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Easy to make an appointment, and they keep their appointments moving through on time, yet I've never felt like they are rushing through. Dr Poehl's listens to what you tell him about the areas where you have pain, and explains his plan to address the issues.

Sara Collins

I have had horrible migraines for years! I came to Dr. Poehls looking for a more natural way to feel better again. Though I still have mild migraines from time to time they are no where near the pain that I had tried to cope with in the past. HIGHLY recommend Dr. Poehls and Chiropractic Company,

Adriana Morales

Bev B.

Very friendly and helpful. Totally recommend .

Jon Duban

Since I started going to Dr. Poehls, I have experienced a level of chiropractic skill that has not been matched. His adjustments are precise and smooth, correcting the issues in my neck, shoulder, and back. He listens well, and knows much about herbal treatments to common ailments - such as GERD. If you're looking for a better chiropractor, or trying chiropractic for the first time, I recommend him highly.

Katie Garcia

Dr. Poehls is a very friendly and knowledgeable chiropractor. I've never really thought my pain was a serious problem. I actually thought it was made up or had nothing to do with my spine. He listened to my concerns I had and told me that he would figure out what the best plan would be for achieving a healthier self whether I needed his services or needed to be referred elsewhere. After meeting with Dr. Poehls he assured me that my pain was related to my spine. He created a plan to help me achieve my personal health goal. He has been very personable and takes each of my questions with concerns. He made me feel comfortable asking any of the questions I had. I've also noticed that he follows through with his patients making sure things are working for them. My tip for everyone else that I learned from Dr. Poehl's pain is not normal and you shouldn't have to live with it.

Laura Verbruggen

Julie Lutze

I was t boned very badly almost exactly a month ago. Dr P has completely changed my life!.I see him 3-4x/week and I honestly have never looked forward to a Dr's appointment as much as I do his. He is so personable, gentle, caring, funny, and he honestly, honestly cares about you as a person. I've never had a Dr that has treated me with such respect and care. I will forever be indebted to him for how this experience (I'm still seeing him) is changing my life. Thanks Dr Poehls!

Ann Becker

The chiropractor at this location is very helpful. The lady at the front desk is very nice as well.

Luke Trudell

Terry Joan Mckee Cocroft

I have tried a few chiropractic over the years and he has always found a a way to put me back together.

Allan Ogorzalek

Dr Poehls is the best chiropractor I have utilized over the last 30 years of doing chiropractic. I always feel better having seen him or his associates.

Emily Strombeck

Everytime I go to HealthWorks in Brookfield I get the best possible service. Everyone there goes out of their way to be friendly and welcoming. I have primarily seen two different chiropractors Dr. Huber and Dr. Swan. Both of them are fantastic chiropractors! They have been able to offer advice every single time I go there that helps me get back to moving better and with less pain, in addition to their great treatment.

Chuck Pavlik

Sara Browning

I have been to 6 different chiropractors over the past 5 years, and Dr. Poehls is one of my favorites. His adjustments are extremely effective, providing extended relief to my neck and back issues. After an adjustment, I experience immediate relief. If you’re looking for an excellent chiropractor, give him a try!

Stephen Dawkins

Rachel Rieck

Dr. Poehls is extremely dedicated and sensitive to the needs of his patients. He listens intently and works with you to find a treatment plan that works for you, he does not use the one size fits all approach. I appreciate his focus and professionalism and true concern for the customers coming into his clinic.

Nina Singh

This office has great doctors (Dr. Brocker and Dr. Poehls), I highly recommend going here. They are very professional and provide patients with great advice and tips. They explain the importance of getting adjusted and making sure you have healthy habits at home, work, and school. They are very kind and helpful! If you are experiencing neck or back pain, this is definitely the place to go and get treated!!

LA Mittal

I have been having chronic back issues over a time period of 10-12 years and for the first time in my life, I feel so good! I haven’t taken any painkillers since the time I started my treatment. Usually I used to be on OTC painkillers most of the time. Dr Poehls is like a magician! He knows exactly where the problem is. His adjustments have helped me move better and I feel confident of getting healed . All of the doctors and staff are so warm and caring, it feels like home. Shoutout to Natalie, who is always so sweet and ever so accommodating.

