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REVIEWS OF Rebel Dog Coffee Co. IN Connecticut

Steve Mastrianni

The breakfast sandwich was delicious. The biscotti was not dried out. The coffee was delightful, and I'm usually a purist who doesn't dig on flavored coffees. I'm definitely heading back.

Abby H

The freshest coffee, pastries, and great service! Haven't tried the breakfast sandwiches or lunch yet, but have heard great things! Oh yeah... and kombucha and cold brew coffee on TAP?? So glad this is just a few miles from home/work!

Steve Bielinski

Great coffee

Kevin Chingas

Great environment with great drinks and food !!

Wayne Blecha

Iced coffee is delicious, eggs benedict very good

Russ C

Nice. Atmosphere is relaxed. Laura was super nice. Coffee flavor was very balanced.

John Dera

Large menu, all sorts of coffee and espresso options. Sure it costs a little more than some other places, but the quality and flavor are worth it.

Holly Hunt

Took my boyfriend for his first time over the weekend and now he's hooked like I am

Steve Powell

Great Cappuccino. Very friendly staff. Nice and bright ambiance. Very clean. Good selection of drinks. Quality beans. Priced right.

Tom Fruin

A great local coffee shop. Skip the "chain stores" and come here to support the local economy and enjoy top shelf coffee drinks and delicious Breakfast choices.

Kevin Connellan

The best hands down. Don't waste your money at Starbucks or dunkin. Head to rebel dog instead.

Alyx Harper

The space itself is beautiful and inviting. They serve breakfast 7am-2pm, which is amazing. I was looking for recommendations, but the cashier didn't seem very enthusiastic and so I just got cold brew. My sandwich was really great, and my coffee was decent. They serve Irving Farm coffee, which is good, but not my favorite. The cold brew could use some more body, it was a bit thin but overall smoot. They are definitely better than dunkin, and overall service is friendly and efficient.

Philip Maddalena

Great coffee shop that serves great food. Atmosphere is fantastic, and the staff is very friendly. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Kall

Absolutely love the service and food here! Great atmosphere to meet with friends or do work.

Mary Tullo

Excellent coffee and a very nice breakfast!

Matthew Conroy

How did I not know about this place sooner?!?! Great coffee and the food is stellar!

Anthony Cyrulik

Great coffee, awesome people, both locations!!

Ruthann Weldon

I really enjoyed this coffee shop. Looked like they had an excellent selection pastries and even lunch items in their cooler. I ordered a 12oz vanilla bourbon latte. It was enjoyable and they even touched it off with some latte art. I’ll be visiting again. It’s really nice to have options for coffee shops over places like Dunkins and Starbucks.

John Kawecki

Very cozy coffee shop with gourmet coffee all kinds of espresso great lunch items and side orders menu.

Leslie George

Awesome little coffee shop with helpful staff. Great place to meet up with friends or browse the web. Love supporting this local business!

Geno Villafano

Beautiful drink selection ranging from traditional espresso based drinks and nitro cold brew, to kombucha and frothy tonics. The sandwich offerings were also interesting and well prepared. The staff was super kind and quick with both drinks and food despite being really busy when we were there. Food: The friend chicken sandwiche was good. It had a nice light crispy batter but the chicken was a little overdone at I'm the thinner sections of the cut but perfect when thicker. The bun was really nice too, crispy and buttered perfectly to match the inside. The Korean cheese steak sandwich was also good, the bread shined but the meat seemed slightly under seasoned, though the sauce and other fried veggies were so flavorful it didn't matter.

James DeMarco

This place serves some of the best coffee around. This isn't Dunkin, this is actual coffee if you actually like the taste of coffee then this is the right place for you. They also serve some good breakfast options too if your hungry.

george griffis

Had high expectations, horrible service ...very snooty !

a b

I love it!!! 7 stars. They are stepping it up on the to fo cups too

Eugene Klimaszewski

Tiny $14 salad. It’s a $4 upcharge for 3oz of chicken at most. Great salad for a 100 pound girl. I’d need two of these.

Kevin DiMinno

Very good coffee and other selections as well. Even all of the food choices are excellent. Good atmosphere, good customer support and over all good experience

Jonathan Black

Not exactly a restaurant but the small food selection they do have is delicious and the coffee is excellent.

Lauren DeMaio

Great place to chill there a countertop facing the street to watch the world go by. Outdoor seating available as well. Coffee is good. Breakfast and lunch is impressive.

