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REVIEWS OF Ana's Kitchen IN Connecticut

Donald Remillard

The cashier could not get the simple order correct.The food preparer was rude. It took a long time to get a sandwich I did not order. Food was nothing special and service was terrible.

Eric Pomidon

Great breakfast, cute local spot, very nice people.


anasA Kitchen is honestly the best coffee shop I have ever been too. Ok the food takes a little a while but it's great proportions and also delicious. The owner of the restaurent iscthe sweetest lady that you could ever meet at a coffee shop or matter of fact anywhere. The staff is great there. I would decentlyd recommend people to stop by

Cecelia Cannavo

I love their lattes. Perfectly sweet and creamy without overdoing it. Lovely café. Could be better if they didn't use so much ice in the iced coffees. Feels like the price is too high for what you're paying for.

Marilyn Evans

Fantastic food!

Kathy Chistianson

Very cozy atmosphere. Food was very good. Chicken soup was exceptionally good. It took a long time to order. The table was very sticky. My sister ordered toast only and it was burnt. When my sandwich came the server asked whose it was. I said 3 times that it was mine and he gave it to my sister. We still decided to go back to give it another try hoping it was a just an off moment.

Kynlee Richardson

Anna’s kitchen has some of the best customer service I’ve ever experience, as well as a large variety of food from quick snacks to filling meals also leaving nothing to be desired when it comes to drink options. I often stop in to have a snack while studying and I have only ever experienced the best service, not to mention the calm atmosphere is one to remember. The owner Anna often greets me as well as other costumers with a smile and that makes my day! I will absolutely continue to go to Anna’s kitchen.

Rose Roy

Great coffee, delicious scones and great service! Ana makes you feel like you are a guest in her home!

Mary Beth Schreindorfer

Incredibly slow service! It took forever to get a soup & half sandwich not to mention the sandwich coming out wrong! This isn’t the first time this has happened. I won’t be back!!!

Tyanna Reina

The birthday cake cookies are to dieeee forrr ☺️☺️ And their MUCHO GRANDE (very big). The owner is very friendly and welcoming, if you want a excite place to eat with friends, family, strangers eat at ana’s Kitchen

Chris Lontelli

Great place with awesome food! thoughtful owners, and GREAT food.

Melissa Jones

My favorite place! Nice people, great food.

Whitney Austin

Amazing food and great owners

Veri Brown

Best cinco de maio food I’ve EVER had, so so so good, my family had a lovely brunch

Steve Sheak

I recently stopped in to get one of their outstanding compost cookies. While there, I decided to get a roast beef sandwich on a ciabatta roll. The sandwich was good, but the roll taste like it was way beyond fresh. It didn't even qualify for "day old". I understand the prices reflect their affluent location, but the $12.00+ price tag for a sandwich and a cookie should at least include fresh ingredients!! I am employed in the town and like to support the local establishments. Almost any restaurant can get patrons to come in once, but the measure of real success is to keep them coming back. Come on Peaberry's, it is time to step up your game!!

Robert Schwenker

The place was pretty busy today, waited around 5 minutes for my chai and scones, but it was definitely worth it. Best scones I’ve ever had, my daughter had the carrot cake and she loved it, worth the wait, friendly staff.

Pedro Houlis

Staff are very friendly and the owners are often interacting with the customers. Great atmosphere and food. Will come back next time I’m in town.

Karolyn Michelle

Best bacon egg and cheese I’ve ever had, lovely owener and staff sweet family run business

Christopher Stewart

It's nice inside now

Diana Giulietti

I like the new management. Their drinks are so much better, richer and flavorful. Their pastries are decent and they've kept the original menus staple dishes.

Spring Keis

Great local coffee shop. Soup is delicious.

Gregory Lifhits

Love this local place.

Lisa B. Alexander

Great place not just for coffee and pastries, but for yummy sandwiches for lunch.

Ben Hokansson

Everytime I go in I pay a different amount for the same coffee, I've been lucky the last few times its been around 4$ but today's was 8$. The food is by far overpriced and the employees don't listen to customer requests, all I requested was it to be ordered to go.

