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REVIEWS OF Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute - Dr. Dru Lopez IN Washington

Camille Bowers

I recommend Summit Chiropractic to all of my friends. Dr. Lopez is amazing at what he does. I came in with FAI (labral hip impingement), bursitis in my shoulder (I'd dealt with it for 3 years), and headaches. With the help of Joel, the physical therapist, and Dr. Lopez I can say I am totally back to normal. My injuries were taking me away from my regular workouts, volleyball night, and general day to day activities. Dr. Lopez is not just a crack, snap, pop chiropractor. He works with our muscles to keep things the way they should be! I am a regular. I go in once a month for maintenance. I see Sarah, the massage therapist who is AMAZING! I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone, and plenty of my friends and family see her. Then I see Dr. Lopez right after for a quick adjustment while I'm loose from the massage. Well worth it to keep the headaches controlled and muscles loose. The staff is very friendly as well, very easy to work with!

Dwight Curry

Dr.Lopez and his staff are the best.The entire team worked together for first a diagnosis and then a perfect solution.

Connie N

Had my first visit today and all I have to say is Wow! I have been to multiple PT's and chiropractors and none have gotten down to the bottom of the problem I have been having... Dr. Lopez did a thorough evaluation and treatment and I'm feeling so much better already. Looking forward to my next visit. Thank you so much.

Rebecca Usai

Dr. Lopez has a unique approach to chiropractic. I have seen many chiropractors in my life but not many seem to want to cure the problem only maintain it. Lopez works with you and your body to condition it to heal and avoid future injury. Very welcoming office and staff. I highly recommend to anyone looking for thier body to perform properly again.

Mark Hansen

Everyone who works here is amazing! Been going here for years. I recommend them all the time to friends and family! It certainly helps how well they work with my insurance.

Karen Stockton

Dr Lopez, Joel and Andrea are great! I injured my shoulder and a good friend referred me to them. I had never been to a chiro before and I have been so happy. Joel is great with exercises and Andrea gives an amazing massage! I have been telling everyone about them! My shoulder is feeling better and I plan on coming back monthly for adjustments and massages! I would highly recommend everyone here!!

Sarah C

Dr. Lopez is the best at what he does! He is also super friendly and puts you at ease. The two massage therapists, Sarah and Andrea, are also amazing! I always leave the office feeling refreshed no matter who I saw that day. You will not find a better, more professional office staff than the staff at Summit Chiropractic. The office manager Alicia is the first and last face you see, and she is always happy and smiling!

Joe Holland

Dr. Lopez started out by staying late on a Friday night to fix our son up, whom he had never met, so that he was able to compete in a soccer tournament the next day. He now has earned the trust and support of many people that we know through sports, professional lives, and friends. He volunteers his time to help out with an annual soccer tournament and is very involved in other local youth activities. He is very dedicated to his profession and his clients.

John O'Brien

The entire staff is great. Dr. Lopez is great to work with. He is very knowledgeable and talented. He has helped me through several injuries and got me back on track with training and work quickly. He has made me a believer in treatment with massage, chiropractic care and KT tape. Visit the business and you will leave satisfied.

Steve Wilson

I've been to at least a dozen different chiropractors, and Dr. Lopez is the best. All I can say is my neck and back feel better going to him than any other Chiropractor. Great massage and physical therapy staff too!

Justin Howell

I have visited Dr. Lopez for both my separated AC issues and various back issues. He does a great job with all kids of issues not just back. I like that is he is so sports oriented and focuses on how to quickly get you back to being active with the things you love to do. Great adjustments. Provides that extra care to keep you on the road to recovery and in most cases better off then you were before you had problems. With my AC issues, he provided great exercise plans to really focus on the issue spots and kept in close contact with my physical therapy visits. I really feel he goes far above what other Chiropractors would ever do.

Ann Warfield

I am so pleased with the treatments I have received. They (the treatments) cause me to feel so much better and to have more flexibility in my neck and back, actually my whole body. The same can be said about the Therapeutic Exercises.

Brittney Adams

Stephanie F

Dr. Lopez is super friendly and efficient. He is open, honest, and very good at what he does. I have two friends who have been raving about his chiropractic adjustments and therapy programs. Now having gone in, I completely agree. He even adjusted my baby (very carefully, I might add...I was super nervous beforehand, but he showed me first what he was going to do, and my baby is doing WAY better now).

Bailey Aiello

Dr. Lopez is very knowledgeable and a super nice guy. His staff is fantastic as well. I've had a great experience being treated here and definitely recommend seeing them.