Jolene Neal

Jason Hoover

I have been going to Dr. Poehls to treat a bulging disk in my neck and shoulder impingement issues. After 90 days, I have made great progress and am feeling so much better. I would highly recommend Dr. Poehls for your chiropractic care needs.

Lance Pfarrer

Back in January 2015, I re-herniated a disk in my back. I was in severe pain, which really limited my movement. I was referred to Dr. Poehls. This was my first time ever to a chiropractor. Within 4-5 weeks of active treatment, the pain & weakness in my back were completely eliminated. Additionally, I brought up my problem with plantar fasciitis in my feet. Being an active runner, I struggled with pain in my feet for years. He was able to scan my feet & have customized orthotics made to treat the problem. I never thought a chiropractor could help my feet. I am extremely impressed & pleased with the treatment that I received. I would recommend Dr. Poehls to anyone having pain issues.

Stacy Hocking

Dr. Taylor Poehls takes the time to listen to your needs and works with you to find the best possible treatment. The ease and convenience of being able to book appointments online, makes the Chiropractic Company in general, a plus!

Dave S

Dr Jordan out of Menomonee Falls is great! Knowledgable and just all around nice guy!

Bridget Donovan

I started with Dr. Shane Huber, and because of arthritis, saw Dr. Karri Huber. I truly thought she cared as a doctor, and even though I had trouble at times getting in touch with her assistant, I continued with her as a doctor. After years of trying different treatments, I was put on a pain medication to try to help me with the pain while at work. I kept all my appointments, talked to Dr. Huber about the medication, etc., and was assured it was a mild pain reliever. I was due to see her, and was never told she had switched to working one day per month in Brookfield. To make a long story short, even after two confirmations, they screwed up my appt day so I made a trip for nothing, discussed my refill in front of other patients in the waiting room until I asked for privacy, and Jenna assured me I would have my refill (and she named the medication), by the end of the week. She also told me I would have multiple calls from them that day to fix their error. I never had the calls, and had to contact them to get some answer. In the evening, Dr. Huber called and said she had decided not to prescribe this medication (I don't know if this was the only medication she stopped prescribing, or if there were others), because "they" had cracked down. She said she told her staff not to tell patients she was no longer prescribing, which is different from Jenna telling me I would have it by the end of the week. Dr. Huber made the decision two months prior, but from what she said she was not telling patients until they needed a refill or came in. I was shocked, and never having been in this situation before, angry as I felt this was simply unethical behavior. She said she was telling everyone to go to their family doctor since was no longer prescribing. I question what kind of doctor does such a thing with no notice. I called the pharmacy and my insurance company nurse on line, and both warned I could not abruptly stop this medication, since I could suffer seizures, hallucinations, etc. That sent me into a panic, it caused a lot of work for my family doctor (and my family doctor had no idea Dr. Huber had made this decision, either). I refuse to continue treatment there, since my health was jeopardized in this manner. It's just very disappointing because if this caused by a doctor one trusts, I shudder what can happen with a doctor with a poor bedside manner.

Ben Jondle

Really friendly. Flexible with scheduling. Great job sending reminders of appointments. Of all the Chiropractors I've been to, this one clearly cares about my health and well-being. Not that others havent, but I havent gotten he sense that …

