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REVIEWS OF The Spot Cafe IN Connecticut

Luis Pacheco

Really nice looking place. Greeted with smiles right away.

Loretta Drain

The seafood stuffing in the baked stuffed lobster and scallop casserole was so good! Highly recommended!

Lisa Jewels

Best place to be! Great food! Great service!

Stephanie Varrone

Love the lobster grill cheese. Way to many people there on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sherri C

Food is great! The server was very helpful in suggesting menu items. The TV volume was high enough to hear but not so bad that we couldn't have a good conversation.

Kathryn Britos-Swain

Good food, big menu, dessert was fabulous!

Scott Anderson

Food was great. Our waitress always checked on us to make sure everything was good. Zero complaints. Definitely recommend coming here.


After waiting about 25 minutes our waitress comes to take our order. Not only were we completely unhappy with the lack of service, the large party next to us was trying to flag down waiters AND the table behind us has to physically get up to ask for more drinks and complained to the manager. I understand it’s a Sunday night but half the restaurant was empty. I also understand it was parade day but why, knowing the parade is up the street would they not have extra staff on hand. The waitress literally said to another complaining table “we didn’t plan ahead today”. We sat down at 6:20, ordered drinks and food at 6: 45 then finally got food at 7:30, finally leaving the restaurant around 8p.m. I feel bad for the two servers and one cook. Their management failed them and they should have prepared better, not lining them up for failure. Every table since we sat has complained. They did however apologize numerous times and took off my husband’s beer. We will more than likely not be coming back.

Colin Gourlie

Good American style food, reasonable prices, good drink selection, lots of weekday happenings

Ken Beatrice

I brought my New Boss out on the road today. Treated him to lunch. Everything was Great! :) He said he would buy next time :)

Thomas Gillis jr

Always a great time for a beer great prices for apps average meal prices quick paced wait staff very friendly

James Mckeon

Food not so good but good place to hang and watch a game

Joseph Lowman

Great food and service

Kenn Davis

Great service

Eric Deroche

Best restaurant and bar in town

Loni Brockett

Got the best french onion soup anywhere they're stuffed shrimp and stuff lobster is out of this world

Craig Ragan

Great food. Great staff.

Taylor Salva

Great local spot, friendly staff, great maker of comfort food. The French onion soup is made the way it should be.

Joel Morabito

Manager Mike is right on top of things. Service was great.

Zeb Snobgrass

Pub atmosphere, food offering steak seafood burgers better than a dive.

abel garcia

Good place for food and watching sports

John E

Good. I had the lobster bisque, stuffed shrimp, a salad, corn and sweet potato fries. Bisque was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Same with the shrimp and the rest. Corn was not as crunchy as I like and seemed like it was out of the can. Also, I like large chunks of lobster in my bisque and or a special flavor that’s not the norm. The prices are actually pretty good for what you get ($25 for all that). If you’re looking for a blow me away different taste experience then this is not the place. If you just want a good meal at a good price you should go for it. The staff and atmosphere are great unless you’re looking for fine dining and in that case you’re going to pay a lot more. Four stars because it’s good and worth the price.

Jim LeBlanc

5 stars all the way. The spot is the flagship for how a restaurant should be run. The ownership strives to make things better and better. Over the years the consistency of their food service and atmosphere has been impressive.

K Bruciati

One of my favorite local Spots. The bartenders are awesome and food always good.

Melissa Savino

I was picking up a door dash order for a customer. The kid at the door said it wasn't ready yet and I politely asked how much longer. He said I don't know took my payment and walked away. Assuming he would come back with an answer he gave me my card and said nothing. I waited 5 minutes and asked if he knew how much longer because it was supposed to be ready 5 minutes ago. He said no and walked away... Ok. Frustrated I asked the bartender and she was more than pleasant and helpful and was able to answer my question and I had my order in minutes. As a "dasher" we have quotas and time restrictions to meet. I do not have time for attitude, especially if I never gave him one to start, there was no need for it. If you aren't going to be helpful or polite don't be a host. I will be declining any orders to come back here and I will not be coming here as a customer based on this experience.

