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REVIEWS OF The Java House - Heirloom Salad Co - Downtown IN Iowa

Sydney Haines

Wonderful place to study, best music and best atmosphere, BUT really needs more tables. Heirloom makes tasty custom sandwiches next door!

Claudia Reyes

It's a nice place and I love the jazz music - it sets the mood to enjoy my coffee. Great service. Wish there was more seating space.

Louis Harvey

Java house is the best coffee and study spot in all of Iowa city. Have spent many a night and morning here. They are a staple in the community and often host live music, live radio spots, etc...

Emilia Deem

We love Java House Coffee and go out of our way to get it whenever we are in town.

Caroline Fantz

By far one of my favorite places in Iowa City, Friday around they have live music and it is what gets me through the week. Love the atmosphere, staff, drinks everything

Scott Olson

Cozy atmosphere and good (strong) coffee. A bit swarmed by undergrads, and often difficult to find a table. Not a lot of natural light.

Scott Chastain

Great Pour Over, love the Rice Krispie treats

Damn Juhl

Yummy! Half salad usually fills me up but it's so good I sometimes splurge for the full size.

Lowell Cin

Love this place, really good coffee. Always go when in the area.

Louis Tan

Nice coffee place, did not change since I was a student for 5 years ago. Best coffee place to study.

Hons Oakland

Great place for a cup and conversation. Nice outside patio

Carrie Koutek

Coffee is consitantly good and great selection of breakfast sandwiches. They used scrambled eggs on the sandwich which in my opinion makes it taste more homemade and not like I'm eating out. Don't forgot to download the Java House app to earn points for your purchases which lead to a $5 reward credit after you spend a certain amount.

marc dubree

Good atmosphere! Great tasting coffee!

Luke Roy

Going downhill

Seth Missiaen

Good espresso, decent pourovers. Nice atmosphere but it's hard to find a seat and there's a "1 hour courtesy limit" for seats. There are designated "no study" zones. Kind of up tight for a coffee shop.

S. D.

Good service.

Victoria Walton

It's a great atmosphere, and the coffee is good.

Eric Pedersen

Everything is at a reasonable price.

Rosemary Johnson

Nice atmosphere for coffee and food was good. Reason for lower rating was customer service that had attitude. I was told my name would be called out but you need to go next door to the salad place to hear your name. So my food sat there and no attempt to find me on coffee side. I was told that food was always done that way. Young servers had no customer service skills!

Dalton Strauser

Great coffee, friendly staff, clean and cozy environment featuring works from local artists. A must visit if you're in Iowa City.

Ryan Wedoff

Good coffee and atmosphere! Place makes your clothes smell like a coffee shop though.

jim Pospisil

AMAZING!!! They need this back in the hospital ASAP!!!

Eric Kiddoo

Just as bad as the Starbucks downtown. My white chocolate mocha was a joke. Took about 5 min and there was not any other customers waiting. Won't stop again, glorified hot water.

Marianne Hopewell

Absolutely one of the very best coffee places on earth! Talented baristas and fabulous atmosphere!

Kiersten McCallum

The drink I had there was incredible and they have a great selection of items to choose from! It is a very busy place and is hard to get a seat.

Jordan Johnson

Quick but quiet service, always crowded. It can be hard to find a seat but if 'busy' is your scene then this is a good stop when walking around downtown.


Java House has THE BEST pastries. The Apple Cinnamon scone and the banana chocolate chip muffin are my absolute FAVORITES. Their coffee is super good also. I much prefer going to Java House and supporting a local business than to get coffee from a large national chain--- not naming names. The baristas at Java House are also for the most part really well trained and friendly. Love Java House and happy to see their business growing! Their counterpart of Heirloom Salads on the other hand I have some gripes about- but that's for another review.

Steph Ann

The employees are super helpful and friendly and I got a seasonal drink and it was amazing

Matt Esche

Still as tremendous as it was in college. Phenomenal coffee and food

Stephen Heritch

Really good chai, high quality WiFi and a/c, a very pleasant hang out spot.

Anna Draper

Local coffee joint featuring good pour over coffee and plenty of seating! There is group seating space in the back room. A variety of seating options as well as a selection of games, reading material and kid books.

J Kane

Excellent beverages, great atmosphere - nice place to catch up with a friend I hadn't seen in 6 years! Glad it's connected to Heirloom so I could have a cold coffee drink with my salad. Only issue was a couple of pesky gnats as we ate inside the establishment.

