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REVIEWS OF Chiro One Wellness Center of Brookfield IN Wisconsin

patrick delaney

I came into into Max Health with lower back and neck pain. After consulting with Dr. Tom and getting adjusted weekly, my neck is feeling amazing and my back is getting better every week. I'm only a few weeks in and I already feel better, so needless to say I'm excited to continue my treatment with them.

Barb Melsheimer

I am so thankful for Max Health Chiropractic, it is truly a God send. After my first week of adjustments I went from having pain in my upper legs and lower back, which caused me to shuffle along more than walk, to being able to lift my legs without pain in my legs or back. I have now been a patient for over 4 months and I am now able to do exercises and activities that I have not been able to do for a very long time. I also am now able to wear high heal shoes, which is something I haven't been able to do for over two years. What I appreciate about Max Health Chiropractic is that they are concerned about the whole person and are committed to assisting you to be the healthiest "You" that you can be. The team at Max Health Chiropractic Brookfield are very encouraging and helpful and if you are committed to your part, you will be successful in achieving your health goals.

Stan Flak

Since coming to Maximzed Living I have seen a dramatic change in insulin I have been taking. I have lost weight, been exercising on a regular basis and I have been eating so much better and healthier. I am not perfect yet but I have learned so much attending the very informative clinics that I know I am definitely moving in the right direction. The whole staff is so helpful to keep you on track to reach your goals for good health. They are always there to offer Support when you need it. I would highly recommend individuals to come in for an evaluation it will be your first step to the most healthy life you can have.

Papagiorgio Papa

Do not go here place is a scam. Don’t fall for there bs they try and make you pay for all this extra stuff . Bunch of low life pos scam artists

Cece Rub

everybody was so kind and they were all able to work with my financial issues. they were also extremely informative. i am super confused by the phone number listed. i keep getting told it’s no longer in service.

Susanne Michelson

Max Health and Dr. Frahm have given me my life back. My cancer had returned and I was not doing well. They taught me how to eat, encouraged me to exercise to prevent cancer. Now I am doing much better, feeling energetic, and enjoying life again.

Nikki Lehman

Before max health I thought I was healthy. I ate right and worked out. But then I realized I was far from it. They showed me that my constant neck pain wasn’t normal. They showed me that my blinding headaches weren’t normal. They showed me that my hormonal issues and fertility issues were not normal. Over time, I started realizing what true health was and I got rid of the neck pain, the headaches, and the hormonal and fertility issues - and now I have twin boys! I owe it all to max health. Not to mention that their offices are so unlike anywhere else, they are so advanced in their field that they actually make real lasting changes; physically and mentally. The staff actually cares about your wellbeing and they have a mission to make the Milwaukee area a better and healthier place. They have the best intentions to create real hope in every patient’s life. I’ve recommended every friend and family member to this place because I believe we all need what they have to offer and I will always continue to do so.

Trevor Clark

Such a great atmosphere in this office and the doctors are fantastic!

Kayla De Sautelle

When coming to Max Health I was really just looking to keep up with my wellness and learn more about healthy living. Since I started care here I have a lot more energy throughout the day, and have full range of motion in my neck. I love Max Health because they are so much more than a chiropractic office, I love the fact that they incorporate nutrition, fitness, and detoxification. I feel as if I am learning a lot and implementing it throughout my life everyday. Best part about it is I can help my friends and family as well. I never have a bad day coming here!

Mikela Steger

I'm 18 and a dancer in healing with the alignment and curvature of my back and spine. Max health has been such a blessing and joy. They are quick and efficient but give you great healing and guidance in more than just your ailment. They help you to set you on a path to maximizes a healthy lifestyle and every part of your nutrition. Health is in how quickly your body responds in order to heal. I really love the people and how personal they are and I highly recommend them to whoever is in pain or has a difficulty in their health regardless of what the issue is. Many people underestimate the power of chiropractic work when it really should be the first response.

Derek Kenner

My first experience with Dr Matt Frahm and the staff at Maximized Living was not even for me; it was for my wife. She was experiencing severe pain in her back and leg and was prepared to undergo surgery the day following our initial visit. Prior to that time, she was hardly able to walk and was extremely uncomfortable. Dr Frahm treated her and she felt immediate relief. Since then she has continued with treatments and has improved significantly. I became a patient although I had no pain or obvious symptoms of pain. The true benefit of Maximized Living is the education and care you receive as you begin to learn how to care for your health in a number of new ways. If you are in search of sound and practical ways to a more health lifestyle, I highly recommend Dr Frahm and the staff at Maximized Living!

Jamie Moilanen

The team at Max Health Chiropractic has helped our family with so many things from allergies and school problems to back issues from 20 years ago. Thank you for all you do!!

Mary Pflugradt

Dr frahm has improved my life greatly!!! My allergy symptoms are mostly gone. I have had allergies all my life and with no end in sight. I have had a terrible back pain since I was in a car accident when I was 20. Now I don't have any back pain. I have been to several chiropracticers with no results. Dr frame has the healing hands and I feel so much better after my adjustment with him.

