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REVIEWS OF Livin' Well Family Chiropractic IN Wyoming

Rebecca Reid

I’ve been seeing Dr.Heather for four months now, she and her staff are outstanding. Due to my career field I have put a lot of stress on my body over the years and in just four months the change I have seen and feel are amazing. I sleep better at night no more waking up and hurting, all around a great experience. I would recommend Livin Well Family Chiropractor to anyone of my friends or family members. Keep up the great work with helping save lives a day at a time.

Lorrie Abeyta

Dr. Heather is a true professional. She is very personable and truly cares about your health. I look forward to every appointment at Livin' Well! The staff is very friendly and will reschedule me at a moments notice when I have a last minute change on the same day. They are the best!

Jandi Laffitte

This is a little lengthy but I want to paint a clear picture of our experience. My newborn daughter was severely colicky. If she was awake she was crying. She had a horrible time with gas. She was so hard to burp and I would have to do lots of bicycles and exercises to get her to even pass a little gas. I was basically the only person who could hold her because she would scream and cry with anyone else. I had the best chance at keeping her calm but not always succesful. I tried everything; changing my diet and feeding positions (for breastfeeding), I tried gas drops, gripe water, the exercises. I finally found ColicEase drops at Natural Groceries and that seemed to help a little bit. However I would have to give it to her 3-5 times a day!! It was exhausting and I was at my wits end. Her Dr's didn't want to give her any medicines and I didn't necessarily want her on them. But something had to give. After being told about infant chiropractic care, I read and researched. I decided to try it. Dr. Heather at Living Well Family Chiropractic examined her and adjusted her. I noticed a difference after the first adjustment. My husband noticed a difference after the 2nd. All of our extended family has noticed a difference. She burps easier. She can pass gas on her own. She is happy. She actually smiles and coos. I only have to give her the drops 1x a week, if at all!! She is a brand new baby! My only regret is not taking her in sooner. If your debating, just do it. Livin Well Family Chiropractic is really great at educating you so you feel confident in your care. Dr. Heather us incredibly knowledgeable and gentle on the infants. Allison, Roxann, and Dr Marly are always a pleasure to interact with and very helpful and sweet to both my girls.

Jan Strickland

I would HIGHLY recommend Livin Well Chiropractic. The doctors have helped my family as well as myself immensely. They truly care about your health. If it wasn't for them I probably wouldn't feel as Great as I feel today. Thank You Marley and Heather!


I can't say enough good things about Dr Marley and Dr Heather and their staff. I had started with Dr Heather years ago when I was pregnant with my daughter and she truly saved me during my trials of pregnancy! I have now been seeing Dr Marley for the last couple of years for chronic shoulder, neck and back pain..I truly feel that I can't call it chronic anymore for he has helped me get my spine healthy again! I love these wonderful people and thank them for coming into my life and helping me feel great!

Jonathan Hayek

Wonderful people, great care. Would highly recommend!

Aaron Moyte

Livin' Well has made such a huge difference in the health of our family, particularly our children! They go out of their way to make us feel welcome and get to know our family. We absolutely love it here and strongly recommend it to anyone looking for chiropractic care or health support!

Rory Mack

I have been seeing Dr Marley for a few months now. I had been in a car accident this summer and a friend recommended I come with her during buddy week and give them a try. I must say the care has been amazing! The staff are friendly, and Dr Marley is very caring and knowledgeable. My back and neck are doing very well. I have more mobility and almost no pain The combination of adjustments, exercise, and working on eliminating bad habits has been working very well for me! I am so glad I found these guys and I'm glad that every week I'm one step closer to livin' well! Thank you!

Robert Mcdaniel

She's a little tiny thing &really hAd a hard time getting my adjustments done

Tucker Stover

Great Doctors that really take the time to understand their patients and their needs! Adjustments were amazing, nice offices!

Candis Pickard

I have been seeing Dr. Heather for just a couple of months and all I can say is I wish I had found Livin Well sooner! The doctors and staff are amazing. They make you feel like a part of a family. I had limped since I was 9 due to a bone disease. Dr. Heather has adjusted me and I am no longer limping. Take the time to get an assessment done. It could change your life too!!

