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REVIEWS OF Spectra Wired Cafe IN Connecticut

Melissa Freeman

First and foremost, all the baristas are awesome, though there are two (I don't know their names, dang) I am thinking of in particular who make phenomenal caramel lattes. Drinks are fairly consistent, I have had some that were not as great but still very, very drinkable. The area is spacious, lots of room which allows for some good privacy away from other customers. The bar area is separate from the cafe, and there is an OUTDOOR BEER GARDEN - in the warmer months there are often music performances on said outdoor beer garden. Again, lots of seating here as well, which is always a plus.

Joshua Kroscen

Spectra Wired does it right on so many levels. The staff is really friendly and helpful. The food is actually fantastic, which is not usually my expectation for a cafe. It's a perfect spot to get some work done as well; there are lots of places sit in relative peace with convenient power outlets. This will be a regular stop for me.

Charles Fisher

Great staff terrific guitar player :-)

c d sangurima

A pleasant surprise in downtown.

Gilles Ako

Great staff, great service !

Ross Victor

Ogewu Agbese

Franciscoe Francis

Awesome food and service

Ahmad Nouman

Ibrahim Quraishi

Bryan Hokanson

Reagan Johnson

Fortnite beast Garfield

Jillian Comolli

Heather Jones

Nice space with different beers on happy hour. Not the most food options for dinner. Industrial feel with lots of tables.




Great place to stop for some lunch and coffee!

Daniel Wong

Very neat cafe. Chill vibes. Spacious open areas and bar/barista area. Had a delicious cappuccino and apple turnover pastry.

Harold V. Lee

Amanda Eldridge

Levi Whitcomb

Sachin Kaluvala

Josye Utick

Carla Sheridan

Lakshminarayanan Alagarsamy

Holly V.

Great customer service from the barista, even better latte!

Jonathan Smith

Stacey Brown

Andres Mendez

1 year Birthday today! Relaxing place for conversation, drinking, and/or hanging out. Well worth checking out

Joshua Flewelling

Adam Lyman

John Anchico

Great environment super friendly staff great service and excellent coffee

Gil Savir

Nice place to drink coffee

Maria Pistritto Ciccaglione

Great vibes! Fun! Coffee. Smoothies. Music. A bar. Perfect for friends, groups, or just to chill on your own. Easy parking. Feels safe even at night.

Stephanie Vazquez

Sheldon Edwards

Jeff Tucker

Josh Eskridge

I can’t recommend this place enough. It’s a great addition to the downtown neighborhood. They support local artists by displaying a new artist’s work every 2 months. So it’s a great way to see local talent. They also have great events like the outdoor beer garden, food trucks, etc. It will be hard to find another cafe quite like this. It’s worth the visit!

Chris Doscas

Chickpea & Cocotaso Astoria

Beautiful, Spacious, Quiet, Peaceful, and Wired. I wish this exact place existed in NYC.

Jonathan Perillo

I went here for a colleague's going away party during happy hour. Each time I went to order a drink, it took about 10 minutes to be serviced (not a long line at all), and the mixed drinks were almost entirely ice and overpriced. When it came time to pay the bill, the lady was using a tracker at the table to process the card. After trying for 10 or 15 minutes, she took the card inside to process the card. She told me that this was a common occurrence, and not to worry. If you find yourself going here, stick to the beers and wines, and pay cash.

Micayla Elizabeth

Very cute and chic place to sit and have a cup of coffee. Very open and relaxed. Friendly service and best of all - Pupper Friendly! Who doesn't love coffee, dogs and good vibes?

Grant Steffen

New coffee shop downtown. Lot of space solid drink selection, free WiFi. What else could i want from a coffee shop.

Ian Cavilia

Richard Brideau

Nathan RIvera

Justin Miller

The food is great, the space is beautiful, the wifi is free and fast, and I think it's cool that they'll be featuring different local artists every month. I really love this place. So happy they opened here in downtown Hartford.