Mallory Piontek

Max Health Chiropractic has made an improvement in my overall health and lifestyle. The staff is very friendly and responsive. The team provides a personalized experience to correct or maintain any issues you have or develop. For me, it was primarily migraines and neck pain. Over the last couple of months, Max Health Chiropractic has provided me the education, resources, and tools to address my health and lifestyle. I would highly recommend to family and friends.


Doc Frahm and his staff have changed my health in ways impossible to express through words, much less through a review. EVERY aspect of my body has been improved and I am living in ways I never knew possible. If you're confused or scared, that is very common. Ask questions, use the office as a resource, and MAXIMIZE yourself through everyday actions. Thank you Max Health for knowledge and, most importantly, patience.

Laura Hagen

I have been a patient of Dr Fraham's for the past 3 years. I first started seeming him because of shoulder and lower back pain but soon discovered that Maximized Living is much more than just a chiropractic clinic, they truly care about the patients overall wellbeing.

Jeanne Chianese

After about 6 weeks of coming here for my adjustments, I am getting progressively better. I came to this clinic after many yrs of chiropractic care, but I did not have the kind of results that I have had here. More pain free days and overall the neck pain has decreased in intensity, and I haven't even finished my treatment plan! Definitely would recommend.

Dennis Wied

Love getting the best health care available!

Lady Evenfall

Great chiropractor, great people... They have helped me get pain free, lose weight and we are currently working on getting me more sleep.

Rob Sperti

Dr. Frahm and his professional staff have made health in Milwaukee accessible to everyone. My family is so grateful for the incredible vision they have for restoring health to individuals, families and the city!

Annette Danforth

I felt relief after dr, Frahms 1st adjustment and that was 5 years ago

Betty King

Dr. Fram is a caring Chiropractor. He is interested healing the body inside out through chiropractic. I have been on meds for acid reflux for thirteen years. Since going to Max Health Chiropractic, I have gotten off the meds. The staff is friendly and helpful. Max Health Chiropractic offers adjustments, rehab exercises and other health information. Chiropractic works for me.

Kathy Lang

I have been seeing Dr. Frahm for over 1 1/2 years. Since following the 5 Essentials, I have lost 35 lbs and kept it off and was able to greatly reduce my asthma medication. Dr. Frahm and his wonderful staff are dedicated to working with you and celebrate your successes, as well as coach you if experience setbacks. If you are committed to following all of the 5 Essentials, you will see results!

Noreen Tietyen

We have been going to Dr. Fromm and the great team for almost a year now and he has helped my husband by reducing his back/leg pain and he is now able to reduce the medications he has been taking. I have also been able to reduce my thyroid medications - what a great feeling. We believe in the treatments and 5 essentials and it really makes you think twice on what you do to your body. Thanks Max Health for all you have done for us

Annemarie Heise

I was injured and my life has never been the same. Do not let Dr Frahm touch your neck....ever!

renaissance turner

"Good morning, Miriam, what's the good word?" asked Dr. Stephen Lemmons, last week. "Less pain," I answered; "yes, I know, that's two words," I added, as Dr. Stephen brooks no foolishness. This week, same question; "slow but sure," I answered, in three words. I'm coming up on three years of care from Drs. Alex Ribbel, Matt Frahm, Stephen Lemmons, & Tom Smith . . . By 2015, I'd been sick w/severe migraines for 49 years; I'd swallow whatever OTC or prescription med if it'd make the pain go away, trading off evils, in my opinion. I'd even been a patient of Dr. Seymour Diamond, M.D., at the Diamond Headache Clinic, in Chicago, in the '80's. He did help, but . . . Not until I met Dr. Alex Ribbel, by odd chance, did ANY health professional EVER begin to address the CAUSE, not merely treat the migraines with drugs & bio-feedback. Hope was given, & I (albeit, reluctantly) accepted; I did do what I was told: home exercises, supplements, eating the Advanced Plan, & never missing an appointment . . . Why ask for help, & pay for it!!, if I don't follow through, on my end?? The staff did NOT fail me, did NOT break my heart. I'm off the couch, & back to work; I'm not talking, anymore, about digging a hole in the backyard & lying in it!! I'm not just headache free, I'm headache free & NOT suspicious, NOT waiting for the pain to return because this is all too good to be true, which is the heartbreak of hope. So, this is my life, NOT clutching my head, waiting for it to explode. " Hope, Health, Healing" are the keywords in Max Health's mission statement. Check, check, & check!!

Dr. Chad Rechcygl

Because of Max Health Chiropractic I've made my health a priority and I am doing great!

Oliver Johnson

First heard about Max Health on Joy 1340 a.m. radio. And I found their claims to be a little bit unbelievable or to good to be true. Thank God I was wrong. I have been seeing him for a couple years now the treatment has been outstanding and allowed me the freedom to go about my daily activities without pain. Many thanks to Dr. Fram and his wonderful staff.

