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REVIEWS OF La Juanita IN Iowa

Austin Bergquist

I've been going here for Mexican food for 10+ years. Its iconic Sioux City food. There is always a line up to the door (at least) to order. I've also been to the other locations; South Sioux, Storm Lake, LeMars. This one is my favorite. The kitchen is always busy here and they are very skilled. (They have to be to keep up with the demand.)

Nathan Emmanuel

I travel all over and hands down one of the best places to eat in America real authentic Mexican food. Anyone who is anyone walks thru that door. This place is always full any time of the day because of the great food. It’s a must.

Arthur Harris

I eat here alot! Food is always great! Prices are spectacular and even when the line is out the door they get you in and out. Only downfall is they only take cash.

Dream 903

First time eating here was busy line went quick the wait was well worth it great food and very nice employees

Robert Crisp

Oh so good. Highly recommend.

Justin Graves

Great food. Burritos are addictive.

Louis Tan

Best tacos in iowa

Michael C.

Its quick authentic Mexican food, simple menu, fast service. You can dine in with plenty of seating or take it with you.

Bobbie Goodteacher

It's popping long line

Ron Duey

Has always great food for a fair price

Wendy Morganthau

Once a Chicagoan now a Nebraskan I’ve had some fantastic Mexican food. Street food. This place is one of the best ever! The carne asada burritos are the bomb, rice, beans, salsa are excellent. The price? Can’t beat it. Staff? Pros.


Hard to beat this level of authentic food, just avoid the "riff raff" in the parking lot.

Austin Maloney

Best mexican food in Iowa. The people working here are machines! Two tacos and a burrito for $8 hell yeah.

Tonya Palen

We stopped on our way home from Sioux Falls and absolutely loved this place! Definitely our new road trip stop.

Bruno Galvan

One of the best fast real Mexican food *_*

Logan Yard

One of my favorite taco places. Fast, great prices, and stupid delicious.

Jason Dirks

Love the nachos there. I always get the beef tongue with it.

Jared Beskow

Great place I wish there was one in Sioux Falls, SD. They take cash only so something to be aware of ahead of time. They do have an ATM inside.

Bennylocs armijo

Best burritos love the hot sauce and cow tongue burrito

gdum59 js

Great food fast service


Good, I got a steak burrito with two fried pork taco.

Teresa Hernandez

La Juanita is the real deal. It is a true and authentic Mexican restaurant not a pretend “Tex-Mex” or “Mex-Light” kind of place. The decor reminds me of Mexico City, a bit gritty and nothing spectacular. The service is counter service and there is often a line, but it is worth the short wait. But the food, oh my, the food is to die for. We had the most amazing burritos and tacos, both of which were huge and a great deal. Fresh and tasty ingredients in a fun environment. What more can you ask?

Melinda Hoogland

The best authentic Mexican food around!!!

Tim Miller

Burritos as about all I found good to eat the french fries were absolutely horrible hand for Sunday they were extremely busy I don't know if that's normal or not but it was a long wait

Garrett Jeffords

Great local Mexican food. These guys have been around a long time and have honed the art of the burrito and taco down to a science. The lines that never seen to end are pretty much all you need to see to know people love this place. The location being where it is also ensures there never be a dull moment when your eating in or waiting to order.

Bernardo Cadario Moreno

Really good and tasty burritos. Great tacos. Sauces are 10/10. Great place to come on a Sunday to eat some Mexican food or to come after a night of drinking. Wouldn't recommend anyone getting the nuggets or burgers there tho. They are just not as good as the steak burrito or tacos.

Julie Adams

Steak burrito was delicious! Good prices but must pay cash. Definitely would go back.

William Arndt

I love the original location in Sioux city, nothing misses, unfortunately LeMars failed twice to replicate the parent stores flavor or prep.

John 3:16

Food great as always.

Devon Hall

This is the place I tell people not from Sioux City to check out. Authentic, delicious, and fun atmosphere. Been here too many times to count, and will be returning just as many times!

Brandon Saulter

Good athentic Mexican food

Trae Shepherd

So good! You can’t go to Sioux City and not stop at Juanita’s! I’d give 10 stars if I could

Justin Martin

The food is usually pretty good and the service is usually ok and it doesn't break the bank but it could be better considering there's a lot of place around here with better quality food for about the same price

Shy Alba

Best food ever!!!! Chicken is always moist and the steak has almost zero fat. Everything's always made to order.

TheCat92 Bailey

That's was some delicious food!

Shannon Donnell

Excellent fish burritos!!!

Lisa Lovell

Great food!! Had the tostio shrimp.. It's cold and refreshing the cilantro and avacodo makes it.. Very friendly.. Might be a long line but worth it..

