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1417 Walnut St B, Des Moines, IA 50309, United States

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REVIEWS OF Horizon Line Coffee IN Iowa

Seth Missiaen

Great coffee in a friendly environment served by a staff that knows their craft well and wants you to have a positive experience. Seasonal drinks and mocktails are always new and exciting.

Eksl H

Best coffee in Des Moines! Their “to go” coffee only comes in glass cups now which is amazing. The atmosphere is soo nice as’s beautiful inside. Staff is super friendly. Great experience every time I stop by. Check them out!

Ally Standefer

A little pricey, but so worth it! Horizon Line is a great atmosphere with great drinks. Definitely the first coffee shop I recommend to friends visiting from out of town. A plus: their pastries are vegan and taste phenomenal!

Joanna Robinson

Nice atmosphere. But I noticed that the chairs are on the small side. I'm a medium-sized person and the chairs were squeezing my "hind end". I ordered a their signature drink Canadian Cold Brew, which was supposed to have maple flavor but I couldn't taste any maple flavor.

Travis Holtan

YES. Order anything and everything. Never disappoints.

Alyssa Leicht

Horizon Line is my favorite coffee shop in the entire Des Moines metro area. The atmosphere is perfect for having a cup of coffee solo, getting some work done (with plenty of outlets for chargers), meeting with clients, and catching up with friends. They have the most interesting and carefully curated selection of seasonally tailored craft lattes and "coffee cocktails" as well as phenomenal vegan treats like scones and cookies for when you need a little sustenance. They also have a great selection of non-dairy milks to choose from, which is my saving grace. Oat milk for the win. Brad, Nam, Kenzie, Will, and Wil are usually around and always greet you with a smile and are happy to serve up recommendations. You can buy HLC coffee beans (that they roast in Des Moines themselves) by the bag to make at home too. Couldn't be happier that I live nearby.

Bright Eyed With Wonder

Amazing staff and atmosphere. Amazing nitro tea. Local author poetry books for sale. Open into the evening. I love this place!

Nick Button

Good coffee with the minimalist vibe. Enjoyable for sure

Ellen Walker

Horizon Line Coffee offers top quality coffee and espresso roasted in store! The staff are kind and personable. Awesome spot for the coffee purist.

Valerie Wilson

Favorite coffee place in Des Moines--coffee is the best I've had and the staff are all great. Their oat milk latte is my go-to!

Brad Johnson

I honestly think people fall victim easily to environment when saying "best coffee around" - like it's modern and great (feels like an Apple store lol), but espresso wise it's as if Friedrichs went home to rethink their lives but only came back with slightly improved results. Just a washed out flavor. I think it's a fine place and espresso is consumable. Not trying to throw them under the bus, they were very kind, the place is nice. But if you're looking to experience greatness in local espresso take a trip to Zanzibars or Grounds for Celebration which blows Horizon away by a great deal.

Darien Walsh-Levi

Went here with a friend the other day. It's small but the baristas are really cool and the coffee is really good. It's a really sweet place and I definitely recommend this to anyone who likes drinking things ✌

Christi L

Great tea!

Courtney Clement

Really excited to have Horizon Line in Des Moines. They know what they're doing when it comes to roasting beans and making coffee drinks. The seasonal specialty beverages they create are always worth trying! I also like the high quality teas, alternative milk options, and vegan baked goods. They sell out fast and often for a reason. A beautiful space set up for conversation and short stays. Staking out for hours on a computer is probably better/easier elsewhere.

Erica Daily

Best coffee shop I've found in Des Moines! Excellent cappuccino, the rest I've yet to try, but it looks fabulous.

Pauline Hernstrom

Delicious and friendly, 10/10

Crystal Carleton

Love this unique coffee shop. Modern urban style, if you like that, then you'll want to drink your coffee in shop. They always have unique coffee drinks like Pina Colatte coffee and Rose Hip Iced Coffee, etc. There is always something new to try and the staff is super friendly and helpful. Personally, the coffee is very tart for my liking, but I still go sometimes just to try something new. I have enjoyed every experience.

Anthony Herrera

They do one thing - coffee. And they do it very well. Definitely a modern vibe going on. The coffee is roast on site and taste great.

Victoria Potter

Sincerely the greatest coffee shop in Des Moines. The staff makes everyone feel like a welcomed friend. Also, they are so great at catering to vegan clientele. Couldn’t recommend it more.

