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227 S Dubuque St, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

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REVIEWS OF Soseki Café IN Iowa

Tyler Stricker

The food was amazing and so fresh! The staff was super friendly and helpful. This is more of a fast casual place where you order at the counter and they bring it out, but it is worth it!

Natalie O

Best sushi in Iowa City! And at the best price too!! I've already been there twice this week. I love their spicy tuna and steak rolls, and I'm looking forward to trying everything else! They even have coffee and smoothies too. Great atmosphere and great employees!

Zachary Johannes

I typically get katsudon while going here, very good dish to get when going here. Everything else is also really and is great way to expand your taste in food if you're looking for that.

Scott Olson

I had the pork ramen--it was delicious! Satisfying portion too.

Jake Handlos

Great staff, good quick bite/beer!

Jay R

Omar Martinez

Paul Otteson

This is my favorite restaurant in town. Great sushi and wonderful staff! Also, good place for people with dietary restrictions (such as gluten free or vegetarian).

Diandian Tang

I ordered sushi, ramen and octopus balls. The sushi and balls are pretty good. The soup and topping of the ramen are also good but the noodles are not boiled enough, they are too hard to chew.

Matthew Bradley

William Trasowech


(Translated by Google) delicious, (Original) 很好吃,

Tad Guy

David Bernstein

Karen Espinosa

The chicken made me sick. Besides that, the service is quick and prices aren't too high.

Alan Luo

Ryan Wedoff

Cheaper way to get sushi and decent food!

Kenny Song

Best Asian restaurant in IC.

Lander G

A great change from other sushi restaurants; very much a cafe. Very quick service! The food is amazing, we will be back soon!

McKenzie Gilbert

By far the best sushi for the price I have ever had. Best crab Rangoons too. The staff is excellent and I eat here at least once a week.

Amy Austin

Overpriced for the quality of the sushi.

Damian Miralles

Amazing food and selection of craft beers. Really enjoyed. Sashimi and BBQ was amazing

Cathy Feng

One of the best restaurant in Iowa city.

Rob McCain

Love this place. They are always on point.

Yifei Li

It used to be good however I was disappointed by the last visit. The combo was not tasty and I feel really uncomfortable after that visit.

Som Khamkhoun

Food was good, select things quality cam be better, but got price point, it was where I expected it to be

Cow Moo

Food is good, however, a little pricey and my meat (katsudon that wasn't supposed to be pink) was undercooked. Their water also tasted a bit odd, but I have a sensitive taste to water. I will be going back again to try their other foods, but next to that the takoyaki and other fixings were great! One of the hot plates is definitely filling enough for one person, despite it's size. Plus, the staff was friendly!

G. Steve Hirst

Tasry food

James Teng

The server was rude to us. She was in rush getting our plates and kick us out. The siZe of the food is small. Okay......

Joseph Torres

Great sushi, ramen and sake. Friendly staff to boot

Yang Yang

Jonathan Campbell

Best sushi I ever had. You can tell they put a lot of effort into the presentation of the food in addition to the taste. Service is very fast too!

QuảngThanh_GĐPT_Phổ Môn

Great service, the staff is friendly, order food at the counter and they bring food out. Quick service! I tried Nabe-Yaki Udon and Ika Sansai (squid salad). Food is good taste and the price is okay.

Ashton Woiwood

A great sushi Cafe that makes savory ramen and coffee? It must be a dream but it isn't. This place has the best sushi in the Iowa City area. Rolls are constructed well with a great balance of fresh flavors. The ramen is flavorful and authentic. With a great menu selection you'll want to come back to try it all. Definitely worth the visit. Needless to say I'll be coming back soon.

Ashley Jennings

Carla Melby

Consitantly excellent food, quickly and beautifully prepared, super friendly staff, and great experience every time. My son was thrilled they had the melon soda he loved in Japan. Great saki here, too!

Alycia Lindsey

Delicious. The menu had a fantastic amount of options. Can't wait to go back when we are in town again and try more.

Joshua Jones

Good for the price.

Sarah Elgatian

James DeSchinckel

Food was good. Good menu and beverage selection. A little bit pricey but not badly so.

Felipe Barbosa

Ibrahim Funmilayo

Amazing experience and the sushi was delicious. Price is affordable and service was fast. Definitely going again and highly recommended.

William Henson

Compared to other sushi places I've eaten at, I found the sushi rolls to be fresh and well presented. Service was great, friendly and knowledgeable and the menu had plenty of items to choose from. We found the sesame chicken to be a bit overcooked, but the flavor was good and broccoli well cooked so no complaints, really. Also, they have Pseduo-Sue, which is worth five stars on its own! Thanks Soseki Cafe!