Skincarejunkie 100

I have been to this facility a few times and while the Doctor there is very nice and does a good job, the staff is incompetent. My first time there I was very sick and needed an adjustment asap. I told the receptionist from the beginning that I had out of state insurance and to not run it as it wouldn’t go through and I am willing to pay out of pocket. She said that was fine, but she still needed my insurance card on file. When I went back for my next adjustment 4 weeks later I paid again and a couple weeks later received a letter from my insurance that they tried to bill them and it was denied. I tried calling them and explained the situation. The receptionist told me she understood and gave me the total I would be expected to pay for out of pocket. She said that she would discuss it with the Doctor to see what they could do. I never received a call back. So I went to my next appointment 2 weeks later that I had scheduled. Doctor was not notified of any issues and he fixed it for me which was very nice on his part. Once I got up to reception to pay the receptionist asked if I’d like to book my next appointment and I declined as my work schedule has changed and I will call when I need it. I received an email yesterday of my upcoming appointment that I never scheduled! I never confirmed it and at this point I will not be returning. I have never been to a practice that is so unorganized and it’s a shame because the Doctor is great and is very knowledgable and has helped me when I was going.

carrie kalk

vivian rad

I have suffered with horrible headaches for five years. Dr. Poehle's took the time to listen to my symptoms and together, we came up with a plan to heal. Within the first and third visit my headaches were gone. I have not needed to take any medications and my quality of life has improved drastically. I am grateful that I took the step to see him and I appreciate his care and treatment to get me to a place of health. Thanks Dr. Poehles.

Ornah Eschenburg

Christian Greenwood

Dr. Poehls has helped me combat the damage done by many years of contact sports and sitting in a desk chair. I'm able to live pain free and function normally day to day due to his work. He most recently was able to help me with excruciating foot pain. For no apparent reason, I woke up one morning and was unable to put weight on my foot without experiencing severe pain. After hobbling around in pain for a good part of a day, I decided that I needed help. After careful examination, Dr Poehls made an adjustment to my foot. The next morning the pain was gone, and I was able to walk without any pain. Truly grateful that I went to him before anyone else!

Becky White

I have chronic neck and shoulder pain and my condition has improved drastically under the professional, caring and thorough care from Dr. Poehls and his staff. Dr. Poehls is extremely knowledgeable, flexible and has really helped me to progress substantially from the very painful condition I was in prior to becoming his patient. He is just a great person!!

John McDermott

First time there and was very pleased. My chiropractor, Dr. Stanzak moved from another office. Glad I went with her.

Joseph Saigh

The doctors at Chiropractic Company were really amazing diagnosing and resolving my back, neck, and leg pains. The treatment was long-lasting, completely natural, and did not require medication. Dr. Poehls offered some great health tips and exercises that I could do to prevent my pains from reoccurring as often. Everyone was friendly and courteous. I would recommend Chiropractic Company to anyone in pain.

Nicole Bourne

Dr. Poehls is a very kind, competent chiropractor. His techniques are gentle and effective, and I've found more relief from back pain with him than I have with many other doctors. He listens attentively and creates a treatment plan tailored to your needs with the goal of getting you functioning at optimum levels. I highly recommend Dr. Poehls!

Timothy Horton

Gorgeous location, friendly staff, great services

Jacob mer

Dr Poehls provided an amazing treatment for my back pain. I visited eight other doctors hoping to find back pain relief but seen no improvement in it. After only a few treatments, my back pain diminished and was practically gone within one month.

Brenda Robertson

Dr. Poehls is so friendly, easy to talk to and caring! Any issue I have he is attentive to it! I've been to many chiropractors and he is the best!


I went to Dr. Poehls with numbness in my arms that was stopping me from my favorite activities and keeping me sleepless. Within just a few treatments I am sleeping again and working towards strengthening my neck and back so I can return to my hobbies. Dr. Poehls is very professional, knowledgeable and caring. I was very scared about the numbness and the pain in my neck but he was very comforting and explained how we would work together to get things "back in line"

Chiropractic Company • Brookfield

No more back and neck pain! Thanks Dr. Poehls!

Jessica Burbach

I have been working with both Dr. Brocker and Poehls - depending on what time I am able to get in for an appointment due to work. They are both knowledgeable and very good at what they do. I was (am) a hot mess when I walked in: TMJ, Hip & Neck/Shoulder issues. Everything is already feeling better but it's not a one and done type fix but so far we seem to be on the right path and they both are confident that they can get me back in top shape. The appointments are quick too, I'm usually in and out in no time. If you have been contemplating chiropractic care for any issue, I suggest going and just having the conversation and see what they have to say. I truly believe you will be happy you went - I know I was!

