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REVIEWS OF Mew Haven Cat Cafe IN Connecticut

bumla1752000 .

Love it there! The owner was super sweet and the kitties are well cared for. Would definitely recommend going there...even if you are not sure about adopting you can still book time to hangout and study/work online.

martha laguna

The cat Cafe was very clean and bright, the attendants very knowledgeable and caring for the cats in their care. May they have continued success in adopting the cats.

Jae Brochu

This is not quite the same as the cat cafes of Asia, for health regulation reasons, but it accomplishes the same goal: you pay a small fee, buy a cup of tea, and then proceed to enjoy your tea while petting adoptable shelter cats. What more could you want?

Zanetta Kok

This is such a great place to come and relax with some coffee and cats!

Amy DiFrancesco

Some purple haired woman was rude, nasty and condescending. Save yourself a trip and just go to a shelter.


Stopped in yesterday and had a lovely chat with one of the owners, Angela. The space is adorable and I cannot wait to see the kitties!

Silvia Barzola

Many things to look is anyone is like this kind they are in the right place

Steven Anello

Henri Bergeron

Dymin Ellis

I love the cat cafe in Westville because it's therapeutic, cute, and beneficial to all the orphan kitties. Visiting this place is always a treat, but my visit (December 5th) was the least enjoyable I've had. The blonde employee was invasive of my visit with my partner. She intruded on our conversations here and there, which was at the very least, annoying. We did get into a conversation about shelters and the issue of pet abandonment, in which she used some offensive language -- mentioning "the ghetto" and she even alleged that people use dog breeding as a cover for drug dealing after I had mentioned that my father was considering becoming a breeder. As a Black person, I was made uncomfortable. My partner was, too. I was disappointed that someone like that would be working at such a lovely establishment. I always feel bad for animals that have to spend time with people like that. She just added negativity to a space that is otherwise pleasant and relaxing. The blonde employee also claimed that two Latinx visitors who had went into the cafe minutes before my partner and I, had to go in a few, even though they had paid for a full hour. I knew the blonde employee was wrong because they had been in the cafe almost as long as I had been, and it had only been 10-15 minutes since they arrived. I thought that was rude and it was a mistake that was easily avoidable... everyone in the room, including the owner of the cafe, knew she was wrong. The blonde employee eventually admitted her mistake, but she had already made the space uncomfortable by then. "Actually, you have like 40 minutes left. My bad." I noticed one of the people from that day left a review about the experience. I'm glad they left a review. I hope the cafe will take these records into account when moving forward to make the cafe a better place for all its visitors.

Shanell Luna

Tiffany Lufkin

Very friendly and welcome place to get a cup of coffee, latte, or tea. Wonderful owners who really care about cats and the community. Reservations are recommended for the cat room portion. It is an awesome hour spent with fun and lovely animals.

Jared Cannon

Wasn't to memorable...

Nichole Spencer

Disappointing. The place is very clean and the staff is very friendly. However, out of the 7 cats there, only 1 was friendly enough to pet. I understand they're shelter cats, however, there are friendlier shelter cats that would be better suited for a cafe environment.

bd Blount

Really nice place. Booked an hour spot, got some really good coffee and cookies, and spent some quality time with the kitties! They have a lot of cats, all very sweet and adorable! Friendly staff, really great place all around 5/5 can't wait to go back!

Isabelle Hazlewood

Junelie Candelario

Paul Smith

Loved visiting with the kitties and having a latte!

Philip Levine

Nicole LaSella

Only stayed for 15 minutes. Place is very clean but cats are either sleeping or are not very friendly but maybe 2. Got scratched within 3 minutes of walking in and didn’t even do anything. Ouch. Be prepared

christian giacomini

I can't wait to go!!!

Tim Schofield

The place is very clean and nice. The staff is pleasant but most of the cats have emotional issues and are hostile at the worst and unpredictable at best. If you are looking for a social affectionate fluff ball to interact with this is not the place for you.

nina hernandez

I had an amazing time here! the kitties were awesome! my boyfriend really enjoyed the coffee! I had an amazing time speaking with Angela & I will definitely be recommending Mew Haven Cat Cafe to anyone that will listen!!

Jon Bear

Always an awesome experience when I walk through the doors. Not only can I hang out with the cats, but I can also grab a quick snack or coffee now. Plus the merchandise is always intriguing. It's a unique environment that I'm excited to see each time I go in.

sean Gamble

Fantastic coffee, friendly and fun to talk to staff, definitely worth dropping in and getting a coffee!

