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Where is Story and Soil Coffee?

REVIEWS OF Story and Soil Coffee IN Connecticut

Melissa Freeman

I read about this place online and decided to give it a try. On a Wednesday morning I was greeted by a genuine and friendly staff. The true test of any coffee shop is their drip, served black. I was blown away by how good the coffee was. Light roast beans from Ethiopia, brewed to the perfect strength, served piping hot. The room itself is quite small, so you'll get to know your neighbors. I can see it being crowded on a weekend. I travel quite a bit for my work and finding good coffee is always a challenge. Story & Soil exceeded expectations. I'll be back!

Melanie Okita

Literally the most amazing and adorable little coffee shop we’ve been in on our trip from New Jersey to New York! The atmosphere, people, outdoor seating, drinks, and food were all spectacular. Let’s just say we ate one cookie and craved more. We literally chugged the loose leaf black tea that tasted like the best black tea we’ve ever had to drink before. My best friend savored her almond latte. Anddddd the only thing we didn’t really care for that we ordered was the cheddar biscuit. Looks amazing. Taste is a bit bland for our liking. But still good overall.


I ordered a regular latte and was recommended by the barista to have a Spanish latte. Was a fantastic recommendation! It has condensed milk to give a creamier consistency and cinnamon on top. The barista was talkative, friendly, and very welcoming.

CR Chillogalli

I love a good local coffee shop with great coffee, that sells good coffee beans from all over the US, has seasonal menu and just awesome owners.

Trent Rollings

One of our favorite coffee shops in CT. Their coffee game is solid and their team of baristas is friendly and knowledge. Picnic tables outside are perfect for those warm days. We drive an hour to visit.

Stacey Macquinn


Justin Powell

Visiting from out of town and was hoping for a great cup of coffee! They delivered on that as well as being friendly and knowledgeable! Parking was easy, the atmosphere was great, and overall it was a great experience.

Tom Helfrich

Best coffee in Hartford area. Must admit to being a bit of a coffee snob, so after trying a number of shops in the area, Story and Soil wins hands down. Quality coffee, well prepared, with a friendly staff. Absolutely give it a try

Renzo Orellana

It’s such a cute little coffee shop with great vibes! The teas and coffees are really unique and the avocado toast.. they don’t hold back on the avocado !! We left there with full stomachs and warm smiles :)

Ally and Brad

Coffee is super tasty. All that you hope for.

John Bodnar

Wheelchairs can not enter this place. I hope they consider installing a ramp.

Eve Mosher

Top notch coffee and that's it. Don't go looking for fancy syrups or fresh baked pastries you won't get fluffy frozen drinks or smoothies of all flavors, this is coffee, just coffee and they take it seriously and breakfast it well. Small place with limited indoor seating (laptop friendly) and a good amount of outdoor seating on picnic benches.

Greyson Thorne

Excellent experience, brilliant interior, friendly service, and top-tier quality! Variety of plant milks available, with some niche specials like Spanish lattes and peppermint mocha drinks. This is my new favourite café in Hartford.

Liz Ferrari

Really cool spot, great sense of community

Jennifer Obregon

Carlos Mouta

Very, very good coffee shop. Will ALL ways come back.

Josye Utick

Fantastic addition to the Hartford landscape. Hurray for local businesses!!! Trying the Spanish latte is a must.

Quyen Truong

Great little coffee shop with freshly roasted coffee beans that are delivered weekly! Staff are thoughtful and responsive. Glad to have this local business in the neighborhood.


Good stuff

Benjamin Dubow

Lyselle Lucien

Great tasting coffee.. family feel


Long wait, yummy food and tea. Definitely defintely get the lox bagel if youre into that kind of thing because it was divine. Also don't stop in if youre socially conservative because this isnt the place for you. A sign in the building read "Octobers villians: Christopher Columbus and Brett Kavanaugh. We believe her." Personally though, I thought the sign was sick and made me love Story and Soil that much more. The decor was also gorgeous and super classy.

