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REVIEWS OF Mountain State Wellness, PLLC IN West Virginia

Emily Spencer

I have been coming to Mountain State Wellness for about 6 months and have had a fantastic experience all around. The staff are all incredibly friendly and professional. Dr. Amy has done wonders for my neck and my pain has decreased significantly since my adjustments began. I went from coming twice a week to now only once every three weeks. It is great to actually see results and to feel the difference. I would highly recommend Mountain State Wellness.

Mary Law

Mountain State Wellness helps me remember that I need to take care of myself so I can take care of my family. The staff is very friendly. The adjustment is painless. The results are amazing.

Jackie Dial

It is so nice to be adjusted without the negative anticipation of being "cracked", yet it still works!

Zachary Guyach

I've had nagging back pain for years and I was amazed at how much Dr. Lucas was able to reduce it. It's hard to accurately describe the positive physical effects of the treatment since my back hardly hurts at all anymore. I've been a patient for almost a year and I've almost forgotten how much my back used to hurt at night. The treatment is painless and the staff is very professional and I believe they honestly care for your well being.

Shelly Tissue

The most gentle adjustments ever. Went due to migraines and back pain. Back pain is gone and haven’t had a migraine so far. I can’t say enough about how wonderful the staff and doctors are. The nicest people ever. They truly love their job.

Mandy Nuzum

A friend referred me to Dr. Amy during a conversation about my daughter having some emotional difficulties. We decided to give it a try and quickly realized that she was in major need of spinal alignment. We began seeing Dr. Amy regularly and in just a few weeks, we could see HUGE changes in her emotional state. Every bit of the experience has been great and we plan on being their patients for a long time!

Daniel Keefe

Such s great place!! Great dr and a friendly and helpful staff. In a short few weeks my sciatic nerve pain went completely away!! Under the treatment of dr Lucas I am now pain free!!! All thanks to this wonderful place !!

Lisa Tiberio

Mountain State Wellness has been part of my wellness routine sine 2004 and they will continue to be. It is the most gentle chiropractic adjustment. If you can imagine popping a bubble wrap bubble, I will tell you it is less intrusive than that! No it is not snap crackle pop, it is such a gentle touch you wonder how this could work? Well it does!!!! You should check it out if you haven't as it is so good for your body and your mind to be in alignment.

Felicia Hovermale

Many years as patient with great results due to Dr. Watterson great skills.The staff is wonderful and very pleasant. Definitely worth the two hour drive (one way)to receive such great results.

Irv Schuetzner

The word "chiropractors", as you think, doesn't apply here. With the NUCA method, there is no snapping, cracking or twisting! I went there after painful methods. After years of abuse, I needed back surgery, which I had done. 3 years later, I still go back to Dr Lucas, once a month, to keep my back healthy! It is painless treatment that works!

Nancy Pavlich

If you experience any pain, you need to make an appointment at Mountain State Wellness. The staff is wonderful and the treatments are incredible. My back pain and neck pain are a million times better. Don't expect to be twisted or cracked as the treatment is so gentle, you won't believe it.

Steve Miker

I have been under Dr. Amy's care now for nearly 15 years. My experiences throughout these years have not been like the normal doctor patient relationship but more of a caring family relationship. Last year I found out I had a heart issue. In January of this year I did a purification cleanse and Dr. Amy has been helping me with nutritional supplementation. So far I have lost 40 lbs., my heart function has improved and my energy has increased dramatically. I feel as if the clock is being turned back. No matter what your issue, I encourage you to give Mountain State Wellness a chance to help you regain your health!

Randal Beitzel

Facility is spotless and as clean as I've seen anywhere, the staff and Doctors are also as friendly and professional as I've seen anywhere they are there to help and assist you in any way they can. There goal is to treat you in a natural healthy way and to keep you off of pain medication and drugs, there to cure the problem not just give you a pill to cover up the symptoms.Highly Recommend Them.

Robert Galusky

The very best gentle chiropractic care, Drs Amy & Lucas Watterson, great staff!

Kelsie Kincell

At Mountain State Wellness you'll find a refreshing breath of attainable health and joy. You'll be greeted by a smiling face and a sincere desire to help you become the healthiest version of yourself- no matter what your age or conditions! I've seen improvements in so many ways, and am very appreciative of the health education they share. Cannot recommend enough!

