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REVIEWS OF Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC IN Washington

Benjamin Persitz

Dr. Davis and his staff are fantastic. Doc is very knowledgeable and skilled with his adjustments. He has shown me that he truly cares about his patients and has gone above and beyond to help me recover from injuries and maintain my health. I have recommended friends who have all had the same experience, and I will continue to recommend this office for anyone who is seeking chiropractic care.

Toby Clark

I recently was involved in an auto accident and I chose Davis Chiropractic to deal with the injury. Dr. Davis is a caring and very professional Doctor. I will always choose him in a heartbeat

Korbin McDonald

Curtis Bedont

My family and I have been coming to see Dr. Davis for over a year and we really enjoy his office. He has helped my daughter, and has helped me as well with back pain. I enjoy spending some time on the massage chair as I wait to be seen. The staff is great and very accommodating.

Jenny Derby

Dr. Davis is smart, compassionate and knows exactly what is needed. The whole office staff are wonderful!!

Reggie Latham

After eight spine operations (two more planned ) most will not touch me. Unlike most/some chiropractors Dr. Davis does NOT play games or lock you into a contract that you don't want. He looks at how you stand, X-rays, then puts your body back where it should be. I keep pointing to my numerous points of pain until he allows me to stand up straight and float out of the place that I crawled into. Dr. Mark Davis relieves my pain when the only thing that doesn't hurt is my hair and toe nails. So, try all over town, or go straight to Dr. Mark Davis and relieve your pain.

Amber Robbins

Jacquie Morales

Tina Vlachos

Jacquie is a great asset to the Davis Family Chiropractic team. I have known her for a few years now and can gladly refer to this chiropractic establishment with my insureds.


Melinda Mentrum

I have met a group of people that are working hard to help me mend after a car accident. My sense is that these folks are really here to help me, and have gone out of their way to accommodate my needs and schedule. From the adjustments to the massages, I am impressed and hopeful.

Brandon Peacock

Dr. Marc is one of the most patient and all around best people I know and he is a Jedi at his craft! Hes helping both of my kids, as well as myself, to get our bodies back on the right path. Everyone there makes you feel at home as well. Thank you Davis Family Chiropractic!

Jacob Daugherty

For the past 10 years I have been seeing a Chiropractor in Oregon City, Oregon. I moved up here a few years ago and had trouble finding someone that was gentle yet effective. When I went to Davis Family I was not sure what to expect. Dr. Andrew Wade examined me, took time to take a history, and listened to my needs. After a very thorough pre-examination he got to the most important part. When he did the adjustment, it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. He explained to me what was out of alignment and how that was affecting me. Apparently I have a rib that moves and has been giving me some trouble when I breathe. He moved it back into place with little effort and I experienced the results immediately. Thank you Dr. Wade for practicing in Vancouver. You are an asset that I will use for many years to come!

Elizabeth Whitworth

The chiropractor who did my assessment and adjustment was nice, but he seemed very inexperienced and not very knowledgable; I had to point out something for him to acknowledge it. I didn't like that the adjustment was done in a public area. I felt lots of pressure to sign up for a treatment plan and make appointments.

Cathi Eastman

I always feel welcome there. Everyone is pleasant. My care is streamlined to my needs but it never feels "all business" and I never feel rushed if I have questions. A GREAT place!

Rachel Jenkins

Been a member of The Wellness Committee at my office and looking to offer massage as a treat from Corp thru HR program. Met Jacquie at a networking event and excited to finally send over their FREE program for review.

Peter Moser

Lisa Russell

Matthew Janik

I have gone to Dr. Marc Davis for several months and have seen wonderful improvement in my energy level and shoulder pain. Davis Family Chiropractic is located in Vancouver WA and is easy to get to. The staff there is warm and friendly and they member your name! I always feel like a friend when I walk in.

Isaac Wilson

Good people, great service, excellent health care. Great job building a super clinic, Dr Marc!!

Andy Wade


Karley Schwartz

Debbie Jennerjohn

Dr. Davis and his staff are the best around. They are very caring and supportive. Since I started going to Dr. Davis about 6 years ago, my health has greatly improved. I keep going back because of this also. My family also goes to Dr. Davis. The other thing that I greatly appreciate is that Dr. Davis and his staff are always giving back to the community.

