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Ahmed Iqbal

Dr. Gollinsky is exceptional at what he does and let me tell you what he does is MAGIC!! Amazing personality and very down to earth guy. He doesn’t only care for you but will give you knowledge about your problems so you will go home with not just a good feeling back but some great knowledge/advice. I would HIGHLY recommend going to Dr.Gollinsky.

Kevin Tyler Smith

During my initial visit to see Dr. Phil, I was beyond impressed with my experience and blown away with his ability to assess the specific care I needed. Dr. Phil and his staff possess qualities that are paramount to me, highly skilled and knowledgeable, friendly and foster an environment that makes me feel comfortable. Actually, I think of his office as an oasis. To whomever will listen (and I speak often), I speak of and highly recommend Golinsky Specific Chiropractic. - Kevin Tyler Smith

Brian Cruz

I was barely able to walk and Dr. Phil was able to see me and make miracles happen. The staff was amazing and I would highly recommend going here. Very professional and super amazing staff.

Yingying Li

Dr. Phil is very professional and friendly in person. The clinics is well equipped with high tech service -- medical equipment and online patient information system. I would recommend this place

Neal Pania

I came here due to a back injury that gave me pain in the upper to mid back, I noticed pain every time I turned my head. Dr. Phil was very thorough in identifying the areas that needed to be treated and explained issues he found in the x-ray. After about 1 week of treatment I started noticing improvements and now after just over a month I’m almost fully recovered and able to go back to doing day to day things (like turning my head when driving) without any issue. The staff here also does a great job of being efficient while giving high quality care and therapy.

Jake Vincent

I moved into the area after graduating from college and was having lower back pain so was in the need of a chiropractor. I went to others in the area, Sterling specifically and found out that they were not necessarily interested in my pain and preventing it but the money they could charge me sparked their interest. Being fresh out of school I obviously did not have extra money but I was in need of a chiropractor. After searching I finally found a trustworthy chiropractor who was interested in my pain and treating it not my wallet and that chiropractor is Dr. Phil. During my first visit Dr. Phil examined me and created a plan, he also used laser therapy technology to help with my ankle sprain I recently had. He also worked with me on flexible payments which I was very grateful of, specially being right out of school. After the first week I felt improvement in back and ankle. It does take time to get 100% results but with patience and the expertise of Dr. Phil and his staff your in good hands. I am back to being active and I feel great exercising again. THANK YOU DR. PHIL

Amirahrenee B

I’ve been suffering from migraines and occasionally losing my vision for a while now and decided to branch out after seeing a few reviews for RXWELLNESS. Dr. Golinsky explained to me how neck pain and lack of blood flow can actually cause migraines, lack of sleep and obviously pain and discomfort. My primary care never even suggested seeing anyone. I’ve been to many doctors and have been given script after script. I told Dr. Golinsky that I was nervous but he’s extremely caring , attentive and friendly. My concerns were taken seriously and I didn’t feel like some addition to the roster.Jacki checked on me a few times and asked if I needed anything with a smile .I felt welcomed and extremely comfortable.I can wholeheartedly say that after just one adjustment by Dr. Golinsky and a Massage from Jacki I felt like a new person. Lesli is very sweet and inviting ,ready to answer any questions if you need help at the desk. She helped me get everything set up and I look forward to it. Both of my brothers are looking into their schedules to set up their own consultations and I’m excited. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Golinsky!

John B

Dr. Pill was great he said that I had a dislocated rib. I went in with some discomfort in my upper back. Went and got adjusted and almost instantly had some relief. Glad I didn't hesitate to call RxWellness, they got me scheduled the same day I called. I will definitely be using them again.

lynah freeman

I was in a bad car accident in December. I was advised to go to PT right after the accident. It actually made my back injury worse. Its been 4 months since and my back was literally killing me. I couldnt tolerate the pain any longer so i decided to look up some chiropractors. I came across this facility, making the appointment was easy. I live a hour away and it was 100% worth it. The staff was amazing!! OMG!!! I walked into heaven. Dr.Phil examined me and immediately began the cracking! When i walked in i was hunched over because it hurt too bad to stand straight. No joke i wanted to cry and hug everyone there after my visit with Dr. PHILgood!!! I appreciated him not only for helping my back but he explained EVERYTHING from top to bottom. This road to recovery finally feels good!

Victoria Prudencio

Dr. Phil has been so good to me. I have never met a doctor who cared more about his patient then any other doctor i've EVER met. The fact that I can talk to him freely without feeling uncomfortable really says something. The office is super clean and every single staff there are just simply amazing. After my visit with Dr. Phil I can fully state that my body feels great. He is truly amazing and just plan and simply wonderful. I cannot fret enough that this is one of the only Chiropractors that I will go too.

Patricia Alfaro

My mom had been raving about the the wonderful staff, doctor, and how much better she's been feeling. With my ongoing back and neck pain she encouraged me to go as well. I've always been nervous of cracking sounds, but everyone made me feel comfortable and also the doctors expertise let me know I was in good hands. My experience at the office has been great. I've only been a few times and am excited to finally improve my pain.

Doug Toler

Dr. Phil and his team are fantastic people. The office is great. It is warm, inviting and the whole experience is fantastic. I have been a regular customer since February and have no plans to change that. Dr. Phil is a great person and you will love the experience just give them a shot.

C. O.

I was in a car accident April of last year and immediately went to the emergency room afterwards because of muscle tightness in my neck and pain in my scapular area of my back. The nurses prescribed muscle relaxers, and all was well for about a month. One morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my neck, radiating pain down my left arm, and a sharp pain in my scapular area. Immediately, I called RX Wellness and schedule an appointment. Dr. Phil and his staff did a thorough analysis on my condition and laid out a treatment plan. The decompressions, massages, and adjustments really improved my condition within three weeks of treatment. I can move my neck without throbbing pain and numbness in my left hand. Because of the results, I will continue to receive treatment as part of my physical fitness.

Murali Ramaswamy

I visited Doctor Dr Phil's office few months back for resolving my back issues. Initially I was skeptical. He offered me a good package consisting of 26 visits, at timings convenient for me, with each visit including machine massage, personal massages and back adjustments. He is very kind, explains each step and tells up-front on what will work and what will not. Dr Phil, Dr Kevin and the massage therapists are experts in their job. After those visits my back has recovered about 75% and I will be continuing for few more months until my back is 90% better than before. My wife is also visiting his office since few weeks back for her TMJ issue and is finding the treatment is very beneficial. I strongly recommend him for any back/bone issues and I am sure that you would start seeing the result after the first few visits itself. -murali

Chad Palmer

Great atmosphere and friendly staff helped me avoid back surgery. Dr. Phil was straight up about how his initial assessment would be able to tell whether he would be able to help my injury or whether I would need surgery. My back has been great ever since I started going to Golinsky Specific Chiropractic.

Rohit Lakhani

I was experiencing back pain and ended up finding Phil's practice. They were able to accommodate me right away. Phil was very friendly, professional and knows what he is doing. I got instant relief from the visit. Overall 5 stars and I would highly recommend it.

Carolina Madrid

I went to Rx Wellness after having a car accident where several members of my family were involved. They were the nicest since day one and ensured to explain how they were going to make sure we got better and avoid issues in the future due to the injuries. They treated my kids with respect and love, so that they were always looking forward to go. The facilities are clean and nice and they do a great job at walking you through all the process that comes after an accident. We all feel much better now and are very grateful for the care received. Special kudos to the masagists and therapists, they are awesome and super sweet!

Ian Ellis

I can't say enough good things about RX Wellness and Dr. Phil. I went in because my back pain was so bad that I could not even bend over and touch my toes. In my first visit the doctor was able to take 5 minutes and after a readjustment I was able to stretch with out pain. At that point I was a believer. I've gone once a week for the last month and since then I've been able to get back to lifting weights, stretch, sit for long periods of time without pain, work in yard, and most importantly SLEEP PEACEFULLY. I was skeptical but now I tell everyone about RX wellness.

Bryan Blanco

Before coming here, I had problems with my ankle during exercises and playing sports like volleyball and soccer. There was always this nagging pain in that area that it prevented me to be quick and agile like i was in my high school years. After coming here, everything changed. Dr. Phil helped me out with this problem after one visit and i felt little to no pain in the area that i had after the injury! Highly recommend people with ankle issues to come here!

Liz Nguyen

I found Dr. Phil on living social a couple of months ago and have been receiving chiropractic care for neck and back pain (above the tail bone). What a difference from where I was two months ago. I’m able to sit for more than 3 hours without severe pain. I highly recommend Dr. Phil and his awesome staff. They are caring, fun, and will make you feel right at home!

Aaron Bradford

Dr. Phil and RxWellness have been fantastic at helping me with the pain I have been experiencing for the past few weeks. I initially came into the office because I was experiencing an awful migraine that I could not break after 5+days. I had never experienced migraine symptoms before, and tried several medications, heating pads, and rest to no avail. After an x-ray revealed my neck was not in perfect alignment, Dr. Phil immediately knew this could be triggering the migraines. He helped by realigning the neck and using a laser energy device to treat the headaches. Not only did I feel less pain from the headaches a few minutes after treatment, the next day I no longer experienced other migraine symptoms, such as light sensitivity, nausea, and numbness. Very thankful for the care I have received so far and am hopeful that continued care will make headaches and migraines a thing of the past for me.

S. T.

I will definitely recommend Dr Philip from RxWellness spine &health, him and his staff are great. I had a backache that got really worse on a Friday night, I called his office on a Saturday to see if he could see me ( new patient) and to my surprise, they agreed to see me ( Dr Philip even though he was all booked up, made some time after he work hours to adjust me). The next day I was feeling better and on Monday he took some X-rays and proposed a plan . I was skeptical, so I went to a place that does X-rays to see if they were the same, and Yes, they were similar , so now I am a patient of Dr Philip and come couple of times a week to get adjusted. Great people, great place!

