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100 Grand St, New Britain, CT 06052, United States Located in: The Hospital of Central Connecticut- New Britain General Campus

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REVIEWS OF Au Bon Pain IN Connecticut

Ricardo James

They have great Cinnamon rolls, but sell out too early.

Pauline McBride

Rude discrimination against ask for salad and was told close but they made salad for two other white customers

Greg Hill

Closed an hour before their signs say. Rude when I questioned why she’d closed so early.

nicole lav

Shayla S


Jerry Regan

Excellent spot for a healthy lunch with fast service. The salad team is on point.

Jeanette King

Great soup... Chicken noodle is one of the best, early morning, or for lunch. Small shop, great hospitality? Also the vegetable soup is great... with Oyster crackers.

Steven B

Food was good.

John Myers

Over priced bad food amazing service

Ameet Patel

Coffee tends to be lukewarm, never hot.

Jawanza Jones

Love being able to customize my Bacon Egg and Cheese. Get bore with it. Try adding spinach, tomatoes, and onion then change up the bagel option. No upcharge. Ummm.

Catherine Fischer

JWEIBE boi out my face

Fair food Fair price


NOT 24 hours. If you try to visit after 7pm, you are very rudely, loudly and aggressively told "you can't eat here !" I was unceremoniously thrown out as you are apparently "you can't just walk in off the street !!" I was talked to like a local down and out. I am in fact British, work for an airline, was dressed in designer brands and was very polite. APPALLING ATTITUDE!



Felecia Robinson

Staff made my stay worth the visit! I had the Chicken Cesar salad twice the first with goat cheese! The hospital cafeteria staff could learn allot from these wonderful people! Namaste☯

Ed Rogers

Loved it

Anya K

It’s not 24 hours unless you work there! Closes at 9 pm, opens 6 am.

Delores BOOTH

Great service very good and fresh food.

Jameka Shaw

It's expensive

Michael Johnson


Tammy Snyder

Love this place

Dustin Ruberto

In the hospital, so gets a little crowded around lunch time. Food is good. Good place for staff to relax.

sean d

Good food

Ellione Adams



Prices too high, signs are deceiving food ok nothing special,staff friendly

Aaron Arnold

The cashier's never charge you the same thing twice. I forgive the error, but my breakfast is always some different price than the value meal states.

Rita Rhine

Bagel was fine but service was a little disjointed

Khamaree Owens

I got the broccoli and cheddar soup from there and it was very bland and watery, it was not flavorful or seasoned at all. Wouldn’t recommend.

Whitney Burton

It's in the hospital and they are surprisingly well stocked throughout the day.

Derron Patrick

They are ok at times like,most places


this place needs to be in more locations throughout the city. The BEST, deli, salad, sandwich spot.

Antonio Johnson

Best place for fresh cooked sandwiched.

Mickey Shepherd


scott trosky

Casey Miller

It's a hospital sandwich shop.

Tina Knight

Excellent food, no matter what meal.

Lamiaa Benchaaboune-Chahid

I love their bakery & veggie sandwich

Dedrice Carter

Very Expensive!!!

Yavone Forby

Good food...something different

Beverky Keiter

Great backed good. More help is needed and it could be cleaner.

Bill Marcus

snack shop @ uni md hospital comfortable

Joanna Delgado

Terrible especially for the price

Rick Brownlee

24-Hour Food Available!!!! All of which is Very Tasty.!!!!!

Tanesha Brown

Expect a long wait,, you have to wait to place your order 10 minutes and another 10 minutes to receive your order. The cashier was nice and friendly. Go to the location on South street much better service.

Greg Waters

Good Southwest Chicken Parm. Salad!

Faith Lafee

Thai Chicken Soup gave me food poisoning and the manager offered me more food. It is expensive and not worth it. The only possibly real and fresh thing they sell there are salads and the name sake (bread and pastries) everything else is super processed and I'm sure it's not real quality food.

Ian Chamblee

Awesome coffee.

David Weggel

Terrible, no coffee in the pots, yes only three and all empty, you asked

Cooldude Shaner

Great customer service. The chip I was looking for was not on the shelf and the person on the register (possible mngr) went in back to find me the one I wanted.


Save your money. No good coffee. Will NOT EVER go AGAIN.

Jenny Brown

No flavored creamers but expensive af?!?!

