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REVIEWS OF Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva/Disc Centers of America-Lake Geneva IN Wisconsin

Mike P

I would recommend Dr Craig to everyone. Very good both doctors and all staff. My pain is 7 years old, I have been to 3 different doctors, but never satisfied with my pain. I have started going to Dr.Craig. I feel so comfortable after visiting him. Now I have no pain at all. Best Chiropractor in Lake Geneva!

Brody Bidlack

It’s is a great place to get adjusted and they are very nice people that work here

Christy Heinrich

I would recommend Dr. Craig to anyone! I setup an online appt around 7:45 a.m. his staff called me by 8:30 for an appointment that day. I walked in there (on steroids and muscle relaxers to decrease the pain) explained my situation, he took a few X-rays, checked out the area and within 45 minutes he had me on a machine to decrease the inflammation in my neck. He new exactly what was wrong and adjusted my neck that day. From then on I have been medication free and without pain. I have used chiropractic care in a maintenance type situation, so i have never really gone in with as extreme pain as I was in that day. I walked out of there with a huge amount of relieve.

Tawny Blum

Dr Slapinski and Dr McCullough are great! I’ve been seeing Dr Slapinski for years ! He’s always adjusted my care according to my health needs and what my body needs. The ladies at the front are so kind and caring and DEFINITELY accommodating! Everyone is always so friendly and the office is always clean! I’d definitely recommend them!!!

James Harris

I went here about a year ago and it was absolutely great. The doctor, his first name was Dane, Was extremely helpful and he got rid of my pain and I was very grateful. Now though, he is gone, and the other doctor is very rough and doesn’t seem like he cares much at all about his patients. I had to see him one time when Dane went home sick. That day I left in more pain than when I came in. I started having some neck pain about a month ago so I made an appointment and to my dismay Dane was no longer there. Just the rough doctor and some new doctor. So I go there today and I’m filling out the paperwork and I hear the two receptionist lady is talking about me and something to the effect of my insurance is no longer except it and that I would have to pay cash. I understand that this happens but I took the day off of work to do this, I am in significant pain, and I just find it absolutely absurd that nobody could have told me that or when they discovered it maybe have called and left a message or something. So now I’m stuck with no chiropractor, in pain, and lost a days wages for work. Even if I could i’ll forward the insanely overpriced rates I wouldn’t go there anyways just because they apparently have something against middle working class people that can’t afford high-priced insurance or afford their high prices. The main reason I wouldn’t do it is because the main doctor that is there, as I said before, is extremely rough he’s not very Friendly and I was not comfortable with him the entire time I was there and I expressed this to the other doctor and to the receptionist and they just kind of laughed it off. I am positive you can find a better care at a cheaper rate locally or somewhere within Walworth County. I’m not really sure why they chose to stop excepting certain insurances but when they do that that only means one thing, they don’t want to fill up all of their spots with people who have insurance that refuses to pay their crazy up Charges and ridiculous service fees. Then they had the nerve to tell me that they could refer me to someone else so I guess I’m good enough to be referred to someone else but I’m not good enough to receive treatment there. That part really bothers me as it makes no sense at all why would they refer a client somewhere else and lose money as opposed to help them with their pain at their own clinic? Well, again, the answer to that is that for them there it’s only about one thing , MONEY.

Kelsey Klugiewicz

I've had neck pain from my time in the military and have seen numerous chiropractors, but it wasn't until my second pregnancy, where I experienced severe sciatica, that led me to knowledgeable chiropractor with experience adjusting women during pregnancy. I've been seeing Dr. Becky since I was about 24 weeks pregnant and now my 2 month old son sees her too. He had a misdiagnosed tongue and lip tie and we've had trouble nursing since day 1. I've never met a more friendly chiropractor that made me feel so comfortable and not pushy. The entire staff is great and I'm so happy with the physical comfort I've found for myself and my son as we continue our treatment now that I'm postpartum.