Chiara Medina

Best overnight oatmeal

Sean McDonough

Good food

Maria E Lopez

Great customer service, Coffee, breakfast & lunch variety!

Robert Coreano

Great coffee shop in Plainville. Awesome baristas will make the best coffee for you. Good pastries too. Good service.

Valerie Russo

Very nice service and great quality food and drinks!

Dave Sprowson

Great food and prices. This place has a modern bistro/coffee shop feel without the high prices.

Joe Konze

Great Coffee, had a fantastic breakfast!

Mark Herendeen

You have to go to Rebel Dog! Great coffee, friendly people and good food. Locally owned. The bonus was listening to some Greatful Dead while having breakfast!

Jake Henry

Hands down my favorite coffee shop I've been to. The service is great and the people there are very sociable. The atmosphere of Rebel Dog is pure coffee shop and gives for a great sit down and relax experience. Of course, the coffee itself is the best I've had in every corner of their menu. Not to mention their amazing breakfast and lunch menu. There's nothing better than sitting down with a great cup of coffee and Eggs Benedict for the perfect start to your morning. I will always recommend this place to anyone who loves coffee or just wants some amazing food.

Desiree Zalot

The eggs Benedict options are probably their best feature. I couldn't stand the coffee. Also for one pierogie it is $2.00 and for one potato pancake it is $2.00. The potato pancake was about the diameter of softball. Kinda disappointed in the cost versus product.

Jim Chiaraluce

Absolutely love this place! Service is fast and very friendly. I feel very welcomed every time I go there. Nice chill vibe inside. Very nice selection of treats, breakfast, lunch items and best of all THE COFFEE!!!

Dawn Lyon

Cute coffee shop. Overall experience was good, I tried the potato pancakes with eggs. Although the potato pancakes were really good, I wish they were made just a bit larger, since they are 2$ each. Also the vanilla chia iced drink was great!

Alan Alex

The only good coffee in all of bloody Hartford. They use Irving Farm roasted coffee from NY. The single origin stuff is great.

Nic Tedesco

Good espresso. Bright blend of Brazil and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Knowledgeable staff. I’d like to try their food

Anna Robin Isenstadt

Awesome service, friendly atmosphere, great coffee. And a great rewards program! I could spend hours here

Ethan Leach

Exceptional coffee and service. I got a pour over of the Ethiopian coffee. It was one of the best cups of coffee I have had in the greater Hartford area. They also have a full breakfast menu which I have not yet tried. Highly recommended for an artisan cup of coffee.

Paul Secondino

I was re finishing some gym floors at the plainville YMCA and found Rebel Dog Coffee just up the street .Turns out they offer really great coffee and specialty coffees .In my opinion, if you just want caffeine and sugar , then Dunkin is fine but if you like great coffee and variety , this is a place you should try .The servers are very friendly, the place is clean and comfortable and they have food as well .

Kaylin Marques

It seems like every other time I order, my order is wrong (and don't seem sorry about it?). Definitely overpriced but when they actually get your order's a GREAT salad (what I usually order).

Noel Nash

We enjoy this low-key environment for coffee and light breakfast. Really nice people working there, too.

Kaitlyn Gorman

Great stop not to far off 84! Delicious sandwiches and coffee!

robert hackney

Best coffee in ct

Paul Martini

Great place to grab a quick well done breakfast and coffee is superior than most in the area. Espresso lattes are better than there drip coffee.

Trajan Spillane

The food wasn't anything memorable, except maybe that the portion sizes were small. They supposedly won awards for their coffee, but I honestly don't know what sets them apart from all the other boutique coffee shops. Their service was good though and their staff was nice.

Ellen Styles

Love this little gem! Brought daughter and she loved the breakfast sandwiches too.

Carlos P

Great portions on the sandwiches, good time.

Rola Hassanieh

I loved the ambience, the food and the service. Highly recommended and we will be back.

Larry Price

Nice atmosphere. Usually quiet. Nice people.

Suzy Rivera

Made to order and tasted excellent. Bagels and English muffins were fresh. Coffee was tasty.

Liz MaddPayne

Came on Christmas Eve and wasn’t disappointed. Good chai, good coffee, and great make your own breakfast sandwiches. Probably my new favorite place in CT for breakfast and coffee.

Katie Credle

Breakfast sandwich was good, but coffee was just so so

Patrick OSullivan

The best coffee in the area! You have to try the Jet Fuel or Nitro! Friendly service and great atmosphere.

