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REVIEWS OF Seattle Total Health IN Washington

Sam Mascorella

My co worker referred me to dr Triffany because I was having sciatic nerve problems to the point it was hard to walk. i had never been to a chiropractor before and have always been terrified to go. Dr. Tiffany was very nice, welcoming, and explained everything thoroughly as we went. She had be get a Denneroll to correct the curve in my neck (or lack there of) and it has been helping a lot. The office is small and hidden away in a big building, so it doesnt feel like a doctors office or anything. All of the front desk gals are nice and offer friendly chit chat. I would recommend this clinic to anyone, especially if it is your first time.

Heather Cruise

We go way back. I always leave here feeling better. Whether it's getting my back adjusted or a massage. I'll never go anywhere else.

Brianne Rouse

Listens to her patients. Runs on time. Really gets my neck feeling better!

Bryan Graf

Dr. Smith has been treating my lower/mid back pains for a couple of months now. Not only does she make the necessary adjustments but she also goes above and beyond with helpful coaching on day to day exercises and routines to improve my back's condition. I enjoy her personable attitude and plan to keep her in my medical network for years to come.

Andrew Turner

Kristina is genuinely interested in making me better! Best chiropractic experience ever.

Gretzkyan Klopnik

I have had back and posture issues all my life due to my sudden growth in height. I was always told by friends and family to go see a chiropractor, but I never liked the idea of it. Dr. Alex made me feel comfortable and even had tools for people like me that don't like touch. I feel great after his adjustments and will definitely be going Seattle Total Health again and again.

Christie Cummings

Dr. Christie is a wonderful chiropractor. She is well practiced in numerous techniques and works diligently to find the most successful therapy applicable to each individual client. Not only does she keep my body aches in check, I count on her for some great bonus workout tips :)

Shawn L

Dr. Christie was amazing. Her expertise has made my life a lot more maneuverable!

Stephanie Erickson

Dr. Smith is amazing! Best upper cervical adjustments I have ever had. She also is quite skilled with Graston techniques. She is always ready to suggest a new kind of stretch, to help me between appointments. Not only is she a very knowledgeable, she is also a pleasure to interact with. Chiropractic care has never been this good!

Daniel Barker

I first came in after several months of 8/10 back and neck pain. I was unable to do more than lay on my couch and stare at the ceiling. I saw 7 different specialists who each we're unable to help me. After my first visit with Dr. Christie I was able to leave my apartment with very little pain. Within one month of weekly appointments I was back to work. A year later I feel better than I have in years. Dr. Christie and Doug McCreary (massage therapist) are incredible at their jobs. They exude kindness and helpfulness, always accommodating with the utmost respect and warmth per every appointment. I am truly thankful for their overwhelming impact on my life. I would rate them at 10/5 if I could.

Breanne Jennings

I have been seeing Dr. Kristina Schramm for almost two years now. She is very knowledgeable and cares about her patients! I have chronic back pain due to multiple surgeries and I have chronic migraines. Dr. Schramm has improved my quality of life while helping me understand what I can do on my own to help with pain. This office is very neat, clean, and organized. Highly recommend this location and Dr. Schramm!

Julie Chase

Dr. Christie is fantastic! She does a nice job explaining things. I always feel great after the adjustment.

Rodrigo Lode

I'm a very active guy and do quite a bit of lifting through Crossfit. I haven't had any major problems until recently where my shoulder started to give me quite a bit of pain if I stretched my hand towards to opposite shoulder. The pain got to a point that I couldn't even shower correctly as I couldn't soap one side of my body. Dr Christie had treated other folks at my gym with success so I went to see her. I've had a few adjustments done, but the graston technique applied to my shoulder was truly amazing. I've had my pain go down by 60% after the first treatment and about 80% after the second. I now have some slight discomfort and it improves every time I see Dr Christie. It turns out my muscles weren't recovering well (I tend not to stretch after a workout either) and the graston helped fixed an impediment holding my shoulder mobility. I couldn't be happier with the results. I'm treated super well whenever I visit her and her location is very accessible. Go see Dr Christie!!

