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REVIEWS OF cafe fresh IN Iowa

Trudy Melia

Great food. Everything is so prepared and presentation is eye pleasing. Had great Friday nite with 4 of my granddaughters ages 11 to18 and this was their pick


Loved it. Good food, good sangria.

Lauren Cummings

Love the food!

Leigh Morrison

Very friendly. Great food

S. Chevalier

Great healthy choices for food, terrific service and great atmosphere.

James Benson

Fantastic meal. Blackened tuna sandwich was great texture, taste, and quality.

Willow Kornoski

Fantastic cupcakes, if a bit pricy. Definitely worth a trip back, however.

Mitchell Buck

Amazing food, great staff. Don't forget the cupcakes!!!

Jon Griggs

Food is good. The past three times I've been there the wait staff was terrible. They take too long and when you ask for something you feel like you are bothering them. Today I waited more than 5 minutes before I got to order a drink, I say at the bar, then I waited 15 minutes before eventually walking out because no one would come take my order. If they were busy I'd understand more but the wait staff felt it was more important to gather and chat with each other than to acknowledge me. It's too bad this was one of my favorites. The food is good.

Perry stewart

We love cafe fresh. The food quality is the best around. Staff are always terrific. The atmosphere is upbeat and so positive. We get carry out and it’s always of equal quality. They really care about you. Thanks.

Beverley Powell

Too loud and noisy. Couldn't carry on a conversation!!!! Food was good.

Peter Keppeler

Decent cafe. Pretty high prices though. Might be a good spot to get some work done.

Kerry Baldwin

The food, drinks, dessert, and service were excellent. I would definitely recommend this restaurant.

Becky Buhman

Had the Cuban sandwich. It was delicious.

Tricia Petersen

Yum, yum, yum!!! A modern, fun, electric place to grab food at. Always so busy. Homemade food that is always prepared fresh. The cupcakes are so good, the homemade soups are outstanding and probably the best chicken salad sandwich I've ever had. A frequent place we visit when traveling to the quad cities.

Kisha Peniston

Love this place!! I live in Muscatine and I will drive all the way up here for the food and the service!! The atmosphere is awesome even with the remodel it is still excellent food and service!


Great fresh food. Love the menu and service.

Debbie Bohman

Not a "cookie cutter" menu...excellent food and service

Nate Evans

I grew up in the quad cities and have since moved away. I always go to Café Fresh when I come back! Everything is well prepared and unique. A must visit in the QC!

Jan Jeffery

Love Cafe Fresh! It's one of my top 5 restaurants in the QC area! Yummy!

Patrick Douglas

The menu has a nice variety. staff is very prompt and friendly. food was delicious with nice portions. reasonably priced. I would definitely recommend this Cafe for lunch or dinner!

Jamie Hesler

This restaurant is one of my favorites in downtown Moline. There is a lot of healthy options on the menu and I highly recommend the cupcake milkshakes. The carrot cake milk shake is my absolute favorite. Smoothies are really good as well. If you look over the bar you will see fresh fruit and vegetables are their ingredients for smoothies and not artificial flavors. I ordered the Diablo flat bread and it was delicious. The only thing I was disappointed in was that it wasn't spicy. I guess I figured if it was named Diablo that it would be spicy. Overall it was delicious. For an appetizer I had the whipped feta and it was FaNtAsTiC. It's a dip that comes with garlic toast and I could eat it all day. Loved it. Service is very good. There was a couple new faces when I went this time but they all were very accommodating and very polite. One of the servers had dropped some plates while I was there but they were very quick to clean it up so props to them. Seating can be crowded depending on the time of day. Lunch time is definitely busy. I went there at noon and instead of taking a table just for myself, I sat at the bar. They were very quick to get tables cleaned. Good restaurant, try the enchilada soup.

Carlee Bos

Love the food. Service is most often pretty slow.

Cat Henry

Super filling and delicious! Huge variety of menu items. Full service bar. Healthy bites and flavorful. Certainly a new favorite for when I'm in town!