Julia Bouley

Great doctors! Very welcoming environment with great staff. They know me beyond my pains and love to hear what is going on in their patience lives. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

kacee Henders

I don’t have the words to adequately express the appreciation I have for all of you. Thanks to the professional, compassionate caring of everyone in your organization. My Overall health has improved, under your care. You are all a blessing.

Stacy Villegas

RxWellness Spine & Health was my first ever chiropractor visit. I honestly couldn't have been more pleased with the quick and successful treatment. I went to into the office expecting nothing to be wrong but luckily Dr. Phil examined my problem and gave it his immediate attention. I would highly recommend this chiropractor.

Angie Callaghan

Going to Dr. Phil and Dr. Kevin has helped me feel so much better. I can move more now and they really got to the bottom of what bothered me. Highly recommend this practice.

Lisa Thrasher

I highly recommend RxWellness Spine & Health, Dr. Phil Golinsky and his entire team. I have been a chiropractic patient for 30 years and have experienced a variety of chiropractic styles. Recently, I through out my ower back and despite a variety of treatments it wasn't clearing up as quickly as usual. At that time Dr. Golinsky suggested an Upper Cervical treatment, which is an special adjustment of the neck to treat the lower back and it worked in one treatment! I was shocked and relieved how well this new treatment worked! In addition to the adept chiropractic care, the RxWellness Team is professional, friendly, accommodating and a really caring group of people I look forward to seeing each week. Thank you RX Wellness!

Richard Thompson

Dr G fixed me right up. Worked with me on scheduling throughout the whole process. Great staff. Highly recommend anyone with back or neck issues to check this place out.

Ryan Brooks

I came to see Dr. Phil Golinsky July 24th 2018. Before said date, i had been experiencing shoulder and lower back discomfort for a good 4 months or so. I tried getting deep tissue, hot stone, and even sports massages, but all never giving me the relief I was seeking. After my visit with Dr. Phil I left out with more mobility with my shoulder, and my back has lost most of its soreness there once was. I give this practice a 5 star rating because not only is there exceptional care. The entire office is professional, courteous and very welcoming. I was even greeted at the door when I first arrived for my appointment by Dr. Phil!

Ana Becerra

Dr. Phil is absolutely amazing! The office itself is just beautifully done and clean. I got recommended by someone to go see him because I was complaining of constant headaches (at least 2 times a week), lack of sleep, and neck pain. And I cannot be more pleased with his professionalism and skills. Today, I had my second visit, a little over a week since the first, and I haven't had a headache since! To me that itself was just unbelievable. I feel amazing! My spine definitely has some work that needs to be done, but five stars isn't enough for the work he's already done! I highly recommend seeing him, you won't regret it!

Brian Le

If I could give it more stars than just 5 I would. The service, the quality, the attention to detail made me feel feel not only reassured with picking this place for treatment..but also led to my back feeling amazing again! I highly recommend this place!

Padam Maheshwari

I have been going to Dr. Phil since March for back pain. What a difference it has made in my quality of life. I just came back from Alaska cruise and told Dr. Phil "It was nice to have a pain free vacation".

Michael Noble

I would like to thank Dr Phil for the exceptional treatment I have been receiving for my neck I had pain and very limited movement which I thought required surgery to fix my problems But thankfully after a few treatments I began to see improvements and now after a few months of weekly visits I have gained almost complete movement in my neck with no pain at all I have also noticed that I sleep better now I just wish I had come to RxWellness sooner

Samer Yafi

This place has far exceeded my expectations. I was frequenting a neighboring chiropractor last year and when my doctor left that practice, they assigned me somewhat of a novice- maybe to be fair he was just green and newly hired. I went in there for my neck and back issues (I ride a van 4 days per week 10 hr shifts) and left feeling worse. I researched further and took my chances with Dr. Phil and his crew at RX Wellness. First off, the place is clean, smells fantastic and appears to have top of the line equipment. I saw people smiling and clients with a relaxed disposition about them. I was seen almost immediately and given a warm welcome by the maestro himself, Doc Phil. He was pleasant and personable and paid close attention to my pain and complaints. Man he worked on me! He knew EXACTLY where the pain was- all I had to do was point. The man is a magician and still works on me twice per week. I'm grateful for having those guys pull me from the pain and suffering I was in and see to it I got the best service. At this point, I won't be going anywhere else. Keep up the amazing work you guys.

Sankeerth reddy

I should say visiting this chiropractic care was magical and I am glad I picked the right care for me. I was having lower back pain caused because of extensive running and working on computer for most of my day. I came across RxWellness on Google and made an appointment. Dr.Phil was very experienced and knew very well what he was dealing with. In just one setting, I can say 90% of my pain was gone! Magical! My experience with Dr.Phil was great, he is friendly to talk to. The staff is also very friendly, office is serene, welcoming and very easy to locate. 10/10 for the environment as well. I would totally recommend to anyone who needs a chiropractic care.

Carissa May

Great chiropractor office! Staff is so friendly!

Marian Antunez

I want to let everyone know about the amazing and exceptional care I've received so far at Rxswellness! The initial reason why I scheduled an appointment was because I was rear ended in an Automobile accident. Immediately I knew I had whiplash and I wanted to seek treatment from specialists that had experience. Dr. Golinsky has been treating people in accidents for over 20 years and as soon as I came into his office, I knew this was place was suited to take great care of me. The first thing the doctor did was take x rays and then he showed me exactly where my injuries were sustained from the hit I took from the car behind me. I was impressed because exactly where all my pain was coming from (I hadn't told exactly where the pain was in my neck), he showed me on the x ray. Even more impressive, was that the Doctor told me that he would NOT do too much on the first day, or even the first week of treatment because he noticed from feeling my spine and looking at the x rays, that I had suffered from extensive soft tissue damage. He told me that by doing regular neck adjustments before my neck calmed down, it would make me feel worse than I already was feeling. Thank goodness he has the experience to know what to do and what not to do in the early stages of care. So far, I am improving slowly, but I am improving with consistency. He also said that I would most likely still be in some pain even after 6 weeks, because the rear end collision was so bad. It might even take a few weeks and even up to 3 months to heal up. This was important for me, because as an expert, he let me know what to expect, which of course made me feel better. One last thing I want to add, if you have ever gotten into a car accident. The entire team listens to you! They do NOT just treat you like a number on a conveyor belt. The actually talk to you, and they want feedback, as they say it's because the team wants me to get well faster. So, to the entire team, all the doctors, the massage therapists at Rxwellness, thank you so much for taking such great care of me.

Dawn Gannon

I'll admit it - I didn't really want to go to a chiropratic office. I had a very bad experience in my early 20's and was determined to never step foot in one again. However, Dr. Phil and his team came to our office to offer chair massages. After the massage I talked to Dr. Phil. He asked the normal questions and did a quick exam. I told him about an auto accident in 2011 and he asked if I had been in an accident before that. He said that he could tell that I had a deeper issue. He was right! 30 years ago I was also hit from behind by a driver at high speed. I made a free appointment to see what he would find with a full exam and x-rays. Again, I had no intention of going for treatment. However, the exam, x-rays and discussion about the treatment I needed began to change my mind. It was the treatment, though, that scared me. Dr. Phil and his team treated me with kid gloves and I am happy to say that one month later I am very much improved! In fact, I feel better from Dr. Phil's team care than I did after three months of physical therapy. If you are hesitant, too, I suggest making an appointment with Dr. Phil. He and his talented team will change your mind, relieve your fears and help you feel better in no time!

Jessica Richards

After 10 days on antibiotics our youngest son (2 yrs old) still had a double ear infection. Our doctor didn't want to put hin on another round of antiobotics for at least another 14 days and suggested that we try alternative medicines during that time. After reading about how a chiropractic adjustment can help clear ear infections we decided to schedule an appointment with with RXWellness. Dr. Phil was amazing and made us feel right at home. He had my husband lay down on the table with our son, belly-to-belly, and started doing very subtle adjustments. Our son was completely relaxed - no crying, squiring or fussing what-so-ever. We went back to the doctor the following week to have his ears checked and the double ear infection was completely gone! We have since decided to go back for regular visits. Great place to take your kiddos!

Sandy Richards

Fantastic chiropractic center! Very personable and attentive to your needs! They always"hit the spot" when it come to your aches and pains! Call Dr Phil!

Alfie Grace

I went in to RxWellness after being hit in a car accident and was able to have my treatment covered by my insurance. I had some whiplash, pain in my chest from the seatbelt, and leg and back pain as well and I was worried that I would not recover to the point that I was at before the accident. I am so grateful for Dr. Golinsky for helping my get set on a regular treatment plan a couple times per week and recover from my injuries. I was scared to drive for a while afterwards, but now I have completed treatment and don’t feel pain anymore and am ready to drive again. Thank you!

dupinder singh

I’ve had shoulder/neck pain for the past month. My doctor suggested I take anti inflammation pills. I instead booked an appointment with RXWellness and Dr. Phil got rid of the pain in just one visit. Would definitely go again for any other problems.

aka ak

I found Dr. Philip Golinsky through an online search. I had an auto injury and was searching for Physical therapy. When I went there, he took the time to explain the whole process. He and his team were very friend and welcoming. I started with physical therapy then combination of therapy and Chiropractic. His team helped me a lot throughout the recovery process. I highly recommend him and his team.