Becky Garcia

I only wish I had sought out Dr. Heather sooner...

Christopher Humphrey

I first went and seen Dr. Marley when they first opened. I awoke one morning, unable to move my neck to the right. I was in excruciating pain. Dr. Marley adjusted my neck. I was able to have almost full range of motion within 20 minutes of the adjustment. I now see Dr. Marley regularly for maintenance. I trust Dr. Marley with my chiropractic care. Their Office staff is responsive and friendly. They always treat me with respect. I never feel rushed. I believe my overall health is improved. Well worth the money.

Mr. Mrs. Pate

Dr. Heather is the best! Their practice really values informing and educating their patients. I am sincerely impressed with the type of care they provide. 10/10 would recommend to everyone.

Levi Burnside

I've been seen Dr. Marley for over a year now and haven't felt better. My back is in better shape than its ever been and I believe it's due to Dr. Marley's treatment and care plan he has set up for me.

Tom Turner

Both Dr's have an incredible bedside manner. They truly care about their patients and their community. These two Dr's want to fix the problem not mask it with medications. Proud to be a patient. Thank you Dr Marley and Dr Heather

Dr Wyoming

I started coming to Livin Well when I couldn’t feel my left leg and foot. I also had major neck pain to the degree that I had to turn my whole upper body to check for on coming traffic. I now can turn my neck and can also feel my left leg. I will forever be a member of the Livin Well program. The staff is crazy cool and it’s just an amazing experience every time I come in for an adjustment.

Tom Herdt

Livin' Well has been the best decision I have made for my health and fitness. The entire staff is so helpful and friendly.

Brittany Ashby

Dr Heather has been a life saver for me. I have seen a chiropractor on and off for most of my life but it has been a few years since I had seen anyone. I was having ongoing shoulder and jaw pain. Dr Heather took me through a treatment plan that helped immensely. I continue to see her on a regular basis as it continues to help with the stiffness and pain from an autoimmune disease.

Feliciana Turner

I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years. They started me on a plan that was designed for me and I have noticed improvements in my overall health and well-being. And I don’t experience as much back and neck pain as I did when I first started! Because they also educate their patients, I have found new ways to support my progress outside the office with exercises and stretches. It’s helped me to make and stick to lifestyle changes!

Kelsey Brown

I look forward to my adjustments! Love the personalized care and family vibe you get from everyone in the office! The kids corner is great for my kiddos they look forward to playing while we get adjusted! From helping my son when he was learning to walk to helping me not be in pain anymore. I highly recommend Livin Well to everyone!

Tia Little

Love Dr's Marley and Heather. Being adjusted is my favorite part of the week. Friendly, accommodating office staff that treat you like family. The docs are thorough in all aspects of care and I trust that I'm in capable, knowledgeable hands. 100% recommend to all my friends and family.

Justin Salisbury

Very professional, very thorough, and very educational at a level for most to comprehend. The team serves a greater purpose than "fixing your back" and focuses on whole body health from the foundation of chiropractic medicine. This is more than "rare for Chiropractors" to operate this way; it's rare for businesses. A very servitude-mindset filled with authentic care.

Kristine Beatty

They are amazing. Both doctors truly care about your progress and how you are doing. They are also a kid friendly place which means you don't have to find someone to watch your kids for a short appointment. Not only are the doctors amazing but so is all of the staff. They all work hard to not just help you feel better but also give a lot of informative information on the whole process of chiropractic care.

A.J. Saucedo

Dr Heather does an absolute great job with me and my back she and Dr Marley are constantly educating me on what I can do to help myself get better!!!

Caressa Smith

Went in with really bad back pain that effected every aspect of my life. They found the problem and through a series of adjustments I'm no longer in pain. They also have been great woth helping me figure out and manage other medical issues I have going on. I would recommend them to anyone.

candi vuyk

Friendly, Caring Office! More like friends than a Chiropractic office. I have recommended this staff to everyone I talk to when topics of healthcare arise.

