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REVIEWS OF Blanton Chiropractic IN West Virginia

Jeff Westlake

Excellent facility and staff.

Shawntae Fox

Highly recommended and wonderful staff!

danielle ingels

I started coming to Dr Blanton & within weeks I could feel a significant difference. I was so thankful... I would highly recommend him. His practices work miracles but he & his staff are very professional, caring & take a genuine interest in your progress & success! I feel so much better! So happy & grateful I came to see him. Life changing!!

Leah Kinghorn

I'm used to being physically manipulated. This office uses technology for a gentler approach.

Larry Clark

Dr.Blanton and staff did an excellent job of helping me relieve pain in my neck and shoulders without the use of any pain medication. I highly recommend Blanton Chiropractic.

tom Thebomb

My lower back condition has been the primary source of pain since 1992. Nothing helped including meds and trigger point injections, which were worse than the back pain itself when injected. I tried another local chiropractor but he was just too aggressive. Then I found Blanton Family Chiropractic. Within a few weeks my backwas feeling better and my quality of life improved. I cannot begin to express how great it was to walk around without the pain I had enduredfor so long. Due to economic limitations and restrictions of insurance providers, treatment was suspended. The chronic nature of my condition again began causing pain a few years later and this year after a change in employment, I decided to return to Blanton Family Chiropractic. Im already seeing an improvement! Even neurosurgeons couldnt fix this condition. Thanks Jim!

Michele Young

I went in barely able to sit from pain in my tail bone. I also have had problems with lower back pain for years and thought it was just a sign of my age. In a few weeks of therapy I could sit longer then ten minutes. A month and half into therapy I had half the back pain that I had suffered with for years! The Dr. and his staff are so nice and understanding of your pain. I am an introvert by nature and they make me feel so welcome in their office. The BEST chiropractic care!

Seth Stewart

I've been to a handful of chiropractors and Blanton's is the best.

Christian Kincaid

Would recommend this office to anyone . The staff here is amazing!!!!

Tinia Creamer

We love this practice, and we would not recommend anyone else!

Debbie Mentz

Dr.Blanton has helped with my fibormyalgia and arthritis my pain is so much better and my movement is greater now. I feel my life is headed in the right direction of wellness. It has helped my mental well being. Dr. Blanton is will up in his field to the best of wellness for each individual health.

Stacy Pearson

Above par services, pleasant staff and overall wonderful environment. I highly recommend Dr. Blanton for any of your injury/pain needs whether it be an old or new injury. This place will get you back where you need to be and feeling well again.

Barbara Shrewsbury

I want to thank Dr. Blanton and the staff at Blanton Chiropractic. I have had costochondritis for years and no one could tell me what to do for it! Dr. Blanton has really helped me!

Tim Harman

Great service! All of the staff are super nice and Blanton is very Knowledgeable

Marlana King

Dr. Blanton has gone light years above and beyond the care I have received elsewhere without a doubt. The improvement that I have had since seeing him is just unbelievable!!! His whole staff is wonderful.

Jeff Hutchison

Dr. Blanton is the best around! He really cares. Call him today!

Zachary Martindale

The staff is incredible. The service is decent. However, the follow through is a bit lacking. I was referred here by a general practitioner. Dr Blanton evaluated me and gave me his assessment on causation for my condition. I asked, on several occasions, if he could give me his opinion in writing. 3 times he told me yes, but never actually wrote anything for me. I now understand that it might be such that his assessment would not be acceptable to the VA. That's fine, but he could have told me if that is why he was hesitant to write his opinion. I continued and finished the 24 sessions of "treatment", but my back hurts just as much as it did before I first visited his office. Nice people but in my case their work wasn't worth my money.

Jessica Stafford

I have been coming and bringing my son here for 11 years. Since my son was 4 months old and would not stop crying and would not sleep. After the first visit he stopped crying so much and after the second visit he slept through the night. It was amazing. Now when he is cranky or not sleeping well he says, "Mom, I need to go to Dr. B." I was in an accident a few months ago and would not have considered going to any other chiropractor. You can put your trust in Dr. Blanton and know that he is going to be honest with you. He is amazing and his staff is very friendly. I highly recommend Blanton family chiropractic.