Christine Rauch

A good friend took advantage of an introductory offer. After the initial visit, a treatment plan costing over $10,000 was developed. Payment was covered by a combination of sources which included Care Credit. Before treatment could begin, my friend had to be approved for Car Credit. My friends neck, back, & hips were adjusted as part of their normal process. Within a few days, my friend had so much pain in his hips he could barely walk and had no relief from the original reason for the visit, a pinched nerve. He found another chiropractor and received relief from the pinched nerve at the first visit. The hips took about 2 1/2 months. Total cost $180.

Robert Salb

The entire staff was very warm, welcoming, and caring. Dr. Derek was wonderful to work with and is very good at what he does.

Melissa Stockwell

I always look forward to my visits to Max Health Chiropractic. I walk out feeling so much better after my adjustments. The staff are helpful and knowledgeable; I learn something new about nutrition, exercise or lifestyle modification every time I'm there.

Jamie Silver

Dr. Frahm and the 5 essentials have helped me lose 55+ pounds. This lifestyle change has improved my energy level and my mood. Every staff member is positive and supportive. Kierryn and Lisa are the staff members I see the most, and they always make me feel like a valued member of the family.

Michael Conner

5 years feeling fine

Chris Schapfel

When I found Max Health I was very ill! I had 13 major health issues going on. Today I am very great full because due to the corrective spine care/nutrition correction I have aquired, I am completely drug free. The MD's wanted to pace my heart, this has also been unnecessary!

Michael Pflughoeft

The team at Max Health Chiro in Brookfield are outstanding. They are friendly, knowledgeable and do a fantastic job in helping support both a healthy spine AND a healthy lifestyle. Highly recommended.

Jessi Jablonski

Pros: they know their stuff. I had pain post-back surgery that hundreds of dollars at physical therapy did not alleviate. Within a few weeks of coming here and my at-home care, I am pain-free! Visits are quick and efficient- no sitting in a waiting room! Love that! Staff: awesome! All doctors and front end staff are very friendly, helpful and extremely well-trained. Everyone looks professional and happy to be there. Exam and common areas: always clean and well-maintained. I always have to use the bathroom because of my long drive there, and the bathrooms are well maintained as well. Cons. Cost, majority of 2-month sessions had to be paid up front. I don't have that kind of money so had to charge it. Sucky when I had been off of work from surgery and have tons of debt already from a divorce. Hours/locations: no downtown location. For someone who lives on the far southeast side and works downtown, he commutenis awful. I'm always crabby by the time I get home because I get stuck in rush hour traffic because there are no lunch hours. Overall, yes, I would highly recommend. Especially if you live nearby. I've been to several chiropractors, and this one is one of the best clinics I've ever been to.

Evan Atwood

I had an apparent spine misalignment from a sledding accident, and a different chiropractor had slow results... The thing about Dr. Frahm and this staff was that they put me on an aggressive plan and got results. It was well worth the money spent. They are also great people to be around, during a recovery phase like that. The office has a great, uplifting environment to it.

Jean Dolacin

My husband and I have been going to Maximized Living for about 3 years now. Living the 5 essentials has truly changed our lives. Dr. Frahm and his entire team have taught us so much about how to live a healthier and happier life. I feel blessed to have been watching The Morning Blend one morning when Dr. Frahm was on. They say things happen for a reason, and I believe Dr. Frahm and his team were placed on my path at the right time to guide me to a better life. Keep on keepin on! You guys are awesome!!

Laura Tuckey-Frahm

I loved my visit with Dr. Frahm! He is very knowledgeable and easy to relate to. I will be back again!

Bob Weiland

Since starting with Max Health about six months ago I have had significant improvements to my health: 1.) Lost 40 pounds by changing my eating - eliminating sugars and most starches and eating at least partially organic foods. 2.) Eliminated hip and knee pain. I had been told by an orthopathic MD that joint replacement was the only solution, but now I am up to 30 mile bike rides and 3 mile walks with no problems. 3.) Improved my swallowing. I used to aspirate food - no longer a problem. 4.) Improved my ability to use my voice. Six months ago after talking for a few minutes my vocal cords would not work and I would run out of voice. The information I have gained and the system of teaching Max Health uses are outstanding.

Dianne Kirkwood

Dr. Frahm is an awesome chiropractor. He cares about the whole person not just adjustments. Max Health Chiropractic team is kind, very knowledgeable, and willing to health answer with any questio s or concerns. I was diagnosed with lumbosacral spindylosis, and receiving nerve block injections for 12 years. I had very little relief from pain. Since coming to Max Health Chiropractic i havent had another injection. Chiropractuc works!!!! Coming here is one of the best things i have done for my life. Try it, it will change your mindset about who you are. Youll be changed forever!!

Michelle Gemoll

Dr. Frahm and the staff have really helped improve my health my migraines have gone away and I'm more excited for every day. They also have helped me when I get sick. I recently started taking some supplements for allergic reaction and after taking them for 2 months, I am now able to be around dogs with minimal to no reactions and don't react to flowers like I used to. I am so happy I met this Chiropractic company because I can enjoy life and being outside. So these supplements for allergies I now have two dogs that I don't react to. I'm so very happy that I am able to slowly have dogs back in my life without them making me sick. Thank max health I miss having dogs in my life.

