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1801 22nd St, West Des Moines, IA 50266, United States

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REVIEWS OF Hibachi Grill & Supreme Buffet IN Iowa

R Schmidt

By far the best buffet I've been to. Attentive staff, clean and neat, huge selection, food tasted great, and very reasonably priced. We visited after a day at Adventureland and we'll definitely be back next time we go. Highly recommended.

Gregory Ingram

Not a bad variety at all. I actually enjoyed it. It's especially a bonus knowing they have a custom Mongolian grill, similar to HuHot, where you can design your own dishes for free. Waiters were solid. Food service members should definitely be more professional and greeting toward people.

Bill G

When they say, "Largest buffet in Iowa" I believe them. A sushi bar, a salad table, a fruit table, delicious egg drop and hot & sour soups, about every kind of "lunchable" food you could think of ... all very good (although I wish they wouldn't fry the chicken drumsticks so long - it makes them dry and the outside skin very hard to chew)!! They also have a large dessert selection - cookies, cakes, ice cream, and even a chocolate "spinner." This is a very good place to eat, especially for the reasonable price. And the servers are always friendly and ready to help.

Chip Burkle

Good selection and variety; food I'd decent for a buffet. Nice to have some made to order items as well.

Antony H

Food was surprisingly fresh! A lot better than 3 months ago! Good sushi

Samantha Dempster

Love the variety. Good for large groups, tons of seating.

Ray Savage

Hibachi grill was a lovely dining experience, nice ambiance with very roomy seating,very clean ,soo much food choices,that were all cooked to perfection,but most of all the staff were the best

prof shad

Great food, modest atmosphere. Love it!

Michael Rand

Good food and staff!!!

Kevin tietjen

A lot of the food was cold or warm at best. They need to have microwaves.

Anthony Caligiuri

This Is great. They have everything you could imagine or ever dream to have out of buffet. They also have sushi and a hibachi grill.

Andrei Rabtsevich

nice place! all very tasty! a lot of sushi! clean and beautiful! big parking! I will come again!

mirela hadziomerovic

love the food and prices

Victor Torres

Good selection, good food and always good service.

DownRoad What what

The food was great. 4 stars because waitresses kept reaching over my food to replace napkins or soy sauce. Also they would clear off another table and ask to refill my drink and carry my cup off with a whole other tables cups. Anyways will go back many many more times but just wont get a refill.. thanks for reply and yes of course I'll be back

Juana Hernandez

The food was great. The waitress was so nice. We were greeted within a minute. My family and i had a great time

Steve Livneh

Very reasonable price. Rich selections. Ample parking. Noisy maintenance work during dinner should have been avoided. Still, pretty good!

Ashley Schechinger

Just had my first experience here it is was pretty good. It was a bit of a challenge trying to communicate to the staff but overall it wasnt bad. The food was great (for buffet food). The little koi pond was super cute and the kids loved it. I would definitely go back.

Scott La Bee

Excellent sushi bar. More choices of food than many Chinese buffets. Service was good.

Mark lillibridge

A wide variety of food to choose from. Some of it is delicious, some of it is bland, some of it is salty. The staff is very friendly and quick to seat and serve as well as clear the dirty plates from your table. This is one of the better buffets in the county and I would recommend them for sure!

Matthew Chavers

Pretty good value for the price!

Alleycat Alvarado

The food and service was excellent

lynn Staggs

My daughter and I ate there yesterday. There was a wide variety Of food and staff was nice. The food was terrible. The food was not hot. The breaded shrimp had little dried up shrimp, cantaloupe/pineapple was bad, crab legs were small and over cooked. My daughter says it’s usually good.

Danni Quinn

Usually love it here. This time the hostess was very rude. very pushy. Tried to tell me where to put my kids and what they could eat.

Aaron Staker

I really didn't love this place. The food was ok but nothing special, hibachi selection was limited.

Richard Snyder

I'll say 5 stars for a buffet. Best Asian buffet I've found in the Des Moines area. Always clean and the service is good. Take advantage of the Hibachi grill. Just the ingredients you want and it's fresh. All other items are good as well. Plenty of good items to choose from.

Thomas Nelson

If you don't get full at this place you have not done your job. Craigslist of food from chicken to Seafood. They have a Great Dessert Bar. Everything is fresh and hot and well-seasoned well labeled in the staff is very friendly. One of the best Asian places in the city to eat it's fantastic.

