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REVIEWS OF Cason Chiropractic IN West Virginia

courtney phillips

Tara Tacci

Dr Cason and the massage therapists saved my back!!! I had the worst siatic and lower back pain and nerve pain. I was so discouraged and never thought my back would feel normal again. I just finished the 13 week program and I feel great! No more nerve pain! Morgan is the best message therapist but they are all great! Really impressed and would recommend to anyone! They have a very flexible schedule, with walk ins available and they really get to know their patients and what they need. Half way thru the program I was discouraged and thought it wouldn't work. I stuck it out tho, kept my ice on, did no lifting, and did my stretching they told me to do, and I'm healed! :)

Claire Hutchinson

zarniano xolotly

I was very sceptical at the beginning, but after the first session I was so much better, I slept like a baby , highly recommend..

Micah Robison

Very professional!

Anna Bosserman

Dr Cason and his staff are great! Dr Cason took time to explain everything to me and to listen to my concerns. His staff are very friendly and helpful.

Scott Clark

Stay fairly active coaching travel softball but recently developed lower back pain. I’ve been seeing Cason for 2wks and the discomfort has subsided almost completely. You won’t be disappointed!

candice hamblin

If u need a chiropractic center, this is the place to go. Offers complete care and cares about Each individual client!

Jessie Farrell

Lynsey Barker

Since both of my parents are chiropractors, I have been lucky enough to have chiropractic care my whole life. However, while in college here at JMU, I needed a chiropractor in order to keep up with sports, working out, and simply the day to day wear and tear of my body. My mom suggested Dr. Cason. Seeing Dr. Cason has been wonderful in order to keep me healthy and feeling good. I am able to keep up with all of my activities and any time I am feeling pain Dr. Cason helps to fix the problem! The activator method that Dr. Cason uses is never painful and very effective. I have even referred a roommate for treatment and it has helped her as well. Dr. Cason and his staff work around my schedule, are always friendly and brighten my day!

Anna De Leon Then

I'm always happy with the results I get from Dr Cason! He has helped me in so many ways and with so many different occasions! I highly recommend him,he and his staff are very caring!

Darrell anderson

Scott Cason

kelly williams

Great people, great place to get treatment and they know how to help people move quickly towards mobility! Highly recommend.

Jessica Propst

Carolyn Garber

Becky Turner

So far my experience at this office as been well worth my visit friendly staff an my adjustments each week have been approving the way i feel each an everyday

Jonathan D

Wonderful group of people. They have really improved my spine wellness.

Harv Hopkins-Garriss

My wife and I are so glad we found this place. Dr cason and his son Dr Cason have worked wonders for us. They know us personally and our health history and take good care of us. He uses the activator method, which is safer than the manipulation method. I am not always the most punctual person, and I cannot always keep an appointment, so I really appreciate their understanding about this and that they don't charge when I miss an appointment. They have early and late hours for those of us working regular jobs.

Umar Ali

Dr. Cason does an excellent job in caring for his patients and is flexible in his scheduling. He will work out a therapy schedule individualized for you.


Shelia Shifflett

My sister recommended Dr. Cason to me, saying it has improved the problems with her back and legs. With her continual recommendations for me to go for a visit, I have found that Dr. Cason has improved the movement in my neck and back. My spine was out of alignment causing my shoulders to always be stiff and sore. My neck did not have the correct curve causing me pain in my job. It has been a slow process, but I keep in mind my problems didn't happen in one day. I recommend Dr. Cason for Chiropractic care because the procedures can be very helpful without meds or surgery.

Ben Cordova

Great service and even better chiropractic care

Ann Losh

Don Phillips

Dr. Cason cares and helps. Everyone there truly cares about your health


This place is one of the best! The staff is always so friendly, and make each visit comforting. They do a great job explaining everything they're doing for you, and what you should expect. I've definitely noticed a huge difference after coming to their office for care. I look forward to each visit! It's so refreshing to have a Dr. To go to that can see you within minutes of walking in. Hardly ever a wait time regardless of how busy they may be. They also have great massage therapists! Affordable, effective, and caring!!

Jennifer Wimer

A great place to come for chiropractic care! The staff and massage therapists are super friendly and always make me feel welcome. My neck and shoulder pain eased and faded as I went through my routine adjustments. I can't wait to come back for my next visit!