Carole Drissel

Dr. Slapinski is fantastic - the staff is warm and welcoming! My husband felt relief immediately and continues to improve. Well worth the drive for us! Bill & Carole Drissel

Stephanie Wegner

I absolutely love these guys! I worked with Dr S and Dr Becky earlier this year for spinal decompression in my neck to alleviate my chronic migraines. It helped tremendously, so much so that I haven't taken a single migraine pill in almost three months. Well, for the last month I have been working 60 hour weeks sitting at a computer... on top of trying to pack up our house to prepare for our move. Needless to say I started to backslide a bit so I got in as soon as I could. I came in sore, walking cockeyed and feeling a little pinched in my neck. After just a few minutes, Dr Becky adjusted all the right spots and had me feeling like I was walking on clouds and just as good as ever!!! I've seen a lot of chiropractors and always dreaded going, but not these guys. Dr Becky is so gentle and efficient she can adjust me as deeply as needed to bring relief without triggering the pain that comes with autoimmune issues... truly a godsend. I am so disappointed to be leaving these guys behind since I'm moving out of state. Take it from a young person that suffered (PAST TENSE!) from chronic migraines... you can't go wrong with trusting this clinic with your health. Both Dr Becky and Dr S are wonderful. Kudos to the rest of the staff as well, always so sweet and friendly!!!

Darlene Stanley

Dr Becky. Always has my back when I am in pain. One adjustment on my tailbone and good as new. Thank-you for making my day

Qartistic Valleskey

I injured my back at the gym and after visiting SRC I am doing amazing! They loosened up the muscle that was giving me issues and adjusted my back / neck. I now have better range of motion, sleep better at night, and generally feel awesome! Also being open on Saturday mornings is a huge plus.

Eric B

Samantha Adamik

Ramon Villarreal

I was diagnosed with a L4 protrusion and had been living in severe pain for over 3 years! I could not accept having an implanted device inside me and later possibly having a fusion. I have been to several specialists throughout the country and not to mention the pain associated with several injections! Since attending my decompression at Spinal Rehabilitation Center in Lake Geneva, I couldn't be happier with the results! The staff and doctors here are so kind, loving and caring and to be honest the first place in the medical field were I felt welcomed. I would recommend going for a second opinion prior to making a decision for surgery. Thank you to all the staff who participated in my recovery process!!!

Danielle Owens

I have lived in chronic pain for most of my 22 years, and after seeing multiple different chiropractors, I was about ready to give up. Having PTSD makes it even harder to find a doctor that I am comfortable with. After one appointment with Dr. Slapinski, I found out exactly what was going on with my body. My neck and back pain is gone. I have been walking without a limp for months now. I have fewer headaches and am overall happy. The doctors are even so helpful and willing to work with me on my physical limitations, and have got me moving better than ever.

Lauren Kasten

Great staff! Awesome work Dr. McCullough. Highly recommend him!

sara falk

Doctors are excellent! Staff is friendly and helpful! My 5 y/o daughter is also seen by the doctors and she is very comfortable being adjusted.

The Dragonfly Garden

The front desk workers are so friendly!

Gwen Erickson

The doctors here are amazing. I adore Dr. Craig Slapinski. When he joined this practice, I transferred from his former chiropractic practice just so I could continue under his care. They have state of the art spinal decompression, in addition to traditional chiropractic care. I now come monthly for maintenance to stay limber. The entire staff at Spinal Rehabilitation feels like family. Everyone makes each visit so pleasant and fun. There are contests every month. And the staff organizes food drives periodically. It's great that they want to help the community. And the contests keep me engaged.

lady jams

I came in experiencing lower back pain, heavy tingling down to my toes and having numbness in my last two toes for six months. The simplest were difficult - showering (had to hold on to the caddy and wash with one hand, couldn’t bend over to shave legs), sleeping (couldn’t get comfortable with tingling, which only allowed to get at most three hours of sleep at night), walking (I would need to stop and hold on to something every five minutes or so and take a deep breath), and doing laundry (I’m shorter, so I had to take a deep breath while bending to grab clothes from the washer). Dr. Craig saw me after explaining my symptoms. Come to find out, I had a herniated disk that was pouring out of the spine pinching on nerves. The first time I came in, I had four daily sessions of wet sponges with electrical surges. When these sessions were completed, the tingling and numbness was gone. The next steps include moving into another room and have four electrode thingies with heat, manipulation, decompression, and cold laser. I noticed massive improvement within six sessions of these items. I’m now able to finally sleep on my back comfortably getting decent sleep. Stand in the shower like a normal person again. Walk up to 10 minutes up and down hill without major discomfort. I’m only taking two ibuprofen every few days instead of twelve on a daily basis. I’m no longer in pain on a scale 1-10, had pain level of 8 (I know that subjective, but it was worse than having my hand stuck between a row bar and a tree limb on a zero turn lawn mower). I’m only feeling as though my muscles are tight and need to be popped. Thank you dr Craig. :)

Brenda Larkin

The doctors are extremely thorough in their care planning and practice. They won't touch you unless they have all the relevant information concerning your current health issue. They are able to read MRI's and X-Rays and combine this information with physical exam to deliver a customized approach to healing.