Susan Farnam

Cozy atmosphere, great soups, salads, and coffee.

David Rodriguez

Avocado toast is awesome. Coffee seems very good based on a sample size of one. :) Also, prices are super reasonable. Nice find.

Marian Canas

So so food. Very high prices.

Jazmin Lopez

The best muffins I've tasted. Not only do they look very nice when finished, but they have such a great consistency.

Dan Smith

Confused and disorderly service, who messed up my sandwich order. Never got meat with the "breakfast all day" special. Nor jelly, ketchup, or butter. Stood at the counter and got ignored three times while attempting to get resolution. Finally, the owner got up from the sitting area to find out what was wrong and offered a complimentary beverage during our next visit. By that point the eggs were cold and my meal was ruined. I passed on the free offer, because I won't be returning.

Yolanda Young

Delicious breakfast, nice comfy atmosphere with wonderful customer service!


this restaurant is amazing, very extinguished. they are very friendly, you can tell they take their time doing there sweets and other food. for me my favorite thing to get is their Belgium waffles, its the size of your face. you could ask the speak with the owner who is very kind, hobberman. if you ever go by there stop by, even if you dont stop by, still go there. i go on a daily basis

Karolyn Richardson

This is the best food and coffee I have in awhile it’s so hard to find I place like this. The owners and staff made me feel like I was apart of there family. I can’t wait to go back!!!

Lori Mercier

Place had trash on floors and order was not entirely correct

Anthony Santell

The food is great !! Everything in that restaurant is delicious.

Vanessa Witkowski

Since the cafe made the change from Peaberry's to Ana's Kitchen, unfortunately what was my preferred place in town has disappointed me on all fronts. The lack of systems implemented in this business is apparent. The computer system to order food seems complicated for even a seasoned employee, requiring them to individually select items and input notes creating long lines at peak times. The food takes twice as long to make and comes out very greasy cooked on their newly installed grill top. Either the lighting or new paint choices were poor, leaving the dining room too dark for people to do regular coffee shop activities (like read). The light is gone, previously serving as a white noise buffer between patrons who want to chat and those who want to sit quietly by themselves. The staff has turned over and is rather green and rarely smile. The tables are often sticky and the floor un-swept. Worse of all, the coffee is inconsistent. Today I ordered my normal large latte in a mug, to be served a ¾ full burnt tasting coffee in a small cup. When asked if they had changed the mugs (what I received was considerably smaller than what I have received in the past or the size of a large paper cup) there was a look of confusion. While I love supporting small business, I will go to other places to purchase my coffee and host a quiet meeting place in town. I write this not to complain but in hopes the new ownership sees it and takes it as constructive criticism, implementing systems that might address these very solvable issues and redeem this business to the one the town loved so dearly.

Jai Hargrove

So so

Una Elaine

This was the first time I’ve ever been to Anas Kitchen and I am so pleased to report that I just had the best breakfast Ive eaten in my life! I had their new pulled pork breakfast platter and it was literally to die for!! I came alone today but I CANT WAIT to bring ALL of my family and friends to my new favourite place!! From the fresh pastries to the warm and inviting atmosphere and the delightful staff I can honestly say I’ve never been more comfortable and satisfied with an establishment!!

Hannah Webb

Been in Simsbury my whole life and never knew about this gem!!!!!!!! Best and freshest food I’ve had in a long time, where has this place been my whole life! Very very very happy to have a place like this in our town, new breakfast place for me and my husband every weekend!

Jeannette Texidor

A quaint little cafe. Had a delicious BLT and I was hoping for a good old fashioned, with crispy bacon and I was not disappointed. The folks were friendly and didn't rush me out even though I came in close to closing time.

Monica Swanson

I left because the prices are waaaay too expensive for the "fast casual" concept that this basically is. A Spinach salad is $9.50 and it costs $6.00 to add grilled chicken. A $16 salad? Quite the add-on! $7.25 for a kid's peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a water? Even my kids recognized how out of whack the prices are here.