Andrew Stackhouse

Good beer selection

Sebby Bonamico

Kevin Babcock

Simone Rigden

Food was good I had the broccoli quiche and a salad, the hot coffee was only warm though.

Junior Manuel Urena Tirado

Good environment. Coming back really soon.

Elle Nutter

Ben MartinMooney

Larry Price

This is a great place to meet friends. Specialty coffees are good. Cookies!

Jaime Hourihane

Excelente lates. One of my favourite cafes

Greyson Thorne

tracy danziger

Great acoustic music with decent drinks. Would be nice to have snacks or tapas.

Frankie J

Tiffany Nguyen

Marissa Siraco

Cristina De Araujo

Great spot for the morning. Come in early and just chill before work. Staff is friendly and cappuccino never disappoints.

Chris Pierz

Janice Rosenberg

What a cool coffee shop. Highly recommend!

Andrew Babel

Great, clean modern coffee shop. My only complaint is that the hours are limited on the weekends.

Rae Carta

Good food but lousy service. Most people are in a rush in the morning... they move like molasses. Seemed short staffed....

Gene Tellier

NoahsArkCenterCeo Dearborn

New place to chill give it a try

Dablackguy Simmons

aarushi khera

Best coffee in downtown Hartford.

Josh M

Meg Finn

Nisreen Cain

Coffee or wine?! You don't have to choose. Great drinks and a cozy place to spend your day with a lot of menu options.

amrit sinha

The only good thing about Hartford is this cafe! Really love the vibe here and the beverages are worth your time. When in downtown needing some downtime or to have a coffee meet up, this place will be awesome. Once you are done with your coffee you may just 20 steps and walk into an adjacent bar!

Julia Karpova

he area is spacious, lots of room which allows for some good privacy away from other customers. The bar area is separate from the cafe, and there is an OUTDOOR BEER GARDEN - in the warmer months there are often music performances on said outdoor beer garden. Again, lots of seating here as well, which is always a plus. I have had food here before but typically just get drinks. I think I have had the Cali Club once - I remember it being fresh and yummy, and the breakfast sandwiches I've had have been good as well.

Ross R

Nice decor and friendly staff but the acoustics are TERRIBLE. If there are more than five people talking it's a challenge to hear someone sitting right next to you. Also the bar had no drinks menu and only a limited selection of beer. Not heated well either.

Tina Rattigan

Hrishikesh Kamat


Algenis morillo

Nice place to sit down and enjoy good coffee. ☕☕☕

Matthew Pearson

Claudia R

Lorenzo Cirielli

Great ambience!

Shannon Roane


Siddhartha Pagadala

CT Guy

accidentally bumped into a guy playing jenga and he got extremely defensive. not feeling it.

Andrew Flynn


Delba Diaz

(Translated by Google) I loved (Original) Me encantó

Rahul K

Awesome space to hangout and have meetings. Coffee is good.

Geertje Karreman

Javi Rosa

Since this place opened on Sept. 6th 2017, I've eaten here 4 times. It's Sept. 10th as I'm writing this. I've tried 2 things off of the menu, the Breakfast Ham , Egg & Cheese and the Brunchy "The Big Turkey" Sandwich. Both of which are absolutely delish. Fresh to say the least! As for the atmosphere, this area definitely appeals more to the millennial demographic, big wide open eating spaces, plugs and outlets for your netbook and phones, and in the center rests a few couches if you wanted to kick back and read the Sunday Paper. Bathrooms are modern and clean, very pleasant scent, and the attention to detail of this place over all, thanks to the added touch of Jack McConnell's lovely Downtown Hartford Photos, make it very inviting and unique. There is a bar downstairs set to open soon! (Excited for that!) Overall, if you're from Hartford or just a passerby in a neighboring Town, stop in to Spectra Wired Cafe, Downtown NEEDS this type of thing to give it that Kick it so desperately needs. 5/5! :)

Lionel B.