Stephanie Pierce

Dr. Poehls is a busy guy but he always has time to listen to you about what's going on with your body. I've had multiple issues arise that have caused me pain (including a misguided trip to a trampoline park after which I couldn't stand up straight) but he has fixed them all. The limited interaction I've had with the other doctors has also been positive. The on-site massage completes the experience.

Melissa King

I've been visiting Chiropractic Company for a few weeks now. Dr. Poehls is confident he can help with my back/neck pain and I believe him. He is very understanding and complete with his explainations and is always willing to answer questions.

Alejandra Godoy

Sreedhar Reddy

The Dr in Chiropractic company brookfield does not know anything. better to look for your problem solutions on youtube. Never give your insurance details to this Chiropractic company.

Sean Reichelt

John Splittgerber

I have been a patient of Dr. Poehls and the chiropractic company for over a year. I have had several knee surgeries and a back surgery in the past and have worked with countless other physical therapists, chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons along with many other medical professionals. I first came in when I could barely walk due to so much knee and back pain. His knowledge of the human anatomy and how all muscles are dependent on one another is something that I have never experienced with everyone else I have worked with. Through a rigorous treatment and exercise regimen, Dr. Poehls and the Chiropractic company have been able to restore my quality of life. I am able to do things that I have not been able to do in over a decade. I now swim and bike everyday and am able to finally walk almost completely normal with a few lingering issues that we are working on. By far one of the best medical professionals I have ever worked with.

Kyle Zimmermann

Get much needed treatment for ankle/foot pain, which has been a great relief.

jeff urban

Lori Geddes

Dr. Poehls and Dr. Brocker are the best. I did not know how "sick" I was until I started seeing them regularly. I feel at least 10 years younger!


Dr. T is very thorough and super nice! He goes through your entire history with you and he goes over everything in great detail to make sure you really understand what’s going on. Very easy to schedule an appointment time that’s convenient for you.

Valerie Taylor

Dr. Stanczak is incredible! I was in complete distress, could barely move, & in extreme pain! She not only was Very caring but extremely proficient, effective & efficient. I was so nervous (never have been to chiropractor before) & none of my questions were dumb. She explains everything & is so knowledgeable. I feel completely lucky that I found her!

Carrie Kalk

I have been going here for a couple of years now. All Doctors here always take their time to listen to all of my issues. Each visit they take their time to ask me about any concerns I'm having with my health. They also fit me in right away if I'm having last minute issues. I couldn't ask for a better Chiropractic team. I greatly appreciate them including the front desk.

Yali Rosario

My husband had a awesome visit. They were able to get him in right away and fix him up. He said Jackie and Dr. Poehls were great.

Julie Trapp

Update November 28,2016. I have been going to Dr. Poehls for four years now . He is still the best. First time to a chiropractor ever in my life. Tried everything else. Dr Poehls is very knowledgeable and understanding. I have been coming to Dr Poehls since October of 2012 and I feel like a new person, and I have learned alot. I strongly Recommend Dr Poehls as a Chiropractor.

Debbie Husar

Brandon Fong

I have been going here for a little over 2 years now, and I love what a good adjustment can do for me! I know that whenever I am feeling a little off, that Dr. Poehls most likely has a solution. I originally started coming here to help me out during wrestling season, to help with the various injuries I incurred. Dr. Poehls is a very intelligent man, and knows his stuff!

