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REVIEWS OF Epic Life Chiropractic Wauwatosa IN Wisconsin

Amanda Kominek

Excellent care by Dr.Jeff and staff. The individual attention to concerns and issues is unlike any other chiropractor I've encountered. Highly recommended!

Chyna Liu

AMAZING!! I have been going to Dr Jeff for over 6+ years now. With each year passing what remains constant is high quality and result driven care! Also have to point out the at home, friendly atmosphere when you first step foot into the office and are greeted by Alicia!!! I give many thanks!!!

Willie Damon

Just had my 1st visit with doctor Jeff. I feel a difference in just one visit. Very excited about having my next visit. Thanks Doc.

Kristina Poppe

We've been seeing Dr. Jeff for a little over a year now. My boys (age 6 & 8) have both seen dramatic results in their attention span and focus in school. We went from having their teachers push medication for ADHD (which I am against) to finding alternative learning strategies for their individual learning styles which Dr. Jeff was able to help identify. They still struggle from time to time, but they are SO much improved from where we started last year. My husband goes for monthly adjustments as well. Dr. Jeff genuinely cares about the well being of his patients and wants to see everyone thrive. He even adjusts our dog, who was recently diagnosed w/ cancer, when we have him along free of charge! We highly recommend giving them a try!

Travis Mueller

Dr. Jeff is great to work with. Not only does he provide chiropractic adjustment he also helps you make lifestyle changes to improve your overall health and well being. I had no idea how many different areas of life a chiropractor can help. His focused methods and techniques have helped me tremendously to improve my stress levels, posture and alleviated my back and neck pain that I initially came in for. He also provides helpful tips and pointers for my exercise routine to proactively work along with his treatment plan.

Elisabeth Pohle

As a CrossFitter I was looking for a chiropractor that would be supportive of my active lifestyle and also have the knowledge and skills to help support me along the way. Dr. Jeff has not only relieved chronic back pain, but has also provided me with helpful dietary advice and exercises to do at home. I am continually impressed with his knowledge of the profession, as well as his positive attitude. I would recommend him to everyone!

Henry Xiong

I recently injured my wrist and had a friend suggest me to come here. So far the treatment has been great! I've been feeling better and better after every treatment. Dr. Jeff and Alicia has been great and informative to me and I appreciate it. I'd recommend coming here.

Sara Povlich

I was suffering from almost daily headaches and 1-2 migraines per week. It was affecting my performance at work, and making me think that I might even have to quit because I felt so debilitated. I'd seen my regular doctor, who sent me to a TMJ specialist, but the experience left much to be desired and I was getting nowhere. A friend recommended I talk to Dr. Jeff at Epic Life and just see if he might be able to offer some relief. I was very skeptical as I'd never been to a chiropractor before, but I was desperate for help at that point - that was 6 months ago. Now I've been migraine free for over 2 months and I feel amazing! I have way more energy too. I highly recommend that you at least meet him if you're considering a chiropractor; you'll quickly see how dedicated he is to your health and wellness. Especially in the beginning of my treatment, I needed more constant care. Dr. Jeff was always willing to meet me on an off day or weekend when I needed it. How many doctors do you know that do that? I could go on and on, but simply put - Dr. Jeff has changed my life.

Andrew Fischer

Epic Life Chiropractic is wonderful. Dr. Jeff legitimately cares about your well-being and your goals. The first day he asked me what my goals were for chiropractic care are and he actually listened. It’s been 2 months since I first saw Dr. Jeff and I can honestly say I feel consistently better than I have at anytime in the last 2 years. I’m also confident that I’ll only continue to improve under his care. In addition to being an excellent chiropractor, Dr. Jeff is an excellent person. He shares his expertise and knowledge with you through conversion, email, videos and basically anything that you’ll be receptive to. It’s nice that he takes the time to connect with his patients outside of office visits. The last thing I’ll say – scheduling and rescheduling appointments is so easy and convenient. Text, call, email, whatever you want. Responses are always quick and I’ve never waited more than a few minutes for my appointment.