Pam French

Nice place for tea, a cookie and work time away from home.

Dirk Teichman

Excellent service and the Tiramisu latte was delicious.

Christa Smith

I've been coming here for over 6 years now, and have never once been disappointed. My favorite is the Heath Frapp with almond milk!

Dave SmolikHagen

Very fresh food. Because everything is made right in front of you, it is a little slower. Don't expect "Subway Speed" here, but the variety and quality is much better.

Aaron Fulton

The coffee is great, but it's a hassle every time to get it! The layout isn't efficient and I find myself either accidentally grabbing someone else's coffee or someone accidentally taking mine. To difficult when all I want is a simple drip coffee.

Karmen Mah

Good selection of coffee (the conversation selection changes every other week?) , lots of tables to study, meet up or just chill at.

James Welbes

Muffins are delicious, and they sell day old muffins for half price!

Thomas Paintin

Great place to gather with friends family or just chill and relax taking the Ambiance plus you get a good cup of joe

Jerry Heiselman

Good atmosphere but not kids friendly. If you want somewhere for your kids to be able to enjoy a drink, look elsewhere.

Jon Froehlich

20 years since last visit. Meh. Still the same. It was nice to have a coffee in a place I enjoyed in my youth.

Issac Lee

love it as always :)

Mustachioed Organism

Pretty good

Sabrina Spikes

During school, weekdays are PACKED at java. I think weekends are better and the later or earlier you go the better. Also winter break and summer break are better. When students are around this place is always PACKED with people studying. It is a good place to grab a coffee and catch up with a friend. Their coffee is pretty good, i've never had one i didn't like. Decent tea selection and desert case as well.

Philippe Jay

Good variety of foods and drinks. Usually very busy

Aaron Van Noy

Great coffee. The best in Iowa City in my opinion. They have multiple locations for that reason!

Philip Huang

Great spot to study, plenty of space, quality drinks. Wish they had a kids menu or some way to order smaller drinks though... but that might just be me.

Shari Schroeder

Great coffee and service in downtown Iowa city. There are tables outside when the weather is nice.

Art Petrzelka

My absolute favorite coffee house in the entire country! Coffee fresh-dripped in your own cup while you watch. High volume so the coffee used is always fresh. I used to have a monthly commitment 125 miles away that led me within a couple miles of one of their branches, and I would schedule a stop for a fresh cup for the road. Their cinnamon rolls are great, too!

Gary Lundquist

It is the “Cheers” of coffee shops a home away from home great coffee and conversation.

Jay Simon

Easily my favorite place for coffee and studying.

Bailey Cichon

The downtown Java House location is pretty average. I will admit, I avoid going here. It takes about ten minutes on any given day to get a drink here--which is the same amount it takes Starbucks during a rush. At my last visit to Java House, I waited for my drink for 10 minutes before a barista asked me what drink I was waiting for, since everyone who had ordered after me and before me had gotten their drinks. A ticket had apparently not come through or something--it was never made clear. She seemed irritated, like this situation had happened before. Heirloom Salad Co has faster service than the baristas across the room. I will go to this location if I'm not in a hurry, but I don't go out of my way to go here between classes. They took the sparkling apple cider off of their menu which was disappointing but no complaints on the actual food and drinks themselves.

Mike Holm

The tiramisu is bomb. Goes great with a pour over dark roast. I wish they had metal silverware...

Amelia Akers

Always the best! Very friendly staff, always remember my discount for bringing in my Contigo. Love the salads and soup at Heirloom.

Eleonora Ts

Java house is good overall, except most times I order something I ask for a regular mug/cup "for here" and I almost never get it right. There is clearly very little effort to communicate that little detail. I am making a fair effort to use less single use containers and can't seem to get my goal accomplished due to the staff's attention to detail.

Lindy Clark

I love visiting coffee shops when I travel, I thought I'd try this Iowa City classic. Sadly, I was disappointed. I asked where they got their milk and the barista was stumped, an odd question but it's always a sign of quality for me. The service was ok and there is a lot of seating. It seems to be much more chain than local.

Dennis Lambing

Best.Coffee.In.Iowa City.

Emily Archer

Practically lived in Java House when I was in college, now I just come back for good coffee/tea and the great ambiance. It always feels like home!