David Jones

If you live in the Brookfield area (or even if you don’t) and you need chiropractic care, look no further. Dr. Poehls is compassionate capable expert in his field, and his practice has been setup to compliment his care in every way. The atmosphere of the office is relaxed and puts me in the right mindset to get adjusted. Starting out, during a review of the initial assessment, Dr. Poehls laid out a comprehensive plan including costs and insurance expectations. Once we started the treatment program, I was pleasantly surprised at the level of care. Not only are the adjustments quick and pain free, but Dr. Poehls spends time with each visit to gather feedback on how I am doing and the care adjusts based upon my feedback and Dr. Poehls observations. I have a pretty busy schedule, so being able to book appointments online is a huge plus. I had not seen a chiropractor in a few years, and my spinal fusion makes my care very unique. With that said, I was worried that I would not be able to find someone who knew the difference between normal tightness and dysfunction that needs to be treated. Hearing that Dr. Poehls maintains an active lifestyle (Crossfit) not only made him relatable, but put my mind at ease that he was the professional who would become my lifelong chiropractor.

erica kriston

Jean Carlson

Dusty DuBois

Dr. Taylor Poehls is a real professional. What I love about his approach is he finds the true cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. Most chiropractors are just interested in Band-Aid care but not Dr. Taylor Poehls. You will find a caring professional team at The Chiropractic Company and most important you will regain your health.

Justus Poehls

I trust Dr. Poehls with my life and the lives of my four children. He successfully treated my severe back injury which left me unable to work and for which standard medical doctors offered me nothing but pain medication. He is my brother and I know him well. However, he still blows me away with the subtle depth of his knowledge and the genuine care he offers family, friends, and the community through his practice. I always leave his office feeling like I have a little more insight into my health and more respect for him and what he's doing for people.

Trisha Baird

Rachel Richter

They have been absolutely WONDERFUL in helping me to feel better, ease the stress and strain on my body from having a semi hit my car in the snowstorm on New Year's Eve, and they have impeccable bedside manner/patient care! I say that with years of experience as a tenured social worker. And they've been much easier to get appointments with, and far more flexible, than physical therapy. Fabulous 1st experience!!

Amanda Weick

I can not say enough good things about the care my son is receiving. I brought my 7 week old in due to gas discomfort, sleeping issues and digestive issues and I noticed a difference after the 1st appointment. My son is sleeping better, not having issues with digesting foods and overall a happier baby. Thank you Dr. Poehls for all your help with my little man!!!

marissa b

Dr. Poehls is incredible! Highly recommend him! You can tell he sincerely cares about his patients .

Aaron Staszak

Entire staff was very friendly, knowledgeable, and accommodating. For a first time chiropractor patient, they created a positive experience for me. They got me feeling much better!

Marlene Kalcich

From the first phone call to Dr. Poehls on Tuesday, August 26th, and my initial office consult, I was pleased with the professional care and explanations I received. To be told "we can help you" was very encouraging.I felt like my history was taken seriously and look forward to the journey to whatever recovery of my symptoms I will benefit from.

Michelle Buettner

Dr. Poehls is an excellent chiropractor. I have been seeing him for over 2 years and he has helped me achieve quality of life. I first went to see him for numbness and tingling in my right hand. After twelve weeks of intensive treatment the numbness went away and has not returned. I am so grateful for the relief! He offers great advice on nutrition and exercise to help maintain health. I highly recommend Dr. Poehls to anyone!

Shuntelle Nygard

Always a great experience here! I am happy to be back and getting some relief! I would recommend Dr. Pohels to ANYONE!!

Mark Schanen

I have TMJ in my jaw and after a few visits with Dr Taylor Poehls it wasn't popping whenever I'd be biting into something chewy. He is a very good chiropractor who knows what he's doing.

Cindy Rabas

Dr. Jordan is great...really slowed down my headaches finally someone who helped stop all the pain I've had. Even talked my husband into going in to get relief on his pain. Thank you!!!

Michelle Urban

Leann Eddingsaas

The care at Healthworks goes above and beyond my expectations. Everyone is kind and thoughtful.

Kay Rieckenberg

I transitioned care to Dr. Poehls with a job change and insurance change. He has been amazing in helping with my sciatic pain after the birth of my daughter. He is knowledgable in chiropractic care and always willing to work with your schedule. I highly recommend him for your chiropractic care.

