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REVIEWS OF Cafe On the Green IN Connecticut

Timeo Williams

Excellent restaurant. High class throughout - from the atmosphere to the staff.

George Bartholomew

Charm. Locally sourced. Very comfortable. Friday night tacos best deal

Lindsey Martin

I ate here with my mom and we both loved it! The staff was friendly and made sure we had everything we needed. It adds a really cute presence to an already charming neighborhood.

Michael Horan

Nice little place to get breakfast or lunch can be busy at times but the staff is friendly in the food is good

Ronald Grochowski

Great service. Good food reasonable price

Patrick Digilio

krishanthi satchi

Went here for my dad's birthday. My parents have been here for other events and said it was pretty good and a well known establishment, so we decided to bring the whole family. Big Mistake!!! Below are my comments for the evening: 1. Doesn't care if you die. My 5 yr old nephew is allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, sesame. And not allergic like I get a rash, but allergic like My throat is closing, please pass me the epi-pen. When the bread came we inquired if there was any contact with peanuts, and the response by the owner was a shoulder shrug and a "I don't know, I don't know". Not even a mention of accommodating for his allergies, clearly unmoved by the disappointed look on my nephews face. 2. They don't like birthdays. We brought a home-made cake. Apparently that's not allowed. 9 people having dinner and we can't bring my dad a cake. The owner said they can't assure where its been made, etc. when 5 seconds ago he couldn't tell me where the bread was from. But you question our cake? OK. 3. The place is outdated - just ask the red wall to wall carpeting. 4. Food: I'm not Italian, but I lived in Staten Island for 4 years so I know the difference between authenticity and overpriced subpar Italian. This was the latter. With the amazing restaurants on Mill Plain road, WHY ARE PPL STILL GOING HERE?! If you are looking to dine in Danbury - Go to Spasi, go to Max 40, go to Mezon - JUST DONT GO HERE! The only reason this place gets 1 star is because the wait staff was so nice. That's it. First time here and DEFINITELY the LAST

Jayme Burns

Muhammad Iqbal

Good food nice view

Dorathy McManus


We held a luncheon here. Wonderful team, wonderful service. The food is fantastic and it is such a lovely spot for a celebration. Would go there again for lunch or host an event there without hesitation.

Ryan France

Service was kinda bad food was okay


Nice ambiance....Nice food.. Very short menu

Joseph Davidson

Mark Rubino

The service staff was not as attentive as we would have liked. Food was excellent- had lobster bisque, green mussels, red snapper, and seafood over linguine. The swordfish was a little well done which made it less tender than I like, but the shrimp(prawns) were el dente-perfect.

Karen Saunders

Food and Customer Service was Excellent

harry pugner

too outre

we go here for the ambiance. a wall of glass overlooks a gold green. quiet, dignified atmos makes a perfect place for special occasions---our go-to place for those. we feel it is overpriced (not so if you add in the value of the atmosphere) and the service is erratic: often had to micro-manage the waitstaff. they gave us a gift cert because we said it was so bad one time. food is satisfying but n

Aida Borges

Fantastic food and service

Jason Lowry

Joe G

Outstanding food and staff!

Matthew Damron

Kevin Hanney

Great views and good food. Love the atmosphere. Plus they added several signs along the side roads that help a lot with navigating the small side streets to reach the restaurant.

Aigulya Zholdasbek

Louise Sindell

Nik Magill

I have never felt so unwelcome at a restaurant. Maybe we weren't upscale enough, but we dealt with dirty looks from the wait staff all evening. Each server we had, and it was three different ones throughout the night, gave us serious attitude. The only nice staff that we encountered were the two bus girls. The food was okay, but the sizes were on the medium size, particularly for how obscenely expensive it is. And it's far overpriced. I could have gotten more food, for less, that was better, at a different establishment, and have actually felt like they wanted my business there. I will never, ever go back there again, and very adamantly encourage anyone else to avoid it as well.

Sergio Diaz-Valencia

Fueng Cho

i love this place. been coming here several times. anyone who can do lasagna this well can make just about anything. oh, and you have to try the jalapeno soup! so freaking good! the ravioli in walnut cream sauce is amazing too,


I love coffee here!!!

Henry Scalante

My wife and I come here frequently and we are never disappointed! The food is delicious and the staff is attentive and friendly. We always order for dessert the Banana Flambe, is the best!!!!!

David Maser

We take all our important guests to Cafe on the Green. The service is great and the food is to die for. I always get the lamb chops. We will be going again in a few days to entertain family.


Really good meal and service, great wine selection!

Jacob Engelbrecht

Amazing food, staff, and atmosphere. Food is always very fresh, prepared and served in an amazing fashion. Appetizers through dessert, it feels like the menu is expertly crafted and really tastes delicious. Great atmosphere for larger gatherings in a more formal setting. The bar offers a wide selection of drinks for whatever the occasion.

