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REVIEWS OF Blue River Chiropractic IN Wisconsin

Raquel Garcia

I had been experiencing back pain for about a month before I decided to get checked out by Dr.Ben. I could barely move around about my day without pain. I had never been to a chiropractor before nor did I believe my pain would go away if I got adjusted. (I was skeptical) But I decided to give it a shot! Rest assured, Dr. Ben really did fix up my back! Turns out I had a hip rotation that I didn’t notice! He was able to schedule me in a week before I was off to travel. I am soooo happy I went and got my back adjusted because my entire 2 weeks of travel I was pain free! My back feels great, light and weight free since! Im able to work out and lift weights again. I’m making chiropractor visits with Dr. Ben a frequent thing from now on!

Nikki Bester

Dr. Ben is great. He is personable, easy going and skilled! I have been a patient for awhile. Not because he hasn't helped my pain - but because when new pains present themselves, I want Dr. Ben to see if he can help versus going to my PCP. I just know he will magically make the pain go away quicker.

Stephen Gemperline

So I understand that not many people update their review's. Today I am updating my review of blue river to tell you a story. Ben the practitioner is a unique man among men. He goes above and beyond the needs of his patients on a regular basis. There was one time my wife and I were in desperate need of an adjustment each and we had been planning to schedule an appointment very soon. Unfortunately our credit card information was stolen and had to be replaced leaving us without our main form of payment for many of our emergency and run of the mill needs. Not only were we seen the day I called but I was assured that I could pay at a later date when the card finally showed. Needless to say not only did he see us but he kept his promise. We payed over the phone over two weeks later since the card took that much longer to arrive than usual. Needless to say this man and his staff are a blessing to the community and care more about the people than profit.

Josh Kuhl

Dr. Ben (as I affectionately like to call him) has been taking care of me and my crew for nearly half a decade now. I began seeing him due to some severe sciatic nerve pain. After some x-rays, some insight on what's happening, and game plan on how to get back into shape, Ben got started on adjusting my tattered spine. Fast forward a few weeks and a couple follow ups and I was good as new! I honestly haven't needed to go back since (and this was nearly five years ago), but have kept in touch with the Zahasky's and keep sending my friends and co-workers to see them whenever their body ails them. Update: I've since had to visit for an acute lumbar lateral shift. Not only was I able to get in right away the same afternoon that symptoms worsened, but I'm already feeling much better the next morning. Thanks again, Dr Ben!

Lane Alexander

Dr. Ben has been helping keep my neck limber and energy levels high for the last two years. Quick appointments, a personal touch, and friendly support staff have me looking forward to each visit! It might not be possible to actually turn back the hands of time, but a regimen of routine adjustments in parallel with massage and stretching sure feels like the next best thing. Highly recommended.

Marina Waggoner

My doctor recommended Dr.Ben for my jaw problems. Before I went to him I couldn't open my mouth all the way and when eating food my jaw would get stuck and I could barely take bites of food! It was rediculous so I finally did something about it.

Adrienne Arthur

Susan Singer

Dr Ben and entire Blue River team are number 1. So very caring, professional and kind. They always work me in when my back goes out. Dr Ben is a real miracle worker. 5 star rating the Best!

Raju Durvasula

Dr Ben, did a great job for me I fell down from my Motor Bike and had a severe pain in my lower back he was very patient and helped me get rid of it.

John Walker

Dr. Ben is always able to fit me in for an appointment- his staff are very professional and welcoming. I have a chronic problem with ringing in my ears and he is the only chiropractor I will let touch my neck! Thank you Dr. Ben for your help!

Kenzie Eléna

Dr. Ben is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and helps with more than just back problems. Jessica and Hannah are always helpful and friendly when it comes to any logistical needs. I would highly recommend Blue River Chiropractic!

M. James Bartlett

The staff are really friendly and fun to work with. Dr. Ben himself is able yo identify problems other chiropractors never think of.

