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REVIEWS OF HealthSource Chiropractic of Baraboo IN Wisconsin

Bridgette Rozinski

Health source of Baraboo does an amazing job! They care about you its not just a hurry get you in and out. They give you exercises and they have therapy to help you get better. All the employees are outstanding. Micheal has been working with my brother who has cerebral palsy for years. Know one else would do it because they where to scared they would hurt him and for some one who sit in a chair all day really should get adjusted atlest once a week . If you need a chiropractor this the place to go to!!!

Debra Morrill

Doctors Michael and Angie have created a practice that honors healing at its deepest level - the healing from within. Their kind and caring energy, combined with their excellent skills, promotes health and wellness for the whole being. Whether it's acute care or maintenance adjustments, they give excellent care and advice. Christopher, Ann, Tayanna and the rest of the office staff are professional and also deliver the same high standards. Thank you, everyone at HealthSource of Baraboo, for all you do! Peace, Debra Morrill

Lilianne Carey

Michael and Angela Zolper are more than "chiropractors" They are healers of your whole being. Their caring and loving attention to their patients is beyond all expectations. They not only work on your body, but they educate you to help you heal your body. Using alternative methods to surgery and medications brings not only quicker healing but actual healing that lasts. The rest of the staff (Christopher, Tiana, and Karen) are amazing! I consider myself so blessed to be a part of the Healthsource of Baraboo Family :)

Veronica Becker

I love coming here because while they are adjusting you and helping you, they are explaining everything to you, and why they are doing it ! I love the staff! They are so friendly and always upbeat !

James Anderson

I have had a chronic back issues for over 20 years. Since September of 2014 my condition deteriorated. The orthopedic doctor did two separate steroid injections within a month that did little to help relive my stenosis. I have been athletic all my life and was frustrated that I was no longer able to do many of the sports that I really enjoyed. To improve my back condition I tried physical therapy at a spine clinic, inverted table and back stretching exercise that did little to relive my symptoms. I have always been skeptical of chiropractors in the past. But I was getting desperate to find some relief. When I went to HealthSourse of Baraboo Dr. Mark quickly found a series of treatments that directly improved my condition in a relatively short period of time. I know that I will never be the same due to my back injury but now I have hope that I can eliminate a portion of the pain and discomfort caused by the stenosis in my spine. What really excites me is that I don't have to use any prescriptions. All supplements are natural. The atmosphere at HealthSourse is like a family gathering which really takes the edge off of going into a clinical setting. The knowledge and friendliness of the staff makes you look forward to your next appointment. I am not longer skeptical of chiropractors since I have been going to HealthSourse of Baraboo. I would highly recommend them. James Anderson

Ann Felland

Love this place and the people!! They have helped me out with pain I've had for 20 years. They have taught me how to be kind to my body. Highly recommend!!

Janice Racinowski

Everything they were interested in me as a person. And we're able to help ease my pain with treatment as well as suggestions for what I needed to do as well.

Tom Billingsley

My family and I have all been coming here for years. Comfortable atmosphere and staff is great.

bradley schroeder

This place and everyone here are the best! Go here people you won't be disappointed

Jennifer Beth

The Dr's Zolper are excellent. Their office is always very calming and services are top notch. I really enjoy seeing them for chiropractic care.

Celina Johnston

I just got home from my first appointment at HealthSource of Baraboo and I can honestly say it has improved my over all judgment of how my day is going to be. The energy of this place is so attractive and inviting. I was nervous going in because doctor visits are always so bland and uncomfortable. This was not the case here. Karen, (not sure im spelling that correct) at the front desk was a light. Her playful and happy attitude made filling out paperwork fun. I cant remember the girls name that gave me the tour but she made me laugh and educated me at the same time. The gentlemen that worked on my back and neck carried the same standard. Not only did he make me feel like I was talking with an educated friend, but he was actually concerned about the condition of my back and what could happen down the road if I didnt pay attention to whats going on in my body. Over all, I'm blessed to have found this place and I'm so lucky to only live right down the road! I'm definitly making my boyfriend go here just to get adjusted. I feel great and I'm very excited to start the process of healing my body from the inside out! I'm more excited that I'm doing it here. :)

