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869 Main St, Willimantic, CT 06226, United States

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REVIEWS OF Grounded Coffee Company IN Connecticut

April Pannell

Was visiting a client and we stopped in almost every morning. I love their speciality coffees but such a great local vibe and good people. Great service and of course coffee was great.

Rose Wolfheart

My partner and I were not very impressed with this place. I ordered a dirty chai it tasted watered down, and my partner ordered and iced coffee which he was not a fan of. The place is very cute, and the bagel was amazing. I highly doubt it’s baked in store but it was quite yummy. I do wish it tasted as great as it looks. Vegan friendly.

Elijah Rivera

I've had drip coffee and espresso($3) here. Both were great, and easily the best coffee I've found in the area. Cool interior and outdoor seating as well. One can tell they are serious about the quality of the drinks they serve. They have coffee beans for sale as well.

Russ C

Locally owned. Family run. Nice atmosphere. Fantastic pastries. Locally sourced. They lean heavily on African coffees. (Not my favorite.). But, every now and again you'll find a nice Latin American coffee.

John Clements

Just this: good coffee. Nice talk with the barista about roaster & origins. I've been visiting the area for fifteen years, and this is the first time I've had really good coffee in this area.

Diana Christou

Lovely. Will be back.

Kimberly Foss

Great atmosphere. Quaint coffee shop with inside and outside seating.

Steffen Janser


The hours suck! Opens too late on Saturday and closed too early everyday.

Adam Yates

A great place to sit down and read or write over a cup of coffee or a great bagel.

Roberta Dwyer

Comfortable atmosphere. Limited coffee selection.

Christopher Stewart


Sam Highsmith

Coffee selection is impeccable. Upscale, but no snobbery. Would definitely recommend.

Matt Panecki

Great little coffee shop in the downtown section of Willimantic. The super friendly staff serves up a variety of coffee beverages as well as food items to enjoy in or take to go!

Donna Anderson

Justin Pearson

Paula Scharpf

Great lattes and nice atmosphere.

Tim Gorin

Albert Yee

A lovely shop in a very cute town. I'm not a coffee drinker, but I enjoyed their hot chocolate and tea while my wife savored their coffee. We stopped in several times while visiting family during Christmas break to get work done and just plain enjoy the shop. I've never seen tea presented as it was, in a carafe. They have a good selection of sandwiches and smaller snacks in addition to their caffeinated options. The baristas definitely knew the regulars that stopped in during our visits with lots of catch up conversations overheard, always a good sign. The wifi never had any issues and there was a stack of those pretty and pricey quarterly magazines available for visitors. We'll definitely be back here while visiting family.

Robert Grindle

Charming, friendly, great coffees.

Andrew McMullan

Great pie! Coffee was probably great as well but I was too distracted by the pie to notice.

Cláudio Daflon

Christopher Carlucci

Best coffee joint in CT.

Matteo Guastamacchio

So pumped Grounded exists! Everything is incredible - hand pours, espresso/ espresso and milk drinks, to the auto brew, to the wonderfully methodical cold brew. Best around. The coffee choices are diverse carrying multiple roasters and will recommend the best coffee for the brew method you choose. Not to mention a cozy interior. Live edge slab wood decor, with a white contrast. Trendy, but not over the top. Also, a patio outside for the nice days. Definitely check it out. Easy spot to find downtown Willimantic. Life's too short for bad coffee.

Carmelo Ortiz

Fantastic experience. Treated my wife and brought a friend. I thoroughly enjoyed the "Honey Latte" and ate a delicious "Bagel Sandwich" on a Spinach Garlic Bagel (with Prosciutto and Garlic Cream Cheese)! So so very delicious! Then I had their amazing "Chai Latte" and we shared some dessert! Their "Gluten Free Ginger Molasses Cookie" was mmmmmm mmmmmm good! Their "Blueberry Breakfast Bread" was wonderfully toasted lightly with butter, mmmmmmmmmm. And their "Raspberry Crumb Cake" was subtly accented with occasional chocolate chips, mmmmmmmmmm. Everything was fantabulous and I must return for more!


I live in Brooklyn, NY, where there are lots of good and unique coffee shops, but this is definitely one of my current favorites. My family and I were taking a leisurely drive through CT and randomly saw this place and stopped. I'm glad we did. Beautiful spot with delicious drinks. I got an iced Honey Latte. I'll be back for more. I also loved the little table and chairs with crayons and paper for kids. My boys loved it as much as my wife and I did.

Alex Adkins

Great atmosphere and superb coffee.

