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REVIEWS OF Harel Chiropractic & Massage IN Wisconsin

lovemybabies30 B

I have had probably 200- 300 massages in my lifetime and I can say, without hesitation, that the massage I had yesterday by Prince was the best! I went into the office with such tension and pain and walked out feeling fantastic! Prince is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly has a gift for massage! Thank you for helping me feel better!

Lucas Ludeman

I just went in today for a massage with Debra Andazola. She was very knowledgeable and the massage was wonderful. I will be back!

Ke Tullu

Great place to have a nice massage with a friendly smile.

Gail Anderson

Kirk gave me a fabulous massage last night! He really listened to my needs & preferences and hit all my trouble spots! He used some different stretching techniques that were very helpful in relaxing my tight muscles! This was the first time that I had a male masseuse and he did a great job- I highly recommend Kirk @ Harel Chiropractor in Hudson, WI!

Kenzie Yuengst

Have been coming here for years now usually I stick with the massages and they are usually amazing! (I highly recommend Emily) I went there on Friday with my boyfriend to have a massage and it was the worst massage I've ever had there or anywhere..I would give this rating 0-1 stars if it weren't for the postive times in the past. Everything started fine I went on the water bed beforehand and when they. We're ready I got taken into the room and undressed to my comfort level. I waited on the bed, which was somewhat cold, for 10-15 minutes as I listened to my massage therapist and a few others talking and laughing by the front desk. When I explained to my masseuse that I was looking for a full body with emphasis on my neck and back they seemed to understand. When the massage started I was facedown but was slightly bother by the fact that the lamp and room light were both on (not very relaxing) my masseuse also kept trying to push things like stretching or physical therapy when I politely kept turning them down. The massage started good with them working on my shoulders down my back. I realized he was spending a lot of time on my back. Throughout the whole "hour" I was supposed to have they probably spent 20-30 minutes on my back and 20-30 on my neck. THAT WAS IT. Nothing else got touched and I left feeling like my neck had been bruised. While laying face up he did turn the room light off just leaving the lamp on which was nice and made it a little more relaxed. Another thing that did bother me was some of the comments he made, I hadn't drank a lot of water that day but he kept commenting that I was using a lot of lotion and that was why. He also tried to push how often I come in and that I should think about getting adjusted there as well. I have no problem promoting your business but while I'm undress on a table it's not the appropriate time. Overall I'm very dissatisfied with my massage, it was not relaxing, I felt like I was getting a sales pitch throughout, it didn't last the full hour like it was supposed to, and he used so much peppermint mixed with the cold bed that I was shivering from being cold. My boyfriend said his wasn't horrible but he also had to wait in the room. His response was that he was going to take me to get a real massage. That experience left me embarrassed to have brought my boyfriend there after talking so highly about it and having such a bad experience. I will probably continue to get massages from here but from now on I'll only stick with who I know does a good job and listens to the customers.

Kris LaFond

I have been a long time patient of Dr. Annette Harel and she has taken excellent care of all my chiropractic needs.I have struggled with my weight all my life and she suggested that I try her weight loss program which I have lost over 35 pounds and am continuing to loss and have kept it off. I am also on her hormone therapy cream and it has helped my hot flashes go away. I use her metagenic vitamins and they are superb. Her massage therapists are all excellent and I love her massage chairs which I am considering to purchase one for my home. I have tremendous trust in her abilities as a Doctor of Chiropractic and highly recommend her and her clinic for all your chiropractic needs.


Dr. Harel and the staff are very kind, helpful, and so flexible with patients schedule. They are always willing to do what they can to get me in regardless of how busy they are. I’ve been nothing but pleased with my care here. I trust Dr. Harel completely and she always recommends proper treatment, suggestions for at home care, and tools to help develop good health. I would highly reccommend Dr. Harel for all your chiropractic needs as well as other services provided. Lastly, you have to try out their massage chairs!! Complementary waterbed, massage chair or rollerbeds before your appointment is hands down a bonus to the great service.


I had a great experience at Harel Chiropractic Massage and Acupunture recently. Nazerae did a great massage. I had a second one with Benjamin that was also amazing. The staff is friendly and offered me a massage package to save me money. Dr. Harels Chiropractic treatment was very thorough. She spent time with me and I felt amazing after the adjustment. I’m going to try the 40 day weight loss diet. A friend tried it and lost 30 Lbs. And has kept it off. I like having a one stop shop for all my health care needs at affordable prices and where quality matters. Try it you will love Harel Chiropractic Massage and Acupuncture !