Grind Core

Wonderful surprise here. While the lemony, light roasted vibe was pretty extreme on that day and that bean, I have to respect the craftsmanship and care it takes to pull those flavors out. Look forward to trying more. Thanks!

Hannah Rose

Super kind staff, willing to help you find your new favorite drink. Quiet and trendy.

Zeke Egherman

Good coffee, nice staff! A comforting blend between hipster and mainstream, with a noticeable local vibe. Excellent minimalistic feel, the walls are all white, making the area feel much bigger than it really is. Would be nice if there were more outlets, and the current table layout makes it hard to use them without worrying about tripping other customers with your cable. All in all, a wonderful gem off the beaten path!

Kathleen Wells

Incredibly nice staff and indoor ambiance is good. They're still working on the outside seating...

Philip Huang

Great vibe, solid prices, clean space, friendly service. Got a chai latte, very tasty. Tables are too small to get any studying done - so more of a place to hang out with friends or read a book.

Tiffany Spinner

Best tea in town. Outstanding customer service. Great vibe.

Fred Reed

Attention to detail interesting atmosphere and very personal service.

Nick Lucs

Such awesome people at this coffee shop. Really knowledgable about their product(s), and they're willing to answer questions about brewing coffee at home (I still can't make it as good as them though). :)

Adam Brown

These guys know what they’re doing. Espresso was the best I’ve had in the Midwest and on par with the best of LA and Melbourne. Superb.

Darian Everding

Humbled by the coffee knowledge here within the staff. They were knowledgeable, courteous, and so welcoming with questions that my group had. I can't wait to come back!

Morgan Crozier

Great spot for coffee. They know what they're doing. Pour over options, coffee flights, and more. Definitely worth a stop if you care about quality.

Jessica Echterling

What a swanky hip coffee place. Their drip brewed coffee is exceptional. The flavor notes are unique and a ton of fun to explore. The space has adequate seating and tables without feeling cramped or awkward. The staff are also quite knowledgeable!

Rebekka Reuter

Yup. Delicious.

Waylon Walker

This is some of the best coffee that I have had in awhile, served by some great people, In a beautiful atmosphere. The Neighborhood does appear to be in an area mixed new businesses, and abandoned buildings. Overall this is the best coffee that I have found in the DSM area.

Dexter Jacobs

Great place. Nice ambiance. Needs more single/two top seating as lots of four tops were taken by one person studying. Good coffee in a nice clean place. Roaster on display in the back is fun to see.

Meredith Ponder

An overwhelming sense of peace comes over me when I arrive at Horizon Line. Is it because of the delicious coffee? The minimalistic style? Perhaps the kind staff? Who's to say; all I know is that I enjoy every trip I make to Horizon Line.

Alex McKeever

Great coffee (and tea!), super-friendly staff, and beautiful space.

Paul Virgilio

Definitely one of the better locales for a variety of high quality coffee. New beans are featured all of the time - order a coffee flight and take a journey.

Ben Cadwell

Best coffee roaster in Des Moines! If you're searching for the best locally owned roaster, plan to stop at Horizon Line! Their team is humbly great at making great coffee!

Tommy ABP

Nice atmosphere and interesting coffee menu. Place was Clean and small.

Elizabeth Glenn

Horizon line is the shiznit. My fav coffee shop for date with my hubby, mommy daughter dates, or just me time !! They're the nicest people and make the best coffee and matcha lattes!

Ken Adams

Great place! The coffee is great and the staff is great too. I highly recommend going.

Charles Barclay

Great shop with a wonderful roasting program , I can safely say it is the best cup of coffee you can get in Iowa if not the Midwest.

Will Koehrsen

A unique small coffee shop with a great atmosphere. The workers here take their coffee seriously and make some great brews. I would recommend stopping here for any coffee aficionado. Prices are extremely high, but the quality and the atmosphere make up for it.

Mary Vang

I had the one and one. Delicious!

E Olson

I've never had a bad experience here. One of my favorite place in town to hang out with friends, read a book, or grab an iced latte to go. If you visit Des Moines and you don't come to Horizon Line...did your visit even really happen?

Leo Camelo

Friendly Baristas in a beautifully decorated place. Paying attention to the details os what set this Coffee Shop apart from other similarly priced options.

Kyle Brumm

Delicious coffee and vegan bakery items.

Boyd DeZonia

They pull a great espresso shot with no bitter bite.

Nathan Heemstra

Best coffee roaster and shop in Iowa. Period.

Darren M.