Sheree Allard

Michael is the best chiropractor I have gone to. He was able to complete eliminate my migraines and neck pain. I have not had a migraine in well over a year when I had them at least every other month before seeing him. At that time I was seeing a different chiropractor who did ease the pain but the migraines were still present. HealthSources of Baraboo's approach is different then other chiropractors I have been to and the results speak for themselves.

Nicki Cabaj

I love their philosophy of sustained health maintenance. Dr. Zolper has really helped me understand how my posture and spinal health translates into my daily life.

Roblox World

I have 3 reasons why i chose the HealthSource of Baraboo. Firstly, it is easy to get in, and they work late and early hours, which makes it perfect for working people. Secondly,This clinic has 2 doctors, and both of them super professional and nice. Third, they take Badger Care Insurance, and also except all kind of insurance, which breaks a stereotype that chiropractors are expensive. Overall, the staff is nice and helpfull,and the clinic always run different kind of promotions which makes the whole experience easy and great!

phil gooding

Would recommend to anyone with any sort of constant pain. Went in with lower back pain and hip pain and could feel a difference after the first visit. Very friendly staff. They make you feel like family.


First time patient. Had terrible migraine caused by neck pain. I feel so much better and the staff was wonderful!!! Very informative.

Becky Baker

Dr. Michael and his staff have helped me to overcome years of daily pain. My two daughters have grown up looking forward to our appointments because they make us FEEL BETTER and treat us like family. I would strongly recommend them to anyone that is in pain or needs maintenance for proper health.

Stephanie Shanks

After getting an adjustment from Dr. Zolper, I always feel so much better. He really takes the time to listen and he really cares. His office goes way above and beyond what I would consider normal chiropractic care! Check them out!

Becky Mehlbrech Morse

They have been so caring to me & my family, from my start with them during my pregnancy through today. They care for me & my 2 small children, including my youngest since he was 4 days old. I've never had a better experience ANYWHERE!

Maday D.

Where do I start? I'm so very grateful to have this great place nearby! The staff and the care I receive keep me moving forward. Thank you!

Tiffany O

Knowledgeable staff, friendly atmosphere, effective gentle care. A ++ Kind people who really care about making you well, and sincerely want to help you live a healthier life.

Heidi Traxler

I can't say enough about Dr. Zolper and his entire staff. I was faced with probable neck surgery due to nerve impingement. After going to Heathsource faithfully for several months, I was completely pain free and remain without neck pain for almost a year. Thank you Dr. Zolper and Chistopher for your amazing care!

Ashley Wilson

When I first started to see Michael I wasn't sure about chiropractors. But now my back feels like I am in my early teens. The staff is so nice and knowledgeable. Without them and Michael I would not feel the way I do today. Thank you for your hard work and knowledge!

nicoleta cirlan

Very nice place with very nice and professional people.

Jennifer Ballweg

This place is Excellent. The staff there are friendly, fun, and very helpful. They are very knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that is looking for help. I have been having back, hip and shoulder issues for a couple of years now and my back and hip have gotten worse in the last 3-4 months. I have been going to Healthsource of Baraboo now for a month and I can already feel a big difference in the way I feel. My flexibility is returning and my pain is getting better. It is a slow process but they work on everything, not just chiropractic. They work on giving you the tools to not only fix the problems but to keep them that way going forward. They work with you on nutrition, vitamins, excersises, and chiropractic care. They are an all around awesome team and I am so happy I found them! I am starting to feel like I can live without pain all the time. I still have a ways to go, but I am on the right track and I know with the help of the team at Healthsource of Baraboo and keeping up with the instructions they have given me for home care, I will be feeling 100% in no time.