Christina Alvira

Meredith Goodwin

claressa burel

Have been going to this chiropractic office after a auto accident almost two years now love both Dr's and Staff

Mike Puranen

We've been coming for years. Amazing how a couple adjustments magically makes pain less painful.

Gina Fernandez

Very thorough and provided really good info for my back/feet issues.

Josh Pete

Not only does Dr. Davis do wonders for your back, he also provides great health tips to improving your lifestyle. With informational handouts, workshops and genuine care for his patient's well-being, this goes a long way, far above and beyond anything I would have expected from a chiropractor.

The AgentOfChange

I went to Marc because of an injury accident, he had been more than helpful in my road to recovery.

Dr. Jessica Campbell

After spending weeks with back and neck pain that wouldn't resolve, I finally broke down and made an appointment to see Dr. Davis. Now I'm just mad I didn't do it sooner. He found 4 ribs out and multiple vertebrae that were malpositioned. Dr. Marc popped me like a bag of popcorn and hallelujah! I can turn my head to the right without stabbing agony! That tight, pinching feeling is gone from my middle back! Whyyyyyyyy did I wait so long... could've avoided weeks of pain and poor sleep because I couldn't get comfortable. I won't make that mistake twice. I also appreciate that his office runs like a well-oiled machine. You can get what you need and get on with your day. I am very impressed!

Jim Fairchild

Dr. Marc has been so great to work with and has helped me with my back pain in so many ways. I’ve used different chiropractors in Vancouver, WA and not had the results that Marc has given. I was in an auto accident some months ago which gave me headaches and lower back pain. I couldn’t find lasting relief until I visited Dr. Marc because of his knowledge and methods. He treated the specific areas that I needed and I feel a TON better. Thank you Dr. Marc!!

Nicholas Baxter

Nichol Yung

Benjamin McClamma

Titiana Banks

Dr.Davis and his staff are amazing! They are always so friendly and helpful, I feel right at home when I go in. He does such a wonderful job, when I leave the office I feel like I'm walking on air, my back is pain free, and I have the most wonderful sense of hope for the future! I Highly recommend this office to anyone looking for relief!

Seth Berg

Lucas Cole Insurance

Dr. Davis and his staff take the time to listen. They want to understand the patient and the concerns of that patient before deciding on the best course of action. The graciousness and flexibility of the staff and Dr. Davis is second to none.

Stephanie Duling

The people working at Davis Family are amazing! So happy and friendly and are willing to answer any and all questions you might have. The massage therapists are amazing also!

Norman Kelly

A very friendly and helpful staff from top to bottom! The massages and adjustments made a huge difference in my injury recovery and the entire staff was very supportive and helpful at all times. If you don't have a chiropractor, or aren't satisfied with who you're with, this team is amazing!

Monisha Gagneja

Very knowledgeable and caring doctor and very friendsly staff. Thankyou!

John Lovejoy

Very professional and helpful

Joshua Vukelich

Great team!

Josh Rassi

Jennifer Kolbo

Dr. Davis' office is awesome. The staff are so super nice, and genuinely there to help...Dr. Davis has an amazing manner, and the care I get is exactly what I need. I would, will, and have referred him to friends, and am more than happy to go to my appointments!

Connie Heidenreich

We were so blessed with the treatment and improvement we experienced. As an RN, I can be cautious with new providers. I have nothing but good experiences with this Clinic and Staff.

Bethanie Coleman

The best chiropractic practice around. Extremely knowledgeable and caring. My whole family goes to Dr. Davis and Dr. Christina. When my daughter and I were in a car accident last year Davis chiropractic was my first call!!! As a dance teacher I recommend them to all my students

Dede Hunter

Dr. Davis and his staff make each visit enjoyable. They are friendly and caring and very professional. I have referred Dr. Davis to friends as I have complete confidence in him. Thank you for all you do Dr. Davis!

Fantastically Fantastically Freckled

Love this office!!! Everyone is so nice and friendly! Dr. Davis is absolutely the best! He is so kind and caring. He really does care about his patients. I’ll beer go anywhere else. Thank you!!