Andrew Poppe

Good espresso. Cozy location

Hala Van Nostrand

Jonathan Smith

Went in for a little something to perk me up and brought my Kindle to read. Got a Spanish latte with oatmilk, and it was easily one of the best coffee beverages I've ever had. I savored it for at least an hour, and I'm usually not the type to do that. There were two folks on staff when I went, both incredibly laid back and genuinely nice to the people who came in. On that note, people WILL talk to you here. Remember how humans used to communicate with vocalizations from their mouths? That actually occurs in this location! The bar facing the street is a little too tall to read comfortably (I did anyway), but I think this is totally intentional - it's very much a community-oriented place, so they want you to interact with your neighbors. In addition to the bar, there are two outdoor tables and one long communal table. When you visit, make sure you're in a good mood you want to share, or a bad mood you want to get out of, or an equanimous mood... whatever mood you're in, just go, and prepare for delicious coffee and good conversation. And try the oatmilk! It's amazing!

Positive Vibrations

A very intimate space to have an intimate conversation over great coffee and pastry..

Lesbia Hernandez

Best coffee latte's

Teknique Acex

My mom knows the owner and they were really nice. Also the chai coffee was delicious

Joshua Kroscen

robin waddell

The baristas on duty were nice and friendly and while I have given up coffee for lent the hot chocolate is a wonderful marshmallow laden substitute. Stop in and say hello.

Michael B. Pollack

Excellent service. Variety of beverage selections. Coffee is excellent. Cool vibe!

Ira Revels

Timothy Banker

Small but delicious menu for breakfast. Drinks are always well done. Iced chai latte is gooood

Swamp Yankee

Good coffee, nice staff - a little slow but good coffee, so...

Daniel Demers

Super delicious espresso. Great coffee from a few different roasters. I'll be back next time I'm in town!

Ryn Miake-Lye

Thank you—your recommendation of Brazilian Daterra brewed was

Chris Ryan

It's a nice place, a bit small. We would have stayed but only about 8 or 10 seats. Barista was friendly enough.


Megan Rice

Best coffee in CT!!

Alex Adkins

Solid little spot. Great menu and decent street parking. Finally a coffee shop that is on on Sunday! Will be back, with certain regularity.

Isa Ortiz

Great music. Nice atmosphere. And above all great Mocha Latte!!!!

Michael Rivers

So glad this coffee shop opened up! Excellent baristas. Give it a try!

Fernando Ragget

Great place!!

Caitlin Anderson

Best coffee shop in Hartford area, hands down

Greg Devo

Great coffee selection and great prices. Single origin coffees are great and from local roasters. The staff is full of amazingly kind and interesting people. They were genuinely helpful in getting orders done quickly while simultaneously being great conversationalists. I came in on Father's Day and everyone was asked for input on the playlist. The winner was definitely Big Poppa by Biggie with a close second if "isn't she lovely" by Stevie Wonder.

Henrick Malpica

Quick, cute, delicious little coffee shop. I'd recommend the iced mocha.

Mike Hudson

Lyle Wray

Good coffee. Did not offer nonfat milk as an option

Nic Tedesco

Service is friendly and prompt. Captivating art highlights a pleasing environment with unique architecture. Beyond your run of the mill cafe pastries. Espresso was freshly ground and did not have a distinct character. Roasts vary though.

Sarah Clark

Such a neat spot to get quality coffee. A perfect time out from the work day! The staff are wonderful.

Oguz Kuruca

Great coffee and lattes

Katie Bishop

wow fucc me up this coffee was SO GOOD. the branding is delightful, the decor and aesthetic is perfect, the retail coffee selection is super well-curated, the baristas very clearly understand coffee and know what they’re doing, and they were all nice af! this is what every specialty coffee shop should aspire to be.

Noah Black

Cool atmosphere, even better coffee, and stellar service

Giovanni Daina-Palermo

Judy Pearl

Lamont Lawson

Deborah Phillips

Awesome customer service! I mean, AWESOME! The husband and wife team are so wonderful and sweet! Not to mention, I had the best iced tea ever! Can't wait to visit again!