Linda Hayes

A 24-hour oasis of pleasant food in the University of Maryland Medical Center's lobby. Eases visitor's stress, especially with their daily selection of @ six comforting, satisfying, housemade soups, with optional bread/cracker accompaniments. Or choose a sandwich, salad, or bakery items.

Frank Hughes

Overpriced. Not good food.

Maryland Brad

Lots of snack foods priced much too high

Christine Schaefer

I eat here almost daily. Everything is great and the service is great. The one major problem is that they have been running out of items for salads. It's very frustrating. I was told that new upper management cut back on their supply orders. That's a terrible shame.

Melyssa Sava

It was not kept and food was not Au Bon Pain quality. Some staff was friendly and helpful others were..... not very nice. I will find another place to eat.

Betty Smith

Clean place, good food. Better than the hospital cafeteria food. Open longer than the cafeteria.

Mariel Updegrove

A nice alternative to the cafeteria food, but the pre-made foods need to be changed out more. Don't get anything with apples in it. They are always bad and mushy. Also they charge you for a cup of water.

Kayleigh Fuizzotti

I tried au bon pain for the first time. I saw the soups and decided on the half sandwich and small soup meal. I ordered a half sandwich and went to get my soup while I waited. The soup was empty and I was told they weren't making soup anymore. It was 1:30pm and they are open until 4pm. I asked if I could get something else since the two soup options I liked we're empty and the employee said "it's been sitting out all day" with attitude. Disappointing.

Jorja Murcia

A wonderful and friendly cafe. When in the area, I look forward to eating a quick bite here. All of the servers are so nice. Quite a variety for a hospital eatery and a cheerful atmosphere.

Jennifer Woodard

Good drink and food selection in the hospital

James Underwood

I usually hit this up on FFriday. Its clean and there is just a short line.

Libby Smith

Friendly staff, good wrap!

Lea Meyer

Didn't have a large selection.

t s

Nice for quick bite sometimes coffee is oddly luke warm but usually hot and tasty

Precious Nwannedo


David Raymond

Good food made quickly at reasonable prices.

Cindy Talbot

Good food. Great polite service

Chavon Bailey

Sandwich was good and I like the options available.

Afua Ntem-Mensah

Nice but pricey

Sylvia Hart

I went to the one In University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Service is extremely slow. Food is good if you have a lot of free time on your hands.

Tammy M

I've only been to Au Bon Pain once before but it was in Boston and the store had seating and clear lines for ordering. There were no sign as to where to order and while standing there no one behind the counter acknowledged me. I asked another customer where to order, take a number, what? After which an employee said she will take my order next. The coffee station is in the middle and in the way. The broccoli soup was empty :( There was only one cashier so the line was long and winding down the coffee station at some points back to the soup. I had a coupon from the club program on my phone which did not say had to be printed out. The cashier was a bit annoyed and told me next time I had to have it printed out. Just uncomfortable experience. Got chicken salad sandwich but they were also out of the white bread. There wasn't enough chicken salad to cover the bread. The bacon, egg, & cheese bagel was eh. The creamy chicken soup was very bland. The chocolate croissant was good. It was about 1pm on a week day when I went

Regina Cee

Good 12 veggie soup.

C Juers

Alright food, kinda a bit of a wait for greasy breakfast sandwiches.

Kindra Stevenson

My family was very satisfied with the food here

lew fortwangler

Stacy Spivey

Great Staff Great management....

Rich Williams

M. Jean Walter

Took my order. Took another order which was filled and paid for before mine was started


Love it

Darry Harrod

Good healthy food , pricey tho lol

Joseph Dietz


Always reliable, always clean, always comfort food - summer or winter.

Jackie Horsey

Very nice and clean and the employees are very professional

Carolyn E. Washington

Soups Always Great n Muffins

Ioan Lina

Soooooo pricey

C Wallace

Good food.

vincent thompson

I enjoyed the service as well as the food.

natrice lewis

Had to wait a little bit but food is good

Laurie Patoska

Great food!

Sarah R. Bloom

The people who work here are SO NICE and the food is fresh and yummy and their coffee is good. Chocolate croissant was delicious. It is inside the U of M medical center and they are open 24 hours.

Jon Hartsock

Use to be a step up from hospital food. But here lately its been mediocre. Works are short with you and some down right rude. Today I was there and watched a worker throw trash right on the ground, cause trash can didnt open. UMd use to have more choices for food but slowly they are leaving or being pushed out.