Stacie Davis

I’ve had back, shoulder and neck pain for over 10 years with limited mobility. After only a few visits with Dr. Lopez, I started seeing increased mobility and started gaining my full sensation back in my arm. I’m amazed with his knowledge and treatment techniques. I now send everyone I know to Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute!

Jo Atwell

Dr. Lopez was the first chiropractor to explain to me what muscles were weak and which were too tight thus pulling my left hip out of place. I love the way he does massage before adjusting. The exercises he gave were amazing and have allowed me to run again!

Michael Liberg

Carri Whitman

All the staff is professional but also friendly - the results are unbelievable relief. I finally found a doctor's office I look forward to going to.

Angel Vedovatti

My experience at Summit chiropractic and sport was amazing. I am a triathelete who has been struggling with heel pain for over 7 months,I tried everything, even going to the medical doctor. He took x-Rays and found nothing. Told me to rest. After one session my heel was better and after the second session I was cured. Thank you so much for everything.

Chantal Torabi

Great crew! They are teaching me a lot about correct stretching and helping fix my back and hips. You will feel very comfortable with them as if they are your friends!

Joel White

Great service , super friendly , expert advice and very helpful treatment!!

Sara Randall

Dr. Lopez is the real deal. His approach and treatment plan is full-proof. His ART therapy is so effective. Dr. Lopez and his team treated me into a full recovery in such a reasonable amount of time. I'm a long-distance runner and my body has paid the price, but Dr. Lopez provided treatment to recover fully from my injury and to stabilize and strengthen and now I'm running stronger than I ever have!

pat percival

Several years ago is the first time I was treated by Dr. Lopez, when he was located on the north side. During that time he has treated family members for various sports and activity related injuries. Each of us have found him to be a very accomplished DC, DACBSP. For us, he has been a healer. When MD remedies were either not applicable or in some cases his care was in conjunction with MD treatments, Dr. Lopez provided the needed knowledge and care of physical manipulations and exercises to improve and resolve the issue. A few years ago, Dr. Lopez opened his own practice in the Spokane Valley. We followed him and continue to utilize his excellent care, consideration, knowledge and ability to tailor the treatment needs of the individual and the issue for effective resolution. Dr. Lopez and his staff are kind, professional and extremely accomplished in their field. I go with what I know and I am very grateful to Summit Sports Chiropractic for having provided us with excellent and successful care over the years when needed.

sterling mcconnell

Great people!


Dr. Lopez and the staff are awesome!!!

Jesse Soto

The office is such a friendly and happy atmosphere. Dr. Lopez and his staff are great and have helped me recover with ease! Best Chiro in Spokane.

Kathy Williamson

Dr. Dru is excellent. He takes time to figure out the problem & works through it.

Shawn Swerin

I was expieriancing neck and back issues and my employer refered me here. I felt like I was off balance and uneven. He straightened me up on the first visit. I'm not sure if I will have the financial ability to return but he left me feeling much better and an inch taller


G.O.A.T. = Greatest Of All Time = Summit Chiropractic.

Suzanne B

Sara gives amazing massages

Sally Ford

Great staff, and Dr. Lopez gives a massage before the treatment and also offers exercises to help strengthen muscles and aid in healing. I have always had improvement by visiting Dr. Lopez.

Keith King

Dr Lopez is the best chiropractor that I have had the pleasure of using since I broke my back 30 years ago! I am a large person 6'3" 250lbs. and Dru is the first chiropractor to be able to get my back happy within a visit or two. His staff is always very personable and they can usually get me in quickly. His experience with professional athletes shows his great knowledge of the skeletal and muscular systems. If I could give Dru more stars I would!!

Landon Cox

Positive, relaxing, and professional atmosphere. Sarah gives a great massage! Dr. Lopez knows his stuff. Kind and caring staff.

Blake Womble

They get to know you and truly care about you. They become friends rather than just another PT place. Andrea is my favorite. She gets 8 stars.

Heather Walters

Everybody in the office are super nice and very accomidating. I have had my chiropractic care with Dr Lopez for years and always feel so much better. I have also had the physical therapy and the therapistsecond are awesome.

Emily Stralser

As a past college track athlete and a current track coach, I have experienced many different PT's and chiropractors. Dr. Lopez and his team is the best of them! His approach has brought me immediate relief, as well as treatment that lasts. I send all of my athletes here because he is someone that I trust! He evaluates the whole patient, and is in this business for the right reasons. He truly wants everyone to be at their best and pain free - this includes everyone, not just athletes! I highly recommend Dr. Lopez and his team for everyone.