Cheryl Schultz

Dr. Harel has always been up front and honest with me. I have been seeing her for many years and have NEVER had a bad experience with her care. I am recently under her care for a car accident and I make it a point to check with her on my remaining insurance claim. It is my responsibility to check with her about this matter as she has other clients as well as myselt. She cannot possibly be expected to check on all of these claims. She is up front that insurance is tricky and does not always approve services at the time being rendered . She explained this to me and is carefully watching this and that I may be charged for some of these treatments.

Amped Outdoors

Very frustrating. usually you have to call multiple times before you can never get ahold of somebody and then when you do you can never get in.

Craig Spreiter

I was very happy with my results on Dr Harel's 40 day diet. I lost 23 pounds in the 6 weeks and kept most of it off for close to a year. After gaining 10 of it back I went on the diet for 30 days again this Spring and lost it again. My starting weight was 201. I also regularly go in for adjustments and have a high regard for those as well.

My Name

I really appreciate the setting and homey feeling of their office. The staff are all very friendly and greet each person and make them feel special. I have been adjusted only once so far but really appreciate the experience and expertise. I have had 7 massages by Emily Fristed and she is amazing. I have had over 80 massages in my life and she is one of the best. She is also very friendly and really listens and understands what you need. I have also had 1 massage with Kirk Franke and he gives a completely different massage from Emily but his is equally as good. He also listen to your needs and does a lot of stretching which in my case is needed. On a separate note the only thing which I think they could improve would be a lighted entrance indication or road reflectors where the turn is from the main road. This would help immensely especially at night obviously.

Dena Marie

This woman is the most atrocious business woman I have ever encountered. I was hired on as a Front Desk employee. I worked there for three weeks. When she wanted me to administer patient care, and work 12 hours without breaks, I put my foot down and resigned. Now, she is claiming that the measly $300 she owes me she doesn't have to pay, since I was "training." She is currently being reported to both the Wisconsin Department of Labor and the WI Chiropractic boards. I am NOT letting her do this to me. I'm a single mom, who is putting myself through college and I am just devastated that this woman is cheating me out of what I EARNED!!!!! PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!!!!

Joey Brunner

Went to Harel for lower backpain. The acupuncture relieved my pain almost immediately.

Heather Bauer

Dr Harel and her staff are amazing!! Professional, caring and they help you! Being a multi car accident victim, I would be a mess without the care I have received at this office.

chuck rupnow

I have always had wonderful attention and treatment at Harel Chiropractic. Dr. Harel takes great care about my overall health and provides the treatment I need to feel better. I would not go anywhere else for chiropractic care and massage!

Jeremy Whitney

Of all the chiropractors I have been Dr Harel's services and treatments far exceed all others. She is the best in the busimess. Massage chairs are availiable before your adjustment. She is professional and knows her trade well. If you are looking for a top notch chiropractor, she is the one. Her office also offers massage services and an in house acupuncturist. Give her a try you won't be disappointed.

Tessa Stewart

If you ever find yourself in need of a Chiropractor please DO NOT go to Harel Chiropractic! My mom was injured in a car accident and sustained severe spine and hip injuries that left her with constant pain and limited mobility which made her unable to work. After her first corrective surgery, she began seeing Dr. Annette Harel at her private practice after suggestion that it may help alleviate some of the pain and stiffness. Everything seemed to be going well until my mom received a call informing her that Dr. Harel had used all of the available funds from the accident, AND as much as her insurance company would cover. On top of that, my mom had to pay a $25 copay each visit - which Dr. Harel had advised be at least 5 days a week. It gets worse. My mom then had to use her settlement to pay 250,000 for her back surgery, the money for all of her prescriptions that came along with it, AND all clinic visits/check ups until her insurance renewed the next year. It didn't stop there. My mom has an outstanding balance of $2,200 because the money ran out. My mom has had multiple extremely rude emails from Harel harassing her for this "past due amount" she still feels entitled to. Even after taking tens of thousands of dollars from my mom she has the audacity to be rude to her about that?! I guess that's not as surprising since she can take advantage of a trusting patient like that without remorse. Its repulsive that someone like her is allowed to run their own practice without supervision or limitations, especially when it comes to billing the patients. If she was that irresponsible and negligent with my mom's medical care with absolutely no moral qualm, who knows where her line is drawn. She may be trained and licensed as a chiropractor, but she is better at taking advantage of vulnerable people and situations. I hope that this doesn't happen to anyone else who puts their well-being in this woman's hands.

Eric Situmbeko

The doctors and staff at Harel Chiropractic & Massage are friendly and very knowledgeable. My family plays a lot of sports so the treatments from the clinic come in handy for the spots related arches and occasional injuries.

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