Jamie Pearson

One of my favorite places to have diner and drinks while in town. Sadly the last time I was there the bartender had audible gas, the sounds and smells were insane! I’d still go back.

mizael Cabrera

Good food fast service . Very chill spot . Recommended by cali travelers.

James Stolaronek

Great bar and grill. They had over 30 beers on tap. I ordered the macaroni and cheese pizza and it was more than I bargained for. Very cheesy and a carb overload. The wings were good and not to messy and sloppy which I prefer. Also the staff was helpful and didn't try to rush my party of 6 people out the door like a lot of restaurants do. Stop in and give the spot a shot.


Good food and a friendly atmosphere. Think Applebee's, but actually worth going to. Definitely try their Lobster Mac!

Megan Decker

All good food. No complaints. Fun loud atmosphere. Had the burger sliders and sweet potato fries. Tried my friends lobster Mac and cheese and lobster grilled cheese. Good amounts for the price.

Brent Lee

Great for meetups. Friendly waitstaff and multi options for drinks on tap. Their bar food is delicious!

Steven Davis

Best outdoor tiki bar in greater Burlington area. On the lake with beautiful views of the Adirondacks on a clear day.

Stephanie DelValle

Food here is always great. We love the prone rib special yet sorry to say no more football games unless they're on regular television. It was my all time favorite football spot now it seems dead.

michael broder

I really enjoy the spot. I've been coming here on and off for a very long time and I've yet to have a good experience here with both food and service. I highly recommended the country fried chicken!!

John W. Andrews Sr.

Great food, service and price.

Heidi Garrison

Staff was pretty friendly. Food was EXCELLENT!! And fast service

Seleda Neyman

Good selection of beer, food is mediocre but appetizers are always awesome.

Lannie Clark

Goid food and spirits awesome staff and awesome management

Joanne Page

Good food and drinks. Nice people

Edward Mangino

Great food and service

Leonard Bowman

Great place for beer. Good place for food. One of the best "spots" in Groton. Indoors is temperature controlled but too noisy for quiet conversations. Fortunately their outdoor seating is quieter but at the expense of climate control.

Ken Oliver

Good food and service. Great place to watch a game. Can be loud so keep in mind if you are looking for conversation.

Michelle Lemay

Food was good. But we were there fairly early in the evening. And they were already out of several daily specials. And no one said anything till after we ordered them..

Brian Dougherty

Great place for drinks and good bar food, giants pretzels, fried pickles or burgers. Wings have great flavor but are a little under cooked for my preference. I prefer nice and crispy. Over all solid joint

Bret Kimmel

Food was good. Quaint and clean. Lots of tvs. Most of draft beers were IPAs (90%) which is not good for those of us who like good dark beers. Service was pretty slow considering there were as many servers as patrons. Still, I'd probably go back.

Fernando Barreira

Been here several times and it has always been great. From the moment you walk in till the time you leave you will be satisfied. The service is friendly and quick and the food is outstanding. They offer specials and are always a great option. It has outdoor seating, and is great for large groups.

Lyn DeBerardinis

The prime rib was good. the chicken pot pie tasted like Swanson's

jake wells

Great food after a ride at bluff

christina woodard

Excellent small bar and resturant yo go to. Food was amazing and great prices. Fast and friendly bar service as well. 10/10 for sure will return.

Meagan Javier

My fiance and I went here tonight and got jalepeno poppers, southwestern egg rolls, the southwestern burger, and the loaded mac n cheese with buffalo chicken. The jalepeno poppers were disgusting. Tasted like they were frozen, the egg rolls were good, the burger was okay, but the mac and cheese was awful. The texture was horrible. The chicken was unbelievably dry and the cheese sauce was just wrong. It was exactly like the mac and cheese you get in those frozen tv dinners for a dollar but charged me $11.99 for it. On top of all that our waitress never checked in on us. We were finished eating and waited a good 15 min before she approached us even though she was very attentive to a table close by. Never going back. Its overpriced garbage. Sorry.

