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REVIEWS OF Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie, PC IN Wyoming

Robert Lowrance

Very good. Dealt with the problem and gave me some exercises to help keep it from coming back.

Joe Holbrook

Kind, professional, genuine, and care for patient's well-being. In short, a great place to visit!

Mary Caldwell

The clinic has helped me completely recover from a terrible accident...The Chiropractors are great..They set me up as I progressed with Physical therapy.and Massages. The staff is the most amazing group of people...

Guy Scarpelli

I feel this is a first-class operation!!! The physical therapy and massage that I have received with from you has kept me strong and able to do lotta things that I haven’t been able to do in years!!!!

Rick Christopherson

Great guys that work here. Follow what they say and you will be good.

Crystal Graf

Jen Bonini

C.J. Cole is a fantastic physical therapist. Has helped addressed long standing issues. Very creative and dynamic with his approach. Great to work with and uses the new facility extremely well.

Becky Garcia

I'm thrilled with the service and care I've received here. I now realize that I should have gone long ago.

Troy Decker

Excellent staff, great service, outstanding professional knowledge, friendly.

Louisa Millan

Dawn Brix

Spine and Injury is awesome. If I had not contacted them... I would not be walking. I have gone from barely able to move, to moving freely without assistance. I will continue my treatments and PT to allow myself to continue to move unassisted. Staff is wonderful, interested in my whole well being. I would highly recommend these individuals for anyone who thinks they can no longer move.

Marcos Johnson Noya

Tony Sykes CPT

Great place. Excellent work. Will get you healed in no time.

Stevie Lankford

Hailey Anderson

Stephanie Christofi

Highly impressed with how personable and knowledgeable they are! They were able to help me greatly both when I was pregnant, and helping my baby when she needed it! I would highly recommend them.

Hadley Koske

Caitlyn Tucker

David is wonderful! Very kind and caring. All of the ladies at the front desk are very sweet and personable. Would definitely recommend :)

Kathy Burman

ma ma

Kyle Berger

These guys have helped me a lot with back problems. With the new facility I have started going for massage. Abbey is a great massage therapist. She really listens to what I have to say. I will definitely be going back

Melissa Kearns

Morgan is amazing every time I've went in for my dry needling I feel so much better thank for everything

Jak Tanner

Fiona Galey

Came in as a walk-in from out of town. Called the receptionist, she was very nice and yes! They worked me in only an hour after I called. Went in for an adjustment and massage, felt amazing afterwards! David was very nice and got me back in order very quickly. Massage was great as well.

Lance Towle

Very profession people!


I first came to the Spine and Injury Clinic of Laramie after abdominal surgery. I had no core and was having major back and muscle issues. I was referred to Morgan and we have worked together for the past few months. I have seen incremental improvements on a weekly basis and now I can pick up my children and hold them again. Thank you so, so much for the individualized attention and encouragement.

Craig R. Johnson

I have suffered with spine problems for forty years. A couple years ago I met Dr. Dylan Milam of the Spine and Injury Clinic of Laramie and he assessed my situation, ultimately referring me to Jalyn Anderson, Doctor of Physical Therapy on staff at Spine and Injury Clinic of Laramie. Dr. Milam also referred me to a neurosurgeon in Cheyenne. Ultimately, this combination of referrals provided exceptional care, relief and correction of my lifelong, debilitating conditions. I underwent a series of diagnostic injections, through which the primary location of spine pain was clarified and I then underwent a fusion surgery that was a remarkable success. Post-surgically, I was in the extremely competent and compassionate care of Dr. Jalyn Anderson and her assistant Breanna Curry for a period of five months. I simply cannot express my admiration of and appreciation for these compassionate and professional health care providers. This has literally changed my quality of life! The entire staff has been exceptionally encouraging and positive through a very complex and difficult treatment regimen. I am profoundly grateful for the humble approach taken by Dr. Dylan Milam in my initial assessment, his thoughtful recommendations for other specialized medical providers and comprehensive oversight of my entire physical restoration. I know not every story about back problems has a happy ending. Mine didn't for forty years. But now I am living a new life and thank God for Dylan Milam and his exceptional staff at Spine and Injury Clinic of Laramie.

