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REVIEWS OF Arethusa a mano IN Connecticut

Trevor Daigle

A heavenly place were everything on the menu is made by hand (and with love). Not sure what to get? GET ANYTHING. You will never be disappointed here. I would be here everyday if I could!

Lena Chachaj

The lunch food is aight , but the pastries are divine. The chocolate donut is the best donut I’ve ever had. I’m glad I live 30 minutes away from this place otherwise I would be fat and poor

Dave Pergola

This is a gem in the Northwest Corner. Excellent pastry at very reasonable prices. The coffee, sandwiches and rest of the food are on par with the quality and prices you would expect from the Arethusa brand, but the pastries are very inexpensive for the quality of the offering. A bagel with cream cheese will set you back $3, but for only $.80 more than Dunkin, you get something that is a much higher caliber. Their donuts, muffins, cinnamon rolls and desserts are exceptional and the price is far lower than they can command for something as exceptional as they are offering. It's hard to say no to this place and I make it a point to go weekly.

Ashley Ragland

The Cuban was amazing! Very cute place!

Noam Mantel

Holy cow! Design wise, it's the most beautiful cafe I've seen in CT. The food was great, stumptown coffee. Cross the street to the dairy shop for ice cream after you're done.

Jennifer Adamek

Coffee and Sweets OMG Homemade!!! This place has a laid back atmosphere, everything is home made and FRESH!! If you like their FRESH MILK & CREAMER like my family does.. then you will LOVE THIS PLACE!! They have their own DAIRY STORE, RESTAURANT (DELICIOUS AND I mean DELICIOUS FOOD!!!) They even PAMPER their own COWS!!! LOVE ARETHUSA!!!

Steven Westall

We had a perfect experience here. We've been to the Dairy and restaurant now A Mano, they are equally wonderful. Each pastery, donut,bagel and roll looked as if it was specially made to compete in a bake off. We had bacon,egg and cheese on a bagel, hot and prepared to our liking. The counter staff was polite, smiled and were efficient. Thanks for a great Sunday breakfast and a place out of the mediocrities.

Paul Garlasco

George Bartholomew

Well above the ordinary, as is their Stump Town coffee


It is a nice atmosphere, but I found the coffee to be ordinary at best. Food is good, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. Very pricey place for what you get.

Valerie D

Paul Carile

Coffee was great, snacks were delicious.


Joseph Scaglione

Mark C

Julie Yulo-Medeiros

The Bistro salad was perfect. The yolk of the egg blended nicely with the salad and the portion size was just right. I had a smooth and creamy latte made with skim milk. My husband had a panini that was crispy on the outside and warm and melty on the inside. We will be back for more.

Esty DelCioppo

Bill Hayes

andrew linde

the breakfast bagels are a weekend tradition. good doughnuts too.

Nooria Ghafoor

Mara Priedite


It's a nice little place where a local cafe is much needed. But they don't have any soy or almond milk drinks, which wouldn't be so bad if black coffee weren't $3 for a small.

Darron Berquist

rebecca carey

Best americana around! Treats a little pricey, but good. I highly recommend the chocolate /coconut bars.

Aigulya Zholdasbek

Nice place

Gabrielle Siegel


Romina Cabianca

Fresh salads and good coffee! What else you need? Sweets ! ♡ so good

Chris Ryan

Really nice cup of coffee. The staff were very helpful and informative about a special going on. I had a small crumb cake which was delicious.

Lisa Vickers

Dennis Root

Great little shop. Parking is tight and gets very crowded.

Will Graham

Tram Huynh

Cute little cafe with real coffee drinks (no fancy coffee flavored milk here

Kadeem Short

Amazing place to grab breakfast and coffee. It feels as though you are characters in a book. The staff was friendly and welcoming, with a wide variety of coffee and breakfast from pastries to breakfast sandwiches you can't go wrong. It's worth the drive every time and plan on going back. 10/10 on my personal scale


If you know anything about Arethusa, then you know everything they do is beyond! If not, then get to know them!!

Ryan Courtney

David Jenkins

Great food, great service

Ankur Patel

Great place. Great staff. The food is from the dairy literally own the road.

Richa Srivastava

Adam Germain

Mina Gavell

Good coffee and tasty food. BUT what is up with all the disposable ware? Is this a Starbucks? If I’m eating and drinking here, I want a real cup, glass, cutlery, etc. That would be much classier and more sustainable. Classy and sustainable— isn’t that what Arethusa stands for? Especially since they’re serving Stumptown coffee. If Manolo Blahnik is going to totally gentrify Bantam, do it right!

Barbara Putnam

Wonderful Bistro Salad

Raymond Luhn

Great food, welcoming, classy & clean atmosphere. Be prepared for NYC prices.

Lauren Nicole

Best cappuccinos and lattes that I've had in the entire state. Love the atmosphere and quality of the food/drinks!

David Thomson

Jake Wyse

Amazing coconut doughnuts and sandwiches. Not a my favorite coffee.

Christopher Roslund

Cool coffee shop! Great baked goods, donuts, and more. A definite place to stop for lunch.