Erik Ringquist

Dr. Ben and his staff do everything they can to make your experience the best each time you stop by. Need a last minute adjustment, they will find a way to squeeze you in and every client of theirs is just as understanding. Between work(painting) and sports I put a lot of stress on my back and Blue River does everything they can to help me to stay active and healthy.

Karen Borley

I have been a very satisfied patient at Blue River Chiropractice for several years. Ben is a miracle worker! I have several issues with my back, hips and neck. I have been extremely satisfied with all the treatments received there. Ben had kept me from having to have major back surgery and/or hip replacement surgery by keeping my back straight and aligned all these years. The staff at Blue River is so friendly that I look forward to my chiropractice visits.

Desiree Williams

I have never been to a better chiropractor. Dr. Ben and his staff are kind, friendly, informative, and absolutely improved my life. I came in with a bulging disc, a prominent hip alignment issue, and sciatica. The pain I was in was leaving me incapacitated. I would cry getting in and out of my car to even go to the appointments. I was also a caretaker for a terminally ill relative at the time so it was impacting my life as well as theirs so negatively. Dr. Ben worked diligently to not just alleviate the issue but remedy it entirely. They worked with my out of state insurance, they were so patient, and by the end of being treated, I felt normal and healthy again. You will not have a better experience and treatment anywhere else. I swear I'd fly back to Wisconsin on the regular if I could just to get adjusted there. Thank you Dr. Ben, and the entire staff for helping me.

Susan Hughes

Blue River Chiropractic helped heal an injured leg. I couldn't walk without pain streaming down my leg. The pain has never returned and it has been 2 years since I have been treated there. I would recommend this place to anyone who has a serious problem.

Brittani Redfearn

My favorite part of Blue River Chiropratic is that I can call and get it on the same day, which is really convenient with my schedule! Very minimal wait times every time I go, and I always feel great after an adjustment with Dr. Ben!

Daisy Varney

Amazing and friendly staff! Dr Ben is very friendly and pays close attention to you and what your body needs to heal! Definitely going back!

Jamie Hughes

Michael Bagguley

I met Dr. Ben and his wife at an expo show in Madison. They were extremely nice, helpful, and enthusiatic. His knowledge and adjustments have benefitted my life and reduced my pain to an almost non-existent, manageable state for the first time since my accident years ago. I highly recommend him and his practice.

Joyce Ragard

Dr. Ben is fantastic! Everyone here is incredibly friendly, and, most importantly, seeing Dr. Ben has really helped me with my back pain. I couldn't recommend Blue River Chiropractic more!

Dixie Beadle

I needed to get in for an alignment quickly before traveling and they were so accomodating. I was quite impressed by the friendliness of the staff and by Dr. Ben taking the time to explain the issue with my back and to talk me through the adjustment as we went along. I would not hesitate to recommend Blue River Chiropractic to my friends and family members.

Angela Neidigh

My daughter was referred to chiropractic care by her primary doctor. We chose Blue River based on those available to us thru the insurance network but couldn't be happier! Dr. Ben has been amazing in explaining what was wrong and what we need to do moving forward. Bottom line, we have seen amazing progress in headache reduction, my daughter is comfortable with Dr. Ben and always looks forward to her next adjustment and the relief she feels afterwards! Thanks Blue River!

steve b

Just started treatments with Dr. Ben for spinal/hip realignment. Never have been to a chiropractor before and was very skeptical , but am happy to say I am very pleased with the results so far. He and his staff are extremely friendly and make each visit as enjoyable as is possible when seeing a Dr. Highly recommend him and Blue River!!!!!

Loren D'Amico

Excellent team and Dr Ben does a great job with both adults and little kids. Reasonable prices too.

Victoria Murray

Dr. Ben always thinks outside the box to make sure that your adjustments are working well for you. If they're not, he's not afraid to change his techniques and recommend solutions for you to help the process along. The clinic staff are also fantastic and appointments are very easy to get. I've been a chiropractic patient for years and Blue River Chiropractic is definitely one of the best!