Jacquelyn Trice

My experience at Max Health has been phenomenal since day one. I just celebrated my fourth year anniversary as a patient. My treatment has been very beneficial to all aspects of my life; not just physical but emotionally and spiritually. We are reminded that God created within each of us a state of wellness, and we need not to settle for anything less. The atmosphere in the office, and the staff's awareness to my health needs, always results in a great visit. I look forward to my visits, and always feel better as a result. Thank you Dr. Frahm for all you do to advance wellness in our community.

Erica B

Dr. Frahm and staff have been so kind and supportive. I have a difficult schedule and the staff are always so accommodating and flexible. I have suffered from headaches that occur for 5 days straight almost 2 times a month and in 3 short months I have gained my life back!!! Dr. Frahm and Dr. Steven are very professional, gentle, and supportive. They have helped me get through a very painful time in my life and I cannot thank them and the staff at Max health enough! If you are looking for a place that will treat a chiropractic newbie through every step of the way this is the place to come!

David Silver

Dr Frahm, Dr Steve, Kieran, Lisa and the rest of the team are truly amazing. My wife and I began working with them in the fall of 2015. The decision to come under their care was the best thing we have done for our long term health in the last 5 years. They held our hand as we worked through improving our spinal health and nutritional health. We continue to work with them on reducing our toxic load and improving our fitness regime. I can't say enough good things about the group. Definitely worth checking out one of their group dinners or stopping in for more information.

Sean Franzen

Great place to get healthy. Very caring staff who focus their care and suggestions on more than just adjustments. I have gained greater flexibility, been able to increase my energy and even reduce the amount of medication I have been taking.

Matt Kaschel

Max Health brookfield is a very professional and enlightening experience. The staff is very personal and knowledgeable. It has changed the way I look at health and I feel amazing being a part of the team.

Brittany Stankey- Schnoor

It is a blessing to go to a place that fixes the cause of issues rather than the symptoms. My migraines have stopped thanks to the holistic approach of Maximized Living! The staff is friendly and they care about how you are doing physically, spiritually and emotionally. They provide you with the steps you need to be healthy in your diet, exercise and point of view. I learned how chiropractic care is necessary for everyone because the nervous system controls the rest of your organs. I highly recommend them to all of my family and friends.

Sandra Chapman

I met Dr. Frahm a year and a half ago when he spoke at my work. I suffered from migraines off and on my whole life, along with back pain after a car accident in my 20's. He and his staff have been wonderful. They are always upbeat and encouraging. I have not had a migraine since starting the program and my back pain is virtually gone. I am off medication and have had more energy. He has also helped my daughter and her family. This has been a life changing experience. Thank you Dr. Frahm and staff.

Elizabeth Raap

My daughter has been seeing Dr. Frahm for a few months now for her allergies and asthma, and we have already noticed a significant change. Her symptoms have greatly decreased-not only does she have more energy and less suffering from her allergies and asthma, but Dr. Frahm has taught us how to gain a better lifestyle overall through diet, exercise, and his amazing chiropractic skills. The women at the front desk always greet us with a warm, welcoming smile and genuinely seem to care. It's also very encouraging hearing Christian music being played in the office-this office always has a very positive feel to it, and the staff goes above and beyond. Thank you, Dr. Frahm & staff! :)

Mary C Hertel

My name is Mary Hertel and I am 70 years old. In August of 2012 following a routine surgery, I developed a pulmonary embolism that was misdiagnosed creating an emergency two weeks later. My heart was very erratic during this ER visit and during this hospital stay I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. After treatment by a general cardiologist and reactions to a number of medications, I went to a Cardiac Electrophysiologist who worked with me to find medications that did not make me sick. After 4 medical procedures each requiring an anesthesia, the result was reduced concentration, some memory challenges, fatigue, difficult sleep patterns and generally not feeling right. In November of 2015, a daughter introduced me to Dr. Frahm who prepared a treatment plan for me after a careful evaluation. Concentration has improved as well as relief from neck and back pain from a 2006 car accident, sleep patterns and memory improved and I was generally feeling well again. In addition, there was weight loss and more energy using healthy diet recommendations and an efficient exercise routine. An on-going plan is in place to maintain these results and continue progress. Since February I have been able to eliminate the possible need for a pacemaker and increased doses of heart medication. In May an appointment with the cardiologist will evaluate the possibility of being removed from the two medications I have been taking. I am grateful for the help received from all the staff at Pinnacle Chiropractic.

House of Carz LLC

Genuine staff that care about their clients. The results that I seen from my before and after X-rays were amazing. I noticed a change in my body after the first week.The name says it all. Who doesn't want to maximize their health? Having a healthy spinal cord is important, Max Health Chiropractic will show you how to get your whole body to function @ its full potential.