Stephanie Gonzales

Been here several times and food is always delicious. Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Scott Jenkins

Very Modern atmosphere with good food and good service. Really liked the unique flavors they have. Little pricey but within the range of most newer restaurants.

Dennis Lynn

I had a wonderful fresh fajitas and juicy beet juice.

John Carbonara

Last Supper for Graduating College Student leaving the QC - This is where she wanted to go for her Post Graduation meal. Everything was great. Joe was super attentive and very helpful. His recommendations (Nachos w/Carnitas) were spot on and the food was delicious. This place will be on our go to list in the QC.

Jasmine Davila

I love cafe fresh for it's atmosphere and great food. It's a great spot for a date or lunch with friends. The food is delicious, but a little pricey. I highly recommend trying one of their blended drinks (my favorite is the peanut butter one). They offer a lot of Mexican inspired dishes but also have things like flatbreads and some American favorites like burgers. They are known for their top notch cupcakes, so try one of those while you're there.

Matthew Kodatt

Cafe Fresh has great servers and amazing food. Their sangria and fajitas are killer

Sha Ranney

This might be my favorite restaurant in the quad cities. The food is well-prepared, fresh, and the atmosphere is great for a date.

Bill Woodward

foods great a lil pricey but good. very loud but didnt bother me but might some

Katelyn Adams

Delicious food. The Cuban sandwich is awesome. They have great salads also. Unique appetizers and a cool building. Arnold Palmers are really good and so is the flavored lemonade. Service is always fast and friendly.

Stephanie Sissel

Let me start by saying that i am one of the pickiest eaters you could meet and I have yet to find something here that is not absolutely fantastic. The service and atmosphere are equally superb and it has quickly become my favorite restaurant in the quad cities. Definitely a place to try.

Tate Chhith

Everything was delicious and FRESH. Unique to the tastebuds.

Kathy Swett

Great menu innovative and fun.

vickie roberts

Eat here!!


Fresh food. Great servers

Eric Baker

Really good food and kid friendly. Diablo salad was unique and tasty.

Kevin Young

A great place for lunch. The prices are decent with a great selection of food. Love the wraps.

Christina Mullin

Oh so fresh!

Jenn Tyler

Love this place! Beautiful setting, delicious food, super friendly waitstaff, really good coffee. My favorite restaurant in Moline!

Madison Woodrum

Staff is super attentive and friendly. Have been here multiple times and food is always delicious. For dessert, definitely get one of their cupcakes!

Lilly Winter

Super cute! Staff is so friendly and quick! All the food is super fresh and tasty!

Marilyn Haverly

Loved the flatbread topped with roasted beets, basil, and goat cheese!

Robert Elfline

Consistency, consistency, consistency! Cafe Fresh has an amazing product and they do an impressive job of maintaining quality across the whole menu. This is really one of those places where you can lean over to your guest and say, "everything is excellent." One thing - it does tend to get quite loud during the lunch rush. Try going earlier (right at opening) or later (after 1:00) if this is a concern.

Jan Franks

Very healthy food choices! Vegan included. Comfortable decor. A male can eat here - not just for females!

Brandon Lukaszewski

Food was delicious! Highly recommend the quesadilla chicken wrap with chicken enchilada soup!

Linda Ness

Enjoyed dinner. Great food

Helaina Salazar

Only been here twice so far but I love it. The fresh juices are delicious. The food is equally amazing. Both times I've been here I got the 10$ pick two lunch. It's a great value for the price! Tons of options including vegetarian and vegan ones too

Jim Jackson

Great food. Try the fruity chicken salad.

David Mulfinger

Super YUM. I had the fruity chicken sandwich and it was amazing. I added a side of mac n cheese , also amazing. My only complaint would be the price but you get what you pay for.

Jess Welser

Love Cafe Fresh. Great healthy food, a variety of options. Love their tortilla soup. Highly recommend their smoothies and desserts as well.