Derek Tyree

Very courteous staff. My back has been doing so much better.

Chris Miller

I had come to a chiropractor for shoulder/mid back pain. I thought it was going to be cracked manually, but to my surprise the Activator tool that is used works just as well. Everyone is friendly which makes the experience that much better.

Charity Malcolm

Santos Torres

Very good experience

Faith Nugent

Thought I might have found a "treatment" for my pain until they told me the price and schedule for the treatment... Who can afford that or even go to work with a treatment 3x a week?

Abraham Hernandez-Tolentino

I went in after an accident that hurt my left arm and left side of the neck. I was skeptical on how they could make me feel better, but boy was I wrong! It's a very good environment and very nice people to help you feel better. They also helped me find places on my body that were in pain that I didn't even know! Definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to feel better both mentally and physically.

Crystal & Paul Beck

What a great place to go and get Chiropractic care. I had been having a lot of issues with migraines had been taking meds a lot and nothing seemed to help me. Started seeing Dr. Cason and what a relief. I have only had one major headache since I started there and that was when I ended up missing a week due to vacation.. Everyone in the office is very friendly and make you feel welcome. There always willing to help you in anyway. If you having any kind of pain go by and check them out and let Dr. Cason help you get better!!

Average Skillz

Wayne Wilson

Jose Garcia

Since the treatment, the pain is gone! I've been able to work on my car without the pain coming back. Previously, the pain would comeback after long periods of bending over from working in my car. Now I have no issues with my back. Thanks Dr. Cason!!!

Donna Raynes

After being in pain with numbness in my leg for 4 months and taking prescription anti-inflammatories and pain meds, I went to see Dr. Cason on the recommendation of friends. Dr. Cason was very thorough and explained why I was having the symptoms I had and want needed to be done to improve them. I went there with a pain level of 8-10 and after 2-3 weeks my pain level was down to 2-3 and I was off all prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatories. The staff is very caring and professional. They greet you by name as you come in the door and make you feel at ease. I highly recommend Dr. Cason for anyone with musculoskeletal pain issues.

Mary Carr

I have some neck and shoulder pains for over two to three weeks couldn't take the hurting any more i called this morning even before the sun came up and got an appointment today this morning went to kiah meet me and Deana than Dr Cason he toke the time to explain what he would be looking for and the procedure he would be using on me i like that any way the Dr made my first visit good i left still with pain but a better tomorrow is still ahead i trust this Dr and the people that work with him to make therapy an healing experience for me


Marta Podgayskiy

I took my 1 year old daughter because she was walking improperly. After a few visits, she was walking normally! Highly recommend Dr. Cason for your chiropractic needs!

Melissa Shumaker

I could barely walk (weakness, spasms) Dr. Cason and his staff made me normal again. Living with pain is not a way to live. Spinal adjustments and massages keep us all moving and living. Thank you so much to all the staff. They are very kid friendly, I have taken a 2 now 3 year old with me to most visits. She plays with the toys and chats with the staff.

Julia N

Dave Hurst

Great place to go for chiropractic help. Everyone is very professional and very caring. Would definitely recommend.

Amanda Jones

My experience at Dr Cason's office was FABULOUS!!! Today was my very first visit at a Chiropractor ever! So, I was a little nervous. Everyone is so sweet and caring and extremely knowledgeable about their patients and services offered! They made me feel very at ease! My wait was super short and when I sat down with Dr Cason himself, he was very informative and explained EVERYTHING in absolute detail and in terms anyone could understand! I've suffered with neck, shoulder, arm and back pain for over a year now and am looking forward to finally getting relief!!! I received my first adjustment today and honestly, I DO FEEL BETTER ALREADY!!! Make an appointment today and I promise you won't be disappointed!!! They all are amazing at this office!!!

Lincoln MV

Doctor won't let you talk as they're going through their scam speech about how misaligned your body is. Activator method is proven to not work. These people are here to take your money. There are no exam rooms. It's all one big room with no privacy. They prey on older people that don't know where to get proper medical care.

Brandon Whitman

Patricia Hinkle Stokes


Kimberly Rauschenberg

Dr. Cason's office is filled with caring people who want you to feel your best. I had headaches 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, some being debilitating. Within weeks of therapy and adjustments, I was down to getting a headache once a week. Now my headaches are so sparse it's hard to remember when I had one. Not only is this office care effective, it's affordable. --- You're awesome!!