Jay Ives

I can confidently say that Dr. Phil is without a doubt, the best chiropractor in town! Dr. Phil and his team at Rx Wellness helped alleviate my chronic back pain that was bothering me for years. After several sessions of working with Dr. Phil, my back pain went away! I am now able to work, run, and even deadlift without worrying about my back. I was impressed by Dr. Phil's true professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to find the best treatment strategy for his patients. On top of the great care I received at RX Wellness, the office is absolutely stunning with a fresh, inspiring feel! Although I will miss my visits with Rx Wellness, I look forward to referring all my friends and family to Dr. Phil & his team!

Mark Wilson

My wife, Becky, has been searching for relief from a variety of back and neck issues through epidural steroids, spinal decompression, physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, yoga, dry needling, nerve medications, and pain killers. I've been telling her to take the next step and have spinal surgery but she wanted to try chiropractic one more time. She felt good when she came home from the adjustments but they didn't seem to stick. Finally, she went to Dr. Phil and told him she was frustrated because she was not feeling better. She still couldn't sit in the car for long drives and had to stand through meetings because of the sharp pains that began in her lower back and shot like bolts of electricity down her legs. Sleep was only with the aid of medication. Dr. Phil suggested he perform an upper cervical specific adjustment. It was different from the usual adjustments but she was willing. She said, "I was nervous but I trusted Dr. Phil and let him try it. That night I began to feel better. I could feel sensation in my arms and legs that I hadn't for years. I returned two days later and had the adjustment again, and by that evening, the pain in my legs completely ceased. After so much pain--and lots of money and time--I finally have lasting relief." I want to thank Dr. Phil and his staff for helping my wife overcome this pain that our whole family has dealt with for years. I hope this post will encourage others talk to Dr. Phil candidly to see how he can help.

Aylin Pérez

I went to two other chiropractors prior to visit Golinsky Specific Chiropractic. I suffered from serious headaches. As today, I’m far a month into my treatment and I’m no longer having headaches. My difficulty to go to sleep at night was resolved after my first adjustment. I also have tension, lower back and hip pain which I continue treatment for. Dr. Phil, Dr. Kevin and Shay are a blessing, as well all the staff that I have interacted with have been very professional and very helpful. They finally get to relief the pain I was living with. Since my first week of treatment I notice improvement. My back and hip are getting better. I went back to the gym and get back at my exercise routine which I couldn’t do before. I need to say I came out of my appointments happier. I love the flexibility of the practice to reschedule or to switch around to fit into my schedule. I am very grateful that they are helping me to receive the care and treatment that I need. I really suggest to anybody to give it a try, to know the benefits of having an evaluation and treatment. It could change their life, it changed mine!

Richard Buenaventura

Awesome place! Dr. Phil knows his stuff. I used to take Advil to relieve my tension pains in my neck area but after my initial visit with here I don't have to take an Advil anymore. My neck aches were gone after the adjustments Dr. Phil did on me. The adjustment feels so good and comforting. You can really feel the positive effects. I now will go monthly. In addition, this place is state of the art and looks like a high end spa. Best chiropractor office I've even been in. Highly recommend!

Katie Smith

First, I would like to say that I have never sought chiropractic help in the past for any issues--I generally try to eliminate any external factors that may be cause of any discomfort prior to seeking medical advice (i.e. change mattresses/pillows/stretching/etc). My Issue: I had been experiencing a dull ache in the middle of my upper back between my should blades for a few months. It felt like I needed to stretch or "pop" something in my back that no matter which way I bent couldn't seem to access that area. Over time, it turned into a pain that I would feel constantly--as I was sitting, standing, moving, and ultimately sleeping. Nothing sharp or shooting, but a dull ever-present ache that became frustrating and exhausting. After struggling to fall/stay asleep, and going through my normal checklist of possible solutions with no results, I decided to seek chiropractic help. I found RxWellness at a local festival that supports businesses in the area. This group performed a free spinal analysis, and recommended me to come into the office. Their philosophy is "if we can improve you by 20% on your first visit, we know this is a fixable/manageable issue". Results: After meeting with the doctor, taking a few x-rays, analyzing the issue, and doing some quick chiropractic work (including a spine/neck "pop" that directly addressed the area where I was feeling the most pain), I walked out of the office already feeling 20% better than before. Over the following week my pain continually kept improving and I noticed by my next appointment I felt about 60% better overall and had next to no pain while sitting/standing. Dr. Golinsky put me on a moderate chiropractic care plan to address the pain I was still experiencing, as well as pinpointed potential areas of improvement to help mitigate any long term effects that my current neck/spine mis-alignment may cause in the future. One of the things I appreciate the most is the honesty kept during my appointment. Dr. Golinsky mentioned that his focus was on getting me fixed--if he wasn't able to, he would point me in the direction of someone who might help. If he could help, he told me that his goal was to get me fixed and back on with my life. If you're thinking about trying any sort of chiropractic work, I would at least recommend coming in for a consultation. This group will give you an honest assessment of what they believe may be causing your issues, and will let you know whether or not they believe they can help your situation!

Jon Moore

I saw Dr Golinsky for a problem I've been having with my hip on my right side. I drive a truck for a living and spend long hours on the road along with a fair share of heavy lifting and long hours which definitely threw my spine out of alignment over time.. He did an X-ray and it turned out my hip was rotated to the left by like 20 percent or something, which explained the pain I was experiencing. He corrected it almost instantaneously. I was able to sit down and stand up without pain and walk normally for the fist time in weeks! I have yet to go in for the follow-up, but Dr. Phil was relative to my plight. It was the first time in two years since I've ever been to a chiropractor but this one really helped me gain a great deal of my mobility back already. When he performed his adjustments, I don't think I've ever heard my own neck pop so loudly before. Apparently it was loud enough for someone else across the room to hear it! But I guess I needed it, because I felt the urge to go the the gym immediately after the appointment was done. I'll definitely be back for a follow up

Trent Chisholm

Highly recommend receiving treatment from Dr. Phil and his amazing staff. Having been playing golf for over ten years, I started to develop lower back stiffness that turned into immense discomfort/pain. It got to a point where, without extended time spent icing and stretching my back, I could not function pain-free following a round of golf. With the treatment I have been receiving, I can now play pain-free and function normally after playing. I can't thank the staff enough!!


When I had my accident that cause my lower back pains and neck pains. I was going through a lot of pain. Upon recommendation I came here, and the first thing that stands out is the clean office. After I was helped by the super friendly staff. Next I was seen by Doctor Phil. What stood out most is that he not only gave a detailed plan for my recovery, but that he also helped me with possible problems, I could have faced down the road. As Soon as I was well he didn't try and keep me for unnecessary time. I recommend this location to anyone seeking to recover, and receive the best service in the area.

Tiffany Bean

I have neck pain and headaches almost daily so I had purchased a groupon for a wellness package here to try out someone new. Everything on the groupon was completed except for a muscle relaxation massage. It is easy to make an appointment on the phone and paperwork can be filled out and submitted online. There's plenty of parking and the business itself is extremely clean inside with up to date equipment. Dr. Philip Golinsky is very friendly and informative. He took some x-rays and explained to my boyfriend and I what the issue was and gave me an adjustment. Unfortunately, my insurance was out of network, but he was kind of enough to make a financial plan for future visits. It's been 6 hours and I still have relief in my neck so I will be going back for a second visit and hopefully things keep improving and will be fixed this year.

Aylie M

I found Golinsky Specific Chiropractic after I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc and was in desperate need of relief and a clear plan of action. This is exactly what I received from Dr. Phil and his team! At my first visit he confirmed the diagnosis and we discussed his recommendations and treatment plan. By my second visit, he had a clear understanding of my insurance and took the time to answer all questions I had before we started the plan, this in itself was impressive and much appreciated! That was several weeks ago and I have noticed a huge improvement in my back. With a herniated disc I expected it would be a long recovery time and most likely require surgery. But I am pleasantly surprised at how quickly I have noticed the reduction in pain and increase in my ability to perform normal tasks. My treatment plan recognized the need to work slowly to pull the disc into place before starting adjustments on my back so the first few weeks were only traction therapy, which other chiropractors I went to did not offer. We just started adding adjustments after traction therapy and eventually it will be adjustments only. I am thoroughly impressed by the forward-thinking and all-encompassing approach at Golinsky Specific Chiropractic, as well as the friendly, relaxed atmosphere with all of the staff and the overall ease of working with this great team of professionals! I would highly recommend Golinsky Specific Chiropractic.

Samantha Michelle

I was in so much pain I could barely move. Dr Phil was attentive and caring and now I can breathe again!

Tugba S.

I met Dr. Golinsky through a referral in regards to the pain I had at the roots of my skull. Besides his professionalism and knowledge, he is very humble and genuine. After the end of my first visit, I was able to turn my head to both sides comfortably, and pain in my neck and upper back disappeared. I left his office pain free (I was using painkiller every day to stop my headaches), and I have been pain free in the last one month. I would highly recommend him!

Dustin Lowry

Dr. Phil, Dr. Kevin, Shay, and the entire staff at Golinsky Specific Chiropractic are professional, knowledgeable, and extraordinarily helpful! They all collaborate as a team to provide some of the best chiropractic care I've ever received. My spine feels better at work, there's a noticeable difference in my range of motion, and my athletic performance has significantly improved. Thanks Golinsky Specific Chiropractic for all that you do!

Jimmy Kang

I went in to see Dr.Phil for back pain last week and within minutes of meeting him, I was give a through diagnosis and pinpoint of my troubles. After a quick adjustment I have been feeling virtually no pain!

Gustavo Rolan

I believe it to be impossible to have a better experience than at this place. The facility is top notch The entire staff is fantastic. From the moment you walk in to the second you walk out, unbeatable experience. Best place hands down! No need to go anywhere else. In fact, DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE! It was even an extremely fun environment. You will look forward to going back. The main concern being and solely might become addicted. You've been warned, it is bsolutely fantastic. Thank you to everyone there for making it as incredible as you do.