Andrew De Haan

Great food. The red pepper Gouda was amazing

Lucy Ossian

Legit worst service ever took 15 min to even get our drini order .. 25 after that to get our food order we left after waiting for food for 45 minutes while a server told us thanks and have a great night we will NOT be back!! Wasnt even that busy & servers were running around like a chicken with their heads cut off.... over priced food ... never again highly disapointed!!!! Wish i could rate 0 stars...

Sara Mclean

Food was great! Atmosphere was nice and staff very informative. Will definitely be back.

Cole Scheffler

Excellent food, great atmosphere, good service. Nice and modern.

Deanna Snow

Great food and I love the decor

Samantha Foiles

Great customer service and great good. I had a pickle roll and a sangria when I was there. They were both wonderful. The pickle roll I was expecting a small pickle which is normal, but I was pleasantly surprised with a bigger portion. Nice open building with tall ceilings.

Brien Hollars

I have to vent for a minute. Here at work we REGULARLY order from Cafe Fresh and we always order as a group and send one individual over to pick it up but we usually always pays as individuals. However there have been a few times we have called and when we have told them we have 5 separate orders they sometimes tell us we cannot do that and that each of us has to call in individually to place our own orders and we each have to go in and pick our own orders up?! Sometimes they do allow us to place these separate order and allow one person to pick them up and pay for them all individually (AH HA! So it is possible!)This is extremely frustrating! My co-worker called today to place an order to go and was told she needed to have each individual person call in and place their own orders. Annoyed by this I called cafe fresh and ask to talk to a manager, they took my info and told me she would call me back because they were in the middle of lunch rush which is understandable. The manager calls me and I explain my issue and she tells me that, that is their policy because they can't have one employee taking 25 minutes worth of orders during lunch rush (wait... what? 25 minutes dang!). Then she asked me if I have ever worked at a restaurant, who hasn't and how is that even relevant? I don't see where this is even logical. I think it would be easier on them to take everyone's order at one time and get it done and over with rather than having the phone ring every minute 5 different times to take an order. We are paying customers I mean really?! Every other restaurant in the QC has no issue doing this for us. If you don't want your employees "wasting" their time taking to go orders from paying customer your shouldn't offer a to go service! Cafe Fresh, you have officially lost our business and I'm encouraging everyone I know to stay away from there.

Kyle Bonjour

Earlier this evening, my better half and I decided to drive to the Quad Cities to shop and have a bite to eat. After arriving to the Quad Cities, we called and asked my uncle for a dinner recommendation and Cafe Fresh was it. Upon arrival, the building seemed appealing, parking was quite easy, and the building was very accessible. While walking in the door, starving, we couldn't help but notice a waiter in a chicken suit (Halloween weekened). He politely greeted us and then took us to our table. We paged through the tiny little menu and chose the vegetarian cream cheese pickles, the chicken quesadilla wrap, the fruity chicken sandwich, and the chocolate chip and toffee cookies. The pickles were very bland. They needed bell peppers or some sort of sauce to liven up the flavor! The wrap and the sandwich were good, but the cookies were burnt. While waiting for our dinner, the restaurant's phone rang for minutes while two employees were actively choosing not to answer the phone. Our waiter ran from the kitchen after putting in our order to answer the phone. We also couldn't help but feel like we were eating inside of Gordmans or spin off retail store when looking at their decor. 0 through 10 scale. 10 being amazing, 0 being terrible. Waiter 8 Staff (other than our waiter) 0! Fruity chicken sandwich 7 Chicken quesadilla wrap 6 Pepper jack mac and cheese 5 Chips and salsa 5 Price 6 Parking and accessibly 10 Curb appeal 7 Decor 0! Wouldn't strongly recommend nor do I think I will visit again but all and all not a bad place to get a to go order!

Olga L.

My husband and I enjoyed the food very much in there. As the name says it, the food was very fresh and unique. I had a flat bread with chicken, barbecue sauce and pineapple plus a little kick of spice. And, my husband had a burger with hummus. Delicious!


Good food and good service... always. We oftentimes get our lunch to go because the dining area gets quite loud when they are busy (they need some sound dampening on the walls). My favorite is the steak quesadilla with chorizo!