Craig Bigger

Had a burger. It was cooked just right and very good. Lost a star because the steak fries were more like chunks of potatoes and not fries. Okay though


Been years since I have been by. Stopped for lunch. There was very few tables occupied. Food was eh ok. Service was as minimal as you could get. Next time we saw our server after she dropped off food was to drop off the check. Will probably be years till I try the place again.

Miranda Bryant

I ordered the baked salmon with corn and garlic mashed potatoes today for take out. The salmon came overcooked near dry and I was picking out little bones left and right. The corn might as well have been served hard. It was not soft corn whatsoever. My garlic mashed potatoes was like eating a scoop of minced garlic alone and very dense. I'm giving this 2 stars because I've had good dishes in the past from this place. I couldn't finish any portion of my meal for these reasons. Today was a major let down.

Ken Marshall

Great sandwiches and craft beer selection.

Ashley King

Nearly $60 down the drain. I'm so disappointed. My husband and I were new customers tonight and I have to say we won't be going back. For dinner tonight we decided to order the Mozzarella sticks for an app, Boneless Hot wings, The 8oz Center Cut Sirloin with mushrooms and onions with sides of Corn/Mac and Cheese to share as well as Cheese Cake and Carrot Cake for Dessert. Going through the order the Carrot Cake was fine as well as the Mozzarella sticks but in my opinion not good enough for the price point. My husband said the Boneless hot wings were pretty ok. I don't know for sure because I personally don't like hot food but he eats wings multiple times a week so I trust his judgement. The steak and sides were the biggest disappointments this evening. We ordered the steak med-well but it was definitely overcooked. Not to the point where you couldn't eat it but enough to be annoying. That's not the worst part though. Not one hint of seasoning was put on this steak. Now I understand keeping things more neutral to accommodate all customers but when I say no seasoning I mean there wasn't even salt or pepper sprinkled on this thing. They literally took a raw piece of meat and put it on the grill. The Mac and Cheese tasted very generic. I don't see how there could be any real cheese in it judging by the consistency and the corn was sadly way overcooked, burnt orange and mushy. It is very rare that I say something about a meal out and even more rare that I write a review online but this was just ridcuridic. I finally gave up trying to eat this and am now very happy with my microwaved pizza rolls.

Maryjane Basila

Always good and well staffed.

Elizabeth Day-Summers

The Spot has awesome food, a magnificent staff with great prices.

Paul Thomson

Local watering hole with a lot of most of the things people want in a bar / pub EXCEPT parking. This place has a substantial menu of large-portioned offerings. Booths are quite comfortable, service is good. BUT, on a popular evening, parking is trouble, the take-away: get there as early as you can.


This place is awesome. I know for a fact the food is made there. There so good about if u need anything they get it for you. The owners put all there time and thought into how to please the customer. They make sure your happy. My family and friends love the place. The chicken bites,crab puffs and burgers!!!!!! Loveit!!!! Go see for yourself

Isaac Dave

I work in Connecticut. In the hotel I stayed at highly recommended this restaurant. Iota is the stuff Lobster. It was very good! I'm definitely coming back again..

Ronald Payumo Jr

Great staff and wonderful food

Jessica Bachand

Great menu selection. Excellent fried pickles. Excellent everything actually. Used to go every Wednesday for trivia, only stopped because my schedule changed, not sure if they still do it. But we still stop there for drinks or dine in from time to time, never disappointed.

Jacqueline Nichols-Holden

Good food, decent prices.

Tyler Fafard

Great food

Billy Kersteter

Always great food and people

Vince Concra

Only had apps generous portions good quality portion bit small bit pricey

Amy Hanrahan

Good local place, good drinks, can get crowded, happy hour has good deals.

Adam Dirig

My family and I were greeted with disinterest, most likely because of our small children, which was intriguing because people in the parking lot had small children, the couple before us had a small child, and the people at a table by us had a young child. My logical conclusion when determining this as a restaurant that we would like to try was kids would be okay. However, when we were seated, we were promptly forgotten and ignored, it was not busy, and our waitress was in the corner looking in our direction folding silverware and seemingly doing her best to ignore us for some reason, as did many other wait staff as they passed by us without a second look. After about 20 minutes, knowing exactly what we wanted to order, we decided to take our business elsewhere without evening getting a drink order taken. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone, there were plenty of other places in the area, very disappointing.