Kristen OLeary

Dr. Kristina is incredibly knowledgeable and committed to her craft. She provides a welcoming and friendly environment where I feel comfortable and cared for. Her expertise and knowledge of chiropractic and the body is very impressive. I have been under her care for the last 3 years and have experienced phenomenal results. Not only have I experienced relief of pain that many other practitioners were unable to provide, I also experienced a sense of having my body heard. She is a chiropractor committed to providing detailed, thorough care. I am so thankful to have her as my chiropractor.

Laura Kimball

I appreciate Dr. Christie. I had a disagreement with her about some products she was trying out and I thought she was very professional and helpful in explaining her perspective and helping me get what I requested. She's very warm and eager to be of service and I feel taken care of. Thank you, Dr. Christie!

Pam Wolfe

She is Awesome. Just come and see. Very friendly and the staff is great too. Easy to get an app't and very flexible. Bring your pain and walk out with a smile on your face!

Samuel Brown

Jen Sawyer

I’ve been going to Dr. Christie for a little over a month. I deal with chronic neck and back pain from a past car accident, and after my first few sessions I began to feel positive changes in my spine! She helps explain everything she does in a thorough and relatable way that’s easy to digest. I appreciate how she walks her patients through each therapeutic exercise to ensure proper form!

Riley Corrie

After 2 months of coming here my back pain was completely gone! Flexible scheduling and very friendly people!

Joseph Cooper

Dr. Christie has been wonderful in helping me with my aspects of my life, mostly running. She has come up with many plans in order to deal with my cramping and she's so supportive. While Graston isn't my favorite treatment, it has really improve my abilities.

Ryan Kerr

I have been a patient of Dr. Alex for over 4 years. He has kept my body in excellent health as an active athlete nearing my mid 30's. His technique, knowledge of the body, and versatile ways to adjust make him a great D.C. I recommend visiting Dr. Alex for simply maintaining overall positive health as well as anything related or more serious as personal injury; he simply does it all. His new office office is in a great downtown Seattle location as well.

Sara Graham

To say I'm young and inexperienced in chiropractic treatment and getting a groupon package to come here the service was fabulous. Everyone was really receptive and informative including the receptionist. Dr. Christie was lovely, well informed and open to questions. Devan did my massage and he was great too. Can't be a repeat client due to living too far away but got a lot of help from Total Health and would highly recommend

Patricia Trett

I am both chiropractic patient and an Ideal Protein patient. I lost 40 lbs a year ago and only wish I had done it sooner. When my shoulders are tense and I am getting headaches from too much computer work I go see Dr. Christie and in a few minutes I am loose and feeling relaxed. She listens well too.

Joe Sway

Dr. Alex is the best! I had to reschedule my appointments a couple different times and he was so accommodating, he even followed-up with a post session call. I will be back and highly recommend!

Sergei Alievsky

Dr. Christie is a phenomenal chiropractor that truly made me feel a million times better. Unlike past chiropractors that I've had she actually takes the time to explain everything going on with my body and come up with an action plan to make improvements. You should definitely go to her, she's the best!

Benjamin Campbell

I've been a patient of Dr. Christies for quite a few years now and there's no other chiropractor I would trust to treat my spine. Dr. Christie as well as the entire Seattle Total Health staff are always friendly and professional and provide outstanding service during each visit.

daley ruthven

Extremely friendly staff and doctors. Dr.Christie has been great to me. She is always explaining things in a way I understand and makes me feel comfortable.

Ralph Still

I have been going to Chiropractors off/on for the last twenty years. Dr. Christie is by FAR the BEST I have seen. I have been going to Dr Christie for five years and is the best. She is thorough and takes her time in getting to know me and my health concerns.

Cortnie Schramm

Dr. Kristina Schramm is an amazing chiropractor. Since I have been under her care, not only has my quality of life improved, I feel better after each adjustment, as well as get to see the physical changes she has made by comparing old and new xrays. It's amazing what work she has done. She caters to all my needs as a patient and I never feel rushed during her appointments. I recommend anyone to start seeing her regularly, especially for wellness and overall improvement on quality of life.

Rachel Nelson

Vanessa Epstein

Lynn Hudgins

Dr. Christie is the best chiropractor! I've been going to her for almost three years and couldn't be happier. Great people and great location!

Brittany Arnold

Maggie Seebaldt

Dr. Christi is a life saver for me. I have had debilitating headaches. X-ray showed degenerative disc. I'm feeling so good now thanks to her.