Madelyn Briggs

Rodger Phillips

Kevin Donohue

Very good coffee and interesting other stuff run by people who care about their business

Dylan Leonard

Jay Feather

It's such a nice place! The tea and crumb cake I had were SO good! Great place to stop in for a snack.

Marc Scrivener

If you're looking for gourmet coffee in Willimantic, this is your place. It's a small shop with some seating and a comfortable atmosphere. It's not unusual to see students studying here during the week. Be sure to sample the baked goods, especially the blueberry crumble.

Mike Peters

Julie Richards

You get a “feel good” vibe walking in. Their honey latte is the best! I also enjoy all the tea selections. Bonus points for having tables outside in the front on Main St. and in back in the People’s Park.

michael Scott

Their coffee have a artificial sugar taste to them. The taste doesn't allow you to taste the java, and after you take your first sip the java scent of java is gone because of the artificial taste. Most people who say, "I love coffee" or "I'm a coffee drinker" destroy their coffee with creams. They are not coffee drinkers! Coffee has a sensitive taste and aroma and when people put the artificial creamers or creamers that is destroy. The people coming in here to comment are not coffee drinkers- it will be like adding creamers to wine and swishing it in your mouth, and they say "I LOVE WINE"

Jessica Mattson

I wanted to love this place. The view from the street is beautiful. The decor and atmosphere is great. The service was really terrible. Communication between the order taker and the barista was bad enough to get 3 out of 4 drinks wrong. They could have gained back a few stars by offering to let us drink the mistakes rather than tossing them down the drain. It might have made the $30 price tag feel a little better too.

Meredith Krogh

Cute little shop, tasty latte

Charles Bradford

Nice spot. Excellent coffee and egg sandwich.

Aria Webb


Kirsten Grond

Jeff Bachiochi

Hand poured coffee is the way to go. Incredible!

Mrs. Rebecca Stimson

Best coffee shop around, hands down. It's our favorite place in town and the excellent quality and staff are always consistent.

Nathaniel Houle

Rating them on just their coffee and espresso drinks they make the best drinks of any place in the eastern half of the state of CT (probably all of CT, but I dont frequent the northwest corner enough to be sure). Attention to detail on the espresso bar is way above the average coffee shop.

Angela Zinsious

Nice cozy place. Great place to bring work to and hang out.

James Nassiff

Great service. Knowledgeable staff.

Ashley Marko

Madeline Brown

I simple, classy coffee shop with delicious coffee, specialty drinks, and non coffee options.

Daniel Hale

Frank Fontana


Brendan Cunningham

High quality coffee. They take it seriously. Nice menu options, great atmosphere. Definitely make it a stop on your list.

Lucian Chapar

Abhinav Poozhikunnath

Cozy little cafe, that actually serves coffee, and not alcohol. I haven't found many like it near this area. Most "cafes" here serve beer and sandwiches :-\ Honey latte is excellent, try it if you ever go here.

Chris Petersen

Great local coffee shop. They are so local that they don't speak corporate Starbuckese. And that's a good thing. The coffee is rich, the pastries delicious. Cozy seating and bright and inviting interior.

Jen squires

Excellent coffee. Superb customer service.

Asma Ghani

Amazing coffee and very friendly owners!

Terry Lucas

Great lattes

Brandon Barone

Jon Carrier

Good for coffee

Netherfire Studios

Probably my favorite small business in the CT area. Great coffee, friendly staff, relatively low prices for the quality of coffee, and awesome aesthetics

Lance D.

Hands down the best coffeshop in Willimantic. Great coffee, great employees and great environment! Perfect for a cute date

Jared Henderson

One of the best places in Willimantic. Great decor and atmosphere, and (most importantly!) great coffee from a variety of roasters.

Lauren Vander Zanden

Julia Saegaert

Just had delicious quiche and honey-lavender latte here for a most enjoyable lunch! Hubby had mocha latte and bagel, toasted to perfection. We love it! Julie and Norb Saegaert

Brendan Gassler

Epic coffee!!!

James Ziegler

Best espresso in Connecticut!

Gavin McGimpsey

T. Leahy

The atmosphere and staff are excellent. The coffee cake I had was delicious though I would have preferred without walnuts. However, if you go here for the tea, the black tea is not great, unfortunately, and their selection is both interesting but limited. I was hoping for a chai latte but they didn't have that. They do have gun powder green though and a bunch of other loose leafs. All and all a great place for dessert and coffee lovers but not the best for black tea only people like me.

Dan Chevalier

Quality coffee served by a knowledgable and friendly staff combined with a comforting atmosphere.