Hayley wondrash

Craig Slapinski has helped me and my husband with our herniated discs. He is by far the best chiropractor around. He actually cares about your health and back. Glad we found him.

Gerry Parat

I have had the best service they are great to me i have back problem since feb of this year and pain not sleeping started with them a month ago and pain isnt there no more and i am sleeping now an back to work

Kayla Jambretz

Great place! Very nice staff! They help everytime we come in for a visit.

Jason Hodges

Cold laser worked wonders on my neck, would highly recommend it.


I went to the Spinal Rehabilitation Center with some severe lower back pain. After receiving outstanding care, advice, and with consistent adjustments, I can say that my back pain has been non-existent and I feel great. I live a very active lifestyle and I could not be happier with the care that I was given by the friendly and knowledgeable staff. I would recommend the Spinal Rehabilitation Center to anyone looking for lower back pain relief from a staff that truly cares about their patients.

Karla Polce

Amazing! Dr. Slapinski is very knowledgeable and nice. He even called me the same day to check on me. I felt instant relief same day and felt so welcome there! The ladies at the front desk are super sweet and helpful! Would highly recommend!

Jennifer Stinnett

I started seeing Dr. Becky for a stiff neck. After just one visit I was feeling tremendous relief. I feel comfortable and in good hands when receiving an adjustment. The staff is super friendly and always helpful as well!

Jared Stan

Dr. Slapinski and Dr. Friedrichs, located in Lake Geneva, are great chriopractors that I highly recommend looking into if you're in the market for this type of care. After many years of football and multiple cases of head trauma, I had to find something that could relieve neck stiffness/impingement, mental grogginess, and lack of sleep. I was waking up anywhere from 4-6 times a night for the past two years, which wasn't allowing me to function correctly. After a couple weeks of chiropractic treatment my sleep patterns have changed dramatically; allowing me to sleep through the night and at worst wake up 1 or 2 times. To say I'm satisfied is an understatement.

Cindy Fiduccia

Dr. Slapinski and staff are second to none. Each of them are so caring and personable. They are attentive to every one. The staff works together to give the very best of results. The results for me personally have been amazing. This group is highly recommended! Best chiropractor team in town!

Robyn Swanson

I have been receiving chiropractic maintenance for more than 15 years with Dr. Becky and with Dr. Slapinski for the past couple of years. I am extremely active and with that comes occasional misalignments and normal aches and pains. Whenever I am not feeling quite right, I can always count on them to get me back "up and running".

Mark Coughlin

There is a reason for all of the 5 star reviews. It starts with the Friendly Professional staff, and ended with me avoiding back surgery. The Doctors genuinely listen and adjust your treatment as you progress. This Team has your back.

Dan Getzen

Both Dr. Becky and Dr. Slapinsky do a wonderful job maintaining my spine which is a blessing as I can continue my love of mountain biking, hiking and snowboarding. Plus the staff at SRC is knowledgeable and very friendly which is a big bonus in my book!

Kirt Falk

I would give them 10 stars if I could! They are the best. They always get me adjusted even if I don't have an appointment. Great place, and great people!!!

Jessica Kasten

Wonderful experience! Everyone was so knowledgeable and helpful. Definitely would recommend Dr. McCullough and cold laser therapy!

Laura Maksymiak

I am so grateful that Dr. Mark Dowell works at such a great clinic! He has been my chiropractor for years and I was sad (to say the least) to see him leave my local health care system but I understood the situation. Given that I have many other health issues I didn’t want to see a new chiropractor so I patiently waited for him to get settled in here. It sure seems to be a great fit! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and quick to find solutions. I am moving next month and I am not looking forward to trying to find a new chiropractor because I already have the best! Can I just take y’all with me to Texas?