Christ Connie Connects

This was my first time and well when u work with the best you leave feeling the best. David was very kind and very well spoken. Did not rush made me feel welcome. The service was great from beginning to end all the staff did a get job. Great flow through. I will recommen to all I encounter. Keep up the great work!

Jonnie Jenkins

Thomas Blomster

I was on a business trip to Laramie and need of an adjustment. This clinic is very good, very professional, very helpful. And the chiropractic treatment was first rate!

Angie Wintermote

Professional & helpful!

Morgan Dougan

David Milam is a miracle worker! He's very knowlegable and has fixed my back problem many times. He really cares about the patient and does what is best for each individual. I highly recommend!

Leo Salo

Leslie Meier

Jayle Minow

Bob Lanka


The spine and injury clinic is a great chiropractic, physical and massage therapy office in Laramie. They have a very caring and knowledgeable staff, and I always leave knowing my body will function better, and with less pain. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Rebecca Decker

I so enjoyed my experience with Spine and Injury Clinic. With other chrapractors, they ask me to come in again the next day. Dylan got it all done in one appointment. Also, I've never had the experience of pulsing electricity through my muscles to relax them. (I hope that was a correct description.) I recommend this. It is rather relaxing.

Terry Cook

Marc Gill

Kelli Niemeyer

Vanna Ziemer

Russ Scott

Good for injury recovery and sports medicine.

Brad M. Jackson

Outstanding service, staff, and treatment. Hands down the best in Southeast Wyoming! I highly recommend.

Felicia Shyatt

Every aspect of my experience with Dylan, David and their staff has been more than phenomenal. I would highly recommend Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie.

Andrea Senior

My treatment was very specific to my injury & Dylan gave me much needed guidance on how to work on my pain at home. The is the first time a chiropractor didn't make give me the "one size fits all" treatment. For anyone that hasn't been happy with a prior chiropractic experience I would suggest giving Spine & Injury Clinic a try!

Kris Marriott

I went into the office for shoulder, rib, and back pain after seeing an orthopedic doctor and being prescribed physical therapy. CJ Cole DPT was a great help with the shoulder pain and decreased range of motion. The back pain was persisting, so I set up an appointment with Dr. David Milam. That is a work in progress, but the experience has been great considering the fact that there is an injury involved. The whole staff is personable, professional, and want to see you get better and back to an active lifestyle to improve or maintain your physical health. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who asks.

Michell Anderson

My lower back pain was so severe I could barely walk 5 blocks without almost being brought to tears. I was guessing I'd done something horrible and was fearing surgery in my near future. Luckily a friend referred me to see Dr. Dylan Milam. On my first visit, Dylan took a great deal of care to ask me many questions about my daily lifestyle, activities, work demands, and even sleeping position. He talked about easy ways to change some things I was doing, gave me handouts and demonstrations to add in simple stretches and exercises, and then worked on my back in ways that never hurt. I followed his instructions exactly and began to notice improvement in a pretty short amount of time. I've continued to use what he taught me and haven't experienced any back pain in over 9 months now. Treatment was fantastic and I could tell he really cared about me getting better. I value the instruction he provided for home and work, and the added stretches and exercises I've implemented in my workouts. Aside from fixing my lower back pain, it's taken care of neck discomfort I've had since my early teenage years. I've not hesitated to highly recommend Dylan to my family and friends!

Joan Porter

Becca Cornell

Love this place! Always amazing people working. Very thorough and helpful.


Dylan is awesome after 2 trips I felt almost like new. thanks Dylan

Alex Lo

lacy dilts

Nicolas Long

Chaya Hillstead

Super great service, friendly and I always leave feeling better than when I first come in.