Marcus Martinez

Best mexican restaurant in Denver

Yourboi John21904

This place is mega good I get food here whenever there’s none at home it’s my go to place

Joshua Appel

This place has been my go to for authentic Mexican food since 2005. I usually alternate between steak nachos and steak tacos but can also say that the chicken, fish, and pork tacos are all great. Make sure you get the free carrots on the side and don't forget the pineapple juice. I don't think I'll ever say no to this food.

Ultra Classical Liberal Zelot

Best authentic mexican food in the area.

Aundrea Marcoe

Some of the best tacos in town. I love the veggie nachos, the chips stay crisp and the avocado is always good.

Jeremy Fick

Friendly people great food great atmosphere great price

Alex Steele

Hands down some of the best Mexican food I've ever had! It's authentic and not the Tex-Mex or Americanized food so many places serve. This place is the real deal. Their burrito is so good because it's simple yet flavorful and done extremely well with fresh ingredients. Also, their tacos are phenomenal. Like the burrito, they are simple yet filled with flavor. The meat is cooked well and complimented by the right amount of cilantro and onion. Additionally, the staff are extremely quick, and you can watch them make everything in the kitchen. The restaurant itself is a little gritty and well worn, but that adds to the experience and honestly adds to the authenticity. If you are in the Sioux City area, you must visit this place!

bruce king

I live in Des Moines and I have family in South Dakota I've gone there everytime I pass through and order at least 7 burritos. These are the best burritos I've ever had! Even my friends and family pay me to bring them some back, need I say more.

T. Lee-Daniels

This place has the most awesome food here. I travel here from another state at least 2 to 3 times a month

Trent Dalle

Sooo good. WILL come back

James Schmidt

It is a nice place to get good Mexican food at a good price; however, you will need to remember to bring cash.

Ulisses Jimenez

As authentic Mexican food as you can get in Sioux City.

Chelsea Fisher

Amazing burrito. Love the red and green homemade hot sauce. Late hours. Serve beer because what better pair. Very affordable. Very feeling. Extremely quick service.

Matteo Piccirilli

As authentic as it gets. Burrito was fantastic. Would recommend.

Asmara Shikor

To be honest,it sounds like Mexican but it's not,it's a mix restaurant designed to benefit the owner and the one thing I like the most is the receptionist/Big Mexican dude/.

Austin Johnson

Amazing mexican food. Tacos carne asada all day everyday if i could.

Christopher Haig

Best place to eat in Sioux City Iowa

Roxanna Nelson

Absolutely the best Mexican place in Sioux City! Definitely recommend the steak burrito, chimi, tostada's, nachos, or torta!!!

Corey Lewis

Best food I've had in awhile .. Should of took to go

Stanley Cotton

My family and I enjoy going to to this restaurant and love the food I would recommend this one for anyone

Vanesa Canales

Delicious food in this place

Tammy Silva

Everything tasted the same as if it were cooked in the same pot.

Rita Flair

This place is always busy and for a good reason. The best burritos ever! The food is delicious and the service is fast!

Jeremy Murphy

Best carnitas and al pastor tacos in Sioux City and for many miles around. Every time I'm in town, I have to stop by and get some for the trip back home.

Andy Rathe


Carl Johnson

Great food. Fast service. Cash only.

John Sopoci

Wonderful food. Great people. Fast food. Fresh food also.

Julia Marshall

Soooooo delicious. The carnitas are to die for!!! I'll definitely come back if I'm in Sioux City again. Also, they have beer if you ask! It's not on the menu.

Carissa Ferguson

The best place to eat in Sioux City!

Michel Martin Rohner

Coming all the way from Barcelona to visit family and the first place I went to was.. you got it, JUANITA'S! Love this place- the tacos are the best!! Great friendly service too! See you guys again in December!!

Keila Stabler

Their steak burritos are so delicious. I love this place.

Raquel Gutierrez

Always has been one of my favorite places since I was a kid. Although all this charging extra for everything is annoying.

Curtis Banister

Great chesse dip and steak and arrixo saugage

Tyler Bell

best tacos in the midwest

Reuben Snake

Nice service and lovely ppl

Darrell Calkins

The food is always exceptional.try the la Juanita in Lamar's Iowa as well.

Wanda Downs

Best burrito anywhere

Chad Smith

Great food. Ok prices. Fast service. Great. Pineapple water

Millie Young Bear

We try to stop in everytime we are in town.

shawn egdorf

Quick and Good

Alex herl

Yes. I've been around most of the best locations in NW Iowa, and this was the best

Tonia Woehler

I have enjoyed La Juanita's for many years, their hot sauce tastes more delicious, it's gotten spicy-er! Love it.