Great experience. Phenomenal coffee with a friendly staff. Perfect place to enjoy yourself and get a little work done, read a book or just sit and enjoy the coffee. Thanks.

Chelsie Ver Steeg

This is such a great shop! Horizon Line is the perfect space to both spend some alone time in or meeting with friends. The staff is kind and the coffee is the absolute best! The cold brew here is the best I've ever had.

Sara Encke

The maple latte was good but my friend was disgusted by the Americano she ordered. The inside has a very sterile, minimalist atmosphere, if you're into that sort of thing. Not bad but I didnt quite get all the hype.

Christiana Lawson

Tasty lemongrass tea!

Matthew Naftzger

Great baristas, atmosphere, coffee... kind of my perfect.

Nate Davis

Great coffee! Cool downtown location.

Melissa Reyerson

My favorite coffee spot in the metro. Such amazing service and everyone is super friendly. I love the quality of the coffee and all of the concoctions. Vegan friendly with lots of dairy free options and an inviting atmosphere.

Phillip Kinnison

Best Chai Latte I've had in Iowa! Great vibes and staff is super helpful and nice!

Alicia Hernandez

This place is amazing! I love their coffee and the people working are always super sweet :)

Chelsea Cheung

Love the atmosphere, the awesome staff and the coffee

Allan Merz-Rosendale

The best coffee in DSM hands down. Friendly staff and great espresso staples, with some creative espresso cocktails.

Joseph Tucker

Delicious coffee and awesome staff

Jeffrey Bradford

The coffee was good but over priced.

Lydia Mathwig

Good coffee but expensive, and not enough seating. I would go back though, the baristas are friendly and I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Taylor Clarey

The 1417 is well-crafted. From one refined barista to another, I nod my hat to everyone here!

Anis K

Great place to get coffee .. everyone is friendly and I felt like the dude that made the coffee for some reason put his heart and soul into it.. he did a little

Brian Sandoval

The staff is very friendly and the drinks are delicious! This coffee shop has a comfortable and clean indoor environment.

stephen rasberger

Great service, great seasonal choices. I had the blueberry cardamom latte with almond milk twice while visiting Des Moines. So good.

Rhiannon Walker

Awesome place with amazing people! You can tell they love their job and have an appreciation for quality! Love the doors and clean style!

Richard Dedor

Great coffee. Great people. Great atmosphere. This will become my home away from home. The founders are committed to building a community and care about what they serve. You won't be disappointed.

Chad Thompson

When your coffee is roasted by the same people who hand you the cup, you know it's going to be good. The owners, Brad and Nam, and their staff are meticulous about the quality of their beans, and the preparation of their drinks. Beans are roasted fresh, ground to order, and measured to exacting standards. Every aspect of the drink is prodigiously prepared by careful hands, with the means of producing the best cup of "joe" you can get in the city of Des Moines; possibly even the state of Iowa. It's not just the coffee that's unique, in addition to the traditional dairy and almond milk offerings familiar to most java spots, Horizon Line makes their drinks available with something called "oat milk". Since the milk has a slight oatmeal knock to it, recruiting this smooth nectar when ordering a mocha results in a latte that tastes similar to an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Since most of their fans go into withdraw while they're closed, Horizon Line also has coffee beans available in take home packages. The staff is warm, and endearing to an overwhelming degree; but unlike the coffee, cannot be taken home with you. TIP: If you're a beer enthusiast, you should try Exile Brewery's Sir-Mocha-Lot stout, which is brewed with Stam chocolate and Horizon Line coffee beans.

Cassidy Johnson

Espresso had a very strong acidic taste. Not bad overall.

Jennifer Brown

One of the best maple lattes ever and great customer care.

Jesus Iniguez

Their coffee is awesome, and they’re even more awesome people

Elizabeth Lizotte-Brown

They have truly excellent coffee—great addition to the Des Moines scene. Nice environment and friendly service. Looking forward to returning on future Iowa visits.

Joanna Hunter, Ph.D.

The best matcha latte I have ever had! Friendly and highly skilled staff. My favorite destination coffee/tea house.

Trent Barnes

Best place for coffee in Des Moines. Can’t wait to get back to Des Moines to have another coffee. Coffee was 9 out of 10.

Stephan Peck

Just flew in from Seattle (one of the coffee capitals of the world), and was strongly recommended to get the flight @ Horizon Line. It is fantastic! Brewed properly, fantastic flavor profiles, and great atmosphere.