Deborah Rubin

Wonderful, adorable!!!!.....great baked goods too!! The owner is a total delight!!

Zapper Games

Jacob Horn

Friendly staff and cute cats! My only concern is people not always knowing how to interact with the kitties.

Brian Hartgraves

We loved the idea of this cafe, but we expected the cats to be a little more friendly. One cat randomly attacked my wife’s arm without any provocation.

June Liang

Don't have the space or time to have a catto of your own? No problem! Fill your heart at this local cat cafe! Mew Haven provides a relaxed, clean, fun and spacious cat playground for you to lounge and pamper some felines. The interior design is fun and modern. All the cats and humans have plenty of spots to settle into for a good petting session. Tons of toys are available. The cafe side also has plenty of drink and snack choices. My family had a terrific time there, especially my little toddler. The kitty attendants help tell you about the personality of each cat and how each like to be interacted with. Please do not expect all the cats to enjoy being picked up and snuggled. All cats have a different personality, just like humans. The cafe residents could change from one week to the next. What makes American cat cafes different from their Asian roots is their focus on adoptions. Asian cat cafes tend to house a permanent collection of sociable and exotic cats for maximizing profit. Mew Haven partners with a local animal shelter and provides a warm environment for lonely shelter cats to meet their forever families. Some cats may need more time to warm up to strangers. My toddler still enjoyed herself without expecting a dog-like level of interaction. The owners, who are there pretty much everyday, are clearly very passionate about the cats and the cafe. Their dedication to the local homeless cat population is to be admired. So go grab a drink, expect a chill time in the presence of your kitty overlords and maybe meet your future little furry family member.

Tom Walker

Melanie Morales

Michal Lupa

Dorothy Gitelman

Lauren Nicole

So cute and very clean! Very adorable and unique way to spend an hour in new haven. I got a cup of tea that was very good, my friend didn’t love her iced coffee but the cafe prices were extremely reasonable. The staff were a little awkward with their social skills but overall my friend and I had a good time!

Maddie M.

Ben Fauzio

This establishment is phenomenal!

Andrea McClure

Ran Ran Aden

Nicholas Konstantinos Stivachtis

Cats and good coffee. Support a local business. Play with awesome adorable adoptable cats. What more could you want?

Ashley Marko

Spencer Kiernan McGrath

Matt O'Neill

Kaylin Stratton

I visited Mew Haven with my 7 year old nephew for the first time today. We loved it. The space was clean, the staff was super friendly and the coffee was great. I will definitely be back.

Sharon Norton


I expected more out of it. I wouldn't call it a cafe at all. Its just 2 big rooms with 6 cats and lots of cat toys. Then there is a small room where you register and can buy drinks, snacks & trinkets. Not worth the money at all. But knowing that the money goes toward helping stray and homeless cats makes it ok for me.

Artemisia Fearn

Michael Pinto

Stacy Santos

One of the employees here is very rude with her sarcastic comments, blonde hair employee to be specific. She kills the whole vibe. I do not recommend, save your time and money.

Daynalee Colon

Waste of time & money. All the cats there are vicious, left me with bloody scratches. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!

Carlos Vigil

Daniel Clough

So out of the box it

Roger Rabbit

Jennifer Y.

Brittney Theresa

Effie Sapphire

I went for the Valentine's night and it was truly everything I needed. Comfy space, friendly staff, gluten free food options, clear guidelines, and of course cute cats ❤.

Bryan Alexander

Even though they are currently only in a coffee-less pop-up phase at the time of this review, I had an amazing experience playing with all of the cats. The cats are amazing, the staff is wonderful, the concept is great, and the mission is beautiful!

jennifer paturzo

Matthew Hesson-McInnis

The Mew Haven Cat Cafe has wonderful sweets and coffee. The owners are delightful and friendly, and they have some great merchandise, cards, and kitty-relevant novelties. A welcome addition to Westville.

Joshua Williams

Susan Belair

This is a great place for experienced cat people to hang out and help cats get socialized for adoption. I would not recommend this for young children, as sometimes the cats can be scared and unpredictable, and a child grabbing for a cat is not good for the cat, and the child could get scratched. Nice facility and helpful staff. Pictures and info about each cat and what they like are posted on the wall. Read this first before interacting so you can interact with each cat in ways they are comfortable.

Yuezhe Li

I enjoyed my time in Mew Haven. Cats here have strong personalities. Windsor is very outgoing and curious. Avocado cannot move his eyes from bird videos.