Ike Lanman

Walking through the front door of the charming Victorian houses health source of Baraboo gives me a sense of ease even when my back is screaming at me in pain. I know that I will walk out in a far better place than when I walked in. The front desk staff are very warm and kind and I can really tell that they are invested in helping me feel better. Dr. Micheal Zolper listens attentively. He explains to me what he sees as I am getting adjusted. It helps me understand why I am feeling the discomfort but I'm feeling, then he gives me tips for how not to get into this position again. I couldn't ask for a better chiropractor.

Candice Wandice

I came to HealthSource of Baraboo with terrible headaches and migraines so bad they were sending me to the hospital. Everyone there was so kind, patient, and helpful. They worked with me to create a path toward wellness. Now I've gone from daily headaches and frequent, debilitating migraines to going up to weeks between headaches and months between migraines. Dr. Blake Walters is wonderful! I'm so happy with my care here and everything they've done to improve my life and wellness. I highly recommend HealthSource of Baraboo to anyone struggling with headaches or migraines.

Joan Rath

My problems started out with stomach issues and turned into back pain and shooting leg pain. Michael thoroughly explained the assessment and why my body responded the way it did. After the first treatment, I improved by about 60%. Chris Braddy, the chiropractic assistant, led me through a series of exercises that gave me some techniques to use on my own. The subsequent treatments continued to diminish the discomfort until I felt like my former self. I rapidly got better. Michael is also willing to discuss general de-stressing techniques as well as nutrition and general wellness. He has extensive and comprehensive knowledge of wellness along with expert technique in chiropractics.

Jaymee Hornby

I always feel so welcomed there! It's seriously the best chiropractor I have ever been to!

Nichol Schroeder

I've been going here a couple years now. Started with lock jaw and they fixed it. Now I continue to go regularly. Staff is professional and friendly.

Scott Bader

Do you value your quality of life? Get on down to see the staff at Health Source in Baraboo. They've done so much for my and my family in terms of rehabilitation to helping with child wellness. As a previous skeptic of chiropractic, I cannot express the value of their services to our family. My back/hip issues have been solved, wife's neck pain gone, 4yr old daughter respiratory issues vanished and they have helped out infant with breastfeeding. If you have any musculoskeletal issues, do yourself a favor and visit these wonderful folks.

Jennifer Fowler

Very happy with service! Staff was friendly and professional. I was vacationing in the area and hurt my back. I was desperate to find someone quickly. I called first thing in the morning and HealthSource of Baraboo was able to get me in the same day. The doctor did a very thorough evaluation and provided excellent care. I felt much better after treatment and was able to finish my family vacation. Thank you so much Dr. Michael and staff.

Terrie Williams

HealthSource in Baraboo is phenomenal. First of all, the staff is amazing! They treat you like family and are a very fun group. I always look forward to attending my appointments. Dr. Zopler takes his time and precision to ensure that you get the proper care. He is very good at what he does. I have never felt more comfortable with a doctor before. I began going to the chiropractor due to shoulder and neck pain. This has since improved ten fold. It is amazing how being mindful of posture and incorporating spinal exercises can make a huge difference. You don't know what you don't know. I highly recommend HealthSource of Baraboo to anyone looking for top notch chiropractic care. I appreciate everything they do to increase my quality of life!

Jennifer Bevars

I ended up throwing out my lower back and HealthSouce of Baraboo was able to quickly get me back up and going. I am now back normal!

Sean Cairns

After rupturing a disc i was in tremendous pain. After numerous doctors and countless outpatient procedures I believed I would spend the rest of my life in pain. Dr. Zolper and the entire staff has made sure that would never be the case. Without them I would not be working and living my life again. I would recommend them to any one in pain.