Steve Shea

Great service and great food

George Angelopoulos

It's just something to tide you over till the main meal.

Robert Wilson

Great food.

Brittany Mayer

Always a great place to grab a quick bite while at the hospital.

William R Jones

"Supposedly" a self-serve eatery at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore. Coffee was cold, apparently the heating element was turned off, and what was supposed to be hot was tepid at best. Pastry was stale; the cashier had a flat affect. I would not recommend this establishment to anyone; rather, I'd advise avoiding them.

Anne Bruna

Consistent. A bit pricey.

Eric Rohrback

Convenient place to grab lunch since I work in the gulf tower. Food is pretty good but on the same level as a bruegers or something similar. It’s good if you need to get something quick - their turnaround time is great

Jhonnette Ireland

Store was dirty an nobody was at the register to ring up my food so I had to wait for the manager to come from the back. Once she came I asked for additional sauce to place on my sandwich an she wanted to charge me so I said forget it an left. Customer service goes a long way!I

Travis McKinstry

Always the right decision.

Daniel & Kim Lovelock

Caramel Macchiato with an extra shot of espresso is awesome. Can't go wrong for $3.48 Seasonal soups are a must!

Della Newlin

Eat croissant bread was so hard.

Sandi Sroka

No noodles EVER in the chicken noodle soup (no matter what time of day it is) and no meatballs in the Italian wedding soup.

Jamie Fisher

All depends whose behind the counter if you're food gonna be a decent amount. I don't like the fact that they went down a size but up the prices on the lattes. But they do have good soups and sandwiches

Benjamin Hewitt

good but expensive

Shawn Carroll

Food is good ! Overnight staff is very rude located in the hospital



Michael Bussard

Good food, but a little expensive.


Open all night for my night shifts! Not everything is available all night but you can get something!

Dennis Fitzgerald


Sharmaine Fauntleroy

Love this place, vegan Mac and cheese. The best

Matthew & Whitney Carter

Great soups !! Lots of variety and open around the clock, good wholesome food for decent prices, sandwiches made to order, cookies and pastries as well :) Ate here while visiting for a couple weeks.

Mark Wheeler

Waited around with 3 other people being ignored by staff for 5 minutes. Watched an old man eat cookies out of the self serve area. This place sucks. Panera and Nando's are just 1 block away..

Katy Metzner-Roop

Phyllis Norris

Good food good staff

Nicole Johnson

Good Food

Stacey Messmer

Good food

Craig Knox

It's convenient when you work In town but over priced and bland. Nice selection of soups but grab salt and pepper because they are bland and expensive. A large soup and a roll is 8 bucks

Paul Zheng

The prices are a little too high.

lawonne hughes

Customer service is horrible and they never have anything. Coffee never fresh

Clarissa B.

What's the point of ordering ahead of time online if you still have to wait 15 minutes for it...


Located inside of Ummc hospital small & pricey

Kimberley Oldfield

This cafe is located inside the University of Maryland hospital. I've been there once and ordered a jalapeno bagel, egg and cheese. The bagel was soft and freshly made. It melted in my mouth. The coffee was regular, nothing special about it. It's a good spot to get a quick bite.

Ummyusuf Sahar Abdus-Sabur

The food is okay. Clean, bright place. It's a little...a tad expensive but in this case you pay for the ambiance.

Saleh Alghsoon

Nice bakery

Sarah BeBe

Nice for a hospital. Long line and a bit expensive for me. Very clean and easy to find. Just stopped quickly while visiting Trama. Polite staff.

matthew brownson

Great food and decent prices...

Bryan Garrard


Katie Owers

Standard Au Bon Pain, but it’s inside the hospital so you have to check in to get to it.

Jean Alfonso

Nice place to eat.

Barbara Williams

Food was excellent. We had a time I will go back

Vonzolia Holden

Good food , a lil pricey. Polite workers

Donna-Chemene Watt

Nice place.

deborah bouie

Too high unfriendly employees.

Keseana Jackson

Nothing bad to say service is always on point,even when they are super busy

Farren Sleep

Good coffee and they made a prefect bagel. Sandwiches are your normal pre-made egg patty but not bad.

Mariesi Fall


Etta Marie Robinson

Always a hello, and the food is great especially the pastries!

