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REVIEWS OF Pure Chiropractic IN Virginia

Daryl Lopez

Dr. Brandon’s therapy is by far the best one I had! My previous chiropractors did nothing to ease my back pain but after a few sessions with Dr. Brandon, the results are just simply amazing! His service is highly recommended to all!

Britt Heisig

My entire family are patients here and we have always been very pleased with the high quality of chiropractic care as well as the personal concern Dr. Brandon and his staff show daily for us, our health and all Pure Chiropractic patients. The staff are extremely accommodating and work with us proactively in routine scheduling, insurance matters and emergencies--a much more positive and enjoyable experience than at the offices of most medical providers!

Tasha Taylor

The chiropractic therapy from Dr. Brandon's clinic always works! This process was very smooth and the quality of service is really great!

Deborah Franck

Edward Breaux

Dr. Brandon's therapy is very highly recommended to all. My friend recommended me Dr. Brandon's clinic after I had a hip injury and just a few sessions, the pain was gone and I was back in action. His methods is highly recommended to everyone!

Ted Steele

Dr. Brandon and his team are the best. I've had many chiropractors work on me over the years, and none of them came anywhere close to what Dr. Brandon accomplishes. His knowledge of every aspect of the human body is encyclopedic, and his ability to manipulate the body to achieve the desired outcome is almost magical. My wife and I both trust him with our health. You should, too.

mercia smith

This is my honest review: This Tuesday i went to Pure chiropractic, at first I was pleased with every service they provided for me and they seemed to be very professional... until the appointment was over. When I first came in they asked for copies of my insurance card and ID, which I provided them. They gave me a tour and then put me in a office to await help. The doctors were seemingly nice and showed concern for my issues. The appointment went all as planned until after the appointment. The lady at the front desk informed me that my insurance was not accepted there because it was out of network... she then proceeded to tell me that I would have to pay $375 upfront at that exact moment in cash. Firstly what doctors office takes that amount of money in cash ? I felt like they were covering their trails, but that is just my suspicion. Secondly... IM 19 YEARS OLD ?? MY MOTHER HANDLES ALL OF MY MEDICAL BILLS. I was very uneasy especially because they were talking about my private situation in front of the guests in the waiting area... all attention on me my anxiety starts acting up so the first thing I do is call my mother, while i’m getting a hold of her there is loud laughing and yelling from the employees in my ear so I couldn’t even hear my mom well enough... long story short I told them I’d be in touch with them during these next few days about the payment. When I got home I called the office and asked them why they would tell me my insurance wasn’t accepted AFTER the appointment. She had no answers for me, knowing she was in the wrong, but put the blame on me instead... at the end of the conversation it seemed like she had taken responsibility for what happened, granted she was rude in the process she still accepted what she had done to some extent because she then exclaimed that she’d give me a “friend referral discount” and that i’d only have to pay $47 “by the next day” how unprofessional, that she’d give me a due date for this bill I didn’t think i’d even be dealing with... after I agreed with her I simply said “ok” mind you with no attitude or anything like that, she says “OK” with a hateful voice, so i said “ok...” with confusion, wondering why she was being so hostile and she proceeds to say “OK!” with more hatefulness.... I then hung the phone up because I was feeling very attacked. So with the $47 bill in mind I proceeded to call the next morning so I went to the website to find their number and the first thing that pops up on their home screen of the website was a “2019 new client special” for $47!!!!! “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” I said to myself! IN DISBELIEF THAT THEY WOULD TRY TO GET OVER ON ME BY $328??? When their website clearly stated that new customers had a special of $47 for all 3 of the procedures I had got done! Maybe it’s my age they felt like they could take advantage of or maybe it was the way I looked or my ignorance on my insurance and everything of that nature (once again my mom has always handled things like this for me). Whatever the case may be I feel like I have been scammed, I mean what if I did have $375 in my pocket that day and handed it over to them and saw their website with the $47 special I would’ve been even more infuriated than I am now! I will not return to take my business there ever again! Unbelievable!