James Neurath

Good service. Amazing ice cream

Tania Lopez

Chris Latka

Great place for lunch. Roast beef sandwich and kiesh were excellent

Kerstine Carter

Great donuts and coffee!

Steve Barichko

Immaculately clean and well designed. Quick and friendly staff. Coffee and food is fantastic.

Martha Olivia

Donuts are out of this world. Wifi never works.

Gladys Martinez


Yo Gesh

Delicious breakfast!! Amazing ambience.... Must try bagels here....

George L. Taylor

Ok only the best coffee and donuts. The place to go for breakfast in Bantam.

Todd Kelmar

Amazing bagels and great lattes, you can tell the milk they use is fresh because it makes everything delicious. My favorite is the asiago bagel with cream cheese.

Kurt Tichy

Excellent egg sandwiches and pastries!

Greg Lau

kyle bergstrom

Amazing food. The service was great and the bathrooms were clean. Highly recommend coming here.

Gabriel Hawkins

I love this place!!!

Cathy Lachance

This place is over priced for their latte drowned in milk and tje food was so not worth the money! A place to eat was so crowded that the over priced food was horrible! NEVER going back again!

Andrew Hughes

Excellent coffee prepared by baristas who know what they’re doing (espresso, not burnt, not too hot - just right), delicious pastries, good service. Go to spot in Bantam.

Andres Ramos

Colin McNeil

Atmosphere was great and it seemed like it would be high quality. Ordered a cuban pannini. After about 25 minutes they made it and seemed confused asking if I ordered it or not. For 9$+ I thought it would be pretty good. Unfortunately the chicken was dryer than the turkey from Christmas Vacation. I'm not sure if they were attempting Jerk Chicken or what, but it definitely wasn't good. There was other stuff in it, but it wasn't particularly flavorful. Was expecting better food and service for a higher quality establishment.

Mustafa Hamadah

I like the variety of desserts they have. They are unique. It's great to have a coffee shop with a local touch instead of Starbucks or such. The place is bright and has nice decor touches. I like the idea of the bar with the newspapers that are free to read. Price is not much different then that of Starbucks.

Ed Miller

While we were there for breakfast, a woman entered with a dog that proceeded to drink from a cup of water placed next to her table. The result was that water splashed onto the wooden floor creating not only a dangerous walking situation but also a potential health hazard in a public eating establishment. We find it difficult to understand why this situation is accepted by the management.

Chris Shaffer

My bf is one of the pastry chefs here and I absolutely love this place. Everthing is made from scratch and is always so fresh. He always brings me a treat home that he made whether it be the chocolate dipped donut or the strawberry chocolate brownie, everything is just so good. I love the cinnamon sugar donut too. Highly recommended!

Theresa Daly

Food awesome! Just no space to wait for your order...

Laura Bennett

Crisp, clean, and delicious food in a modern setting. Love the coffee and the curried chicken salad sandwich

Paul Brighton

Immaculately clean, friendly, top-notch establishments. Go there every Saturday morning. Stumptown coffee is amazing, bagels and pastries made in-house. Great sandwiches, quiche, locally sourced greens, bacon and ham, and delightful cheeses from their own farm down the street. Tony and George also own Al Tavolo Restaurant and Arethusa Creamery across the street. Both high rated and eternally busy.- Paul Brighton

Zeus Goldberg

Excellent for what it is. Pricey, but justified, as all ingredients are first rate.

Robert Shields

Joseph Tam

Chris Guidotti

Kim Walker

Anya Levitov

Jeremy Etheredge

Pete Gaffey

Timothy Forry

Lisa Michele

The service is snooty for a country coffee shop. Get over yourselves! Hot coffee was tasty. Pastries were excellent. Nice space. But... the milk for the iced coffee was sour!!!! I spit it out! Inexcusable for a shop linked to a dairy farm. Beware!!

Jill Moraski

Stylish atmosphere, good coffee. I find it a little strange/wasteful that they serve such expensive food/beverages out of only paper cups and plates. Throws off the vibe a little. But overall a great place for a cup of coffee.

Ilana Pilchowska

Neil Capel

Best coffee by far. Baked goods are incredibly delicious as are the lunches!

Hashem Almousa

George Benedict

Favorite spot for my morning coffee and a bakery treat.

Evil Dahlia

Cute coffee shop, can be busy on weekends but everything is delicious and reasonably priced.

Jeremiah Foster

This place is a little slice of New York mixed with a bit of European flair. The food and decor are brilliant, we’re very lucky to have such a spot in Bantam.


This is a place I frequent weekly! I'm a huge fan of this amazing gem that's tucked in the hills of Litchfield County. If you're a foodie critic and love everything from ambience, service, and knowledge of how healthy the food is - this is the place! I also love their restaurant across the street

Noelle Germain

Best doughnuts you will ever taste. Incredible coffee and breakfast sandwiches too. Cozy atmosphere

brooke warner

Ayla Newton

Mike Cavaroc

Accidentally found this place for lunch on a road trip and so glad we stopped in! The food was amazing, fresh, and felt very refreshing. Excellent place to stop and eat!

Richard DiDomizio

tess swiecanski

Michael Barnett

Brook makes the best lattes.

