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REVIEWS OF Starbucks Coffee IN Connecticut

Nylda Paredes

Pricey but worth it. Coffee is strong which I like. Customer service -well certain workers are great- others NOT so much.


Relaxing atmosphere. Great service. Great coffee. Was able to get work done and stay out if the rainstorm!

Billy Cocchiola

Hate it! !

Myrna Marie

clean fast service


I guess their happy hour promo wasn't working on the registers so they had to manually put it in. Didn't even get the right happy hour deal, it was supposed to be buy one get one FREE but instead they gave me half off of one drink so

Alex bondarev

Good service but rewards are hard to get

Heather Blizzard

Great customer service. Quity drinks Quality Staff

Joshua Church

My white mocha was great. Service was great! Keona is so welcoming. #thekingjoshuaaa

Harriet McClay

To pricey for everything coffee tastes burned

Masih Marvasti

The management is bad, the girls are not train, I asked for a croissant took more than 5 minutes, I asked two times, the cashier said other girls must give you. At last I took my money and left. Never go this place again.

eric carter

Always good service in the mid morning

Matthew Whiskeyman

It was quiet and I was able to read my kindle book peacefully while enjoying a delicious dark roast coffee.

Nicholas abrash

Very popular. Often crowded but quick friendly baristas.

Andy Chernak

Coffee great (of course). Too many customers for the parking lot and for the drive-in. Took too long to get my drink.

alex angle

great service

Crow Walsh

Everythings pretty great but as all other Starbucks, its really goddamn expensive.

Jason Garrabrant

Standard coffee from Starbucks, easy off/on from the highway (I-84) and good service.

Chris G

If I'm going to pay a premium price for whats supposed to be a premium coffee then I shouldn't have to be stuck waiting in a drive through line for over 15-20 mins. The worst part is you're stuck in a column of cars with no way to get out if you did want to just leave. Wouldn't waste your time stopping here if you have anything import to get to.

Jayson Lacombe

Needs a car wash.

rockdef diva

Strawberry iced tea was made fresh and the staff was very helpful clean establishment would visit again :)

Jaime Sanchez

Worst Starbucks ever. They should be ashamed of how long it takes them to make 1 coffee. The drive through always takes 4-5 mins per car, which means you are in line for a least 20 minutes. Then they take your order and tell you to drive up (another 10 mins) only to tell you that they don't have what you ordered. Not to mention the staff is rude and don't take the drink orders corectly. I have a dairy allergy and specifically asked for no whipped cream. Of course by the time I made it to the window there was whipped cream on it. When I corrected the order the girl just spooned off the whipped cream leaving a layer on top. When I explained my allergy she got annoyed and gave me attitude. Very disappointing, make the trip to another one!!!

Tyler Smith

I prefer Dunkin but this place is nice and cozy. It's a pain to get in and out of the lot However. Plenty of parking space available to customers and it's a pretty new shop. Recommended for.anyone going to Naugatuck Valley Community College since it is very close to the school. They have nice sitting areas for customers and it's a good place to get coffee and do some work.


This starbucks is amazing and Danielle is awesome! She is so kind and so helpful. I called to buy my fiance a drink and she wouldn't let me pay. She said when people do nice things, we like to do things too. She made it perfectly and even found her in the store and gave it to her. What a brand ambassador. You just don't get this level of kindness everywhere.

michael accinelli

Clean. Friendly. Smells glorious.

Linda Lucchetti

Great atmosphere and accommodating staff

William Ducham

The love of my life is the best barista this place will ever see.

Loyal Gaskin

Good Service


The coffee and service team is great and I like the convenience of the drive thru for when stopping in isn't an option.


This store gets a 4 of 5 because when I ordered inside they prioritize on the drive thru over in-store customers. They need to hire more people or optimized their procedure.

Faye DeLorenzo

Excellent service from barrista named Chris b.

Maggie Quinn

So pretty and nice and new! Nice easy in and out drive-through

Alexandra McColl

Drive thru moves quickly even with long lines. The only issue is I ordered something and they messed up my order. So attention to detail is eh but I enjoyed my order anyways.

Jordan Ruiz

Literally the slowest service I’ve ever experienced in my life. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you come, you’re waiting in the drive through line for at LEAST 20-25 mins.

C Padin

Best cafe and food

Kadeem Short

Friendly staff bathrooms were clean well and Starbucks quality drinks and food. Cafe experience was great spacious with the option of sitting outside fast wifi

Lindsey Marie

Stuff is amazing & its a nice place too chill at as well!

Pablo Casiano

It's Starbucks, need I say more? Great coffee!