Maggie Macha

Excellent service and superior products

Daniel Adams

This place just opened Friday - The Quiche is the best I have ever tried in my life. Coffee is fantastic and reasonably priced (less than Starbucks) and blows them out of the water.


Kalo Augmon

Richard Barstow

A pleasant surprise. Excellent latte, friendly service. Two thumbs up.

Al Korczynski

Very cool coffee house in a old Victorian building on main Street..The honey latte is my favorite, especially when paired with a blueberry coffee cake. Sit, connect to WiFi and get some work done. Or just share a nice morning with a friend catching up.

McKenzie Riley

Jesse Ruiz

Enjoyed their cool, yet warm, atmosphere. Had a lovely cold brew covfefe.

Nikki Martinez Chavez

Nisreen Cain

Excellent coffee. Friendly staff. Great place to sit and enjoy the day. Love the decor.

Steven Jones

Rustic exterior meets modern/hip interior for this small service coffee shop on Main Street in Willimantic. Stopped in for an impromptu visit after biking along the Hop River/Airline trails. Staff were friendly and hard working. Iced coffee was delicious, as was the garlic and spinach bagel that came with prosciutto, picked onions, greens and cream cheese. Had a very solid college feel to it and had the returning college crowd to match. Would definitely go back again for a sandwich/drink.

Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh

Cozy place. Great views of historic Main Street in downtown Romantic Willimantic. Wireless. Limited menu.

R.P. Black

Allen Tax Services

Great coffee and company.

Dave E

Good staff

Itzell Garcia

Alyssa Hull

Ellen Graber Donohue

Warm and inviting the best cappuccino!!

Monica Mcguiness

All I want is coffee with sweetener. They have no spenda, no stevia, no honey. Nothing gluten free and no cream for my coffee. And I just had a sip of my coffee from there. Might have to say it is the most bitter coffee I ever tried. You guys failed. Worst coffee shop ever sorry to say. It's not hard to get coffee right come on. Update....Nice decor, has the potential to be an awsome place. But learn how to set your expensive coffee maker to the right temp. If coffee is your life, make sure you know how to make an awsome coffee. And if a whining customer comes In wanting stevia, smile and tell them that you will fix it and have stevia next time. I would be back the next day everytime. And I'd tell everyone how responsive you were.

Penny L. Tracy

Jenitza Perez Perez

R Mercado

Love it!

James Hall

Great coffee and atmosphere.

Jackie Leheny

Matthew Vertefeuille

kurt pfeiffer

Great spot, independently owned shop & the coffee is DEFF. worth enjoying!

Chris Provis

People are awesome, atmosphere is warm, coffee is delicious!

Mikey Martin

Nick is p cute tbh

Ruth Yuste


Neat hole in the wall, relaxing atmosphere, great friendly staff. Iced coffee was a bit acidic for my taste, and a tad pricey.


Kyle Dunnack

Anne Langley

Yummy cappuccino. Best for miles.

Paul Peterson

Nice prices excellent coffee good service

Anthony Patelunas

Big fan. The owners are wonderful people to talk to. Outstanding espresso. They've really perfected the latte. Also, great bagels. Oddly, better than the place they get the bagels from. It's small and can be busy so seating can be hard to find but it's worth it

David Nichols

The coffee is excellent. Espresso is served with the traditional side of seltzer water. The mocha latte is delicious and reasonably chocolatey. You can buy a small meal, such as a bagel with cream cheese, but the food is not made in the store so if you come later in the day it may have run out. Coffee beans and accessories are available for purchase. The barista is friendly and fast. The shop is small, but there are outdoor benches around the back where you can enjoy your coffee provided the weather is kind. A little farther behind the shop is a free public parking lot. All that being said, I do have a couple complaints. Inside the coffee shop, the acoustics are unpleasant. All the noise seems to bounce around the small interior, so if even a few patrons are engaged in conversation the room becomes quite loud --- much more so than other small coffee shops. And the ventilation is somewhat poor, meaning that in the small space you can always smell the soap and steam of the dishes being washed. The air is often quite humid. I love the coffee, but I don't love to linger. Not all customers will mind these things.

Dee Dee Cesar

Nupur Jain

Suzanne Moyle

Friendly young man prepared a delightful expresso. Exterior of building very inviting. Clean and well maintained. Could use some local artists work on the walls to connect the place with the community.

Carney Lingle

Love it here! So cute and coffee and food are really good! There's limited space so I wouldn't recommend if you're looking for a place to stay for a while but it's great for a quick bite and chat!

