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REVIEWS OF Hooters IN Iowa

Lennie Churchill

Food was good - service not so much. Messed up orders and checks.

Tony Arnold

Had a nice time and enjoy the food

Kevin Nehls

Great place

Joseph Hatch

It took 30 min to get drinks

nathan knobbe

Good slow service tonight but wings were good

Patrick Collins

Great food. Great wings and beer. Good place to watch games.

Ray M

Wings were worst I have had in s long time. Over cooked so much they were hard. Waitress brought wrong dip. Won't be back.

No Bull

Awesome girls! I wouldn't eat here though. The kitchen needs a deep cleaning.

Search Find

Hangout place to have Craft beer with quick bite to eat.

Cindy Kimmer

Dinner with two handsome guys at this fine establishment was very enjoyable. The waitress was very attentive and prompt with our order

Brad Porter


Jeffrey Phillips

Ladies were nice. Crab legs were hot.

Samuel Munguia

Very good

Caleb Buser

Service was great. Reasonable prices.

Shannon Gorman

I have worked in the food industry and I understand it is hard and kitchens get backed up but we waited over an hour for our food once ordered. The manager never once came to us to Explain or apologize... very disappointing!

Michal Roud

Very nice restaurant with a lot of nice smily girls. I ejoyed the time there...Delicious original wings and perfect draught beers.

Troy Schnack

Go to place for UFC. Staff is always friendly and attentive.

Renee Patten

Unusual very long wait for food..Chicken wings were very mushy and oysters were not good. Drive 2 hours, we make special trips to come here first time been disappointed.

Floyd Taber

Awesome food, great service by Kaitlyn

Frank Boekeloo

It's a great place.the waitresses that serve you need to smile and not hate being there

Robert Harris

Great food and great service. Love the fried pickle chips.

LuWanna Reed

Great food, excellent service and atmosphere, TV's with your favorite sports everywhere and good prices

Lauren Schnabel

We had a great time, the kitchen forgot one order of wings, otherwise I would have given 5 stars. Our waitress was friendly and kept up with us, Thatalia (sp?). We'll be back!

tina davis


Marie Morgan

Love it our server was wonderful and her manager basically the whole staff so sweet and kind

Nathan Murphy

Pretty good food and the staff are pretty nice. Going there with my wife we tend to get forgotten by the waitress every time because she is at a table with a single guy. Other than this we always enjoy going there to eat.

Meshia Showwwnte

Not the same taste

Monte Spencer

Always friendly staff,lots of tv's, the best wings and awesome sandwiches.

HHGrehuhmuh L

Good wings!

susanne k

Good food good service

Kimberly Searcey

Service was less than poor. Waitresses, hostess and manager were all hanging out with a couple that was dining and got up occasionally. Bartender kept disappearing. One waitress was looking on her phone most of the time we were there. We watched 3 waitresses, including ours, the manager and the hostess all walk by our prepared food while it sat on the counter getting cold and dried out. Finally my son walked over to it and asked a waitress, "is this ours"

Jay Ely

Hooters wings are the BEST chain wings i've ever had..Let me elaborate, they have real chicken, that they cut and bread themselves...Not like Buffalo Wild Wings where they come in breaded and frozen and taste like crap with a half inch of breading. Anyone that knows anything about quality wings will know Hooters has better wings then Buffalo Wild Wings. And of course, better looking girls ;)

Layla Garcia

Everything is delicious

chris hurst

Poor food quality and worse service

Jason Dohse

Great place to enjoy some food and drinks. Enjoy a game or just take in the people watching and nice views. Really good tator tots and wings.

Willi DeWitt

Had a very cute waitress. Very nice and prompt

Aaron Regan

Got a $60 right turn on red ticket when going to pick up my wings. No regrets. It was worth it.

Luke Corrigan

Zach makes the best melted butter in town.

Gina Kaufman

Some food good. Chicken wings not done. Not fairly priced. Nice enough staff

Frank Dalen

Luv those wings

Kent Vock

What can you say about Hooters, good wings and pretty young girls.

Buggs Aaron

Great service, good food pleasant scenery

my take

Good food great staff

Danny Wilson

Braquel was the best waitress me and wife have had in a long time we came in town to see Kiss concert and got the best service ever good luck to Braquel she said she was trying out for Hooters calender good luck to her hopefully she will make next years calender she was awesome knowledgeable and friendly!!!! She deserves it good luck

James Quinlan

Have some wings!