Emily Waddle

I moved away from Iowa City for a year and went back to my hometown. One of the first things I found myself missing was Java House. I'm from Texas originally, where drip coffee hasn't caught on, and Starbucks is still the place to go. Java House has great coffee and comfy couches to study on. Students love it for that, and it's open late. It's also joined to a restaurant in case you need something to eat while studying for hours. JH gets 4 stars out of 5 only because they constantly play the most annoying coffee shop music (soft indie; what it is, the early 2000s?) and it gets distracting sometimes, enough that I've had to leave because I couldn't focus on my papers. If they switched to something inoffensive/unnoticeable like classical, I'd be in there constantly.

Michael DeAngelis

Best coffeeshop in Iowa City! Great atmosphere for every time of day. Wifi is kinda iffy for important schoolwork or video streaming. Overall great place!

Spenser Villwock

Been coming to Java House off and on for nearly 20 years. Always fantastic when in Ia City.

Tressa Dorman-Downing

Best coffee I've had in Iowa. I had a cafe latte and a brulee cheesecake, both were wonderful. I'll be stopping as often as I can.

Kirk Becker

Good coffee, good atmosphere. Really nothing to amazing but definitely worth going for a good cup of joe.

Leonardo Marchini

Great place, amazing service, fantastic location. A local tradition.

Gretchen Dennis

Fun selection. Busy place but the staff was happy to answer questions based on my food allergy needs.

Emily Smith

This was my favorite place to study and drink coffee when I was in college. Great atmosphere and Java.

Luke Bur

Keep the patio closed when it's beautiful outside. They wouldn't open it when I asked if they could

Brady W

Good food and coffee

Julia-Kaye R

Only downside is this place can get crowded so finding a seat can be hard at high traffic hours. But the coffee is AMAZING, specialty drinks are unforgettable, and their sweets are good. Competitive pricing and great atmosphere.

Sarah Sadiqaphoenix

Good breakfast selection but I didn't like the coffee

Jess Marallo

A beautiful space with plenty of options! there is plenty of room for seating and they encourage sitting with people you don't know as to not take up a whole table.

Elissa Monteiro

One of my favorite coffee shops in iowa city, usually VERY busy and difficult to find a seat, clean bathrooms, quick service, pleasant employees, good moods

Millennial Makes Moves

It's a nice hang out place for grad students or students in general looking for a place to study. I'm not a coffee drinker so can't speak to that. I also never really ordered food so I can't speak to that either.

david toillion

There wifi sucks

Landon Smith

This is one of the best places to go if you're looking for a cozy setting to enjoy your coffee at. If you're not looking for one of their pour over coffees try the the nutty caramel coffee or a latte! Hard to beat!

karnig beylikjian

Coffee was very good, they could work on their friendliness skills though.

Tal Morgan

Love the hot chocolate! Added coconut flavoring with it for only $.75 and fell in love.

Spencer Delgado

The American Gothic is the goat, big plus that it's less than $3 after tax

Debbie Andrews

Great service and excellent coffee! I love this place!

Joshua Christain

This is the best coffee in town and has been since it was opened. They have been doing pour over coffee since before it was cool and have a their own coffee blends and roasts that blow away most other places I have been.

Lindsay Greth

overpriced, but a good place to study depending on how busy it is

Emily Roberts

Can I even express how much I love this Iowa City staple? I don't think it's humanly possible... Amazing coffee, awesome service and tons of room to cozy up or sprawl stuff out on a table to study. Every time I come back to Iowa, I come to Java House at least once----definitely come check it out!

Bo Kapatsila

A cozy downtown place with good vibe and nice evening concerts

Thomas Buffard

I love this place. One of the best places to get coffee in Iowa City. This location isn't my favorite since it's kind of dark and generally crowded, but it's location downtown makes it a good place to meet up, get a little work done, or grab a quick coffee.

Maria I Castillo

Always a great place to take a friend you havent seen in a while and catch up on life

Brianna L.

Great local quick coffee stop. Delicious beverages and treats, lots of seating.

Michael Delcau

EXPENSIVE! just bought ESPRESSO for $4.40. This is a the third price hike in less than a year, it went from $3.50 to $3.76 to $4.17 from $4.40. It’s no wonder people don’t support these types of money gauging operation indie coffee shop chain. Go to Prarie Lights or T Spoons, much more reasonable price and service.

Anagha Malur

Good place to have a quick bite. Service and food was good

Garik Himebaugh

Great place to grab food or coffee and study. Can get crowded during busy times but big place with lots of seating.