Scott and Kendra McHenry

Fav coffee shop

Brett Allen

Mauvelyn Thedford

Love their fresh bakery items, sandwiches and soups. Croissants are the best! Closed on Tuesdays

Ben Segal

What a find!! So good!!

Preeti Dua

Melanie Kelly

Richard Madara

Crystal Seavey

Amazing lattes, not too sweet, fantastic food!

Lore Lagunas

Beautiful place to have a coffee , the donuts are the best donuts i have tried in my whole life. I’m in love with this place.

Claudia Kalur

Marshall Laskey

Casual dining. Always enjoyable. Great place for fun, too.

Beth Beck

Tyler McLean

Jenny Lam

Vilas Jagannath

teresa duffy

Very classy and wonderful products. I was served by a wonderful girl named Ashley who made my visit amazing. I will keep coming back as well as recommend this place

Emma Tracy

Some of the best coffee I have ever had and breakfast sandwiches are delicious. Atmosphere is terrific. Must go.


R Technologies

This is a very high end store. A lot of people around here have a similar opinion of it. From an average person's point of view, it just too expensive. This is, no doubt, true; however I cannot deny that the food is top notch. My only complaint would be the regular coffee. If I'm going to pay 5 dollars( +) for a coffee, I would expect it made to my specifications and handed to me. In here, you get a cup, and told you get to make it yourself. It's just coffee. Sure it has a fancy name, and probably has some long winded story about it's travel from the mountains of Hipsterdistan, down Crunchy Granola river, but it tastes like coffee. And for that price, I'll go to Dunkin. Now that have made my only negative points about the price and the coffee, I will say again that the food is amazing. House made doughnuts, truffles, candies, pastries, bagels etc. Arethusa yogurt, and milk products. Also they have specialty drinks, including cappuccino and latte's. Everything I have had from here was a delight. For a treat, it's a wonderful stop, don't pass it up. Much like any Arethusa business, they elevate food products to delicacy. Once you finish here for breakfast, you can go next door for an ice cream cone at their creamery. And if you are in the mood for one of the best sit down meals at a high end restaurant that you will ever experience; head next door. Also owned by Arethusa Farms, al tavolo is quite possibly the finest of fine dining in the area. Bring your wallet, but you will eat like a king.


Great salads, great coffee, great staff. I love the decor, especially the photos of the beautiful, pampered cows.

Daniel Lestrud

Andre Oliveira

I think they make the smoothest latte I've ever had, it stays creamy all the way to the bottom! I dont know what the secret is, but it must be because they use their own dairy.

Haley Bergs


Eileen Sette

We have been to El Mano Resturant (part of) Arethusa Farms in Litchfield several times and we have never been disappointed in the food. Today we had both the Lentil & Ham & Mushroom Bisque soups. Sandwiches are very nice and across the street is the creamery w Ice Cream, the raisin rum was awesome!

K Hamer

I *really* wanted to love this place, and if I had just ordered the macchiato and baked goods I would be giving it 5 big bold stars. The letdown for me was the Turkey Panini. A cafe who's mantra is 'By the Hand ' would serve a rustic panini with thick home roasted turkey, and delicious bread right? No. Not even close. Processed turkey on unimaginative white bread with unrecognizable greens to the point that I'm not sure if they should have been there or not. The spread was scant and it just lacked flavour and depth. Nothing about this said 'made by hand it was on par with a fast food panini. For $11.00 I was expecting more. The doughnuts, the mini pumpkin pie, those things were amazing. The pie was simple yet complex, with perfect seasoning and a zesty citrusy mysterious whip cream that left me wanting more. I'm leaving this review with the hopes that the sandwich meat choices are revisited.

Bill Simson

Mike Shah

Great place to grab an espresso on the go!

Rachael Ryan

Absolutely the best bacon, egg and cheese around! The egg is cooked over easy and the cheese is delicious. The donuts and macaroons are also scrumptious. The decor is awesome so it's a great place to hang out. I am not a fan of the Stumptown coffee, however.

Aidan Pillard

Tasty coffee & tasty treats! Arethusa does it right.

Molly B

j wb

Sandra Young

Cody Scovel

Julie Christianson

Get. The. Grilled. Cheese. So good. We also shared a cold Brew donut. It was good, but not quite as delicious as we expected. The hot cider and coffee were both yum. But there grilled cheese. So good. We stopped in after visiting the dairy for cheese samples. I recommend that order.

Anna Morren

While the space itself and quality of the menu is great, the level of service provided by the staff needs significant improvement. Some of the staff seems to struggle with demonstrating basic customer service! While I totally understand the stresses of working in a busy cafe environment, as I've been there, it doesn't take much to greet someone with a smile or a simple "Hello". After all, if I'm paying a premium price for a latte and a pastry item, I would expect to have a somewhat friendly interaction with the person preparing it for me! In addition, the parking situation is a bit crazy for it being in such a small town, especially on the weekends. But I suppose that goes to show the cult that's grownup around Arethusa, especially with the weekender crowd!

Emily McGrath

Egg sandwich and bagels with cream cheese...all fresh and delicious. Donuts are a little heavy, but freshly made.

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