Ryne Petersen

No medicine men here. They tell you exactly what's going on with your body and if Chiropractic can't fix it they will suggest alternatives

Jill stapleton

Dr. Ben is the best and I have been a patient for over 8 years. He is so personable, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I have been having issues with my plantar fasciitis and working with Dr. Ben has really helped me get back to my running routine. The best!

Julie Alexander

I have severe scoliosis & major pain associated with it. I've never been to a chiropractor & was hesitate. My husband started to go see Dr. Ben for pain as well and had a wonderful experience. I now go along with my 4 year old son who also is showing signs of scoliosis & Dr. Ben takes great care of our entire family!! :) he has awesome bedside maner & definitely knows what he is doing. I wouldn't go anywhere else! :)

Dietrich Gruen

Ben is very intereactive and knowledgeable in his craft, and persists to get me just right every time. the staff are very helpful in getting me in asap whenever I need to. I am most regular in my appointments, and can hardly get through a week without an adjustment from Ben.

Edward Zapala

I went here with 2 weeks to go before running my first marathon, after I was experiencing pain in my knee during training (that would start after 2 miles normally). I would come here multiple times a week, and do PT exercises (but I was not feeling optimistic). Much to my pleasant shock, I ran the ENTIRE marathon with ZERO pain in my knee. Thanks so much Dr. Ben and co.!

my chan

Jamie Engebregtsen

The staff is very friendly and Dr. Ben is a great chiropractor! I started coming here after a shoulder injury and continue with routine adjustments when needed. I certainly was hesitant to see a chiropractor at first, but I could not be happier! Dr. Ben is skilled at what he does. Highly recommend!

Cindy Rink

I've been going to Blue River and Dr. Zahasky for years now. I was referred by a friend, so I'm glad to carry that referral forward, because choosing a chiropractor can be daunting. They're cordial, caring, and professional on all levels. I've gone just for maintenance, I've gone for specific traumas—and more than once I've said, "Why the heck didn't I go before this?!" after I've been treated because the relief was so apparent. I consider them a part of my continued well-being.

MyReeah Johnson

Kim Varian

After having a pretty nasty lead up to hip surgery, Dr Ben did his best to keep me in a holding pattern until I could have my surgery done. Some of the same problems still existed until after surgery. We have to re strengthen these muscles. The surgeon wasn’t really sure how we would get anything done. I threw my back out 6 days post op. But Dr Ben knew there was something he could do to help me. We both laughed. He let me know it was the weirdest low back adjustment he’d ever done. But he did it and it helped. I cannot thank him enough for his ability to think outside the box. Rockstar status Dr Ben!!

Kerri Jacobson

All the staff is super friendly and personable, and Dr. Ben is great! Love this place!

Shondra Yankee

I messed up my back jumping off a diving board last summer (I guess I'm old), and I dealt w/ weird pain for about 5 months before I finally decided to go to a chiropractor. I googled around for the best ratings and the most normal schedule (some chiropractors really don't offer convenient hours), and I ended up at Blue River. My back felt so much better after even the first appointment (I questioned why I waited months to go), and it's nearly at a point where it doesn't bother me at all. I cannot recommend Dr. Ben enough. He does great work!

Charity D'Amico

We love Blue River Chiropractic. Dr. Ben is really accommodating. I came in for my son who is 4 and my neck had been really hurting and he did a quick adjustment that helped me so much. I recommended him to my sister who also feels so much better after seeing him. I would recommend him to anyone who has back/neck pain. My families experience has been great.

Bridget Berigan

I really enjoy Blue River Chiropractic. They are very professional yet extremely friendly. It was very easy to get an appointment and the cost for me is pretty minimal as my insurance doesn't cover here. I highly recommend coming here for you chiropractic needs!

Christie Gravesen

Prior to coming to Blue River Chiropractic a couple of weeks ago, I had never been to a chiropractor before. I was very impressed with the friendly attitudes and knowledge from Dr. Ben and all his staff. It was a great first experience! However, I found out they were out of network with my insurance so I decided to look into other options. After a couple visits with another chiropractor in the area who was in network with my insurance, I actually decided to go back to Blue River Chiropractic and pay the extra amount per visit. They are so wonderful here! I highly recommend Blue River Chiropractic!

