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REVIEWS OF Synsvoll Chiropractic IN Washington

Kristi Wambold

Very kind and willing to listen to all my issues

bryan hayslip

This team professionally and strategically approached my service. I have always felt I was in competent hands with this team. BH

Kathy Crider

Very friendly, professional staff. Dr. Synsvoll has decades of experience! He is very intuitive. He works by the premise that you treat the problem where it is and leave the rest alone. I've been a patient for over 10 years and he keeps me adjusted and loving life!

Jodi Cochran

Dr. Synsvoll and his staff are very caring and accommodating. He is very dedicated to helping his patients. I highly recommend Synsvoll chiropractic!

Albina Paliy

I would highly recommend Dr Max and his office if you have any sort of pain, especially in your spine, hips or joints! He is super knowledgeable, helpful, professional and friendly. I am currently being treated by him after I've been in a car accident and it has definitely been improving my backaches and pains. Thank you Dr. Max!!!

Christina Ward

Aggie DeBartolo

Want to first of all give an opposing review to one I just read about Doug the massage therapist. I've had a few massages from him, all of them great and helped my back pain. Dr. Synsvoll is very commited to not just getting his patients out of pain, but promoting health through chiropractic and nutrition. Yet balances both appropriately. I've been a patient of his for just over a year, thanks to an intense first few months under his care, I did not need back surgery for two ruptured disc. I continue to see him to maintain what we both worked hard to acheive "No pain, numbness or tingling"

Connor Wood

This is a wonderful place that is very helpful for everyone

Van Ceryance

He listens to his patients needs. The staff are always very professional and friendly. The best chiropractor I've been to!

Ellie Sumner

Dr. max is very professional, his treatment or adjustments are very gentle, I feel so much better, I sleep well, no more neck pain, si joint was a chronic issue from a injury, slipping joint has improved greatly I can sleep with no pain now, I have recommended him to my friends.

Cory Lee

Dr Max is a genius with diagnosing and treating your back issues. He is a very thorough and thoughtful practitioner of all things spine:)

Rebecca Miller

I have been with Dr. Max for many years. He has helped my children and especially me live a better life. My back/hips have issues and Chiropractic and massage have helped me be able to keep moving and live a healthier lifestyle. They are like family now. Thanks!

Travis Knight

Alyssa Duhme

Dr. MAX is awesome! My kids love coming to see him and get adjusted. My personal experience, I used to get severe migraines about 3 times a week. I finally came to see Dr. Max and after 2 adjustments my migraines are GONE! My 2 year old since birth has had ear infections monthly and since she started chiropractic care, she has been ear infection free for 8 months! I would recommend Dr Max to anyone and everyone!!

Edwin Ward

Always a treat to get adjusted by Max. He has been keeping me tuned up for 5 years now and its good. Indespensible in keeping me standing upright and erect. Has solved many problems with rotator cuff and pinched nerves and hand problems. He keep me functioning when I could of been an old broken down man ahead of my time to be so.

June Phares

I have been a loyal patient for over a decade. After several rounds of PT, pain medicine and rest the pain would always return from an accidental twist or bend. I found Dr. Max’s flyer (of all places) at my Vet and immediately called him. I have maintained a regular adjustment schedule since 2005. When I do manage to “tweak” my back, there is no delay at getting me in for an adjustment and back on my feet. I truly feel that without Dr. Max I wouldn’t be exercising, gardening and enjoying my active life style as a retired citizen. Kudos to the wonderful staff ... courteous, caring, accommodating! Love you guys! ❤️ Debbie Phares

Lydia Newcomb

Friendly personable service...