Madeline Dalrymple

Shelby Dietzel

I always see Dr. David Milam when I go to the Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie. He is so easy to talk to and he gives me advice specifically tailored to my occupation and lifestyle. I primarily work in front of a computer and felt like if I could just make more time for exercise my backache, shoulder pain, and numbness in my arms and hands would just go away. Obviously, exercise is important, but Dr. Milam gave me the context and focus I needed which continues to help me out. I am the type that generally gets a little uncomfortable once I step into a doctor’s office and I have always felt comfortable here. Initially, I held out dealing with my back pain for over a year before I finally took the referral of a friend to make an appointment for an adjustment here. After going I really wished I had gone sooner. I have referred friends here who had varying degrees of back and neck problems and every one of them has thanked me for finally getting them in there. Aside from all that, I think the new location on Grand Avenue looks great and is exactly the kind of place that should be built in Laramie. The Milams are a real asset to our community and it is encouraging to have people of this caliber who want to invest in the community. Get in to go see what they can do for you – I have heard good things about their massage and rehabilitation services as well.

Laramie Peak Anglers

Very Professional, helpful, and knowledgeable. Aligned me and got me feeling better and back to work just after a couple visits. Will recommend to family and friends.

al clarkson

If want to be treated by some of the prettiest and most knowledgeable therapist in town, this is the place to go.

Toni Doreen Granke

I always feel so much better after Doctor Milam aligns my back. I have been going to him for years and have never had an issue. His staff is knowledgeable and friendly. If I have an emergency they get me right in.

Shelby Piche

I have been going to the Spine & Injury clinic for years! I love the staff! They are professional and truly care about making you feel better, whether that is an adjustment, a massage, or physical therapy.

Dalton Kirchhoefer

Kris Quade

Friendly, upbeat staff and chiropractors. Clean office and treatment rooms. I especially appreciated advice on exercises and stretches I could do at home to alleviate pain and minimize future visits.

Seth Bertagnole

Sydney McKim

Kolbi Schanzenbach

Very nice, and friendly staff.

V Stuart

The entire staff is amazing and greets you by first name with a smile. The therapists are knowledgeable and have great "bed side manners". I highly recommend!

Sue Benson

Hunter Donahey

Sojourner Travelers

A place where they don't remember your name, treat you like cattle from the reception area forward and basically treat you with an air of disdain and hurried interaction. I always feel rushed and probably stressed when I leave here. Go here for the basics, but if you are average Joe (like me) that's how you will be treated. They are all snobs and the doctors show the rest of the staff how to be one. You can get basics done, but head south for anything major or a continuing actual doctor-patient relationship.

Courtney Lovell

Walking to the clinic you immediately feel welcomed and like their first priority. Their staff is super great and not only was I pain free shortly after my appointment but I was educated on stretches and excerises to do to prevent the injury from happening again. I would recommend this place to anyone!

Richard Huntsman

Dr's. Dylan and David Milam are great chiropractors. They helped me out immensely when I was going to school at UW. I recommend them to everyone who needs help with back or other pain in Laramie.

Taylie H. Carlson

There is no where else I would rather go! David & Dylan run a great facility with a terrific staff. I am always welcomed by name, and leave 100% satisfied every time.

Kathleen Clymer

Great providers.

Debbie Vizina

Great place. Dr. Dylan Milam and Dr. Jalyn Anderson helped me through some back issues so I could continue to compete in powerlifting.

Alex Fuhrman

Marty Gill

Pam Southards

Robin Drummond

Jessica McComb

Excellent doctors, massage therapists and staff! The practice is professional, consistent and always delivers a great quality experience.

Timothy Beach

Great staff at an amazing facility.

Judith Snoke

Auatin Moon


I am always very pleased with the attention that Dillion gives my back when I come for an adjustment. My back does not always need the same adjustment and doesn't cramp in the same places. I just need to keep moving so I can keep working, and Dillon does a great job keeping me going.


Beautiful place with nice people

Judy Schmidt

Angela Crabtree

Ev Bruhnke

Debra Hottell

Aaron Garcia

Great knowledgable doctors. Very caring and amazing staff. Love this place

Patti Hiemstra

I have only been here twice but so far it has helped me with my back issues. Thank you! I look forward to continuing my healing process with these professionals. Would definately recommend to anyone I know.