Drew Tyler

Ryuji Misuda

I have lived with lower back pain in my life, but since I met Kristina a few months ago, I am almost pain free now. Thanks to Kristina!!

Brieana Beltran

Their location is perfect if you work downtown! You can just walk on over when you have an appointment. The two doctors and staff are incredibly caring and very genuine. I always feel welcomed when I come in for adjustments.

Noelle Vincent

I went yesterday for the first time and I had the most glorious experience. I'm already feeling improvements in where I'm experiencing pain.

Clara Arango

I visited Dr. Asaturov for my back pain. I am very pleased with the treatment I received. Dr. Asaturov is very professional and effective.

Paul G.

Dr. Tiffany Smith is my first chiropractor, and I am quite content about making her my last. She takes the time to understand my needs and develops a personalized treatment plan to reach my goals! She makes every visit a treat - she is personable, professional, and passionate about what she does! Her infectious smile, awesome staff, and pain relieving adjustment have me leaving feeling better than when I first come in. It truly shows when you have healthcare professionals that enjoy what they do; I feel that their energy radiates onto their patients. Moreover, I get that from Dr. Smith and her staff who provide me with the quality compassionate care that I expect. 5 star treatment and I highly recommend visiting Dr. Smith for all your chiropractic needs!

Tierra Alysia

It took me a long time to find the right chiropractor to help me with my chronic back pain. Dr.Kristina is amazing I've been going to her for months now and it's changed my life. I highly recommend going here !

Diana Brandt

Very friendly and very helpful!!!

PatTapPat Android

Dr. Christie is a great chiropractor. Makes you very comfortable and does an excellent job to fix your back problems!

Alison Bukowski

Dr. Christie is THE BEST. She has helped me work through several sports injuries with her comprehensive care planning. I would not be able to continue weightlifting without her and I am so glad I have her on my team. Scheduling is easy and the entire staff is lovely. I highly recommend her!

Johnny Gunn

I'm a massage therapist for over a decade and have received treatments from a number of chiropractors and Dr. Tiffany Christie is my favorite. I appreciate her attentiveness to soft tissue restrictions before adjustments. It is not uncommon for her to release some tight scalenes before adjusting my neck and/or release my iliopsoas before adjusting my low back etc. Also, Dr. Tiffany Christie skillfully incorporates Graston Technique into her sessions if appropriate. On a different note, generally I can easily get frustrated with medical billing/charges and everyone at Seattle Total Health is on the ball and I have never had problems.

Stacy Walden

I have been seeing Dr. Christie for over 3 years. As a heath professional myself, I know the importance of regular chiropractic visits. She has helped me with so many obstacles over the years. And the location is perfect and easy to walk to from work downtown seattle, several of my work associates see her as well. What more can I say, the office is the "total" package with chiropractic care, several massage therapist , two rolling tables in the physio room and a wide selection of kinesio tape design prints (so fun and sassy). Go check her office out. You won't be dissappointed.

Michelle Chambers

Junrong Zhou

Issue is resolved. The treatment my wife got from them is good. However, they really did a bad job on explaining about the charge. Before you go, please make sure you ask about the details they will charge you. No one tells us we will be charged for the roller; no one tells us we will be charged for the lesson of how to use the denneroll. Also, I think the price here is much more expensive compare to other places. (I am doing chiropractic elsewhere, and I never get charge of those "home exercise" lessons.)

Jocelyn Hotte

When I first arrived at Seattle Total Health, I had back issues that prevented me from doing a lot of things. After a few months in their care, I was back at my usual self, and back in the gym doing deadlifts. I still go at a monthly basis, and they've been able to treat all of my neck and back problems. I definitely recommend.

Shyann Stedman

I started seeing Dr. Schramm a few weeks ago, and am wishing I would have found Seattle Total Health sooner. Neck and hips havent felt this good in a really long time.

marlena parks

I take my 3 year old son to see both Dr Christie and Dr Schramm and have had wonderful experiences. He was having trouble sleeping and experiencing multiple ear infections and colds. Dr. Christie and Dr Schramm were both very kind and understanding to mine and my son's needs and I have seen a major improvement in his health. I am really looking forward to our next visit! Thank you so much!