Cathy Seagraves

Highly recommended to long of story to tell but been going to him since 2004 got talked into going with 2 of my kids and dont regret not one thing

Chris Rock

Outstanding care, attention to detail and empathy with clients and family. Takes the time to explain the situation, treatment and progress. Highly recommend Blanton Chiropractic for your or a loved ones health and well being.

Kristal Glover

Dr Blanton and staff are very caring and kind. They have won our hearts by helping my husband after his car accident for the last year. We recently had our 3 month old checked and adjusted. I can already see improvements in her sleeping and fussiness!

Andrew Silbernagel

Doc is the tri-state leader in chiropractic care. He cares for his patients health above and beyond his professional responsibilities. I would highly recommend Dr. Blanton and his team to anyone looking for relief and care.

Laura Burton

Highly recommended! Wonderful staff!

Garret McCalvin II

Dr Blanton is a great Chiropractor in Huntington WV and really takes great care of me! He helped me after a motorcycle wreck. He got rid of my headaches and also helped get rid of my knee pain. Dr Blanton also referred me to Unger Shoes to get great shoes to help my knee to stay in place!

Anthony Papas

Awesome friendly staff and fixed my back pain after an accident. Would recommend to anyone suffering back pain

Linda Dowdy

I went to Dr. Blanton back in probably September of 2011. I had throbbing pain in my feet and legs. I had fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis but at that time, I didn't know that. I wasn't diagnosed with these until sometime in 2012. He did light adjustments to my neck. He also used a viber cusser and an arthrostim up and down my lower back area and down my sciatic area. IT MADE MY PAIN WORSE AND MY BACK AND FEET AND LEGS HAVE BEEN THROBBING WITH PAIN EVER SINCE AND IT IS NOW AUGUST OF 2017.


I was uncertain about going to a chiropractor, but Dr. Blanton has convinced me it can help. My back pain was nearly intolerable, but it is getting better. Thank you, Jim!

Tara Crowder

Two thumbs up here!! I was skeptical at first, but i'm getting some relief with Dr. Blanton. Can't say enough about the staff -- everyone is very personable and super friendly in a very laid back atmosphere. If you're looking for a chiropractor, consider Dr. Blanton. You wont be disappointed!

Nicki Allen

I have always felt like a part of each of their families when I go in for an adjustment. Dr. Blanton is a miracle worker! I would recommend that anyone with body pain go see him.

Keirsten Barker

Dr. Blanton is very helpful and his office is so friendly and relaxing. Great atmosphere and positive vibes! Feeling much better after my appointments with him.

John Snodgrass

Mandy Edwards

My experience here has been different than that of other chiropractors. When you come in, they start by doing their tests right there in the office ...VERY CONVENIENT, then you come bk the next day for your results.... not in 3 months when they finally have an appt open lol. At first i was sceptical due to the fact that he did not snap and crack me into place. In my experience, you had to have that to be able to "get better". After my third visit i was cleaning my daughters room and bent down and it was then i relized i didnt yelp out in pain! It was working! my back actually felt better. My neck still has some pain byt not like before. Im ending my second week here... or 5th visit im able to shower now without help, im getting dressed and fixing my hair bc i can actually stand long enough, and best of all i can sit on the edge of the bed and rock my daughter! As far as the staff goes ....ALL are precious, personal, and professional. They are so comforting and helpful. I dont just recommend Dr.Blantons office thats to small of a suggestion... It should be a required visit.

Jay Adkins

David Carter

I suffered a concussion from an auto wreck. Dr. Blanton's treatments are getting me on the path to recovery. His staff goes above and beyond to make everyone feel comfortable and taken care of.

Roberth bv mkRowsey

Awesome place! Good people who really help when you are pain!

Brittany Caldwell

Dr. Jim Blanton and his staff come highly recommended. I wish I had discovered chiropractic sooner. I have only been going for three weeks and I already have relief in my neck and back pain. We need more doctors like Dr. Blanton that genuinely care for their patients and that want to help eliminate the drug epidemic in our community. I think this is a wonderful start to a new life!