Rick Lindley


Kay Campbell

Great care!

darrell wolfe

the Wife and I have been going to Dr Max for over ten years and he always takes good care of us my back is doing great now when i took my wife in to see him she couldn"t walk that good but she walkout

Katrina Knights

The Doctors and staff are absolutely awesome

Venica Duhme

terry woitte

I give Synsvoll Chiropratic 5 stars. The personnel who work there are always curtious and professional . As soon as you walk in there they always greet you with a "Hi" and how are you. The procedures done there have really improved my condition. When I first started, my ability to stand in place was extremely poor. I was weaving all over, couldn't stand still at all. The x'rays they took showed my spinal column was way out of alignment. With all of the procedures done I have had 80% positive improvement and my ability to stand in one place has improved immensely. I definitely recommend to stop in for a consultation.

Steve Schoeneman

Friendly staff and honest approach to whether they can help you.

Louise Morris

I have been a Chiropractic patient for over 40 years and fine Dr. Max to be the best I have seen. He is caring, thorough, and listens. He has various methods of how to deal with a problem. If one doesn't work he tries another until problem is solved. You would not go wrong giving him a try.

Gail Stephen

12/30/16 -- I've been seeing Dr. Max since January 2011 and think he's likely the best and most talented chiropractor in all of Clark County. Desperate for relief, I came to Dr. Max through a chance referral that was a glowing recommendation. Dr. Max's initial x-rays showed a pelvic misalignment to be the cause of my severe hip and bursa pain, inflammation and swelling, that left me leading a sedentary life for 1-1/2yrs. Not a single medical doctor I saw cared to order an x-ray. Weeks of physical therapy proved a waste of money and time and, eventually, I was referred to "pain management." Given how long I'd been out of alignment and the chronic severity of the pain and bursa inflammation, it took time to reverse the damage and to allow the ligaments and tendons to return to normal and strengthen. By May 2011, on a tour intensive cruise, and still a bit unsure of my ability to keep up, to walk steps, etc., I have to say that I did far better than I expected I would and it gave me a big boost in confidence that I was finally healing and getting well. I can't say enough -- I am so grateful to Dr. Max whose "7th sense," training and experience, just knows what needs to be done. I thank him everyday for his healing hands that saved my life. Over the last the years, I still find Dr. Max to be a professional, taking his practice of helping people with spine and structural issues very seriously through continued education programs. He's seen an honest man, a family man of good character and integrity, dedicated to improving quality of life for all those who haven't found relief through medical physicians. Without a second's hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. Max and his helpful staff, dedicated to serving and making big differences in lives everyday.

paula fitzgerald

They make everyone feel important there, they are very sensitive to your needs.Believe me Dr. Synvoll can fix anyone!

Chantel Sparks

Nothing but a great experience at this office. The staff are always WONDERFUL and you can tell Dr. Max knows his stuff. My particular situation was diagnosed quickly and my plan was presented clearly and timely. Highly recommended for massage as well as Chiropractic!

pam mccalmant

I was not able to walk very well my hip kept going out of wack ,and in pain every day. since going to synsvoll I have more good days than bad, I have gotten more active and feel a lot better. also the numb hand and fingers are so much better .I am grateful

Liz Elfring

Dr. Max and the nurses are all attentive, know you, and just what you need. Not only do you get your bones straightened, but you get a mental boost, and a heart filled with positivity. Thanks to everyone there.

Moink C

Silvia Gonzalez

Carrie Monroe

Michele Krause

Pamela Palm

Sylvia Cryblskey

carolee irvin

Amazing amazing amazing!!! Did I mention this place is amazing?!? I walked in off the street, without an appt, on a hope and a prayer that they could help me!! I was in so much pain I couldn't stand it!! From the moment I walked in, I was shown so much care and compassion!! They got me in immediately and the whole team worked so hard to get me feeling human again!! I would hands down, without hesitation, recommend the team at Synsvoll Chiropractic for any thing that ails you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Frank Siegmund

I find the staff at Sysnvolll Chiropractic to be very friendly,courteous and professional! I look forward to my weekly appointments at the office and feel very blessed at how much my condition has improved since I started using Dr. Max's services. The rest of the staff has been great as well! I strongly recommend them; especially for peripheral neuropathy problems with the feet and toes like my condition. Frank A. "tony" Siegmund

