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REVIEWS OF Matthew DiLorenzo, DC IN West Virginia

Emma Pool

I started seeing Dr. Matt a few years ago. He has made such an incredible difference in my life! I walked in there hunched over and in incredible pain. He saw me a few times a week in the beginning, then the visits started to spread out. His suggestions, his positive attitude, and of course the alignments have helped me so much! I’ve even taken my son to see him. Dr. Matt was great with him too! Mandy and Dr. Matt are two of my favorite people. They care and it shows. I appreciate them and I am so glad I walked into their office those few years ago.

Minh Steven Tran

Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable in his practice. He gives good advice/suggestions to help with the healing process physically and spiritually. I have been going to see Dr. Matt for almost 6 months. He adjusts my back, neck, and even shoulder. I'm usually in and out in less than 20 mins.

Sara Marlin

Kayla Crutcher

Dr. Matt and Mandy are caring, patient, and AMAZING! I started seeing Dr. Matt because I was having migraines that lasted for days. My migraines were getting in the way of school, work, and my social life. I had been to a couple other healthcare professionals for the same issue, but no one took the time to find the root of the problem like Dr. Matt did. I have been going in for adjustments for about 2 months now and have only had 3 headaches! A dramatic change! Recently, I had a horrible migraine that was making me extremely nauseated and very sensitive to light and sound. I called Mandy and she fit me in that same day. As always Dr. Matt was patient and didn't make me feel rushed, even though he had a full waiting room. He did all he could to make sure I left his office in a better state. The next day Mandy called to see if I was feeling better. I couldn't be more appreciative of the care I have received at DiLorenzo Chiropractic. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!

Nicole Pigeon

Very patient. Excellent bedside manner. Took time to ask very relevant questions to understand where the underlying issues may have began and to then explain the approach to treatment. I’ve been to other chiropractors who seem to just want to adjust you rather than taking the time like Dr. DiLorenzo did. I feel good and confident that he will help me based solely on my initial visit. I e already recommended him to one of my clients. It’s worth the visit!

Cesar & Pamela Lindo

Dr. Matt is the best in adjusting subluxations and has kept our family safe from sickness and disease for years!

Jennie Murphy

I have been a patient with Dilorenzo chiropractic for a little less than 2 months now. I had been previously seeing another chiropractor to address sciatica which I have been experiencing during my pregnancy. After not getting any results and still suffering from pain that made it difficult to walk at times and had me in tears, I decided to change doctors and began working with Dr. Matt. After just a few appointments, my pain was reduced significantly and now it is completely gone. He takes his time for each appointment and I do not feel rushed. Highly recommend.

Melissa Blankenship

Dr. Matt and Mandy make a great team. They genuinely care about the patients wellness.

Red Truck and Plow

I’ve been coming to Dr Matt for years and highly recommend him! Several friends of mine also see Dr Matt regularly and I’m sure they would say the same. Dr Matt and Mandy are genuinely invested in their clients and it shows that they care. They’re truly awesome! I originally came to him over 14 years ago for bad back pain and he had me functioning and feeling better within my first 2 visits, and I saw consistent improvement as we went along. Years later, as I experienced a new and different issue, Dr Matt got me straightened out again in no time. I come back for regular adjustments. I’m in a profession that is not easy on he body and I know that if something isn’t feeling right or if I’m in pain, Dr Matt gets me fixed right up. His guidance and treatment has definitely helped me prevent injury as well. I highly recommend DiLorenzo Chiropractic for anyone seeking a chiropractor.

Cindy Bloomingdale

I am a new convert to chiropractic care. Dr. Matt first helped relieve my back pain and is now helping correct what life has done to my spine. My daughter also likes her adjustments. Dr. Matt and the staff are very personable and understanding. Most visits are very quick.

Tom C

I have been going to Dr. Matt DiLorenzo for over 7 years. He is very friendly and professional and has done wonders for my back. I initially visited him on the advice of a co-worker after I wrenched my back (one time from picking up an extension ladder and another time from picking up a kayak). I'm now retired and still go to Dr. Matt for my quarterly adjustments. DiLorenzo Chiropractic is family owned and operated and Mandy does a great job at the front desk. I highly recommend Dr. Matt.

Alexandra Harned

Mandy was incredibly responsive, accommodating, and friendly both on the phone and in person at the front desk. Dr. Matt spends the time to truly have a conversation about his philosophy and methods while allowing you to voice your concerns. All around great experience and can't wait for my next visit!

Thorsten Yocom

I highly recommend Dr DiLorenzo. Being adjusted by him a couple of times a week for a few months was enough to cure my lower back pain. The office is very pleasant and Mandy at the front desk is very friendly and helpful. The treatment I received there was definitely a worthwhile experience.

Tyler Bailey

The best chiropractor there is! Definitely recommending their practice to everyone.

Michael Weinert

Dr. DiLorenzo is a magician. I have had lower back problems my entire life, and have been pain free since my first few adjustments with him. He takes a very detailed approach with his patients that I have not seen from other Chiropractors -- he treats the pain, but also is able to pinpoint and address specific life factors that attribute to the pain/issues. He cares about your well-being, not just about quickly treating the pain and sending you on your way. I would highly recommend Dr. DiLorenzo to anyone looking to improve how they feel!

Stefano Ghielmetti

Dr. Matt DiLorenzo is the best Chiropractor in Northern Virginia and Mandy is the most welcoming front desk person I know. Try this practice and you can see for yourself. I have used this practice for over 20 years and never found a better practitioner, even while we lived in CO for several years!

Sokrat Lazeri

My name is Sokrates same as Sokrat.