Tonya Kobi

Amazing and knowledgeable chiropractor and very friendly and helpful staff! Highly recommend!

Rebecca Dean

They are all amazing people. They make you feel welcome. And they listen to what you have to say.

Joann Fouch

My son recommended I see Dr. Blanton when arthritis caused a pinched nerve in my neck. I had an amazing experience and he helped ease the pain after just a few adjustments. I had seen several doctors prior, and he is the first person to help at all - and with no drugs! I highly recommend his service!

Eileen Lewis

Staff is friendly and hardworking, office is clean, Doc is personable...definitely recommended!

Parrott Squad

Dr. Blanton has had a huge impact in helping to eliminate my back pain. I have been to many different chiropractors over the last 15 years but Dr. Blanton is by far the best. He listens, he is very knowledgeable, and is interested in my overall health. Highly recommend him.

Eric Sullivan

Dr. Blanton always takes great care of me, even on short notice. He has a wealth of knowledge that’s not so common these days and he truly cares about the wellbeing of his patients.

Danielle Pennington

Dr. Blanton chiropractic is the best in our area! I've only been coming here in a couple months since I've started I have been greeted with kindness by the entire staff. They make you feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Blanton it's very professional and compassionate, he listens to your issues and addresses them directly. I would recommend Dr. Blanton to anybody and everybody!

Beverlie Lee

Pamela Conrad

Best Chiropractor in the area!! I didnt believe in chiropractics until my car accident and I truly believe Jim knows his stuff and truly cares for his patients! I feel so much better and can actually move wiyhout pain because of his help!

Ash Wolfe

Dr Blanton has saved my life. I first came to him when i had years of pain from 2 car accidents.....I was having migraines everyday, could not leave the house or my bed honestly because the pain was so bad. I was exhausted and I had been to every doctor in the tri state area and NO ONE could help my pain. I even had neck/spine surgery & that made me worse. Dr. B has taken away 75% of my pain. I now have ZERO MIGRAINES nor even a headache. he has truly been my lifesaver!!!! I even bring my 2 children to get checked and never have they had any earaches, illnesses, or hardly been sick. We adore Dr B!!!!! He's our family and we are so thankful for all he has done for me and my family ❤️

Beth Lichty

Dr. Banton is extremely knowledgeable and cares about your wellness. I had chronic low back pain for years and after being under his care, I am pain free and only need occasional adjustments! I highly recommend his practice not only for acute pain but also as part of your complete wellness plan.

Noah Skeens

Love it. Was hit by a car getting off a bus 9 years ago and been in pain since. Started seeing Dr Blanton 3 weeks ago. Never knew how good an adjustment could be. Feels good to not hurt.

Michael Napier

Dr. Blanton is a great guy and has helped me with my next and back pain for the past 4 years.

Brenda Board

Roger Ferguson

Dr. Blanton and his staff are miracle workers. My wife has had sleeping problems for the last two years, but hasn't since she has been going to the chiropractor. No more tossing and turning and she seems to have more energy throughout the day. Thank you all soon much!

K.g.m Customs

Blanton Chiropractic is great. They are really knowledgable and the staff is very nice and helpful! It really helped my headaches, neck pain and my sciatica!!

Jeff Eastham

Dr Blanton is top notch, he and the stafff are definately the best in the business. Friendly and get the job done!!!!

Wendi R

Dr Blanton was able to start seeing us right away after our accident and has helped us tremendously. The staff is amazing. Friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. This has been the best experience I've had with an entire chiropractic office. Thanks guys!

Carolyn Miller

Dr. Blanton is the best by listening and treating the whole body through upper cervical chiropractic which lines up your spine. When I had cancer, he built me up to handle the chemo and radiation treatments. Dr. Blanton is always studying and keeping up with every aspect of his field. The best chiropractor out of the 4 that has treated my husband and me.

joey king

He is a awesome chiropractor he does a really good job and don’t hurt at all and is just a all around great person to see as a chiropractor

Joshua Richardson

Great people,great environment, and amazing services. Couldn't be happier with my experience here.