Sam Schaperow

Menu said "fish and chips w/broccoli". Yet, it didn't include chips.... Server admitted the menu was not clear (actually, *it was clear in stating what it came with*), but server didn't offer to include the chips (we got fish and broccoli only). The lack of integrity was not okay. Regarding management's subsequent (via their post here) offer for a free kid's meal if I dine w/them, I'm not sure that's enticing enough to return. Maybe if they comped me the meal I had there or perhaps a gift card that takes into consideration more than just the mere value of a kid's meal.

Rob Schneider

Quick stop for a beer for the wife's bday. Clean as always and there never seems to be less than 10 patrons here. Popcorn for all also.

Wendy T

The food was good and the sreivce was goox

belinda daniels

Always a great time. I love that the staff knows there her selection.


The food here is second to none. I have never ordered the same thing twice there and have yet to be disappointed. Try the lobster grilled cheese, I've never had better!!

Angela Thornton

Went with my boyfriend the other day for lunch- French onion soup is amazing!!! We also each got a buyer special for lunch ($6.99 w/a side) ... I got a Nacho burger (had pico and house made cheese sauce, which is be happy with just that honestly lol!) And my boyfriend got this BBQ beef sandwich , both were amazing!!! We asked for medium cook, and they were the perfect picture of a medium burger. And they also have a great and market priced beer selection. Neither of us had been in years, next time we won't wait so long!

Roger Hudnall

Good food and great service.

Queen Moomba

Great selection of beer and fresh food.

Barbara Loso

Typically good food. Service today was very fast. Excellent stuffed fish and burger today.

Edward Eilers

Good food, would come with friends to watch sporting events

Nubian Haitian

The drinks and food were cheap. The workers were so friendly. Going back on ladies night

Ted Allen

The Spot is a great watering hole with a nice beer selection and friendly staff. This last trip was a disappointment on the food front. The ribs were as advertised. The kids pizza was acceptable. The center cut sirloin was okay. I however ordered the 18 oz. T-Bone. $25 is not to flight steakhouse price but I did expect a T-Bone. When it arrived it would be generous to call the cut 14 oz. mind over a pound! Also out was barely the advertised cut. From the end without even the bone seperating the sirloin portion from the non existent filet portion. Still, the service was attentive and friendly but man I expected better steak for the price.

Jess Miner

Great specials. Food is always great. Friendly service

Tara Bray

Food was okay... it was hot which is great but definitely was NOT a fan of the "steak" fries they should be called potato logs. So they went to waste. Texas cheese fries were made with most definitely shredded cheese so it was very hard to pull apart definitely wasn't any good, server was nice enough though to offer to replace it with another appetizer we just wanted it off the check though but was very thankful. May be back, not for sure we just came to check it out.

Amber Dzurenka

Food always delicious, especially the deep fried cheesecake bites. Service is friendly and welcoming and very attentive!! :)

Kristal richards

Love the bartenders, especially lauren!! Great food

Margaret LeMontagne

Great ladies night deals. Good fried food.

David Wilson

I ordered food to go a barbecue meatloaf sandwich which has barely any cheese an little to know barbecue sauce on it an the meatloaf was bland an tasteless an i ordered lumpas i think there called supposed to be egg rolls with pork but these things were the size of my pinkey finger an were also tasteless with a sauce that wasn't a good accompaniment for the rolls it was as if they went to big y an bought a case of frozen egg rolls an passed them off as there lastly the shepherds pie for sure they could get that rite but no not even that was good there was only 8 kernels of corn as I counted them because I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was all beef an mashed potatoes with a terrible tasting gravy that tasted like it had been sitting on the stove all day an had been burnt.I was so disgusted with this meal an the fact that it cost me 27$ an all I got for that was a bad taste in my mouth!Save your money an go somewhere else you have been warned.


Awesome. Great food and staff!