Dean Tautges

Best mexican in town. Great fast service

Patrick Harlan

Good food. Low end decor. The salsa is spicy and guacamole is well done.

Rachel Antrim

I can’t find the address for the Juanita’s truck behind Tyson foods but they are by far the best of the three in the area. If you get the chance go there over the others. The tortillas and service are unmatched.

Fidelia Friedman

I highly recommend the sopes; they were delicious. If you are lucky, you won't have to stay in a long line for ordering your meal because that is the first thing you do when walking in. We had to wait in line anytime we ordered another item after our first order. However, the food was great!

Luke Detwiler

Great food open late on weekends as well for the bar hoppers

Sonja Reynolds

Fast Friendly Awesome Service


My favorite La Juanitas location! Sometimes the line is long but Worth the wait

austin knoff

Great authentic Mexican food! Great price and fast courteous service.

Sheri Good Voice Elk

Good food fast service

Rod McClanahan

Luv their food. Great place to eat hispanic food.

Coffin Michael

This is not easy to put into words when trying to describe this hidden gem of Souix City Iowa. The authenticity is on point. The service they give you with may not be the friendliest because they are always busy. The woman taking the orders of my co workers and myself would quickly take orders not only over the phone but in person and expidite food for customers as well. She moves at light speed and is fascinating to see her work. The kitchen is well organized and clean and runs smoothly and efficiently. The food comes out quickly even in a large rush. The food is soothing refreshing and filling but not heavy like fast food. The tastes just on the tacos simple yet amazing. The fresh beef mixes well with the fresh and herby tasting cilantro and onion. That with some of the fresh house salsas just make for a great lunch or dinner. Did I mention the prices are extremely reasonable... They are cash only, but have a convenient ATM inside

Rhonda Williamson

La Juanita is the real deal. It is a true and authentic Mexican restaurant not a pretend “Tex-Mex” or “Mex-Light” kind of place. The decor reminds me of Mexico City, a bit gritty and nothing spectacular. The service is counter service and there is often a line, but it is worth the short wait. But the food, oh my, the food is to die for. We had the most amazing burritos and tacos, both of which were huge and a great deal. Fresh and tasty ingredients in a fun environment. What more can you ask?

Darlene Farrar

My husband and I know good Mexican food being from California and New Mexico respectively and passed through Sioux City today. We wanted Mexican food and didn't hold out any hope that we would find any that was passable. We were pleasantly surprised at La Juanita's. If you want good authentic Mexican food you won't be disappointed and we highly recommend it. Be prepared for no credit cards though - it is cash only

Sinigla Sagrav

The food was delicious, the place was pretty clean though a few dirty tables here and there. Somewhat small but very homey!

Jim Cavner

Clean and very friendly help . Would recommend

Jamie Novotny

One of the best, however, there will be a wait time at noon and dinner time. Try to go there in between those hours.

Steven Tuttle

Only the Best burritos west of the Mississippi


Best taco/burrito mexican food in general! Fast pace cooks. Been coming here since I was a little kid. Even the family from out of town would go straight there before coming home.

Craig Carroll

Very good food! Burrito excellent!

Jared Hernandez

La Juanita has always been a go to place to eat for me. I went in during the busiest time so I did wait a little but it was worth it because the food was delicious.

Joshua Mothershead

The best real Mexican food in Sioux City for sure

Steve Nestlerode

Pretty dang good. Had a carnitas burrito, Al pastor taco, and asada tostada. All tasty and the house red sauce was just right.

Carter Benson

Best Mexican food ever


This place has amazing food and you dont have to wait long! Love this place <3

Jeff Iddings

Great food at a fast pace

Ethan Newbrough

Best Mexican food in the world, even better than Mexico.

Stormi Halfrich

Best street mexican in Sioux City!! Hands down! Carnitas are to die for and asada is bomb and a must get everytime you visit!

Joanie Hopkins

There food is very good

Alex Ramirez-Robles

Been disappointing the last few times. I can't order anything without getting errors. Then when I bring the food back the tell me to buy it again. What kind of service is that?

Nixtazi Inkezhide

The tacos tasted amazing. The limes were actually juicy unlike other taco places or taco trucks leave satisfied and full

Anna One Star

Love this place even when the line is out the door. Worth the wait.

Jennifer Long

Awesome authentic Mexican food!!! Soo good!!

scarface ,

I love their Boruto's

Dominic Barber

On my favorite places to eat! Try the chicken chimi meal!

BJ Swen

Delicious food, fast service, reasonable prices.