Jasmine Lewis


Salwa Abdussabur

My partner and I have made two visits to the cat cafe. The first visit was lovely. We were greeted by the store owner and an employee who was very sweet and she obviously cared so much for the cats. She taught us each cat's personality and encouraged us to engage with each one as much as we could within the half hour we had paid for. Excited by the first visit, we visited again and paid for an hour visit. This time a different employee had been working. A strawberry blonde girl. She was condescending and patronizing to my partner and I, and she was rude to two other visitors that had gone into the cafe just before we did. The blonde girl was overbearing, dictating how we should interract with each cat. She claimed it was against the rules to pick up or hold any of the cats, even though during our last visit we were told that holding cats (carefully) is fine, and the rules were posted on the wall and nowhere did it say that picking up the cats is forbidden. My partner and I have been seriously considering adopting form this place, and we would like our experiences there to allow us to decide on the best kitty to take home. That means picking up a cat to see how they react -- we want a cat that like to be held. The blonde girl was rude, saying things about "the ghetto" and "drug dealing breeders." She tried to kick out the two Hispanic women that came to the cafe literal seconds before my partner and I did! I am skeptical about revisiting... I really love the cat cafe, but I strongly dislike that employee and I wouldn't set foot back in there if I saw that she had a shift.

Tyler Vaglivelo

Brian Cannata

Timothy Rucinski

Easy to sign up and get in. Lots of cats. Plenty of seating to get you in range of all the curious little kitties. Lots of toys for you to interact with them. Doesn't smell too bad, clean and cute interior.


It was wonderful. Not only can you drink your tea/latte in the company of some wonderful felines, but you can even adopt the cats in the cafe. The staff is knowledgeable and passionate about the animals. Great area around the cafe. There are may local businesses near by that we checked out or plan to check out because of the cafe. Definitely a great way to spend an hour/hour and a half.


Katherine Bayles

Peter Sheldon

This is an awesome place! What's better than good coffee and cats?

Dayna C

All the cats were asleep and they all are vicious, they don’t like to be played with and they scratch and bite hard. Also, workers are very rude. The white lady with the purple hair looks like she hates her job due to her attitude. And I will tell my friends and family about this horrible place.

Emily Lane

This place was so fun and so cute. The owner and cafe portion were great, the drinks were good too! Our cat lounge attendant was also great. But the greatest part were the sweet little kitties that were running around. They had so many toy options and so many places to climb on as well as so many places to curl up and take a nap. My boyfriend and I completely fell in love with them all


Cute kitties, reccomend using the laser pointer for maximum laughs

M Gottlieb, Ph.D.

Great concept, but too many people at one time, with shy cats. Beverage and baked good choices are tasty.

Pam Ciufo

Better to make an appointment for weekdays or evening ( before they close,) cats are more active at night and the weekend they're pooped out from all the weekend visitors and - if you know ANYTHING about cats- you know they are night owls....and not recommending this for kids under 5 ..too much to try to stop an active toddler not to be too rough with Kitties or not to run around the rooms...but they have great stuff at the front part too to buy! Shirts pins mugs etc !

Stacey Smith

Very clean facility and friendly staff. The girl that was there immediately scooped the boxes. Will definitely back just to play with cats and support the cause since I already have two cats

alissa mower clough

Great fun, great cats.

Andreanna Burman

Very fun.

Patrick Conway

Sierra St.George

Adrian Stawarz

David Stevens

I just stopped by and got a mocha. Great coffee and super friendly owners. I am so excited to have a cat cafe in town! They also have cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and cookies as well. In addition to great coffee and snacks, they have a ton of awesome cat apparel. I had to buy a card, it was too cute. :) Overall super excited about having this store here.


The cats were very adorable and friendly, quiet there and it was fun to experience the cats.

Vanessa Marie

I came here today on December 5th, around 430pm. I loved the way this place was set up and organized, very comfortable. But aside from this the workers were not so friendly. The very skinny blonde employee kept giving me an attitude and she would whisper things about my friend & I. Honestly, people like that don’t deserve a precious job like this that works around animals every time of the day. I would expect very friendly and assertive employees to work for my company if you’re paying SO much money to go to something you thought would be a great experience. Again, I loved the place and how nicely set up it was; I didn’t appreciate how the employees treated their guests - this is completely unacceptable and should NOT be happening. I wanted to leave and never come back, that’s how UNCOMFORTABLE I felt. Needless to say, I drove an hour and 15 mins (including traffic) just to be treated with the most downright disrespect.