Maral Wozniak

Justin Miller

One of the great coffee shops of New England. This is one of my absolute favorite places to go for coffee with a friend or to do some reading with a small snack out of anywhere in Greater Hartford. The food and coffee are made with genuine originality and craftsmanship which is rare to find so much of anywhere.

Nia Wilkes

Lucas Darger

Spanish Latte and Acai Bowls were fantastic

Ramona Anderson

Love their hot honey latte!!

Daniel Madden

Jeff Brooks

Awesome coffee and awesome people. What more could you want?!

PK Kass

Got the Capuccino...(cool heart design )...added a bit of brown sugar....OMG..!!! Smooth froth..silky texture..great the last drop.... well done barista..

coppuca s

Very cozy and charming coffee shop, a little too small, it's hard to find a place to sit. Love the atmosphere, will be back again!

Michael Mancini

Great spot for exceptional coffee. They also stock a small amount of freshly roasted beans from super good coffee roasters.

Jordan Ross

The espresso cream soda was excellent as was the avocado toast (humorously called rent money). Also has a yogurt with banana, peanut butter and cinnamon... also amazing! Gem of a place. Good to see this area with vibrant businesses

m m march

Quite place, remind me of Starbucks but better!

Daniel Becce

Outstanding espresso. Broad coffee choices on menu. Creative food choices. Focus on locally roasted coffees. Vibrant block of a neighborhood with heart.

Christopher Sheppard

Live right across the road and I really wanted to love this place.... But, the cold brew was too acidic to drink. Cold brew is my go-to drink, so unfortunately I don't think I'll return. The service and atmosphere was great though, so hopefully they work on the cold brew. UPDATE: I wanted to update my rating due to their awesome cappuccinos.... I have been drinking them regularly and have become a big fan!

Wanda Skinner


Eric Hartung

Great space and great coffee

Samar Mian

Ramit Bhayana

Wonderful small coffee place with awesome servers behind the counter. Food was delicious and well presented(Tried Spanish latte with avacado toast). Not much space for more than 11 people at max. Not sure if they have outdoor seating available as it was winters when i visited last. Prices are ok considering very small portions. You may see few books n magazines as well to go through if u wish stay away from ur phone/laptop. Must try while u r in downtown Hartford.

Barbara Lacoss

Love it!

David Capodici

Great espresso service. My only problem was they didn't have a blend. But that doesn't take away from their attention to detail and offering a great cup. Awesome addition to capitol Ave.

Hannah Reynolds

Jessica Lenore Williams

Cute and cozy spot ! Fun seasonal drinks. I recommend the Spanish latte... Delicious !

Eleanor Angerame

Cozy and hip, an oasis of crunchy cool in Hartford's buttoned up Capitol area. Great local products for purchase and a nice tea selection.

Bart Ranci

Oleksiy Lysenko

Cortado was good. Free parking.


We have stopped in here a couple of times on the way to and from New York City. It is a tiny place but very friendly. Coffee is great. Everyone is friendly. Coffee beans are for sale along with other coffee-related products. It is located just off I-84 so makes it easy to stop in here if you are "on-the-road". Great alternative to Starbucks!

Michael Sisko

Beautifully Decorated, Cozy, and Wonderful Coffee & Kind Service.

eugene gallagher

Coffee 3 ways was an experience. I'd go back just for that.


sage awakening

So happy these guys moved in!

Patrick Skiba

Nick Lapin

Nice and cozy with good coffee selection. Good music and small bites.

sachin rathi

I went here early morning on some day in Late july. The cafe is very warm and cozy. You should definitely give it a shot in winter as you can sit outside and soak up the sun then alongside having coffee.

Julia Karpova

This is my favorite coffee shop in all of Connecticut. The Spanish Latte is a must-have! It's a signature drink for the shop and it's perfection. The shop is tiny but very intimate and the perfect place to catch up on some work or have a small coffee date. They always have great music and new coffee to try from all over! The staff is incredibly friendly and have great suggestions on ordering. They also keep a great seasonal menu that switches things up!