Max Max


Valerie Gonzalez

The Barista was amazing. I had so many questions and even though they were closing in a few min she still took the time to explain & let me try the drinks. 2 Thumbs Up!

whomex022383 .

Love this spot feels mad homie the stuff is crazy nice and the Conversation always interesting BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE STAFF!!! Definitely ask them to make you something that’s not on the menu

WPLU572 Trunked Radio

the service is good. The drive-through has higher level of technology than I've seen probably in any other establishment. However, I just don't like their coffee. Anyway it's made I just don't like it and I gave it a try about a month ago or so so here's my review no way do I want to bash them so I'm giving three stars because they do what they do well and I know a lot of people do like their coffee. If anyone has suggestions on a possible your coffee to get there if I don't like that real strong taste and flavor that all of their coffees so far that I've tried seem to have pleaseas leave something in another comment for me

Scott Quine

Location is great. I go here because of the drive-thru.

Hector Quinonez

Gooooooood Coffee's

Pasquale Albino

Very good food and service was also on spot.

Nancy Hannon

The staff was friendly. My drink and snack were delicious. But, the bathroom did not smell or look clean. I was shocked. I've never experienced that at a Starbucks.

Justin D

Stopped this morning and went to the drive thru. Ordered an iced latte. The person taking the order was rather cheerful and got the order correct. When I got to the window they made a hot latte. I let the person know who was different from the one who took my order. They acted like I was wrong. I eventually got the correct drink and all I got was a 'here you go'- even I apologized, for what I don't know. I am not one to be rude or ask for corrections to my drinks all the time. But when something does happen I think they should appreciate their customers more. I also feel like all they did was put a hot latte in an iced cup instead of remaking it. I know this is one bad experience but I expect more from Starbucks as a customer.

Heather Reed

I finally found a Starbucks near me. It is really nice inside and looks like it has some nice outdoor space when it gets warmer. But the service was super slow and there was at least 6 people behind the counter.

Theresa Joyce Itri-Limka

Not bad. Prices are high for ☕ coffee.

gold dust woman

This starbucks is great! It's very clean and efficient. The staff is awesome. They get my VERY detailed order right 99% of the time and when they don't they are super sweet and happy to fix it. Good people. Best staff of any starbucks I've visited.

Christelle Johnson

Service was very very slow

Bridget Commeau

Always my fav place to go

Erica Begin

Not a lot of parking for patrons. Also, there are very little working electrical outlets for patrons to use. Overall, not a great area for individuals who are seeking a space to do work.

spicy ricy

Awesome coffee... many varieties.


Excellent service and accurate.

Hassan Khalid

My favorite place for coffee. Free wifi .

Katrina Jenkins

This Starbucks is usually very cold!!!

Amy Demas

I'm a frequent there. Love they know me.

Marisa Hadder

Love it coffees great excellent cust service

Levi Yudkin

You don't feel like you're in Waterbury

Darren Narine

My favorite Starbucks store, I often grab a vanilla chi and hang out a few hours reading a book while grabbing some baked goods throughout and the bathrooms are spotless. The vibe is super chill and relaxing, and quiet enough for me to read uninterrupted. The staff is pretty cool and makes my vanilla chi perfectly every time.

Jennifer Tully

Expensive. But omg.

Matthew Long

I'm here almost everyday before work. Staff is always so friendly and quick. Best Starbucks around. Surprising for Waterbury.

Sheila Maher

Brought my Niece, there was a customer ranting about "killing white people." Kid was scared, went to employee, we left, did nothing.

Chris Ubaldi

Staff appears to hopefully ignore customers that approach the counter and concentrate on the window traffic. You stand there hoping someone will actually take your order. Order a decaf pour over? Hah! Took us 3 separate occasions to have someone not forget your coffee sitting on the counter. In my opinion, not up to what I expect from Starbucks.

Amber Manville

Slowest drive thru ever!!!! In a rush? Not in a rush? Dont go here

Nicholas Martinelli

Good coffee. Busy in the morning.

Jacek Radko

Quick and friendly staff, but the parking lot is always completely full. It's one of the only Starbucks Coffee places to ACTUALLY give me the tea exactly the way I ordered it. If the parking situation is addressed, probably because of its employees parking in the same place, it would be perfect.

K Thomas

Very clean location with plenty of seating and friendship staff.

anjela mukherjee ray

Coffee is good,but frappuccino is not so good.

W. Pierre

Ordered my frap via the mobile app and was waiting for me as I walked in 5 minutes later. Super nice staff. Plenty of seating and the iTunes playlist in the background was good.