Karen Delgado

Dr. Schramm is amazing! I have been to chiropractors before with little or no relieve, but not the case with Dr. Schramm. She really takes her time and is always kind. Devon is a great massage therapist too. Again, very good at what he does and is always polite. Marlena (Front desk) is the best. I am always greeted with a smile and she always makes me feel welcome. I love this place. Highly recommend.

Janna & Jimmy Taylor

My wife and I have visited Dr. Christie three times now and after visiting several other chiropractors in the area, we are proud to call her practice home. The receptionist is welcoming and accommodating, and the treatment we receive is second to none. Dr. Christie cares about us and our well-being by adjusting us with candor and care, all while keeping the office a clean and just a good place to be.

Jennifer Hensel

I have had pain issues needing to go every week and she has helped reduce my visits. She finds the solution for your problem and shows you things you can do at home between the visits. I am happy I switched to her!

Ian Flusberg

I had an L5/S1 bulging disc, anxiety about the issue and other stresses that kept me from my everyday activities. I showed up and Dr. Christie.e as able to not only diagnose the issue but put me through a regiment that got my back stronger than ever and weight lifting again! Thank you Seattle Total Health!

Kim Collings

Dr. Christie is terrific. Not only adjusts my back, but helps with tendonitis issues I've had in my shoulder too. Always goes above and beyond and always has a smile!

Rcom Ander

They will cash your check but not apply payments to the account and still send you bills claiming you are past due.

Noah Hanson

Thanks to a Groupon promotion I was prompted to finally go in for a consultation after years of experiencing lower back pain. The consultation included an exam, X-ray work, and an hour long message. These were spread over two visits. This was a great deal for me, as it has put me on the right track to taking care of a huge issue that's been bothering me for years and getting worse over time. I've needed to continue coming in for a series of adjustments, and although they do not accept my Group Health network I don't mind as I've already felt a physical change and have started adopting some habits to keep me from sliding back into pain again. Also, as someone who finds messages to be kind of outside of their comfort zone, their masseur, Devon, did a great job of helping me feel comfortable and left me feeling equilibrated afterward.

richard prenderville

Great practice with relevant services (massage etc). They took me right away when I had an emergency, cleared up my issues in a few treatments. Would highly recommend them


Excellent care, knowledge and flexibility with scheduling. I know I can work my appointments around my schedule and make it fit into my life. Massage therapy is FANTASTIC. My back pain is so much better. I am so glad I started going to Seattle Total Health.

Amy Markhoff

Dr Kristina Schramm has been taking care of me for the past 3 years; she is the best listener and pays attention to details! Her adjustments are specific and wonderful, I tell all my friends in Seattle to go see her for better health and to get their spine checked!

Randy Herzog

I’ve completed over 8 sessions with Doctor Christie and her team. When I started I had some major lower back pain that basically made it feel like the wind was getting knocked out of me whenever I bent down. In 2 sessions she had the pain down to tolerable levels and she gave me stretches and at home work to make it stick. I continue to go through my program with her and have seen benefits like the ability to sleep on my side again (this used to hurt too much). I am confident that she and her team will get me back to 100% and I intend to continue seeing her for maintenance visits.

Rob Gaston

So happy to be a patient of Dr.Christie. .She is a thorough chiropractor and is definitely a class act.

Jolie Bass-Walden

Chris Lang

I found Dr. Christie and her practice oddly enough through groupon. In being a groupon customer, at times you feel as if your appointment/order/ whatever it may be, is slightly less valuable/significant to the company than a regular paying customer. This was definitely not the case when I arrived at Seattle Total Health. The receptionist was friendly and helpful, and within minutes of netting with Dr. Christie I was instantly able to tell her interest in helping my well being was genuine. To some that may not be important, but to me it instills a sense of trust. ...I highly recommend Seattle Total Health and cannot wait for my massage this Thursday!

Amy Danneker

Dr. Christie is amazing! I was battling a severe case of sinusitis that actually impaired my vision. After antibiotics, countless doctors appointments, and an MRI later, I still did not have my vision back. I was hesitant to try chiropractics after a bad experience some years before. But Dr. Christie was wonderful! She was so knowledgable and extremely patient with me. She was very supportive and talked me through every step of the adjustment. She also added some sinus treatments to help support sinus drainage and pressure relief. My vision has improved immensely with only a few treatments and I could not be more thankful. There are so many benefits to chiropractics but I never realized that it can be a miracle treatment for sinus issues. I cannot recommend Dr. Tiffany Christie highly enough!!