Jeff Astle

Great coffee and friendly staff

Cookie K

Actual flavor in the coffee, fast but quality service and friendly employees

Tim D

Great coffee, wish had better hours

Jennifer Waldron

Significantly better coffee than any coffee chains in the area.

Sharon Passig

Best Latte in the area. I've wait years for this. Love the breakfast sandwich too!

Ben Kolp

Good hot chocolate, friendly staff and a cozy place to sit.

Jaime Manning

A warm and welcoming atmosphere, amazing cold brew coffee and a huge, delicious breakfast sandwich, what more could you want?

Crystal Agvent

My New Favorite spot when I get into town ❤️

Christopher Townsend

Amazing Cafe! Really rustic vibe. I attended a latte pouring art contest here, didn't get a chance to try any caffeinated beverages but I really dig the vibe and layout. Friendly staff and a place I will definitely be checking out again.

Jeanette A.

Adorable atmosphere with FANTASTIC coffee! I've only been here once so far, but I know this is going to be a new local haunt for me. I've hunted a along time for such perfectly brewed espresso and now I've found it. Plus they have non-dairy alternatives. :) I'm looking forward to my next visit.

Julie Kot

Great cappuccino! Friendly staff and excellent food!

Julie A Baldyga

Brooklyn comes to Farmington. I was very impressed - Wonderful and spacious coffee shop! Perfect for meeting up with friends and/or working. Their selection of drinks and food is amazing. Highly recommended :)

Christopher Nyberg

Come to the place where everyone knows your name. Excellent coffee and food options, get here.

Jake Kritz

Great breakfast .

Joshua Stark

Best coffee period!!!

Ellie P

This place has fantastic coffee and the seating area is a welcoming place to curl up with a cup of coffee. They also have several options for people who are looking for less caffeine or something a little different than coffee.

Jason Langlais

This place gets better and better every time I come. Best potatoe pancakes around, cold brew coffee is amazing. They also have delicious breakfast sandwiches, hard rolls are fresh and flakey. Staff is very friendly and know what they are doing. Id recommend this place over any chain coffee shop, and prices might actually be better. Go figure.... check it out! Literally love REBEL DOG!!

Danielle zavatsky

Love it! Great coffee and and tasty treats! Everyone is so friendly!

Kerry Robair

Great food, beer, service and atmosphere.

Becca Jaroszewski

Delicious food and great coffee! Kombucha is also served and some of the best I have had. Would love to stop by again, or one of their other locations.

tara gillette

Great food and great friendly service.

Lorenzo Cirielli

Start your morning, the right way!

Daniel Dombroski

Quality of the food and drinks are good but they find ways to penny you in any way they can. If you bring your own cup, they'll charge for the next size up(there is no 16 oz so they charge fo 20oz). Repeatedly under fill cups but over pack ice. In house cups are smaller than take away. It just feels scummy.

Shane Bellone

Rebel Dog Coffee provides a fantastic experience all around. I had two different espresso drinks and the Santa Monica about an hour ago. The espresso and eggs were great. I am extremely particular about a few things (if you know me you might be laughing at "a few") and coffee is one of them. Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks overcharge for utter garbage. Calling that good coffee is like calling a McDonald's double cheeseburger a good burger. RDC, on the other hand, offers a solid coffee selection at an amazing price. I would pay more than they charge for what they serve. The shop is also locally owned. Spoke to the owners this morning and both were nice and obviously took pride in what they're doing. I look for quality food and local ownership before anything else when I look for restaurants. I have enjoyed $350 dinners for two which blew my mind so price does not deter me. I will say there is something special when quality, passion, and price collide. Rebel Dog is special.

akshay talegaonkar

The best cafe in Plainville. Love their espresso drinks and lunch menu!

Emma Wentworth

Great study spot. Quiet with plenty of seating and great food and coffee. Also, probably 90% of the reason I go here all the time, they play some great music (excessive Fleet Foxes)!!!

Melanie Voitkevics

Great coffee! Also picked up tshirt since the logo is Frenchie!

Stage 'R Media

Great atmosphere , friendly staff. Great coffee.

Nick Cyr

Hard to beat their breakfast sandwiches, great coffee too!


Love the macchiatos here!

Al ly

Dined in, and had English Muffin with Egg & Falafel. It was delicious!!! Love this place it’s so hip & modern, comfortable atmosphere.