Jared Krauss

This is the only place to get coffee in Des Moines. And I say that having lived in Iowa most of my life. These guys are dedicated to the bean, and to Des Moines. Bring their beans home. Get advice on your brew method.


We made a detour to visit here on a friend’s recommendation while on a road trip. It was definitely worth it! Good quality and interesting ingredient combinations!

Brian R. Gumm

I'm a fellow coffee pro, and have gotten to know these fine folks over the past few months. Great new shop run by kind, knowledgeable staff & owners. Last time I stopped in, I was already coffee'd out, so I tried the fizzy ginger tea and it was fantastic.

Nicole Nayima

Creative coffee beverages!

James Moos

Great place, wonderful staff and the best coffee in Des Moines!

Rebecca Bieghler Pigg

It was a perfect sitting outside. Very quaint and cozy. What is not to like about this new trending coffee shop? The staff is absolutely top notch. We met a young man, Avery, who was so polite and cordial, I wanted to adopt him...

Alex R.

My barista recommended I get the iced matcha tea with oat milk. She was 100% right. Amazing flavor.

Madison Farrell

Best coffee in the state of Iowa, maybe even the entire Mid-west!

Cez Darke

Great coffee, super lovely service in a cool spot.

Celeste Smith

Best coffee I've ever had and the service was amazing.

Madeline Running

Horizon Line Coffee is my favorite spot in Des Moines. I first came across this shop when I moved to Des Moines and have been a regular ever since. The offer a great seasonal menu that has allowed me to branch out and try new drinks. They also have a wonderful permanent menu with a great selection of classic drink choices. My personal favorites at the shop are Canadian Cold Brew, Blackberry and Star Anise Latte (pictured), and filter. I highly recommend you stop on in to try some drinks and meet the amazing staff :)

Catherine Shook

I really enjoy their coffee selection, I just wish their seating were slightly different (more comfy chairs, more access to electrical outlets). A good place to get a coffee to go, not the best environment to sit down with a book or a lap top for an hour or two

Thomas Winkelman

Fun feel. Quality coffee and locally roasted. Sign me up for more.

Paul Craven

Had the pour over coffee. Coffee was great, place was nice, the person behind the counter was pleasant. Recommended.


Best coffee I've ever tasted.

Mollie Cox

Best Coffee Shop in town. The Baristas are friendly and personable. Not to mention their coffee is top notch and their drinks are made right.NO bitterness in their coffee at all. They also serve pastries that are some of the best I have had in town. The matcha latte is amazing as well! Highly recommend.

Eric Henderson

Definitely one of the best espresso producers in town. Care in every cup!

Josh Andrews

Great atmosphere! My coffee was great and there was a good variety of pastries as well

Bethany Miller

Loved this place! Clean and crisp interior. Our barista was friendly, and came up with substitutions/work arounds for one of the coffees in my coffee flight (they were out of cold brew). Though I wasn’t a huge fan of the fruity notes of the espresso, the shot was well pulled, and the pour overs I had were excellent! My husbands iced latte was one of the best we’ve ever had!

Josh Arment

Great service. The people are friendly and will answer any questions you have about coffee. I prefer their pour over coffee, but everything they have is delicious. Also, for this that care, they roast their own coffee in house.

daniell hageman

Good service.

Justin Norman

A nice, modern-looking small coffee shop with tasty bean brews and friendly staff. Go here immediately, order multiple beverages and drink them all at once, unless you are a frail coward.


First time here and I loved it. The atmosphere is calm and relaxing to have conversation. The coffee was too delicious. Drank mine in 2.5 seconds. It got a little loud around 9:30ish once the rest of the world waking up decided to come in but that's to be expected when a place like this exist. I shall return.

genevieve rosenbalm

Great coffee, always a wonderful experience when we go (which is every weekend). Love that they switched to glass jars that I can bring back each time I visit. Great beans, drinks, and sweets. Always will recommend this place!

Gabriella Ruggiero

Hands down the best coffee in Des Moines. The baristas are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. There’s a rotating selection of beans that are roasted well (not over roasted/overly bitter). The pastries are also consistently good—I had a ginger lime one this morning that I’ll go back for. If you’re into specialty coffee/like trying new beans, this is your place. If you like flavored lattes, they do those well, too, and have unique flavor combinations with house made syrups. I will forever get espresso here. Thanks y’all!

K M Plowman

The staff is friendly/knowledgeable and rhe drinks are stellar. Thanks for being my go-to pick me up.