Laurie Lowther

I was looking for an alternative solution for neck pain and also balancing issues caused from Meniere's Disease. From the very beginning this has been a most positive experience. Dr Heather spent a good deal of time getting to know my situation; Dr Marley spent a good deal of time talking to me about the findings and what the best course of action to correct many years of deterioration. While nothing will bring me back to the spring chicken I was when all of this began, Dr Marley has changed my world. The idea that medication doesn't cure all, exercise is most important, how we eat, how we work to the shoes we wear impacts our day to day activities. Most importantly, my neck has tremendous range of motion and my balancing issues have become minimal. Dr Marley is encouraging, very careful and intentional when he does the adjustments. He practices what he preaches. This office is the real deal. Highly recommended.

Roxanna Reep

This place has been an amazing add on to my family’s health care regime they have been wonderful me and my girls and have taken great care of us and make us feel like new!

Joshua Smith

Dr. Marley is great to work with. The whole staff is friendly and takes time to talk with you and makes sure they are meeting your needs. Besides, you'll feel better too.

Taylor Salas

Everyone is so kind and sincere and you can just feel their compassion and that they only want the best results for you. Dr. Heather goes above and beyond in helping me reach my goals. She is constantly answering my questions outside of work hours and is ready to tackle any new obstacles. I’m so grateful for her. Great team all around!

Jody Reuland

I am pretty sure I am one of Dr. Heather's first patients after she opened in Cheyenne. She is extremely gentle and caring. I cannot handle the roughness of other chiropractors and Dr. Heather does an amazing job. I brought my husband to Dr. Marley and now our son sees them as well. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for great chiropractic care! Keep up the good work guys!!

David Dunning

Everyone is very professional and freindly. I was having migraine type headaches due to my neck, because of 40 years of welding. After the 2nd. session, the headaches went away. Dr. Marley has me feeling 101% again. Highly recommend.

Carlee Russell

Dr. Heather transformed my daughter's life after she suffered a concussion. I cannot recommend her and Dr. Marley enough - they are brilliant, kind, caring, attentive, and skilled.

Brandon Marshall

Dr. Marley has got my neck and back feeling better than they have in two years, and I'd gladly recommend anyone go to Livin' Well. They do force you to eat burritos without tortillas (which I think we can all agree isn't a burrito) at their free seminars, but hey, it's a small price to pay for awesome chiropractic care!

Garry Miles

Livin' Well provides a very friendly, inviting atmosphere with a staff that is not only interested in performing knowledgeable chiropractic work, but goes to great lengths to educate, facilitate and encourage patients to pursue a lifestyle that achieves optimum health. I highly recommend them!

David Franck

This is a wonderful clinic! Everyone in the office is very friendly, caring and professional. Dr. Marley has worked wonders with the pain in my lower back. He takes his time and makes sure you are receiving the best care possible. Dr. Heather seems to always wear a smile. Allyson has been very accommodating with scheduling appointments around my schedule. Roxanne has done a great job of explaining the in's ant out's of the clinic. I've always been greeted with a smile. Thank you all!!

Cathy Lloyd

I always feel SO much better after my adjustments!!! Thank you, Dr. Marley!!!!

Kalea Reisdorfer

Maria Foster

Doctors Heather and Marley always provide excellent care using the most up to date techniques, research and information. They take the time to listen to their patients and show they care about a patient’s overall well-being. Their classes are informative and helpful and teach healthy lifestyle choices. Livin Well is a positive, friendly and caring place to be!

Aaron Thomas

Dr. Marley is amazing and continues to help me become my best self.

Justin Woods

Overall great experience, the doctors and staff are very informative and caring! They seem to really love what they do, and enjoy helping others.

Kathy Alatorre

Everyone is very nice and attentive to my needs. I like that it's explained clearly what's going to be done and how. I'm looking forward to positive results.

Brandi Nash

The doctors and the staff are amazing. My family and I have been going to Livin' Well for months now and we have had an amazing experience! We highly recommend!

Julie Smith

A great place to get excellent care! Both Dr Marley and Dr Heather are awesome and I love their staff, Roxanne and Allison! They are all like family!