The best coffee

Melanie Mikelenas

4 times in one week...never any cold brew. This is at all times of the day. Drice through very slow

Brass Moon Realty

Peaceful and quiet great place for a business meeting

Customer Review

Favorite place to grab coffee!

Alexander Zapatka

Staff is always helpful. Service is quick. They know most of the off-menu items. Great all around!

Douglas Moore

Very good service too

Andrew H

Only visited for wifi so far. Wifi was sluggish despite 2/4 bars strength

Moshe Fish

Nice coll relaxing place. Lots of seating outside with no trash cans

Timothy Lyman

I always mobile order and I have never had an issue about a messed up order or had to wait longer than the time allotted. Clean location with outdoor seating as well

Nancy Albanese

Slowest service ever... Every single time!!! Never going back.

anthony proiette

Apparently nobody there knows how to answer a phone. we forgot a personal item left behind

Sarah Sprague

Nice clean new location with a big community style table and smaller tables for groups. Friendly staff. This location has a drive through. Also has outdoor seating for warmer weather.

James Defilippis

Above average coffee

Evan Belabe

Terrible service

Mercedes C

I'm very happy with the location. Waterbury needed another Starbucks

Nikki L

So far friendly staff but drinks could be less on the ridiculously sweet side

Lisa Rhodes

Very friendly staff took the time with me go figure out how to change the sugar amount in a gingerbread latte so that it wasn't so sweet.

Megan Oldham

This Starbucks is one of the cleanest I've been to. Always fast service and friendly personnel.

Frands Charles

Starbucks always have good stuff, this one is no exception ..go there grab your stuff and be satisfied.. great place

Nick Sodano

-2 stars for the ridicules drive thru line and terrible parking.

Josue Berdiel

Parking is always an issue, coffee is always amazing. Overall experience is great and a beautiful location.

Ray Zawislak

Good coffee fast

Laura B

They have nothing in stock. The worst

Jenise Durant

They are nice but often run out of items.

Bob DeVito

Brand new in 2016. Great place to hang out with a friend or by yourself, have a latte and do some work.

Frank Fazzalari

We popped in here around 6:30 am, ordered a green tea, they didn't have what I wanted and selection was slim, but here is why I'm giving this Starbucks a 5 star rating. I also ordered a solo long, I generally have to explain to Starbucks workers what that means, but not this time. Leah heard me, and before the guy taking my order could say "what is it you would like" Leah said "you want a long shot" that was music to my ears. Not only that, she made me the best long shot ever!

Avery Miller

This location is always super pleasant and has a nice airy/open atmosphere with tall high ceilings and PLENTY of seats. There's 2 high tables (with 2 high seats each) by window, and rest of tables range from 2,4 to even 8 seats total per table. Even at busy times, somehow there's still calm atmosphere (granted there isn't a random crying small child, but that's with anywhere). The loudest it gets is the tone of a group in a library, with voices + background noises. They use natural lighting until ~5pm or when it starts getting hard to read small text on paper, since they have very large (ceiling to floor) windows for the sitting areas. The staff is very friendly too, one has called me before, 2 minutes after when I made a mobile order, to let me know about a mistake I made (never order fraps normally so didn't know couldn't have 0 ice) and let me correct it. The friendliness can vary, but that depends how many are there. When there's 1 on register, 1 at drive through window, and only 1 real barista, they try their best to get everything done timely fast. Don't worry about speaking up! (coming from a very shy timid person)

Wanda Rodriguez

I love it is a nice place to go

Kelly Powers-Dumont

Friendly staff. Get orders right even when its busy. Good go to spot on my way to class. Multiple repeat visits!

Ronnie presuto

Great atmosphere!

Tim Padgett

Great coffee and great atmosphere

Ed Hughes

The white chocolate mocha is to die for


This is the best Starbucks I have ever been to!! Super clean and the employees are really nice

David Scales

I don't know what process they use to heat the food but God help you if you take a big bite out of your panini.

billy torres

Good as always

Debbie Olsyn

Yum and good service

nishka G

Can't go wrong. Drive through can be delayed on a warm day

Deja W

Love this place! Great Coffee and They’re very friendly !

Nikhil Chaudhury

Issa Starbucks...

James Barron

This is great place to grab a coffee and spend time with a good book. The drive through is even better when you are on the go.

Ray Petkus

Always a great stop for the coffee of your choice. Most convenient off the 84 exit for a quick order at the drive in window. Staff are most pleasant and your order is served up in minutes. One of the best stops on West Main st.

Jack P

Starbucks is always great and wasn't disappointed this trip either

John Piper

Good coffee, most of the time Thought they make it cold

Ali Robins

It's conveniently located down the street from where I live. The workers are nice and inviting.