Brianne Holpert

OMG. I have to say the burger I ate at The Spot was one of the best and definitely the juiciest burgers I ever had. Cooked to perfection at medium rare. Tuesday night is burger night. All burgers are $7.99. The rest of the menu is reasonably priced and so are the drinks. Would recommend this place to everyone! On another note all staff was very nice and welcoming. Will definitely be back when I'm in the area or even make it a destination spot on the bike being from NY.

Jeannette LaRoche

Love the Spot! great food, friendly staff, nice prices. What's not to like?

Frances Ethier

All 4 of us had a nice tasty meal.

Matthew Bilodeau

Lots of good standard food with a couple specialty choices. I like the buffalo chicken mac and cheese pizza. It's a great combination.

Stephen Salomonson

Good food ,great prices and service.

Slo Ate

Great service! Tuesday burger specials were excellent.

Terry O'Hanlon

Great service, Great Food, Great Beer!!

Nicole Vanegas

really delicious food for a very good price! portions were big, food came out quick and super yummy. got chicken quesadillas for appetizer and they were stuffed with chicken and alot of bacon and very flavorful! i was impressed. husband ordered the pork chop and he ate the entire plate he loved it so much

Stephanie Rumbarger

Good selection of food, boneless chicken bites and soft pretzel with queso were fantastic.


I use to go to this restaurant 6 years ago all the time. I was always a great time. Since then i have move away but im back in the area for a few weeks and wanted to reminisce the old times and this place has not changed. Same great atmosphere and great food. Thank you to the owners and staff for maintaining a great spot.

Chris Kreckel

The food was fantastic and the service was great. Prices were very reasonable. Everyone was very friendly. Hope to get back there again.

Katherine Woznek

Surf n turf!!!! Key lime pie!!! Dark beer!!

Theresa Oberg

Indoor/outdoor dining. Might have live music occasionally. Good food and service. Limited takeout menu. Large bar area.

Emily Kuder

Everything was just ok. The waitress was nice but wouldn't tell us her opinion of any of the food items. The seafood left little to be desired. Sandwiches were ok. Beer selection was limited.

James yboy

great food and atmosphere. However, the service seriously lacked my most recent trip. server was inattentive and never asked how the food tasted, had to flag down another server to get a box and close out the bill.

Holiner Miliner

Great atmosphere

Mason Bartlett

Came here on a Saturday night. Not even busy and it took more than an hour for our food. Food is overpriced and tastes mediocre at most. Payed 14 dollars for a Mac n cheese just for it to taste like a box of kraft Mac and cheese. Would not recommend this restaurant.

James D

Great Sunday specials and service

Ernest Adams

High prices, spotty service. Very noisy when sports are on the many Tv's. Food is good.

Bob Zagami

Good food, great service.

Chrys Elaine Rosario

AMAZING FOOD, excellent customer service & great variety of food

Bruce Starkweather

Great food


Lov ❤ The Seafood Cream Puffs w Raspberry Dip

Kevin Curtis

Great place great food


So, I love The Spot. The staff is nice, they know the menu and beers, and the food is always cooked well and seasoned for perfection. The atmophere is nice for a place to go eat and talk or to watch a game. Even a great place for a work-week, lunchtime in-and-out. DEFINITE 5 stars. Been a patron since 2013.

Jeff Chaet

Good assortment on menu fresh seafood in addition to large pub type menu

Rolf Benninghoven

Great Dive bar. Really good food and friendly staff. A nice place to hang out, eat and drink.

Austin Almeida

Favorite place to watch a game and have some chili. Love all the two roads on tap as well

Paul Taylor

Baby back ribs

Randall Conradi

Favorite "Spot" for Happy Hour with the EB engineering crowd on Fridays after long week at the "Boat"

Suzanne Palmieri

Great place, great food, good for large crowds, family gatherings, or cozy meal. Fun trivia on Wednesday night.

Robert Anderson

Scrap DoorDash, it’ll cost you more customers than it’s worth. I’ve been eating here for 6 years at least once a month if not more. After waiting for two hours for food that I never received due to the fact that they would not let the delivery driver leave with my food despite it being paid for through the website, the whole incident has left me reluctant to return. Now I’ll wait two weeks on a refund for a nearly 70 dollar order.

A. W.

Great food, friendly srvc and reasonably priced. We will be back.

