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REVIEWS OF Proctor Chiropractic IN Washington

Sheila Dailey

Proctor Chiropractic is an office of kindness, professionalism and genuine caring. I was referred to Dr George after a work related injury. Not only did he treat my injury, he was able to recommend techniques to correct long standing neurological issues I was burdened with for years. Dr George is amazing! His care far surpasses that of other practitioners. He goes above and beyond for his patients. Dr Luke is equally amazing. I will highly recommend this office to all my family and friends.

David Stone

Best chiropractic in town

Melina Sergent

The staff here is amazing! They are so generous and sweet. I feel like they understand me completely. Their process is easy and clear, and they answered all of my questions. Dr. Daren and Dr. George, listen to what I have to say, and afterwards I feel so much better! I am now on my way to being fully healed! I suggest them to anyone. :) Thank you, Proctor Chiropractic! Also, they moved. Their new address is 3901 6th Ave. Tacoma, WA 98406. Come in for a visit! :)

Melissa Morris

I have been going to Proctor Chiropractic for over 2 years and cannot say enough good things about it. 10 years ago I injured my back. During that time I have seen numerous doctors, chiropractors, college sports trainers, physical therapists, and surgeons and I can honestly say that none of them have helped me as much as Dr. George. He is a phenomenal chiropractor who not only gives great adjustments, but incorporates other techniques and therapies as well. He is incredibly knowledgeable in his field and always seems to be up to date on the latest advances in chiropractic care. He listens, educates, and takes time each visit to address any concerns or questions I might have. Every time I go I either come away learning something new or am taught a new exercise so I can take better charge of my own health. Although I was previously told that my injury would continue to get worse over time, I feel that the overall health of my back has increased since seeing Dr. Geroge and I believe that says a lot about the care he provides. Furthermore, the office staff is great and seem to genuinely care about the health of those who come in. Over the past several months I have not been able to go as much as I would like because I have two young chlildren and my husband works long hours. I mentioned one time how I was hesitant to bring them in and one of the assistants, Amanda, encouraged me to do so and even offered to help keep an eye on them if need be. Finally, recently I threw out my back two days before I was planning to fly cross country with my two boys by myself. It was a Saturday morning and I needed to leave town before office hours on Monday. I called Dr. George and within the hour he was able to come and meet me at the clinic. I felt horrible for calling on a Saturday, but he was more than kind and more than happy to help. I came barely able to walk and stand up straight, and left functioning much better and confident I would be okay to still travel. It is obvious that Dr. George's passion truly is to help people and do all he can to make that happen. Like I said, I cannot say enough about Dr. George and the clinic, but I am confident that whether you are new to chiropractic care, recovering from an injury, have chronic pain, or are looking to improve and maintain your health, you will find exactly the care you need at Proctor Chiropractic.

Lucia Yelawya


Don't let the "Best of Western Washington" fool you. I would give one star, but the ladies at the front desk where fantastic namely Amanda. I spent around $400 on my mother and received zero results. Many fee's added up quickly, like $80 for scans that my mother need never received, $40 for some "administrative" fee and a treatment package. Dr. George was reluctant in treating my mother because she had a stroke in the past and for some reason he would not adjust her , which she needed desperately and paid for. She has seen several chiropractors since and all but Dr. George have had no problem with her condition. He had no intention of treating her but he was happy to take my money . After spending $400 she never did get one adjustment.

Laura Bradley

In my mind, Dr. George is a miracle worker. He has helped both me and my husband through many painful issues. It is amazing what he can do to help us feel better. I do not think there is any better chiropractor in Tacoma, probably Western Washington.

claire Van Guse

Jorge is the best massage therapist ever! Dr. Luke is also best overall athletic chiropractor I’ve ever worked with. Thank you Proctor Chiropractic!

Samantha Martinez

Dr. Luke is amazing! Very good bed side manner. Reasonable rates. I saw instant improvement after the first visit. Highly recommended!



My massage times with Madeline are outstanding! Friendly office staff too!

Eric Smith

I've heard great things about the chiropractors here, albeit I only use the massage service from Madeline. I almost don't want to tell everyone how amazing she is, but honestly she deserves the recognition. If you want soft and silent, she's got you taken care of... deep tissue therapy, she has some good strong hands and excellent techniques. To add to her amazing massage skills, she's a great listener too! Book her in advance as I'm not the only one who thinks she's a life saver.