Philip Samaraev

Dr.Alex helped through quite a bit of back pain and really helped me understand how to minimize it and work through it together!

Billy A.

Dr. Alex is a very thorough chiropractor. Since I've been going to see him my lower back pain has almost vanished. I really really like that he has an x-ray machine to pinpoint the issues. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Alex.

Jeffrey Hogan

Dr. Christie is simply spectacular....I have been a patient of Dr. Christie's for nearly three years. I had not been to a chiropractor for a number of years before I decided to see Dr. Christie. My previous experience was just OK, at best. Dr. Christie completely changed my view of the benefits of Chiropractic. I have suffered various back pains that have varied in severity over the years. Dr. Christie has taken the time to work on areas and determine how often I need adjustments and/or massage. She is knowledgeable and will explain everything to you in a way you can understand. Further, she is not on a mission to keep patients coming in weekly, unless necessary. Dr. Christie truly will work to get you to a point that makes you feel better for longer periods of time and not just a quick fix. I would recommend making an appointment and talking to her and her great staff....

Michelle Kelly

I love Dr Christie, I first started seeing her about 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my stubborn breach baby and she used the Webster technique to help turn baby. She also would adjust my sinuses and ears since I was chronically stuffy during pregnancy. After that I have kept seeing her for wellness and to help all the mom back aches that come with cradling a baby (now toddler) 24/7. I never saw a chiropractor before that and now I count it as part of my wellness routine with acupuncture, diet and exercise. I don’t want to crumble in pain as I age and with Dr Christie’s care I’m fully planning on staying fit and healthy FOREVER...

Jeffrey Duncan

This has been the most effective chiropractic care I have ever received!

James Cogbill

I have been coming here for almost a year and I have received both chiropractic and massage care. I have been adjusted by Dr. Christie as well as Dr. Schramm and feel they both listened to my concerns and treated my condition with care. I have been treated by several massage therapist and each has been professional and proficient. Overall my experiences here have been very good.

Amour Sinclair

Christie was very thorough, professional, easy to talk to, and listens very well.

Jas Tra

I'm a full-time server and student. I went to Dr. Christie over a year ago for a work-related, complicated low-back injury. I had already been living with moderate low-back pain and poor posture to boot. I was treated with the kind of compassion, knowledgeability and personal investment seen few and far between in today's medical professionals. I still see her today thanks to her affordable out-of-pocket adjustment fee. My job is hard on my body and I don't often have optimal time to recoup before moving on to the next task-- her semi-regular adjustments are something I look forward to after a stretch of working doubles. Coupled with stretching and other techniques I've learned from Dr. Christie, pain is no longer something I begrudgingly carry on my back day after day, but something I manage infrequently. I would recommend her to anyone.

melih ozalp

I had a really good experience with Dr. Alex. My appointments are always on time. He is very knowledgable. In addition to resolving my health problems, he also takes significant time during my treatments and explains in detail the cause and improvement areas.

Angela Pak

Dr. Alex is very kind, compassionate, and extremely knowledgable! I've frequented many different chiropractors and Dr. Alex is by far one of the most thorough and experienced doctors I've had the pleasure of receiving care from!

Mallory Lux

I started going to Dr. Christie for a very painful neck and upper back injury four years ago and have been going to her ever since. She is very professional, knowledgeable and a great person. I have recommended her to family and co workers and they are all happy with there service and treatment. Do not hesitate to go to Dr. Christie!

Holly McDonnell

Dr. Christie and Seattle Total Health are great! I recently moved to the area and I was looking for a Chiropractor who could help with back and hip pain related to my pregnancy. Dr. Christie’s adjustments made me so much more comfortable and she even had a special table to accommodate my belly! Post baby, she has been helping me keep my spine in alignment as I lug around my wonderful but heavy baby. Scheduling is super easy and appointments are always on time.

Nathaniel Z Whitten

Dr. Christie is superb, and her staff are always on the ball!

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