Jacob Mcgrew

Always very satisfied when eating here. The cost is a little pricey, but well worth it. The sushi is always fresh and delicious

Locke Beard

This place is awesome! Huge variety and everything is good and fresh! Lots of food and pleasant atmosphere. One of the best I've ever been too!

Samuel Emery

Hot delicious food. Prompt beverage refills.

Connie Hsu

They are one of the best buffet restaurants we ever have. They have a lot of station for food. They have sushi station that offers sushi and rolls. There is also a pho

Maddox Bago

The food was near perfect but the service was horrible. Our waitress was very rude and basically pushed us out the door.before we were even done with our first plates, she tossed the check on our table. She grabbed food right from in front of us when we weren't done eating yet and all but yanked the card we paid with out of my fiance's hand. She disappeared with her card for almost 15 minutes and then actually shoved it at her when she finally returned. At this point we just left. We wanted to stay and eat more but didn't feel welcome.

Lanore Long

Expensive, food is hot.

Aaron Mann

Good buffet with lots of sushi choices

Laurel Neumeyer

This place is going downhill quickly. This was my third time here. After my first two visits I'd have rated it three to four stars. After this visit, I won't be back. First of all, the A/C did not seem to be keeping up. It was a extremely humid 90+ degree day outside. Therefore, I was sweating the entire time. I should have left right then. Secondly, it was Friday evening and I was expecting crab legs. Real, large clusters of snow crab. Instead, they served what they call Salt & Pepper Crab. These are broken parts of whole, very small crabs (bodies with some legs but not all). I wasn't about to waste my time picking at them. I then was hoping to find a Chinese style beef dish such as Broccoli Beef. There was not one single beef dish in the house other than a dish they call Roast Steak; it is roast beef. It is the only redeeming dish in the house, moist and we'll seasoned. But not a reason to go to a Oriental buffet. I proceeded to try other dishes and didn't find any satisfying enough to have a couple bites of each. I typically love the green beans but even those were a disappointment. It's like they were expecting them to sit all evening in the steamer and only half cooked them. There are no Crab Rangoons just Cheese Wontons. The Spring Rolls were more dough than filling and lacking color and flavor. The Egg Rolls were fried properly and had a decent flavor once you got through the thick dough. I love desert and ice cream. I didn't take my chances with the filthy hard ice cream bar. Again, it was Friday night. I did put a piece of pineapple in the impressive chocolate fountain. It is always tasty. (But probably a bigger contamination risk than the ice cream.) They were out of the pink waffer cookies or I would have had those too. Overall, the service was good. My dirty plate was always picked up before I returned to my table and my water glass was kept full. I left full from trying to find something I liked but extremely disappointed.

Aleyna Polat

Love the food and would always recommend it to everyone cause you won’t leave this place hungry.

Trevor Thomas

Absolutely delicious.. lunch buffet 8.69... go now


Came with a group of 6 and when we were trying to pay the waitress demanded each of us for a tip. Waitress didn’t deserve a tip with the kind of service she provided us, after I signed my receipt with no tip she wrote something on my receipt . I wish I could give 0 stars , horrendous service . They should learn proper customer service skills and manners before demanding a tip.

Joseph Stewart

My glass stayed full without request, great food and a clean family friendly environment.

CN Heidelberg

Went here with a family member who really loves it, so 2 stars for that. I was pretty horrified, though. The food was mediocre at best. What was awful was the hygiene. Everything was sticky - floors, tables, chairs. About six nine year olds were hanging over the ice cream bar digging at it, drips were everywhere, the scoops were in really gross looking water. Many of the tongs had been dropped into the food along with whatever germs might have been on the hands of the customers. All the food areas had food spilled everywhere. At the stir fry bar the spices were all spilled into each other. It really needs more staff on the job of constantly cleaning up after the crowds. Otherwise it's really just a big germ exchange. I guess that's why they have a purell dispenser at the door.

Yolanda Montano

Best buffet I've been to my whole life

T singer

I have gone here twice. The first time I thought it was okay and would have probably given it three stars. The last time I went, three of us did not like our food at all. The final straw that changed my review from a 2 to a 1-star is that the bathroom was extremely filthy. I had to take my daughter to the bathroom during the meal, and I completely lost my appetite.