Steve Nisly

They did a great job, and as always this clinic focuses on giving help that works for the long term, not just to make sure you come back the next week. Actually it is just the opposite- they try to give you the tools you need so you don’t have to come back! Amazing!

yvette davis

Jaden LaBrake

Alan John

Kylie Negich

I have been going to the Spine and Injury clinic for a little over a year. I need to get adjusted every once in a while and this is by far the best chiropractic center in Laramie. I always feel so much better when I leave and everyone is always so nice. Great experience and I think everyone should go here.

Tanner Russell

Johnson Guy

This is the best place I have ever been when it comes to getting my back and stuff straightened out. Friendly staff and great chiropractors, they are gentle and dont try and hurt you. Everyone is always in a good mood and happy to you see you. Cant say enough good things about this place just always a great experience and always a pleasure to go see them when needed. Would highly recommend to anyone that need chiropractic work or even physical therapy.

Wynston Anglen

Love these guys! Some of the best chiropractors I've been to, especially in Laramie!

Marianne Mancinho

Nick Hauser

Sue Reneau

From the very beginning I have benefited greatly from the care and attention to my issues from C.J. Cole. Unfortunately, I have had years of Physical Therapy, and he understands my strong desire to get well. He referred me to an outstanding Surgeon and all is progressing nicely from a long term Shoulder injury. His truly compassionate nature is so appreciated. The staff are warm and courteous. I highly recommend this clinic and CJ Cole to everyone!

Amy Spiker

I refer everyone to the Spine & Injury Clinic. They have helped all the members of my immediate family and they take all athletic goals (big and small) seriously. The goal is to get you back to doing what you enjoy and they do that and they do it well.

Isaac Sell

Slim Steppin

Always polite and respectful. They care about their clientele and it shows. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Alison Grendahl

I visit Spine & Injury Clinic for all of my needs; chiropractic, massage, and physical therapy. The folks out at SICL are attentive and caring and have allowed me to get back to physical activity, without pain! I highly recommend them for all of your physical needs.

Russell Oliver

I'd compare these guys to other places, but there is no comparison. They are in a league all their own. I love that not only do I get an adjustment, but I get exercises and advice to help alleviate the problem. Not many chiropractors will actually do that part of it, in my experience. I feel like you get the best of both a chiro and a physical therapist.

Mark Palmer

Could not ask for a more professional and courteous staff! Your health is in great hands with all of them. Thank you!!!

Brandon Handeland

PT and needling really helps the strained muscles. Friendly and knowledgable staff

Maira Isidro

Nora Bohne

This clinic is amazing! Always the most friendly staff and wonderful care!

Kendra Haas

Spine & Injury Clinic of Laramie is FANTASTIC! The staff is so friendly. The care I received was phenomenal. With a mother in the medical field, I was always warned to be leery of chiropractors but they put all my worries to ease and helped more than any medical doctor I have ever been to!

Matt Bradley

Great people! I haven't been easy on my body in the last 35 (ok maybe 40) years, plus I'm stubborn but David is sure getting my body to catch up to my young mind.

Jaren Long

This place has helped me so much and continues to help me along my path to recovery.

Shannon Markle

Nice facility, great staff, I liked the treatment style

Lois Broyles

Maleta Mangan

Lorianne gives the best massage and she works around my body quirks. The rest of the staff was professional. Great place that truly cares about their patients.

Al Branscom

The staff always in a great mood and treats everyone with respect

Topher Cheney

J Swis

Paige Nelson

Always great care!

Lisa Eva

Mary Piche

Always great customer service. The receptionists and the physicians are both knowledgeable and friendly.

Kathleen Chick

The best in town. All of the staff provides excellent care.

Jeanette Lundquist

The staff is very friendly and professional. The Doctors were very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining the issues and providing instruction on exercises and stretches to help alleviate some of the pain associated with daily routines. The adjustment was very gentle and effective--I felt so much better after only 1 treatment!!! I just wished I lived closer so I could visit their office more often!!! I would recommend them to anyone!!! Great experience!

Terry Shearin

Very happy with CJ and Tyler. Both are very friendly and knowledgeable. Listened to my concerns and fit exercises that work for me. The front staff also is very friendly and even called me by name. Was glad to have more than massages. Glad to start feeling better and getting some movement back. Would highly recommend this place to anyone needing help with their movements.

Jahn Smylie

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