Linda Barcz

Life is amazing without pain. Dr.Ben has helped family and friends with so many different issues. Love his healing help.

Mary Ellen Schlough

I have suffered from back pain for many years and Dr. Ben has been able to help me alleviate my issues and keep them under control for a few years now. He LISTENS to what I say and works with me. I feel totally confident in his care. This was not my experience with another chiropractor that my Insurance insisted I see.

Rosibel Ortiz

Millie W

Dr Ben is personable and very competent. Not always an easy combination to find in a chiropractor! He has seen both adults, our non-athlete son, and both our athletic daughters, and all have been surprised and/or relieved to find relief from back pain or minor athletic injuries here!

Phenomenal Carpet Care

As a working professional who's job is physically demanding, I rely on Dr.Ben to keep me in top shape. He has helped correct pain related issues due to injuries at work and because I am properly aligned, I no longer get headaches - an issue that has plagued me since I was young. Dr. Ben, you're a rockstar - Thank you for your genuine love for what you do!

Josh Kramer

Shannon Kahl

Definitely the best chiropractor I have been to, I highly recommend Dr. Ben. I started treatment for severe SI join pain probably 7 years ago and have been continuing as needed which has kept the SI joint in check and the headaches away. I wouldn't go anywhere else for chiropractic care.

Simon Tsang

Definitely come here if you're experiencing any pain or discomfort. The staff here are friendly, and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. Dr. Ben is very professional and will explain everything throughly. He is accommodating, personable and very good at what he does. Everything from a minor adjustment to helping with dislocated ribs from an skiing accident, Dr. Ben works wonders. I recommend all my friends and family to Blue River for your chiropractic needs!

Rubi’s Channel

Kayleigh Cleary

Love Dr Ben and the whole staff- I had an old hip injury from college (10+ years ago) that I had been to physical therapy for 3 times, and with anout 6-8 visits, it felt better than ever. It turns out, my hip joint was out of place and that leg was about a half inch shorter than the other. For TEN years! Several visits to correct it made a huge difference, and I with some maintenance visits, I finally feel like it healed properly and I can sleep on that side again without pain! I also had a rib out of place that was causing what i thought was some mild back discomfort, but when he released it, i couldnt believed how much better it felt. It's amazing how much "everyday" pain we get used to dealing with, and I wish I had gone to see him sooner.

Matthew Johnson

I have been a patient of Dr. Ben for almost a year and a half. I would highly recommend him. He is very time efficient and can quickly identify problem areas. Not only are he and his staff great at their jobs but they are very kind people. If you are in the Madison area and need chiropractic services, Blue River Chiropractic is the place to go to.

Chris Updike

I'm very happy with my experience at Blue River Chiropractic. I went in with general discomfort and pain in my neck and mid/lower back. Dr. Ben sat down with me and identified some areas where we could make some progress and he set forth a solid plan for addressing those areas. After about a month and a half to two months I've stopped cracking my own neck and back and I have seen great improvements. Less soreness in what was normally troublesome areas, range of motion improved in the neck, and far less headaches than before. Couldn't be happier and I would definitely reccomend!

Gail Fralick

I've been coming here for a couple of years now. Started after being in a car accident. I could turn my head to the left for the first time in two years. Recently I couldn't stand or sit after slipping on the ice. After my first adjustment everything was on the mend. Dr. Ben is great, the people are super nice. I highly recommend them

Emily Koster

I am a computer programmer for my day job, but have a passion for ballroom dance in my spare time. Dr. Ben always knows when we're learning new choreography because it usually involves some muscle spasms that lead to visits to him! I like going to see him because he understands that I need more than just an adjustment - I need the muscles corrected and released as well. He's been able to help with injuries as well. I also appreciate their willingness to get us in quickly! I was able to get in an hour before I left for my competition this weekend to put my hip back into place. The staff is also very sweet, remembers all their patients and makes you feel like family. :)