Freddie Eddy

I have been going to Dr Lucas for many years now for neck and lower back problems. I left for a short while and quickly began having problems again. When I returned whitin a few weeks I could tell the difference. I go once a month for maintenance adjustments and have very little problems. Great people that help me maintain good health! I would recommend this practice for well rounded health care!

Alec Hercik

I highly recommend MSW to anyone having trouble finding a solution to their pain and health problems. Or just anyone who needs a great chiropractor. Dr. Lucas and Dr. Amy are both experts in their field, their knowledge and treatment protocol reach far beyond traditional chiropractic and they achieve great results because of that. They also offer nutritional purification services and supplementation for greater results in healing. I came to MSW with a severe herniated disc at L5-S1 and serious neck and jaw problems and I was able to recover from both, largely due to the treatment I've received from Dr. Lucas. I've known Dr. Lucas and Dr. Amy for about 3 years now and they're not only great doctors but great people as well. They both build genuine relationships with their patients and are just pleasant people to interact with, making trips to the chiropractor more enjoyable. It's a very clean and calm environment inside the office and the staff is always very kind and will go out of their way to assist you. Highly recommend

Sharon Toth

I had trouble raising my arm above my head. Multiple physical therapy visits were unsuccessful. Dr. Lucas Watterson identified the cause and used the NUCCA method to gently alleviate my pain and return my range of motion.

Cindy Bode

I have been going to Dr. Lucas for about 3 years. Before I went to him I had constant discomfort in my neck and because of that I had frequent headaches. I am now pain free. I go monthly to maintain my alignment. The staff works really hard to educate you on how to stay healthy. They sincerely care for and want to help their patients.

Andrea Stephens

Dr Amy Watterson has been a friend of mine for a long time. She was able to help my infant son with some health issues after an injury, and she helped me with a lower back issue years ago. This past summer, I was sick of living in pain. I had been battling a shoulder injury for nearly 4 years, horrible neck pain, and was even having ringing and fullness in my ears and dizzy spells. I couldn't concentrate and was having recurrent headaches, and doctors and physical therapists were not able to help me. I decided to go back to Amy and committed to following whatever she recommended, and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her gentle technique has been able to completely heal my neck pain and my dizzy spells. My shoulder has almost NO pain after 4 years, my mobility has returned, I am able to exercise without pain again, and my dizzy spells are gone in less than 2 months. More than anything, I have the sparkle back in my eyes, better clarity, and I feel like myself again after a very long time. I would recommend Mt State Wellness to anyone who wants their vest for life back! Thank you, Amy!

Lori Manley

I can't say enough good things about Dr Lucas and Dr Amy. You feel very welcomed from the time you step in the door. I had sinus issues and headaches and back pain before I started going here, They're unlike any other chiropractic services, no cracking and twisting. Very gentle manipulation to get get you back into alignment. I have had bones in my foot adjusted and my shoulder a number of times with no pain with the adjustments. Give them a try and see for yourself. It's worth it to be PAIN FREE!!

Kingsley Whitsett

It has been our pleasure to be patients of Dr. Waterson. I could feel the difference after each treatment. My wife has also appreciated the results she has experienced. Regular maintenance has made a difference!

Melanie Rieser

I am now a believer of Chiropractic care! Dr. Amy and her staff are so professional and personable. They welcome you the minute you walk through the door. After being rear ended in a car accident and experiencing neck pain I was referred to their office. What a blessing! My neck pain is gone but I will continue with their care! Dr. Amy takes time to get to know you, your body and your overall health concerns. I look forward to continuing with their excellant care.

J. Poach

Awesome experience! Dr. Lucas is extremely knowledgeable on all health subjects and answers all of my questions! Very pleasant and uplifting office environment as well.


I have been under Dr. Amy's care for almost one year. With her adjustments I no longer know daily that I have a right hip! (Before her care, my hip gave me a constant reminder that it was there). I recommend both doctors to anyone who tells me they hurt!

Denise Vandenberg

Our family have been patients of the Drs. Waterson since they first came to Morgantown approximately 15 years ago. We have had nothing but great experiences with their Chiropractic care. The staff is kind, caring and always helpful. The doctors are the same. We travel 100 miles to see Dr. Lucas Waterson. We wouldn't go anywhere else for our chiropractic care.

darla soles

I always enjoy walking in to the office; the staff is always welcoming and professional. I have been seeing Dr. Lucas for a year; with my career neck and back problems are common. His adjustments are so gentle, and have been so effective that my back and seldom my neck "talk to me anymore". I use less meds and have less intense and frequent migraines. I highly recommend these two chiropracters.