Moshe Schnitzler

Good service

Yvette Tucker

Love the service, the breakfast menu has a variety of healthier choices my dirty almond chai is always delicious! There are tables but no table service.

Ed Riley

Love a latte!

Tae Milk

It was alright, a lot of wait time and a lot of baristas chilling on their phone

Karen Carolla

Starbucks is Starbucks. If you like Starbucks, you'll like this one.

Sholly0407 bee

Nice coffee

Mark Student

This is a new building, and is something dearly needed in this area. The layout is efficient, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Even for Starbucks.

Nicole Stiteler

Very clean, nice staff. The drive-thru has been getting pretty slow lately though - it's been a minimum 7 minutes to get through the past few times I have gone (all different hours of the day - morning, late morning, afternoon, evening). If they could fix that I would be happy to increase the rating.

Be Bent

My favorite place to grab a coffee. The baristas are always friendly and smiling. Not a common thing to see from a worker. I have never had any problem with my order, always

Doris Doucette

Very expensive..but food is excellent.

Tammy Worth

Best starbucks ever. Soy white chocolate trap...

Francois Rivera

My boss got me addicted to Starbucks and there's one right down the road from my work place. Sometimes this place is so packed early in the morning that there's traffic on the road because people want to get into the place. Thankfully my boss told me to download the Starbucks mobile app and always order ahead and pay for your order with the mobile order when I'm on my way to work. Once I get there they have a mobile order section by the cash registers and you can just pick up your order and go. I love their Peppermint Hot Chocolate and the Toasted Almond Frappuccino. A couple of times the parking lot was completely full so I stayed in the drive thru line and told them I did a mobile order and once I got to the window they gave me my order. This place is very cozy and great place to do some work or homework, or even have lunch with someone.

Temple R

Nice, clean friendly starbucks

Marc Petzold

Horrible coffee and horrible service. Rude employees. Don't recommend Starbucks at all.

Tori Prokop

I was having a rough morning so I stopped for a coffee and the woman in the drivethru was so sweet and genuine it changed my mood completely. Her smile is contagious and I reccomend anybody who needs a smile stop by and see her

Eston Melton

Satisfactory service during a busy time of year

Candy Carreiro

Very expensive

Jason LaChance

Finally a Starbucks in Waterbury. Staff has been very pleasant so far!

aaron gilson

convenient location. friendly staff. has a drive through. going inside usually faster.

sandy rivera

The staff are always very pleasant and try to get everyone their orders in a timely manner! I recommend

Tapaswi Shastri

Great service, very fast and friendly staff.

Jessica Jimenez

I am not from the area, so Ive given this location a few visits to test it out. The people serving you are polite, but the coffee is a waste of money. Ive ordered the same drink multiple times, not worth the stop.

Patrick Mullen

The staff couldn't be nicer and expedient. They keep they're establishment clean and their regulars happy!

Anthony Kaminski

It's Starbucks. What's not to love!

Mysti Griffiths

While the lines may sometimes be long (which is expected as one of the only Starbucks in the area), they always move quickly. The staff are always helpful and friendly, and the place is always clean.

Rich Rivera

Love all your coffees.

Michael Theriault

I love my starbucks. This was a typical starbucks customer service with the typical starbucks product.

George VM

Great place for coffee and bites..

Nelina Garcia

Good fast service

Ashima Saif

Nice and clean, only starbucks close to my work

elissa Colon

I ordered a skinny iced caramel machiato and 2 cake pops for my girls , good service but they gave me the wrong drink. They put pumpkin spice in it

Genti Manjani

The staff took a long time to make three coffees to the point where we were ready to drive off. Not happy with the service.

jason graca

Great place!

Tashana Bailey

Oh wow what an experience this morning

Christopher Eide

Clean and efficient. About what I would expect from a Starbucks. Good place to sit and work. Also has outdoor seating.

John Merritt

I've given them a lot of business since they opened. Usually pretty good service. Today I was charged an extra 60 cents for a splash of coconut milk, which never happened before. Back to Dunkin it is.

Kylie D

Staff are super nice, friendly and always willing to go to the next level to help

Cesar A. Lecaros

Very nice place!

Margaret Sanderson

I dont like the coffee,it's too strong and bitter.

Kelly Pryor

It took 10 minutes of waiting in the drive-thru lane to place my order. Then 5 more minutes to get it. Despite the wait the food and drink were good.

Khrystyne Keane

Tbe barristas are super friendly here!

Avrohom Gelb

Great atmosphere

Elizabeth Mefford

Great store, very friendly. Not much parking, so most people use the drive-thru. It's usually pretty quiet inside, so great for studying.

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