Stephanie Strupp

Regular visits to Epic Life have totally changed my life. I used to experience chronic pain in my neck and back, and I had terrible anxiety. I started seeing Dr. Jeff, and I experienced immediate pain relief through treatment. One of the great things about Epic Life is that it's not only chiropractic; you're taught how to life a healthy life, naturally. Dr. Jeff combines the neurological with the physiological - a very all-encompassing program. In addition to regular treatment, I gradually began incorporating his advice into my daily activities, and I feel so much better now. I know that there is no magic pill that can provide total well-being, but that with the right kind of care and the right mindset, you can change your life for the better.

Jessie Zurawik

I must admit, I was skeptical about chiropractic care... Dr. Jeff makes me feel extremely comfortable, answers all my questions thoroughly, and goes above and beyond to individualize my experience. Not only do I have less tension in my back/shoulders, but I sleep better at night, and have not gotten sick since seeing Dr. Jeff. He has also guided me in improving our family's nutrition and reach my goals as an athlete. If you are striving to lead a more healthy and fulfilling life in 2014, contact Dr. Jeff today!

robert johnson

Considering l am a high mileage 43 year old, my body feels and moves great. And "Batman syndrome" stiff necks every couple months since my 20s have become a once or twice a year tender spot in my neck with minimal loss of motion. Go see him and watch the video. It is not about bone cracking.

Katie Edwards

I have been seeing Dr. Jeff for close to 4 years and my experience is nothing less than exceptional. I first went to Dr. Jeff for some severe shoulder issues due to softball, little did I know he would be able to help my 10+ year issue of planters fascists and bone spurs in both of my feet. Walking, let alone running, was very painful and as a college athlete, you kind of have to do those things. Within 2 months, Dr. Jeff had me out of insoles and off pain meds. I was in tears the first time I was able to wake up in the morning, roll out bed and not feel pain shoot up through my feet. I love going to Dr. Jeff and so does my body! I cannot praise enough on his great work.

Robert Peters

I've been struggling to breathe. Dr Jeff has got me breathing "low and slow" His time spent with me and my Bulldog Lucy are appreciated. Thank You Dr Jeff.

Curtis & Koryn Anderson

My husband has been a patient of Dr. Jeff for years. While I supported his treatment plan, I never really felt the need to go myself. Things changed this spring with a string of continuous headaches. I suspected they had been stimulated by a fall I had taken earlier in the year. During our initial consult, Dr. Jeff asked me what were the important things for my treatment plan. I responded with (1) trust and (2) exercises I could do on my own. He agreed to both. As part of the first treatment, he explained exactly which bones he was adjusting, how, and why. I felt educated during the session; and even more importantly, I felt better. My breathing drastically improved, and the stress and inflammation in my neck was considerably reduced -- all after just one visit. Now, I notice a distinct difference in my posture during the day. Plus, I find myself doing his suggested exercises subtly during the day - while in the car, at my desk, or even standing in line for a ball game.

Annette Goltz

Dr. Jeff is amazing. I came to him initially with some shoulder pain from weight lifting. I was drawn to Epic Life because of Dr. Jeff's knowledge of sports-related injuries and the Paleo diet. When seeing Dr. Jeff, don't expect to just get adjusted and be on your way. Dr. Jeff has given me priceless advice on healthy eating, as well as exercises to further aid in healing my body. He is a great chiropractor and I would definitely recommend seeing him!

Scott Christensen

I came into Epic Life with some back issues and Dr Jeff explained to me what was the root cause my pain, an explanation of what he was going to do and a timeline for improvement. He provided weekly updates and tips I can do on my own to help the healing.

Dawne Suehring

Dr Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and talented with regards to the adjustments he provides.... Each visit I walk out with relief from which ever area was affecting my level of comfort, allowing me to live my BEST LIFE!!!

Kalenna Kaske

I came in to see Dr. Jeff as I've been suffering from migraines for the majority of the year as well as back pain again and was thinking I would need at least a few adjustments. I've had intensive care a few times in the past so, both of us were shocked when he discovered how severely misaligned my C1 & C2 vertebrae are. After some thorough tests/ah-ha moments, Dr. Jeff and team worked with me to come up with a plan to fit my needs. There was never any pressure from them to commit and I felt they 100% had my best interest at heart-in both the financial and health aspects. I've only been seeing Dr. Jeff for a few weeks now but am amazed at the difference a few tweaks have made already and can't wait to see where I am at the end of treatment. I also love that Dr. Jeff is about getting me to a point where I never "need" intense chiropractic care every year, but come if/when I feel a desire to. He's giving me some exercises/stretches to do that will assist in avoiding intense treatment in the future! Thank you, Epic Life team!