Kelli Malone

They have great food! And a variety!

Anthony Galante

My girlfriend really loves all the seafood options at the buffet.

hauwa miv

The mouthwatering buffet.... Simply the best around the State , I love the Tilapia. Four star because we sat on a dirty table that the waitress had to clean in front of us....

deb miller

Good food. Great service

Janell Torres

The food was ok . They have a very large variety of food to choose from. It were really busy and kept trying to push us out of the way. Not refilling drinks, kept coming and giving the check and asking us to pay when we haven't even been there for 15 mins . The restrooms were trashed and the floor around the buffet was so slippery. This place has alot of potential if they can get the hospitality part together

Yu Zhang

The place is neat and has a great deal of selections including hibachi, sushi bar, pho station, and typical Chinese buffet dishes. We had a lot of clams, fried crabs, and other various foods. Oh, did I mention the service here is better than I expected! The waitress for our table showed up on time whenever there are empty plates piled up. For me this is really important for an excellent buffet service.

Scott Champlin

Great food, huge variety, nice friendly staff. They were very busy but always had plenty of food up and staff was on their toes and took good care of us. They offered a senior discount without me asking. We had an error on our bill and they corrected it no questions asked. I can't wait to go back again.


Just went here for the third time and, overall, we do enjoy the food. However, I do think this will be the last time we go here, as it was kind of our last ditch effort to see if service would improve. First, the biggest issue we have is the service. While they are friendly and on top of getting what we need, we also felt rushed out the door from the moment we sat down. Hadn’t even finished our first plate when they brought the check. Fine, we just ignored it and kept eating. When we came back with out next plates, she came back and asked us to pay. I said we would just go to the counter later on, as we were there for an anniversary dinner and just wanted to enjoy food and conversation for while, but she demanded that we pay now. So we did, but set the receipt off to the side. Before we had even finished that plate, she was back again asking for the signed receipt. Then, she even picked it up and checked to see how much we tipped her before walking away. After that, we received no further service. Second, for the amount of food they have, I wish there was more variety in the chicken. They have ham, baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, pizza, onion rings, etc, but barely a variety in the Chinese chicken and that is what we go for. Overall, for the amount you pay to eat here, it doesn’t seem entirely worth it. You’ll enjoy the food and have a good time, but you could have more and better somewhere else, and probably spend a bit less. Plus, you won’t get kicked out the door before you’ve even had a chance to scoop ice cream.


Lots of choices can be noisy the best dishes can go quickly.

Layla Lucille

Good food, but it always makes me sick. Pretty good service.

Abby Eckert

Always hot and fresh food. You'll never believe how much food they have there. Everything you can think of! Unlimited sushi, hibachi, salads, fruits, desserts, ice cream, chocolate fountain, pho, crawfish, shrimp, AND 8 buffets full of Chinese dishes, literally everything! Kids items too, mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, French fries, pizza, mashed potatoes, the list is endless. And it's all good!

Moshi Mayoral

I like it, they have good variety

Alladassi Mahulé Elysé Boris

A wide variety of food at an affordable price.

Jeff Osborne

Always good to fill up

Yevgeniy Tarasenkov

We always going to this buffet. Very good buffet, awesome menu, a lot of food. Sushi and shrimps is my food of choice there. Its very crowded buffet and I maybe people will know why. A lot of people visit this nice buffet. Awesome place!!!

twined ninja

I wasn't impressed food wasn't fresh but staff was friendly

Jason Lear

Good buffet food. Sushi tasted old, like 3 days frozen old.

David Buchanan

Love going to the grill having the food cooked fresh. Buffet has a great selection.

Brian Borchers

Great selection of Japanese and Chinese plus many other options on the buffet. Sushi is great for what you are paying.

Valerie C

It's a good buffet. A nice variety. Wish they had more complex varieties of true [not cooked crab] sushi. Whether someone wants American cuisine or something a little more unique.

Daniel me

Have been going here for years, nice selection and decent quality for price food. Be it sushi, hibachi, Chinese, or just the chocolate fountain, this place has it all, never had any issues, and a good low price. (Pictured is my pile o'everything)

Kenneth McManus

I really enjoyed the buffet at this location. Very much to choose from, and high quality food. I Was impressed

Kyle Null

The variety of food is good, the quality of food is just okay, but the service is exceptionally poor. As MANY others have commented, there is something wrong with the attitude of the waitresses. We were going to leave a cash tip and the waitress came back to our table demanding more money. I don't plan on going back.