Theresa Haines

All the staff are friendly, professional, and engage with patients. I saw Dr. Luke before, during, and after my pregnancy, if you are looking for a chiropractor and massage therapy combination this is a fantastic place. The staff ask about your goals and help you get there.

Zachary Skezas

Jo McConnell

I have been a fan for about 8 years. From lower back pain to the neck and shoulders, Dr. George and Dr. Darin have been instrumental in keeping me going. I believe in their focus, emphasis and mission. I try to drop in for routine maintenance to prevent anything from going awry. Jo McConnell

Jhene D

Jasmine Pallwitz

Everyone here is positive and knowledgeable .Every visit is a pleasant experience because of the staff. :)

Nathan Gorham

I have been going to Proctor Chiropractic since 2007 when my lower back went out. They were so caring and helpful through that, and have taught me how to care for myself so that I haven't had that happen since. I have mild scoliosis and a thin frame, and I sit in awkward positions during the day in the line of work I'm in, so I visit them every month or two to keep myself straight. I've been in my line of work for over 20 years, so I have sought out physical therapy, massage and chiropractic for relief, and of the chiropractic clinics I have seen, this one is the best. Over the years they continue to help me think about what I do to my spine at work, when I sleep, and taught me stretches and strengthening exercises to compensate. To make it even better their staff is wonderful, and the office is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Zack Aurand

I went into Proctor chiropractic with an already soured view of chiropractic care from a previous bad experience. From the minute I stepped in the door I was greeted respectfully and in a timely manner, any patient care from both Dr. George and Dr. Chinn has always been above and beyond my experiences from before. Dr. George's obvious commitment to his craft and to his bedside manner is beyond reproach. From the regrettably few experiences I have had, Dr. Chinn's thoroughness and knowledge made it too easy to recommend his care to my wife who has had tension headaches for years up until seeking his services. All three massage therapists there have helped me greatly to recover from my car accident nearly 7 months ago but the care I received from Jay Wence has made my recovery the fastest I believe it could of been. Jay has always been able to take the mess I have made of my back over the course of the week and really listen to the issues I am experiencing and pinpointing the cause and very effectively alleviate much of my pain and stiffness I am experiencing and is able to very clearly explain what is happening and what he is doing to remedy it. He is very easily the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of seeing. I can honestly say that I have not once left Proctor Chiropractic and not felt like I was taking a good step forward in my recovery. The team of office staff and professionals that Dr. Keogh has put together deserves all the recognition I can give.

Kelly Hughes-Powell

Shout out to my favorite business in Tacoma! Proctor Chiropractic on the corner of 6th and Proctor. You guys, I work in customer service and have been known to exit businesses who don't meet my standards. From the very first visit to Proctor Chiropractic after my car accident in October 2017, the entire staff amazed me! Friendly, kind, gentle but completely on the ball, everyone from the front desk ladies to the Doctors have given me an amazing experience every time I've come in! That is SO RARE. There is not one bad thing I could say about any of them...and trust me, I've seen them A LOT. Dr. George and Dr. Luke are both great guys, smart, consistent, easy to talk to and definitely masters of their crafts! I've never had better massages either, Jorge (one of the LMP's) is one of a kind, very intuitive and works hard to remember my problem areas each visit.

Bill Carroll

Anna Birdseye

Dr. George is my own personal super hero. He is kind, compassionate, bright, and funny. He stays on top of current research and applies it to his practice. He listens carefully to my needs/concerns and acts, for me, not just as a chiropractor but physical therapist. He will give me things to work on out of his office and I know that he genuinely has my best interest at heart. When I am in his office, I feel like he is as invested in my success as an athlete and as a person as I am. There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I feel for the relief and support he has and continues to provide.

Elliot Janoah

Amazing staff and Dr George is the best

ben dover

Jay Tey

Absolutely wonderful treatment and caring care. Dr. Luke and his staff are all really great, friendly, and responsive. Dr. Luke is amazing!