Tim Weselak

This is the best family chiropractic team! Dr. Marley & Heather provide excellent chiropractic care for the whole family. Whenever I need to send a patient to the southeast WY area, I send them to Livin' Well Family Chiropractic

Kim Koester

I love the fact that Dr’s Marley and Heather Smith take such good care of their own health. Their philosophy of total care is outstanding. They provide wonderful educational classes and tools so their patients can know not only “how” to take charge of their health but “why” certain choices are better and best along the way. I appreciate their high energy and positivity and I know their care has made a huge contribution to my health journey over the past few years. I highly recommend Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic.

Michelle Heinen

Warning! Don't go here to receive care if you enjoy being a number, and not a name. If you fancy rushed appointments with no time to ask questions, then this isn't the place for you. Dr. Heather, Dr.Marley, and their conscientious crew have become like family to me. This was my first journey into chiropractic care and it has been wonderfully life changing!

Christina Joy

Overall incredibly satisfied!

Demi Jagoditsh

Wonderful office! Everyone is so kind and welcoming. I've been going here for almost eight months and I've had nothing but pain relief. They are amazing!

keith launer

Awesome, friendly people! If you're looking for a great chiropractic experience, definitely give these guys a try!

Jamie Russell

Love love love Dr Heather and Dr Marley! They explain everything to you, fantastic bed side manner.

Stacy Landon

I can't say enough great things about Livin' Well Family Chiropractic! From my initial visit, both Dr. Heather and Dr. Marley showed me that they truly care about my overall health. They encourage healthy habits and will help you reach your health goals. The girls up front are always friendly and kind and very accommodating to my crazy schedule. Dr. Marley always takes the time to listen and ask questions so he can fully understand my pain and discomfort, then gives me amazing adjustments! I always look forward to going to my appointments!

James Kenworthy

I have been a long time customer and never have been dissatisfied.

Donetta Tanner

After months of conventional western medicine I was getting no answers or relief from many neurological symptoms after working with Dr Marley I am truly getting my life back.I have found releif from tremors, tinnitus, nausea, vertigo , neck , arm and lower back pain. Livin Well Chiropratic has been a blessing to me. The staff are knowledgeable, friendly, positive and helpful.

Shaina Case

Drs. Smith live what they teach—eat healthy, be active, and get adjusted! They are always positive and I’m so glad they adjust not just me but also my young daughter! Grateful to have chiropractors who can adjust pregnant women and infants!

Julamy Serrano

Amazing service! All the staff had a great attitude and explained everything in detail. Felt welcomed (literally! There was a welcome sign with my name on it as soon as I walked in!). Can’t wait to go back to continue with my care plan.

Denise Reisdorfer

We love the doctors and staff at Livin' Well. They are very knowledgeable and have helped my daughter and I overcome and recover from our injuries and aches and pains through chiropractic!

Laura Schroll

Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather are very knowledgeable, energetic and passionate about bettering the lives of their patients. They are fantastic at what they do!

Elizabeth McLaughlin

Anti-vaccination propaganda distributed through here. I am not a patient. A good friend was convinced by a chiropractor here not to vaccinate her children and to adjust her infant’s spine.

morgan martin

I love these guys! Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather are so kind and caring and they have made me feel like my health is in my hands finally! I definitely would recommend them to anyone!

Alyssa Christensen

They really care about our family. Dr. Heather is great with our little boy. They make us feel like apart of their family. Both doctors are knowledgable and willing to listen. The office staff is nice and personable. It's a great place to get adjusted.


5/5 These spine wizards care about their clients and help to provide lifestyle changes to facilitate a healthy and happy existence. With additional programs including nutrition consultation. There is no other place to get a healthy overhaul to you life. Recommended for anyone training to be a Sorcerer supreme, or really any superhero could benefit. Especially parents.

Angi Lund

Dr. Heather & Dr. Marley are great! They take the time to educate and answer questions. I have never had chiropractic care before and they make the whole process easy. Their entire staff is also amazing! Thank you all!

Audra Gagnon

Excellent place! Personalized care each and every time. The staff is always welcoming and inviting and they make it a priority to know each patient when they walk through the door. They are a family at Livin’ Well so they have created a family atmosphere for everyone. It’s hard to describe the way they have mastered caring for each patient individually (infant to elderly) while also making it a family friendly environment. I highly recommend everyone to go and give them a try. I’m certain you will begin a new health routine that you will not forget!