Mark Brunsell

Excellent food and service. The Mexican meatball sandwich was awesome.

Nicole Morey

Always delicious...and great service!

Sue Kaiser

Service was too notch! Had the spinach and artichoke dip and seviche (spelling

Shannon Rosario

Good food. I assume it's healthier too. Ridiculously slow service though.

Tiffany Long

Great food and even better service.

Misty Uribe

Best food in the QC!!!

Mia Valentine

Food was fabulous

Dawn Kruskie

I am new to the quad cities. I found the bank I was looking for and saw this hidden gem of a restaurant. The food is delicious and very well presented. The atmosphere is very fresh and yet classy. I immediately shared with my friends and family back in Detroit. I can't wait to visit again.

Tamera Gottwalt

Excellent service and food.

Carissa Fountain

$10 for a Moscow mule is pricey and it was all ice. But the food was WONDERFUL and different and fresh.

Jason Bitting

Everything on the menu continues to be the greatest thing I've ever had. Healthy, friendly and tasty. 5 stars doesn't seem like it is high enough. Extra credit is deserved.

Rachel Kratz

I forgot how good their salads are! Went today and had a half skinny salad and half chicken fruit salad. It was delish! The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars is because we came in at noon and at 12:30 no one had even said anything to us. They were busy but 30 minutes seemed a little long just to get our menus. My friend went up and asked if they could bring menus and someone did come over in 10 minutes with menus.


Cafe Fresh says it all, great food and drinks and our server Joe was awesome

Chris Miller

Great lunch menu with a large selection. Food is delicious and always fresh and flavorful. Friendly service even during the lunch rush.

Sean Belcher

Very nice place. Clean and chill atmosphere. Great and reasonably priced. I had the mushroom Swiss burger and would definitely order it again. The Diablo flat bread is also really good if you're looking for something that has a little kick to it.

Scott Glenn

The food would have been a lot better had the waitress actually brought it out when it was ready. The service was inexcusably slow and completely inattentive: I sat there for almost 40 minutes with nary a glance from the waitress, no drink refill, and no apology. I won't be coming back.

Annie Oldenburg

The carrot cake cupcake was one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. Tortilla soup is also phenomenal! Great price for quality.

Nicole Newburg

Great food in a beautiful setting. This place has it all!

Barb Reiland

Cafe Fresh is just awesome. Great menu lots of healthy food and a healthy version of some traditional favorites. I had the steak fajitas and it was the best I had ever had! Portion sizes are tremendous! There were 9 of us everyone was delighted with their food.

Christine McHale

As a yearly visitor to Moline I'd like to add how great it is that the downtown has evolved using the beautiful buildings you already have. This restaurant has a funky and inviting interior. The service was great. The food was even better. Everything we had was super and everyone around us seem very very content. Highly recommend Cafe Fresh.

Karl Beatty

Great food and not to long a wait during the lunch hour. Order ahead if you are in a hurry though.

Erin Orchard

Update 11/29/2018: I'm reducing my rating after my visit today. The food is amazing. The updated decor/layout is nice. But hot DANG - the prices! I got the Med salad. With tax, it was $15.40. That's is just WAY too much for 1) a salad and 2) for lunch. I understand they can't keep the same prices as 10 years ago, but $15 for a salad is just insane. ---------------------- I love this place. I've dined at both the old location and the new. They definitely needed more space, but even the new place is packed at lunch! That's a good thing! However, this place is one the noisiest places I've been in - you can barely hear yourself talk in there. I say this with great caution, but since this is kinda a chick place, full of gabby ladies (myself included), it just gets SO LOUD when it's full. The high ceilings don't help either. The noise level is actually really bothersome. The food is amazing. Always has been. Not one complaint there. However, several months ago they changed their menu and now instead of being able to get two great halves like the nut and berry salad and a chicken quesadilla, you can only get one and have to pick a side like an fruit, bag of chips or cup of soup. Less food, but priced the same. I was really disappointed with this change. They explained the change by saying it was easier to do it this was than prepare two half entrees (they don't have to prepare soup, fruit or chips), but they should have lowered the price - it's less food. The service is excellent. I usually get the same gentleman (coincidence, I suppose) and he's super friendly. Decor and ambiance are great - save for the noise level. Decoration is very cute and simple. Price is a little high, but all the food I've had there is excellent. I've never bothered with the cupcakes - they are TOO pricey! ;) Website needs major updating. It's very out of date.