April Martinez

Esmé Rummelhart

If you’ve ever eaten at Sushi House in CR or Sushiya in North Liberty, you can expect the same quality here. Great service and fresh, quick, tasty food. Highly recommend

Michael Anderl

Don't love the interior but the food was great

Yury Clark

Matt Blasa

Overpriced for low quality. Price cost is double or 1.5x what would normally be paid. Lots of price gouging.

Rafael Morataya

Definitely a great place for sushi & Gunkan,I have never had hot sake and was good, a place to come back.

M Lo

Don't try the hot dishes (curry rice, teriyaki). Sushi is only mediocre and far from fresh. If you haven't tried authentic Japanese food, you may like this place; if you have, don't waste your money.

Michael Espey

Bryan Peterson

Katie Polz

Sean Staudt

Brady W

Great place with a good selection..some things I haven't seen anywhere else around town!

Hunter Koontz

The pork cutlet curry rice is TOP notch. I had it delivered and it made my night.

Kathleen Scott

I've tried this restaurant a few time and find it so-so.

Vera Veretina

Delivery service was horrible.


Great food, love this place always get guydon, great service as well. One of the best in Iowa City.

Tyler Hogan

Soseki is one of the top restaurants downtown Iowa City. They have quality sake, baked goods, sushi, and entrees. They have a variety of things to try, but I'm a huge fan of the poke bowls and the coffee!

India Turtle

I love this place! My go-to sushi restaurant. They cater so well to gluten free!

Biggie Furts

Gary Deng

Great little place to have some decently priced sushi, ramen and poke bowl. Ingredients are fresh and staffs are friendly. Give this place a try!


Taiwan restaurant

John A

Great authentic menu the food and service are terrific and the seafood stuffed eggplant is amazing

Nhan Tran-Phan

Their Gyudon and oyoko don are amazing... My new favorite Japanese restaurant in Iowa City for sure

Becky Schwartzenburg

Raphi Milito

I can say in full confidence this is the freshest sushi you will get in Iowa city. The place is spotless clean and uncluttered. The food speaks for itself. With that being said It is a bit on the pricy side .

Kayla Schneider

Kristin Ho

Zach Krisl

Pretty quick service, staff was very helpful and informative about menu items I was unfamiliar with, the food was fresh and absolutely delicious. Definitely going back.

Shahaed Hasan

It cool. I don't like how the Ramen egg is over cooked. But the rest is fine. Clean & good vibes. They have a chess board built into a table

Maggie Melville

Always really tasty and great menu.

Mitchell Manning

Very clean restaurant with quick service and delicious food.

Ryan Skriver

Apoorv Aditya

The japanese menu was small. Ok ok food. I found it lil salty. Courteous staff and good place to sit Nd chill

Rin Abbott

Fast, kind and delicious! Everything was prepared perfectly and looked and tasted amazing! Five star restaurant with three star prices!

Celeste Staudt

I LOVE the food here. I'm never disappointed when I come here for a meal. Or drinks!

Jane Morey

Soseki is a stellar little place that has absolutely delicious sushi, in perfect portions, at a fair price. It's been my go-to for sushi over the last few months, and it's easy to reach by foot from anywhere close to downtown. On top of that, the place always has a clean, bright, and gentle atmosphere. It feels very cozy and comfortable. There's free WiFi and outlets at every table, too, if you like some studying with your sushi.

Dong Kyeong Lee

Good food but more fast food than fancy restaurant

Riley Wearmouth

Good price and comparable quality to Formosa if not better

Daniel Ross

I got a few appetizers which were all pretty good but I thought the ramen was incredibly bland.

Faiaz Rahman

Christopher Mullis

Great place for sushi or several other dishes... quick service and very clean.


Kinda pricey but they've got the works. Their Takoyaki is better than that of some places in Japan itself. They've got authentic Japanese drinks too. I go for the Calpico. Japanese food is only good when someone Japanese or Mexican makes it. There, I said it. They've got a mix.

Jarod Concha

I eat here a the time. Great lunch stop, the kakuni don is my favorite.

Danny O'Halloran

Great sushi and options but pricy for what you get.

Kevin Aldridge

Food is great, staff is wonderful. Place looks amazing!

Jason Lin

Nathan Duffy

Kevin did a great job to go out of his way for my girlfriend. She has Celiac Disease. He recommend the Veggie Roll and she loved it! It has better flavors over most other sushi places. Plus my new fav, the Steak Roll, is best enjoyed slow.

William Scott

Bernie Crump

The poke bowl is surprising good!

Jeff Fagen

Good food


Brand-new place in IC! Must try Donburi~~~!

Justin Kelana

Nick Street

Puppymon Power

howard hill

Very friendly staff and service is great. The food is really good. We had sushi and miso soup. I will go back for sure.