Robin Karr

After injuring my shoulder I saw a PT, rested, iced, and waited to start feeling better. But months later I was still in pain and ready to accept that at 26 I would just have constant slightly sore shoulders. But when my back started to hurt too, I decided to take a chance and see Jeff. It's been almost a month and not only are my back and shoulder feeling back to their pre-injury state, but they're feeling even better! I can't say enough good things about Epic Chiropractic. Everyone there is friendly and willing to help with whatever questions or concerns you have.

Steve Scholl

Dr Jeff takes chiropractic Care to a new level, focusing on the whole body. I love his approach, the comfort of his office, and the warm wonderful welcome you get from Alicia, who really keeps you abreast of your schedule. My body and back feel great since I started coming here, and I look forward to feeling even better the final outcome. I am a new patient, and will continue to be a patient. Jeff took what was one an old beat up car in the junkyard, and now has me road ready.

Kirsten Heyde

Dr. Jeff and Tricia create a welcoming environment. All reservations about taking my 8 month old in for an adjustment were immediately erased. Dr. Jeff has helped my daughter tremendously and we are both happier now that she is feeling better! He is great with kids and is always there if you need anything no matter what time of day! We feel blessed to have found such a caring, knowledgeable chiropractor!!

Lucas Kender

My son has been seeing Dr Jeff for a few years and has helped him ensure his body is functioning as optimal as it can from his sleep and breathing to his focus and behavior. I realized I also needed some help with stress, headaches, weight management, and anxiety and started seeing Dr Jeff earlier this year. He not only has helped me make tremendous progress with releasing the tension that was built up in my body, but also is a holistic coach on health and wellness. I’ve been able to lose 30 pounds so far and I know I can achieve much more through his support. He is always available for questions or guidance, as well as scheduling is the easiest you’ll ever find. He is so flexible with your needs. We owe much to Dr Jeff and are thankful that we found him!!

Alicia Groeschel

I’d never been to a chiropractor before coming to see Dr. Jeff and now my back pain is gone! The customer service and care I received has been bar none!

Laurel Cotton

Dr. Jeff is great! This is my first experience with chiropractic care, and he took the time to explain things clearly. The office is a relaxing atmosphere. I had to bring my children along with me, and they had plenty of things to keep them occupied and comfortable during my appointment. Dr. Jeff and Alicia both made me and my children feel very welcome at the office.

Maggie Deemer

I love it here! Everyone’s so kind and they’re really focused on the bigger picture. All my old chiropractors would just ask what’s bothering me and crack my neck and back fully every time. Dr Jeff takes scans and asks why you think you’re experiencing The symptoms. And then helps to give longer term relief! He has a background in neurology and nutrition so he explains so well how everything’s working and causing related symptoms and also recommends the best vitamins for your issues!

Joshua Webler

I started going because my lower back pain was to a point where I would be too tired to want to enjoy anything. There were times where my back would crack and if I was standing I'd end up on the floor teaching for my life alert, my cell phone. When I would try to get up the pain would take my breath away. It seemed that this would never get better and my girlfriend would hear about my back pain everyday. This was happening since 2009-2010. I was losing the ability to do the things I loved. All this was about to change when one of my good friends hurt his back and went to see Dr. Jeff. He told me about his experience and knew I had problems with my back and suggested I'd go see him. Ever since the first adjustment I've had more energy, more love for life, and out of the past weeks I've been going there have been a handful of days where I have had pain in my back. He is a life saver! Thank you

Michael McNeil

Dr. Jeff is a caring, down-to-earth practitioner. And an all-around great guy. Knows a lot. Shares a lot. He is very uplifting to be around. Try him out!

Nataly Paine

We brought our 6 year old son in to see Dr. Jeff after years of struggling with the symptoms of sensory processing disorder. While he had seen some success with therapy, it never seemed to be able to address all the symptoms consistently. After only a few months of treatment over the summer, we saw improved concentration, comprehension, sleep, and immune response. After returning to school for only 2 weeks, we have seen drastic changes in his reading, math and self discipline. We always knew our son was smart and had potential but was blocked by this behavior that he couldn't explain and we couldn't figure out. We feel that he is now reaching his full potential as a direct result of his chiropractic care.