Joseph Singleton

Brian Borden

I got great care from everyone there when I hurt myself at work and it has really made a difference for me

Adrienne Glasheen

I’ve been running and racing triathlons competitively for over 20 years and, through that time, have realized the importance of soft tissue treatments to keep my body feeling and performing at its best. Being new to the area and training for my fourth marathon and first post-baby racing season, I was in need of a new Chiropractor to stay healthy throughout the rigorous training program. After my first visit with Dr. Lopez, I knew I had found what I was looking for. His demeanor was relaxed and unassuming. After spending some time talking about my history and current injury, he knew exactly where to begin with Active Release Technique (ART) and an adjustment. I walked out feeling immediate relief in not only my hip, where the main injury was present, but also in areas throughout my body that I didn’t even know were tight and out of balance. Thanks to Dr. Lopez, I was able to continue my marathon training without a hitch and go on to post a new Personal Record in the distance. I continue to visit the office regularly during peak training seasons to treat niggles and stay on top of recovery with adjustments and ART from Dr. Lopez, massage from Andrea and a session in the NormaTec Boots. Every time I walk in the door, I feel like part of the family. Dr. Lopez and his entire staff are professional, friendly and extremely good at what they do. I always look forward to my visits and highly recommend Summit Chiropractic to anyone in need of relief.

Benjamin Brady

I hurt my shoulder and was in severe pain, I saw several doctors and didn't get relief. The first visit to Dr. Dru and I felt so much better. I really like how he treats patients. I know he cares about helping us to the best of his ability. The office is great, get you in quickly too.

Rachel Adams

I’ve been with Summit for 5.5 years and will go no where else! The staff makes you feel so comfortable and Dr. Lopez knows his stuff. I had been getting the wrong treatment elsewhere and was always in pain. Since seeing Dr. Lopez that pain doesn’t exist and he has seen me through 3 half marathons with more in my future. This office is amazing and I tell everyone!

ben harrietha

I have been going to Summit for roughly a year and a half and it's just the best. I have been to 4 other chiropractors before and none of them were as effective or as easy going as Dru. Every time I walk out of there I feel significantly better. The office manager Alicia is always very friendly and makes scheduling a breeze. Due to my torn disc, getting back to pre injury form will take quite awhile, but Summit has made that time much less painful.

Sheri Jennings

I always feel well taken care of. I always learn something new and different to help with my pain.

Darla Bennett

The best in Spokane! Such a warm, friendly group. I felt like I was with family right away. I worked with both Dr. Dru and Joel for over 2 months and they were both very knowledgable in what they were doing, and made me feel very comfortable. I live in Northern Spokane, and was happy to make the drive two days a week to the Valley to be able to work with them. Front desk girls were awesome and genuine, as well.

VW Garden

Dr. Lopez has so many tools available to help - stretching, massage, and athletic training exercises if needed in addition to chiropractic manipulations. I feel this well-rounded approach to care is more effective than any one thing on its own. I have certainly found relief after visits to his office. The staff are friendly and Dr. Lopez is friendly but professional. Highly recommended.

Kimi K

After being involved in a car accident, I have been to many doctors, but none of them took the time to get to know me and what had happened. It was more like WHAM! BAM! THANK YOU MA'AM!!! EVERYONE at Summit Chiropractic is very friendly and just plain "nice". After my session with Dr. Dru, I feel "back, crack-a-lackin'" GOOD!!!! So, good in fact, I have recommended them to my future husband, too!!!

Ashton Weaver

Dr. Lopez and his staff are very knowledgeable and helpful with any sports or work related troubles that you might experience. My experience started with lower back pain that limited my mobility. After a few sessions I am now back to full range of motion.

Josh Patino

Dr. Lopez is the BEST! I hurt my knee pretty badly playing soccer and I went to a couple specialists who all said I needed an MRI because they thought there may be a meniscus and MCL tear. I was about to get the MRI and spend $700 after insurance coverage and I was fortunate enough to call Dr. Lopez. He said he'd see me during his lunch break and let me know what he thought. He tested my knee in ways no other "specialist" did and he said it looked like a sprain. He worked on it for about 10 minutes and said it'll hurt and be sore for a few more days but then it should start to feel better. If it didn't feel better then to go back and see him but from what he could tell there wasn't a tear. 3 days later it started to feel better and then better the next day and on and on. I was back to playing my sport within 6 weeks at 100%. I've recommended several of those I work with to him and they have all had positive results. Highly recommend!