Eric Drury

Great place to meet clients!! Awesome atmosphere!!

anastasia molina

The happy birthday cookie was the best cookie I’ve ever eaten the owners are magnificent very nice people great bakers !

Emily Rosario

the food here is amazing, it is very delicious, the owner is a very kind and wonderful, the service is great, i highly recommend eating at this restaurant


This place is such a treat !!! Home made , delicious FRESH made, not warmed up frozen stuff delivered from whom knows where I enjoyed meat pie, raspberry muffins (made with real butter), carrot bread. I am glad that Ann came and made this place warm and original and refreshing. !!!!! Thank you Ann for coming to Simsbury.

Maarten Uijttenboogaard

Wij kregen lauwe cappuccino. Hadden er 1 heerlijke bosbessen muffin bij genomen. De zaak zag er netjes uit. Ik vond de prijs met kwaliteitverhouding niet goed. Was ruin 10 dollar kwijt voor 2 cappuccino en 1 muffin.

Silvia Laconda

So, so, so good!! Love the place, love Ana. My weekend breakfast favorite!

Matt Storm

Best salads ever!

Theresa Carter

Best lunch and breakfast place in town! Devoured it too fast to take a pic!! Amazing food and KETO friendly!! Sunshine salad = amazing! Keto people- indulge with the chickpeas on this salad:)’ Keto breakfast = amazing! Salad wrap works without wrap for us keto:) = scrumptious! Sadly we are heading out of town to try more... will be #1 on the come back list!

Masuma Shabnam

Simply best❤️.....If I don't appreciate , it will be a sin! The portion, the taste and the cost too. I had Hungarian mashroom soup, mashroom and peas salad, my kid also loved that... I think I am gonna come over here again.

Joe Batista

Best chickpea salad ever.

Kelly Anne Manoj John

Service was very slow, definitely not a on the go choice.


Great renovated interior and quality espresso!

Kimberly Ruiz

Owner is really kind, so is all the staff. Amazing birthday cake cookies and breakfast is really good ESPECIALLY the pancakes.


Poor service. Unsmiling and cold staff. I was expecting good food but it is not. The bacon was not crispy. It tasted like cardboard. The eggs were overcooked. All in all, the ingredients were the cheapest quality.

John Lynch

Nice place, good coffee, quick friendly service

Ted Lou

Wonderful local community gathering spot. Good food and reasonable prices. Warm atmosphere and comfortable seats.

John North

Food is tasty and original. Will definitely be back.

cindy pomi

My favorite spot in town

Teresa Fazzolari

Slower then maple syrup in March. You are warned.

Beth Blackwill

Great great breakfast! Best home fries ever.

K&H Leatherworks

Had a great Turkey Club here today and the servers were very polite. Will definitely return!

Dana Scott

Love the new menu. Got the shiitake mushrooms and scrambled eggs without the toast, add avocado. Delicious and generous portions!

Mark Prelli

I got a take out cheesecake and it was the best cheesecake that I've ever eaten

Heleton Luiz H.luiz

Maravilhoso café, deliciosos lanches

white tornado

Got a cheese cake for my birthday picked it up and it was great!! Would give 100 stars if I could

Maureen Brouillard

Ana’s food is delicious! Her mushroom quiches are exceptional!! Her burek is divine! Her salads are different and very tasty!! Her panaotta is light and lemony and luscious!

Peter Johnson

Best breakfast burrito I’ve ever had!!! Never even knew of this place!!! Stopped by accidentally thinking it was a different place and super awesome!!! Sure be back

Steve Traylor

Delightful establishment with a distinct New England feel. The food was delicious, the coffee was hearty, the staff was excellent, and the surrounding patrons all seemed to be enjoying their time as well. Definitely worth your time and money.