Mary Berger

I first went to Dr Poehls at the age of 60 last September when my back had blown out, again. Having no experience with chiropractors but an open mind, I listened and learned. My back is better, still sore once in a while when I overdo, my neck is stress free, it's like a weight has been lifted off and my body is ready. I will continue to see Dr Poehls, he has great communication skills and listens to what is going on. I wish more people would take to learn what chiropractic professionals can do for you.

Jennifer Danekas Simon

Dr. Poehls is amazing! He listens to what is causing you pain and then takes the best action in treatment. He is very professional and friendly and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for wellness in their life!

Jeanne Musolf

Dr. Poehls & Natalie are both caring & professional. It was a different chiropractic experience for me, though, to have electro stimulation in a common area instead of in private. Hard to not overhear other patients & doc/staff having treatment conversations in the shared space. Except for lack of privacy I've been pleased with care so far.

Carol Burton

I was T-Boned in a car accident and Dr. Poehls helped bring me back to life. Dr. Poehls listens and is kind and gentle. I feel very comfortable in his care.

Valerie Dahl

Everyone is very friendly. I have had Doc. Huber since Feb. 2018 for my back a leg problem. He has helped me so much and continues to do so every time I see him. As far as my leg problem I feel he is doing a miracle with them.

Anastasia Pentheros

Dr. Poehls has been working on my husband and I for several years and he is the absolute best chiropractor we've ever had- he's extremely knowledgeable and never hesitates to offer insight. He's helped us tremendously and we would recommend to all. Thank you Dr. Poehls!

Gwen Fastabend

I've been going here for years, Dr. Phoels is the best


Dr. Poehls is great! Very friendly and is more than willing to answer any questions you may have. He makes sure that all your issues and concerns are taken care of. I could tell he really listened to what I had to say and then was able to prove to me the corrections that needed to take place. Highly recommend to everyone!

Ron Lemke

What an amazing experience compared to "Dr.quack" I'd been to an hour previous. Receptionists made me feel like family as soon as I walked in. Dr. Poehls did a thorough investigation into my past history and explained what his treatment …

Kelly M

Alex Rollefson

Relaxed environment, super friendly staff - Dr. Poehls has worked on my wrist, tennis elbow and just recently corrected my spine - the adjustments combined with the on-site massage therapy have been extremely effective for me. Highly recommend!

William Burkhardt

Travis Lee

They portrayed the first 2 meetings as a consult. We decided not to go through with the treatments as the charge was $4000 for 3 months of treatment. 3 months later as the office realized we would not go through with service, a bill arrives and they want over $350. Basically if you are a new patient, don't do the x-rays or step into the "doctors office" for the procedure with the nurse practitioner, you will be charged for that.

Terri Jaeckle

Ongoing care continues to be excellent with attentive and skilled providers!

Erin Smith

Dr. Poehls is great and has helped me with my back numerous times. He is so accommodating with my kids as well. I bring them along and its the only appointment I have where they don't feel like a bother. I told my 4 year old daughter that my back wasn't feeling great and she said, "Well you better go to Dr. Poehls, he knows best!"

Ryne Cooper

I can't say enough good things about Dr. Poehls. He took time to understand my concerns, and complete a thorough initial exam. He created a custom treatment plan to help resolve my issues. I was a little skeptical at first due to the amount of pain I was in and thinking the only resolution would be surgery. The simplest tasks such as putting a can of soup into a shopping cart would cause me tremendous pain and discomfort. My primary care physician want me to see a chiropractor before we looked at other options, so I took the recommendation of a friend to see Dr. Poehls. In a matter of a few months I was able to move, and do things I didnt think would be possible again. I can once again lift up my 80lbs kid again when he wants to jump up and give me hugs. I highly recommend the Chiropractic Company to anyone who is in need of some relief. I've worked with Dr. Stanczak on a few occasions as well and it's easy to see that she also genuinely cares about her patients and provides great care as well. I am always greeted with a smile by Natalie at the front desk, and she starts every visit off very positive. She always makes sure wish me a good day or weekend when leaving as well. Everyone in the entire office is great to work with, and always makes me feel welcomed.