April West

The most wisdom I've ever experienced throuout my life dealing with chiropractic care, and health in general, an expert on every level as well as still blows my mind with the knowledge and experience Dr. Jeff has shown me over the years. I rate Dr. Jeff a 15 out of 10...blows my mind how much he has helped my allignment throughout my boxing/personal training carrer. I recommend Dr.Jeff for any back,neck,hip pain, excetera. So worth anybody's time towards a better way of life. #epicchiropracticcare

Dennis Kallie

Good vibes here. Im a 33 year old landscape laborer, and this is my first chiropractic consultation / adjustment. Dr. Nick's approach is thorough and comprehensive. Looking forward to my next appointment.

Erin Garland

I came to Dr. Jeff's office two weeks before a trip to Europe because my lingering glute injury was not responding to other treatments. In a very short period of time, my body responded and I was able to sustain a long plane ride and average 8 miles a day of walking without issue!!! So thankful for the help.

J Murphy

I have had back problems in the past, but I injured my back in a different place this time which caused severe pain in my low back and left leg. In my first appointment Dr. Jeff was able to tell me exactly where the problem is coming from and a plan to fix it. I already felt some improvement after my very first meeting with him. He also noticed an issue with my right knee and ankle. That is an issue i have had for two years that I just learned to deal with! He is also helping me with that. Both Dr. Jeff and Alicia were very polite and extremely helpfully! I strongly recommend them to anyone with a back issue.

Becca Kocher

Dr. Jeff helped correct the constant headaches I had for a few years. I've never felt better and more in tune with my spine and body. Epic Life has been very flexible with my fluctuating work schedule.

Genevieve Meilahn

After years of struggling to manage migraine, inflammation and back pain I am now feeling significant relief. The last 3 months working with Dr. Jeff has resulted in pain free days as well as hope that pain doesn't last forever when you seek the right help. I will continue to see Dr. Jeff because of his knowledge, professionalism, and overall true interest in my wellbeing.

Adam G

Dr. Jeff was awesome. Took the time to figure out my needs, walked me through everything even tho I have been under chiropractic care before, and genuinely seemed like he was not pleased until I was better. Definitely the best chiropractic experience I have had.

Susan Satre

I’m from out of state and needed relief before a long 8 hour drive back. I have suffered from migraines most of life and my meds weren’t relieving the pain. I googled area chiropractors and came across Epic Life. Scheduled an appointment which was super easy and from there on out, it has been the best decision I made. Dr. Jeff and his staff has been so welcoming and accommodating since the moment I walked through the door. They have been thorough in their explanations and have answered any questions I have had. Today was my second visit and I left feeling like I was on cloud nine migraine free so far. Dr. Jeff gave me some stretching exercises I can do on my own to help strengthen my muscles in my back and neck. I like that he’s super knowledgeable and gives out examples of things we can do on our own to help improve our wellbeing.

Caitlin Johnson

Amazing, friendly staff, a clean and convenient office, and great personalized care!

Rondale Austin

Was struggle with some stress and after the first week saw amazing decrease in stress and anxiety! Highly recommend Epic Life!

Philip Lerner

Dr Jeff gives personal attention to his clients. Very friendly and easy going. His adjustments are comfortable as well. He also doesn't have a lot of fancy adjustment gadgets that he uses and charges extra for. Highly recommend him!!

Don Gilbert

I went to see Dr. Jeff for a free consultation because of chronic back pain from my strenuous truck driving job. I was very skeptical about seeing a doctor of any field because I did not want to have to go through surgery. When my consultation was over Dr. Jeff told me the prices and he made it affordable for me to pay. I was nervous about the first adjustment as he did the adjustment the same day. I walked in the clinic for the consultation with a lot of pain and walked out with my first adjustment feeling like a new person. I couldn't believe that 17 plus years of back pain and Ibuprofen for that one adjustment would help. I still see Dr, Jeff and love the location as it close to home. He treats everyone with respect and answers every question you have. His receptionist is one of the most respectable and honest people that I have ever encountered. If his receptionist doesn't have the answer she will find it out as quickly as possible. I am now Ibuprofen free and plan to stay that way with the help of Dr. Jeff. Thank you Dr. Jeff for giving me my pain free life back again

Mary Starr

Epic Chiropractic is amazing. Thanks Dr. Jeff for being there when I need you.

pat bellovary

I have received treatments from a number of chiropractor in my life in an attempt to reduce back pain and increase my overall quality of life. No one has come close to the success I have experienced from Dr. Jeff's individual treatment plans, knowledge and personal concern on improving ones quality of living. I highly recommend him if you are interested in improving your quality of life.