JCx3 & Me

Female manager is very rude

Tory Felton

Great place to grab quick lunch

LadyGoodeSpeaks .

I didn't really care for it. It was overpriced and didn't really have whatever it was that I was looking for. Buy they did have a lot of healthy options! And I LOVE a good salad! Just not the kind they had lol.

Rebecca Shifflett Carlson

My husband had surgery and was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital yesterday. I went down to the lobby very late to find something my husband could eat. Au Bon was the only place open ( thank you for being 24 hours when I needed it) I got my husband a double BLT sandwich. He destroyed the sandwich and said it was fantastic and wish he had 2. The night time sandwich gentleman was really really nice. I would absolutely go back.

Payal Chatterjee

Always low on ingredients, well known for messing up online and offline orders! Prime reason : shortage of staff, since past three years! It’s better to buy from the nearby potbelly!

Monina Pelaez

Rhonda Savage

Not so cheap

pamela shriver

Natural never been there

Felecia Causey

Fabulous almond croissants!

Va'Lencia Wilson


Kelsey Horvath

Good options for grab and go or to get an ordered meal

justina johnson

Nice place to have company and enjoy the food.

Tresa M

First time visiting and the staff was super friendly and helpful. Appreciate Laban for him time.

John Matta

John D Benoit

Only have had the coffees here

Zoltan Mari

High quality food, efficient service

Varsha Joshi



I had a hard time finding them in the dark I didnt have my sunshades with me the time that I went....I

David O'Sullivan

I enjoy the selections. Today was the first time I experienced no wax paper, bags, or tongs to pick up my Danish. Not a major issue. Grabbed it with a napkin


Food is good the staff was horrible.

Steven Maruco

Overpriced.Good wasn't great.

Patti Campbell-Morris

Soups are wonderful

Marcus Jones

They offer a nice selection of foods for lunch. You can sit inside or outside.

Timothy McClary

The salads arefresh and delicioys reasonable for the price.

Gregory McAdams

Excellent yogurt parfaits for breakfast and hot soups/sandwiches for lunch. Lots of great vegetarian options.

Michael Linthicum

Very very good food

ana martinez

A staff member very rude. One word of advice when preparing sandwiches or any type of food, please, please no brooming, when customers order a sandwiche or whatever prepare them in the order the customers ordered them. When u r reminded of your mistakes own up to it n don't be rude. When a customer asked to talk to the manager is usually letting u know to trained your staffs better, not that they want a discount or a free meal. That's all I have to say about this place.

Sam Lipes

Relied on for many snacks and meals over two weeks at UMMS. Good food and big selection, somewhat self-serve.

Shakeeta A

The danishes are delicious

Charles Wilson

The food is awesome

Hagop Aintabi

I wish I could tell you about the food here but the two employees that were making sandwiches that day were too busy joking with each other to make my sandwich.


Bought soup; no spoons. No concern about not having them.

Rick Keefer


Tamiko Shatteen

I only interacted with 2 employees. The man behind the counter was very unpleasant. As if I was the problem he had to get up so early. Not a pleasant experience.

Sam Dey

Good cafe. Friendly staff, although usually only one out of 3 registers open. Good for hot/cold beverages hot soups,salads, sandwiches(hot & cold) & bakery/deli foods. Location is inside the University of Maryland Medical Center Hospital in Baltimore, MD. (22 S.Greene Street). ALL visitors to the hospital will need to check-in at the security desk for a wrist band. (including visitors for ABP cafe) . Healthy & veg. options available.

Rodney Morgan Brown

Delicious menu

Lindsay Partridge

Great sandwiches, soup, and pastries. Wonderful service and a very kind and friendly staff.

Randy Longnecker

Good food and self service. Croissants were very fresh and tasty.

ally embrey

Get the cinnamon scone!

Towanda Young

The chef was a great cook and the service is great too.

krissie Hager

Very good food , this location is open 24 hours a day even in the middle of the night the food was fresh and didn't have to wonder if the had been sitting in a warmer for long periods of time lots of fresh and to go healthy items an all of there soups which they have 4 to 6 to pick from were yummy I spent several days in thr hospital and was able to try lots of items fresh bake goods yum on most but late hours not all in stock.

Blackiti Katt

The chocolate dipped palmiers are to die for!

sandra kendell

To me their deli/ counter food sucks. They have great coffee and pastries tho

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