Taber Anderson

Everyone is very helpful.

Jeff barham

Ray Harrison

I've been seeing Marc for over a year and he is the best. After a very detailed first visit he came up with a plan for me according to my current condition. I started out a couple times a week and finally got down to once a month now. I feel so much better and my neck and back are in much better condition then before. I would highly recommend Dr Davis to anyone needing chiropractic care!! His staff is so friendly and professional and make it an enjoyable experience every time I visit there. Keep up the great work and I look forward to my monthly visits. :)

Cindy Schulte

My 1st impression went well. The staff was very courteous and pleasant. Not a long wait. Can't wait to start my visits to start feeling better!

Wayne Myhre

i've been going to chiropractors for 30 years. Dr Davis does a good job on my back so i keep coming back.

Theresa D

Stephanie Harty

Trygve Berg

Dr. Davis has treated my wife, my 7 year old daughter, and myself, after car accidents and other injuries. We have been to other chiropractors before, and have chosen to return time-and-time again to Dr. Davis, even when the drive is an hour or two each way. I have been pain free for over a year now, & feel better.

Katie Mabe

roman puzhlyakov

Leroy Santiago

Been there done that referred many

Melissa Beckley

Dr. Wade is amazing

Darryl Mason

Sherri Annkin

Tina Ferrante

Lynette Jackson

I have been suffering with neck and back pain for nearly a year. I finally went to see Dr. Davis and am amazed at the results I am feeling. He always takes the time and care to listen to me and always has me feeling better when I walk out the door. I have referred my husband and a colleague to him and they are also very impressed with how they are feeling. Both of them have disk issues and Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage has a compression table to help them. Plus the staff is amazing! Thank you for being a blessing in my life!

Trina Selander

Bo Clark

Great company. Helped my dad with his issues with awesome results. The people there, Dr Marc and Dr Wade are awesome. Fantastic results and I recommend them highly. Definitely check them out!

Julie Chartrou Wood

If you're looking to organize a great employee or client appreciation event, you should contact Jacquie today so she can help you out set it up! Who doesn't love massages? Jacquie is awesome and will make sure that you plan the perfect day for your employees or clients!

Ammon Child

DR Marc does a great job of keeping me aligned. I've dealt with a bad back for almost 20 years and occasionally need more than just my once a month adjustment. DR Marc and staff are quick to fit me into their schedule and get me back in shape.

Brandon Oleson

Great staff who really cares about their patients! Excellent service!

Thang Tran

Great group of people! Friendly and professional service.

sherlyn powser

I have been going to Davis Chiropractic for over a year. The staff is friendly and helpful with scheduling, insurance and payment assistance. The treatment and massages have resolved my neck problems and stress tension. Plus extra helpful info for streches and dietary supplements for better all around health.

Seamus Malcolm McCaw-Weigel

They hook you into a financial commitment for a year of treatment if you don't have insurance. Front desk staff is judgmental and challenging to relate to. Marc isn't a bad guy. He's just not a great chiropractor.

Leo Kosovan

As my first time at this practice, I felt very welcomed. The atmosphere is very friendly and the staff is great. Susan was my massage therapist and she was amazing. Absolutely recommend to everyone.

Llynn S

Dr Mark davis is very educated and the staff is great to work with

Fred Spruill

I don't know where I'd be with Dr Davis!

Ken Rosengren

For over 12 years I have known Marc, his family and his business. He has been my chiropractor since I moved here 12 years ago. Our whole family has been to him for just basic health check ups and for accidents, he really is a professional, and want to help everyone he can. If you have issues before you go to a doctor call Marc and his team and ask if he can help you, I bet he can help!

Amanda Henry

Veronica at the front desk is very mean and controlling. She belittles people and makes people very uncomfortable. A very passive aggressive person. Not the kind of person who should have a customer service job. Also, you are adjusted in a public area where everyone can see and you feel uncomfortable to tell the doctor where your problem areas are. Doctor's visits should be more private. Would not recommend this chiropractic office to anyone.

Ben Yung

trista faye

Nancy Valverde

The experience was really bad, I honestly don't recommend this place to any body. Plus everything is overpriced.

Shadow Ascelin

Zach j

Heather Thompson

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