Terry LaFon

This is my first experience with chiropractic treatment. From my initial visit to my current treatments, Dr. Cason , Dr. Scott Cason and the staff at A-C Chiropractic have provided me with outstanding care. Aside from the benefits of Dr. Cason's 32 years of experience and knowledge as a chiropractor, every aspect of my treatment has been professional, individualized and specific to my needs. I would highly recommend A-C Chiropractic.

Heather Trimble

iluminada canizares

(Translated by Google) I like good place (Original) Me gusta buen lugar

Bobby Bush

Good business

Chris Scroggins

I've had terrible shoulder pain and discomfort in my back for four years. I've been visiting Dr. Cason's office for 3 weeks now and already feel pain relief! My shoulder now sits in the correct position and my discomfort levels have dropped drastically!

Carmen Cuevas

Shivonne DePugh

I have been seeing Dr. Cason for months for hip.pain. very professional office, friendly. My pain has lessened, and they have really worked with me on my difficulty with getting to his office. They have rescheduled and helped me come up with a program I can follow.

Cassandra Brooks

Kathy Fitzwater

I have been going to Dr. Cason for the last year. I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder, bad knees, and lower back pain from 30+ years of construction work. Dr. Cason corrected my pinched nerve, and I have now went over two years without having to have injections in my knee. The staff are all very professional and really easy to work with. I highly recommend Dr. Cason's office.

Shannon Howerton

Joshua Lindsay

Virginia Milton

Jeffrey Thelin

Dr. Cason has created a great, welcoming environment for patients. Very personable care. I've been going for a few weeks and I'm feeling much better!

Ajay johnson

What can I say I started going there like a year or 2 ago he is fantastic he is understanding and he explains everything he does and going to do to each person he walks everything thru with you he is a trusting Dr. Who actually knows what he is doing.. so if u have back problems and u want to see a doc about it go see him he will help you out alot and it makes u feel better after every visit

lydia carter

Dr. Cason is great and the staff are helpful.

Kelsie Sutton

Went for our first visit and expressed concern about my short leg as another chiropractor had diagnosed me with. Never once was that wrote down, taken into concern, or addressed. I came with a group of 3, the original appt was just me and they offered to give everyone free stuff- so my boyfriend and friend are like "yeah we'll do it with you" and let me tell you. After answering some pretty vague back pain questions, my pain being the highest of both the people I was with due to my pregnancy and sciatic nerve pain, we ALL had "the same" subluxations according to Dr.Cason. The thing that really bugged me? He bases it off of which of our legs gets "shorter" as he "adjusts us" and that little tool doesn't feel like it does anything. At the last chiro I went to I left feeling fresh and mobile but after this one I left laughing because I noticed when I was on the table getting my "adjustment" he was litteraly holding one leg at an angle for everyone to see it was "shorter" and this was made apparent after my friend went and then her and I watched my boyfriend get his "adjustment". He did it to all of us. We all had the exact same thing wrong? QUACK. Then tells us to only use ice, especially me since I'm 20 weeks pregnant so no Tylenol whats so ever, but my midwife said Tylenol is 100% fine so I expressed that. His exact words are "You don't wanna poison your baby from the toxins of over the counter drugs do you?" Uhhhhh what. So yeah, pretty bad experience. Im usually always down for a free trial but they get you to try and come back in a week to review your xrays, but they're gonna charge you then. Tried explaining I was in a rough spot with my mother in assisted living right now and me being 20 weeks pregnant funds are tight, but they just continue to press for a day for your appt, even if you tell them you're busy. Save your time, energy, and money. Don't even go for the free thing. It did nothing but leave us feeling dissatisfied and all with achey middle lower backs.

Greg Burns

I love Dr. Cason and his staff! They are so helpful and knowledgable. Every time I leave I feel 100% better even if I wasn't feeling bad when I went in. I would definitely recommend Dr. Cason's office to everyone I know.

Mandie Conner

This place is amazing. Ive always been apprehensive about going to a chiropractor and when i met Dr. Cason and his team i felt right at home. Hes such an amazing doctor. With every adjustment i can feel my condition slightly getting better. I still have a long road ahead of me and Dr. Cason is there to help me reach my goals and make me feel human again :D

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