Jeff Travis

Couldn’t ask for a better experience. Continual noticeable change with each session. Works to make sure all adjustments are truly specific to problem areas. Also great about providing information on ways to continue maintenance between and after sessions. Fully recommend.

Alexandra Hollis

So great. My back pain is getting better everyday. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Also encouraging. I recommend epic life to all my friends and family! Thank you to Dr. Jeff and Alicia

Ryan Essex

Dr. Jeff and Amy have been incredible both on a professional level and also on a personal level regarding how they treat you as a patient and as a person. I have been receiving chiropractic care for close to 20 years and Dr. Jeff is the best Chiropractor I have been to by far. He takes the time up front to really analyze your body and your symptoms and plans a treatment course accordingly, and I think that up front analysis has made all the difference. He educates you on what he is adjusting and why and he takes his care of you beyond just the physical adjustments. He gives you exercises to work on at home to help stabilize your body and spine so that your body holds the adjustments and proper posture better. He educates you on your diet and sends out life and health tips every so often to help you be as healthy as you can be. My wife and two young children (Now 1 and 3) have also been getting chiropractic care from Dr. Jeff for over a year now, and we all really enjoy our visits. If you are looking for a Chiropractor that will take their treatment to the next level and a Chiropractor that stands out then I would definitely recommend Dr. Jeff Also setting up appointments is really easy and the longest I have ever waited to see Dr. Jeff is about 5 minutes so it's great in that regard too!

Michelle Jendrzejek

Love it here! Scheduling is easy and I always feel so much better when I leave!

Derek Dube

Dr. Jeff is fantastic. He really takes the time to get to know you and what your needs are. He is very personable and his staff is A-1! I have been to other chiropractors before is he is definitely the best. Making an appointment with Dr. Jeff will be one of the best decisions you will ever make regarding your overall health.


Almost done with my adjustments and I'm feeling great. Range of motion is great. Dr jeff has made a positive difference in my life!

Hilary Soika

Dr.Jeff is amazing, helping people is his priority and it shows in his treatments!

Elizabeth Xiong

Just started seeing Dr. Jeff and I am very impressed by how thorough his exam is. His team is also very friendly and helpful. I’m excited to see the end result of my treatment.

Brittany Weisensel

Came into Epic Life Chiropractic on a friend's recommendation. Despite my anxiety from never being to a chiropractor, Dr. Jeff, Jill and Alicia made me feel at ease right away. They explained everything and ensured I was comfortable throughout my time there. After two visits, I felt better than I had in two months. Thank you, Dr. Jeff, Jill and Alicia!


I started seeing Dr. Jeff in the fall because of back issues that started over a year earlier. I was backpacking and made the mistake of trying to carry my girlfriends pack on top of my own. I was able to work around it for awhile but after another backpacking trip my back started tightening up over night and anytime I would sit for an extended period of time. I went to Dr. Jeff and after a few adjustments I was able to get up and move in the morning without issue. I'm visiting Dr. Jeff less frequently now and the issues with my back have continued to improve.

Scott Lassa

Dr Jeff is awesome!!