Mike Montieth

I am a Volunteer Fire Fighter and my back takes a beating sometimes. I have been having soreness in the lower back for a while and decided to check out RxWellness. I would wake up and could not move without pain for a couple hours. After the initial checkout we started treatment. After 3 weeks it was getting worse so Dr. Phil decided to go a different way. With decompression it has made it so I am not taking advil all day, every day. Dr. Phil and Dr. Kevin are great. The staff is AWESOME.. Highly recommend if you are having soreness or something more.

Sue Saijaroen-Duff

Approximately a year ago I was involved in a motorcycle accident and was rear ended while stopped awaiting oncoming traffic to make a left turn . Unfortunately, as the passenger, I sustained annular L4-,L5, and SI tears along with substantial tissue/bone contusion to the right buttock area leading to nerve pain and damage. I continue to have right hip and lower back pain along with minor neck pain resulting in headaches and discomfort. Prior to the accident, I'd consider myself to be pretty active where I use to walk 9-13 miles daily and lifted up to 75lbs as a part time carrier with the USPS and Fed Ex. Additionally, I have yet to engage in outdoor activities that I use to participate in such as, leisurely biking, and paddle boarding. In fact, I've only been paddle boarding once since the accident and could not maintain stability on the board due to my hip and back. Major disappointment. The Physical Therapist Asst., recommended that I might consider a chiropractic consult and I did a little research which has led me to share my wonderful care and experience with those who may be a little apprehensive. I've been commuting from WV to receive care for a little over 4 weeks now and I feel an improvement in my neck and right hip where my mobility was limited resulting in less pain. At one session, Dr. Golinsky was working on the hip and it unlock and we heard a loud pop sound! I felt so much relief from that session! The staff, PC, and Dr. Golinsky not only provide prompt and fantastic service, they're extremely compassionate, knowledgeable and accommodating for schedule adjustments. Dr. Golinsky displays a sincere and genuine passion in your overall care and I am very optimistic that I will get back on my board.

Chris C

I had a great experience with RxWellness. I came in with neck problems and they worked wonders. I am a type 1 diabetic and I have noticed a decrease in need of my basal insulin by 3%! It is an amazing facility. I recommend anyone to go here.

Lea Devine

Dr. Golinsky cares a great deal about his patient's overall health and well being and will work with you so that you can get the care you need. His staff is kind and caring, and knowledgeable. I would recommend Dr. Golinsky and his staff to ANYONE looking for personable, and excellent treatment.

nueba mia

My injury from my accident have greatly improve. Dr. Phill and Erin are the best ! rxwellness staff are very friendly and professional.

Lindie Alexander

Excellent service, always. The staff is friendly and to the point. You just tell them what ales you where, and they know exactly what to do to fix it. My initial problem was fixed with just a few visits. I always feel so much better when I walk out of the practice, and can't wait for my next visit! As an added bonus, they are very accommodating in working with my constantly changing schedule, On one occasion I had tremendous neck pain that moved into my back and shoulders. Dr. Phil knew exactly how to adjust my neck/ribs to fix the issue. I had immediate relief and walked out a new person. They also give good advice on what exercises to do relating to your situation. I cannot say enough positive things about this practice.

Fran Tuckson

I've had neck and shoulder pain for several years that has worsened as time passed. It has started to cause horrible headaches, it effects my sleep, work, and basically everything I do. I've received cortisone shots, trigger injections and have seen a physical therapist for six weeks. Nothing worked. Dr. Golinsky quickly determined the cause and sent me home after my first visit with pressure relieved in my head and eliminating my headache. He gave me a light at the end of the tunnel that with treatment it will improve my quality of life again. His energy and personality are infectious. I'm soooo looking forward to my next appointment!! Highly recommended this clinic.

steven dockweiler

Excellent and skilled, Dr "G"

Kelly Hydock

I was turned on to Dr. Phil's office by my husband who had been seeing him for years after hurting his back from golfing. I was getting frequent headaches (at least 4 a week) and migraines (at least once a month). I had been to my doctor about the headaches and even received an MRI, there was nothing they could see wrong and advised me to keep taking medicine to alleviate the pain. In January, my neck/shoulder started to really, really bother me to the point I couldn't lay on or carry anything on the left side. I FINALLY went to see Dr. Phil. He explained how everything is aligned and after evaluating me, I was very out of alignment. He dove deeper into my symptoms and what might be the cause - a car injury from a decade ago - and how things never really recovered properly. I talked to him about the headaches and he said these could be subsided as well as my neck/shoulder pain with regular visits. He was very honest with what he felt he could help improve. Well, fast forward to November and wow, I have noticed a HUGE improvement. My neck/shoulder feels so much better, I can sleep on that side now without any pain. My headaches have gone down tremendously. I maybe get one headache every 1-2 months and have only had one migraine since seeing him. The staff is extremely nice, helpful and knowledgeable. Dr. Phil is always upfront and honest and I always feel comfortable talking to him about my progress. He takes the time to sit down with you and make a plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Phil's practice - he and Dr. Kevin are fantastic. I really wish I would have started going there years ago when my husband told me to!

Benazir wakil

A year ago, I was involved in an auto accident, where I was rear-ended. I didn’t seek any medical help right away thinking I’ll be okay. After 3 weeks I kept getting really bad headaches, neck pain, back pain, and had a nerve damage in my left arm. The headaches and the back pain were really affecting my sleep. I couldn’t sleep at night without taking a pain reliever. I was on pain relievers every 6 hours. I tried everything to get rid of the pains I was experiencing, but noting was working. I decided to see a chiropractor. I went to a few chiropractors in Northern Virginia area, but their treatments didn’t help with my pains in anyway. They just showed me a bunch of exercise to do, which didn’t help. A coworker of mine referred me to Dr. Phil. I was very impressed by his work and all his high tech lasers and machines. After couple of visits I noticed my headaches were gone. I wasn’t taking any pain reliever at night for my headaches and body pain. A year later, I’m feeling great! I’m so grateful to get treated by Dr. Phil. I always refer Dr. Phil to anyone who is involved in an auto accident or just a simple headache. He’s just so great at what he does!

Nicole Reid

I came to Rx Wellness because I had been getting worse and worse back pain (I sit all day at work). It was so bad it was interfering with everything in my life - I couldn't sleep, exercise was suffering, even showering became difficult! Dr. Phil and Dr. Kevin started treating me twice a week. Not only did my back improve, but other things started to improve too! I have a really rare and ultimately terminal illness. After about 2 months of chiropractic treatment at Rx Wellness, I saw my specialists at a routine visit and my test results had improved by about 20%. Nothing else had changed - same medicines, same diet, no other new treatment. Of course chiropractic care is not a cure-all, but maybe by treating my pain and musculoskeletal/nervous system issues, it allowed my body to heal and respond better to my other medical treatments. I can't explain it, but I know it works really well for me and I am living a better life (and maybe even a longer life!) with the treatment I get at Rx Wellness. Also, the massage therapists are excellent there and the admin staff is helpful, efficient, professional and friendly. Dr. Phil brings an amazing passion and unbridled energy to his work. You can tell he cares deeply about his patients and his compassion, commitment and skill raise him to the top of his profession. Dr. Kevin is a true healer who brings a great attitude and kindness to his work. I'm continuing once weekly treatment now that the acute pain has subsided, just to keep in alignment. My quality of life has improved so much, I really cannot thank Rx Wellness enough.

Sandra George

Dr. Golinski really took care of me. My daughter recommended this office to me after experiencing a horrific car accident. I came all the way from United States Virgin Islands and his demeanor and great customer service made me feel at home. Once the Dr work on me instantly felt relief. I highly recommend Dr G and his office. This office is now my permanent go to when I visit the state's. it's clean and innovative.

Jennifer Juall

I began seeing Dr. Phil after a car accident where my three children and I suffered whiplash. Our neck area in particular bothered all of us and I was taking Aleve to help reduce the pain and tension felt. After Dr. Phil’s assessment it was obvious we needed chiropractic care to help and immediately after the first visit we all saw a major decrease in pain and increase in mobility. We came to his beautiful office 1x week for 3 months and now come 2x a month for maintenance checks. The relief and help Dr. Phil provided after the accident is profound and we are very grateful. I highly recommend Dr. Phil and his office for chiropractic care.

Imran Munir

If you have any sort of pain and stress in your body they will alleviate it within minutes! Outstanding service and team! I couldn't have asked for anything better. Very professional and clean. I was impressed by Dr. Phil's professionalism, attention to detail, and willingness to find the best treatment for me. The staff makes you feel welcomed the moment you step inside and already have your information down in the system. It's important to note you don't get a weak massage these are some highly advanced masseuses, this was a deep tissue massage and relieved excruciating pain and stress in my neck and back. If you're into sports or any physical activity Dr. Phil understands it all, he's been through it. Dr. Phil explained to me what was going on with my body and within the next hour I was feeling good as new, would highly recommend this place. Too good to be true!!

Manu Ty

Hi, my name is Hira and I’ve Rheumatoid Arthritis for last six years. I managed by condition naturally for three years but it got worse in 2016. I was bed ridden for a week and my Rheumotologist put me straight on Prednisone so that I can stand up on my toes.It took me a while to figure out other natural ways to heal my condition . With my rigorous diet regime I became drug free in a year. However , I still had lot of swelling, inflammation and stiffness in my knees . At that time , I came to know how Chiropractic treatment can help me to get to the next level in my recovery . It’s been 14 sittings and I’ve been seeing the difference. The entire team of Dr. Phil, Dr. Kevin are very helpful. Their weekly massage and adjustments are really helping me to come out of this stage. I think Chiropractic treatment plays a pivotal role in treating auto immune conditions such as RA. I’m still opening all the weeds to reach my finish line but with the help of Dr. Phil and his team has surely speed up the process. If they can help so much in my chronic condition , they could do fabulous job for other normal conditions .I’ll recommend them to all.