Maria Ponce

The wings are great!! But the wait for the food is way too long!! They need more Cooks in the kitchen. I won't be back. We have been multiple times and each times the wait for food is outrageous.

Jacob J. Hess Sr.

Ashley - Our Certified trainer was great!

Sujay Udayagiri

Decent options for drinking and eating (meat). Very warm and well trained staff. Nice ambience. Easy to locate.

Denise Luskey

Food was good waitress was friendly, but cooks are slow. The place only had 15 customers in it with 4 wait staff and two cooks. Nine of the customers were there before us but it still took a long time to get our food.

Wayne Zugg

Good food!

trisha behnke

Yummy food

Vic Saldivar

Great new menu & pricing . Rachel S. is a very pleasant host & doesn't patronize the customer .

Lynette Hulslander

Did they change the wings? Breading was super hard not a lot of sauce on them. But my burger was delicious.

jeff miller

Great service. Did get a drink spilled on my phone, but things happen and phone is fine.

Teisha Campbell

Love food and service. Dont like prices on grab legs. Pay too much for just a pound.

jim domeyer

Great food. Great service

Lou Garza

Had a great time, visiting from Texas had to see the pretty faces in Iowa and they are beautiful! Every one of them. Had a blast here.

Terry Kaufman

Great service, fast food, VERY friendly manager Gina. All while being a training store is very impressive. Great job!

Robert Liendo

Service sucked!!

Beth Williams

The service was great! The food is just over priced pub food. Nothing special there! JS

Michael Roe

Very nice servers and really good good food

Rodney Manthey

Friendly staff and good food.

Jorgen That One Dude

Maybe has good food. I just can't wrap my mind how a bunch of young guys go there to stare at women. It's disrespectful in my opinion. I just don't see women as objects I guess.

Deb GG

Great spot, fantastic specials. The waitress was very friendly.

mark yeninas

Under cooked / not crispy at all wings. Fries barely done.

Tim Seyer

Over the top service.

Burton Wilcox

What happened to the wings!? I know it's been awhile but...they were so tiny! ...I miss the steroid infused super jumbo sized meaty wings... On a positive note, my friend said the boneless wings were good with more meat than BWWs typically had. Sauces were still decent, though I swear they cut back on the hotness of the "Triple Dog Dare" sauce...and the Cajun was just lacking. The overall feel of the place was lacking...this used to be a favorite stop for all of us...not sure I care to go back...mostly because of my disappointment in the wings.

Martraz Brown

There Chick wings are the best thing that I ever tasted

Michael Cunningham

Used to be a good place to get not so costly...I could never go there again and be fine with that...sorry

Adam Switzer

Always friendly service, great wings, cold beer, and pretty servers! Family friendly and super fun!

Kyle Bess

Wings are amazing here.

Chiquita Hodges

Service was OK, mediocre at best. Food HORRIBLE! The server dropped the disgusting looking & tasting wings off to our table & never came back until she brung the bill. She knew the horror of road kill that she was serving on that dog tray which is why she never came back. I will NEVER visit this place again!

Tim Miller

The food was delicious, and the service extraordinary! I will definitely be going there again

Honest Reviews

All hooters are amazing with the UFC on every other weekend. Davenport IA, not so much. We found hair in our burgers and bugs/flys frozen in the iced drinks. Couldn’t make this up if I were in a Comedy Central skit. The manager was super helpful and paid for our entire bill. However, after looking in the kitchen it was found the staff do not wear hairnets and many had extraordinarily long hair/facial hair. The kitchen looked extremely unkempt. This hooters must not have been passed down the “recipe for a good time” from corporate but is in need of a 30 year old due building renovation.


Was excellent service

Joshua Wold

Food is meh, but are you really going there for the cuisine? ;-)


Angilee was our server and she was amazing. Very friendly and was great to talk to. Defiantly will go back and sit with her.

Royce Taylor

Great food great atmosphere great sports bar

Jill Berodt

Rachel was our server and she was awesome. The food was very good, we had wings, buffalo chicken dip. Will definitely go back.

Eboni Jones

Wings are great

David Johnson

Good food great service

cindy mikla

Luv Hooters best wings in town

Elizabeth Chandler

I had never been to a Hooters before, but I'd always heard "The wings are great!" I was pleasantly surprised that the menu was much larger than I expected. The pretzels were delicious! We were there for a lesbian bachelorette party, and the staff didn't blink about singing for my friend. Pleased all around!