Andrew Harper

I really appreciate the caring staff at Mountain State Wellness as they provide patient centered care. It is well worth the drive.

Karen L Hicks

I have bee a patient of Dr. Lucas for over 12 years. I initially went to them on recommendation from a friend. I was having problems due to an automobile accident and couldn’t lift my left arm over my head. I also was having a little pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I am happy to report that those issues are gone. Since going to Dr. Lucas I also talked to him about my numerous headaches which happened seasonally. He suggested I try allerplex after an adjustment. I have very few if any headaches now and when he adjusts me they are on the way to being gone. I am a runner and at 63 going on 64 I value his opinion about my spine and overall wellness. I see Dr. Lucas every two weeks and I can continue my running workouts. If you are having pain and don’t know where to go, please try Dr. Lucas and Dr. Amy . You won’t be disappointed.

Andrea Audia

I was suffering from anxiety, that I have had off and on throughout my life, digestive issues that had went on for years, waking up in the middle of the night, etc. Although, I didn't suffer from chronic pain, I had a good bit of tension off and on in my neck and shoulders. After my first adjustment I started sleeping better within days, my anxiety is literally gone, my digestion is normal and I haven’t had any muscle tension since! I highly recommend Mountain State wellness!

Audrey Jones

I have suffered from migraines for at least 25 years; that is until I became a patient of Dr. Lucas Watterson at Mountain State Wellness. From the very first adjustment I have not had a migraine. That’s pretty awesome considering I had 4 or 5 a week! I have to say Mountain State Wellness is definitely worth the investment.

Annalee Edwards

I had my consultation and first adjustment today at MSW. The staff were able to get me in the same day I called and were very friendly and knowledgeable. They genuinely cared about my well-being and being able to provide the corrections I needed as well as comfort. This chiropractic care is very unique and gentle. I felt no pain whatsoever during these techniques. MSW came highly recommended and I'm so glad I made an appointment! I'll definitely be getting all of my treatments there!

LeeAnn Wiles

Always a great experience when visiting Mountain State Wellness. Very professional and caring staff and always feel better after having received treatment. Thanks for all you do....Mountain State Wellness team!

Tom Hay

They actually fixed my sciatica. Nice folks with a gentle touch.

Tom Tretheway

when you are at the end of your rope with back pain and think there is no other solution than surgery, give mountain state wellness a chance to correct the problems painlessly. i was in an emergency situation where i could not stand up straight and barely walk - 7 years ago - and today thanks to dr lucas' continued care i have a full range of motion. if you feel stuck and a regular chiropractor isnt getting the job done, stop wasting time and go see mountain state wellness

Deborah Albright

Several years ago I had .severe back pain could not stand.sit or lay down with out pain,one trip to see the doctor my pain was gone by morning. Most recently I had pain.burning,and no strength on my arms after several treatments my arms are normal. Thanks so much highly rrcomend

V Braham

I first came to Mountain State Wellness upon a recommendation of a friend. I had been experiencing headaches due to an old neck injury. After the initial evaluation and adjustment, I finally experienced relief and healing. Now my whole family is under Dr. Amy's and Dr. Lucas' care. They are extremely knowledgeable and caring. My husband has been blessed by their care also. He received immediate relief from pain of two herniated discs after twenty years! The office staff is wonderful too!

Charlie Bobela

Mountain State Wellness is a very awesome chiropractic business. The doctors are very kind and helpful along with the staff. I have been going here for several years and they have changed my life tremendously. If anyone can help you feel better this is the place to go.

Kaylee Tyree

I’ve only been going to here for a few weeks but have been surprised by my quick improvements. I was experiencing shoulder and neck cramps every day and often multiple times a day. Last week I only had two cramps during the whole week! It is so nice to not have to constantly drop what I’m doing and wait for the pain to subside. I’m looking forward to the cramps disappearing along with my other aches and pains. Everyone in the office is very friendly, sincere and personal.