Dannet Parchment

Dr. Phil and the team take care of overall wellbeing with personalized, friendly, respectful attention to each patient's needs. I initially went for debilitating migraine headaches and chronic fatigue, caused from a car accident years ago. . A year later of treatment, my headaches are long gone, I'm energetic and alert, and I've learned so much more about how to take care of my health. RxWellness Spine & Health is now part of my lifestyle. I recommend them to anyone who wants to live better!

Jessica Cabrera

RxWellness is an amazing place to obtain care post vehicular accident. The office itself is clean and the equipment is well maintained. Everyone of the staff members is compassionate and caring and always will go the extra mile to make sure you are taken care off. Each of the doctors of chiropractic employed at this location are extremely knowledgeable and skilled. After my car accident I was stressed and in pain. Both my lower back and neck were uncomfortable and I was not able to move my spine easily and without pain. This prevented me from doing my normal day to day activities. RxWellness helped me fill out all necessary paperwork that was needed for insurance purposes which was extremely helpful. Dr. Phil quickly started my care right after the incident. He started with taking survey spinal radiographs (x-rays) so he could identify the extent of the injuries and tailor my care. I began to feel better and suffer less pain after my very first adjustment! Since starting my care I am now able to sleep without pain, go to work, and do the activities I enjoy such as my yoga classes! I absolutely recommend this facility to help heal your injuries after a car accident or any other injury!

Oxana S

Great doctors, thank you guys

Erin Johnson

Cannot say enough great remarks about Dr. Phil and the practice! Great environment and everyone is so friendly and helpful. I had never even considered going to a chiropractor but am so glad I did-- my headaches and back pain are pretty much gone!

Mehret A.

We called Dr. Golinsky's office inquiring for an urgent evaluation after a motor vehicle accident. His office and Dr. Golinsky made sure we were seen immediately for evaluation and started our therapy immediately. Dr. Golinsky was very compassionate, knowledgeable and extremely thorough in his work. His experience and expertise, along with his encouragement really saved me immediately after my accident. My family and myself are grateful for his help and know that he is helping many, many others like me as is evidenced by the pace of his practice. I highly recommend Dr. Golinsky to family and friends in the event they come to a situation that requires his expertise. Dr.Golinsky and his staff are very commendable, they always ask, listen and are there to help. I always left their office in a better condition than my arrival. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work ! Mehret A.

Brian Sweeney

My elbow was hurting so badly, I couldn't even open a door with my left arm. I thought it was tennis elbow, since I had been playing tennis the previous day. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon and to Occupational Therapy but after two months, there was no improvement. I was even prescribed a 6 day steroid pack, but that did not help. Finally after two months of enduring excruciating pain, I went to Rx Wellness. Dr. Golinsky sat down with me for a half hour, listened to my whole health history, took some x-rays and determined the pain was coming from my neck and the elbow pain was a symptom of nerves were being impinged upon from my neck. He set me up with a chiropractic plan and after only 4-5 visits, I noticed a major difference. My elbow is almost fully healed and my despair has turned into hope. I know that I will get fully better soon and that I am in the best of hands. I am so grateful for Dr. Golinsky and the Rx Wellness team.

Andrew Bellus

Dr. Golinksy and his staff have worked with me for over 4 years to provide relief for neck and back pain. Each time I go in, they ask about what is bothering me, do a quick spinal evaluation, and make adjustments. In each case, I walk out feeling better than when I walk in. If something is not working or I have having specific problems, Dr. Golinsky will recommend a different treatment, such as spinal decompression. While I am having difficulties getting my insurance to cover my visits every two weeks, Dr. Golinsky has worked with me on a payment plan. After having tried other chiropractors to some success, I have been extremely pleased with the personal care and effectiveness of Dr. Golinsky and his staff.

Praneeth Reddy

Update(as of 09/26/2018): I think at the end of August 2018 or so, I was experiencing numbness,tingling, burning and loss of sensation in my left front thigh and it would start into 15 minutes of standing. I think it probably started due to long periods of me standing without a standing desk mat. Anyhow, I felt this might be related to my spine, so I decided to checkout Dr.Phil. Dr. Phil diagnosed my problem to be related a disc issue and in fact showed me a medical book that clearly talks about the problem.He put me on a treatment plan for about 4 months. He was VERY REASONABLE with the quoted cost. The treatment includes me going through disc decompression sessions three times a week. Each session involves, a 15 minute treatment on the decompression table (a table that gently stretches the spine, targeting the affected area), followed by an ice pack and a gentle massage for about 5-10 minutes by the therapists there. That will be followed by any required spinal adjustments by either Dr. Kevin or Dr.Phil. I must say that after a month or so into the treatment, I am starting to see that the frequency and duration of problem has come down and I am GETTING BETTER. Now, I can stand for 45 minutes without the problem symptoms kicking in. The reason why I am adding this updated review is because I wanted to let people out there, facing similar issues to seek out chiropractic care. Let me tell you, these problems are not good to have in the first place, BUT, unfortunately, if you are in such pain, please do seek out treatment at this place. The docs and staff are wonderful and I am confident that you will be getting a top quality treatment. Again, the doc is not money minded person, and is very reasonable with the charges. His primary focus is on giving quality care to those are in need. Keep up the great work, doc! Earlier review: Based on the other positive reviews, I decided to visit RxWellness for a stiff back issue and also to get a recommendation for an ergonomic desk for my day job. I got an appointment (and they offered me the website special of $20 for first timers). I am GLAD I paid a visit to the clinic. Dr. Phil took some X-Rays of my lower back to check for any potential problems. After checking out my spine, he said my lower back needed some adjustments and proceeded with the same. Right after the spinal pops, INSTANTLY, I felt MUCH better. After the diagnosis and as per my request, Dr.Phil felt it to be fitting to give me a note for the ergonomic desk. Make no mistake, chiropractic treatments are not cheap and some crooked businesses try to keep people coming in to milk their money. However, this is NOT that type of clinic. The doc is not after your money. He wants to make sure the ailment is treated and is very considerate about the patient's condition. It's very rare to find people with such values these days. Folks, I know how debilitating spine issues can be, but getting the right doctor is very important. Dr.Phil is TRULY AMAZING. I feel fortunate to have seen him. I want to wholeheartedly thank the other reviewers for sharing their feedback as it motivated me to go there. Also, the clinic is very clean and the staff are very professional and courteous. So, if you are looking to get a genuine treatment, DON'T HESITATE TO SEE DR.PHIL. I will keep spreading the word among my friends, family and colleagues as I hate see them suffer from any such issues. Wishing you all a pain free life!

Erik Hansen

I recommend Dr. Phil and his practice. The office is nice and has a relaxed atmosphere. The team is very friendly and helpful. I can usually get in and out quickly and I always feel better after a visit.

Tiffany West

I have been having chronic back pain for about 2 years. I found a groupon for Rx Wellness to get an exam and alignment for $30. They gave me xrays and Dr. Phil was able to identify the cause of my back problems the second he looked at them. He was able to provide relief to most of my lower back pain in my first visit, and I'm sure with regular treatment he could completely eliminate my pain! He also sent me copies of all my xrays which is worth $200 alone. Super professional, friendly and caring.

Trang Tran

My son is in the marching band and with all the twists, the turns and the march, take a toll on his lower back. I took him here and Dr. Phil & Dr Kevin really gave him a good adjusting because he hasn’t complained about his back anymore. They really take the time to listen to your needs & problems. What’s great about this place too is that not only they have the massage beds so you can get a massage first but they also have massage therapists who will give you about 10 min massage before the doctor comes to adjust you. You can ask them to do light, medium or hard based on your tolerance. Love love love this place.

Allie Grayson

I was recently in a car accident and had some whiplash that I felt a couple days after the crash. I had trouble turning my head and my neck felt sore and pain radiated down to my shoulders, so I went into RxWellness and they have been helping me feel better. Whiplash is much less painful, and I feel like I can trust my doctor and he actually listens to my concerns.

carlos maldonado

Dr.Phil is the best! He & his staff are very friendly & accomodating. You don’t just feel like another customer, they truly make you feel like family.I really appreciate them, they are wonderful people. Thanks to Dr.Phil I no longer feel any pain and can go about my daily routine and activities. I will definitely be reccomending this practice to others.

Roger Gaffey

Phil and his crew deliver! The new location is family's with the same small town feel from the moment you walk in the doors. Quality staff are excellent in helping with your health and getting you back on track!


Recently I was in a pretty bad car accident where I was t-boned and spun out. I felt fine in the moment and didn't bother going to see a doctor. A few days later though, I was so stiff and sore I could barely move and went to RX Wellness for help. The facility is beautiful, easy to get to, and has tons of parking. The best part was they did X-rays in-house so you didn't need a referral to go get images done elsewhere! Dr. G created a treatment plan specifically for me, and I have been feeling better and better ever since. The massage therapists are amazing and help your body loosen up, and the chiropractors come and pop everything back into place. I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars.

Suzanne Albisu

Dr. Golinsky and his staff take a well-rounded and holistic approach to chiropractic care that is refreshing to see. As a person with chronic back pain, he assessed and targeted the problem with a variety of solutions that all work together to produce improved results in a short time frame. I would recommend his office to anyone seeking pain relief and ongoing care that really works.