Jeff Sroka

We have been getting regular adjustments from Dr. Frahm for almost 2 years now and are VERY satisfied with him and his staff! Our entire family, my wife, myself and our two kids all get adjustments. In addition to Dr. Frahm, the staff at the office is always friendly and we've been treated outstanding! From educational classes to movie nights we're always learning something new and staying healthy! While waiting to get adjusted they are typically showing a variety of health/education videos that raise your awareness to stay healthy. We've adapted their 5 Maximized Living Essentials, their exercise system, their diet resources and their approach to a changed lifestlye to keep you as healthy as possible. When comparing us to friends, we seem to rarely get sick and our family stays motivated and full of energy daily. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks! Jeff Sroka

Candace Covington

Maximized living got me moving again. The staff was excellent in helping me to stay focused and get healthy. I have full motion on my right side after knee surgery and a bad fall. That's the help I needed to get moving and focused again.

Luke Neuburg

Max Health offers great staff, flexible hours and a variety of resources to help others achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Josh Meghan Johnson

The only chiropractor that I will ever go to again! The only chiropractor that truly takes the time to educate you on what it means to be healthy and live a Maximized Life!!!!! It was in God's design that I found Maximized Living Health Center in Brookfield. Dr. Frahm and the staff dramatically and rapidly relieved my debilitating migraines that I have had since a young girl. For three years prior to making the switch to Dr. Frahm, I had been to other chiropractors, getting regular spinal adjustments and home therapy and had no relief. I am 31 years old and thought I would have to live with these migraines for the rest of my life and just got used to living that way. I never knew how much suffering I was going through until I experienced my life, Maximized!!!! After only six months of care under Dr. Frahm and the staff at Maximized Living Health Center in Brookfield, I had gone from having 3 to 4 migraines a month, lasting anywhere from 3-9 days with no relief to having one migraine every two months only lasting a few to 24 hours. I highly encourage family,friends, anyone to go and see Dr. Frahm to experience, first hand, what a true Maximized Life feels like!

Esther krug

Marie Grafwallner-Huseth

The Max Health Team is AMAZING. I am now walking better, singing with more air than ever before and doing things I've never done before.

Cathie Schmit

26 years ago I hit a semi truck. I had been in constant pain. Then I met Dr. Frahm and his team. I can honestly say that I am pain free and able to do things I didn't think I would ever do again. I am healthier and much happier. Praise God for Dr. Frahms amazing dedication to his patients and to saving lives. Thank you!

Jennifer Reasoner

The doctors and staff are on a mission to help the community achieve real health and wellness. My experience with the staff has been extremely helpful. I've never felt better than I do now that I am under their care! I highly recommend you invest in your health now.

April Hajdu

For years I have had TMJ, extreme fatigue, headaches, and allergies. Since being under Dr. Frahm's care starting in November 2014, I have never felt better. The clicking in my jaw is almost non-existent. I no longer wake up in the morning sneezing with horrible sinus drainage, and I have not had a headache since. With the correction I needed, the detoxing, and proper nutrition, I now have a lot more energy. I have lost 10 pounds, and no longer crave the processed and refined foods that cause so many health issues in America. I am so thankful to be part of this mission, this way of life!

Dr. Jake Shuppe

Dr. Matt is an amazing doctor! I am forever grateful for the care that he gave to my parents! He was the first doctor they saw that ever got to the cause of the problems. My mom no longer has migraines and is off 2 anti-depressants. My dad has more energy, walks without pain and got off his blood pressure medication. And I loved seeing Dr. Matt for my maintenance/wellness adjustments. I miss the great care that we got there! Thank goodness for Maximized Living Offices all across the country!

Christina Falkowski

Dr Frahm and staff are amazing! They truly are there to get you to a better health! They teach and support your journey in living and feeling your best :)

Kristine Koepp

I have been looking for someone to actually help me. Not just give me another prescription. I think I found them. I am so excited, I already feel a lot better and I am working with the great staff at Max Health to become the healthy person I wish to be. Thank You all.

Ed Schmit

A friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Frahm to have him look at my 19 year old son who suffered from back pain for years. We were told it was a problem created at birth and would need surgery. With adjustments and exercises my son is without pain and doing great.

david enriquez

Judy Flak

Since the time my husband and I were introduced to Maximized Living, we have been on a continual journey to a healthier life. Our care has been outstanding. The staff goes above and beyond to assure you have the support you need and make sure of your success. Learning and following the Five Essentials has made a huge impact in our lives. Our only regret is that we didn't know about this sooner but are grateful for the knowledge to live our best and healthiest life possible from this point on.

Cathy Walters

These people are fantastic! They are knowledgeable and so willing to help you feel better! Life is so much better since starting here.

Melissa Piquette

They not only help align your spine/whatever you need to be adjusted, but they make sure you know how to really be healthy the NATURAL way. No gimmicks, or fad diets. Love the stuff, Dr. Frahm is THE BEST! I highly recommend them to anyone, you won't regret it! Truly life changing.

Nikki Bown

Dr. Frahm and his office are wonderful resources for the community! His office is a welcoming place, his patients are clearly his priority, and the level of care received is very modern and top-of-the-line. I like that my visits are quick and easily made into part of my routine, and I never feel better than I do when I'm getting adjusted regularly! Signing up for chiropractic care, especially long-term care, can be intimidating, but I can attest from personal experience that it is a foundational component of a healthy lifestyle and is helpful for all people, whatever age you are or health issues (or lack thereof!) you may be experiencing. His staff is so friendly as well, it's always a pleasure visiting Dr. Frahm at Pinnacle!