Jamie Beatty

I have been seeing Dr. Marley for a few months now. I went because of severe sciatic nerve pain. Since I've been treated there, my sciatic never pain has become less and less. It was a daily struggle for me dealing with the pain. Now the pain is almost gone. I have also slowly began some life style changes to help make me a healthier me. Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather and the ladies in the office are friendly and the environment is wonderful. I have learned so much about my central nervous system. Best decision of my life! Strongly recommend going to see them, even if you think you are healthy!

Micheal Eskew

A great and friendly place that offers tremendous services!

Jessica schreiner

We love Dr.Heather!! Our little girl has been seeing her since about 8 months old!! She’s always so kind and makes her smile!!

Joe Spieker

I’ve been going to Livin’ Well for a year now and I can say my health has improved dramatically. Just listen to them and take care of yourself. I’ve seen different chiropractors for many years and they are by far the best. Very in-depth and have a moral obligation to better others.

Kindra Schliffke

Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather and the team are amazing! So friendly and kind and knowledgable!! You feel like family when you go in and my back is so much better now! Truly a fantastic place to go- check them out!!

Little Leno

I've gone to Heather on and off for about 5 years. Her gentle caring touch on my babies is what brings me back. She always has room for us, helps with my little ones ear infections, lets us use the room to breastfeed before leaving. Heather is worth the hour drive that we travel. The staff is always welcoming and a happy to see us. I could go on and on as there is not one negative thing I have to say about Livin Well Family Chiropractor. I recommend them to all of my friends.

Gladys Castaneda

Kristen Rieman

Ally is amazing and super helpful! As is Roxanne. Dr. Heather is very kind and knowledgable and has helped me and my kiddos tremendously.

Sharry Arneson

I love how down to earth Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather are.They TRULY care about their patients needs.I have been getting adjusted since January and my headaches have since disappeared.Thank you for all you do.You are THE best♥️

Jason Kinchelow

Love this place. Very professional and friendly staff, and the results speak for themselves.

Kelsie Salisbury

I was dealing with the same problems for 7 + years. I went to another chiropractor that would ease the pain for a few days but never fix the problem. A few weeks into my care plan at Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic i was no longer experiencing the problems I thought I’d always live with. Fast forward a couple months and I’m so pleased with my continued progress.

Jennifer Kemp

I started going to Livin’ Well after I lost feeling in my left fingers and leg. It was pretty scary. I started with blood-work and hospital visits but they couldn’t find anything wrong. A friend suggested I use their chiropractor and GOOD LORD am I glad I did. I could feel a difference in just weeks and now I’m almost back to where I was last year. Further they show and advise me on ways to preemptively keep myself from further damage with easy exercising and stretching. Im a welder and there are times I hold rather odd positions for extended periods of time, Dr Marley helps me to be able to do my job and keep up with the people I work with. My ability to get around pain free is just one of the reasons I’ll be keeping Livin Well and Dr Marley a part of my lifestyle.

Cindi Shroyer

Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather are a great team who take the time needed to really listen to what their patients are saying. They are extremely adept at finding problems and fixing them. They also get involved in the overall health of their patients. Not a visit goes by without them asking how my dietary changes are going, how my fitness program is working, and what my primary physician is working on. They are not only great practitioners, but a super support system working with each patient to improve their overall health.

Wendy McGee

Dr. Heather and Dr. Marley are amazing! They truly care for all of their patients and offer support in more than just Chiropractic care. Their workshops and advice have helped me with all aspects of my health and wellness. I can’t imagine where my life would be without Livin’ Well. I highly, highly recommend going to see Drs. Heather and Marley! My adjustments are the best part of my week!

Kristen Ramey

Wonderful and kind staff, love Dr Heather and Dr Marley. They both provide wonderful adjustments for my husband and I as well as our children. My 2 year old is always so excited to have Dr Heather check his back.

Amy Fitch

Very family friendly! Love the atmosphere and great with pregnancy too!