Victoria Renee

Baked stuffed scallops were the best! I'll definitely come back! Great food and service. Price is right too!

Samuel Colon

Monday's Steak night was awesome

Emily R

Loved their burger and one of tge few places with sweet potato fries! Delicious. Also very quaint and rustic feel inside. I believe they have outdoor seating in the summer as well!

Patricia Hartley

SW spring roll or egg roll. Not sure name exactly

Jennifer Diaz

Really like this place! Great portions, friendly staff, good prices! If I lived out here it would definitely be a place I visited regularly!

Heather Bonelli

Got a teriyaki Caesar salad, strange choice to begin with but it wasnr bad. Chicken was juicy. I also had a piece of chocolate cake for dessert, pre-bought, pre-frozen, rather dry but definitely chocolaty. Server was very sweet.

Dan McConville

Good food and fast and courtious servive

Sandy Benjamin

Good food but a bit pricey. Good happy hour drink specials. Clean tables. Decent service.

Natalie Zeni

Great beer selection, awesome food, especially the burgers.


Nice little bar/cafe with plenty of TV's and a colorful crowd. Good beer selection, decent specials and variety of food at a good price. Haven't had a bad time there.

Zachary boudah

My chicken and steak fries were great, the only complaint is that I laughed so hard at a joke I spat out some coffee!

William Smith

Excellent food. Staff was attentive. Nice place to eat.

Paige Yvette

A little to packed for my liking but good food and service.

Jennifer Bachand

Nice place, clean polite staff and very relaxing.

Christian Wilks

Wonderful service and the food was good.

Diana Vervynckt

Nice atmosphere and staff were great. Food is good too.

Thomas Mathis

Good sports bar

Brian Stuart

Their food is definitely enjoyable, and I love the atmosphere. They have a huge array of beer that is always changing, and run food and drink specials depending on the day. The only thing I have a problem with is that I've never had fast service there. It has always been slow. Also, I would avoid the pizza at all costs. Any frozen pizza from a grocery store would be better than what they offer. Edit: I usually go here about once per week, and with the exception of a couple waitresses, the service has been a lot quicker.

Thomas Provencher

Fair bar and restaurant, nothing special, but decent food and prices, good atmosphere, friendly staff.


Apps were good. Service was good. Ordered a Cosmo with absolute vodka. I was served a glass of cranberry juice for $11.25. Quite disappointing.

joan freemer

Waitress was great. Expecting a baby in a couple weeks. Amazing

Carol Koontz

Great food. One waitress handling a table of 11---did an outstanding job!

George Waterman

Your Basic sports bar but better as it has a very good and changing selection of craft beers, also with a varied, scrumptious selection of menu items. Never been disappointed there.

Chelsea Shaughnessy

Great specials, Good food and great location to catch a game

nj rednek

Outstanding place!! Waitress was super nice

Robert Hauser

Some of the best burgers in Groton at a reasonable price.

George Boras

Great little spot for a bite to eat. I love the Cajun Chicken Alfredo pasta!


What can I say? Its The Spot. Loved it for years.

Jose Rivera

Its a good place sexy waitresses and polite. I like the atmosphere. Drinks are cold food is great.


Always had great for specials and always had PBR on tap!


Great food and service

Louis Zubek

Service is like going to the VA for a procedure. For-get-it

dylan west

This is for the bar itself since I have only been the after kitchen hours. Kitchen closes at 10 pm I believe. They have a popcorn machine that runs all night which is pretty awesome. Good beer on tap, typical selections but also PBR which is great. Just a good place to go hang out

Hector Colon

This place is awesome. Had the clam chowder and the seafood fettuccine. Both were beyond delicious.

John Bean

Reliable. Good beer selection; great sandwiches. It's a few towns away from me, so I only go every once in a while, but in fifteen years I've never been disappointed.

eileen lemontagne

Dive bar at it's best.

Theresa Hughes

great happy hour outdoor seating as well as indoor seating good food good drinks clean friendly staff

Peter Kwolek

Been going there about once a week for lunch for over a year. Food is great and ready when you get there if you call ahead.

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