Mikaela Mariner

These guys are amazing & knowledgeable. Coffee. Eats. Atmosphere. It's all great.

Redscroll Records

Great coffee & pastry.

Murilo Henrique Ferreira


Daniel O'Keefe

What a cozy spot. Some of the best coffee combos in Hartford.


Pour over is very good. I think it’s the best in town.

Ritu Zazzaro

Need more food variety

Edward Dimio

It's great to see a third-wave coffee shop to come to Hartford. The drip coffee was excellent and really highlighted the nuance of this modern style. Our cups were bright and fruity. We also enjoyed the "Golden Milk Latte". It was well spiced and decadent. You must give it a shot!

Rick Diaz

Spanish latte is amazing

Jason Kane

Great coffee in a local shop. Take a look at the classic architecture in the building especially the ceiling. And to counter the Karl Marx quote on the board today: "If one prevents a man from working for the good of society while at the same time providing for the satisfaction of his own needs, then only one way remains open to him: to make himself richer and others poorer by the violent oppression and spoliation of his fellow men." Ludwig von Mises Taxation is theft.

Trent Barnes

Love this place. I go out of my way to get here every time I am in the area.

Sarah Mackey

So cute and delicious. Great find!

johanna hartmann

Cute space, good coffee and light food

Michelle Parlos

Cute and trans coffee shop with amazing coffee!!!

Sandy Matosz

Great coffee and staff

Greg Monaco

Best coffee in Hartford!

Lindsay Emblidge

I really enjoyed my hot chocolate here! The atmosphere is nice and the employees were very warm.

C.V. Jones Jr

Great place

Nick Dimaio

Best coffee and Cappuccino ever. Wonderful Service and people.. I’m Hooked.

Derek Craig

5th ave nails & spa

Ty Waterman

This place is amazing. I wish the specialty coffee came in bigger cups for the price but hey the flavor is well worth it. They have a huge variety of coffees that change on a regular basis. The staff is very knowledgeable of the products they serve.

Ahmed Almethen

Mariam K

Dan Tavelli

Raquel Gomez

Amazing Coffee, Amazing People, Amazing Customer Service

Billy Moran

Very friendly staff - just a wonderful cozy coffee shop! Delicious food as well

Ali Robins

The only downfall is that the place is tiny but what an experience it is. It's small and quaint. Great lattes. So artist-centered. My kind of place.

Patti Dinneen

I hate leaving bad feedback, but i feel the owners could learn from my experience. My husband and I are making the rounds of CT coffee shops while doing a KETO diet. Went to Story and Soil excited from all the reviews we've seen. I was shocked to see that a place that promotes "community" has barely any seating. There's literally no place to sit inside and a two uncomfortable old school picnic tables outside. I'm not sure how this is promoting "community." They could could take a page from the ice cream shop next door, which has a bunch of smaller, more comfortable tables. The interior and whole vibe is hipster - small menu, focused on excellent coffee. I got an iced coffee. I was shocked to find the "prep" station contained only a shaker of raw sugar...and that's it! Maybe the focus is on coffee but no place should control how people like their drinks! It reminded me so much of a Louis Lunch type deal, no catsup for you! The cream was behind the counter, so you had to ask for it. Maybe it was due to a hot day, I'm not sure, but people like options, and generally don't like to ask for them. That's coffee shop 101. Soy milk, regular milk, half and half - people have different dietary needs and likes, it's not so hard to put a few carafes out. I was shocked to find no sweeteners other than the raw sugar. As i said, i'm on KETO, which is no sugar. I would have taken any other sweetener, monk fruit, splenda, anything. If it's chemicals of artificial sweeteners that's an issue for the shop, i'll take a natural non-sugar, ANYTHING! I like my coffee sweetened, as does a huge percentage of Connecticut! When i asked, i was off-handedly offered simple syrup - which seemed like a bother for the cashier to even mention. Really really frustrating. I ended up drinking half of my almost $4 coffee and throwing the rest away. The coffee itself was not one i cared for, i think it was ethiopian, but it had some flavor notes i wasn't a fan of, hard to describe, sort of wine-like but with a sourish finish. My husband kept saying his coffee tasted like a Porter beer, and he wasn't sure if he liked it or not. Overall, it really makes me sad to leave this review, but i was so incredible frustrated and it actually ruined my afternoon mood, as we drove from another town to try Story and Soil out, and i ended up wasting both money and time.