Chrissy Tysinger

I have a bad habit of only going to the Chiropractor when something is wrong. After a car accident January 2018, I was told I would have permanent shoulder pain but over the last month it had gotten a lot worse. It's limited my activities and it's so bad that sitting up straight for more than an hour has caused back and shoulder pain. Nothing has helped and I've been miserable so I finally broke down and went to see Dr. Phil at RxWellness. The reason I chose RxWellness was because of something I didn't see at most chiropractors: xrays. Let me just say, the environment was friendly and I felt like family from the moment I met with the doctor. Dr. Phil listened to my story and took my pain to heart. We got xrays within 5 minutes of talking and he showed me EXACTLY what was going on. He was straightforward but also made sure I knew he was concerned about my health and wellbeing. When it was all said and done, I walked out feeling at least 20% better than I did when I walked in. The tightness in my neck and shoulder was lessened and I could pick up my purse without shoulder pain, plus it's much easier to move around. I don't typically schedule follow-up appointments with chiropractors because my experience has been a higher interest in the money they can make by trying to schedule as many follow-up appointments as possible. This was 100% NOT THE CASE with Dr. Phil! I knew this because he mentioned listening to the body and seeing how it feels with time and treatment, not just saying I needed a bunch of appointments. He focused on my health. I will be attending my first ever follow-up chiropractor appointment next week! HIGHLY Recommend Dr. Phil! Thank you so much! 5/5!

jarel Pardillo

Excellent place and staff, highly recommend this place for accident or just need an adjustment.

Peter Scango

Great experience - completely fixed the issue I had with my hip. On top of that the staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Phil and his staff are great.

David Enani

Absolutely. Amazing. Truly, one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. Chiropractors who care and support you through an injury should be spoken highly of, and especially Dr. Phil. He made sure to understand my situation and made me feel so at ease in his practice. I came in for a regular adjustment and acute shoulder blade pain. Dr. Phil diagnosed the injury as an upper rib injury and adjusted it with ease. I can go on and on noting about his professionalism and soft spoken approach, but I think the passion from Dr. Phil is so ever so noticeable and definitely speaks for itself. I highly recommend to anyone and everyone.

wayne Lee

Dr.phill was fantastic! He fixed my friends back pain and was so cool!

Juan Hernandez

He was amazing and I felt less tense and in pain.

Roberto Vayra

Dr. Philip Golinsky is amazing. Simple as that. I had gone to another chiropractor, Dr. James Greer with a horrific low back pain. I could not stand up straight and pointed directly to my lower right hip as it hurt so bad. All this Dr. did was take x rays, which were completely un readable, put TENS pads on my upper back and give me a short massage…and charged me $300. I left the office in just as much pain as I walked in with…minus the $300. So, I went online and saw the reviews Dr. Golinsky had received and decided to give this office a call. They got me in on their next opening and even though I had X rays (Dr. Golinsky laughed since he said the X rays were the worst he had ever seen and even a student could have taken better X rays), he went right to my lower back, pin pointed the spot and said, “let’s fix this”. 10 minutes later he had me standing up straight, pain 90% gone and I was shocked at the difference of the two Dr’s. One belonged in the minor league and the other a super star in the Majors. Also, Dr. greer told me it would cost $750 to fix this problem…after I had already given him $300. Dr. Phil is not after your money and is probably the best Dr. I’ve ever seen. Honest, up front and down to earth.

Estee Hafassa

RX wellness helped me so much after I was rear ended at a yield sign. I am so happy that I found a place that took the drivers insurance and was able to be seen quickly. After the initial visit, I went to RX wellness three times a week for my whiplash and back problems from the accident. Every week I saw an improvement and eventually was able to cut down on my appointments but continue to be so grateful to Dr. Phil for helping me with my pain! I definitely recommend RX wellness:-)

justin walberg

Had a great experience here, really nice clean office and I like that they have a person massage your back instead of those rough roller tables. I'll be coming here from now on.

Susan Stephen

I was suffering from heel pain, I could hardly walk, considering changing jobs, seen by other Dr's for plantar fasciitis. My first visit to Dr. Phil, he said he could help me. He did some unique occipital adjustment; did not even touch my feet and I was feeling 20-30% better instantly. It only gets better from here on in. So glad I don't have to take steroid shots!

Karine provost

Dr. Phil and Mariah are THE BEST TEAM HEALERS!!! I had such a great experience! I left the office relieved and painless! The office is huge, clean and super welcoming. -Sky Ballerina

Sergio Yanez

Dr Phil and his staff are very friendly and helpful. I was involved in a car accident a few weeks ago and called in on a Saturday morning, having severe back pain and neck pain. They got me in that day, and I was so thankful. Ever since the first day they been helping me, which I appreciate! I recommend them. Thank You.

Jaxson Ayden

I have had issues with my varicose veins for years and a friend suggested I try chiropractic treatment. I used compression before to treat the pain, but Dr. Golinksy was very helpful and professional during the consultation. I felt an improvement after just a couple of sessions and have been doing the at-home exercises he told me about.

World Of Skills

He was very helpful to me and he is not one of the other chiropractor he is passionate about his profession and super nice.

Logan Swann

Recently I’ve been having a lot of upper shoulder & neck pain. I am only 19, so I was a little nervous to go. I made a appointment with Dr.Phil and the next day I was in his office! He is super nice. He did x-rays and automatically could tell I had been in a car accident without me even telling him! I had a mini amazing massage done by Nikki. After Dr.Phil began the adjustment he focused on all the issues I had I left feeling like I was brand new! Great staff, beautiful office. Will be returning.

karen padilla

I highly recommend this clinic Dr.Phil and Dr.Kevin help me tremendously.I can sleep better now unlike before.Place is very clean and very welcoming and friendly staffs!

Evelyn James

I needed a new chiropractor after I recently moved to the area. I have frequent back and tailbone pain from sitting all day at my office job and some other health issues, great staff and treatment.

Kimberly Finn

I initially came to RxWellness at the recommendation of a friend due to issues with my back. Dr. Golinsky took x-rays and was quickly able to identify the issues with my back and to develop a comprehensive plan to address the problem. Within two sessions, my back is already feeling better. Amazingly, I have struggled with TMJ for many years and after two sessions, the symptoms of TMJ have completely disappeared. This has been a thrilling, positive side effect of treatment. I travel into Dr. Golinski's office all the way from Warrenton because I now trust Dr. Golinski, his practice, and his staff. I highly recommend RX Wellness....

aaron diamond

The level of service & options of care available at RXWellness are fantastic & Dr Golinsky listens!!! (For me that was key) the office is clean with comfortable natural light & an open feeling. I was put on a plan that resulted in getting my life back & keeps my body in alignment. Thank you.

Alissa Mirsky

Phil and his staff are amazing! I always feel so welcomed each time and I love that everyone refers to me by my first name. I have felt much improvement in the frequency and magnitude of my migraines. Highly recommend!

Erin Loesley

Dr. Phil and his staff are the best. I fell out of care for a while but he stayed in touch with me and had me come back in when I had separated my shoulder. I was always skeptical of "cold lasers" but I can't even describe how much they helped. I have a genetic condition that causes my connective tissue to be too flexible/stretchy. The lasers even helped my hands! I can feel a difference immediately and that the muscles seem tighter and more supportive and my joints don't hurt nearly as much after the laser treatment. Dr. Phil is extremely knowledgeable but still willing to read and educate himself all the time. Aside from the quality of care if you receive this office, the entire office staff treat you like family it's like you're a member of a great club and you never want to leave.

Reni N

Great staff, great facility and great customer service. I like the combination of coming in and warming up the back on the massage table or doing the decompression, then having a few minutes of a massage to get blood flowing to the area, plus the alignments at the end. Out of the four chiropractors I have tried in Reston and Herndon this is at the top right now. One of the biggest differences is that they have more staff and equipment than other facilities and the Dr. Phill has good business sense and set up a great program.

Papiya Gupta

I have received chiropractic care from Dr Phil twice. First was in 2003, after a long rowing season and a 22 mile race on River Thames when my lower back gave up. He treated my back for a couple of months, and I was back to rowing again. The second time was as recent as last year when another rough racing season killed my lower back, forcing me to not only stop rowing for the Fall season but also making it very difficult to do normal movements like sitting, getting up from bed, and standing up. Several months of chiropractic care with Dr Phil reduced my pain level from approx. 80% to about 15%, something that I can now manage with regular exercises and stretching. And I'm back to regular rowing too! While there are some medical practitioners out there that doubt the value of chiropractic care, I'm a big believer in it in spite of having a family full of physicians some of whom advised me against it.

Tammy Mace

Dr. Golinsky is amazing. He is very thorough in going over everything with you prior to your treatment. The entire office is very zen, and relaxing. I highly recommend him to all of my friends and family, if he falls in their insurance network. You will definitely not regret coming here!


Visited Dr.Phil with acute lower back pain almost unable to get up and walk. Dr.Phil in no time caught the pain points and with less than 30 mins of session I was able to walk/sit/bend as if the pain never existed. Real expert in his field and magic in his hands !!! Thank you Dr.Phil for sending me home with a smile on my face :)

Carlos Alvarez

Excellent Chiropractor!! After suffering from lower back problems and finally searching for good doctors, it was through google that I found this facility with great reviews now I want to thank Dr. Golinsky and his AMAZING Team for taking such good care of me, as a patient I’m glad by the work the are constantly doing on me and getting better every visit. It’s a place I definitely recommend and their office is very welcoming and modern environment. They care 100% About their patients!!!

Jon Osajah

It was my first time here and was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I came with a neck and upper back soreness and within 10 minutes Dr. Phil fixed me up. He is a great person to be around and in his presence you can tell his enthusiasm and passion for this field. If you come to Dr. Phil you are in good hands.

Leila Cecile

I’ve had severe pain in my lower back from a recent work out injury. The team at RxWellness provided a thorough check up including xrays that showed exactly where my pain was originating. Immediately after the chiropractic adjustments I felt such a relief . I recommend this clinic to anyone living with pain. The Facilities are impeccable, the Staff is welcoming & the Doctor is top notch. Thank you so much!