Александр Заговоричев

Sandwiches and salads are delicious, big salad too big for the one man

Kristi Dolch

Yummy donuts!

Bernie Byrne

Friends Reunion in Iowa with the Wyoming game. Tried various coffee houses but always came back to the Java House for the best coffee and the best atmosphere. Our friends all loved it too! Bernie

Brian Grace

Great coffee and super nice staff!

Emily Pudenz

Little overpriced and pretentious. One of those places where if you are not a frequent customer, and dont know what to do to order a simple cup of coffee, they judge you. They only have one size of coffee and it's overpriced.

Pedro Barragan

Salads get into problems but coffee is great.

Stephanie Anderson

Nice atmosphere and good coffee selection.

Max LeaVesseur

I come here every day to study. I love the americano, quick and quality.

Pat McKay

One of my favorite coffee shops. The coffee itself is brewed individually as you wait, which adds some time, but it is so good. Nice relaxing atmosphere too.

Aidan Ball

The service was very poor and the drinks weren't anything special either

Mitch Fitzpatrick

Always busy so orders take a while but overall pretty good coffee. Better priced than starbucks, but still a little pricy.

Lisa Roberts

The hot chocolate and lemon poppy seed muffin made coming out on a cold rainy day totally worth it.

Ben Ross

This is a great place to grab sit down and study with a good cop of coffee, if you can find a spot to sit. There's often a little bit of a wait on espresso drinks, so it's not the speediest, but the coffee is high quality

Pamela Dorzweiler

My favorite coffee house of ALL-TIME! AND I worked in a local coffee shop in high school. Quality coffee and nice pastry treats.

Kianoush Maleki

Nice place. They also offer free games including chess board


If you tend to be a bit claustrophobic like myself, you'll find comfort in this joint. Love the set up.You can also rent a meeting room out that has a TV for presentations,two sets of couches. Do recommended.

Shannon Mulligan

This place is a great study spot if you don't mind a lot of people! The staff is friendly and my favorite barista is Tyler. Tyler is my roommate and he's great. I give Tyler 5 stars.

Sam McCord

Very good coffee and nice to meet at

Christian McGowan

Great location downtown when you want some coffee while shopping, or need a break while out for drinks.


I love this place. The best time to go is early in the morning when it’s nice and quiet. I love when they have Jazz music playing, which adds to the modern, contemporary decor. Most importantly, however, is that the baristas are friendly and they know how to make great-looking and great-tasting lattes (even with soy milk!). I wish the prices were a bit lower so I could go here every day

Greg Johnson

Great place for delicious coffee and foods!

Anna Dentlinger

By far one of my favorite coffee houses in Iowa City. My fiancé and I go here frequently in the summer when we go on walks of the downtown area. We always share a tiramisu with our coffees. Highly recommended!

C.A. Clark

Best coffee in Iowa City! Choose from a daily selection of beans from light to dark including organic options and order a pour-over. Or, if you are a savage you can order from the espresso bar. Lots of great seating areas and always a lively and interesting crowd.

james furgason

It's the best coffee in town and the atmosphere is very nice

Ara Carbonneau

Wonderful coffee and desserts. Great environment! Come early, gets busy quick!

Nicholas Kelly

honestly my favorite place to get coffee they are a little pricy but it's local and delicious with a very chill environment only downside is the wifi situation lacks it doesn't seem to be operational.... UPDATE: I ordered a crossiant with egg and sausage as I alwaysaid do paid and waited, when I got my food after a long wait it wasnt what I ordered and the girl behind the counter told me that they didn't make it anymore, I totally understand that stuff like that happens and I'm fine with it I would have been happy with something else but the level of attitude the girl gave me from rolling hers eyes and acting like I was asking for the moon when I told her I ordered something else...Overall worst customer service it's not worth the wait and the extra money when I could walk over to any of the other coffee shops so just skip it

Reid Ronnander

Always packed, but a good place to get coffee and hang out if you can find a seat.

Becca Fulton

Decent products and service.

Greg Meng

Good coffee. Not cheap though.

Gordon Corlette

Great coffee, pastries, wonderful staff

mark shanahan

Best cappuccino and expresso machiato, pour over coffee should be good but alas just okay

Jonathan Lopez

Great coffee! Food service was a bit slow.