Jeffery Martin

The clinic is very clean and the therapy that I got was very effective. My back pain was gone and I don’t have the same trouble plaguing me on my work! I will surely recommend his chiro therapy service to all my friends!

Natalie Sykes

The clinic is clean and the atmosphere is very soothing. The therapy really helped me a lot get back to my old shape and ease the pain that I had for months. Their chiropractic therapy service is very highly recommended to all!

Gary McBride

I had a therapy session with Dr. Brandon after my back injury and all I can say is it was really a great experience for me. His therapy actually worked and I never had to look for another chiropractor again, thanks to Dr. Brandon!

Edward King

After an accident, I was experiencing serious back pains for several days. But after Dr. Brandon's therapy service, the back pain totally disappeared. Now I don’t have to worry being bothered by the pain during my work thanks to Dr. Brandon's amazing therapy.

Shelley Muller

I really had a great time talking to Dr. Brandon. He is very knowledgeable and very professional in his line of work. He provided me important information regarding my injury and the therapy process and I am so happy with the results. I will surely recommend his impressive skills to all my friends!

Ashley Bourbeau

Their clinic is clean and the receptionist was very polite and very professional to talk to. It's really good to know that there are folks like Dr. Brandon who really knows how to give good chiropractic therapy to patients in need.

Nilantha Ramsey

I lived with a debilitating lower back pain for over four years. I tried everything, including visits with other chiropractors before I walked in to Dr. Brendon Lemuel's facility. It was the best thing I did this year. He completely fixed the problem and for the first time in over four years I am completely pain free. Dr. Lemuel really cares about his patients, I can even reach him on his mobile anytime in an emergency and he has always been there for me. He runs a great clinic with the friendliest staff. At the risk of sounding extremely cliché - I would say Dr. Lemuel can really change your life. So go see him!

Jaime Poisson

I really had a great experience giving birth smoothly to a healthy baby girl thanks to Dr. Brandon. His chiropractic therapy during my pregnancy was really helpful and I will surely recommend him to all my friends!

Kelly Serna

Big fan of this place, its staff and the healthy messages they relay to their patients. With a sense of humor and a bow tie, Dr. Brandon provides great adjustments and advice on how to maintain those adjustments longer. The staff is quick to respond to messages or email. I am very grateful that this office is in the Veterans Choice network and refer Dr. Brandon to anyone I know looking. Thanks for keeping me upright!

Danielle Fisher

The community at pure chiropractic brings a new meaning to healthcare! Love the environment and how much improvement my body has gone through. No more daily pain thanks to Pure Chiropractic!

Gregoire Faber

Super friendly staff, clean office and equipment, Doctor Brandon has a great technique and makes you feel right at home, explains everything he's doing and takes the time to visit with you and talk to you about your progress and treatment. I always leave the office feeling great. In addition, I ride my bike to the office and it's no problem at all for me to bring it in and leave it in an office during my appointment, that's super convenient!

Paula A

Pure Chiropractic is nothing short of amazing. You cannot be in better hands that those of Dr. Brandon. The adjustments make an immediate and lasting difference. I had severe neck pain for years. I went to all types of doctors an even the emergency room. ONLY Dr. Brandon found the solution and it was without harmful medications. He is everything you want in a doctor; skilled, kind, dedicated, and effective. I only wish I could go more often.

Katherine Williams

It was really great having chiropractic therapy like Dr. Brandon's. Thanks to his chiropractic care during my pregnancy, I had no trouble in giving birth to my beautiful daughter Audrah. I will surely recommend his service to all my friends!

June Scholz

The clinic is clean and the staff are really friend and accommodating. I really had an amazing experience with Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy.

Joseph Garnica

After a clinic visit with Dr. Brandon, my life totally changed. He gave me good advise on how to live a healthier lifestyle. He has been very helpful all the way.

Kevin Lopez

Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy service is by far the best chiropractic therapy I had in years. I have been to several chiropractors before but none is as good and effective as Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy.