Musfique Mazumder

Great service. I went there for my lower back pain and the doctor have seem to have done his magic.

Marjorie Thompson

I have been going to chiropractors for over 3 decades. Out of the many chiropractors whom I have met over the years, Dr. Phil is the only chiropractor who provides massage therapy as a basic service. He is very caring and demonstrates an enthusiastic desire to provide the best care for his patients. Dr. Phil utilizes a wide array of adjustment techniques and my neck adjustments consistently relieve my stress and discomfort. The physical therapy and office staff are always friendly and professional. I really like the fact that the office is open during the evenings, as it would be difficult for me to schedule during the day. I highly recommend RxWellness Spine & Health.


For the past several years I've noticed an increasing amount of neck and shoulder tension. I attributed it to stress, sitting at a desk all day, and just simply getting older. NEVER, in my mental library would I have considered going to a chiropractor. For one, the thought of getting cracked/snapped/etc does not compute! Fast forward to wellness week at work where I signed up for a free at work massage. Great! What I didn't realize was that I'd be meeting Dr. Phil for a brief discussion afterwards. He had my attention when he was able to immediately pinpoint an area behind my neck causing me discomfort and felt that he could help. Still skeptical but partially curious I accepted one of the free consultation visits they were generously offering for wellness week. Sure, why not? During my consultation I allowed Dr. Phil to make some slight adjustments (if that is the proper terminology). I had no idea what to expect and heard things crack and I reacted with a yelp each time EVEN THOUGH IT DID NOT HURT AT ALL...I'm just a wimp when it comes to the idea of pain! Afterwards, he asked me how I felt and I gave myself a moment to genuinely contrast what I had been feeling to how I was currently feeling. To MY surprise, and most likely not to his, I felt good! A lot of the pressure and tension I had been feeling was gone. One word...WOW. I'm not one to look a gift horse in the mouth but the whole placebo effect idea did cross my mind. Knowing that it is not a one time solution and that everyone's body reacts differently, I was curious how long this would last [for me]. It has been about 2 weeks and I'm still feeling pretty good. Thank you Dr. Phil for opening my eyes to the world of Chiropractic care! Who knew?!

Swaiman Dhanoa

I came in with a terrible neck spasm and pain. Dr. Phil took me short notice and helped me adjust my neck. He took a lot of detail down, including my history, my injuries from my time doing college sports, and my current activities. He was very honest and told me exactly how much an adjustment would help my neck and that a second appointment wouldn't help and gave me alternative options which was refreshing to know he wasn't trying to hustle me for money. After we talked about my athletic history he even offered to adjust my back and hips to help me train better and healthier. I will be coming back here atleast once a month. Strong reccomend coming in!

Rachel Sargent

My family and I have been Dr. Phil's patients for a long time. We appreciate his professionalism and his friendly, caring bedside manner.

Brian Boykin

I have had two injuries treated at Rx Wellness Center and I couldn't be more satisfied with their service. Doctor Golinsky, his staff, and the facility are all top notch. If you're looking for a chiropractor in Northern Virginia I highly recommend visiting Rx Wellness Center.

Carlos Ayala

I’ve been complainting about a lower back pain for a few years now and I was very hesitant on having my back adjusted. After careful thought and research I decided to give RXWellness a shot and let me tell you that Dr. Phil and the staff at RxWellness are top notch!!!!. Very profesional and very informative. After my first visit my body feels 5 years younger and I’m feeling less tense in my upper back. I can’t wait for my second visit, next week!!! I definitely recommend Dr. Phil at RxWellness.

Trevon Wright

I used to work at a gym & when members would come to me & complain about having back issues or any pain of that matter related to the spine, I sent them to where I know is best in the area, RxWellness. I’ve only heard great things about Dr. Golinsky & staff, quality people & job well done, every single time. You won’t regret getting checked out by Dr. Golinsky.


RxWellness is amazing. I had thought about seeing a chiropractor, but never made the move. It wasn't until it was suggested to me that I see Dr. Phil that I finally gave in and made an appointment. Before making the appointment, I had years of pain in the base of neck. It was intermittent, but when it hurt, it hurt; not to mention I had sharp pain shooting down my arm that would only go away with pain medicine. I also had pain that shot down my leg at least a couple times a week. By getting everything in alignment, both the pain in my leg and my neck significantly lessened, and pretty much disappeared. I have been receiving treatment for about 10 weeks now. Although I felt better after the first session, it took about a week or two to begin feeling like my body was actually holding the adjustments. I'm grateful for Dr. Phil, Dr. Kevin, and the RxWellness therapists.

Heather Conroy

I have been suffering with migraines, insomnia, neck pain and shoulder pain for about 7 years now. I've tried everything to get some relief. Dr. Phil treated my husband a few years ago for a slipped disk in his back and completely changed his life. He is functioning great without any pain. I finally decided going to see Phil was my last chance before discussing surgery. He did x-rays and found that I have a degenerated disk in my neck and a lot of scar tissue from years of suffering. My very first treatment I felt like a new person I was able to sleep, my neck and shoulder don't hurt and my constant migraine was gone. He is truly a miracle worker! If your suffering please give him a try he's straight forward and honest if he doesn't think he can help you he will tell you! Please just go and see him! You won't be disappointed!

Daniel Taylor

Hands down, Dr. Phil and his entire team at Rxwellness are the best in the business. I’ve been to a few different chiropractic offices, and by far, they exceed all others in services, and in the way the office is designed. After I got into my car accident, my mother insisted I go to a chiropractor. I didn’t have a great experience with the last one, so she looked up Rxwellness since they specialized in car injuries. The first thing they did was take x rays of my neck and back (no other office had before) and then they showed me exactly where my pain was. Amazing that Dr. Phil could see where the issues were…AND…that was where the pain was. Before the doctors really did a lot, I got massages and very gentle treatment, since I was really sore. However, as my spine was able to handle more treatments, they gave me more, until I was finally out of pain. I recommend these guys and would never go to any other chiropractic office ever again! Very professional and they get the job done.

Timothy H. Pickens

I was down visiting the area when I was in need of a good chiropractor. Dr. Naples was very thorough and gave me a great adjustment! I highly recommend him!

reggie bureau

Phil and his crew are A1. From the time i walk through the door the staff was very welcoming. Love the sign in tablets. Location and facility was awesome. After going to other chiropractors the last month or so i was still having back pains. I went to see Phil and after 1 visit i am able to walk straight. Sit for a long period of time. And most of all back in the gym.

Ali Yazdani

I went to two other chiropractors prior to coming to Dr. Phil and neither provided me with a positive treatment. After getting treatment, I no longer have the back pain that I had before. I would definitely recommend seeing him for treatment.


I had a bad fall about a week and a half after moving to Virginia and was in desperate need of a chiropractor. I found RxWellness Spine & Health on Google with great reviews. When I called they were awesome getting me set up with an appointment. The facility was nice, the staff were friendly and welcoming and Dr. Phil was wonderful. There was no wait and after a consultation, x-ray, adjustment and massage I was in and out in about 30 minutes. Dr. Phil provided instant relief and I'm so thankful to him and the members of his team for their top notch care of me. I would most currently recommend using him as your chiropractor.

George Blaisdell

I have never considered chiropractic care in the past; I just wasn't familiar with it from contact with others or from reading. Over a year ago, I happened upon the Golinsky Specific Chiropractic booth at the Home and Garden show at the Dulles Town Center. I stopped in on a whim to ask about a lower back "knot" that had been plaguing me pretty much continuously for 14 months. The representative provided me with convincing information and a limited adjustment. I visited the Golinsky office a couple weeks later for a thorough evaluation In describing my condition and activity goals to Dr. Phil, he outlined the approach he believed would provide maximum relief and why he had confidence it would be effective. His technical discussion, and his obvious understanding of an athletic lifestyle made it easy for me to "sign on" for a three-month course of treatment. I was assigned to work with Dr. Ali. He also has both a personal and professional linkage to athletics, which resulted in us establishing a great relationship immediately. Via his manipulations, assigned stretches and exercises, and decompression sessions, my back is 90% improved. It is rare now for me to have lower back pain (and it never lasts more than a couple hours when it does occur) even when doing day-long mountainous backpacking trips or 100-mile bicycle rides; activities that used to seriously compromise my enjoyment within a few hours of starting out and often provide continuous pain for a day or more after. Endorsement is not something I am prone to. There are a few products and services that I find wholly satisfactory; only those will I mention unsolicited. Golinsky Specific Chiropractic is one of those few. Drs. Phil, Ali, Kevin and the others who have assisted in my care (Michelle, Theresa, Che) are not only professionally expert, but they relate to all who visit their office as if they were dear family members. Although the opportunity has not yet presented, I look forward to an occasion to have social contact with any and all of the Golinsky Specific Chiropractic staff.

Arash Hoss

Not knowing much about what chiropractors do, I had pre judge them like many others to be worthless. Until I was pressured to see one bc of my recent lower back pain. Roughly about two weeks ago I started having this lower back pain and as time progressed so as my pain got worsen. My worker strongly recommended me to see a chiropractor asap however I didn’t make the decision until my pain raised significantly higher. After few X-rays Dr Golinsky immediately knew what was the cause of the irritation and pain in my lower back. I have to say if my pain was at 8 it is now reduced to 3 after one visit and now two days past. Also surprisingly, I see huge change in my digestive system. I don’t know if it’s coincidentally or had something to do with the treatments but I am not complaining. I’ve played basketball and soccer all my life and if I knew what I know now, I would have definitely visited this place once a month. I strongly recommend this place to whoever looking for a chiropractor and especially first timers like my self. Place looks extremely clean and staff are very polite and professional.