Kevin Tapani

I have had problems with my back for years. I have been to numerous chiropractors. Dr. Max has been able to help me to understand what is going on and relieve the pain. I like that they do an x-ray and use that to help show me what is happening. Thank-you

Savannah Siebold

Tami Townsend

I've been going to Dr. Max for almost a year. Love the staff and services! They are professional but still friendly and genuinely concerned about me and my health. I never feel like just a number. Dr. Max is thorough and knowledgeable. I feel very relaxed and safe in his hands. I usually never have to wait around to be seen. More often than not, they can fit me in last minute if needed. I recommend Synsvoll Chiropractic to all I know.

Joan Budd

I never thought I'd recommend a chiropractor but Dr Max is more than that. He doesn't just throw you on a table and crack your back. He uses xrays and listens to the patient to determine what type of treatment is needed to help their body heal. All his staff members are so friendly that it's contagious. I've never seen anyone leave without wearing a smile.

Randy Cass

Awesome place very understanding of your problems and has done excellent work helping me feel better

Peggy Alexander

Dr Max knows his stuff. He treats the whole person and doesnt just "crack your back". I can always count on him to teach me something new about health, the body, etc.

scott edwards

Best message in a long time

Heather Smith

I highly recommend Dr. Max to everyone, young and old. He is very caring and patient with all of his patients. He takes the time to listen to any concerns you may have, and is very honest about any issues you may have. Go see him!

Art LeGare

Fantastic results! Professional staff. Effective and pain free adjustment. Strongly recommend all to take advantage of this office. Happy Happy


Doctor Max and his staff are friendly and helpful. The office girls always welcome me with a warm smile. Dr. Max is knowledgeable and strives to learn his patients name. Most importantly the office runs in a timely manner to avoid patients from waiting.

Marja McGraw

The doctor and his staff are professional and friendly, and they listen to what the patient has to say. Treatment has already helped me quite a bit. I feel comfortable visiting the office and my problems are being taken care of. I highly recommend this doctor and his staff.

ronnie register

I appreciate that I can call and get an appointment the same day. They always try to fit me in even though I don’t make an appointment ahead of time. The office staff is great and very helpful. I always feel better after my visits.

Renee Miles

Always a good experience at Synsvoll chiropractic. Highly recommend it.

Gary Middaugh

although I left the area after only a few treatments I felt like progress had been made and Dr. Max and his entire staff were professional at all times

Cheri Hurtado-Kolesar

I had a great experience at Synsvoll Chiropractic. They were very thorough took x-rays and did exam of my neck and back. They have great office staff that are very friendly, and the doctors are there to hel .

Linda Morris

Dr. Max and his staff are the best. I have been to other Chiropractors and they would do one adjustment and say "Come back if you aren't feeling better". Dr. Max takes his time and goes slow, allowing your body to heal during the treatments.

Andrea Webb

Ruben Silva

Wow, after reading all Dr. Synsvoll's great reviews I wonder if I fell through the cracks somehow. My initial exam was thorough and I felt like the Dr. was a great listener, but found the overall treatment impersonal and ineffective. I went to Dr. Synsvoll for neck and hip pain and headaches. His treatment plan involved going 3x week initially, then 2x week, 1x week and monthly thereafter. I literally spent more time swiping my patient card repeatedly and changing in and out of an uncomfortable hospital gown than the good doctor spent with me. No pre-treatment warm up, just a wham-bam, how's that ma'm? I would tell him I still felt pinching here or there and he would tell me it would probably work its way out, if not, I could come back the next day (and pay for it?). I still get a nice birthday card in the mail with an offer for a free adjustment each year. I took advantage of it the year after I quit seeing him just to give him another opportunity to change my mind about his skill as a chiropractor and healer. Sad to say, I still think he relies on elaborate office procedures and informative full page ads to make up for his lack of true, personal care, and chiropractic skill.