Carlie Ebra

My daughter refused to sleep on her back when she was first born. After 10 weeks of sitting up holding her to sleep, we took the trip to Mountain State Wellness. After her first adjustment she put herself to sleep on her back and slept for 3 hours. The change we have seen in her disposition and health are phenomenal. Would highly recommend!

Chris Warnick

What's not to love about MSW? I have my whole family under their care - my wife and I and our two young daughters. Adjustments for preventive care are vital for complete wellness; it's not just those with medical issues who should be under their care. Drs. Lucas and Amy are both exceptionally caring and knowledgeable. They have assisted my wife and I with several health-related issues, not just chiropractic care. They regularly hold free educational events on health and nutrition; I've attended them all (except the women's wellness one, but my wife has attended). And discounts and legit good give-away's are available at these events. I have the opportunity to ask questions (3) after adjustments, and Dr. Lucas is calm and helpful about answering them. He helped me to find the best holistic foods and household products. The customer service is warm and welcoming, and our older daughter adores them. After the adjustments, the massage chairs are top-of-the-line. I wish all of Morgantown could experience MSW!

Carmen Meluzio

I have been going regularly to Mountain State for 6 years and have been very pleased with the service and personal attention to keep me healthy into my 60's. I intend to continue my neck adjustments for several more years, God willing.

Ruth Ann Riley

I met Dr. Watterson several years ago. Time passes so quickly that I am not sure of the date. At that time I was having issues with pain in my knees and hips. I began seeing him on a regular basis and he was able to correct these issues. I began feeling so well that I neglected to see him for a period of time. That was a mistake! The joint pain did not return but I began having a great deal of pain in my neck which caused headaches as well. I have been under his treatment for over a year now seeing him every month. I was faithful in keeping my appointments and my neck has improved so greatly that today I was informed that he did not need to see me for two months. i just celebrated my 80th birthday in December and I am so grateful to him in helping me feel much younger. By keeping my spine in alignment, my whole body feels great and I rarely have any pain in my neck, knees, or hips. Thank you Dr. Watterson.

Betty Zrimsek

If you have any pain or numbness, this is the place to go. They do a specialized, gentle adjustment that no other chiropractors perform, i.e., no slamming, pounding you onto a board. This works. You will feel better and see the results on x-rays. They treat you like family. You can throw away any pain medications. Linda W.

Alexandrea Middleton

I’ve been going to the chiropractor my whole life and this is by far the gentlest adjustment I’ve ever gotten! Dr. Lucas and his staff are super nice and welcoming. I highly recommend Mountian State Wellness to everyone.

Kelly Nix

If you are open to the possibilities, never will you walk away from a visit at Mountain State Wellness feeling like you didn't get exceptional care. From the friendly greeting to the precise chiropractic adjustment, you truly feel like a part of the family. My many years of being a practice member has been a great way for me to maintain my overall wellness.

Montana McDonald

Great experience! I have suffered from migraines all of my life, tried all kinds of medications to treat the symptoms but nothing to prevent them. Once i started coming to mtn state wellness , I have had very minor headaches , no migraines, and am so greatful! If you haven’t tried this and are tired of suffering I strongly suggest coming and checking them out!

Morgan Breeden

This has been a life changing experience! Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, IBD, migraines, anxiety, proctitis, these are all the things I suffer with! I am down to only 2 prescriptions, sleep like a baby, have energy and have extreme reduced pain! The staff are some of the most amazing people I have meet! They remember your name and listen to every thing you have to say, you are not treated like a heard of cattle were you are just a number, you become like family! I highly recommend that everyone give them a go open your mind live outside the box! Take charge of your life again!

Beryl Hay

They are a fantastic business, everyone has always been very friendly. They have done wonders for me in the years that I have been coming here!

Elisabeth Campbell

I've been under Dr. Lucas's care for the last few years, and have seen nothing but improvements in my health. I sought chiropractic care for more obvious symptoms, but ended up finding relief from other issues that I didn't know could be helped in this way. I'm very thankful for the gentle, effective care I've received and would recommend this office to anyone of any age or health condition.

Crystal Gray

God has used Dr. Lucas at Mountain State Wellness to change our lives! We have been helped in many ways, ourselves and our children, and our health is phenomenal because of it. Personal doctors who take the time with you instead of rushing you in and out. We have been seeing them for years and besides the nutritional help that has done so much, my husband no longer has terrible low back pain. We were faithful in going and I can say that after time my husband feels like his back is stronger and doesn't "go out" anymore. You will not be disappointed if you stick with it and take their advice!