susan huegel

Great coffee

Andrew Raisbeck

Amazing coffee

Jonathan Reagan

Cute spot! I had a delicious cortado and yummy gluten free corn muffin. The staff was friendly. Really happy to find this gem!

Lisa Moon

Excellent, but slow. So plan extra time to wait for your "Super" and "Tasty" coffee and food

Amanda Alvarado

Alana Dorris

Love this little hole in the wall! The first time we came, it was a bit too busy given how small it is, but the second time I ubered here, was an amazing experience! Super quiet on a weekday and relaxing! Delicious Spanish latte and green bowl!

sean williams

Great spot, cozy. Great menu choices and really interesting coffee options. Food too !

Gregory Leet

Christine Rollings

Love their coffee and seasonal drinks!

Carline Charmelus

One of my favorite places to get coffee in Hartford. I strongly recommend.

Yomara Cartagena

Jim Hannon

Friendly, welcoming staff. Good variety of coffees and drinks

milton vega

Great people. Great coffee. Great ambience. Super cozy.

Tobey Aubert

Great pour over selection. Friendly and quiet

Margaret O

abhishek gupta

Energising atmosphere, excellent coffee

Rebecca Masse

Try the Spanish latté

Sean Tingle

Joseph Dickerson

Great addition to the coffee and community scene of Hartford

Bogdan Alexandru Matache

Nathaniel McMullin

We heard about this place via Facebook and some friends. I came in with my family and we were treated to the smell of freshly ground coffee and a very welcoming vibe. My wife had a simple iced coffee and I had the Spanish Latte, which was delicious! There is a community table to sit at and it was nice to enjoy our drinks while starting conversation with strangers. We will definitely be back or perhaps just myself with a laptop ... :)

James Graydon

S+S has been here for just over a year and it's really grown into an excellent example of accessible, high-end, specialty coffee. Amazing coffee, great service, fresh food, and a sincere dedication to high quality make S+S an integral part of the food and drink scene in Hartford.

iyad alsulaiman

Best Spanish latte I ever tasted

Nathan Evans

Great little coffee place, make sure you get your rent money ;)

Jillian Webber

very cute.. small menue but everything i have tried so far is very good. nice place to sit for awhile. good vibe.

Mary L

good place to go

Jaume Subirana

Hannah Milliken

Laura Nicol

Great coffee. Great atmosphere. Great staff. I love this place and wish I could visit more often. Highly recommended!

Stephen Duncanson

Closet of a cafe, but with great coffee and great people.

Ken Matt

Great coffee...awesum blueberry scones

Paul Fuentes

Best coffee shop around.

Samuel Hayashida

Amazing little coffee shop. Truly a gem in the Hartford area. I hail from Los Angeles... where you may receive dirty looks or even death threats if people see you adding cream & sugar to your coffee in public. In other words... people take their coffee very seriously in LA. I've had really good coffee. And the pour overs I've had at Story & Soil are up there with the best of LA. Good stuff. Also... Try out their seasonal drinks! The one I had was like nothing I've tasted before. In a good way :) Great vibes. Really friendly, helpful, knowledgeable people. Fast wifi. There's at least one outlet. It's a small space... but most of the times I've been there, I've found a seat. Check it out for yourself! I'm confident you'll come to love S&S too.

Joel Kelly

Nice Hartford details.

Rosella Age

Very cool atmosphere in an up and coming part of hartford. Got the coconut honey lavender latte, delicious!

Joshua Smilowitz

Fantastic coffee!

Jess D.

Cozy place. Great coffee along with unique options. Theres something on the menu for any budget.

2 Sisters At

Great coffee. Lovely little spot.

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