Ashley Gipson

Michael Smith

Moved to Madison from another state and had to give up my previous Chiropractor whom I liked very much. Upon her recommendation I looked for a Palmer Chiropractic grad and found one in Dr Ben. Like my previous Palmer grad chiropractor, he is a practitioner of holistic and natural healthcare. Due to the stresses and strains on my body from moving and not seeing a chiropractor for a few months I was very much out of alignment. Let me just say that he has not only met my expectations but he has exceeded them as well. Aside from being an excellent chiropractor he is just a very personable individual as is everyone in their office. I have felt very welcomed and they not only care for their patients, but care about them as individuals as well. All you need to do is come in and watch the interactions of him and his staff with patients and you feel very quickly you are an individual not just another body to be fixed. In this day of pill taking it is wonderful to find people like Dr Ben that practice a natural way of healing and keeping the body in shape. I have arthritis in both knees and you could imagine that my knees ache a lot and cause me pain. He has actually worked on and adjusted my knees and the result has been taking less naproxen sodium and being more active. I would highly recommend Dr. Ben and his staff to anyone looking for a chiropractor or not happy with their current situation.

Melissa Weigman

Dr. Ben is the BEST! I wish they had later hours but it's worth the schedule changes!

Elizabeth Ripp

Kelly DeHart

The care my entire family receives from Dr. Ben and staff is second to none. I started care through my second pregnancy and now continue with visits, and have brought baby from birth-on for excellent care! I'd recommend Blue River Chiropractic any day.

Brian Kopp

I have been to a lot of Chiropractors in my life and I am extremely happy that I was able to find Dr. Ben Zahasky. Before I met, Dr. Ben Zahasky, I was struggling with severe back pain for over two years, going to Physical Therapy and multiple different Chiropractors in the Madison area without much success. He was able to help me be pain free today in two visits. I would recommend him to anyone that has been struggling with back pain and who might be hesitant to try a Chiropractor, because everyone at Blue River Chiropractic have been amazing to work with and the treatment has been life changing. Thank you.

Kasey Wilson

Blue River has changed my life. Dr. Ben is one of the best chiropractors I know. They always welcome with a smile, and always make me feel welcomed. Ever since I was little, i've had back pain, and every time that I go get adjusted, I instantly feel better. It makes you want to come back for more. I definitely recommend them to anyone in need of an awesome chiropractor!!

Lisa Veltrop

The staff are super helpful, and the clinic is extremely flexible with my schedule. Dr. Ben is friendly and I am seeing great results! I would recommend this clinic to anyone

Valarie Lorenzen

Sabrina Bodden

The Zahasky's care so much about taking care of people, and Dr. Ben's adjustments are very precise, mindful, and effective. So thankful to have found BRC!

Sally Averkamp

Ben is the best chiropractor I have used. He is a good listener and very observant.

Mike Kittoe

I have been to this office many times and have always been treated with professionalism and courtesy. The staff is great and I will not go to anyone else to have an adjustment . Thanks Ben, Kimberly and staff!!

Lisa Nelson

Everyone at Blue River is so nice and accommodating! You will never be disappointed stepping into this chiropractic office!

Daniel Barton

I couldn't be happier with the health care that I have received from Dr. Ben!! I am a crossfit athlete and chiropractic care at Blue River has helped my performance in ways that I never thought possible. My range of motion has improved over 50%, and I have been able to hit lifts that I have struggled with in the past. Thank you Dr. Ben for all your education and help!!!

Jeanne Engle

I've been seeing Dr. Ben for about 8 weeks now. I couldn't be happier with the progress and how much less pain I have in my knee now. I highly recommend Blue River Chiropractic to anyone who has joint pain caused by arthritis or by a pelvis so out of alignment as mine was. I wish I would have sought out Dr. Ben a long time ago. But I'm especially glad I never followed through a couple of years ago on a hip replacement that an osteopathic surgeon said would help my knee pain. Chiropractic is not invasive and has helped me a great deal.

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