Miriam Anderson

Delicious food and excellent service.

Joe Schneider


Kevin Casey Fleming

Great salad and great soup. Staff were helpful, and I am pretty demanding. I suspect those who say it costs too much for what you get think in terms of quantity more than quality. It is enough without the need for leftovers (this coming from an active 6ft tall 175lb man). I tried a small red velvet cupcake, and it was good but not outstanding (would benefit from a less sweet cream cheese frosting and thicker cake). The fruit chicken salad was great, and the side of soup was good too. I did not try the coffee, but I will next time. There should be more places like this in the QC, cafe owners take note.

Jason Whitcanack

Food was fantastic. Enchilada soup, meatball sandwich, carnitas sandwich, all great. Service was just a bit off pace but reasonable. I would definitely go back the next time we're in town.

Brittney Marie

The food is amazing here!

Michael Trowbridge

i'm baffled by the reviewers who say this place is horrible. I go to cafe fresh a couple times a month and have never had a bad experience. The food is great, the atmosphere is wonderful, and the staff is super friendly. One time I asked for a type of coffee they didn't know how to make, but once I told them how I wanted it done, they went ahead and made and it was delicious! highly recommend this place to anyone.

Leroy Brocksieck

A decent place to eat. The atmosphere was nice and the food was good.

Makenzie Nelson

Delicious food and drinks, always good service, my favorite weekday lunch stop

Donyelle DeVore-Kemp

Food is so flavorful. Served hot. Wine was very good. Very friendly staff. The baked goat cheese and red pepper Gouda soup are both amazing.

Ray Kumor

Great place to eat with super service and decent prices.

Lloyd Eston

Excellent dining experience. Great food.

Madison Hoch

Great food and wine. Good scene and happy staff :)

Jami Stoddard

Very delicious food. Order ahead if you only have an hour for lunch, it gets very busy and you will not get in and out within an hour.

Dominic Martinez

They have very delectable meals that fill your tummy.

Emiling Shu

Wraps and sandwiches unremarkable. Soup is good. Overall, food is expensive considering the ingredients used. SERVICE is very poor and slow. Half of the time the waiter doesn't even know what is in their own food. The clincher is that when I got the wrong ordered for take out, their response was that since the order was taken wrong "I got what I paid for." Service wise, this is unacceptable. You go for soup and you get a sandwich. Glad to know I paid for a sandwich and not the soup.

Violet Demink

A little high price but if you want fresh and delicious food, you've got to come here! The red pepper gouda soup is divine!

Chanda Washington

Food is extremely tasty

Deanna Thomas

Great food, girl the lunch pick 2 special. Service was quick even though it was busy, and the food was hot and tasty.

Deuce Loosely

Great fish tacos and cupcakes! Love the decor!

Karen Phillips

Had a very good lunch with friends. Food was very good, fresh and healthy. Very good service. They are remodeling and only using one half their space and it was very noisy. Hopefully it will be quieter when work is done.

QC Hawks

I ordered a chicken wrap and a side of pasta For about $9 (water to drink). The wrap was decent size and was tasty, but the pasta side was about two forks worth. You know, the little sides most places include for free. The staff was friendly, however the tables are sooo close I could hear the woman next to me chewing her lunch. I left still hungry and had to grab a snicker's bar when back at the office. This would be a great place to eat as a snack, even for lunch the prices are a bit high for the small amount of food. Doubtful I'll return.

kathleen thomas

Food is great. Nice atmosphere, good drink bnb ka. A very nice change of pace!!!