Taye Davis

Chris Melvin

Dr. Matt and Mandy are so friendly, patient, and professional! The personal touches, like offering children's books and talking to my kids in the waiting room are refreshing. When I run late or have to reschedule, they are understanding. I have a knot where my left shoulder meets my neck where I hold most of my tension. It has challenged massage therapists for years, but after one adjustment it feels so much better! He gets to the root of the problem. And not only does Dr. DiLorenzo adjust my spine into alignment every time, but he offers great health tips for my own self-care at home to continue the benefits. Thanks for over a year of service for me and my wife! We will continue to come and refer people here.

Melvin Rodriguez

The chiropractor’s office of Dr Matt is the third office that I’m visiting and I feel it was the right choice. They listen to your concerns and best of all, they treat you like you are part of the family. I’ve been in customer service for over 14yrs now and to me, the way you’re treated goes a long way. Once you go into their office, you’re greeted by Mandy and you’re given a summary of what to expect for your treatment. I liked that and I stayed with them since then. Being going for about 3yrs now and so far I can’t complain. I get my adjustments regularly and I’m feeling great. Gotta do some adjustments on my sleeping habits, but that’s on me. Everything else, with the regular visits, Dr Matt has me ready for the next day. Thanks be to God and Dr Matt and Mandy for managing a great chiropractor’s office in Leesburg. Go and check them out, nice people to deal with!

Noah D

Operated by a lovely family. The husband runs around adjusting while the wife operates the front desk. Dr Matt adjusts as well as any of my favorite chiropractors-and I've seen many over ~20 years of receiving chiropractic treatment. Dr Matt is all about adjustments and normal healthy living (sleep/eat well, etc). He has helped me far more than other chiropractors who had me at their office for an hour at a time doing electrode treatments and whatever else. Would recommend to anyone who experiences neck and back pain (which I imagine is most people who sit at a desk all day at work). Love this place!

Amy Fagerli

Martine Beck

We love Dr. DiLorenzo, the whole family goes to see him. He has relieved my daughter's headaches, eliminated my husband's shoulder pain and has also relieved my mother's neck issues. The family cannot forget what a wonderful job Mandy does! She keeps everything going smoothly. A wonderful office run by wonderful people!

Bessie Sanders

Dr. Matt is amazing. After 10 years of constant pain in my left shoulder from a car accident Dr. Matt has worked out the "bugs" and relived the nerve pain and unevenness in my left side. They are amazing people to be around every time u go in for a visit they are very friendly and ready to help. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Valerie Smith

Sheila Klein

Dr. Matt has been given me adjustments for the past 13 years or so. I've never felt better than I do after an adjustment. Dr. Matt's care for his patients is first and foremost. He strives to be your partner for your health. Thank you Dr. Matt and Mandy for taking care of us and making us feel great!

David Endersbee

The most bizarre and grossly unprofessional interaction I have ever had with a health professional - I decided to visit Dr. Matt because of his pretty good online reviews, the methods in which he practiced and proximity to my home. Though I have a complex history due to surgeries and car accidents, this visit was simply based on a recent gym injury and so looked forward to my visit to obtain some relief. Instead I wasted my time and left confused and in more pain due to the stress of such a weird experience. While filling out paper work, I could hear Dr. Matt angrily arguing with his staff about the billing (due to a recent car accident which apparently made my case more complex) and I could hear him crudely cursing (including “STFU” and “I don’t do these on Fridays!”). This happened twice at which time I should have followed my instincts and left. After seemingly coming to an understanding that I was not concerned about filing an accident claim, he agreed to see me. Following a perfunctory introduction he became rude – he was incredibly tense and was doing a miserable job of attempting to have any sort of proper bedside manner. He complained that due to my complex history he needed a lot more of my background information including x-rays. It was a completely fair point, and I would have been fine with a statement along the lines of “I’m sorry, I’d like to help you but I need more information and your records to properly care for you today. I would not be serving you to adjust you today without being fully informed.” Instead, it became an attack and he kept emphasizing my (!) poor communication for not explaining to his staff my medical history. He kept angrily repeating himself along these lines and I became more and more uncomfortable. I almost left at that point, but I am in so much pain I figured I’d stick out one visit and never come back. After venting his spleen further he said he would proceed to treat me because I was in pain and because “he was human” but in the same breath he stated that “I don’t think this is going to be a good fit” – always an encouraging way to begin a relationship with a patient. It was at that moment the atmosphere became so incredibly uncomfortable and unprofessional that I sat up and said I didn’t think so either, and before I could stand up he had already stormed out of the room without another word. My back and neck might still need adjustment, but clearly so does Dr. Matt’s temperament. I would never recommend this practice to anyone.

David Deniker

The DilLorenzo family is amazing. I feel like family when I come in and I would never trust anybody else to repair my back and neck injuries. I have not felt this good in years. I recommend them to everybody.

sokrat lazeri

Melissa Braun

Cathy McIntosh

In addition to helping relieve the pain in my neck and shoulders, Dr. DiLorenzo helped with some exercises and stretches to do at home to improve posture & muscle tone. They are a great practice. I feel so much better!

Mai Edwards

Before chiropractic adjustments by Dr. Matt I was in a lot of pain in my neck and back for many years. I couldn't sleep or enjoy everyday activities. Now all the pain is gone and I'm enjoying life again.

Christopher Lovos

Kate Kiewel

Dr. Matt is very knowledgeable. Now that I have been seeing him for almost a year, he is able to track my progress. Mandy is always very sweet and helpful! I live in DC now, but will come back to Leesburg just to visit Dr. Matt's office.

Forrest Pinkman

My back was unable to be fixed.... OR SO I WAS TOLD. But that all changed once I visited DiLorenzo Chiropractic. A few visits and I was back to work! DiLorenzo Chiropractics saved me from a life of emptiness by healing my disturbingly deformed back. THANK YOU DR MATT.

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