Harlin Sparks

Best coffee we have found on our road trip since Washington DC and all across the Midwest. Great affordability - under $6 for 24 oz. of Chemex with good beans. Golden milk latte with oat milk is spicy and not too sweet. Tasty scones, too, and earl grey-vanilla dinosaur cookies, if you’re lucky. Baristas are super friendly and laidback, minimalist look, lively vibes. Don’t come in a hurry...this is a place to take your time. Also note milk choices: whole, almond, or oat.

Brian Donaldson

The coffee at Horizon Line is far and away the best I've had anywhere. All of the menu items I've tried clearly have had a lot of thought put into them. Nothing tastes "commercial". This is a well run, very friendly place to get a great cup of coffee whether you want a pour over, a mocha or anything in between.

Anne Zdrojewski

Finally a quality coffee location downtown!

Kyle Sarr-Dietershagen

This is the best coffee shop in Des Moines

Angela Corio

This is a great coffee shop! It is a true gem on the west end of downtown with high-quality ingredients, local source, and great staff which combine for a great vibe.

Kathryn S

Favourite coffee shop. Try the oat milk. Simple and to the point

Matt Guess

Pour overs and dang good Chi lattes. Hip kids on Macboks. Small batch roasting.

Tyler Arnett

Great coffee and quiet, simple atmosphere. Best coffee shop downtown.

Katie Johnson

Horizon Line has friendly customer service and even better coffee! The atmosphere is great for working or having conversations.

Wheeler Manis

Good coffee, great space! I'll have to come back for a pourover. :)

David McMasters

The the specialty coffee drinks are fun and tasty. The plain minimalistic atmosphere allows you to sip on and and connect with your coffee.

Skyller Stickfort

Horizon Line is a fantastic place to get coffee. They put a lot of effort into what they make and really care about the quality. They made me the best Cappuccino I've had in a while. The staff here is super warm and inviting as well, especially Will.

Wade Cupkie

Rad little coffee roastery downtown Des Moines with top-notch drinks. Bring coins to plug the meters outside and stay a while. Worth the visit for sure! Support local businesses!

Sheila moreno

Nice people. Clean, spacious, just off of the busline, close to many office buildings. Wishing them much success.

Kara Prachar

Very clean. Staff was helpful. I enjoyed their Guatemala V60 as well as a lavendar thyme latte. I had never had the latter but I was very impressed. I was there reading and didn't feel rushed at all. Gender neutral bathrooms which I loved. I'm very glad I stopped.

Sawyer Avery

Great spot for quality coffee. Friendly staff.

Jordan Eshelman

In my opinion they're the best coffee shop in town if you're considering atmosphere, quality, value, and taste. The interior could stand to be a bit more comfortable but everything else is so exceptional that you'll find yourself making return trips regardless.

Braden Kopf

I love horizon line. I don't live in town but it's usually my first stop everytime I do get to visit. There's always a friendly face as soon as I walk in and the coffee is probably the some of the highest quality you'll find in the state!

Katharine Gunn

Great coffee, tasty baked goods while they last, good work space and WIFI. Definitely check out the paper menu as it's more extensive than what they show on the wall. Outdoor tables are nice if you want to sit outside with your dog when the weather is nice.

Sam Fathallah

A good group of people.

Tyler Schipper

Tide for best coffee in Des Moines. Get the coffee flight.

Rachel Harms

That was the best coffee shop I’ve ever been to by far- and I’ve been to a LOT of coffee shops. Definitely try the pina coladtte. I haven’t encountered a flavor profile that complex even at the best restaurants or coffee shops

Alex Fisher

Really great, ethically sourced beans make for really great coffee. The guys (and gals) operating the place are always welcoming and accommodating. Horizon Line has my vote for best coffee shop in downtown Des Moines. Continue to keep up the great work

Phoebe Sexton

Friendly and knowledgeable without being pretentious or insufferable, which is hard to find with such high-caliber espresso slingin'. A great space that provides a transcendent coffee experience (y'all, I mean it, this Gibraltar is so exquisite I'm hearing angelic choirs). Two caffeinated thumbs way up from the next regular customer!

Jim Manis

Great latte! Very pleasant atmosphere.

Lance Harris

GO HERE ASAP! The coffee is amazing. Brad and Nam are 2 caring and compassionate people who's passion for their trade in impressive. The place is clean and modern. I love this place and these people.