Monique Holtkamp

Great coffees and a nice selection of drinks and food. A quaint place for a small meeting.

shawn winters

Same great coffee as the other sites, but is quite busy most of the time. Still well worth the wait.

Francisco Cano

I love the aesthetic vibe.

Elisa Smith

Awesome experience. Highly recommend. Checked out 5 other coffee spots in one weekend. Javahouse was definitely the best.

Nick Giffin

I had a surprisingly good mocha here recently. I expected generic college coffee shop coffee, but my drink was quite good.

Benjamin Hing

Good coffee and comfy environment. A little pricey.

Zach Johnston

This is the best coffee in our town. Fact.

Elijah Litscher

Great coffee, lots of space. We went on the weekend when it wasn’t too crowded and got great service.

Eric Prior

Nice iconic location. I wish they were faster but it's still really good.

Becky Birch

Love the coffee and tea selections here and the atmosphere is so vibrant!


Coffee is meh, people taking orders and calling out drinks are less than friendly. Seating can be scarce

Dan Doggett

Killer coffee and cake to die for! Try the peanutbutter fudge! Omg!

Chiquandra Cross

I love a good coffee house. They indoor and outdoor seating and the connected restaurant has really good grilled cheese.

Paola Castillo

I travel from Cedar Falls just to get the best salad in the area.


Good coffee house environment and great pour over.

Mikhail Kulak

Good coffee shop specially for study. Also it's only one place which is open until late on bass winter hours

Don & LaShelle Morrison

Great place to get a great coffee or hot chocolate. Especially on a rainy day, you can sit and relax and read a book or study.

john becker

Great coffee shop. Very friendly staff great food and service.

M and K Wymore

Best chai latte I have ever had. Spicy and smooth.

Austin Adams

Great coffee and food. Staff is always friendly. East to find while walking or driving. Big place for studying students, so always minimal seating. Their only hot black coffees are pour-overs, so it's usually faster to just get a latte or Americano. However, it's by far one of the best coffee places in town.

Frank Ruiz

good coffee but the place, for the nature of being in the heart of downtown, is always crowded; they even have signs that ask you to leave of people are waiting for a table.

Bobby Orwig

Might be the most hipster coffee shop in Iowa. And that's exactly why it's fun. Good variety of coffee, snacks, and espresso drinks, with Wi-Fi and lots of seats for casual goers or people who need to work, but also isn't unpleasantly crowded.

Kristin Evenson Hirst

Good coffee & pastries, comfy seating, free Wi-Fi. And between two Pokestops.

Kuann K. Fox

Java makes their drinks taste unique. They are also A good place to study if you can find an open table because the college students and working professionals love to frequent this location as it is right on campus. This cafe is also partner with Hierloom which has some really good soups and salads!

Michael Gardner

Forget other coffee shops. If you're in town stop and get a drink here. The coffee is fresh and tastes awesome. Staff and baristas are friendly.

Larry Martin

May be a nice place to study but their coffee and tea were terrible and overpriced. I hate to say it but I will take Starbucks over this place anytime. The staff were pleasant, however.

Omar Aziz

Good except when it’s packed with students starring at their devices with headphones on.

Pia Kate Jakobsson

Lovely atmosphere, great selection of coffees and teas (properly steeped).

Josh Warder

Atmosphere of the place is good, but coffee is overpriced ($3 a cup) and wifi is always terrible.

Katy Brown

Excellent coffee and delicious, fresh food options. Tons of gluten free options.

Floating Bed Company

Always the BEST coffee. And the salad bar next door is superb for veggie people.

Almer He

The vibe is nice but the coffee is horrible. Latte has thin layer of cream, and the Americano tastes like potion! The sandwich is good except a bit oily. The crossiant, I asked the waiter to heat it up and it became horribly soft! Shouldn't you put it in an oven and make it crisper! For a cafe, I don't ever think that the vibe is able to make up for the food. That makes me feel that we are forced to buy the disagreeable food in order to be in the environment.

Duncan Winoski

Nice place for a casual hangout or study session! Staff is very friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. Also, their music soundtrack is always amazing.

Hassan Rafique

Perfect place for coffee and hanging out. Lovely, cozy atmosphere.

Brett Sobaski

Java House makes an excellent raspberry white mocha latte that I have rarely seen elsewhere and is a special treat. They have some nice mugs, french press makers and small tea brewing pitchers/kettles. They also have some delicious teas

Bradley A

Before big corporate coffee there was Java House, and it is still true to its roots.

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