James Bourne

Dr. Poehl's gets a solid 5 Stars. He is a caring and extremely competent Dr. who really listens to his patients needs and works hard to meet goals you set together. He is thorough and his office runs like a well oiled machine. We have tried other Chiropractors in the area (even leaving one during the initial appointment) and are very glad that we found Dr. Poehls. I would recommend the good Dr. to anyone looking!

Kevin Pasqua

I have been going to Chiropractic Company and Dr. Poehls for over a year. I have stayed healthy and feel much better since setting up regular Chiropractic care. Dr. Poehls is thorough, explains everything, and skilled.

Mark Vaugh

If you’re looking for an excellent chiropractor, give a try to Dr. Poehls is one of my favorites because of his extremely effective adjustments Over the past 7 years I have been to 8 different chiropractors. His adjustments are extremely effective, providing extended relief to my neck and back issues.

Steven and Rebekah

Both doctors are professional, timely, and help ease pain in my back and neck.

Pat Ginter

Where do I even begin? I call Taylor Poehls Dr Magic Hands. He has been very responsive to whatever issues I present. For instance, recently I happened to mention that I'd been irritated by chronic foot pain which seemed to come & go and I couldn't connect it with any activity or type of shoe. I never dreamed that he could actually adjust my foot but he did and 90% of the problem instantly disappeared. I just had a second adjustment on it and I fully expect it will be gone completely. I see Dr Poehls monthly as a preventative measure. No more ear infections, headaches, colds or any ailments, actually. I did not get a flu shot nor have I had the flu which SO many people around me have suffered from all winter. Dr Poehls keeps me in line, feeling fine & able to enjoy life to the fullest; I highly recommend him!

Chad Gerner

Dr. Poehls has been great. He has worked around my work schedule and made sure I was completely satisfied with my treatment plan. I have and will continue to recommend him to my friends and family

Kristen Latimer

Dr. Poehls is the best chiropractor in the area! I have been a patient of his for almost 3 years now, and I see him every 2 weeks. I suffer from back, neck, and knee pain. After my adjustments with Dr. Poehls, I always feel instantly better. Plus, he's very easy going and fun to talk to, which makes me look forward to each visit I have with him.

Jessica Koontz

This is the best chiropractic clinic that I've been too. Both Drs. are approachable, knowledgeable, and have the patient's best interest in mind. The environment is conducive to education and relaxation.

Kari Cameron

Cindy Kerchner

I have been seeing Dr Paehls at the Brookfield office for about a year now. He is very professional, with a sense of humor - a perfect combination for me. I look forward to my visits there. He is honest and objective, and tries his best to assess, and adjust me for my individual needs. I would definitely recommend him for any needing chiropractic care. I have lived in this area just under 5 years. Dr Paehls was the eighth or ninth chiropractor that I have seen in this area. Staying with him for a year says mountains!

Kayla Pinnt

I can not say enough positive things about this clinic and all the providers. I was impressed that they offered such a wide range of services! They took such great care of me and went over in detail what my treatment plan will be. They even went over my insurance benefits so I knew what to expect.

Kristen K

Dr. Poehls is an amazing ciropractor, I've been to many and he's by far the best! He's also the nicest guy ever!

Barb Petersen

I started seeing Dr. Zach about 4 months ago for my back and neck issues. I have a pretty severe case of Scoliosis and since I have started treatment I have been feeling much better. I highly recommend Dr. Zach.

Lisa Pechacek

From Natalie @ the front desk to Dr Poehls's explanation and care, the treatments will not disappoint! I have a long road ahead but I feel very confident that I will start to feel better again and slow down the degeneration. Thank you!

Kymberly Parodo

I came in with back problems and a bum knee and Dr. Poehls has taken the time to help both get better. I appreciate his sincere bedside manner and that he is willing to use all the tools and experience he has handy to help his patients - he does more than spinal adjustments. Great all around care from Dr P has made a difference in how I feel and move!