Malkavian Loner

Best all you can eat for the Des Moines area that ive been to. Great sushi and selection, good service, and a better hibachi selection than most places that have that style of cooking available, huhots the only place ive seen more selection for just the hibachi but they lack everything else this place has available. Plus the atmosphere is very nice and clean

Lydia Samek

The place is beautiful looking but the food is generally disappointing. They have a wide selection of dishes but only a fraction of those are palatable. The pricing is great considering the atmosphere and range of choices, just I would rather see half the number of available dishes in return for a higher level of quality. Truthfully, my greatest issue has always been with the hosts. Often it feels as though I'm being rushed out with the check even though it's midday and 3/4ths of the restaurant is empty. One host even pushed me to give her my card (after she left the checkbook for 2 minutes and I was engaged in conversation with my friend) and then made me fill out the receipt in front of her so she could take it immediately. I felt like she wanted a higher turn-over rate clearly so my friend and I uncomfortably left thereafter. I imagine this is a great place for large families and for a novel experience, but a place to casually chat and enjoy a meal it definitely is not.

Karen K

Great place to eat! They have a large variety of delicious food!

Catherine Whisenand

They may have a wide variety but it is typical low quality buffet food. I do like the wide variety of sushi but may get a bad one sometimes!!


One of the best Chinese buffet with so many different food choices. Recommended!

candace emery

It's a Chinese buffet. Not super fancy but not bad either. They charge for everything though. Even eating excessive food or not eating what you take.

sevda akbari

The place, food, and staff were very good. Price is resonable. The only thing bothered us was very warm desserts, and we didn't enjoy them. I wish they put the desserts in a cool place.

Scott Gardner

Great food good atmosphere

Ipha Chanthaphon

Good place to go eat if you're hungry.

Sega 146

Quality buffet with full sushi bar, a noodle station, and chocolate fountain good place to get full and not spend a fortune.

Tara Flores

Good food but svc not Soo good- they be like hurry up leave

Jacob Drew

Very delicious. This place is always busy when we go but they are very quick to restock the food that gets ate. Service is good as well. They have a very good selection of food.

Sam Avery

Food was okay. The big thing for me is they demand a tip. The waitress returned my check saying i still owed the tip and wouldn't let me pay just the total. The floors are also very slippery and the place needs to be cleaned thoroughly.

Janet Thompson

Service was excellent (which I find is not always the norm every where)! Food was delicious, Price was competitive, couldn’t of been more pleased!!!

Kurt Crosby

Restrooms were not clean at all..the Hibachi was not tableside..lots of food choices but much of the food was in the next items spot..several unsupervised children were touching/eating food and putting it back for all to have...I understand the resturant cannot discipline children but when we left after seeing that and reported to the cashier..all they said was "Very sorry...$35 please" 2 stars because of selection..but will.not go back and would not recomend.

Sammy Sam. M

The only complaint i have heard of this place is that they have too much variety. I disagree that this is a problem. The quality does not suffer. Everything was excellent including the staff, the constant rotation of food items, food temperature. The restaurant was also clean and well decorated.

Myles Davis

Amazing variety of food. The hibachi meat was fairly dry and overcooked, not very tasty. The sushi was great quality: still fresh and the rice was soft and not hard.

Cooper Cutler

Our server demanded a tip and tried to trick us into paying more than the actual total. She was highly rude and I would never go back. Loved the food. Service was horrible.

Ava Paige

Loved it! Absolutely fantastic! I got a take out box for only $8.32. The ambiance inside is also really nice! Their hibachi chicken is so good!

Jhaniah Kaylle

I just didnt like how the waiter asked me if i wanted change back from the cash that i paid.

Mike Hunter

definitely a top 3 contender for best buffet in des Moines. It is however a buffet so some of the food isn't restraunt quality, but you really can't expect it to be. It's always busy but they have plenty of seating and have a well managed staff that keeps things moving. As far as our local buffets go, This one seems to be a step above the rest in my eyes.