Marcie Tobin

I have heard such great things about Soseki, however I was a bit disappointed. I had the Beef Yakisoba and it was ok. The crab rangoons had very little filling. There are other items I would like to try so I will go back. The gentleman at the counter was knowledgeable and friendly.

Johnny Cruz

Tyler O

Lauren Arvanitis

This place is great! Best Japanese place in Iowa City for lunch. The atmosphere is cozy and casual.

Nicole Tabatabai

One of my favorite sushi places- great price, taste, and location.

Asaju Walker

Great food and service awesome atmosphere

JP Claussen

Great Sushi, casual atmosphere, and a friendly staff. I can't wait to try their non-sushi items.

x Gao

Their poke bowls, rice bowls, and noodles are delicious and authentic!

Nolan Schneider

So good.

Kyle Hanson Archery

Menu choices and quality of food was great.

Eleanor Patterson

Benjamin paulaitis

Some of best ramen in Ic

Nemo LU

From my friends !!!

Nicholas Kelly

The spider roll was really weird, whatever meat you're using in it you should switch to something not so gross. The Philadelphia roll and the other basic rolls we're good however. The crab ragoon was so disappointing especially since it was 4$ for 3. There was next to no filling in these large rangoons....I have given this place a few shots and honestly the food is good but not for the price.

Justin Weaver

Alana McNutt

kyle blalock

Brian Farmer

This place has an amazing selection of Asian favorites and Sushi. Wine, beer, sake, coffee... it's just amazing and the food is excellent

Alec De Kok

Adam Hanson

Great place for a relatively quick bite to eat. I had spicy pork curry. Comes with a delicious spicy sweet curry sauce rice and a deep fried pork cutlet. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The employees were polite. The atmosphere of the restaurant was good and it was kept clean.

Jose Luis

(Translated by Google) Excellent place (Original) Excelente lugar

Zr Xiang

Kate Sommers

We had the ramen and it was okay. The pork tasted cheap.

Joel Huff

Get the Takoyaki. Lots of hidden gems in their menu.


A pathetic excuse for Japanese food. Ordered Yakisoba beef. Got 7 pieces of beef no bigger then a thumb. Half the to go container was broccoli, and carrots. Some onions. The beef was plain and boring, luckily cooked, the noodles needed a pack of soy sauce but were good otherwise. Although they were the wrong type of noodles. This was a delivery and the sushi was not placed on ice. It was only two rolls and you can tell when eating it that it wasn’t fresh. Between my girlfriend and I we, paid 40 dollars for the food, a yakisoba beef, one special roll and one regular plus a side of rice. I honestly feel like I just got robbed. Can’t wait for that wall, cough cough. Save your money go somewhere else.

Tim C

The best Japanese style food in Iowa City. Try the curry beef, tonkatsu, ramen ,tako yaki or fried chicken. The service is fantastic and it also a very nice sweets section! Also to go sushi!

Lauren M

Food is delicious! Courteous service!

Jeff Rainwater

Great food and great staff.

Peter Chanthanakone

Amazing sushi, coffee and sake deals! Try their rice dishes!

Olivia Knott

Good food, but just a little overpriced in my opinion. They make up for it by having a better sake selection than anywhere else in Iowa City. Very casual, but clean and fresh atmosphere.

Larry Reiner

Excellent food excellent preparation beautiful presentation

Colin Robinson

Mikhail Kulak

Even though it's a bit pricey it's all worth it

Angela Lee

Aaron Larmore

Very good. Great service.

Nathan H

Delicious, authentic Donburi and skewers. Gonna try everything on their menu.

Bill Nemacheck

Great food!

Roxy Sanchz

Sarah Leonard

Good food, great service.

Becca Lorom

Food is amazing! Has lots of gluten free options and WiFi! Love it

Kristin Evenson Hirst

Have been here twice. You order at counter, they bring food to you. Maguro don and katsu don very good. Interesting beer selection.

Yuanting Sun

Tokoyaki is the best!! Excellent place

jeremy Burleson

Great poke bowls, noodles and sushi.

Jasmine Au

Fatimah Mohammad

I love Japanese food, especially the Gyoza, Katsudon and Tonkatsu

Alex Leaskas

So cute inside and really delicious!

Duncan Winoski

Staff very friendly and helpful for customers new to this type of cuisine. Food prepared quickly and has so far been the best sushi experience in Iowa City.

Sonia Meza

Teka Kasper

Amazing. Great flavors.

Kenny H.C. Wang

The food is satisfying. You can also find coffees and refillable beverages here. If you don’t want to drive out of town to eat Japanese foods, this place is right for you.

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