Kristen Brown

As a professional athlete recovery and specialized treatment is essential to our performances. Dr. Lopez and his team have been working consistently at making me feel better than I ever have! They are truly amazing and some of the best doctors I have ever seen. If you are looking to get the best treatment this is where you want to go !!

Christiann Arbini

An amazing sport Chiropractor, Dr. Lopez takes great care to ensure your able to perform at your best! He takes time with you and makes sure he works out all your kinks! I highly recommend him as an endurance athlete and personal trainer.

Tracy's Body Werks LLC Tracy Falkenthal IFBB Pro

Absolutely tremendous support! Dr. Lopez explains everything in detail and is a “fix it” Doc. All of the staff is very patient and professional. Expect to get results and to get healed. The best chiropractic ART around.

Maren Longhurst

Training for my first Ultra, I started to have extreme pain in my hips once the long training runs got up to ten+ miles. I spend too many hours sitting in front of a computer and I've lost flexibility in my hips. I went to Dr. Lopez and after just two visits was able to run twelve miles completely pain free, and faster than I've run in years. Last weekend, I ran a marathon with no pain in my hips or knees! Thank you!

Kevin K

Great place, friendly staff, very knowledgeable and the place is clean. The only place I go for my chiropractic needs.

Theory of an Athlete

I have worked with chiropractors and therapists from all over the world as a professional track athlete. From all my travels and countless encounters with medical professionals, Summit has provided me with the best personalized treatment I’ve ever received. Dr. Lopez and his team will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and educated on the care they are providing. You will leave with a peace of mind and euphoric feeling knowing that your body was treated at the highest therapeutic level as the results continually speak for themselves. 10/10 would highly recommend to; ALL athletes (health in sport is a necessity), anyone seeking a sound body and mind, and individuals who are looking to improve upon their overall day to day quality of health.

Jason Watson

Great Expirence , Great staff ,and very knowledgeable !

Yvonne Marie

As an athlete, prevention is an important aspect of my health and training. Dr Lopez and his amazing staff continually treat my needs with appropriate, advanced treatment plans and care. Dr Lopez truly cares and takes the time to listen. I accidentally showed up thinking my appointment was that day, it wasn’t, and he squeezed me in!! I left feeling better (shoulder). Dr Lopez doesn’t treat “symptoms”. He actively seeks source to allow prevention to work. That’s key!! Love this practice and his staff!!!

Alexander Via

He is the best man ice ever met

Jessica Golladay

Dr. Dru and his team are caring, friendly, and accommodating with appointments. I came in for help with lower back pain because I couldn't take medications and wanted to work on the cause of it. After just two weeks of chiropractic sessions and massage therapy with Andrea I'm starting to feel much better!

Molly McGillis

Dr. Lopez and his staff are the best. I love the environment, and how each and every one of them make you feel at home. I admire each and everyone. Alisha, it is always so great to see you right when I walk in, you are always so happy and welcoming. Joel, is not only an awesome person, he is wonderful in his career. I admire that you really take the time to grasp someone's personality and use that in the way you interact with them. It was nice to be in discomfort but still laugh, and walk out feeling better after every visit. Andrea, you are awesome at what you do, and I admire your passion for your career, and other aspects in your life. Dr.lopez, you are an inspiration, not only are you fantastic at what you do, your clinic is full of amazing, passionate, and caring people. I would recommend you guys to anyone, you are not only helping people, you are treating them all like family. I appreciate that the most. ( to all of your other employees I haven't met, I'm sure you are just as wonderful)

Penny Nalder

Dr Lopez and his staff are the best!! Professional, friendly and knowledgeable :)

Robert Ward

Dr. Lopez is a miracle worker. I have seen doctors, specialists, physical therapists, and omt's with little or no results leaving me in constant pain. I wish I would have seen Dr. Lopez 2 years ago when my accident first happened. He has helped me get my strength, happiness, and mobility back in my neck and shoulders. His initial visit he spends so much time with you getting down to the root cause and goes on with a treatment plan accustomed to your specific needs. I would recommend Dr. Lopez for anyone and would tell you to stop wasting time and money on other doctors that will not get you the results you are looking for.