Bill Goodwin

I have been a chronic sufferer of migraine headaches for over seven (7) years. It got to the point where I was having an average of nineteen (19) headaches a month. I had had MRI's, CT Scans, trigger point injections, nerve blocks, physical therapy, and had tried countless prophylactic medications to prevent them. Finally I was to have Botox injections then on to the Cleveland Clinic if they didn't work. My family Physician told me about Mountain State Wellness and Dr. Watterson. I started the program in January going twice a week. I did this for several months and began to see less and less headaches. My treatment schedule was reduced to one (1) visit a week and six (6) months later, one (1) visit every two (2) weeks. My latest month I only had two (2) headaches. The process seems so minimal but the results I have gotten have been life changing. I could not be happier. Less meds, better sleep and a general feeling of wellness. Because of this, I have also been able to better focus to stop smoking. I would HIGHLY recommend giving this relatively inexpensive, healthy, life changing therapy a try. You'll be glad you did.

Eric Braham

In the early 1990s, I was diagnosed with two herniated discs. After seeing several doctors including neurosurgeons, I was told I would never work in the construction industry again. Severe pain and lack of sleep were a part of my life for years. After much persuasion, my wife finally convinced me to see Dr. Amy and Dr. Lucas Watterson. During my first visit, they took x-rays and measurements and gently adjusted my neck. When I got up, it was the first time in twenty years that I did not have pain in my back and legs. I am currently working in construction and doing very well thanks to Mountain State Wellness.

Bill Oldland

Our daughter has been a patient for 2 years in a effort to better manage her Type 1 diabetes. Through consistent, gentle adjustments, and diligence with her diet, her A1C has been able to be maintained in the target range of less than 7.4. We are very thankful for the outstanding, compassionate care we receive from the ENTIRE staff!

John Keener

Dr. Lucas has been taking care of my spinal health for many years now. I have a disease that has caused fused vertebrae in my neck and lower back. Dr. Lucas identified these on the first visit and has worked to keep my spine in alignment. Mountain State Wellness cares about my overall health and has been ways to maintain your health. I highly recommend Mountain State Wellness and Dr. Lucas to anyone that has health issues related to spinal alignment.

John Holt

I am currently going to MSW for some skin rashes that I have had for over 20 yrs. Dr. Amy feels that I was exposed to many different chemicals at my place of work and she is working with me to purify my system and get rid of these toxins. She was very concerned for my well being from the start. Dr. Amy and her staff are great!

Cheri Hall

My husband, Bill George, has been a patient there for 17 years. He always has exceptional care for his back. The staff is very accommodating and helpful. He is very satisfied with every aspect of Mountain State Wellness care.

Melody Richman

In just a few weeks, my overall health is improved and my pain is leaving much more quickly then I would have expected. I look forward to continued help with spinal alignment and wellness!

Christopher Chapman

I went to Mountain State Wellness for some severe neck problems affecting the left side of my body. I have experienced many more benefits than I expected. After my third or fourth adjustment, the arches in my feet returned, after doctors just called them "lazy" my whole life. This was enough to prove to me that the theory behind their health care is absolutely spot-on. Mountain State Wellness Center will always be a major part of my health plan. I can't say enough good things.

Frances Zinn

Have seen improvement in my over all well being in the last several years since seeing the doctors at Mountain State Wellness. The staff is very friendly and very accommodating.

Kendra Dutton

I have been experiencing left shoulder pain due to over-working it at work for almost the last year. I would have pain up to my jaw and down to my elbow. Even holding my husband's hand, it the car was very difficult. Dr. Lucas has taken the time to help me tremendously! Treatments are easy and pain free! I have very little to no pain left in my should and neck. I look forward to continuing my treatments and and getting well!

Julie T

I can’t say enough about Mountain State Wellness! They helped me back to health at a time when it seemed like my whole body was in turmoil and I had no clue as to why. That was nearly 8 years ago and I still get regular adjustments. I have had so much success with the upper cervical care, supplementation, and purification. Even if your health concerns seem to have nothing to do with your spine, believe me, they do! If you feel like you have hit a dead end with traditional medicine, try this. You may be surprised to find out how powerful your own body is to heal itself when it is given the proper attention. The doctors at MSW are very attentive and want to get to the root cause of what is causing you trouble and they will help bring relief back to your life. The office staff is super friendly and you will be amazed at how quickly these people become like family. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!