Joanna E

Ana's kitchen is truly 5 star quality. The cuisine is fresh and clearly made with love. I had the avocado special and it was fantastic. The best part is the great affordable prices!!! It has a homey feel and warm atmosphere, owned by such lovely welcoming people who went out of their way to welcome us. Btw the carrot cake dessert with chocolate on top was delicious. Great spot to work or study, nice fireplace and hangout to go with friends.

John Davis

Beautiful place, very generous portions, excellent food. The owner couldn’t be sweeter, checking on tables and making sure costumers we happy. Responsibly priced, very nice staff.

Rachel King

Love it!

Michaela Ristaino

Unacceptably poor service. Staff cold and unapologetic for missed order. Table of 6 - 3 meals arrived in a timely manner. Another 5 minutes passed, asked about the other meals and were told they were coming. 2 more meals came, asked about the last meal. “I think it’s coming”....another 10 minutes passed and finally walked up to the food prep area to ask about it and was told they thought our table was done and didn’t have any other orders. First of all, we had asked multiple times about the order to be told it was coming. Secondly, the server who dropped off the food should be observant enough to see there was one person without their food. When the last order finally arrived, it was literally dropped on the table with not a word said. No apology or acknowledgment of any kind. Mistakes happen, it’s how you deal with them that makes the difference. An “oh my gosh, I’m so sorry!” would have made all the difference. As it stands, it’s clear this establishment doesn’t teach or care about customer service. They would be well advised to learn a lesson here. Also, no coffee refills. Wanted to charge another $2.15 for a refill on a half cup of coffee. This place needs to do better. We won’t be back.

Taquito Gonzales

This morning I came into this shop not knowing what I wanted, all three people behind the counter were incredibly helpful and cheerful not to mention extremely patient. I ended up getting a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese on a bagel. I am not exaggerating when I say this was absolutely the best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever Eaten. It was so fresh and filling. This was my first time and I can’t wait to come back!

Christopher Albion

I’ve travelled this country from coast to coast, and eaten meals at many mom & pap establishments. Had breakfast for the first time here today, the pulled pork plate was out of this world. Very inviting atmosphere, beautiful and welcoming town. Will be back and would recommend this to anyone looking for FRESH and real food.

Ryan Faulkner

Great homie place and awesome food! Love coming here. Fair prices for the quality and quantity of food.

Leo Richardson

Heard a lot of good things from my friends, gave it a try, and totallly lives up to the hype. Really tasty fresh new food. Nice to find a place like this near home . Thanks

Ann Michelle

Fabulous food, fantastic pulled pork

Anne Marie

Best breakfast sandwiches in town. Well done! New cafe, cosy, nice people. Small place, so you might have to wait to be served, but totally worth it.

Nancy Usich

Wonderful little cozy place with really good food. A different version of carrot cake is particularly good. Just wish they would mark the take out boxes so you don’t have to open all of them to find yours! You know it will be the last one open


Was not a good day at Anna’s Kitchen yesterday. No chicken, no avocados for a Southwestern salad. Would have been nice to know that before ordering. Was already waiting 30 minutes. Changed to a tuna melt which was so greasy that I didn’t have enough napkins ! The pickles on the plate were old and shriveled. Kitchen looked disorganized and chaotic. I may try again after several months when they get their act together. Oh and the whole experience took well over an hour.

Patrick Lyle

Great local spot.

Mel Levi


Sathya G

Get nice coffee and soups

Tim Tom

Great breakfast!

Christopher Richardson

Super friendly staff and amazing pies.

Caela Daly

Ana’s Kitcken is one of the best places for both breakfast and lunch. The food is amazing, the owner is the sweetest person ever. 10/10 recommend.

Giancarlo Governale

The heart was there, but poor execution. Also tried to use the online ordering but i couldnt remember my security code on the back of my card but it still charged me..

Annie Red

Welcoming place. Food was awesome, fresh and tasty. Friendly staff.

Lauren Ijomah

Excellent sandwiches and pastries. The fireplace in the back is the perfect spot to read a book with coffee and a muffin. Everyone is friendly, the food is great, and the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable.

Karen Hollis

Best benedict I’ve ever had! Never knew this place was here, awesome!