Karen Stanley

HealthSource is amazing! I had developed horrible pain in my shoulder last year that did not respond to 2 months of PT or a cortisone shot. I was desperate for relief. After just a few adjustments and sessions with their rehab team, I walked out with 80% relief! After a few additional months, my shoulder is now pain free. I was so impressed with my results that I've recently taken my 3 daughters in for adjustments, and they have all shown great improvement from old whip-lash injuries sustained in a car accident 5 years ago. Thank you HealthSource!

David Larson

Best Chiropractic care I have ever had! Was told by other places that I would just have to deal with pain management for the rest of my life! At that point I couldn't even walk around the block. Dr. Michael told me when I first went there he would have me back to normal within 4 months. Skeptical? Yes, but I had nothing to lose. 4 months later I was able to resume a normal life and pain management is no longer a issue. Thanks Dr. Michael and your staff!!!

Kelly Rodenschmit

This place is amazing. Not only do they provide EXCELLENT chiropractic services, they also provide the physical therapy right there in order to strengthen your body to keep the adjustment. For me each visit is a little different which means your body doesn't "get used to" the same adjustment each time. Love Love Love Health Source of Baraboo!!

Kristin Kaster

The staff and the service are great and friendly. Not only do they take care of the problem or hurt you came in for, they also look at your whole body to ensure everything else is properly aligned. They provide exercises there at the office and to take home to help resolve your issue more quickly.

Jessica Bellard

Friendly and patient staff, relaxing environment, inviting space, and helpful doctors. I really enjoy the holistic approach offered at HealthSource Baraboo.

Mary Larson

I have injured my back and they always get me up and moving again!

Christine Singer

I had been in pain for about four months and my traditional medical doctor told me it was arthritis, that basically I would need to learn to manage it. What a different experience it has been working with Dr.'s Angela and Michael Zolper! They not only listened to my concerns but they understood my frustrations and were compassionate, professional, and supportive. I am feeling better than I have in years, my pain is almost gone completely, and my posture has improved (an added bonus!). With their integrated to approach to healing and wellness, I am learning to take care of myself in order to prevent future problems from occurring. HealthSource also provided me with a manageable payment plan up front, so that I could continue with my treatment and not worry about racking up bills. Overall, the very best chiropractic experience I have ever had!

Nichol Pankow

I woke up one morning with my jaw locked up and didn't know what to do. My friend suggested Baraboo chiropractic and within 2 weeks, they took care of it through chiropractic and physical therapy. I'm so glad I went that route and not to a medical doctor. Who knows what they wound of done, surgery? Drug me up? Anyway now I'm pregnant and continue to go which will keep me aligned and make the delivery easier. It's nice that they offer physical therapy and massage as well because they all go hand in hand and actually take the time to educate you on the source of the problem. I also love the atmosphere and all the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend!!


Wonderful place and people! Struggle with shoulder and lower back pain. Had tried everything until I was finally referred by a friend, and finally people that could help me! To top it all of, I have learned a great amount about a healthy spine and body. :)

Richard Walley

I'm glad we found Dr. Zolper. After trying numerous chiropractors over the years, Dr. Zolper stands out as our top. He is thorough and very skilled. Above all he takes time with each patient he sees. He is encouraging and helpful and very good at diagnosing the cause of your issues. He then customizes your treatment accordingly. All the staff are friendly and welcoming as well.

Malachi Persche

My family have been seeing Dr Michael since 2007 when I had a back injury. We love the holistic approach to chiropractic care that they offer. Angela, Michael and their staff are professional, caring and excellent dealing with acute injuries or chronic back pain. They don't just treat you quickly and send you on your way - they take the time to help you understand what's going on in your body and in your life that are causing your problems. We have found that going in for a "wellness visit" is just as important as going in for an adjustment when there is pain. They also recently helped my father who was visiting from out of state and had severe back pain. Thank you to Michael, Angela and the whole staff!

S Seifert

Im glad that i went for treatment. I was to the point that i could not function very well on a daily basis ,walking standing etc. was getting hard to do. After the first week of treatment i felt more like myself. The staff was very helpful throughout the treatment plan. Im thankful that they where there to help me.