Kristen Nguyen

Colleagues had rave reviews about this place. Had to try it. Well, coffee is mediocre at best, food has absolutely no flavor. Overpriced for quality of coffee and food. Sooooooo disappointed!

steve n

Really lovely interior seating area with cozy lounging options. Chairs against the window provide a pretty decent view onto the world. Came on a sunny day and could see dogs playing in the yard across the street- that was nice By far the nicest local coffee shop I've been to in Connecticut! My friend got a latte and it had a beautiful art pattern on top in the foam or whatever. Try this place out if you're nearby you won't be disappointed.

Tommy Campbell

Amazing sandwiches

Caroline Welton

Delicious food in reasonable, manageable portion sizes, not to mention phenomenal coffee!

Erin Brophy

It’s a little hard to find. It’s attached to another restaurant and the other sign stands out more than its own. I drove by twice and didn’t see it. BUT...once you find it, it’s awesome! Great spot for a coffee or espresso drink and a pastry. Nice seating area inside. Came at 7:30 on a Thursday. Wasn’t too crowded. Service was quick! I’ll be back!

Emilee Carey

Staff is awesome and so are their lattes! They have vegan options too- I ordered the oat milk latte and falafel sandwich- which is delicious!

Eva Grace

Amazing coffee! And amazing staff!

Michael Serafin-Wozniak

Love this place. Food is amazing

Joe Holland

Love the breakfast sandwichs

Amanda Parker

Loved my lavender iced latte with coconut milk. And the on tap kumbucha? Felt like i was right at home in Austin. Don’t get me started on the cute logo.

Matt Turner

It is a wonderful little locally owned coffee shop.

Ben Kirby

Awesome little coffee house. Definitely worth checking out. A nice alternative to the mainstream coffee places.

Bryan Niedermayer

Wonderful breakfast and some of the best hot chocolate I've ever had! Definitely come check this place out!

Chase Long

They defiantly believe in focusing on doing one or two things and doing them. Great coffee with variations on eggs benedict.

clark vocke

This place is great. We come here on the reg

Richard Madara

Great coffee and great breakfast especially on the patio.

Peter Marut

Great latte and friendly service

Heide Cardoso

OMG- love the chocolate croissant and espresso coffee is the BOMB

Z Zimmitti

Good coffee. Less good location. Worth a visit.

Sarah Roman

My husband and I love this place. Staff is super friendly, food is fantastic, and the coffee is amazing. Highly recommend this place.

Viswa C

Nice place. Good seating area for conversation.

Mark K

I always get an iced latte, smooth great taste. Coffee/espresso prices are a little better than Starbucks. They also offer breakfast sandwiches/pastries, but I haven't tried any.

zydecook .

Great breakfast sandwiches and open faced type eggs sandwiches. I love espresso and Rebel does them well. Staff are friendly and fun.

eSale Treasure Trove

Wanted dark roast. Woman said she mixed the light and dark, would that be ok? Something about closing soon. Um, 3 hours to closing and you’re a coffee place, and you don’t have basic dark roast? Horrible first experience. Certainly will be my last experience.

Dennis Soasti

Really relaxed place to study, do homework, or just have some coffee. Staff is really nice and welcoming. Their chai latte and hot chocolate are really good if you don't drink coffee. Also, the food they have is tasty too.

Brittany M

Cozy little independent coffee shop. Great place to relax and get a nice latte! Will be returning soon.

Caroline Buckley

First time here, as I have to wait for my dog to be done her spa appt, I considered Starbucks...BUT so glad I chose here! Great menu items, refreshing ice tea, cool atmosphere. Got the Cobb salad—


REALLY GOOD. Delicious and healthy!!! Lots of options and staff is really helpful!!! Small and boutique type coffee shop!

Naomi Lemire

This place is the best! The vibe and overall mood is so peaceful (great for writing). The food and beverage options are great (I love the chai!). A note for vegans: ask for Laura! She’s vegan and sooo helpful and sweet! I love the PB overnight oats!

Theresa Fair

I usual go the restraint but the coffee shop looks cool. Very smartly decorated and clean.

Shawn Matyasovszky

Comfortable, modern environment. Good coffee and food, fast service, very fair prices. A+

AJ Strong

Modern, comfy yet private space for studying, chatting, grabbing a bite. Fantastic environment, amazing staff, best coffee around- coming from a former Starbucks and DD prime member who has made coffee shops her study arena and hangout mainstay.