Cindy L

Great food!

Nicole Sisk

Good menu and food. Prices seemed a little high/moderate. Have only had a club sandwich, but it was large and very good. So the value was fine, though my preference would be for a smaller portion & smaller price for lunch. It's not fast food, speed of service was fine. Table probably could have done w/a wipe-down. My main disappointment was the staff. No one smiled or was at all friendly. So no warm & fuzzy feelings. That's the main reason I have not gone back yet. But never say never!

Andrew Satterberg

Pleasant atmosphere, awesome food and drinks and good service. The owners are awesome and knowledgeable, and many of the dishes are creative!

Paul Echtenkamp

Great atmosphere, great food! Definitely plan to go again

Destiny Lucre

A very welcoming environment, the owner helps your experience there feel very personal and worth coming back . The waffles are so delicious. One of my favorites there is the birthday cake cookie .

karen luna

Cozy place, nice service and friendly, delicious and fresh food. The hours really convenient because no all the places open early.

Paige Nicholas

The "cuisine" is a bit too "creative". Try naming it "Avocado is my Lord and Savior and I think salt is a seasoning"

Patrick Spaulding

Great local coffee shop.

Lisa Johnson

Lovely place, fresh food, nice people. My breakfast place every Sunday.

Jackson Sousa

Awesome place. Very different and fresh. Taste home made. Very nice place.

Liam Bolling

Recently had gone down hill a bit, but great local coffee shop.

this little love

Ana's kitchen is amazing. It's a great environment and I love it!

Ed Murphy

My wife, daughter, and 5 year old Granddaughter enjoyed a Saturday luncheon. Each of us had a satisfying meal, so there is something for every age and gender. It took a bit of time for our meals to come out, but this is not a fast food restaurant, and allowed us to converse a bit. A bit pricey, but not exorbitant.


Fantastic milkshakes!

dclar06070 .

Some of the best French Toast I've ever had. The orange zest makes it. The home fries were well-seasoned (so many places are just bland). Lattes were very good. The new apple latte concoction was tasty, and the honey vanilla latte they custom made for me was excellent. Hats off to the service. Particularly my thanks to the young man behind the counter who offered to customize that Latte for me and was very friendly throughout. If there was anything a little off I noticed it would be the bacon was a little too crisp and food did take a bit to come. But honestly, the vibe of this place is "sit down, relax and enjoy your time"...which is exactly what I did. One final note, Ana's is very welcoming to all. Reasonably priced. I'd highly recommend.

Khaled Rahman

Excellent food. Loved it. Wish to visit there soon again. I was passing by that place and was hungry. Then randomly choose this place. Eventually it was a good decision. The food was really delicious and portion size was big. We tried the turkish mushroom soup, (it was the soup of the day), mushroom & peace salad and a wrap. Everything was delicious especially the soup. Will try different item next time.

Warren Humphrey

A popular coffee and pastry place. A cozy spot.

Mary Taylor

Laural Lombardo

Three strikes. Fist time there, soup was rancid..owner said I did not have to pay. 2nd time..not hungry time ordered toast. Was warmed in microwave..not brown at all..3rd time friend I was with ordered spinach salad. It was horrible..long stems, unwashed. Will not be going back

lisa brown

Great, fresh food. Everything made to order. Love it.

Loretta Adams

Owner is the sweetest, kindest lady I’ve ever met. Goes out of her way to please me, and my daughter who’s an extremely picky eater. Food was delicious and very nicely presented, great service. Very pleased. Nice to see someone business owner still like to have person time with costumers.

Xao Liun

A gem in town. Carefully crafted and interesting sandwiches and wraps, soups, gourmet coffee, and an extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff. Great "book nook" decor, and a welcoming atmosphere where you can linger and chat for an hour after your meal is finished. Love it!