Amanda Anuraga

I love the approachable and friendly atmosphere of the office. I have been treated by both doctors over the last 5 years, originally from a debilitating accident that brought me into the clinic, and now for monthly tune-ups from rockclimbing and running. I have never been let down by their high quality of innovative service and their philosophy of self-empowerment care. Their unique approach to gentle chiropractic and physical therapy care (inc Fascia releasing) has restored my full mobility and enabled me to enjoy an active lifestyle, has even boosted my immune system. I have recommended this office to my close family and friends for many years and will continue to do so. If you're ready to get better, they're ready to help! Their massage therapists are amazing too!!!

Devin Bazar

I was involved in an auto accident in August of 2012, and Dr. Keogh was highly recommended to me by a friend. Dr. Keogh is by far one of the most caring and knowledgeable practitioners I have ever had the good fortune of meeting. I feel confident under his care that my body is receiving the best treatment possible. My busy schedule (I am a computer tech/consultant) sometimes pushes me to the limits of my availability, making it difficult at times to adhere to scheduled appointments. The front desk staff is always friendly and understanding, and will usually accommodate sudden shifts in my schedule. I know for certain that not only will I continue to recommend Proctor Chiropractic to others, I will contact their office first if I require treatment again.

Earle Hartshorn

Came in hurting, without x-ray Dr. Luke was able to diagnose the issue and showed me some techniques for resolving the problem. Very happy!

Kathy W

Dr. Luke is great and knowledgeable. He's not a chiropractor who just wants your money and expects to see you 4 times a week for 5 weeks kind of chiropractor.

Jennifer Pledger

Dr. George really cares about his patients and their health. Having gone to chiropractors since I was a child for my scoliosis, I had met a lot of chiropractors and I knew he was special when I met him. His demeanor, "bedside manner" if you will, was so comforting. I knew I could trust him and was in good hands. After seeing every possible doctor known to man, western or natropathic, after spending thousands of dollars and with no answers as to why I have chronic foot pain, I was at a loss. I'd given up on life and feeling like I had a future without wheelchairs. Dr. George of Proctor Chiropractic kept pressing in, kept asking questions, kept studying and learning and eventually He healed me! Yep, that is right, HE HEALED ME. My chronic widespread incurable pain with an emphasis on my feet had left me leaving all doctors feeling, alone, misunderstood & hopeless. Dr. Geroge is more than a chiropractor. He is a man of great integrity, curiosity and knowledge and skill. I challenge anyone who suffers from what seems incurable pain to go and see him.

Tessa Bradley

Proctor Chiropractic is awesome! Very professional, affordable, & helpful in making the best plan for you. They greet you by name and get you in and out quickly and feeling better. Also Dr. Luke is great. He makes a plan for you that actually helps you feel the results. If you have considered chiropractic care in the past and haven't decided where you should go or if it would be worth the money, definitely try out Proctor Chiropractic! You won't be disappointed

Todd Mickle

Great people. On time appointments. Absolutely working for me.

Patricia Pierson

I have been going here for almost 10 years. My whole immediate family see's Dr. George for chiropractic, my husband see's Madeline for massage and I see Jorge for massage therapy as well. Throughout my time with these providers, I have received the utmost care through two neck injuries and preventative services. Dr. George has always been comprehensive, holistic, and educational in his treatment. And when needed, will collaborate with other healthcare providers to ensure the best care possible. This may include wrap-around care with the massage therapists in the building, which I have always appreciated, or outside physicians. The office staff are always warm and helpful in their interactions, especially regarding scheduling and billing. This past year my husband had a car accident and I had an injury, and they were very accommodating throughout the entire process. During each appointment, whether chiropractic or massage I feel that I learn something and am supported in my overall wellness. I have recommended this office to many, and will continue to do so.

Ben Rusbuldt

They crack me up great people

Caroline Dennewith

I have been going here for 8 years. I love it here. Dr. George is amazing, as is the rest of his staff. They have helped me after an accident, throughout my pregnancy and everything in between. They make you feel like family. I love it.

Ed Beck

Proctor Chiropractic keeps me well-adjusted :)

Caitlin Harris

This is the 2nd chiropractor that I've been to and this place is the best. Dr. Luke really listened to me and accurately diagnosed which muscles are the problem. The only potential downside is that he's very busy. They were able to see me quickly which was great but it seems like they book their office to capacity and he had to rush off the second I was finished asking my most pressing questions.