Hannah Warner

Everything at this place is amazing. The whipped feta, the ahi tuna, the queso wrap and the cupcakes are a few favorites!

Mary Eckman

Enjoyed this place very much! Hip and lovely decor and the menu was awesome! Food was EXCELLENT. So fresh, combinations were unique and so flavorful! Wish we lived closer, this place would be a staple of ours. Only reason I gave 4 stars is our server was uninformed about what menu items could be prepared/altered gluten free. Luckily my family knows well enough what foods to avoid.


Unique place, love every single plate. Ceviche is a must.

Steve McAtee

Great food. The service is great too. I love the vegetarian menu.

justin thomsen

Great selection of delicious choices.

shannyn vogler

The food is wonderful and filling. I love the drinks and cupcakes. The servers are extremely nice and take great care of you. I have been there many... Times the atmosphere great. The bar side is nice, clean and modern. The cafe side is nice and you feel very comfortable and a GREAT place for families to eat at.

Adam Thompson

Great staff, very cool place to chill

Joan Dean

I would give them less than one star if it was an option. They have extremely slow service and when you politely give them this feedback they politely tell you this isn’t the restaurant for you and their dining is meant for relaxation. When an owner or manager stops listening to feedback or better yet doesn’t take ownership, that’s a slippery slop to travel down.

sheryl correll

Great food and service. Party room.

Michael McLean

Excellent lunches, great options for carnivors and vegetarians alike.

Gary Madison

Great place to have lunch. Good food and very friendly staff.

Linda Adams

Yummy food, comfortable atmosphere, and a great waitress

Amanda Davidson

Fresh good food. Something different. Little pricey.

jeffrey Willhite

Great food. Grilled cheese sandwich to die for. Great service.

Brian Gray

Awesome food, looks as good as it tastes you can tell its made with a serious eye for detail.

Elizabeth Stigler

Delicious lunch. Highly recommend the red pepper and Gouda soup! Excellent servics

Kris Street

Absolutely amazing!!!

Alexa Earlywine

Delicious! Red pepper gouda soup was delicious!! And the shrimp tacos were excellent. Good service and beautiful venue.

Household Chapman

Our meals were all amazing. The staff was very friendly. I enjoyed a flight of cupcakes!

Jeremy Jones

Absolutely love taking my wife here. Trendy. Great food. Love the basil lemonade.

Joe Kleiss

Very nice place and great food. Will definitely be going back

Liz G

Had the pita and hummus which was soooo good. Also got the cheese quesadilla wrap which was just a little too much cheese for me but others might enjoy it more. Lovely little place just a bit off the bike path so it is a decent place to refuel for those long bike rides.

Greg Lumb

Great stop for our Tennis Team after a hard played match! Food was fresh, and fantastic.

Jeff Utsinger

Amazing food and drinks

Lisa Yaeger

Update: I decided to give Cafe Fresh another try and the speed of service was much better! I'll be back again, especially for the fiesta salad! Terrible service, it took about an hour to get our food. Unfortunately we were in a time crunch to get back to work and had to inhale our food so we could get back.

Sarah Engler

Having previous experience in the food industry, I know bad service and tonight we had just that towards the end. Visiting from out of town, I heard nothing but great things about this place. However, despite being close to closing time, a good business will keep their customers happy. My friend and I wanted drinks to go after our meal and our waitress, xiomara - per receipt, couldn’t have rolled her eyes enough times throughout the whole time she was helping us. She was completely rude when taking our order to begin with, but after our meal, I asked for a menu to look at the drinks and was instantly told “we close at 9”, as it was only 15-20 minutes before 9. We were then turned down for the drinks ordered as “the espresso machine is already shut down and takes too long to heat up?”. I understand you close at 9... However, a good business will serve their customers until close... Even if that means recleaning machines and so on. It wasn’t even 8:50 yet. Heck, I’ve served my customers after closing time because that’s good business AND extra money in your pocket. Service was just lazy in that aspect and nothing’s more disappointing than having the feeling of being kicked out. On the other hand, the food was good when we finally got it. May or may not come back the next time I’m in town, depending on the attitude adjustment of the server that helped us. To our server we had: I’m sorry you seemed to hate your job or if you were having a bad day.