Clay Ostrander

This is fourth wave coffee at it's best. Minimal design and fantastic coffee. I got a pourover and it was phenomenal.

Kim Fisk

seriously the best latte that i've ever had. i don't love the decor or seating, but the staff is super friendly and the coffee is unbelievably good!

Michael Hoversten

Amazing staff, excellent beans, outstanding coffee.

Elmer Willis

What an awesome find!

Katrina Sletten

I come for the *killer* matcha latte, I stay for the fresh atmosphere and extra-friendly staff. The cafe has a cozy sense of community that the baristas help to foster while it is also a space where I feel free to be be my introverted self working away on my computer and geeking over space news. Even as I sit here typing this, sipping on my drink and scarfing down my scone (spoiler alert, I felt the urgent need to express my affection while still here in the cafe), a barista is high-fiving a customer who walked in-and one I can only assume is an avid Horizon Liner. If you are a Des Moines native or a welcomed visitor to our lovely city, I encourage you to stop into Horizon Line Coffee to find a stool to spend some of the afternoon or take a coffee to go (or my favorite-a matcha latte) and go take a stroll around the sculpture garden. I promise they won't disappoint :) #nofilterneeded


What a fantastic little coffee shop! Digging the atmosphere and the employees are stupendous, especially with explaining their unique coffee choices.

Minesh Patel

Cappuccino was silky smooth. No sweetener needed.

Drew Considine

Some of the best espresso I've had at a great price.

Josiah Naegelen

Very nice people, great tasting drinks, and a comfortably modern place to sit down and enjoy your drink.

Courtney Donaldson

Hands down the best coffee house in the DSM area. It is a destination - people drive in from all over the metro to plug a meter, grab a craft coffee, and stay a while. You will not be disappointed!

Sassy Treon

Amazing coffee and baristas! Love this coffee house, a must stop

Daniel Cain

Easily one of the best coffee spots downtown. Anthusiast-approved, all for a fair price.

Jasmine Au

Enjoyed their cappuccino and soaked in the architecture. I imagine I'll be coming here pretty frequently!

Joel Richardson

These people are serious about there coffee and it shows. This is the place to go if you want to avoid "Snickerdoodle double whip soy frappe" and drink good coffee.

Jessica Ensign

My favorite coffee in DSM, maybe the world!

Collin Cameron

Got the coffee flight and my wife got a dark chocolate mocha; both were awesome. Highly recommend!

Gary Haack

Espresso is top notch, so is the service. Seriously the guys here are incredibly polite and make you feel welcome. The seats are not super comfortable and there's not much to look at, but it's a great place to sit and chat and enjoy excellent coffee.

Ned Jorgensen

Great new coffee cafe in downtown Des Moines. Relaxing atmosphere for a cup of joe, reading, and conversation. Welcoming owners and staff.

Nathan Ingraham

This place is great. Friendly staff, very relaxing decor, and - of course - good coffee. I didn't get to stay for very long, but the staff didn't get bent out of shape about making an order 10 minutes before closing. Thanks for that!

Joe Parker

Service is stellar. Drinks are immaculate. Atmosphere is as expected when service and menu converge at a peak. I love this place.

Christopher Lucas

Best coffee in Des Moines hands down.

Adam Egherman

Very nice place with a minimalistic atmosphere. Love the gender neutral bathrooms! Bring a seat cushion, the metal seats are uncomfortable. I plan to return!

Tyler Reihmann

Great service, prices, and helpful people. Enjoy grabbing a cup of coffee and walking the sculpture park

Haley Kottra

Very clean. Non-distracting and focus-promoting music and environment. High quality drinks and food! Great for studying alone or with a friend.


This cafe is truly top notch and enters into the realm of true speciality coffee. Their esspresso drinks are made with care and very high quality equiment, they make sure to have very filtrated water for pure precise flavor. The only issue is the general feel of place, going inside you have the distinct feeling that Andy Warhol is going to silently walk past you with his group of avante garde weirdos, but then again that's kinda a good.

Lita Howard

The staff was super friendly and helpful with dietary restrictions. They were also super knowledgeable about their products. On top of that, the drinks were delicious. I loved the matcha tea with Oat milk.

Ryan Edgley

Great coffee in a great shop. Super friendly staff. Cant wait to go back!

Kris PK

Hip, energetic place for an excellent cuppa coffee and space to stare at your laptop.

Niq Howard

Best pour over I've had in Des Moines. Very friendly staff!

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