Carla Lawson

I love how much time they give me. Dr. Luke is an amazing listener and really pinpoints my quirky tender spots. I get good information on how to correct and strengthen at home so I go in less often. Their priority is to help me get better! I always feel better when I leave there.

Beth Marshall

These guys are Amazing! I have had chiro care for most of my life because I wasbornw a back condition. In my early 40’s I quit because it was too harsh on my back to get adjusted. Three years ago, Drs George and Luke were recommended to me. They done come in for 5 minutes and adjust and leave. They tt me! The push on muscle knots in my legs to release muscles in my back. It’s not the kind of service I was used to. I ALWAYS FEEL CARED FOR AND LISTENED TO! Every person in that office is amazing! Also, I get super great massages by a gal named Azaria (sp). Go, you’ll be happy!

Jadey Simmons

I switched from another chiropractor to Dr. Grimmer here at Proctor Chiropractic Center in October. Once I made the switch, I was pleased to find relief from the neck and back pain I experienced from a car accident. The staff is friendly and happy to answer any questions. One of my complaints with my last chiropractor was that he did not adapt the adjustments to how I was feeling during that appointment. Dr. Grimmer is fantastic at listening to where my discomfort is, finding the source, and adjusting me accordingly. I highly recommend this center.

Joshua Hill

Laurie singleton

They’ve been great from day one on my personal insurance, for my workers comp injury, and now my car accident

Kim Leifsen

Proctor Chiropractic has made HUGE difference in my life! When I first started as a patient I was skeptical of Chiropractors. Now, I'm a firm believer!! And Dr. George is the reason! I was tired all the time, had poor posture (which lead to headaches and backaches) and just didn't feel well at all. I've been seeing Dr. George for over a year now and things are remarkably different! My headaches are gone, my backaches are gone, and I feel 10 years younger! My 5 year old son at the time was having headaches, too! I started to take him to Dr. George and now my son knows when it's time to go back (he's too young to correct his posture daily, but Dr. George is working with him and teaching him) and he always remarks how much better he feels after an appointment. Both my kids see go to Proctor Chiropractic now. We are all firm believers and LOVE the service we receive from everyone in the their office! THANK YOU!!!

LeAnn Anuraga

Kyle Hutchinson

Good people and fair prices.

Cheryl Bailey

I've been to chiropractors all my life, but not one of them ever demonstrated the exercises I needed to do to make my posture better and the headaches go away. Dr. George did. :) I now feel better than I have in years. I live in the San Juan Islands and I drive to Tacoma to see Dr. George and his wonderful staff, thats how good they are. Thank you Dr. George, you and your staff are the best.

Moana Tuiolosega

This is my first time going to see a chiropractor so I was a little nervous (it didn't help that I watched YouTube videos of people getting cracked like glow sticks.) But let me just tell you right now that I had a wonderful experience! Kristin and Ali were very kind and helpful. Dr. Luke was great and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend Proctor Chiropractic!


Really flexible and accommodating with changing schedules!!! Great care!

Khuyen Lam

I see Dr. Luke as my chiropractor and Jorge as my masseuse. They are both excellent! I was involved in a bad car accident and had previous injuries. I had tried acupuncture and physical therapy before that, but to no avail. After a horrible car wreck, all of my friends urged me to get chiropractic care. I've seen immense progress in such a short amount of time. I couldn't turn my neck until I went to see Dr. Luke. I am also very impressed by how thorough, friendly and attentive everyone at Proctor Chiropractic is, including the office staff.

J Mitchell

Nice friendly office.

Adele Lafever

Consistently wonderful care from massage therapists and chiropractor; I know my recovery time is shortened due to the knowledgeable health support here.

April Cornelius

Dr. George is an amazingly knowledgeable & compassionate person AND chiropractor. He has helped me not only with virtually eliminating my neck pain, but also educating me w/exercises and a host of other resources to benefit my WELL-BEING. The rest of the staff is REALLY AWESOME too.

Michael Rogers

Professional, courteous, efficient, effective,

Chrissy Simons

Kim Cavanaugh

Always excellent care, prompt service, professional courteous staff, and great results. Thank you for the great service, Proctor Chiropractic!