Vickye ward-Lee

Ahmed Almethen

Great environment!

Devin Sullivan

Billy Moran

Stephen Patti

Mr Skyers

Great atmosphere. Great staff and service.

Sushil Pramanick

Daniel Klaynberg

Delicious coffee and great food and drinks in a huge, artistically inspiring space.

Hitesh Shah

Cafe and Bar with enough space to fit more than 200 people. Good ambience, $5 happy hour drinks.

Cyril C

Thomas Fitzpatrick


It's hard to review this place as there are some great things about it but some serious shortcomings as well. First off the staff is very friendly, the cafe is clean and spacious. I'd imagine it would be nice for larger group meetings, less one major pitfall. The music is always loud in the cafe, I go here to work and get a small bite and coffee. I see everyone else here doing the same. Why are you playing Passion Pit and Maroon 5 at the noise level of a jet airplane? People are here during the weekday to do some quiet work. It's essential to bring noise cancelling headphones, and there are only 10-15 people max. Nobody's talking and it is necessary to bring equipment with you to cut out noise. The lack of outlets on the conference table and the lounge area is a big disadvantage. The booths are very large (can fit 6-8 people easy each) and are normally available but it can feel like you're taking up so much space just for the use of a single outlet. I'm not entirely sure what the goal of this place is, because it's split named Spectra Wired and Bar5 but it's a bar that's only open until 9 on Friday nights, it was closed at 9 for March Madness, and only until 6 pm on Saturday nights. It's closed on Sundays as well so you'll need to find a different regular spot or pick and choose if you work every day or plan to live downtown and want a place to research and learn. As other people mention, parking is easy, the cappuccinos are amazing, the decor is beautiful, but if you're a regular downtown looking for a place to set up often; those dazzling gems will fade and you may start to find frustration with hours, music, and outlet availability.

Caitlin Thayer

I love this place! Great food and coffee, wifi, lots of places to sit and work. A great addition to the Hartford scene!

Chris Senecal

Mike Fuschi

Pretty cool coffee bar. Great vibe and made a real good latte w/ extra shot of espresso.

shanta wiley

Great atmosphere, personable employees, coffee and food was Grade A.

Robert Casola

Michael Ficorilli

Large menu selection, very spacious and wifi connection is very fast.

Hamad Khawaja

Dan Klaynberg

Michael P. Robbins

Octave Muhirwa

River Hall

Matt Modena

Toms of space with great coffee.

Dina Belyayeva

The best cappuccino in town. Great ambiance and service.

Sean Tingle

Summer Ursomarso

Delicious food and nice wine, but terrible service.

Manuel jacobo Mardales

(Translated by Google) It is excellent good modern cuts I recommend you (Original) Es excelente buenos cortes modernos les recomiendo

Raymond Bailey

Good food great ambience.

Diane Reinholdt

Darcy Chambers

Claudius McNish

Sun Diamond

This place is awesome. Wish it stayed open later. Very chic, but comfortable. Good food. Good drinks. Wonderful visuals and service.

Leah Pound

Samuel Hayashida

Fantastic place. Great place to get work done - good wifi, tons of outlets, places to sit, places to stand, places to meet with a group of people... also a great place to hangout and talk with friends. Since there's so much space, you can pretty much always count on there being a place to sit down and talk. Also, the space is really pretty; the colors, furniture, art, everything works together to make a nice vibe. 5 stars is a no-brainer!

Justin Clark

Cool, unexpectedly large coffee shop. The music is good, the decor is nice, the coffee is solid, and it's huge. The overwhelming thing about this place is that it's massive. There are booths, sofas, a bar area, a side area, and a patio. It's gigantic. It's a few minutes from many downtown offices, but if you've got the time and need a walk then it's definitely worth a visit.

Monica Lee

Great service, everyone is so nice and the food and drinks are awesome.

Urmikant Sheth

Antoine Khanji

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