Gina M. Tufano

David Kelly

Erika Eden

For the past two years, the entire team at Pure Chiropractic has improved my health. Not only does Dr. Brandon truly and genuinely care about each patient he sees, he listens to your concerns, remembers from visit to visit what is going on with your body and adjustments, and is a great resource for ideas and tiny changes you can make to your lifestyle that are simple and easy to do. I began going because I was having typical pregnancy aches and pains, and what a difference the adjustments made for not only a smooth pregnancy, but also for the transition of becoming a new mom which dealt a great amount of strain and stress on my body as well. In addition to the improvements of my physical health, Lynn and the office team were also always positive, professional people who were there to assist, and welcome you at each and every visit. They were a bright spot in my day, and I can't thank them enough. If you are looking for a chiropractic office to begin visiting, look no further!

Bogdana Merzoug

I'm absolutely in awe of Dr. Lemuel! My husband and I were so sceptical starting our adjustments, there are so many chiropractors out there who just don't know what they are doing. But Dr. Lemuel has changed our scepticism to a huge grattitude right from the start. Both my husband's and mine issues were addressed and helped promptly and successfully. After a 6 months plan that Dr. Lemuel has developed for me to fix all my issues, full pain disappearance, freedom of being able to do things I couldn't do before, pure professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Lemuel are what made me sign up for the maintenance plan for another year. I have recommended Pure Chiropractic to all my friends and family and I highly recommend this amazing place to whoever is reading this. Best decision ever in promoting my well being and great physical health. Also a bonus, at Pure Chiropractic they treat you like family which is just so great.

Richard Wilson

The best chiropractor in town is in this clinic. The service that I got was by far the best I had in years. I'm sure I'll be back here if I have any more problems with my back!

Tammi Brinckmann

I just gave birth to my daughter which the doctor diagnosed that she may have problems on walking. However, after following my friend's advise on Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy, it was like a miracle for us. Now, my daughter is as energetic as a normal kid, thanks to Dr. Brandon's therapy.

Denise Woodfolk

Extremely pleasant and professional staff......And Dr. B is simply wonderful. Always upbeat with a positive outlook. Personable, with the ability to ask and remember personal information about each patient. Provides a feeling that you're coming to see a friend instead of a doctor!!!

Spanish Women's Care LLC

Sandy Spitery

I love Pure Chiropractic! The staff is warm, welcoming, friendly and helpful! Dr. Brandon has changed my life with his whole body wellness approach. He is not just a chiropractor, but a life coach as well. I feel great under his care - mind, soul and body!

Henry Davison

We rendered Dr. Brandon's chiropractic service and it was an amazing experience for us. The therapy was really soothing and very comforting. His therapy is highly recommended especially to the baby boomers out there!

Karen McKinney

Thanks Dr B for keeping me in standing.

Donna Miller

They provided me a structure nutritional program and it really worked out great for me. Thanks to Dr. Brandon's advise, my body works out greater than before!

Barbara Radvanyi

David Spencer

I've been having problems with my back for a long time and I have visited several chiropractors, but none of them are as good as Dr. Brandon. His unique method on chiropractice therapy works like a miracle. His service is very highly recommended indeed!

Donald Jones

I have been to many chiropractors before but none of them were as good as Dr. Brandon. His therapy actually worked on my back injury and now I feel really great. I am so happy that Dr. Brandon is here with his unique service.

paul mella

Pleasantly surprised staff is absolutely the best. Dr Brandon zeros in on problem and systematically corrects them. He spared me once from severe back pain with his “Magic Wand”. I’ve never seen it but he definitely has one.

Jerry Eckhardt

I had a spinal screening done in this clinic and it was really great! Dr. Brandon provided me the best health advise for my body posture and his techniques are always unique.

Kathy Cutri

I love going to see Dr. Brandon and all the staff at Pure Chiropractic. The staff are all so friendly. I rarely have to wait so it's easy enough to run over during the work day. The adjustments are helping me to remain in good health and deal with the many stresses currently in my life. Huge thanks to the Pure Chiropractic team!