Angie Buck

This was by far the best wing place I have been to. Way better than Buffalo Wild Wings in my opinion. They have a better selection and it’s not as loud.

Kim Hamby

Always have good service and great food. We have never left unhappy. I wasn't sure the first time my husband suggested Hooters, but they do have great food and awesome servers that make everyone feel welcome and comfortable

Rob Seemuth

Been here a few times. Tonight was the best so far.

John Juhl

Wonderful birthday group outting. Waitress were great. Nachos were delicious.

jeff scarsdale

Place was not busy at all and figured it wouldn't be bad with slow service... WRONG. 15 minutes later our "server" came to our table to introduce herself and take our drink order. My girlfriend got hers but I had to wait another 10 for my beer. That's 25 minutes for a beer. Crazy right? Well,that's just the beginning. I had finished my beer before she took our order, asked for another.. when she finally brought our food 15 minutes later and cold, still no beer. I had to remind her about my drink! 10 minutes later I finally get it! It was terrible. We won't return!

Dennis Jordan

Amazing food and service. The curly fries aren't my favorite, but everyrhong else was perfect.

Theresa Carson

Service was slow. Drinks were over priced.

Adam Hartz

The food was amazing and the service was excellent

Shelby Schlaff

Service is always great!

Terence Martin

There's nothing to say it's Hooters just need a whole makeover from the building to management to the staff :(

Justin Botkin

It used to really good food. Now that there franchise it went down hill. I ordered wings and there were under cooked. Service was really slow when there were plenty of workers and not very busy. Girls were nice as always and took care of everything. But I will say the fun environment has also seemed to slip away as well.

Adam Anderson

Honestly it depends on service, I've had great food and then I've been very disappointed!

Adam P.

The family and I enjoy eating lunch here when we visit Davenport. Great food! Nobody does wings like Hooters!

Steve staniger

Love the wing and cold beer. Lots of screens to catch the game!

mario natarelli

You already know what makes it great


Love Monday night unlimited wings.

Russell Hughes

Good looking, friendly and helpful

Manish Renegade

The wings are tasty and the servers are friendly. This place can be a little pricey compared to establishments of the same kind. Most items (with the exception of burgers and sandwiches) come by themselves so you will have to purchase additional sides.

Elliott Lard

Good food, good people

Jeff Finke

Davenport Hooters is fantastic. Annalise and Katy were awesome!

JustMB81 666

Food was alright but the girls were better

Mark Kane

Fast service, good food and atmosphere

Ed Holstrom

We celebrated our son's birthday

David Lochner

Great service. Average food

Cyndi Hillebrand

Take out. Great hot food as ordered.

William Elder

Love the flavored wings!!


I've to many different Hooters across the US, some are OK some are good. This one looks a bit dated on the outside but really nice on the inside. Onna gave us a warm greeting as we entered and had not only the most beautiful waitress and most of them were gorgeous, but Shelby was excellent, a great sense of humor and energetic. The food cane out fast and hot and did I mention how awesome Shelby is. Will return again. -Swami

Daria Lard

Great lunch deals

Tiffany Uitermarkt

This would be the second chance my friends and family had given them. Was terrible to say the least. Servers were good. Food was terrible. Even sticking to what they are famous for 'Daytona beach wings' everytime we go they are different in flavor. Didn't even prepare them correctly. They are known for that exact procedure to be grilled after being sauced.. they were never grilled, even had extra boneless breaded wings in with our traditional. Then charge 2$ more for naked wings. That is a joke. Why don't you charge someone who's got breading.. not a naked wing that you do absolutely nothing to but deep fri them as they are. Need another hooters in the qc. Davenport location is garbage.

Nate Soukup

Great service friendly staff tasty food and drinks

Rajesh Muppaneni

service and food were PATHETIC...

Chris Hansen

Went in, server took our order, a water, a long island, and an app. She said she would be back to take our order. Someone else brought the long island, the water didn't show up till we were served the app, and we finished the app and left before she came back to take our order. TERRIBLE service for a DEAD Thursday night

Joysie Hossler

Service was good. Haven't been to a Hooters in a while since the Peoria one closed. Food was pretty good

Nelson Sparrow

Waited 1 hour for my food they bring it out and still wrong this place is ridiculous.. Done with this place def over rated

Justin Rickman

My phone asked me to post a review, so here it is.

William Doornbos

My wife and I tried the new smoked wings. Very good. Now my wife wants to go there every week just for the wings.