Raymond Wheatley

Great atmosphere and an excellent product!

Sean Allison

Cute place. Extremely friendly staff. Check it out for a free cup of coffee if there are marbles on the table just beyond the door.

kyle sealund

Richard Savino

Every time I come here, it's the best cup of coffee I've ever had ☕ Nice comfortable place inside and out!

Katelyn Werner

Colleen Donnelly

This was my first time here. Great iced mocha latte and banana Walnut chocolate chip cookie! Will definitely be back!

Olga Rozman

Best coffee in the area, cozy place to sit, very friendly stuff

Chelsea Cassidy

Okay. Not the best in the area. Small place and a little expensive.

Beth Grabowski

Charlie F. Sadosky

Very pricey for little cups of coffee


One of the best coffee shops in Connecticut!

Daniel Savage

Grounded Coffee Co. has a very mellow atmosphere, very polite and curtious. I would consider on a scale of 1 to 5, I would have to rate them "5"! I recommend them to everyone! Come see for yourself!!!!!

Hedy Rudne

Great coffee. Some outside seating too.

nickk5559 .

Willimantic is lucky to have such a great local business. This coffee shop is located in a historic building on Main Street. It reminds me of a place one would see in Boston or San Fransisco. Nevertheless, it is an extremely relaxed and comfortable environment with friendly employees and a small selection of great food, in addition to the coffee and teas.

Laura Merluzzo

Matthew White

Very homey feel, very good coffee.

Jlafa La

I love this coffee shop. The baristas are great and knowledgeable!

jackie seawright

Great coffee and quiche..perfect for mommy/daughter time

Jennifer Duquette

Absolutely love coming here for my lattes and coffees. Amazingly delicious always friendly and they have some pretty awesome baked goods as well

Heather Perrone

Daniel Cummings

Robert Rice

Great coffee!

Brandon Gusan

Always friendly and timely service. Quality of the coffee is top notch and knowledge of the employees/owners is impressive.

Bryan Viper

Great coffee & friendly staff!

Angela Lanning

Kurt Kaufman

Pleasant spot, good coffee, friendly staff.

Lucien Bechard

I'm excited to have Grounded Coffee in Willmantic. Their coffee is fantastic. The atmosphere is a mix of trendy with a cozy vibe. And their staff is cool and really know about how the coffee culture in CT should be.

Jenna Girard

Stopped in on opening day! The coffee is amazing , I had the honey latte (definitely a drink I will have again) and the staff was super friendly! Will definitely be coming back soon.

E Smart

Nemmy Dominguez

Denise Casey

Shaheer Burney

Exquisite coffee, great minimalist decor, wonderful employees. Highly recommended for anyone looking for good coffee within a 20 mile radius.

Randy InCanton

The FINEST coffee and people. One of my big treats whenever I drive to Willimantic.

Renee Harris

Very pleasant!

Dave Bachiochi

My favorite coffee? Whatever they are pouring today!

Justin Kyle

Amazing place! Delicious coffee at a great price!

matt mills

Owner is a great guy. Coffee is amazing and authentic. The depictions of what you can taste is amazing. It's a nice place to relax and enjoy what tall coffee tastes like.

Emmett McMullan

Delightful every time. Quality food and coffe, thoughtful staff, warm and inviting atmosphere. Bomb cafe on all fronts.

Corey Garrison

Coffee was great. Really liked the atmosphere. Will definitely be back

Stephen Gallen

Best coffee you will ever have and amazing staff

Marc Saegaert

A new and happening place in Willimantic. Stopped in for a coffee this morning and there was a buzz in the place. Lots of people stopping in, good vibes, young and older (I fall in the latter category), nicely appointed space. The wood counters are worth a look-see in and of themselves, but mostly, have yourself a latte or a good ole and very good cup of coffee. It is obvious that Nick and Tony, who were there this morning, genuinely care and are knowledgeable about coffee, the coffee beans they source, how to coax flavor from them, and perhaps best of all, making you feel comfortable. Yep, stop by the place. I'll make it a point to go even more regularly when the pastries show up, but don't wait until then. The coffee is gooooood.

Ann Johnson

Just love the quality and consistently of the coffee and the staff are super friendly. Check it out!

Caleb Casey

Ashley Murcia

I love Grounded as a place to meet up with friends and clients. Friendly staff and great coffee!

Mike Johnson

Best coffee in town!

Valerie Rockwell

paul klesser

Rebecca Stearns

Coffee can't be beat. Always rotating varieties. Will grind to order. Pop in for a cup or stay for a snack.

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