Kimberly Candelaria

Dr. Max has been my chiropractor for almost a year now. Recently, I broke my leg. After finally being some what better from the surgery, I have since done some damage to my shoulder. We figured it was most likely a secondary injury from the initial fall. Any way, he was able to see me for an adjustment, and get me started back on the road to recovery. I was literally in tears when I came back to the office. After my first adjustment, by the time I got home, I was starting to feel relief. I am not in the excruciating pain I was when I first came back. I have a few more adjustments before I would say is going to be about as close to normal and pain free as I can be. I have learned through him and his staff, that this isn't a 1, 2, or 3 times type of thing to take care of my spine and joints. This is a lifetime of maintenance. And just as I take very good care of my car, I need to do the same for my body. So that my years remaining on this earth, are pleasant and spent as as pain free as possible. Thank you Dr. Max and thank you to the staff.

James Langenbach

Excellent service, really appreciate the care Dr. Max provides!

mica fish

I have a very physical occupation and really need the care for my Spine provided by Dr. Max and his team. Even more than receiving adjustments when I’m in a crisis, being on a regular maintenance plan has improved my quality of life. I feel better more of the time! I think of Spinsl care like brushing my teeth. I just do it and the results speak for themselves.

Larry Higuera

I’ Love the staff and the service I get Lawrence Higuera!!!

Lori Crockford

Wow, no more headaches, only a weekly adjustment. Thanks team. Nayeli, you're the greatest

Brian Duhme

Front desk is the most personable and professional I've ever encountered. Staff is outstanding and doctor Max is the best chiropractor ever been to.

Jubilee Lawhead

Went in strictly for a massage after a very bad low back injury and 8 weeks of physical therapy. I will not not be returning. Doug, the massage therapist, spent the first 15 or 20 minutes using a vibration device on my back and telling me about how "he wasn't allowed to use anything that plugged into a wall at the last place the worked." I could have purchased that piece of equipment from a department store for the cost of the massage. He then only briefly massaged my low back and glute that had been troubling me - literally less than 2 minutes. He kept slapping my leg and upper back like he suffered from a tic maybe? Then he wanted to practice some Tai massage which involved him sitting in his chair and pushing on my side with his feet while pulling on my arm?! He tried justifying this as a way to use his hands less because being a massage therapist was so hard on him. I just wanted a low back, glute, and leg massage to help relax the residual nerve damage from my injury. I graduated with honors from massage school in 2005 and have had countless massages by many therapists, students, and lay people. I would have to say students at massage school clinics do better than this guy.

sharon murphin

Wonderful environment Great staff and doctor Max is fabulous!

walter olinger

Dr. Max has ALWAYS, helped wit my pain control. He has kept me going for over 20 years.

Julie Zink

I absolutely love Dr. Max and his amazing team. They are so helpful and friendly. Not too mention one of the only doctor's offices that makes you feel like family instead of just another person. Aaaaand they do an amazing job at what they do. I live in at least a half hour away from the office but I wouldn't rather go anywhere else. They are worth the drive :)

Rodney Adams

I always feel welcome at the Synsvoll Chiropractic office. The routine adjustments keep my back in great shape. The importance of this is never as obvious until I return from being gone for a month or two and noticing how much better I feel and move after my adjustment.

Jason Manacher

After years of back/neck pain, I'm finally getting relief! No longer taking daily pain medications! Flexible appointments too.

David paliy

Had a rib out of place for over 6 months didn't even know it, Dr.Max put it back in 2 sec. finally can sneeze normally. Highly recommended ;)

Darci Wright

Dr. Max has been instrumental in keeping me on my feet. As a long time hairstylist I can say my work and my active lifestyle would be non existent if not for his ongoing care for the last 7 years. Thank you Dr. Max, from me and also my clients!!!

Valerie H

Dr. Max is a kind and caring, experienced Chiropractor who shares his vast knowledge to assist us in healing. I highly recommend him. His staff are friendly, welcoming and good at what they do. The place is so positive I smile when I walk in, and I leave with an improved spine.

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