Robert Fitch

Team is what I experience at Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute. First and foremost everyone is very welcoming and positive each time I show up. This is part of the healing process. I believe that Positive Vibes are essential to healing. Dr. Lopez and his staff listen. Then together we form the action plan. Listening goes a long way in building trust. I trust that the Summit Team will always find the best solutions for my health issues. I feel at home with Team Summit. I invite you all to experience the expert Summit Team. One visit and you will understand why I believe this is the best Chiropractic in the Northwest. As an added bonus, they are a wealth of information for referrals to other health professionals. Go Team Summit !

Chet Hymas

Dr. Lopez is awesome! If you need a great and caring chiropractor then this is where you need to go. He took the time to explain in great detail what I need and how he is going to get me feeling good again. His staff is super friendly and helpful also.

Robert leach

Summit Chiropractic is Fabulouuuus.

Robert Compau

Dr. Lopez and his staff are awesome. I highly recommend!

MAB Flooring

They know what they are doing ,friendly service , good recommendations . I like summit chiropractor ,nice treatment .

Katie Betts

The entire staff at Summit Chiropractic is super friendly!

Willie Johnson

Dr.Lopez and the rest of the Summit Chiropractic team have been a great help to me and my running over the past year or so. He has helped me solve several hip and low back issues, and really done a lot to keep me out there training as much as possible.

Phillip Dawson

Fantastic chiropractic services. Willing to work within a sports medicine team to help with a wholistic healthcare approach!

cathy shuman

Great practice!! they are very friendly and offer more then chiro. Dr. has several other techniques that help, like taping and special stretching that can help you feel better faster. I suffer from severe migraine and this is one of the few things that helps.

Melissa Rudd

Very friendly staff and you definitely don't have to be an athlete to be treated like one! Dr Lopez and his staff are definitely the best in the northwest!

Back40 Media

My wife and I are both patients of Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute. Dr. Lopez is top notch when it comes to diagnosing and treating all types of injuries. His staff is very knowledgable and make you feel right at home. Not your typical old school back cracking chiropractor. They go to great lengths to diagnose, fix and prevent your injuries.

Quinn Jose Marianno

Summit Chiropractic and Sports Institute does things right. Dr. Lopez and his team are personable and professional. As a patient here you can expect to receive top treatment strategies to get you back to being your best.


Dr. Dru is the best in town!! He is always there through all my injuries to help me become a better runner!

Ronald Kirk

I could not walk properly when I came to see Dr. Lopez. Within three or four visits, he had me walking without pain and straight up. Simply awesome! He is certainly outstanding in his chosen vocation. The very best.

Joseph Zuniga

Great place

William Morkill

How long do you want to stay stiff or hobbled, conditions that take the fun out of life? I've been to three or four chiropractors over the years. Dr. Lopez is by far the best. Maybe that's why the US Olympic team uses him. It takes me 45 minutes to drive to his clinic and along the way I pass dozens of other chiropractic clinics. Loyalty is fine and laudable, but I want results. Dr. Lopez delivers. The bottom line: You go into Summit feeling one way and come out feeling another, much better way. It would be a mistake not to consult with Joel, the clinic's PT, when you visit. If you have dietary issues, let Summit schedule a visit for you with Jolene Fisher. Jolene will guide you on a dietary path that will can be life changing. Last but hardly least, once in a while you owe yourself a message and Sarah is among the finest you'll find in Spokane. If all this sounds good there's one other client benefit that cements my relationship with Summit. That would be the staff's spontaneous cheer, good will, and friendship. They truly care about you and that's something money can't buy.

Kahloni Cline

Dr. Lopez and his staff are amazing!!! My husband referred me when I was suffering from lower back pain and after adjustments and physical therapy with this office I am doing so much better. Very caring and informative staff that you can tell love what they do.

Layton Winters

Had a wonderful experience and the staff is amazing!!

Tyler Mckeen

I'm very happy and lucky I was referred here because Dr. Lopez and his staff are all super awesome and very good at what they do! I always have relief and feel so much better after every appointment with them and I would absolutely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a great chiropractor!

Jerry Ward

This is the best place in town hands down. Everyone is very nice and helpful. My knee injury recovery was very speedy.

Aaron Newell

Great staff and Dr. Lopez is great!

Brian Vazquez

Dr. Lopez is amazing along woth his staff. They helped me recover and prepare for my baseball season. They helped my shoulder heal so. I haven't had a problem since. They are great. I would recommend them to everyone.

Kent Allen

Dr. Lopez is great and very knowledgeable. Thank you!