C Dubs

Stopped in for lunch and waited 40 minutes for a Sandwich & Kids Mac n cheese, not impressed

Michael Calcinari

The chicken parm grinders are to die for! Their special bread makes the sandwich.

renata allamandi

Lovely food, beautiful place, great service


Excellent food. Nice casual atmosphere

Kelli P

Out of everything, trash was full and had to pay extra to substitute for missing items..and the chicken was barely cooked. coffee was good, but that is all I will ever get there.

Lilia Hoberman

I come here for breakfast whenever I'm in town and I love the warm environment the new owners have made. The dirty chai is my go-to and I love the avocado toast, or the belgian waffles for when you're craving something sweet! It is a real family place and you'll often see Ana and her husband Jeff around talking to people. Definitely stop by for a meal or a treats.

Michael J

Loved the salads and the sandwiches!

Steve Halpert

Fresh home made food. Love their salads and grilled chicken

Caitlin Connolly

Everything is very fresh and staff is friendly and personable. Great morning breakfast and coffee experience ☺️

Kurt Winkler

Walked in and never greeted, ordered 2 standard breakfasts (with generous tip), long time before food arrived, eggs overcooked, 1 piece of toast, potatoes dry, no free refills on coffee, never checked on, expensive, and no thank you exiting = never going back (too many other options).

Adrian Durlester

Tasty, well-prepared food and a genial staff

Theodore Fichtenholtz

Better sandwiches than previous owner

A Farrell

It was good at first but as they continue to transition away from what Peaberry’s was and towards their own thing, each visit has been less pleasant than the previous. Things felt very disorganized and hectic - and it wasn’t even that busy. I received my two tuna melts ‘to go’ first...then 10 mins later a smoothie...then 10 mins later an iced latte - for which I had to repeat my order about 4 different times and each time was assured it was coming right up. The staff was very apologetic and nice, however after receiving 8 apologies and no latte in nearly 30 mins it did get old. To top it all off, I found bacon in my subpar tuna melt. I don’t eat pork and it was clearly from a sloppy work area left over from another sandwich. :( It felt like a rather sizable waste of time and money for a lunch that I couldn’t stomach to finish. Giving them 2 stars as their drinks have always been very good and the breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in the past are also good. However given what service has become and the lower quality of lunch fare, two stars is all I can muster.

carlo marchetti

Great family coffee shop atmosphere.

Lourdes Galicia

I mainly go here to get coffeeas a way to support a local business (instead of going to Starbucks) but already have had to ask several times to fill up cup (always buy a large latte) as its usually empty about1/2 inch and not only do I get annoyed looks but it’s also annoying to have to ask everytime.

Gabriel Rashidi

Excellent food, lovely employees, fast service, Ana is very adorable, definitely worth the conversation! Also recommend their catering!

John Vale

Cozy little place, great food, friendly staff

Carl Bartizek

Really good coffee and there was no line at 8:30 in the morning on a Wednesday, awesome!

Helena Houlis

Beautiful cozy place, amazing food.

Lori Reed

Fresh and homemade food. Pastries are great. Lovely place in Simsbury.

Joyce Goldberg

Great food, cozy place

Molly Scherban

My boyfriend and I stop in for lunch every so often ever since Peaberry closed. The last couple times we have been in the food has been sub par at best. Particularly today, we ordered a roast beef sandwich and half of the meat was inedible. Additionally, the customer service left something to be desired. We stood at the cash register for about 5 minutes before someone took our order. At one point one of the employees just stood there doing something on the computer and did not say a word to us. Then he just walked away. Moral of the story, don’t put roast beef on the menu if half the sandwich is going to be gristle, and employees should be friendlier to the customers. Sad to see what was such a wonderful lunch spot go down hill. We won’t be returning for some time.

Ariel Carson

Decent cup of coffee. Their sandwiches are truly appetizing; go for the tuna melt or turkey avocado. Would give 5 stars but the wait is a little longer than expected for food.

Francine Whyte

Awesome desserts

Maria Rita Oliveira

Cozy, good food, nice coffee

Jennifer Acheson

Used to be Peaberry's. New owner seems to be keeping what was good and simply adding to it! Same great neighborhood gathering spot!

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