Steve Burbach

Guys - if your wife/girlfriend complains about anything hurting, ever, send her to Dr. Brocker or Poehls. My girlfriend has been going to see them for about two months and I can see (and hear) a significant improvement in her. She used to constantly complain about her neck/shoulders hurting when we would work in our shop, which then resulted in me rubbing this or that and then her having a nightly date with a heating pad. I haven't heard a peep from her about any pain and I haven't seen the heating pad in weeks. I'm not a current patient of Dr. Brocker or Poehls but after literally seeing their results, I will be.

Steph Fong

Chiropractic Co has always been there for our family. All 4 of us have gotten relief over the years from a myriad of different issues from sports injuries and alignment to health and wellness.

Sontino Bedogne

Best Chiropractor in Brookfield.

Mark Manthey

I originally saw Dr. Poehls because of a pinched nerve I suffered. I had no idea what the pain was at the time, but it was excruciating to twist or turn in bed at night. I made an appointment on a Sunday night and he was still able to get me in Monday night. He made an adjustment and it was incredible how much better it felt after just one adjustment. While still tender, I could move and turn with a great deal more range and ability than I did in the previous three days and could actually sleep that night. I went back for another adjustment two days later and a day after, and true to his word, I was even bowling without any pain whatsoever. Dr. Poehls is extremely thorough in his assessment using a variety of tests that help to illustrate exactly what it is that's troubling you and where your pain is coming from. He'll then sit down with you and discuss a treatment plan and additional follow up tests to ensure you're on the right path. This, for me, was the difference maker in deciding to maintain my treatment with him because it showed me where my other back problems were and that great amount of progress we've made in the past 10 weeks.

Kelly Mischock

Dr. Poehls is the best. He focuses on your issues and has great recommendations for helping heal back and neck pain.

Henrique G. Abreu

Lovely place. Treatment is working great for me :-)

Heidi Manthey

Dr. Poehls is the best! I first started going to Dr. Poehls for my shoulder. Before I made my first appointment, he had researched my insurance for me and knew what would be covered. We decided to do 3 appointments a week for the first 4 weeks and re-evaluate afterwards. I have always been a bone cracker person...fingers, knees, back, neck...even my elbows. Whenever I had a bit of tension in my back or neck I could twist and push and crack things myself, with a bit of temporary relief. After the 4 weeks of adjustments with Dr. Poehls, I no longer feel the need to crack anything on my own! It's crazy to me when I think about it. I would recommend him to anyone. Young, old, athletic...not-so athletic, and everyone inbetween.

Robert Salb

Peg Schrader

My husband and I have been seeing Dr. Paehls on a monthly basis for as long has he has been assigned to the Brookfield office. We find him to be an excellent medical professional. He is very attentive to what you say and provides the treatment that helps with the resolution of the problem. Further he is always looking at the "bigger" picture. By this I mean that he keeps up with our current medical issues. We have all been to chiropractors that take about five minutes to do your adjustment with very little acknowledgement of you as a total person. Dr. Paehls is not one of those chiropractors. Last year he was very helpful to me in making a recommendation to take Zypan to increase the amino acids in my stomach and thus relieve my acid reflux which I had suffered with for decades. I followed his advise and, with the support of my primary physician, I began to take Zypan. I was able to stop taking my prescription antacid and have been free of acid reflux for over a year. Great recommendation. Dr. Paehls operates with a high level of professionalism and approaches his patients on a holistic level. If you are looking for a great chiropractor he is it.

Don Carlos Rhoten

I have gone to Dr. Poehls for 3 or 4 diff issues. Most recently, I was having chronic & debilitating pain. I was using a walker to get around. Dr. Poehls met with me to discuss my particular situation. Before providing care, he took x-rays of my back & conducted 3 different types of scans. During my next appt, we went over the results & talked about a his plan for treatment. After a handful of adjustments, I was able to progress from the walker, to a cane, to walking on my own...w/o pain! I have referred my wife, mother, son, & friends to become clients of Dr. Poehls...all were highly satisfied with the results they received & THEY also have referred others to him.

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