Aaron Oakes

Livin'well has been extremely helpful to my family and I, ensuring that our total well being remains the focus of each and every visit. Not only are they attentive to spine, neck and nervous system issues but whole body wellness. I know that each and every session I attend, my health, wellness and personal needs are addressed wholly. From the very friendly staff to Dr.'s Marley and Heather, I am certain my family remains in the best care in Cheyenne. Every question I've had was returned with a knowledgeable and thoroughly researched answer. I am completely satisfied with the care that my family and I receive and I thoroughly enjoy every visit to Livin'well Family Chiropractic!

Michelle Ordes

I have been going to Livin' Well Family Chiropractic for close to a year and a half now. I started with Dr. Marley and I saw him regularly all the way through my pregnancy with my son. I feel my pregnancy was much easier than it might have been had I not been receiving such great adjustments. Since then, my entire family has seen many benefits from regular visits, as both my 5yo daughter and now my 8 month old son are also in the care of Dr. Heather. For example, just recently my son did NOT like tummy time. He would rather stand than try to crawl. However, after an adjustment with Dr. Heather, he was crawling with ease within twenty-four hours! I cannot believe that was just coincidence! We're looking forward to many more milestones yet to come! Many thanks to the doctors and staff at Livin Well!

Christie Mares

Dr. Heather is amazing! I never thought I would be able to do any of the things I used to do, and within a few months I’ve been able to start running and swimming again. And it is so apparent that she actually cares about you as a person and a patient. Going to Livin Well was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

shannon ballard

I took my 3 year old to Dr Heather with a difficult musculoskeletal problem. We had seen primary care and Orthopedics without answers, so they advised Denver children's. We wanted to try chiropractic first. Dr Heather was very attentive and really cared about helping us solve the problem. I am so glad we came to her! Highly recommend!

Mckenna Russell

Dr. Heather has changed my life. A year ago I could barely move without my back twitching or shooting pain, and now I am almost pain free! I highly recommend!

tiff erdmann

My kids and myself enjoy the closeness we have developed with Dr Marley and all the staff over the last 2 years. Thank you ALL for what you do for all of us!!!

Latisha Nett

A wonderful place for the full family to go. The doctors and staff at this Chiropractic take the time to care about their patience, and find out the best way you should be treated.

Michael Kozik

Livin Well has been instrumental in getting my family’s health on track. My wife was suffering from a bad car accident back in 2015 , her back specialists and therapists were making her worse ,we finally convinced them to let her see a chiropractor,we found livin well on line and started seeing Dr Heather my wife is getting better and we can now enjoy short walks without her being in constant pain and minimal swelling in legs and feet , she can now do simple household chores she still is in pain but around a 7 instead of a 10 plus . Myself I have a chronic terminal disease and was always in pain , since working with Dr Marley and discussing matters with my Doctors I have stopped taking 4 prescribed drugs and have more energy and less pain with movement. The quality of life for me is very important and the smiths understand this and are working with me to help improve mine. I was diagnosed in 2009 and feel better now then I have since then. I feel good things for the future ,I know my disease will not go away but with the Smiths help I look forward to enjoying my time left. Our daughter has suffered with complications from a car accident since 2013 all her Dr’s said it was psychological Livin well found trama on her X-rays and are working hard to correct her issues hoping her results are as good as mine and my wife’s. We have been treated so amazingly by the entire staff at Livin Well their seminars have been incredible and very helpful. The entire staff treats you like family and it is very easy to talk with them about what you expect from treatments and they are very honest about treatments and long term prognosis. I can honestly say finding Livin Well has been great and we look forward to being part of Livin Well for a long time to come.

Jeanette Nusbaum

Absolutely love the family feel and concern for their patients.

Matt Amaya

Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather do a great job!

Charity Henning

All of my family goes here and we couldn't be happier with the care we receive. Not only do they have our backs feeling well but they make our whole body function like it should.