Mark Ness

Dr. Lopez was truly interested in helping me and my hip issues. I had previously been told to use a lift due to my hips not being aligned and he was able to correct that with his therapy. Very happy with his whole team very first class and would recommend everyone to give them a try! Mark Ness

Rich Carver

Dr. Lopez and his staff are awesome! They are very friendly and helpful. Our family plays a lot of sports, particularly racquetball. When we have a non-emergency type of sports injury, Summit Chiropractic is our first call. They are very knowledgeable in the treatment and prevention of athletic related injuries and they understand the mindset of the athlete/patient. We have been seeing Dr. Lopez for about the last three years. Chiropractic care is more than just care for your back. I highly recommend Summit Chiropractic.

Geoff Tibbetts

Dru and his staff are the best I know! They truly listen and target your specific needs to get you and your loved ones back on track so you can enjoy what you love to do!! I can't recommend this guy enough to anyone who has ever needed or even doubted how positively a conscientious and caring, well-trained professional like Dru can impact you. It's amazing!! He has helped my 12 year old son to keep competing successfully throughout his AAU basketball season despite an injury and has helped me when needed w neck and back issues. He goes the extra mile to get you well! You can't miss w Dr. Lopez!!

Jani Davis

Dr. Lopez and his staff are Amazing! Always Friendly and Professional. I was referred to Dr. Lopez for a shoulder issue. He is extremely knowledgeable and was able to get me out of pain and moving again. He has also treated many of my children, including sports injuries. He does his part and then also has you work with his staff for the physical therapy. They all do a great job and are really fun to work with. They all also have a good sense of humor :-). I strongly recommend Dru and his awesome staff!

Noah Ziemann

I have worked with Dr. Dru and been worked on by Dr. Dru. He is by far the best in the business not just in Spokane but i would say the whole State of Washington. Dr. Dru is loyal to his staff and covers medical personnel at the highest level of sports competition at the national level. He works USA volleyball, judo, wrestling, track and many more and all of his athletes love him. He is a rare chiropractor that has an awesome story and has phenominal social skills which is hard to find in chiropractors. His knowledge and care for his patients is top notch. You are gaining an awesome medical experience and a friend out of Dr. Dru.

Giovanni Soto

Definitely recommend coming here if your having any issues! Visited here for neck problems and Dr Lopez and his staff were able to correct the problem and made me feel comfortable everytime i came to see them for my appointments. Thanks summit! 5 stars

Francis Hayes

The chiropratic goes well along with the massage and outside pt I receive. I truly like the service and friendliness of the staff at Summit.

Kelly Boyle

Great staff

Amanda Loew-Sherer

Dru and his staff are amazing! I have been in pain for almost 3 yrs from an injury and in just a few weeks with them I am already feeling some relief. Thanks so much! Keep up the great work.

Jim Edwards

Great help for my back issues.

Debbie Pierce

Awesome, friendly and caring office! When I first saw Dr. Drew Lopez, I was in severe hip and back pain. Dr. Lopez really cared and took the time I needed during weekly adjustments (sometimes twice a week), applying deep tissue massage and stretching to help relieve my severe pain! Eventually I was able to work with the physical therapists to learn more stretches and excercises that I could do at home. The physical therapists that worked with me were great! Dr. Lopez also introduced me to Jolene Fisher (health coach) who helped with nutrition and strength training. I am now out of severe pain, stronger, healthier and 25 pounds lighter!!! I am so thankful that Dr. Lopez helped me get my life back!!!

Nick Crooks

Dr. Lopez is extremely knowledgeable and his staff are incredibly friendly. If you need a chiropractor or physical therapist who understands what your goals are with treatment and doesn't just apply a one size fits all approach to rehab, Dr. Lopez is your guy.

Jolene Fisher

Our family loves Summit, I've sent my whole family to Dr. Lopez for sport chiropractic for about 3 years as needed. He and his staff are friendly, helpful and accommodating for appointment scheduling. Our son has been under consistent care for tight hips, weak gluteal muscles and "wicked" shin splints, as his primary sports medicine Doctor likes to put it. After one session on the Normatec his legs got significantly better and he was hooked! Our daughter, a young dancer, experienced tight Achilles tendons and was seen about 5 times to help loosen her calves and get kinesiotaped. That was over a year ago and still no pain. Summit also has great massage therapists, Sarah is so good at finding the spots that make you squirm! I love getting a massage before being adjusted. Joel, the exercise therapist is top notch and helps with the overall balance of the patient and helps to give exercises that stabilize the new adjustments Dr. Lopez is giving. It's a wonderful all around practice that is hard to find in Spokane.

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