Chilukuri Shiva

Dr. Phil is nice and friendly, and had helped me with the neck and shoulder pain. The adjustments he made to the neck was effective and the massage was relaxing. I would suggest it to all my friends

Holly Boyer

Dr. Phil changed my life! I spent months in pain after a bad night's sleep while camping (age comes to us all) exacerbated by a sedentary job. I had neck pain the radiated down my arm so bad it sometimes took my breath away and was seriously effecting my ability to sleep. Because if have fibromyalgia, Dr. Phil took my treatment slow and because of that I had few fibro flares. I won't say I'm pain free, because that's just not an option with fibromyalgia, but I'm better off now than I was before that fatefull camping trip.

Shampoo Shampoo

The best people to work with

krishna chennupati

DR.Phil is very knowledgeable and he exactly understands the problem and treat in a perfect way.higly recommend.

Danial Danish

It was my first time at a chiropractor, so I was a bit nervous on what to expect. Dr Philip Golinsky was very straight forward and kind, and knew right away what was causing my lower back pain. Surprisingly, he told me that I wouldn't likely need to come back, and only to come back if I experience any pain. He had me in and out in no time. This really shows that he has the patient's best interest, and not like how some practices might recommend multiple follow up visits just to take their money. I hope I don't need to go to a chiropractor again, but if I ever do I 100% know that I will being going to Dr Philip. The practice itself was also very welcoming and nicely laid out, and although there were a lot of clients there, you could tell everyone there was being attended to by someone. The patients were taken in promptly at their appointment times. Great overall experience, and highly recommend him.

Angela T

After suffering with an extremely painful pinched nerve, I finally made a call to see a chiropractor. I was able to get in right away, and Dr. Phil provided a very thorough and easy to understand explanation of my symptoms. I felt better with just a couple visits, but am continuing treatment until I know my spine is healed. He and his entire staff are very accommodating and enjoyable to be around. I look forward to each visit!

Harnet Morton

Great ambiance, customer service and bed side manner. I feel confident that I will get well taken of.

Amelia Jack

A friend recommended this place after I threw out my back at work. Awesome treatment and a list of stuff I could do at home to lessen the pain. Now I’m set up on a treatment program to help my back recover and have been feeling better.

Mai DeStefano

I use to play sports in high school and clearly remember the moment I injured my lower back, but I figured I would just let be and in time I would get better. Years went by and after having my 2 boys and continuing to run several races, the pain began to control everything-the way I would sit, the way I would walk, the way I would lay down…everything! I realized I wasn't going to get younger and that if I continued to put it off, it would be harder to correct down the road. Ever since I started going to Dr. Golinsky at RxWellnes Spine & Health, I can say that I feel like a brand new person. Not just physically, but mentally! The pain no longer controls me. I feel much more relaxed and positive, less anxious, and definitely happier! Even the people around me have noticed! 10/10 recommend Dr. Golinsky!

Fazan Syed

What an amazing place! This place was so clean and very welcoming and friendly! Where do I begin!!!! I had been having lower back pain for over a year and my doctor told me I just have to “lose weight” I just started gym with a buddy of mine and he brought me here to get my back looked and with in a few minutes Dr. Philip Golinski had my lower back feeling better than ever, I heard all sorts of cracks and feel great! He has a very out going personality and just has a lot of great feed back to give! He is very honest and transparent with everything and just amazing and loves what he does! His whole team is so friendly and had a friendship built with each and one of the clients. I would definitely recommend this to all friends family and anyone who is looking to goto a trustworthy chiropractor!!

Troy Bouley

Fast and friendly service. Massage first is wonderful!!

Jennifer Escamilla

Started treatment 7/8 after being involved in a rear end collision. I suffered from whip lash and sudden migraines that followed for weeks after being in this accident. I was having trouble staying focused and couldn’t sleep at night due to upper back/neck pain and the migraines that wouldn’t go away no matter what I did. A friend referred me to RX wellness and I must say I am very pleased with the great care they’ve provided me since I walked in nearly a month ago. I feel almost as I did before the accident and I have a few more weeks of treatment left and the migraines are no longer haunting me every single day. Dr. Phil and Dr. Kevin are amazing along with the entire staff here. They’ve taken great care of me throughout the way. A million thanks to you guys!!! I truly recommend them.

Amandeep Kaur

Dr. Phil is very knowledgeable, very helpful and kind person, I would definitely recommend him for chiropractic care. He also have amiable and helpful staff.

Michael Huarca

I've been going to this practice for over a year now and I've always found the team here attentive, responsive, and in general positive. My neck pain is way better than it was before, and I would definitely recommend this place to a friend. The parking lot gets crowded on Fridays around lunchtime but I usually find a spot if a wait a few minutes.

Eric Hu

I'm no stranger to back muscle sprains, but recently had one of the worst. My whole right side of my spine was completely inflamed, and I couldn't sit still longer than 3 to 5 minutes before I would get shooting pains. Fortunately this office was close to me. Dr. Phil gave me some careful adjustments for immediate relief that day, and then Dr. Kevin and team worked with me for my ongoing sessions which included massage therapy and adjustments. This office is very well organized, professional, and treatment is top notch. Took a few weeks of treatment before the worst was over. Now after several more sessions, my back is feeling better than before the injury. If you've ever had back issues and nothing you've tried so far works, I highly recommend chiropractic care. It's the only thing that worked for me given my history, and I've tried acupuncture, physical therapy, medication, etc...

suresh kumar kukalakuntla

I have been suffering with lower back pain for over 3 years now. I went to Physical therapy, tried lower back stretches and strengthening. I found temporary improvement but the pain kept on coming back. It came to a point where I stopped sitting at my desk and started standing all day. Fortunately I met Dr Phil Golinsky and thought of trying Chiropractic care. After 2 weeks of treatment I started feeling better. After 6 weeks I saw significant improvement. I would definitely recommend this place if you have back issues.

Jan Murray

Dr. Golinsky and RxWellness Spine & Health are lifesavers - two visits in and my quality of life is transformed! My neck, shoulders, and lower back have been in constant - and increasing - discomfort for years. I haven't been able to sleep through the night, have had a constant muscle spasm in my shoulder since forever, and live on Aleve. On my first visit, Dr. Golinsky took Xrays, did an assessment, and adjusted me. I immediately felt relief: my shoulder relaxed, the pain in my hip subsided, and I felt a rush of oxygen to my brain. I felt re-energized and was able to focus on my work without the brain fog I've been fighting for months - and that did wonders for my mood. I slept through the night for the first time since I can remember. It's odd - even though I have a featherbed, my body was so locked I felt like I was sleeping on a board. That night, I sank into softness and slept like a baby. Even better, it wasn't just a one-night thing. I'm catching up on months of lost sleep - which is also a life-changing experience! Today was my second appointment - even more joy after another great adjustment and a follow-up massage that made me feel like I am actually going to reclaim my active, healthy lifestyle. This is me - doing flips and cartwheels and dancing into the sunset - One more thing - it's a beautiful, clean, and open facility that promotes interaction and inspires healing - not just of the body but of the spirit. Thank you, Dr. Golinsky and your fantastic team!!!

Natalie McCall

Dr. Phil is an amazing Chiropractor! He takes his time and figures out what is the issue and how he can help you. I called up and to my surprise Dr. Phil answered the phone! He told me to come right in at 4pm and he will see me right away. I was so happy to have some relief knowing I could be in less pain that night then what I was in for weeks. All the massage therapists are wonderful and pay attention to detail, Mariah was my favorite though! I had to bring my little 10 month old in and they helped me keep her happy and not distract from my care there. Thank you to everyone who has helped me concur this pain, RxWellness Spine and Health, you the best!

Mark K

#bestchyroever #bestnovachyro #5starschyro Dr. Phill is one of a kind in the medical field! I’ve had back pain for more than a decade now because of 6 destroyed spinal disks. Two major surgeries later, and nothing worked from PT to every possible gadget imaginable. I even tried 5 different chiropractors, and Dr. Phill is one of only two that significantly reduced my back pain. But, not only is he actually very good at his job, many in the medical field are. But this guy actually CARES, and I do NOT say this lightly about any business owner! Of the hundreds of patients he has, every single time I missed an appointment, he personally called me on my phone to make sure everything is alright and what he can do to accommodate my schedule! He takes his time evaluating my back every time I go there, unlike other practitioners that just do the same thing and go over the motions to get rid of you. His staff is no less professional, caring and friendly! As soon as you walk in, they’re all there to help you, and they are VERY good at what they do. They will always go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. In short, everything about this practice screams EXCELLENT! I cannot give this place any less than the 5 starts it so deserves

Carey Riggans

Came to see Dr.Phil for back and hip pain and have done physical therapy but with no real improvement. After my first session with him I had a significant improvement in my pain and mobility by 50%. I am so happy and impressed by the improvement with only two sessions. His whole team are all super nice and want the best for you!!!

Isabella Noah

My job requires me to move around and sometimes crane my neck and be at odd angles. After having some serious neck and shoulder pain, I made an appointment with Dr. Golinsky and he has been great. I can move me neck a lot easier without pain and still do my job.


Dr Phil really cares about his patients and gives a treatment fitted for each individual. His passion for his work really shows through his professionalism.

Ehab Kerolos

This chiropractic care was magical and I am glad I picked the right care for me. I was having back pain caused because of accident . I came across Rxwellness on Google and made an appointment. Dr.Phil was very experienced and knew very well what he was dealing with. office is serene, welcoming and very easy to locate. 10/10 for the environment as well. I would totally recommend to anyone who needs a chiropractic care.

Hassa Koroma

I came in with extreme lower back pain that had spread to almost my entire back just to find out that my hips were causing all the pain! Dr. Phil was super awesome, entertaining and attentive to my situation. He was very thorough and got me feeling like myself again. 10/10 recommend!

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