffee house. Friendly staff, fast service, great coffee.

Mike Hofman

Great atmosphere, food and staff! I always love my midwest burrito.

Alexis Wunschel

it is good

Mark Glasser

Bea Thacker

Customer Service Good, however food quality and presentation poor, ordered a Cuban Sandwich HORRIBLE with a cup of Apple/Squash Cream Soup HORRIBLE. O

john lambert

Food is awesome

Chase Vermeer

Ashley Stanislav

Fun atmosphere, great food, best coffee in Orange City.

Josh Kuipers

Best coffee around. Best beer selection around. Best breakfast around. Best atmosphere around. Best ownership and workers around.

David Short

Ridiculously overpriced average coffee at best. I haven't tried their food, but I hear the same things about it. The environment is nice, but customer service is lacking, almost like they don't want you there if you're not a certain type of person.


Andy Callens

Best coffee in town. Very good food as well

Billy Oyadare

Rose T

I have truly never written a bad review for anything in my entire life until now, but I've decided that in this case it is warranted. I live an hour away, but I've enthusiastically followed this coffee shop (and Old Factory before it) on Facebook for years. Every fiber of my being wants to like this place. In theory, it seems like an oasis in Northwest Iowa. But five out of the last six times I've made the hour-long journey to be a customer in the last four years, my experience has been unpleasant and sometimes even degrading. I have never been to Town Square during the week, but the weekend staff has been consistently unprofessional and rude every time. I know you're probably thinking that this is a "me problem", but I've spent most of my adult life living in major cities and frequenting coffee shops, and this is the only place where I have ever had a bad experience--and I've had one literally every time I go. I gave this establishment the benefit of the doubt the first five visits, but this is the experience that ultimately drove me to write this review: I called 1.5 hours ahead of time to inquire about their menu and ask if they offered vegan options for my friend who would be accompanying me that evening. The woman I spoke with over the phone confirmed that they offered vegan wraps. I further inquired if this is something that is served only at certain times, and she responded that it was served at any time every day. So, we decided to make the hour-long drive to Town Square. Upon arriving, we waited in a short line about 10-15 minutes. When we got up to the counter, we ordered a glass of wine, a beer, chicken tacos for myself, and a vegan wrap for my friend, at which point the woman at the counter said that they weren't serving vegan wraps this evening because they were serving tacos. I explained what the woman had told me over the phone about 90 minutes earlier. The woman at the counter just responded again that they were not serving vegan wraps, and asked who I talked to (but I didn't know her name). Then she told us to wait and walked away. After a few minutes, another woman came up to the counter and said they weren't serving vegan wraps. I explained that we had just driven an hour, and asked if they could make an exception and perhaps make my friend a plain bean burrito or any sort of food without meat or dairy so he could have something to eat with his drink; they said no. My friend politely said he'd just have the beer. The woman at the counter suddenly put her hand up and told us to "wait a minute" and began helping other customers behind us without ever finishing our order. We waited for a while and a different woman came up to the counter to take our order. We explained that part of our order had already been written down. She checked the paper and began to ring us up when she also walked away and returned to tell me that they no longer had chicken tacos, and that only beef tacos were left. I guess we were abandoned so many times at the counter that they ran out before anyone ever finished taking our order. At this point, I gave up and asked her to cancel our order and we left. I understand a restaurant being unable to accommodate my friend, and I totally understand that mistakes happen, but once they learned that we had just wasted a two-hour round trip to visit their coffee shop, it would have been beneficial to exercise at least the smallest shred of diplomacy. Instead, we were met with blank stares and total indifference. So much indifference that they couldn't even be troubled to finish taking my order in time. No one ever bothered to apologize or take any sort of responsibility for anything that happened that evening. After so many unrelated negative experiences, I can’t blame this on coincidence anymore. I’m sure that your coffee shop is great during the week, but your weekend staff needs better training and some manners and a little bit of compassion.

Kyle Stoos

Richard Cockram

Great folls here. Good selection.

Kendra Nieuwendorp

Ryan Kroese

Coffee how it should be. They put in the extra effort to make each cup special. Good atmosphere, music, and venue - definitely recommend!

Aaron Kleyn

The impressive thing isn’t the food or the coffee, it’s that decent food and decent coffee exists in the middle of Farming nothingness. The coffee could definitely use a lot of work but it’s not bad, is quality is somewhere between Starbucks and Portland, it’s all a little burnt but definitely drinkable. I Would recommend stopping here though, it was a nice place. NO GLUTEN FREE OPTIONS!

Avery Franzen

This coffee shop has a phenomenal atmosphere and a great breakfast. We stopped in during one of our recent trips to fuel up and each got coffees. She had a drip and I had a mocha. They were both excellent and competitively priced. For breakfast she had the classic and they allowed her to make substitutions on it. I had the biscuits and gravy and thought it was one of the best I've had. We will for sure stop next time we are in the area!

Jon Mouw

Kevin Govoni

Love the atmosphere and amazing coffee

Julie Herning

Very enjoyable. A must every time we are in town.

Wes Gravning

That was a good place to have brunch! I'd go there again!

Miriam Gonzalez Carrillo

David Schroeder

Nice relaxed atmosphere.

Diane Giittinger Rainbolt


My dad wanted a cup of coffee while he and I were passing through Orange City, so we decided to stop here. I was very impressed with the hip, modern space filled with college students and the smell of fresh coffee when I first walked in. Unfortunately, my positive experience ended there. I stood in front of the register for a good two minutes or so before either of the two employees standing behind the counter acknowledged me. One was counting money, and the other was milling around the back coffee bar area. I understand being busy, but something as simple as a smile, a "we'll be with you in a moment," or even just a "hi" would've done wonders. Once I placed my order, paid, and got my coffee (which, like all of their beverages, only came in one size - odd), I asked for cream, and one of the employees nearly shoved some cream at me on the counter. When I thanked them before I left, I was not offered a "thank you" back, so I left with the impression that my presence was almost an annoyance. The space and atmosphere were awesome and my dad said his coffee tasted great, but the customer service I experienced left a lot to be desired, so I'm giving this place 3 stars in hopes that I just caught the staff on a bad day.

Irma Quinones

Christian van der Linden

Completely unexpected coffee oasis in a tiny town. Awesome breakfast burritos and, if you’re a coffee nerd, they pull great espresso. For my to-go cup of drip coffee I was even able to request a light roast.

Robin Suing

Kelsey Deegan

Mercedes Victoria

It was great It was great

Terry Bean

Matthew Chatman

Got an amazing poor over! Highly recommend!

Raul Canahui

What a welcoming and fantastic place!

Paxton De Haan

Edward Pszczolkowski

This wonderful coffee shop offers a variety of quality coffees and teas, as well as a selection of beers and food. The atmosphere is always welcoming and the people make it a place you'd want to stay and relax at for a while. Seating includes some couches, booths, and bar seating so there's plenty of space to sit and enjoy your drink. Periodically there's live music from local artists which is generally free to come and watch. In a great location downtown, I suggest taking a stroll and visiting the other shops up and down the street.

Amanda Keller

Stacey Diischer

Mike Wnek

Ryan maasdam

Cassandra Robles

Love there Ice Coffie..!!

Charlotte Richards

Jason Van Dyke

This atmosphere is really cool, and it's a great place to hang out with friends. I love coming here with my friends when I get the chance.

Joyce Shim


sean kolva

Kris Mouw

JOHN Novak

sahiti nallagonda

Shawn Sunday

Philip De Groot

Great food, staff, and atmosphere! I really like the options on the menu, especially the wide variety of non-coffee drinks. It seems a little more expensive than some other places, but definitely not over the top

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