Rowan Roux

Amanda Della Fave

Yinuo Zhang

The Platts

This was not the experience my kids and I were expecting. The woman running the place did nothing to engage my kids or even make them think she was glad that they were there. She was odd, and unfriendly and not welcoming. My kids are very gentle and used to being around cats (we have two) and none of the cats were friendly. We were not allowed to pick up the cats and all of us were scratched when trying to gently pet the cats. This experience ended up being a total bust and we left and played games in the café area. I’m writing this review because I feel like we were completely disappointed. This experience was nothing like what we expected and I want other parents to know, to prepare their kids.

Joelle Perna

We loved it! I wanted to surprise my son and bring him. It was our 1st time coming and we can't wait to go back. My son loved the surprise and keeps telling everyone where he went and all about his visit. He loved playing with all of the kitties and had a blast, me included.There are so many adorable cats there. I wish I could adopt all of them, especially Trapper. He was so loving and fell asleep on my lap. I felt bad making him get up when it was time to leave. The girl (sorry I forgot her name) was so helpful and was so good with the cats. She was so easy to talk with and very knowledgeable about the kitties. We stopped in the cafe after our visit with the kitties. There are so many cute kitty things in there. The lady in the cafe made my coffee delicious and she was also so nice and friendly. My son got a kitty cookie which he loved. I also purchased a kitty reusable bag with a carrying case, which is adorable. We are so happy we went and so excited to go back again.

Jay Levreault

We had a birthday party for my 7 yr old daughter at the cafe. I have to tell you, my wife and I were incredibly disappointed with how everything ran. This is for many reasons, but to name a few: 1) The staff was very rude and unwelcoming. This especially applies to the woman who seemed to be running our event who was more often than not either reprimanding the children or in her phone. She was also quite rude to my wife and other members of our party. 2) It was terribly unorganized. The staff operates as if we knew how things should go in your venue, for example not laying any ground rules for the children which meant that they just did whatever they thought was appropriate, leaving it to the parents to tell them what seemed to be right. If you expect the kids to be a certain way, organize that at the beginning. 3) Going back to the woman who was “running the event,” she essentially told my wife, in the middle of us trying to enjoy the party for our daughter, that we had too many people, yet she gave no instruction for what that implied. This left me having to figure out what she was saying, which ended up being nothing (though she made sure to have a terrible attitude about this “nothing”). When we had another few people show up at our party, she held the door shut and told them they couldn’t come in without a waiver. This is insane. 4) Honestly, I don’t think this place is meant for parties for kids. If you have cats who don’t like to be pet or played with by children (which was the case for all but one cat - literally every child left with several scratches from them), it makes zero sense to do this. Put that with the staff that seems to have zero tolerance or patience for children, I put this as one of the worst places to host a kids party. 5) We were supposed to be there from 1-3. At 2:45, one of the staff came into the room and proclaimed “it’s time to clean up,” essentially ending our party. We were halfway home before it even hit 3pm. I’ve never experienced anything like this, and we’ve hosted parties at other locations for years. Terrible. All in all, this was a pretty terrible experience. I spent about an hour and thirty minutes of my hour and forty-five minute stay looking at my watch wishing the party would end. I highly recommend that no one consider this location for a party in the future, as it was literally the worst birthday party we’ve had out of the 16 birthday parties we’ve thrown for our kids (as well as other parties we’ve been to). ***The above is an email i sent to the owner - she replied letting me know that she tried to contact my wife about logistics via 6 emails and a facebook message (note: all of these messages were sent to a spam folder), yet there was no attempt to call for clarification on details, leaving a highly unorganized party. In terms of the staff, the response to their behavior was that they were overwhelmed with the headcount (that may be why they were that way, but it doesn't excuse it).


Staff was very friendly! The coffee was great and reasonably priced. An hour was the perfect amount of time.

marianela baez

Nice lounge for cats

Tracie Mauriello

Kevin Daly

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff, cute cats and kittens to play with, good drinks and snacks, and most importantly for a New Haven location, public parking right across the street. Just make sure you make reservations, as they book up fast. It's definitely worth checking out at least once, and I know I'll be back.

Kim P

What an awesome way to socialize and adopt out cats! Fantastic drinks too!