Scott VanDusen

My wife and children both go here and the staff there is unbelievably friendly to the whole family and great with kids. I don't "get adjusted" but my wife will only go here after she tried many others.

Megan West

Rachel Allen

They are always able to fit us into their schedule. The girls at the desk are helpful and friendly. The Chiropractors do a wonderful job. Thank you Spinal Rehab team!

Puffled Player

The Spinal Rehabilitation Center of Lake Geneva helps me feel my best and relieve pain in daily actions. The staff is super sweet and so are the doctors. It's a joy to be there. Keep up th good work! :)

Johnny Helfvogt

They do a good job


They are so friendly, courteous, and willing to help. I was skeptical about chiropractors but they have walked me through everything, explaining all that needs to be done without any hesitation or frustrastion. Definitely a positive experience and I feel so much better in the last few months. Thank you.

Brittany Christensen

Becca Ragusca

best chiropractor!! favorite place to go get an amazing adjustment! they are fast and get you in and out, never a long wait. Great facility with great staff!

Kristen Tranel

Great place! Dr. Becky is awesome! Not pushy and there to meet your needs. Very flexible in scheduling too!

XplanePilotMaste r

You won't find a more friendly and knowledgeable chiropractor. Everyone here is professional and very customer service and health oriented. You are truly number 1 to them and they prove it every time I go for a visit. I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. #Paul

Chris Weis

Before coming into Back and spine rehabilitation center of lake Geneva I was in severe pain. My lower back pain was an easy 11 out of 10. Owning my own business and always having to be physical is a must. I have been living with this pain for years constantly taking prednisone (steroids) to build my back up when it kept getting injured. This last dose of steroids didnt cut the pain at the end of my dosage. My wife looked into this company and thank God she did! All the staff is very friendly and very helpful. When I first got in there they took x Ray's and found out that I blew out my L5 and L4. Craig was very informative on how we were going to make it better and 3 decompressions later my back felt great and pain was completely gone. I all together will have 24 decompressions done when it's all said and done. They not only fix your back by decompressing it, but make sure you do physical therapy to build your core so you dont re injure yourself. I wake up with no pain in the morning, my overall attitude about everything is better because of it. I no longer have to take a bunch of anti inflammatories anymore. If you are living with this pain, I highly recommend this place to get rid of it rather than have surgery or taking a bunch of pills.

White Sky Drift

Before I came in here I was lying on my floor every day in pain! This is a proven method of spinal alignment dont get surgery without coming here!! Dr.Dane will do you right!

Jeff Leonard

With disc damage due to a severe Lyme's Disease infection, spinal decompression therapy worked wonders. Dr. Slapinsky is excellent.

Heather Rainer

I started seeing Dr. Rebecca Friedrichs when I was having pain in my right hip. I woke up one morning and could hardly walk. I was already a patient of the office, but had not been there in quite some time. I was able to get in the same day with no waiting. I was given a thorough exam, and an adjustment. By the next day I was starting to feel better. I continued to get adjustments twice a week for 2 months. Rebecca even started to address some of the other issues I had been having for years with my neck. I am now going once every 2 weeks and I am feeling so much better. The staff here is awesome and always very welcoming. Karina really goes out of her way to talk with me about about different promotions they are running and ways for me to get involved with the clinic outside of my adjustments. I am very happy with my experiences here.

Will Bohnefeld

I was referred to this place by some of my co-workers and have to say its was the best decision i made to check out the place. The doctors and staff are extremely professional, very friendly and very knowledgeable. i went in about three months ago having severe back and neck issue s, and i have to say what a huge difference it has made. I sleep better, don't have to worry about being in constant pain and am back to my normal routines again not having to be in pain and my work performance has changed tremendously. I want to thank everyone for a job well done. i am continuing my treatments and feeling good again.

James Kramer

Roxanne Krohn

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Dr. Slapinski for your adjustments to my lower back and leg. I went in thinking I was going to have to have knee replacement MUCH earlier than anticipated. Very painful to walk and stand. Dr. Slapinski, after a few adjustments has me walking almost pain free! Very friendly and helpful staff. 5 Star recommendation from me!!