Dee Butcher

When I started here just over a year ago I was in pain from a fall and a car wreck 4 days apart and could barely move. I have continued with treatment this year starting at 4 days a week to now every other week and I have to say he has done wonders for me and am to keep up with my grandkids and work with out the pain I truly recommend if you have back pain to go to him he can help with out medication

Nikki Merritt

clay stephens

Cindy Newman

I've loved my experience here. Great Dr and great employees. I would recommend Blanton Chiropractic to anyone. I had never been to a chiropractor before and didn't know what to expect but it really helps I feel better with each helpful

Dan Shrewsbury

Blanton Chiropractic has really helped me! I have had bad back pain after a horse injury on a hunting trip! He has really helped my back and my knees!

Donald Vinson

Over a decade ago, I took my young son to Dr. Blanton for his chronic headaches. So I went, too, with a slight lower back pain. My son has not had a headache since, and on top of that, MY occasional headaches disappeared completely, too. I forgot all about the backache. We continue to see Dr. Blanton regularly, for maintenance. My father was also an upper-cervical chiropractor, for 60 years, but we were too far away to see him regularly. We had despaired of finding anyone else to care for us so capably. But Dr. Blanton is top notch. He has not only the skill and training required, but also the natural "touch" that makes the science into something of an art as well. I give him my highest recommendation.

jessica tibbs

I have suffered from migraines for nearly 3 years. Seen doctors from WV all the way to Kansas City. Dr. Blanton and his team have been the ONLY ones to genuinely care about how I feel instead of trying to shove medication down my throat. I’ve been seeing them for a few months now and have gone from 15-20 migraines a month to MAYBE 4. Without medication. I am forever grateful for everyone in this office.

Brian Cremeans

Great work and good people! Highly recommend!

Alan B


Dr. Blanton and his staff are very nice and easy to understand. I've been a patient for months and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

Carol Booth

I recommend this to everyone with pain so came here looking for help and hoping he could help. It has been nothing but a blessing him and all his staff are a blessing. I thank God everyday for the help I am recieving.

todd glover

Blanton he is so helpful... I feel way better after seeing him and X-rays have proven that there has been improvement

David Washington

I ‘ve had lower back pain on and off for several years now due to a car accident we’ll i called dr Blantons office to set up an appointment I started out going 3 days a week for back adjustments then went to 2 days a week and now I’m going 1 day a week that’s just how much better my back feels he does and awesome job and I must say making that phone call was the best choice ever for my back pain.

Elizabeth Blair

I have been coming to Dr. Blanton for almost 20 years now. Over the years, he has helped me with migraines as well as back pain. He and his staff have always been kind.

maxine y

Dr. Blanton's staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Blanton is the same. He's an excellent chiropractor. He's really improved my pain. Excellent Dr.

Shawn Marcum

Everyone at Dr. Blanton's is very friendly and outgoing. I have been pain free since I started going. Great experience!

Drema Stringer

Dr. Blanton has made me aware of how the health of the whole body depends on correct alignment of the spine. I've gone to him for years, off and on as needed, mostly about back pain, but currently for a possible sciatic problem. You will NOT be offered a prescription for pain pills; Dr. Blanton believes in eliminating the source of the pain, not covering it up. If you do what he recommends for your particular problem, you will find relief. He's really helped me immeasurably over the years. The doctor and his staff are the nicest, friendliest people ever, too.

Tim Potter

Absolutely the best! They are very clean, professional, and the friendliest of faces. Dr. Jim Blanton has definitely improved my life. Thank you sir! :)

Abram Hunter

Started going to take my wife in. The Staff is very positive and helpful. Dr.Blanton is very professional and skilled. All in all she is getting better.