Kristina Kender

Dr. Jeff and his staff are amazing. After years of searching, we have finally found a place that understands all the challenges that our son has struggled with his entire life, and in a very short amount of time, they’ve been able to help him lead a more fulfilled and positive life. Our son struggled with all types of issues from constipation, projectile vomiting, earaches, constant nasal inflammation, febrile seizures, lesions in his brain, gross and fine motor deficiencies, as well as other development delays and concerns. We knew that if we didn’t find help for our son, we most likely would have been on a course that ended with medicating our son in order to allow him to better function. And that just didn’t seem like the right next step for us. We are thankful we came across Dr. Jeff at just the right time. And the progress we've seen in just a few months has been tremendous. Seeing Dr. Jeff has been an unlock for him in many ways, including better eating habits, and how to help his body grow and function more as it is intended to do...naturally. His teachers, without knowledge of his visits to Dr. Jeff, have both independently commented on how far he's come in just a few short months. Family members who do not see him often have commented on his improved behavior and his ability to be more consistent in his moods. Additionally, our son’s nasal drainage has almost completely ceased, his bathroom struggles have greatly improved, and his cognitive abilities at school have increased dramatically with his ability to focus on his work. His gross and fine motor skills, particularly his ability to write and use scissors effectively, has come leaps and bounds, and those are just a few examples. Overall, he’s just a happier kid. I truly feel that children, especially those experiencing multiple issues with their bodies or development can be helped with the right support. Dr. Jeff is that person for us, and we would encourage anyone that has any concerns to reach out and give it a try. This has changed our lives, and we are forever thankful.

Tim Lang

I found Dr. Jeff Grosskopf while searching for a chiropractor that took a holistic view of health and also had specific experience with distance runners. Rather than just addressing "what hurt" I was asked about my overall health condition and goals as well as about my specific running goals. Over the several years that I have been visiting Epic Life Chiropractic I have not only met the running goals that I expressed that day but have continuously improved on those goals while experiencing a significant reduction in injuries! My wife and children have also become regulars and continue to experience the overall health benefits of chiropractic treatment as well as having specific back, neck or other issues addressed when needed. We really enjoy the friendly office visits, health recommendations, flexible scheduling and the occasional off-hours call. I would recommend Dr. Jeff to both those who have a specific issue to be addressed as well as those interested in improving and maintaining their long-term health.

Linda C

Dr. Jeff is sincerely interested in your entire well being and very accessible via text if you have concerns. My husband even goes to him now and he’s never seen a chiropractor before in his life!

Charles Dickenson

I have been seeing Dr. Jeff at Epic Life since about 2009. I cannot explain how good it is to go to a good chiropractor. I had suffered with chronic back pain and headaches for years starting in my early thirties. Dr. Jeff fixed me right up - it took four or five months of weekly visits but my quality of life has greatly improved thanks to chiropractic care. Dr. Jeff is super nice and is wonderful with my young son and took great care of my wife especially through her pregnancy. If I could only take one thing with me to a deserted island, it would be Dr. Jeff from Epic Life.

Jeff Gresley

I've had 8 visits so far. Dr Jeff and Alicia have created a comfortable environment here and I feel their genuine care for my health and well being. The adjustments I have received are working to help keep my nervous system working at peak performance to help me respond well to daily stressors on my mind and body. Our focus on the way my body breathes has been really helpful to me. Though I know each case is unique, I am happy with my results because I can tell Dr Jeff is interested in my personal results. I'm comfortable with the way he questions me and the way he listens to my answers.

Lela Harris

Dr. Jeff & Amy are such fantastic people! Amy is always helpful and supportive and Dr. Jeff has helped to relieve back/neck pain along with any other complaints I come to him with. I've been very impressed with Dr. Jeff's expertise and the treatments I've received when I come in complaining of a headache or that I think I'm getting sick. Although I started going to Dr. Jeff for a specific issue, I truly believe that he has also helped my overall quality of life to improve in ways that I didn't anticipate. I highly recommend Dr. Jeff for people with or without significant pain because I think he has the knowledge and skills to benefit everyone!

Amanda Saso

Dr. Jeff and the staff at Epic Life are fantastic. While I was pregnant with my son, I developed a pretty bad case of carpal tunnel in both wrists and hands. I had pain at first in both arms and eventually most of my fingers on both hands were numb. Six weeks after I had my son I still had no feeling in most of my fingers. I decided I wanted to try seeing a chiropractor before considering any form of surgery to clear up the problem. I called the office and Amy got me in that day. It was so great. I was evaluated, had a scan done of my back in office and my treatment started that day! About 8 weeks later I had full feeling back in my fingers after seeing Dr Jeff twice a week and doing my light exercises at home to help the strength in my wrists. Dr Jeff and Amy are amazing. From the second I contacted them they have been nothing but understanding, kind, caring and truly concerned with helping me feel my best. I will definitely be seeing Dr Jeff again through my next pregnancy and will hopefully avoid the carpal tunnel completely! Definitely give them a call -- they are wonderful!