Josh Johnson

Wings were awesome and the beer was ice cold! Our server Amanda was great, she was knowledgable about the menu and gave us a great experience. Definitely heading back next time im in town.

Gabriel Del Rio

Really good service from kalie!

brenton johnson

Went here with a coworker. Food is alright. If I never went back I wouldnt miss it.

James Aloian

Da women r beautiful the foods alright tho ... good place to go sight seeing

Greg Koszut

Braquel too great care of me today. I forgot how good the smoked wings are! The salad was good as well, but not as good as the curly fries with cheese that I DID NOT HAVE, but dreamed I did. A great lunch at Hooters is guaranteed!

Donald Maxey

Nice place for lunch.


Great service food and waitresses great food cooked by the chef as well.

Don Munson

Great food, great service ! Beautiful girls taking great care of you,it doesn't get much better than that!

Amanda Wagg

Surprised with food as last time I ate at a Hooters it was terrible. Must have changed owners or recipe for food. Service was also ok.

Andrew Smith


Cathy Hale

Good food!

Michael Spurlin

It has been awhile since I have been here, but I believe it has an expanded menu, which included more seafood, which I found was great! Service was very good as always, but disappointed they didnt sing Happy Birthday to my son.

BreaLynn Dickerson

Depends on the cook


The wait be a bit long if they are busy. But the service is good and food are good.

Brenda Schoultz

Great food

Taylor Gang

Food was good, service was okay...tge alcoholic drink that I had was watered down, and the price was overrated...exaggerated even...I had a Hennessey and cranberry and I didnt taste any hennessey, and the glass was full of ice and cranberry...and the price for that was $10...I could have bought a half pint of pure hennessey for that price. Disappointed with that one. And my wife received an extra charge for her salad, its been years since Ive ate here and the last time I did, the food was great...not sure what happened over the years. I guess ill just have to stick to just getting wings next time.

Hugo Perez

I'm an avid customer of Hooters-locations all over the U.S.-and am glad to say-this location was great!Good food-good friendly service and will definitely return while i can.

Mark Smith

Great service..but food was not even warm..will not recommend..also charged for dipping sauces for wings..most places accommodate without additional charges.

Larry Fraikes

the quality of the chicken has gone down hill, fatty and burnt

Corey Ward

Eh food and views were average.

Jamie Whitlow

Always friendly and professional service (probably because they are the kind of people who can put up with some really inappropriate customers, so they're extra nice to the decent people). Anyhow, still the best fried pickles and buffalo chicken sandwich ever. I always think I'll try something new, but I love that meal the best. My fiance and I choose Hooters whenever we are in Davenport at lunch time!

R Woods

Overpriced and only OK food. Paying $18 for a pitcher of beer is crazy. I like Applebees food better. The girls aren't all that cute either (only mention this due to the reputation Hooters has).

terrence henry

Great wings. Great cake. Could use a few more Hooters but what place can't. Just kidding it was a nice place to eat very much a sports bar place.

Taffiana Hollis

The food was so salty I couldn't eat anything else. Plus I didn't get my big dippers after they took them back but I paid for them.

Amy Hofmann

Food was excellent, waitress was excellent, one of our families favorite places to eat!!

kori meier

Ate and then went to the bar. Glad I ate prior to seeing how this kitchen was ran. Its disgusting!!! I've never seen a kitchen in view that the cooks dont care like this. Absolutely filthy. Throwing gloves on the floor. Spilling food. Re cooking wings that were sitting in the fryer for 10 mins. I'm disgusted I ate this good before I drank here. There's a giant cooler of questionable chicken they keep throwing in and taking out of that just stays open.

Brian Gray

Hooters says it all, whats not to LIKE??!

Cooper Abernathey

Manager kept telling dirty jokes to employees. Floor and tables dirty. Staff all hung around talking with each other in the back corner. Ordered drinks and they came after our meal. Seriously in need of new management

Dan Michaelsen

Awesome food great service

Tamara Mulligan

Stupendous food and service!

Amy Williams

We had so much fun there. The girls are great.

Zachary Brown

Love there bacon cheesburgers

Seth McDermott

Food wasn't that good and neither was the waitress

Denise Carbajal

Gina the manager is awesome.everybody that works there is very polite snd the food is great

tech king

Fun place to eat

Followmeitwill Beallright

food looks good tastes good good prices. complimentary soda while you wait for to go order.

John Swift

They changed their hot sauce recipe! Hate it!

Robert Long

Sat at bar and had great service. Mahi tacos were great and will get again.

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