Kenny Mills

I believe in Dr. Matt and his entire team! They have a passion to see people find HEALTH, HOPE & HEALING that I believe is going to change Milwaukee person by person! If you are in pain, over weight, frustrated by your health because you can't seem to get on the right path or to figure out what's wrong with you, this is the place for you!

Ron Eide

I'm 70 years old and I have been going to Dr. Frahm for over 5 years. Having had prior back surgery, I was a little hesitant about going to a chiropractor. As I found out quickly, it was very beneficial and Maximized Living was MUCH more than a chiropractic service. Maximized Living is a way of life, and a good one. The knowledge of how to live life healthier and happier is constantly being shared by Dr. Frahm and staff. Thank you Dr. Frahm and staff. P.S. I am thankful that I found the NERVE to start using their program.

Alex Ribble

If you are looking to get life changing results, look no further than Pinnacle Chiropractic in Brookfield. Dr. Frahm and his staff are committed to helping patients understand and achieve true health. If you want to stop covering up your health problems with drugs, shots, and surgeries and get to the CAUSE, then this is the office for you. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Frahm. Great chiropractor. Even greater person. You will get life changing results in this office if you are committed to the process of getting well.

Ellen Koeller

I was frightened at first all the changes were so overwhelming. But I pressed on and have seen great changes in my health. Wish I knew about this program 10 years ago!


The place is a scam, I had some pain in the back and neck and leg. I called there to set up an appointment for a scan after seeing them on Google. Then they recommended X-rays which I also had done and was given one adjustment. I was told to come back for another adjustment and to see the results but instead was made to sit through an hour presentation with some other people where they pitched their "5 essential" BS trying to get me to commit to everything from bringing my kids in to filling out card on friends as well. After listening he took me back to show me my X-ray results and then tried to get me to sign a paper committing to thousands of dollars worth of treatments and wanted a large portion of the payment on the spot. I said I would like to just pay as I go like I was doing but he refused to treat me unless I gave him about $1000 up front and signed the paper committing to thousands more. He also said the first round of treatments HAD to be charged at what he claimed were insurance rates which are higher even though I was not going through insurance and then the rate would drop later. That also did not seem right to me and he also did not give the adjustment I was promised to get when I came in. I requested my X-rays I paid for so I could go some where else and they made me wait a week for them even though they had them right there . So not only did they refuse to treat me unless I gave them a large sum of money they also held my X-rays preventing me from getting treatment somewhere else knowing I was in severe pain. The place is Cult like and they really have some people in there drinking up the koolaide. They are obviously more about over charging people than they are about helping people. Not a place I would recommend getting sucked into they will bleed you dry with their outrages claims and brain washing.

Amber Thomas

I have been going to Dr. Frahm for over 4 1/2 years now. I cannot explain in words the way he has changed my families life. From my migraines going away to raising a healthy family naturally. Dr. Frahm came to our home when my son was only a couple days old to adjust him and make sure his body was functioning at 100% its capability. He is available day and night when emergencies arise and I cannot image going to anyone else with health questions/concerns.

brad millar

Alexa Mozingo

I sought out treatment information at Chiro One in Brookfield after attending a local event. I had never seen a chiropractor and decided it was time to address the ongoing back issues I have been experiencing. The initial outline of the first two appointments were explained to me as a zero commitment ordeal- if I decided not to continue with care, no big deal. Before the second appointment, I was encouraged to bring someone with me if I needed an extra set of eyes, ears, or someone to talk to when making the overall decision of beginning care. I brought my best friend who is also a nurse. She is not a patient at Chiro One, but can confidently vouch for what I experienced. I will seemingly cut to the chase- I am dissatisfied and primarily upset with my experience at Chiro One after only two visits. Dr. Derek made my second consultation experience feel like a sales pitch and a belittling one at that. I simply could not afford treatment, although I am aware that my health is at stake. My insurance was not covering treatment and he was aggressively attempting to get me to commit to something I was not financially comfortable with committing to at the moment. After going through payment plans and continuing to deny care, Dr. Derek asked “well, how much ARE you willing to pay a month?” Dr. Derek made me feel ashamed because I could not afford something this very second. “How about this. I’ll leave your file on my desk until the end of the week. So Thursday. So you need to get back to me by Wednesday at the latest if you are going to start care. Otherwise I’m just going to dispose of the file and move on” Finally, we left on this note before he nonchalantly moved on to another patient and disregarded me and my friend “Well, the plan for today was to get you adjusted and get some more X-rays but I guess THAT’S not going to happen.”

dave baldwin

Was in pain in my lower back for a while. Started getting adjusted by Dr. Frahm. Since then have been able to do as much as I used to do when I was younger. He keeps me motivated and encourages me. Great man.

Daleen Fitzgerald

I have been going to Max Health and it has been a wonderful experience! Great staff and Dr. Matt is wonderful!