Ghada Salem

I was in so much pain in my lower back when I walked in to Dr Blanton office , after one week of almost daily work on my back my back improved tremendously. It didn’t feel that good for a year now. He knows what to do for you and his staff are very friendly . I definitely recommend him.

lena baker

I started coming to Dr. Blanton after my car accident back in April. They have been the most helpful staff. They take every ache and pain into consideration and do their best to work around your personal schedule. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Blanton to anyone who would like to see results.

Stephanie Holley

great staff friendly they work hard getting you in and out . Very caring.

Yoshi Takahashi

Very friendly and professional! Would recommend to anyone!

Daniel Linville

Dr. Blanton is excellent. I was hesitant to even go to a chiropractor. He doesn't uses any hard popping or cracking. He also doesn't try to fold you up like a pretzel. Safe, effective relief. I wouldn't even consider another chiropractor.

b sanders

This place is a very friendly and has helped me in such a short period of time.They are very caring about there patients and very flexible with your work schedule..

Teresa James

The doctor and his staff are always friendly. This is the 4th Chiropractor that I have been to and he is the best by far. I highly recommend going and seeing Dr. Blanton.

Scott Stapleton

Doctor blanton and his staff are top notch. Very patient centered and patient friendly. They have flexible hours to accommodate patients who have tight schedules. Their location is convenient with easy parking and they are very skillful , compassionate, gentle, and effective

Amber Black

A quiet office, not cramped or crowded. Able to schedule when I need. All staff are friendly with their patients & those with them. Dr.Blanton is knowledgeable and agreeable. My pain has decreased since beginning adjustments.

Chelsea Mentz

Everyone is so kind. It feels just like home!

Jonathan Dorsey

Best Chiro and staff in town. Go see Dr. Blanton and feel better. He takes time to explain what you need to do and why. Very informative Dr.

Stephanie Loper

Dr Blanton is amazing. His staff is friendly and helpful. When I lived in West Virginia and went to him, he helped relieve my migraines. I would recommend everyone to go see them!!


Dr. Blanton and his staff are superb! This was first my time going to a chiropractor, following an auto accident in December. I must admit I was nervous and skeptical. I could not believe how much the visits have been helping. Dr. Blanton and his staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. Two Thumbs Up!!

Brett Williams

Excellent chiropractor who really cares. I didn’t realize a lot of my problem was upper cervical. After a few visits, I’ve already noticed a huge difference in my pain and range of motion. Dr. Blanton and his staff are friendly and caring. They are here to help you feel better. Highly recommend.

Brittany Hale

Not only is visiting Dr. Blanton physically good for you (you can tell a big difference after each visit) but he is an awesome conversationalist, so you never feel awkward as your laying on the table having your spine adjusted. The entire staff is very professional & everyone goes above and beyond to make sure you are seeing results. 10/10 definitely recommend!

Amanda Clagg

mercedes branch

Dr. Blanton is awesome!! Best experience I’ve had at a chiropractor! No twisting or popping! He’s helped me so much with my SIJ and neck pain/headaches. 100% recommend!

Eric Rickman

Great staff, great place! I will be back!

Amy Cottrell

Superb! Love it! I would recommend Blanton Chiropractic to everyone.

David Cottrell

Excellent service. Very knowledgeable. Friendly, caring staff. Highly recommended.

Travis Castleman

Ikuyo Kawada

Ashley Johnson

Finally I have found a great place to relive and manage my back pain after my car wreck. Appointments are quick and the staff are amazing.

Michaela Baker

I absolutely love the entire staff here. Dr. Blanton will help you with whatever you need, any pain or ache you have he will do everything he can to fix. I would 100% recommend.

Paige Hale

Very helpful and great staff!!! Will be going back!

Chris Lane

Heather Waugh

The staff are kind and helpful. Very knowledgeable as well. You are in good hands here.


Best service I ever had...had hip pain for 17 years and since I have been getting treatments from Dr.Blanton ot is completely gone

Tyler Maynard

Best experience I've had in the Tri-State area. Professional and highly trained knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend.

John Creamer

Dr. Blanton is hands down one of the most knowledgeable people that I've ever know when it comes to internal health and wellness. Before you try to mask your pain with a pill call Dr. Blanton and find oUT how to fix your body without chemicals.

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