Elizabeth Randolph

I am truly grateful that a friend recommended this place. The adjustments are unique and beneficial. I can literally walk again with minimal pain.

Sonja Kelley

The staff make you feel like part of a big family. The doctors listen and take time to discuss things with you. Great results! Easy location to get to. Highly recommend!

Richard Hamric

Since I started visiting Dr Lucas my fibromyalgia symptoms have improved dramatically. I plan on continuing in his care so I can realize the full potential of the treatments. The 70 minute trip each way is well worth it. I highly recommend Mountain State Wellness for everyone.

Susan Scarbro

I had great reservations about how such gentle adjustments could make any difference- but so far, one month in, my chronic migraines that I've had for 25 years due to a head injury have gone from 8-10 a month to just 1. I can not wait to see what happens next month! Staff is super welcoming & professional. Explain everything. You do need to make a commitment to come 2x a week at first for it to work. But it's totally worth the time invested in order to feel relief!

Ryleigh Tennant

Definitely would recommend. I was having awful migraines and back pain and MSW has helped tremendously with both of those problems.

Mary H

If you are looking for a negative review you will not find it here. Dr. Amy and her team are absolutely the best! She is such a great chiropractor! Has the best manners towards her patients. I go there for my son who has ASD. At first I was very unsure if I should take him or not. I did not know how well he would do. I had him in OT for over a year and that helped some but as a mom I was wanting more progress. He lived in his "world" 98% of the time. When you would call his name he never answered. Never said "yes" or "no". Mostly would just say "tea" or "chips" so that is how I knew he was thirsty or hungry. Sleep was also an issue. He would get up at least two to three times a night and wouldn't go back to sleep at times. I had to stay up with him because if I did not he would just throw a fit and scream and it would wake everyone up in the household. So I took a chance.. why not take a chance if it could possibly help you! And let me TELL YOU! I can not shout it from the mountain loud enough. What a difference she has made for us. He was out of alignment so we went and the first, I am telling you as the honest person I am, the FIRST time we went to get aligned.. the next day he was saying "Yes" or "no!" It was music to my ears. I felt my heart jump for joy. I could not believe it. He is talking SO much more, is much more engaged with things going on around him. I can not thank Dr.Amy enough for all she has done for us. The only thing I can do is write a review to maybe touch someone else' life who felt stuck like I did as a parent. I am telling you, please take that chance. Dr. Amy is wonderful and she only wants the best for her patients. I am so glad I did and I would do it all over again for my son. Thank you Dr. Amy.

Pam Bayles

I can’t say enough about the AWESOME care I have received at Mountain State Wellness. From my first phone call greeting of “how can we increase your vitality today?” I have been greeted with that enthusiasm each and every visit. Not only do Hannah and Amy make you feel comfortable, but the surroundings are calming and relaxing. I have the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Lucas Watterson. Dr. Lucas is a very kind, friendly, compassionate and professional. He takes the time to explain your care, expected outcomes and continually makes you feel at ease. Dr. Lucas will answer any question you may have…even if you asked them repeatedly. His encouragement makes you leave the office knowing that better days are to come. My journey has been AMAZING!!! As a 28 year migraine suffer, I had tried everything from drug therapy to injections without relief. I had been treated by a chiropractor for over 30 years, but I always continued to have discomfort. I turned to Mountain State Wellness as a last resort. After reading about Mountain State Wellness’s technique, I thought I had to give it a go. I am so HAPPY that I did. My life has changed. I am no longer afraid to go to sleep, lift a grocery bag, exercise or do little things in fear of what tomorrow would bring. I can ENJOY life again. The technique that Dr.’s use is painless. I am truly amazed of how the gentle pressure movements of the adjustment has made such a difference in my health. Not only am I headache free, my lower back pain is gone, the muscle tension in my shoulders is gone, my memory has improved, and I am a HAPPIER person. Please take the leap and go see what Mountain State Wellness can do for you. You won’t be sorry!