Lena Greco

My family and I walked in at 11. He said they were booked until 12 and to come back. We walked around for an hour my son in great anticipation as he loves cats. We come back at 12 and the man tells us that 12 is now booked. BOOKED? He never explained we had to pay in advance or make a reservation. He says "we just walked out" Well yea, you told us to come back at 12. When he had openings. He could have asked if we wanted to make a reservation. Never explained how it worked. I couldn't believe it. As much as my son wanted to do this I'm disgusted at the customer service of this place and won't return.

reanna gilbert

Totally love this place!!!! The cats were cute some were playful and sweet. A hour is perfect for an enjoyable coffee and kitty company

Rebekah Quimby

Kathie ODonnell

Excellent , clean place


This place is amazing. I come here whenever I can with my friends! The service is amazing and the people are super nice! Not to mention all this amazing cats!

Britta Gunneson

Fun time! It was low-key and a nice way to hang out for an hour, but a lot of people and not enough cats. Would go more if it was only 1/2 hour, but obvs for less $

Rich K

Amazing treats and drinks, your welcomed into a clean space and you can see the care the owners have about this place. You then walk around the building into the cat area. Everything is clean and nice and each cat has their own story and personality. Will definitely be back.

Manya Lisse

Victoria Ridley

We had a company xmas party planned for cat yoga, but it had to be postponed for the health of the cats of the cafe. We eventually got to reschedule for this past weekend, and Im glad we did because it was a lot of fun! There wasn't as many cats in-house as I’d hoped (but thats ok because it means they found homes!) and the store front and kitchen area is small, but don't let that fool you because the drink selection was great and they carry multiple non dairy options. As someone who also works with cats I could see that the staff takes the structure and care of the cat lounge and its residents seriously, down to a fully enclosed “cat-lock” around the door. The yoga was fun, despite the fact that Im as flexible as a fresh piece of celery I could follow along and enjoy a very different form of exercise, since it was a class full of cat fanatics we all clearly wanted a cat to come “bother” us. My partner lives a few towns over, so I look forward to visiting again now that I know its so close! /\__/\ (=^ェ^=) ( m m )ノ

Leah Sattar

The perfect place for any cat lover. They're all so friendly and fun to play with. The staff and owners clearly care a lot about their cats, and will gladly talk to you about the cats living at the cafe. And to top it off, the drinks are absolutely delicious. An amazing experience, and I can't wait to go back.


Kittens are well taken care of and the staff are very friendly. They put 0 pressure on you to adopt so it is nice to get to know the cats and make a decision in your own comfort.

Gina Rose

Crystal Jeanne

Adam Beaudoin

This place is great! The staff is very friendly and they’re quick to check you in and get you a coffee before you go to play with the cats. The playroom is very clean and spacious, and didn’t smell like the inside of a litter box. They do a great job of keeping the place looking and smelling clean. Highly recommended for a nice afternoon experience!

reese martin

Great when they have a bunch of cat's, but when there are less than 5 or so it gets too crowded to have quality cat time.


Jill Bowen

Unfortunately we couldn't get in because it was cat nap/resting time. So CALL AHEAD and make a reservation. That's what I'm doing....

Betsy Rosenberg

Most fun when there are lots of cats, of course. Nice spot to hang out for an hour & chat with a friend, plus pet kitties!

Ayesha Adams

Great awsome

Noah Steiner

Boring had like 4 cats. Cats were barley intresting.

Andrew DeNeen

I’ve been here numerous times with my daughter (she’s a cat fanatic). We’ve gone so much we have a punch card to track our visits!! This is a lot of fun, the staff is really helpful and it benefits a local shelter. If you’re in the area definitely book an hour and spend some time with the cats.

jessica davies

Very friendly and very clean! Plus the goodest cats alive♥️

Clare Boone

This is a great space for enjoying time with the cats! Very clean and roomy, and there are enough cats to entertain everyone there! Coffee selection is great, and the staff are super friendly- I enjoyed talking with them and learning about the cat’s backgrounds and personalities.

Emily Montoya

Huge cat lover who owns two cats of my own. This was the perfect stress reliever before finals but unfortunately I felt extremely uncomfortable the majority of my time there. The blonde hair employee was not friendly and had an attitude problem, specifically towards my friend. I was expecting upbeat, friendly, welcoming personalities but was extremely disappointed with that one employee. My friend and I drove here from Manchester CT (about an hour drive with traffic) just to leave 15 mins earlier than we were suppose to. I was hoping for this to be a place to visit with family but after my visit I will not be returning or recommend to any friends and family

Dale Cates

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