Dennis Johnson

Always good food

Dirk Zwart

Great tasting food, low cost, worth any wait! We always stop when passing through Sioux City.

Herkia Dameron

It was great food was fresh & great customer service in the mornings love it

Jamie Cox

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! I was born in southern Texas, corpus christi, and raised right outside of Houston my whole life. Being hispanic, Mexican food is huge in my life. Visiting Iowa, I honestly never thought I could find a place like this! Their food is so authentic and they're absolute PROFESSIONALS at what they do. Whether you live here, or are visiting, you HAVE to try this place out! I've only been here 2 days now and have eaten it both days

Adrian Hernandez

Best mexican food in iowa

Tann Jon

This is one of the cheapest, best tasting, and most satisfying burrito joints I've ever been to! Best thing in all of Sioux City

Kevin Johnson

Totally awesome food is great

kris charley

The most decent Mexican food in Sioux City. Not amazing, but it's the best in the area.

Joe Haynie

Sweet! It's real Mexican food reminder of California. Must check it out.

Steven Rees

Best place ever

Joseph Kohper

Great mexican food fast service

Holly D

The food ia absolutely AMAZING! We travel an hour just to get their asada burritos and tacos. I have nothing but good things to say about this place!

Esmerelda Fernvern

Best Mexican food in town!! *it's a cash-only restaurant so come prepared. Prices are very inexpensive.

Jason Free

The best taste in all

Jon Haneklaus

Best in town. They never fail to impress.


The best tacos al pastor I've ever had.

Benjamin Anane-Asamoah

More of a grab and go place. Food is pretty good

Michael Tedford

Where to begin I work in the food industry and the staff needs to know how to properly handle raw meat. 1 you dont touch your face with your gloves while cutting the meat and dont go open doors and then come back to cutting meat. 2 if the raw meat falls on the floor you dont pick it up do a quick rinse and toss in into the other meat. Change your gloves often and practice proper hand washing please. You have 1 person servsafe certified have them train on cross contamination and proper procedures for handling meat.

donald myers

Love their food. I eat there often.

Jason van drongelen

Great food always. Busy consistently but they're quick. Hole in the wall facility that matches the neighborhood.

ATA Cervantes

Fast and good service plus always great food!!!

Christina Lopez-Jensen

The most authentic Mexican food I have ever had in America. The food is fast, fresh, consistent, and so amazing! You can't beat the prices either.

John Fridley

Love their food best burritos in town

Suzi Belk

Just not the same anymore :-( Cheap quality of meat and the burritos used to be so juicy compared to the dry burritos now

Jamie Goodwin

Just stopping through the area for a local bite to eat during our road trip, we decided to eat here because of the reviews. However, the line almost deterred us until a customer in line said is was well worth it. So glad we waited, even in the cold rain, with the line out the door. The food was absolutely amazing - gourmet tasting with a quaint hole-in-the-wall feeling inside. We will definitely return when driving through the area again!

Corey Dawdy

Great food and great authentic taste

Matthew Johnson

Amazing Mexican food. Great options. The carrots are great!

Leslie Lango

Great real Mexican food great price

Mary Baxter

Awesome local food. Local favorite.


i love their tacos

Tom Woods

Haven't been able to get there in over 3 years, nothing has changed!! Read more: It is still the best authentic Mexican I have ever had and I have been working in Houston TX for the last 1 1/2 year's, and that my friends says a lot!!! Thank you La Juanita for staying true to serving the best authentic Mexican food in Iowa...


Yummy as always love it need it want it

Justin Walker

Juanita you are a goddess. You can't go wrong with a steak burrito and two tacos, if you can eat that much. Fantastic food for the money. Bring cash

Desiree Marroquin/Croghan

Best chicken burritos ever

Ari Hernandez

Hands down one of best Mexican restaurants in the siouxland area I would recommend this place to everyone who ever stops by in town open late too. Ppl like to stock up on burritos when they come outta town. Check it out


So inconsistent when it's good it's the best, but lately the meat is nothing but gristle and burnt. I give it a 3 for when it's good it's a 5 but when bad it's less than a 1.

Krista Tripp

Excellent food at a great price!!

Minnie Inez Cavin

Great food. Friendly service. Good prices.

Hayli On

This place is legendary

Jamie Gray Jr.

Really fast even when they are busy!

Cory Hergott

Great food,better price

Brigot G

Service was excellent the chicken tacos was ok if you like shredded chicken

Rick Hicks

Excellent food, great value...ALWAYS busy...but busy for a reason and ALWAYS worth the wait!

Jordan Lyle

This is a place you need to eat!

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