Carrie Wildman

I'd been plagued by headaches and migraines since childhood and come to accept this pain as part of life. But fortunately, in my mid 30's, a friend convinced me there was another way. So, she introduced me to Mountain State Wellness. For over 10 years now, Dr. Amy, Dr. Lucas and the wonderful caring staff at Mountain State Wellness have helped me live a happier, healthier, pain-free life thru education, nutrition and gentle touch chiropractic adjustments. I can't thank them enough!

Brady Stafford

I am 22 and had expierenced neck pain for the past 5 years woth it gradually getting worse. I tried an orthopedic doctor and he told me to lay on a rolled towel. I was hopeless for about a year until i couldnt take it anymore. I searched for relief and finally found it when i saw Dr. Lucas. My pain began to diminish rapidly after the first adjustment. He has restored my ability to go about my life

Katrina Gallagher

My two sons and I have been coming here for years for everything from sore backs to numb fingers to injured pitching shoulders and elbows. So far, not a single problem Dr. Lucas couldn’t solve! The nutritional supplements are excellent also! Highly recommend!!!!

Jacy Woods

I have never met a more caring staff! Dr. Lucas has made a positive change in my life- something I wasn't sure was possible!

Philip Brown

A different approach to chiropractic care that doesn't involve rice crispies! Their approach is more effective at reaching the spots many other techniques miss, and they are very patient friendly as well. If you are looking for a cost-effective alternative, then this is the place to go to. The office staff are very friendly and flexible as well.

Gina Petree

I always look forward to my appointment, the staff is friendly and professional - have been going to Dr. Amy for years!

Lisa Davis

Mountain State Wellness has helped me and my family in more ways than one. The adjustments do things for you that at first you can't see. My son has TIC syndrome. The adjustments help him to the place you hardly notice. The flu season is easier to get through as well. Then there is ME. I had a lot of issues but the adjustments have helped so much. I didn't know how much until I stopped going for a few months. I wanted to try and find a Chiropractor closer to home due to the long drive. This failed!!! The places I tried just couldn't help my pain they way Dr. Lucus had. He has spoiled me!!!!! My sons TIC started back again very noticeable. Now that we are back, his symptoms are so much less. They are to the point, I hardly notice them. I highly recommend Mountain State Wellness and what they can do for you.

Stacey Blubaugh

I feared that chiropractic treatment would be aggressive and possibly dangerous without knowing what was underlying, such as injuries, etc. I rejected the idea until the pain became so great and medicine/treatment failed me. Then a friend recommended this option. They would not treat me without seeing what was going. That was a relief! Not only am I healing but I am confident that I will make a full recovery.

Anastasia Thomas

I've received chiropractic treatments at MSW for several years, and the office has always been clean, upbeat, and organized. The employees are friendly and eager to assist patients with anything they might need. Dr. Lucas and Dr. Amy are professional, kind, and knowledgeable, too! Their treatments are gentle and have really improved my posture and chronic neck issues.

Martha Amos

I am so blessed that my sister-in-law and my niece recommended Mountain State Wellness. I was living with pain in my neck, back and hands. Everything I had tried did not help. I met with Dr. Lucas. After my first visit, I started to feel a difference. With his expertise, I have been relieved of the pain! The staff are awesome as well! They are very professional and very friendly. You feel very welcomed. I highly recommend that you stop by and experience this fabulous treatment!

Jodie Linger

My youngest son had gastric reflux from a very young age and meds didn’t really fix it. A friend suggested we try Mountain State Wellness. I’m a nurse, so chiropractic care was not my first thought for him, but we were out of options so at the suggestion of a friend, we saw Dr Lucas. After my son’s very first adjustment he was much better and quickly came off the medicines. That was 8 years ago. Now my oldest son and I get regular adjustments too. We’ve found relief from a number of nagging problems and I suspect we’ve avoided a few that we don’t even know about. We highly recommend Mountain State Wellness. The entire staff is friendly, kind, and knowledgeable.

Sue Hart

I have been going to Dr Amy for 12+ years... Can only imagine how bad my body would feel without her! I have learned so much about whole foods, nutrients, and well being! My husband Danny started with Dr Lucas recently after 40 years of back and joint pain.... he is feeling the best he has ever felt in his life!!!