Sharon Nessmann

I started seeing Dr. Jeff several weeks ago. I have a cervical fusion so I was apprehensive about having him adjust my neck. However I found the adjustments to be very gentle yet so effective in relieving muscle tightness and helping me regain more mobility. One benefit I wasn't expecting is that Dr. Jeff is helping me breath better. He noticed right away that my breathing was very shallow. Because of his adjustments I am now breathing much deeper and getting more oxygen into my body. Scheduling is easy and I look forward to my appointments every week!

Kathryn Reinders

My daughter is seeing Dr. Jeff for chronic fatigue issues, head and muscle aches. He is easy to work with and really listens to his patients. I have seen some improvements and he assured us that we will continue to see improvement. He is always available by phone or text if we have any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend Dr. Jeff to any of my friends.

Patrick McMichael

Great overall experience. Very accommodating and flexible with schedule changes. Most importantly the care is top notch!

Anna Hackbarth

I've been apprehensive about visiting a chiropractor throughout the last 6 years of back pain. After it got so severe, I waved the white flag, did some research and found Dr. Jeff. I can't tell you how good a decision this was! He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, gentle and personable. The evidence of increasing and significant relief after each of only a few sessions so far, speaks for itself. I've learned that I do not have to accept feeling pain every day and now I can be a better, happier Mom to my three young boys. Alicia at the front desk is also an angel - so sweet, helpful and makes you feel right at home. Wish I would have come here years ago!

Robyn Zmudzinski

Dr Jeff is a wonderful, caring chiropractor who truly listens and helps guide me on a path to overall wellness. My chronic headaches are gone, I have more energy, and he has taught me about proper diet and nutrition. Best chiropractor ever!

Jaime Gilbert

I was very unsure that a chiropractor would be able to help me with my health conditions. I decided to set up a consultation and see what Dr. Jeff could do for me. All I can say is Dr. Jeff is the best. He helped me get on a plane and over come my claustrophobia which I never thought was possible. I have reduced my medicines that I have been on for 25 years and I have lost 40 lbs following Dr. Jeff's clean eating. Dr. Jeff is there for you 24/7 by text, phone or email which I use a lot. I recommend Dr. Jeff to everyone I see who is suffering with pain, emotional stress and weight lost. I will continue to see Dr. Jeff for as long as he is in practice as I could not see myself with any other chiropractor who could care for me as much as he does.

Nicole Bruesewitz

Dr. Jeff is very friendly and knowledgeable. All you need to tell him is where your feeling pain and he will have an answer! He also offers free initial scans which is a great starting point to track progress.

Steven Suess

Dr. Jeff is very friendly and highly efficient at diagnosing back and shoulder misalignments that can cause a host of other symptoms. Once the main issues have been corrected, he is able to prevent recurrence using periodic maintenance adjustments, and also recommends healthy lifestyle changes that improve overall health.

Ann Wunrow

I went to see Dr Jeff on a recommendation from my boss and the results have been phenomenal! Any chance I get to talk about my experience at Epic Life I take it. If you are looking for a chiropractor who genuinely cares about your wellbeing look no further.

Brooke McMichael

The best chiropractic and overall wellness care!

Christine King

I have been a patient for 5 years. Dr. Jeff listens and helps with treatment that is tailored to each individual patient. I will continue to refer him to my family and friends.

Amy Balza

Dr Jeff is the best. Not only is he great at what he does- he's very personable. I love how flexible his schedule is- I'm able to come in with very short notice if I need to see him. He's helped me with headaches in the past (I don't get them nearly as frequently now) and I've taken both my kids to him as well! I couldn't recommend Epic more!

ian aultman

Subpar, expensive and assembly line type chiropractic care. Solicited by emails to review Epic Life after my second visit. I suspect thats how they have so many good reviews. Good chiropractic care speaks for itself. No need to solicit a review if you offer above average service.

Dawn Panfil

10 years of making my life better and counting....

Emily McFadden

I've been seeing Dr. Jeff for about 3 months now -- I'm 8 months pregnant and he's been awesome at helping with all the aches and pains of pregnancy. I was a little skeptical at first because his approach is so gentle -- can it really be effective? But I always walk out feeling great and he's given me good home-care pointers too.

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