Ashley Nault-Hart

LOVE the people! I walk in and they make me feel at home. After my second pregnancy I had sciatic nerve pain shooting down my leg and with both the recommended chiropractic sessions and physical therapy together I was completely healed in no time. I went back for moderate to severe pain in the upper right side of my back starting the middle of Feb (now in the second week of March) and the pain is now very mild. I HIGHLY recommend the HealthSource of Baraboo for your chiropractic care.

Dayana Jacome

Angie and Michael are amazing. I called on a Friday couldn't move, my back was frozen, even to breathe hurts (just woke up like that). They accommodate me to his busy schedule but not only that Angie help me on a Saturday, by Monday I was able to walk straight again. They care about every single person that cross their door I noticed while I in the waiting room. The girls are front door are so welcoming. Love the stretches. The center goes above and beyond expectations.

Rachel Cohen

I threw out my back on a roller coaster in the Dells, and this wonderful place took me in so I could at least get back on my feet for my 2-hour ride home. The doctor was really thorough and the rest of the staff was top-notch. They really went out of their way to help me, even though they knew they would probably never see me again. I wish I could find such a good chiropractor in my own neck of the woods!

Mary Brey

The staff was very friendly and helpful. They always make sure they take the time to meet all of your needs. They are very well versed in their profession. They have helped me to live my life with less pain. Thank you health source, Michelle H.

Anita Nielsen

Thorough friendly uplifting staff. I recommend them to all my clients and friends.

Jordan Matuseski

I was injured on the job and Dr. Michael and Dr. Angie got me back to feeling better through specific chiropractic manipulations and therapeutic exercises. The doctors and staff are top notch!

Marge Hill

Whatever my aches and pains are, they don't last long with the professional help of Dr. Michael and Dr. Angela. Very friendly and helpful staff.

Kelsey Opsal

Love everyone that works there!! They truly care about you!! They know what they are doing and are the best at it!

CaSandra May

When I come in for my appointment I know that I will be met with a genuine smile and warm, friendly connection. There is an interest in how I REALLY am! Once I get on the adjustment table, I not only get my chiropractic needs met with authentic caring, but I will be shown self-care practices to do at home after I leave the office. This helps me feel like I am truly a part of this awesome team of healers! I am ever so grateful for the expertise and professionalism that is provided by Michael and Angie, and their amazing staff.

Petra Metzger

Great, friendly people who really care about your health! Also wonderful, gentle adjustments for newborns!

Richard Schlichtmann

Excellent Staff and treatment

Carol Hillestad

I have more than excellent care from Michael and Angie. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional with the treatment they provide. I have and will continue to highly recommend them. Also, their community service is commendable. They truly care!

Inna Aleksejeva

Great place!!! Doctor Angie is amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable, great with kids. I brought my two little kids ( ages 4y and 8m) for appointments, first day was a little rough for my kids. Since day 2 both of my kids were not afraid and co-operated with Dr. Angie very well. Very friendly and warming atmosphere at the clinic. I would absolutely recommend it to a friend.

Chris Jensen

The treatments I have received at Healthsource of Baraboo have been amazing! The staff is so friendly and helpful. Have been impressed with the different types of treatments they provide. Would definitely recommend my friends and family to go here. Is the best we've found around. They are really good about explaining about what they are doing and what the benefit is to doing it.

Krista Katzner

Fun and friendly atmosphere! Who knew feeling better and getting healthy could be the high light of your day!!! Keep up the great job team!

Diana Haertel

I feel so fortunate to have found Dr. Michael. His abilities are as great as his compassion. Looking at me as a whole person was something I've never experienced with modern medicine. Not only does he see the whole person but our connections to each other. Its been over 10 years now. There have been many challenges my body faced. Dr. Michael & I met those challenges together. I feel great! I will always hold him in high regard.

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