Ashley Jablonski

Great office and the staff is wonderful. The girls greet me by name every time I come in.

Alexandra Paul

I am very thankful for stepping into something I was not familiar with and trusting the doctors at Max Health. I was very skeptical going in, but now that I’m at the end of my treatment I am such a believer in the power of a healthy spine! I am 26 years old and was suffering from chronic back pain, neck pain, and tight muscles from my job and was experiencing pain that I should not have at my age. After getting adjustments and doing at home maintenance, I have experienced a world of a difference and am no longer asking my fiancé to give me neck and back rubs Every. Single. Night. If you’re skeptical, just go in with an open mind. You won’t regret it.

Dorothaya Sarandos

After listening to several Max Health radio programs about the connection between health, chiropractic and proper diet and how Max Health helps one reach a truly healthy state of mind and body, I decided to give this method of chiropractic a try. Since my first visit, the staff at the Brookfield office has been professional, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive as my ongoing quest for wellness continues. I look and feel better already thanks to their expertise. I know I am on the right path to permanent health and happiness!

Stephan Krajcir

I like the courtesy, professionalism and concern over our well-being

Allison Hertel

Patrick Mulvey

Max Health truly opened my eyes to a new form of health and wellness, of both body and mind. Having come from a health/wellness background, the Chiropractic Assistants and Doctors made sure I was aware of what is happening within my body from a brand new perspective. Max Health does more for their patients than any other Doctor in the area can or will. From the detox classes to their wellness plans, this team really goes all out for those under their care.

Chris Miller

I have been an athlete all my life and I came to max health in extreme pain. Dr Steven and Dr Tom did a great job getting me healthy. I would not be where I am today without their help. Thanks so much for everything you have done. I recommend max heath chiropractic to all of my friends!

Stephanie Patrick

My experience at Pinnacle Chiropractic has been over & above excellent! Dr. Frahm truly desires his patients to become healthy and live their lives to their maximum God given potential. The office staff are very welcoming, friendly, caring, supportive and encouraging. They model a healthy, energetic, maximized lifestyle. This gave me hope that it was possible to achieve it in my life, too. My health had been declining in a downward spiral. I weighed the most I ever have in my life. I hit a weight ceiling that I thought if I ever reached, I would die! I had numbness in both hands that radiated pain all the way up both arms. My moaning in pain interrupted my sleep every night. I never felt rested in the morning. I had pain across my shoulders and neck throughout the day. I was very lethargic and addicted to sugar. I consumed OTC pain meds like they were different colored M&Ms! I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teenager. In 1999 I had 2 herniated discs in my cervical spine that left me in excruciating pain and never completely healed. I had been to 3 other chiropractors in the past, but they never corrected my structural problems. When my mother saw Dr. Frahm on the Morning Blend show, she called in to win 2 tickets for a Maximized Living Resolve Makeover on Feb 2, 2013. When I attended it, I knew I needed to follow the 5 Essentials and start seeing Dr. Frahm in order to turn my life around and take control of my health. How could I not? Maximized Living has been a God-send. I was in tears when I received the results of my initial x-rays, because now I knew quantitatively how bad my cervical spine was out of alignment. I only had a 19 degree curvature instead of the normal, healthy 45 degree curvature. I committed myself 100% to following the 5 Essentials. I began to maximize my mind by learning as much as possible about healthy nutrition principles and committing to follow the Advanced Nutrition Plan. I committed to seeing Dr. Frahm 3 times per week and doing my home rehab twice per day. I also committed to doing the Max T3 Fitness DVD for 12 minutes per day & 5-6 times per week. I lost 10 pounds in the first month. Then I lost 5 pounds in the second month. My hormones were changing and healing. My body was rejecting a medication that I had been on for over 2 years and I was having daily headaches and migraines. My gynecologist told me to stop taking it immediately because it was putting me at high risk for a stroke. So I happily gave up the medication into Dr. Frahm's pill jug. This past month my weight loss has plateaued, but I've continued to lose inches. I also started taking the recommended vitamin supplements and daily detoxification system. My headaches are gone, my hands are no longer numb, I do not have any arm pain, I sleep well, and I have energy to exercise in the morning before going to work. I am no longer addicted to sugar and don't even crave or desire it. I feel fabulous and my cervical spine curvature is 33 degrees after 3 months of adjustments. I no longer take any pain pills. I have regained control of my life and I'm thriving! Thank you Dr. Frahm and Kierryn - my biggest cheerleader! Pinnacle Chiropractic works and you will get out of it, what you put into it! The 5 Essentials work together to create the YOU, you are meant to be. I definitely recommend you try it for yourself. God bless....

Kelley Clark

Love the team here. They have made themselves available to answer questions all the time, have helped me get my MS under control so I don't need medication any more and very invested in my well being. Couldn't ask for a better group!