Gary Maglio, OD

Awesome...great service, food, and coffee

Sarah Levine

I received clearly rotten avocados in my breakfast sandwich (more than just browned from oxygen exposure). I brought the sandwich back and discreetly notified the cashier. I was assured I would receive a refund and the manager would call me but this has not happened and it has been five days. I am disappointed because I enjoyed the gluten free option but cannot stomach going there if they have such little disregard for food quality and customer service.

Gabs LovesCoffee

Both times I've been so far have been very pleasant and full of great coffee! The picture is of their apple fritters, which are made in-house, and a hot chocolate. The fritters were very moist with just enough cinnamon sugar on top to finish it off with a good sweetness. Their iced coffee is very strong, but when paired with mocha or a little milk, is really good. The breakfast sandwiches come out quickly and well-made. It was a great stop for a Sunday morning, but there were a bunch of people there after 11! Good for a quick stop or a study break!

Erica P.

I've lived in the area for nearly 3 years and was always on the hunt for a local coffee spot. I randomly searched for a place to have breakfast with my fiancee and came across Rebel Dog and I'm so glad I found it! It's a nice little spot with enough offerings on the menu, but not too many to overwhelm a customer. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go. There is a list of assorted coffee/espresso beverages as well as a case of pastries to choose from as well as heartier breakfast options including a handful of benedicts. We've tried a benedict, breakfast sandwich (both with pastrami) the potato pancakes and chicken and waffles- a bit dry but everything else was good. The lattes and cappuccinos were tasty, the music is enjoyable and the service was pleasant.

Kevin Miller

Very friendly staff and holy heck it’s great coffee!

Adriana Scully

Their cluckin chicken is soo good. Not a coffee drinker but their hot cocoa is delish

Doug Draffan

Hey, well im not to hapoy with A the size of iced coffee. B the girl was very unhappy that worked there. I just can't believe how OVERPRICED AND TASTE LIKE MY HOT MAXWELL house pot coffee with ice. I can do that home. But thank you and best wishes.

Jeremiah Johnson

better coffee than the chains


A great and quiet place to meet a friend over coffee.

Meredith Jones

Courteous staff, amazing breakfast & a wonderful array beverages. I would highly recommend & look forward to my own return visit!

Mr Evans

Holy cow, the jet fuel is no joke!

Cambriel Crowal

Every time I order online my order is always wrong and never ready. This place would be great if they could get your order right the first time.

Kyle Kulas

Great coffee and pastries. Excellent place to study with WiFi and outlets.

AG Cilantro

Great coffee, tasty breakfast sandwiches, delicious pastries.

Giuseppe Gentile

Love the Plainville location! It’s a must if you’re in the greater Hartford area.

Greg Davis

It was good customer service. Coffee was sh*t.

Beau D.

Say goodbye to ScarYourWalletBucks (AKA: Starbucks) and Dunkin Donuts; "I told you so" will be my exact words when you begin witnessing Rebel Dog Coffee Shops replacing the Coffee wannabee shops near you. Why come to Rebel? Here are just a few reasons: Rebel offers the complete coffee shop experience; Great Coffee & Food, Pleasant Service and an Inviting and Comfortable Ambiance. What more could you ask for? Oh, and the owner Harrison is a great guy as well. So put down the other places "drink" and do yourself a favor, visit Rebel Dog. You wont be disappointed.

Kiera Weinstein

Comfortable experience, friendly staff, and great coffee!

Tim Malone

Great local coffee shop in Plainville. I wish it was in the center, but nothing is perfect. The coffee is really good and made with care. They even have cold brew and nitro on tap. The atmosphere is pretty good as well. I haven't tried the bar/restaurant it's attached to yet, but I plan to.

Michael Novack

Good coffee and even better food


Great breakfast sandwiches and open faced type eggs sandwiches. I love espresso and Rebel does them well. Staff are friendly and fun.

eSale Treasure Trove

Wanted dark roast. Woman said she mixed the light and dark, would that be ok? Something about closing soon. Um, 3 hours to closing and you’re a coffee place, and you don’t have basic dark roast? Horrible first experience. Certainly will be my last experience.

Rachel Johnson

Love thier coffee and breakfast sandwich and the convenience of ordering online. Parking can be a little tough but overall great place!

Patricia Reville

So happy to welcome Rebel Dog to the neighborhood. Great latte, great atmosphere, nice laid back place to meet for a cuppa.

Joseph palega

Omg the coffee and the food . Super on point .price is perfect .

Luis Fuentes

Great food, great atmosphere

Thong Vo

Good coffee and delicious food, a bit pricey though

N Bland

Coffee and food is really good

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