Arturo Garcia

I’ve been going to Livin Well Family Chiropractic in Cheyenne, Wyoming for just over a year and Dr. Marley has been my buddy through this whole process. I’ve always suffered from lower back pain and neck pain since I can remember. Fast forward to today and I feel amazing. I’ve been able to do things that were painful that last couple years like bike riding, going to the gym, and playing basketball. I still remember my very first adjustment and how detailed Dr. Marley was with telling me what he was going to do and how it was going start the process to feeling better. The first night after my first adjustment I slept like a baby after struggling for years to get good rest. This is now the norm for both my wife and I since we are both part of the Livin Well Family. I really appreciate how Dr. Marley really takes the time with each of his patients to inform us of what we need to do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather we greatly appreciate the workshops you have throughout the year to give us the information we need to make good sound decisions for our bodies. The office Staff (Ali and Roxanne) are always welcoming and very helpful with my fluctuating work schedule so thank you very much. Dr. Marley and Dr. Heather thank you both for having such an inviting and wonderful practice. I highly recommend consulting Livin Well Family Chiropractic before you go on a life time supply of medication to solve your pain problems. Thanks, Art

Miranda Aumack

This office deeply cares about educating their patients and creating the absolute best experience. If you have reservations about receiving chiropractic care, get in contact with these folks! You are informed every step of the way and you can FEEL how much they care about you and helping you achieve your wellness goals. Great family, great staff, beautiful new office on Yellowstone Rd.

Peggy Zeimens

Back in about 2010, I was having major shoulder pain. I had done everything besides a MRI that my MD could do for me. My husband and mother-in-law finally convinced me to go to a chiropractor. Skeptically, I decided to try it out. I went to a chiropractor that practiced NUCCA. I decided that I actually liked it and it was working! I continued on a fairly regular basis to get adjusted. My pain went a way, for the most part and I improved my range of motion. My first doctor ended up relocating so I switched to another one that also practiced NUCCA, that one was in Longmont, CO and it became too far for me to travel. A couple of years went by and I was not able to find a NUCCA chiropractor any closer than the one in Longmont. My pain gradually came back, except this time it was in my wrist. It was so bad that I could barely write, much less do anything else. I was wearing a wrist brace basically 24/7. I slept in it, I ate in it, and I did everything in it. My wrist was numb and tingly all most all of the time. It throb all the time and became unbearable! The day finally came that I made one of the MOST IMPORTANT decisions of my life…my pain was so bad that I said, “Ok Google! Where is the closet NUCCA chiropractor to Cheyenne Wyoming”…then she popped up the information for Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic. Man, was I excited!! I couldn’t believe that there was actually one in Cheyenne! As I was looking at their website, it soon became clear that Google was wrong! This chiropractor was NOT a NUCCA chiropractor! I wasn’t comfortable with “being cracked”. I was even more concerned about that than I was chiropractic care in the first place. I did some reading up about the Gonstead technique, slept on it and then decided that, due to the amount of pain that I was in, why not give it a shot! What was the worst that could happen at this point?! So, I called and made an appointment. It just so happened that they were running a special for that month and I was able to get my first appointment at a discounted cost! I soon learned something…I LOVE “getting cracked”. It really is one of the best feelings in life. Not to mention the instant relief that I get and even more so, the long term relief that I get. The Livin’ Well team are THE BEST teachers about chiropractic! Don’t get me wrong, I liked my other chiropractors. But I have learned SO much more from the Livin’ Well team! Not only do I know that they are going to make me feel better and keep me from getting worse, I know the how’s, why’s, and what’s of how my spine, nerves, central nervous system and body overall works. I understand what I do that contributes to my subluxation and what I can do to decrease it. I have only been going to Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic for 5 months and I have made leaps and bounds in my range of motion and eliminated the pain in my wrist. I could have never made it this far without Dr. Marley and his team. They have been troopers dealing with me and my grouchiness at times, helping me with my pain, redirecting my behaviors when needed (Dr. Marley would give me the “stern dad look” when he saw me wearing my brace too much), and most of all-my crazy schedule! The really are the very best! I am so glad that I followed Googles lead that day instead of staying stuck in my ways! Make one of the best decisions of your life also and go to Livin’ Well Family Chiropractic! You won’t regret it!!!

Jena Becnel

I love Doctor Marley and Doctor Heather!! They are great. I started going to them about a month ago and after the first week I could stand for longer than 15 minutes without my back hurting and my headaches have decreased!!

Ellen Wakefield

Knowing Drs Heather and Marley on a personal and professional level, I cannot recommend more motivated caring and commited chiropractors to the community of Cheyenne, and its surrounds. Cheyenne you are blessed to have them in your community.

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