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REVIEWS OF Apple Wellness Center IN West Virginia

michael pasternack

when I come to Dr. Pasternack I had a problem with my knees and lower back. After 6 - 7 weeks of therapy I feel 100% better. I like to come over here because the staff and the Doctor really care and help me.

Lila Sterling

STAY AWAY! Initially I felt very comfortable or desperate. The comfort was soon replaced with skepticism as I began to be more aware of the "machine" like nature of this business entity. I was offered the same 30 visit deal as the first reviewer. It became obvious after communing with my appointment buddies that we had all been offered the same amazing package for one huge price. None of the people I spoke with were getting any relief, except maybe in their bank accounts. This organization was in network with my insurance company but charged me as an out of network patient. I am still trying to get hundreds of dollars back. Almost everyone there was incompetent. I found myself helping new patients with physical therapy because with the exception of one person the others were totally clueless. That one person has moved on to a new job. Also, in the almost 10 weeks of enduring treatment (chiropractic adjustments were a joke) many of the staff left or were fired. It was a shame as the one gal who knew what she was doing got let go. :( It didn't take long for me to overhear whispering among the workers that verified many of the suspicions I was already having. Don't be fooled by catch words like "wholistic." Wholistic means nothing if you don't have knowledge and patient care and empathy to begin with. Avoid "machine" type places like this where you are a source of income only, no varied treatment based on your own personal needs.

Kim Bryson

They are great!

Frances Jenkins

Apple Wellness Center are really helpful in making you feel better. Dr Pasternack and his staff are very friendly and work with youvery well.

Gerardo Valdivia

Great staff, very kind and friendly. I went with knee and back pain and after few weeks I felt the difference and at the end of the treatment I was jumping and running again. GERARDO

Kylie Hilaire

I did not feel as if I was treated properly. When spoken to, I felt like a broken record was speaking to me by the same repetetative, " we are here to help", or here's the treatment plan (after evaluation) and you need to pay thousands up front. This was not told to me, nor does anyone have thousands of dollars to immediately drop for bogus treatment. Even with amazing insurance I was still quoted 6k for 3 months. Or if you have a certain BMI you are given this whole lecture of his weight loss treatment program, but won't tell you what you need to do, you have to pay hundreds first before given any additional information.

Stacey Gavurnik

Apple Wellness Center has a heart for it's patients. They care about getting positive results for their patients. Very compassionate staff.

Dan Echols

Great experience at Family Chiropractic Center. Dr. Pasternak and his team were patient with me, explaining everything fully, and answering all of my questions every step of the way. I would definitely recommend Family Chiropractic Center to anyone in need of chiropractic care. ~Dan

Kimberlee Midtgard

Disappointed that I wasted my time & money. Of course every one has different outcomes but I did not have the improvement I had hoped for. In general this place was very mismanaged. The owner was behind the scenes and the staff had no direction or management. Sometimes I would be in and out in 20 minutes, sometimes an hour. The office is cramped so if you like privacy, this is not the place for you. Dr. Hicks, the old chiropractor, was below average and most of the original staff has left. Kayla, the "case manager" is there to simple reel you in and take your money. I was not explained in detail each part of my treatment plan. I now have an overpriced, $200 TENS machine that I do not like to use. Now since Dr. Pasternak is back I hope he sees these issues. He genuinely means well but something should be done to make sure every patient has success. I would not recommend this chiropractic office. One positive note: I received a credit check very fast without having to harass them, a great business practice to continue.

Alexx Velasco

They are very professional and friendly and very flexible with the schedule for you appointments, I went in feeling bad and after some treatment I was feeling better I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better and learn how to stay feeling better whit people like them in a very good work environment

Austin Elliott

Run! Run! Run! First visit felt very welcoming, although a bit weird that all patients were in the same, large, open area. The "Doctor" took X-rays then put me on a traction machine. Then a deep tissue massage... Which left me in severe pain for days. When I mentioned at the initial visit that I felt worse after the massage, the doctor just shrugged it off. I was expecting an adjustment, as I was seeking chiropractic care... Nope, just a come back on Tuesday to determine treatment. Second appointment... A young girl sat down to go over X-rays with me... No medical experience in my opinion, she is just there for sales. She overloaded me with how much stuff I had wrong with my back. Then she proceeded to sell me a $6000 treatment package, but no worries, with insurance and paying the balance up front she would offer me a 20% discount. The red flag popped up when she was trying to sell me a $700 back brace to wear for an hour after an adjustment. She explained that the brace was to help "hold things together". The "Doctor" also recommended about 10 other unnecessary treatments/items as well. 30 adjustments in 10 weeks, all zones of the back as well as 30 extremity adjustments... Ouch. I'm sure it was there "standard" package. I explained I just wanted to pay for an adjustment that day and then give the "package" some thought. Shocker... they offered to perform adjustment for free.... The "Doctor" used a vibrator on my back, slightly pushed around my spine then stretched my neck. That was the adjustment, same pain continued as he didn't do anything to help. Two days later I made appointment with a chiropractor recommended by a colleague... 5 adjustments later and I've never felt better. No traction machine, no back brace to hold adjustments together, no salesperson trying to pressure me into prepaying for a treatment package that they hope I don't follow through on once paid. Do what I did... Get a second opinion, you will be shocked just how ridiculous Apple "Wellness" Center sounds with their treatment plan and prepaid pricing.

Betty Koplets

Dr. Pasternack and his staff always made me feel welcome and have encouraged me and helped me with my recovery!!! If your looking for a place that cares about you and your recovery and doesn't make you feel like your just a patient or number then Apple Wellness Center is the place for you!!!! They changed my life!!!

Margo Bouchillon

brian ritenour

They are very friendly and professional and very thorough exam beforehand, I went in feeling terrible and after some treatment I was feeling 100% better I recommend them to anyone who wants to feel better and learn how to stay feeling better.

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