Matthew Taylor

Great food great price good place to visit if your just stopping through

Brooke Zollman

Not a very pleasant smell when you walk in because of the coy fish pond but full buffet with hot fresh food. Lots of options and very well staffed and maintained. 3 stars for the bad smell when entering ir exiting otherwise overall good buffet with lots of options and chocolate fountain.

Kaybeth M

Not good at all... dont waste your money here. Definitely not worth the 30 bucks

James Rhoades

What a surprise. This was a planned dinner. I had heard a lot of good comments about this place. I was very happy about getting to experience this special place. There were so many choices to pick from that I ran out of room to eat any more. The food was all very well prepared the hot food was and the cold food was cold. There were no items that I took that were not about as good as I have ever eaten. I wish I could have tried the grill thankfully I will get to go again soon this gets added to my list of places I take friends and family to

Julie McKay

Great selection and table service!

Jason Beougher

Lots of great food and many choices to eat

Tryston Willcox

Food was ok but the employees are rude and giving everyone attitude

Andrew Jensen

Me and the family were driving through the des moines area on the way to see family. We were all tired and hungry from a long day on the road. Looked at reviews online trying to find a place everyone would agree on, and thought we'd give this a try. Hibachi grill did not disappoint. It is not easy to please all of my family, and for the price I was very happy with the quality of the food and the selection available. The sushi was by far my favorite part. For 12.99 , I was not expecting high quality tempura rolls at a buffet (and on a Friday night!). To be honest, it was pretty much the only thing I ate. But everyone else in my family had something different.and everyone said it was good, too. To be short, I am not too familiar with the des Moines area, but next time here, I am coming to hibachi grill!

Samuel Hernandez

Best buffet in Des Moines, u wouldn't wanna go to any other place than here

Melissa Fuller

Always enjoyable. Food is hot and fresh and wait staff does a great job keeping drinks full and plates clear. As well as everything is always full on the bar. Even the sushi is great, though I wish you offered a veggie only sushi (sashimi, I believe) I would give you a 5star review, but your darn spring rolls are always soggy in the middle (It one of my favorite things) I would most definitely give 5stars for better spring rolls.

Joann Cunningham

They make well it's not really soup but it is so good. And the food is great.

Phoenix Culver

This was my third time eating at this establishment and the service as always was excellent. Some of the food could have been just a little bit warmer but the taste was very very good. I will definitely be returning in the future

Matthew Gardner

Dirty, overpriced, underpaid waitstaff, poor temperature control of food. It's just gross.


Probably the best Chinese restaurant I have ever eaten at.

Donnie Benda

No adult beverage, slow service. Have to flag people for refills

Kimberly Taylor

Food was cold and service was good took plates before i was done eating them

The Iron Atheist 50

Great Chinese buffet.... A little pricey, but worth it.

Mike Eaton

Big Buffett choices for all people, everything great

Mi Da

Costumers here are disgusting and cause the food to also be as disgusting As they are

Sally Chapman

The food was awesome but the sevice was not so good. They weresuper.busy but the servicesshould of better.

Zac Hockenberg

Okay place to go there was a few people who beg for a tip.

Melissia Stanley

Food was old. It didn't taste fresh. Would not recommend.

Vonnie Jobe

Some of the foods were cold when it should of been warm or hot would of been better. I won't eat food that is cold, so it goes to waste.

Adrian Alvarado

Great food and great staf

Amy Snyder

There is something for everyone and they have the best sushi selection around. Love this buffet!!!!!

Tres Fielder

Great food selection, fresh and hot items, place well kept and friendly customer service.

Roxi Tuller

Great place to take a group or family the food was great We loved all the choices. My grandkids loved it.

A Roos

Pros: so many choices. Ice cream bar with toppings is fun. So is the chocolate fountain. They have the fried dough balls covered in sugar. (I have a sweet tooth.) Cons: too many foods means nothing is exceptionally good. Even the Asian foods weren't awesome. Too many American foods. Lots of things clearly started out frozen. The price of soda is not included in the $13.99 price. Advice to the restaurant: Pick a couple things and do it well rather than trying to be all things to all people.


Very disappointed. My family and I Felt rushed while We were eating,I couldn’t even enjoy a conversation with my family. Demanded a tip, counted the tip in front of me! Next time I won’t even pay. Other then that the food was good.