David Morales

Ron Mifflin

I've love my experience with Pure Chiropractic! Dr. Brandon has been tremendous in treating my neck condition. He cares very much for his patients. I would be in terrible shape without him. When I first started seeing him, I could barely walk (no exaggeration). I was injured when I was in the US Air Force and my service related conditions left me a mess for many years. I'm indebted to him in so many ways! I've seen Dr. Brandon for almost 3 years. He's the best chiropractor of the 4 total that I've tried. I drive 30-40 minutes to see him but it's totally with it. Dr. B, you're the best!

Rita Metermaid

I was in a car accident and was injured. A friend highly recommended Dr. Brandon. I have been going to see him 3 times a week for the last two months. His care has made a huge difference. One day I went in for an adjustment after having a horrible headache caused by my neck injury. Over the span of three days I tried multiple forms of medication, ice, and heat but nothing was working. About an hour after my appointment with Dr. Brandon my headache was GONE. I know that Dr. Brandon is going to be a huge part of my recovery process and my long term health.

Carol W. Lewis

I've been a client at Pure Chiropractic for many years. Dr. B is quite good, very nice, friendly, kind, and efficient. He listens to my needs and concerns and is always willing to work with me for my health, both physical and emotional. The office staff is kind and efficient as well. I've had an adjustment from Dr. Pete only once but it was good. I recommend this group highly to anyone looking for an excellent chiropractor.

Gary Sullivan

The service was great. My body feels so relaxed and my back problem was gone. It was very nice doing business with Dr. Brandon and I had no regrets in getting a chiropractic therapy from him. A very highly recommended service!

Margaret McCartney

Staff is very friendly and efficient. Dr. B is very good and shared a lot of information for your health and wellness!

Angela Cole

I highly recommend Pure Chiropractic. From the minute you walk into the office, you feel welcomed. Both doctors and the administrative staff greet you and treat you like more than just a number. They focus on individual care and don't just apply the same treatment plan to all patients. Dr. Gage has helped me so much with feeling relief in my areas of pain. I always feel so much better when I leave my appointment and I plan to be a patient for years to come!

Tawayna Rucker

From the moment I walked into the office, I knew I had made a great choice! Morgan ( I think) greeted me at the front desk. She was extremely warm, friendly and very attentive. She greeted me by name which is huge and made me feel important. Next, I met Laura who is simply fantastic! She's customer-centric and very thorough. During our consultation, she gave me her undivided attention and asked a lot of questions. I was very impressed. She never allowed me to sit in the consultation room alone for more than a few minutes and explained every test/assessment in great detail to ensure I was comfortable. The office performed a series of thorough tests in order to give me a proper treatment plan. She represented the office/company extremely well! Then I met Dr. Brandon who was just as friendly and attentive as his staff. He asked specific questions and examined me thoroughly while remaining professional. I am very excited about my journey to wellness, and happy to have Pure Chiropractic navigating! I have already referred several of my colleagues to this office!

Shouka DJ


I have spondylothesis and Dr.B and staff are doing a tremendous job,not only are they fixing that issue but it turn out that being out of alignment thru my whole back has been causing other issues that I didn't even know are connected after just two adjustments I have noticed major changes not only in my back but other areas and my overstressed issues are gone completely!!! I feel better than I did before my injury and I'm not even at the halfway point of fixing my spondylothesis!! Listen to this place cares about you and it shows,helping me change more than just my posture related to my injury but also my overall health,I'll be here after my back has healed because I feel like my quality of life has benefited from just taking advice from Dr.B,I'm a martial artist,bodybuilder and personal trainer and I can't see a future without pure in my life,so yourself a favor and go see these guys,they'll definitely make you a better you.thanks you pure in truly blessed to have found you.

sara safdarzadeh

flawless JD

We went in and handed them our insurance , then we went to the appointment, after the appointment they said it didnt take our insurance so we had to pay 375 in cash right now . 375? For a check up?! We are new patients and on the website it says it should only be 47$ . They tried to trick us , very dissapointed, dont go here . The lady was very rude at the front , saying it wasnt their fault that it was ours , and she was being disrespectful over the phone.