Bruce Konves

I started coming to Dr Frahm after having seizures for 17 years. Neurological doctors say in my case there is no known cause. I was having many seizures each day, the most was 17. They left me feeling tired and very drained. It has affected my memory and makes it hard to communicate with others. My doctors have put me on prescription drugs and have done several surgeries. Since coming to Maximized Living my seizures have decreased. I have cut both of my medications in half! My total number of seizures for the whole month of December 2015 was only 5 – and I lost 25 lbs. This is not what I thought chiropractic was. I thought if was for aches and pains, or joint and muscle problems. I always heard chiropractors weren't “real” doctors. I think Dr. Frahm is a very intelligent man who knows what he's talking about. He knows the human body, how it functions, and what it needs. Dr. Frahm and the whole team make you feel very welcome, like family. His team is well trained and always willing to help. They always have an answer to my questions or are eager to find the answer. The special events are very informative and have helped me a lot. Thanks to everyone! Kathy Konves

Deanna Selode

When I started to see Dr. Frohm a year ago, I was at a very low place, feeling like it was hopeless and nothing would get better for me. I was 37 and had already had one spinal fusion and in the last year had had two cortisone injections and a nerve ablation in my L4-L5 region, and nothing was touching the pain. I was looking at having to leave my career as a beautician and give up sports(which I live for). Dr. Frohm and his team have changed my life! Now not only can I work but I can work a 12 hour day with no pain, and I have continued with sports and am enjoying it! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Dr. Frohm has a God given gift! And I thank God for leading me to him!

Larry Taylor

I have been a satisfied client of Max Health since October of 2015. I have lost nearly 50 pounds and have realized improved health. I intend on continuing to see Dr. Frahm and his staff. I am completely satisfied. Larry T.

Scott Barkow

Great staff. The advice is the best and practical. Your health is their main concern.

Arlene Plato

Feeling 100 better than 3 months ago. Started max health weight loss last Monday & 7 pounds gone!! Feel more energetic and no hunger

Michelle Hutzenlaub

They are always very pleasant and very knowledgeable. They hold workshops throughout the year allowing people to learn ways to live a healthier lifestyle. I love the fact that there are Maximized Living clinics around the country so when I'm out of town I do not have to miss any adjustments.

Michelle Kiekow

Max Health is an integral part of entire family's holistic health and wellness -- our third child had her first adjustment at three days old... that's how much we believe in the care of Dr. Frahm and the Max Health staff.

Mary Jo Karnath

I have had positive results from my experiences With Max Health. I feel that I have more energy. My heartburn is gone. I am able to go about my day without Tylenol. I do sleep better also. I am very pleased with my results. My dietary changes seem to also be improving my health. I have lost some weight which I am pleased about.

Michael Cammack

I was very against going to a chiropractor but my wife talked me into it. I should have listened to her and done it sooner. In a very short period of time my lower back pain was gone and my sleep improved. The doctors and staff here are fantastic. They treat you like a person and not a number. I wish I would have found this place sooner.

l reahm

What drew my husband and me to Max Health was their whole-health and wellness approach to chiropractic care with their 5 Essentials philosophy. Prior to starting at Max Health, I was taking prescription drugs to treat anxiety and depression. My weight was creeping, and I knew a modification to my eating habits was in order. In addition, I would suffer from a TMJ flare up from time to time. MaxHealth is here to help! Immediately after my first adjustment, I noticed wider range of motion in my jaw. IMMEDIATELY after! In addition, thanks to MaxHealth, I now have the confidence and knowledge that I am in control of my weight and I have the power to control what and how I eat. Most notably, I am now off the anti-anxiety/antidepressant drugs. After 18 months of receiving regular adjustments, I started to become aware of a strange, lack of emotion – high or low. I felt indifferent and flat. Having no feelings of normal human emotion, I knew I needed to reevaluate my mental health. Initially, I thought I needed a dosage adjustment on my prescription drugs. Knowing a goal of mine was to get off these drugs, I was not going accept this. I came to realize seeking regular adjustments improved my neurologic functionality and, in my mind, feel the drugs were now counteracting my brain’s natural ability to regulate emotion. My physician agreed that the drugs were no longer warranted, and I have successfully transitioned to a life without the medications! MaxHealth has a knowledgeable and caring staff. They have great passion for improving the health and lives of their clients. Because of their staff and their emphasis on the 5 Essentials, I am continuously learning how to improve my health, and the health of my family.

Peggy Williams

Over three months into the program. Currently experiencing regained lost mobility, strengths, and weight loss which all has made a great impact on me and my family. This center has been an undeniable positive journey. I look forward to continued progress. Thanks Dr.Matt Frahm and staff, keep your passion for helping people maximize living healthier lifestyles!!

Bev Herrmann

In addition to relieving my shoulder and neck pain, Max Health has introduced me to a complete healthy lifestyle. This includes a healthy diet and eliminating toxins from my diet and environment.

anise taylor

I can't say enough about Maximized Health Chiropratic. I started treatment in October 2015 and in that short time Dr & Mrs Framm and the entire staff feel like an extended family. I know that each one of them are genuinely invested in my health. In October I had complaints of headaches on a daily basis, feeling sluggish and back pain, but that's no longer my story. I feel better than I have in many years. I am eating healthier and living a cleaner life style. Every single day I enjoy getting up and living life to its fullest! Anise T.

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