Mike Mott

Buffett was good but once I found the hibachi grill I was ecstatic! Will definitely return and refer friends.

Luciano Castro

Great food for the price. All you can eat for $13, you can't get that anywhere. You will get lost in their buffet. I like the hibachi grill section where they will cook your meal


Horrible food, horrible service manager wasn’t professional. Got sick after eating here this is not the place to be.

Melissa Garcia

I wasn't impressed today. Coconut chicken was hard. Chicken broccoli looked under cooked. Would love to see coconut shrimp back. Always look forward to fettuccine. There was none. Maybe, to early. Anymore, all the dishes are chicken. Some variety would be nice.

Sean Bates

Food is boring. The floor is so slippery and covered with grease it's a death trap. The walls, table, floor and silverware are not clean. This place is gross. I need to slide, literally, out of here and get some good food somewhere else. THE FLOOR WILL KILL SOMEONE SOME DAY!!!

Thomas Dagnillo

Mediocre food, rude serving staff, constantly wanting to take your plates, constantly sweeping with a broom! Then they bug you to pay!

Athena Miley

We visited this restaurant yesterday. The selection and food were actually pretty good, however, the service was atrocious. The waitress barely glanced at us as she threw our straws down on the table and walked away. Not long afterwards, the waitress dropped off the check. 10 minutes later, she comes back and DEMANDS we pay, shoving the check in our faces as we are trying to eat. We scrambled for our card, a little bit shocked. She disappeared for a couple minutes then comes back, and starts to climb INTO the booth to push the check in front of my husband who is hands deep in a plate of crabs, and unable to sign right away. What the heck??? I'm not sure if she was trying to get off work or what the deal was, but it wasn't even close to closing time and there were multiple other families in the restaurant. We will not return. I would much rather find a place that doesn't try to hurry you through everything then shove a check in your face while eating.

Erin Haley

Some cold food on the buffet and I never got a refill. Bleh

Cameron Daniel

Nothing wrong with having lots of options, but sometimes it can be too much. Great atmosphere and tentative waitresses but I felt that if the sized down the variety a little, they could focus more on quality. (The chocolate fountain changed my 3 to a 4 star review)

Marilyn Evans

If you go home hungry, it's your own fault!

Richard Jones

Fresh hot food, good flavor, worth the money

heather williams

Don't get me wrong, I love the selection and quality of the food so that's where four stars come from. I didn't give five stars due to one of the servers busting past me rudely while we were both going to the same bathroom. The bathroom stunk like pee and also had dried blood smeared on the wall in the handicapped stall. Then I thought it was rude of our server to stand over us as we were pulling out our money to pay and discussing the division of the bill and tip. I just didn't appreciate the pushiness/rudeness of the staff today. (Normally the staff is more friendly than that.) But yeah, if you want a good buffet selection place to go then hibachi definately is a good place to go.

Cristina Jones

Food not great, service not any better, and expensive. Won't be going back


Great selection and good food and great price.


Came in to eat right at 5pm and many food items were stale and has obviously been sitting out for a while. The server (who only stopped by once during our meal) came by and took my payment while asking if I needed change, which she brought back after I told her yes...and then stood there while I took my change off of her tray. Then she just stood there and waited awkwardly and Impatiently while I put the change in my pocket. When the Mrs. and I stood up, the server leaned over to grab our plates and muttered something under her breath at us. I cannot day for certain what she said, but her tone implied something less than friendly. I’d rate this place a zero if I could.

Felix Onuora

If one is really hungry, this is a unique place to visit for some hearty meals.

Kristine Newell

Good place to get standard buffet Staples. They always have a good selection of fresh sushi and other fish. I've eaten here several times and had the sushi, raw shrimp and crab legs -- never gotten sick.

Majed Abusharkh

Simply the worst. Very slow and rude waiters. When you complain they tell you to leave. I give it zero stars.

Todd Dann

Amazing selection to choose from. Largest selection of buffet sushi ive ever seen. Overall look and appeal and environment of the restaurant is amazing, seems as though no expense was spared when decorating the place.

George Pallos

Absolutely the best Chinese buffet I've ever ate. The food is so fresh and a amazing selection. You haven't been to a buffet until you've been here.