Richard Locher

After many years of migraine pain with no solution I found out about Disc Centers of America at Spinal Rehabilitation of Lake Geneva. I began treatment in February and actually began to see an improvement after about three weeks. In May we discovered a family member had cancer requiring surgery and short term care post surgery. What followed was a month of medical tests, doctor and surgeon appointments, surgery and recovery. As care giver I was busy, tired, stressed and PAIN FREE!! Had this happened before treatment at Spinal Rehab, I know my body would never have been able to handle it all. I was able to be what my family needed when they needed me. I am honored to recommend the excellent doctors and professional staff. I feel so, so much better! Thanks to everyone at Spinal Rehabilitation of LG

Marianne Devenny

Caring staff! Dr. Dowell is a wonderful chiropractor who is thorough and compassionate.

Yuri Butinas

Dr. Slapinski is a great Chiropractor and is supported by an awesome staff. He takes his work/ your scenario very seriously. I really appreciate everything he's done for me. After calling the office and explaining the severity of my pain, they were able to squeeze me in the same day and he was able to work with me in between his other scheduled patients. When I spoke he listened. Upon a brief exam and x-ray he dialed in on my issue. It took only a few visits to get me up and going again. What took other Chiropractors 6 weeks, he did in 1, and just in time for vacation. I also had a hip pain I've been nursing for 2 years from striking off concrete. Every Chiropractor I've seen couldn't fix. He did in 1 session. I will continue to go to Dr. Slapinski because after all, I deserve the best.

Mary Ulick

I've struggled with lower back pain for years, but this practice has the best treatment for my degenerative disk disease along with state of the art equipment to address my issues.

Mike Wake

Very friendly staff. Prompt service. I enjoy coming back to the welcoming an energetic atmosphere.

Jennifer Bidlack

I have been a patient of Dr Slapinski for almost a year now. I came in a year ago with frequent headaches at least 4-5 times a week, tremors in my right hand and constant shoulder pain. I had been through MRI'S, x-rays, spinal taps, PT and nothing helped. Spinal Rehab was my last option. And thank goodness my massage therapist told me about Dr Slapinski and his decompression table. Within in a month of me getting cervical decompression treatments done, my tremors in my hand stopped, my headaches were maybe twice a month and my shoulder pain subsided. Spinal Rehab has been a great blessing for me, I am so very greatful to know I no longer have to deal with the constant pain. Jennifer B

John Kuchera

Staff is super friendly and informative. I was afraid of having surgery and with the care here, I didn't need to. Thanks to all you ladies and gentlemen for making it a comfortable and happy place to go. I recommend this place to anyone.

Meg McCullough

I injured my back while gardening. It was so bad that I could hardly walk when I first came into the office for the first treatment. Within a few visits, that included the decompression table, I was like a new person and each time it gets better. I am so thankful for the doctors and their extensive knowledge of disc injury.

Karen Barnett

I have been coming here for several months. I feel so much better! My digestion and bowel movements are 100% improved. It really does help your over all well being to have an adjustment. My neck, hip and lower back pain have also improved . Thank you so much to Dr Becky and Dr Slapinski.

Patricia Smith

Excellent care from everyone in the office. Dr. Slapinski explains the entire process in detail and has excellent follow-up.

jaden ostenson

When I started to come I couldn't walk with out knees giving out I've been coming for 3 weeks and my knees feel great I can walk again thank you for everything.

Jessica Jacobi

Very accommodating to my schedule and understanding to my issues. Glad I was able to start treatment with the facility.

Brian Hoeg

The Doctors are very knowledgeable and I couldn't be happier with my treatment. The staff is great and very professional. I came here for spinal decompression do to an accident at work, and I'll keep going back for maintenance. They are all great people and I definitely will recommend them. I thank all of them for getting me back to work and giving my life back!

ViperMom 72

Love it here. Staff is great. Dr Becky is very knowledgable and friendly. They have helped so much. I would definitely recommend

Amber O'Laughlin

My mother has seen doctor Becky for many years and by the age of 15 I started to see doctor Becky because of my scoliosis and I forget that I have it because she does an amazing job easing the symptoms! The atmosphere is very welcoming and it is quick and easy to make an appointment and get an adjustment.

aeriond liu

Great staff, always welcoming. I was referred by a friend and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for great chiropractic care!

Megan Richter

I definitely recommend Spinal Rehab, they know what they're doing and are friendly and make you feel comfortable, while helping you. Thank you for all you do for me Dr.Slapinski!

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