Clay Davis

Lauren Bone

Dr George and the staff at Proctor Chiropractic have been wonderful. I was in a car accident and with the expertise of Dr George and Licensed Massage Therapist, Jay Wence, I am finally able to move freely without harboring unnecessary pains and aches.

Kember Switzer

Teresa Stockroske

I walked in here once and the staff was nice. Other than that, I have never been here.

Suicide Zoe

The staff there are GREAT! From the min I placed my call I knew this is where I wanted to go! I was in such great deal of pain that the lady on the phone tried her best to get me in ASAP but they were book until Friday and she assured me she would call me if anyone canceled. Lucky for me the young woman I spoke with asked the Doctors there if they could see me ASAP and Lord be with me ( sorry I am from the South forgive my expressions) Dr. Luke said he could fit me in for an X-ray just to see what was causing me such pain ( keep in mind I explained to the young woman that I wanted off of my pain Rx) and try to find a way to help. I got the call asking if I could come in right away...........When I got there I felt at peace you wouldn't think the inside looks so nice but it was so clean (the location does not do it justice).........any who I met Dr. Luke who was so nice and listen to me express my pain and frustration in the end after me crying he took the X-rays and helped me out ( meaning he treated me, I'm from FL our expessions/slangs are crazy) just so I can make it through the work day since I work as C.N.A and I couldn't afford to miss work (single girl with bills lol) Dr. Luke gave me a few pointers to get me through my work day and blessed me once again by telling me to come the next following day ( God is good) and on top of that was trying to work with my work hours!

Benjamin Monte Calvo

As some who works a very physically intense job, I like knowing that places like Proctor Chiropractic exist. The staff and the doctors are incredibly friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable. The positive environment simply lends itself to healing. I just saw one of their message therapists for the first time this morning and it was a great experience. The therapist incorporated “cupping” with the treatment to draw the toxins out of the inflamed muscles. After it was done, I was more relaxed and the aches and pains started to melt away. Thank you!

Co Rogan

An extremely comfortable and friendly atmosphere. The office staff is great. Dr Luke is very responsive to your issues and works on many ideas to aid in fixing them. I also enjoy his humor.

Reba Bruner-Croft

Great staff and wonderful results from my treatment!

Sarah Breckon

Michelle P

Dr Luke and Jorge have provided me with amazing care. Pamela and Eli are my favorite people. They are so kind and good at their job.

Christopher Anderson

Dr George is great.

LI Blue

Excellent chiropractors here. Dr. Luke is thorough and caring....very intuitive.

Nic Daniel

Love these people, Dr. Grimmer is fantastic, Eristina and Kristin made me feel at home. So happy I am seeing them. Feel so much better after this visit.

Ryan Day

Great chiropractor! Thanks for all your help.

Dee McDonald

Proctor Chiropractic is a real find! I've been continually impressed with excellent service, extraordinary care, and communication that truly feels focused on my needs. I've learned a lot about the bodies nerves, spine and fascia manipulation, which Dr. George is well education on. Tremendous improvement has been made for me in a very short time. I highly recommend! All the staff here are top notch!

Chris Karnes

Dr. Darin is great. I feel so much better after seeing him. He teaches exercises to keep me well and help me run better. I'm also very impressed with this office's use of technology. Health records are kept electronically and I get text messages to remind me of appointments. No hassle payment system is a plus, too.

Nancy Johnson

A painful knee injury from a fall had zapped my zeal for walking and outdoor exploration for 9+ months. So grateful to have been referred to Dr George and be on a path to finally believing I can heal.

Corinne Lincoln-Pinheiro

Proctor Chiropractic is an amazing place of caregivers – from doctors to massage therapists to administrative staff; they truly care about your health and well-being. They don’t just treat your symptoms, they treat the holistic you and teach you life-lessons on caring for yourself long-term. When I first began, I was on a regimen of treatment that consisted of three visits per week. I could barely walk and was on pain medicine. Today, I’m able to workout again and I’m off medication and only receive chiropractic care as needed (no more than once a month). Dr. George has taught me how to take care of myself without depending on his services and the massage therapist has given me valuable tips on self-care, as well. They truly care about their patients and go out of their way to make you whole again. It is well worth the investment. Dr. George and his staff and very knowledgeable and I’ll put my life in their hands again, any day.

Maggy F

Amy Anstett

Pete Bristow

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