Buddy Pitt

Paul Murphy

Excellent food, excellence service, excellent atmosphere. Highly recommend!


Raji Satchi

Not a family friendly place. Our kids were told to be quiet by the owner as we took them out for a bathroom break. We are the first to discipline them and this time they were behaving quite well. Food was just ok- I had to take two bites of my snapper because I was not sure if it was chicken or fish. Won't be back.

Marianne Fanelli

1. Unfolded napkin revealed many hairs clinging to the fabric. 2. Waiter approached table for drink orders. Was told we needed a few minutes. Never returned. Had to find someone to help. Restaurant was completely empty except for our table. 3. Limited and small menu. 4. Salad was inedible. Old greens and tomatoes. Limp and included pieces that were beyond wilted. Wet and almost slimey. Waiter was oblivious to that input. 5 Eggplant Parmesan was barely lukewarm. Appears to have been frozen. Sauce was actually watery. Not thin - actual water. Horrible. Pasta served with it barely warm. 6. We were seated by the window on a day that was not particularly cold but it was windy. I was freezing. No heat and perhaps old ineffective glass. Honestly, diner food is far superior to this place. Overpriced for the portion sizes not to mention sub-sub-par quality. Highly overrated - undeservedly so. Spend your time and money wisely. Go somewhere else. This place is awful. Needless to say NEVER going back.

Paul Block

Nice restaurant with old world charm. Expensive and most entrees with the cost. Our waiter was exceptional.

Jacqueline Smith

Food is great. Updated restaurant with beautiful views. Great for hosting functions. Staff is professional and tentative.

stephen larivee

Excellent food and service, I had the French onion filet mignon tips, so good!

Marywallis Soetebier

We had our 50th wedding anniversary party here a year ago. The food was excellent. We were not rushed. Our guests were very pleased, and complimentary. We continue to eat here as often as we can.

Mona Chipman

Have been coming to this place for many years. It’s the first time that it’s been an active cafe and had lunch. Great atmosphere and good food. Worth the stop.

Alexsander yovany

Dennis H

Great food and service !!!

Peter Ruvolo

Matt Graves

Had a great Rubin and fresh chips!

Gilbert Preira

We were rushed through the meal from the moment we sat down.

Oscar Franco

The best Italian food in the area... and the service wow..

chris peck

John Everett

Awesome food served by great staff.

Thomas Anderson

Nice lil cafe. Baked good discounted in the afternoon. Decent food.

Tay Conant

Craig Kydes

Excellent restaurant on a beautiful Golf Course who was fabulous we ate in the new bar section the food was incredible

Jourdan Cameron

Pleasant place to stop for lunch, good prices, quick service. There's a nice variety of food available- their sandwiches are pretty solid.

Tiffany Williams

Dined there on Easter food was ok. Service was good especially for a busy holiday but prices weren't equivocal to the quality of the food.

kiley Holmes

Great food and very helpful staff

Gary Baluha

My club has been going here for several years now for our large (20+ people) events and the staff has always been super accommodating to us. The food is good and the prices are comparable to other similar places.

Sara Guillemette

Dana, Terry, and Dave are super hospitable. It’s refreshing to hear the Gunnery students express their gratitude when they leave the Cafe after breakfast and lunch. It’s prove that this staff serves as family away from family for Gunnery students.

Richard Nyers

Beautiful outdoor setting, friendly staff, great food and dog-friendly.

Christine Tirado

Allen Jezouit

Solid local Italian spot in a golf course clubhouse.

Kyle Bellmay

Nancy Ines Nuñez Castillo

(Translated by Google) Delicious Chickpea Salad. (Original) Deliciosa ensalada de Garbanzos.

Peter Becker

Noah Schretz

Alex Theodorakis

Great food and great service!

James Campbell

Douglas Calderone

meh...location is nice

Michael Wittenberg

Anju Gautam

I am a picky eater. And they are absolutely amazing!! I love it here they make me happy !! Breakfast wrap and juice and coffee yummm!! Thank you

Dikran Meliksetian

Patrick McCormack

Great place to get something to eat. I mostly use this place for takeout buy it's good for a quick bite as well.

Rich King

Simon Wilson

Overpriced for average food and service. No childrens menu on Mothers Day.

Tom Thornton


Bill Mitchell

Great views of the golf course. Food was pretty good. Portions are on the small size.

Keison Arnold

Love the food


It's not Italian. It's American higher end food.

Derek Clark

Great atmosphere at this little "eating and meeting place".


Stephanie Borg

Went to the restaurant for New Year's Eve with my family and it was a fixed menu. The food was good and the service okay. You def felt rushed and that even though it was a fixed menu and would expect things to run smoothly. The restaurant was nice, clean and the food was good. High priced restaurant and not necessarily worth it. This restaurant is great for couples.