Larry Conway

Nice. Good food. $6. Lemonade overly pricy for this place.

Jennifer Aranda

Awesome ceviche appetizer! Delicious salads. Great service! Amazing cupcakes!

Wayne Lance

The Mexican meatball sandwich was pretty good. Good service. Open space makes for a very noisy lunch crowd. A tad pricey.

David Burns

Really good food, the Cuban Melt is one of my favorites.

Tiffany Dungan

Great food and service!

Malarie Gilley

Love cafe fresh! My favorite lunch destination in the quad city area!

Jennifer Taylor

I could eat there everyday! Incredibly amazing!

Laura Zick-Bottorff

Excellent lunch

Kevin Kennedy

I've eaten here a handful of times and always had a great meal. The food is definitely fresh and prepared by chefs that know what they're doing. My only criticism would be that 2 of the times I have been they seemed to be understaffed. There were only 2 servers trying to serve the whole entire place. I'm assuming someone was sick, or they were short staffed for some reason, not a big deal just hard to flag someone down for drink refills and check. Highly recommend their Guacamole, fajitas, and wraps. Always fresh and well prepared.

Martie B

Wonderful find! Great food

Sam Fosdick

Each and every bite let's you know why Fresh is part of their name. Everything was delicious, the place was clean, cool vibe and what I call Timeless Contemporary decor.

Brian Collar

One of the best places in the Quad Cities to get lunch. Great food, great employees. Creative menu and everything is cooked well.

Dave Montag

The food is always good and the staff are friendly. This is by far my wife's favorite place to have dinner.

Katrina Christenson

Good variety in the menu, and food always seems fresh. Very cute decor. Love the mini cupcakes too. I will never understand the cream cheese pickles, but it deserves 5 stars anyway!

Chelsea Coronel

We arrived during the lunch rush, but they still managed to get us seated quickly. The ambiance and decor in this place is wonderful... Unique, bright, modern. Our server (Christie) was very kind and friendly. And the food was amazing! I was pleasantly surprised to see many vegetarian and vegan options available. Prices were very reasonable too given the quality of the food and service. Will definitely be back!

What's Shakin' Bacon - Martini Bar & Eatery

Cafe Fresh has delicious wraps and I love their Pick 2 option. I usually get half of a wrap and some soup - always hits the spot! Also, give their carrot cake cupcakes a try. They're delicious!

Matt Kolsrud

Great place to grab some lunch!

Darren Crumbleholme

First time there as they now have expanded hours Thursday Friday and Saturday's for the supper crowd. My wife and I chose salads ...when they came out we had to laugh because they were bigger than our faces

Jake Ridenour

My wife and I love this restaurant! We went there for her birthday a few weeks ago and the service was friendly and the food delicious. I had a quesadilla wrap and we had the baked goat cheese for an appetizer. Both were amazing. I also recommend the cupcake shakes for dessert!

Melinda Harris

Love this place! Always delicious.

Kate Van Huss

Always so good!

Brandi Love

Cute cafe with great food & sweet staff!! Our whole family enjoys their food & I have an extremely picky child! But one downfall is that the food is very overpriced for a cafe. For instance, $7 for half of a grilled cheese (kids menu) & $2.25 for a child's chocolate milk & $3 for sliced apples side (totaling $12.25) for a child to eat lunch just seems a little on the steep side. Other than that it's a great choice!!

Ryan Bush

One of my favorites. Everything is fresh and fairly healthy. Some of the best cupcakes in town.

Andrea Mrosko

My family really likes this place. We had a small informal dinner for our wedding here and it was perfection. This servers are always very friendly. The menu and atmosphere are something different than the traditional/standard restaurant or café. Their shrimp tacos, Greek pita, cream cheese pickles and ceviche are all very tasty. they also have amazing salads and appetizers. Also, their cupcakes are AMAZING! We would definitely recommend.

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