Brien gillette

This place is an amazing buffet and definitely worth checking out. Not only does it have great food but the atmosphere is awesome as well

Amanda Long

We went last night and the food was terrible. The wonton soup tasted like water and a lot of The food had no flavor. I would suggest not wasting your time or money going to this place.

Josh Ford woodwork

Pho-nom-nom. Best buffet in town.

Miss Scorpio

Very good food! The place is Clean and beautiful fish! Love the Decor!

Wendy Perez

I enjoy this place everytime I go. Food is always fresh and warm.

Essam Abusharkh

I used to go to this restaurant often but I'm happy to report that neither myself or my extended family will go there ever again after tonight! They had 1 server serving more than 60 people who didn't serve our tables and was extremely rude to us and yelled at us few times saying "I don't have time for you, I'm serving others". We called the manager to tell him that we will not pay the mandatory tip of 12% since she was really rude and didn't really serve us or was really late doing so. The manager was even more rude than his server and in broken English told us that not only we will have to pay the mandatory tip but also if we are not happy with their restaurant that we shouldn't come back!!! He caused more of a scene where all the staff was on alert and they were all standing in the hallway of the restaurant. Our family and friends group consisted of 40 people. Not only the service was horrible and the manager was unprofessional and rude but also the floors of the restaurant were incredibly filthy and the tiled floors were slippery. My advice is pay a little more and go to a restaurant that is managed by American professionals and spend a little more money so that in exchange you get the better service.

Steven Thulin

Very nice atmosphere and good quality and selection of food. The service and staff was excellent. The only things I wish were better was the grill (it may have been more a matter of my preference) and they could have labeled some of their selections better (especially the desserts). Neither of these are too big, but it kept me from giving it a full five stars. It would be 4.5, if I could give partial stars.

Brad Fuller

Very pleasantly surprised. LOTS of food and tons of options. Everything I had was really good. Good value too.

Robert Yegon

Has good and enough eating space

Dani Clair

Most of the food is good. Big selection. Also have sushi and like a huhot make your own noodle plate with meats, veggies, sauces. Lots of seating and ice cream


As far as buffets go this place has a huge selection and that's really what they should be commended for they don't have the best or most authentic food but if you are going for quantity over quality this place doesn't fail

george barker

Undoubtably the best Chinese buffet in town. Not only do they have approximately 120 items on the buffet but they have one of the best Mongolian grill type selections. Weekends and evenings for dinner they have blue crabs that are deep fried. Very tasty.

Deb Gordon

Loved it great food prices ok to....

Jen MeowWoof

Hot and sour soup was amazing best ever had there. Love the selection of different food. Fried Chicken was most excellent. Thanks for great service and making the dinner with family so nice.

David Thorpe

Good food...kept fresh....relatively clean.....courteous help...Decent price$

Steve Liao

Very shady people, manually keyed my credit card info a month after I ate there for another charge. Watch your credit card statements carefully for their transactions.

Monica Woody

Been here several times the food is always delicious but the help is always standoffish never friendly

Juan Juarez

Huge variety of food! Clean and quick service

Darrell Barbour

When I am in the greater Des Moines area, I always try to stop by the Supreme Buffet. I go here for the buffet of sushi rolls. While I know I am not going to get the high end rolls, the options I do have are great. I get Dynamite rolls, crab rolls, California rolls, even a few rolls with flying fish eggs for color. They're great! Access the eel sauce and Japanese mayo along with good ginger and wasabi. One really can't go wrong for the price. Plus, you can pop a few crab rangoon and egg rolls while you're at it. Service is good. They keep your table clear and your glass full. Give it a try!

Morufu Salawu

Very excellent services always and good food. Not too much of seasoning like the one in Mount Prospect IL. The restroom is very neat. I will recommend this place to people!

Denise Manon

The food was very good!!!! Excellent service from our waitress. I just wish they had a coupon that I could of used today.

Stephan blasnitz Happy Pappy

Good food! Lots of choices. Almost to many lol. Lunch is $9 and supper is $13 plus the pop is $2. I think the lunch price is fair for what you get. Not much of a difference in items between the two. Lunch ends at 3:30. Also the waitress we're awesome. If you got the time and like variety when you eat. Then this is the place for you.

Sheryl Byrkett

Great atmosphere I always stop at the koi pond. Great food and lots of variety. Sometimes they're slow on refilling empty food bins though. Most of servers do a good job as well.

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