Doris Bender

I had the lasagna, and my husband had the chicken carbonara. Both dishes were very well prepared and tasty. We enjoyed the meal and the service was great. Thank you.

aftab islam

Beautiful setting and excellent service

Eric Li

Carlos Caldas Castro

Patrick Whitford

Ok food, good service. Not 65$ good, but pretty good. Nice atmosphere.

Scott King

Buffet at Pathways Academy Golf Tournament was outstanding!

The Real Estate Brokerage Group

Adrienne M

We were celebrating our first night as husband and wife and attempted to go out to dinner at Cafe on the Green. We arrived at 8pm and saw a fairly large group of people enjoying wine and drinks. Upon going up to get a table we were promtly told that they were closed and the chef had "just left" because it was a "slow night". Being a mixed minority couple, we apparently did not meet the restaurants criteria and were turned away. I would not recommend this place to anyone. Don't even waste your time making the trip out there.

William Herl

Karen M

Always a good place to visit.

George Szczesniuk

Good food and service

Elle Lynn

I am very disappointed with Café on the Green. I won a $25.00 gift certificate from I95. It was just a sheet of paper printed stating what I won. NO RESTRICTIONS. I did win another $25.00 gift certificate from I-95 as well. This one has restrictions on it. Mon - Thurs. Dinner only & must be used within 60 days. I called the restaurant and spoke with Tracy (the owner). I wanted to know if I could combine the two certificates. He said I couldn't. That was fine with me. I didn't think I could. I told him that I wanted to come up there on Sunday afternoon. He said I couldn't, that it would have to be for dinner, Monday-Thurs. I explained to him that I wanted to use the gift certificate I had with NO restrictions on it. All he kept saying was "I'm sorry"! I don't think he was at all! I think that was in bad taste, judgment and bad business not to honor my certificate that had NO restrictions on it. I-95 should state what the restrictions are when doing a contest to win them! I have NO plans on ever going to Café on the Green. The Certificates are both in the garbage!

James Cooper

I gave this place three tries. I like to support local businesses. But alas, this just wasn't going to work with the Café on the Green. In general, there's the expressionless faces of staff who appear as though they would rather be elsewhere. In fact, I've never seen an employee actually greet a customer with a smile or hello. That in and of itself is a bad sign. I've only been there from breakfast. The food is rather, meh to be generous in my description. One would hope for scrambled eggs at least that weren't cooked until burned with the consistence of cardboard. But today, after waiting 20 or so minutes for my order, and watching students come and go after me, I approached the counter. Upon inquiring about my order, the three counter staff simply looked at me with blank stares. I left. (hungry) To his credit, the cook saw me there, looking frustrated came out and asked what I wanted...I appreciate that, but too little, to late. Wont be back. How unfortunate: This place had great potential. Charming location.


Pretty good food


Absolutely delicious ! Great place with wonderful service. We setup everything for dinner for the entire family It’s was a very good evening. Immediately the staff came to serve us water and a loaf of warm bread. The staff was friendly and very helpful specially to accommodate the kids. We ordered some of the specials that night, The Quinoa Crusted Sea Scallops, Scaloppine Di Vitello Saltimbocca, Linguine Alla Gamberi E Vongole & Filetto Di Manzo Alla Gorgonzola were fantastic, probably some of the best that we ever had!. We were completely stuffed but couldn't resist ordering desert. Chocolate Lava Cake my mom was delighted with the coffee & Chocolate Lava Cake, we ordered Chocolate Mousse Cake dessert to share, also delicious. Great location. Very Good Restaurant for a family dinner will definitely be one of my new go-to dinner spots when visit Danbury! We recommend highly

Bill Dudas

Fine dining at its best. Great service and delicious food.

Kate Mackenzie

Banquet food, mostly store bought and fried.

Colin Harrison

A great place for lunch, especially for golfers.

A Google User

I came in here right after/during the time that all the Gunnery students decided to come in. I thought it was going to be a nightmare because I blend in really well. Thankfully, one of the employees was making a coffee and I discretely made it known that I wasn't apart of their group and just wanted a sandwich and a coffee. She didn't even hesitate, give me a hard time or act inconvenienced. My sandwich was ordered quickly and the coffee is served a la carte- Starbucks Pike roast. The bacon, egg and cheese was great. Egg was a little runny but not sloppy and the bacon was a perfect mixed of crispy and cooked. The roll was really good too which, in my opinion, is important for a good sandwich. Great place and will definitely be back if I'm in the area!

Phil Bayer

Great bartender

Claudia Gregory

We had a wonderful lunch here yesterday. The food was delicious and the staff was terrific. We will definitely go back!

Krisztina Robika


Consistently Excellent!

don puffer

Emily McGrath

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