Bud Ervin

I've been going to see Dr. Lucas since 2005 and they've helped me tremendously. I'd had back pain and migraines for years. Since I've been going there, I rarely get a migraine and when I do that's a sign that I need to go see them for a quick visit. I also sleep much better since I began getting adjusted there. And their adjustments are so gentle that they've taken care of my daughter since she was a couple months old.

Tamra Holt

I had problems with pain in my upper back for a year and a half before I discovered Mountain State Wellness. I went to my family Dr. who told me to do some exercises for my back. No improvement. I went to a local chiropractor for 12 visits with no relief. I went back to my family Dr because the chiropractor had caused my neck to begin hurting as well. At this time my family Dr sent me to physical therapy. I went to physical therapy for 20 visits and still no relief. I was then sent to a spine Dr who ordered an MRI. They told me my discs were deteriorating and the only thing that would help was injections in my back. The first injection helped for about 5 days and the next injections (2) didn't even help for a day. By coincidence I heard about MSW from 2 different people in a matter of 2 days. I went to a seminar that my work set up with Dr Amy. I talked to her about my problem and they got me an appointment for 2 days later. After a couple visits she discovered that my pain was not from my back or discs at all. I had a rib out of place. She has put the rib 'back in" three times now. The pain is barely there most days. But I know without her discovery I would still be in terrible pain. It has been 6 months to get to this point but it was messed up for 18 months before getting help to the right place in my body. Dr Amy and her staff are very caring people. They truly want to make us feel better and live better lives. Thank you Dr. Amy

Tara Tipton

I saw Dr Amy after a car accident. I had been to PT for 8 weeks for a back and neck injury and it wasn't helping. I reluctantly went to DR Amy and got immediate relief. No more pain and no more back spams. I now go monthly to maintain my alignment.


I've had a great experience here. The doctor is extremely helpful . He was able to ease some of the pain by the end of the sessions. Definitely going back. The staff is awesome, the facility well cared for and clean. I've recommended this place to some friends and associates ! Bo Z

Maddie Klimek

I started my journey with upper cervical chiropractic about a year ago. I had been under traditional chiropractic for years, and nothing could compare to the adjustments I received from both Dr. Amy and Dr. Lucas. I have never felt better in my body than I do since being under care. I now realize that I used to have digestion issues and food sensitivities that have completely cleared up, and no longer have seasonal allergies. I highly recommend this office to anyone and everyone who tells me about a chronic symptom they have. You truly do not know how your body is supposed to feel until your spine is aligned and functioning properly!

Nancy Dean

If you are looking for relief from migraines, I highly recommend you make an appointment with Dr. Lucas. His chiropractic methods are unlike any other chiropractor. He doesn’t snap, crackle, and pop you. He uses gentle manipulation to get your vertebrae aligned to take away your headache pain. I have been going to him now for the past year and he has taken away my neck pain. His staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable. I am so glad I started treatment with Mountain State Wellness. Give them a try. You’ve got nothing to lose but your pain!

Andrew Aurelio

Mountain State Wellness is a great, family friendly business that cares about their customers and values not just physical health, but total well being. My experience with them has changed my life on two fronts; eliminating recurring migraines, and weight management. Eliminating Recurring Migraines: To say I was suffering from migraines understates this issue. They would recur monthly, almost every other week, and were debilitating to the point that I was using a lot of personal leave from work. I had consigned myself to a lifetime of migraine and anti-seizure medications, until a friend from church told me about Doctors Lucas and Amy Watterson. I went to “dinner with the Docs” after my church friend had insisted. After the talk that Dr. Lucas gave, I decided to sign up for a consultation, and started my care plan. The methods used are gentle and effective. Fast forward almost a year later, my spinal alignment is good, and the debilitating migraines have been greatly reduced, almost gone. Weight Management: If you looked at me, you would never know that I was 20 pounds overweight. I had struggled with addiction to sugary foods, trying to follow a proper diet, and exercising for most of my adult life. After a couple months into my care plan, Dr. Lucas suggested that I attend their purification seminar (Standard Process Purification). I signed up for it in February of 2018. It was tough, but going through the program altered my body. I lost about 20 pounds and have managed to keep it off. I have not had a soda since January of 2018, and am making best efforts to “eat clean”. Overall: I would highly recommend Mountain State Wellness to anybody who is interested in getting rid of migraines, getting rid of chronic pain, detoxification of your body, weight management, or just increasing their quality of life.

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