Donna Douglas

I just had a chiropractic therapy done in this clinic and it was amazing! The therapy was really effective and it's really worth your time and money. Very highly recommended service to all!

Cynthia Bryant

The results from the chiropractic therapy that I got from Dr. Brandon is really wonderful. The back pains that has been consistently giving me problems is gone and now I feel really great! Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy service is highly recommended to all baby boomers like myself!

Senora Maestra

Dr. B and his staff are friendly. They connect with you and make the visit enjoyable.

John Justice

Dr. Brandon uses a unique technique when it comes to chiropractic therapy and it really works! We are really glad that we have Dr. Brandon in our area to help with our mother's back injury.

Starca Horn

Finding a good chiropractor for my mother was not that easy since she has a delicate injury on her back after an accident. With the help of Dr. Brandon, my mother was back on her feet after a few sessions with him. We are truly thankful for the amazing service Dr. Brandon gives.

Lynn Ortiz

Jason Berta

This chiropractic clinic is second to none. The chiropractic therapy is just amazing. You will feel the results after the therapy itself is done. Very highly recommended to all who are looking for chiropractic therapy!

Robin Wulff

Dr Brandon is great. Very professional and personable. He also knows what he is doing.

Lucy Bridges

Nice office. Great assessment equipment. Dr. Brandon, very professional and does Orange Theory so recognizes the importance of exercise and good health. Looking forward to having him as my VA chiropractor.

Frances Moore

Dr. B and his staff are always very encouraging. Walking into their office is like walking into a family home. People really do know you and take an interest. While under their care, I have been able to reduce the medications I take every day and replaced them with a healthier life style. My pain is much more manageable and in most areas completely gone! It is the friendliest and fun doctor's office I've ever been in...wish all my doctors had the same approach and attitude! Thanks you guys!

Comets CC

Being an active sportsman (cricket player) I had my share of injuries over the years, and continue to pick new ones due to the "occupational hazard". That said, I have been a regular at this practice since the beginning. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. B, and his excellent staff. I have personally recommended many of my family, friends, co workers and other athletes that needed help, and will continue to do so. I wish Pure Chiropractic all the best, and great success in the future.

shawn cunningham

Having never seen a chiro before and being skeptical of its benefits, I found this office via Google just looking for one that's local to my work and with good reviews that would make me feel comfortable. I have been blown away by how kind, respectful, and knowledgeable both the staff and the Doc are. I have had back and neck issues for years since my early days Active Duty and while I tried to get seen by a chiro while Active (and was rebuffed because the military told me to stretch and suck it up) this is the first time I am actually able to do it and go through with it. I was skeptical but the Doc showed me instrumentation data that outlined key areas of my spine/back which that indicated stress and likely pain which nearly perfectly matched up with the specific areas throughout the years that bother me. To be clear I do not mean I said my neck hurt and the instrument said my neck shows stress, I mean that the instrument showed specific areas and sides of my body and spine that I did not specifically tell him were the issues. Additionally, he explained the issue of my abs not "firing" correctly which in turn causes some poor leg strength in a certain direction and lower back pain which also matches what doctors have told me in the past but in just poor ways which did not make sense at the time. To me these small details show that this Doctor is not selling snake oil and I am excited to see the benefits of working with him. I have had one actual adjustment and boy, you do really feel it. Can't wait to go back!

Kayla Eddy

Pure Chiropractic was my first experience going to a chiropractor, and I couldn't have asked for a better start! The staff is friendly and it's obvious that Dr. B is passionate about holistic health and wellness. If you're looking for a place that cares about your whole health, this is the place for you!

Sean Brady

Let me begin by saying I was skeptical. Not, in Dr. Brandon's expertise, but in the benefits of Chiropractic care. Over 10 years ago, I saw a Chiropractor to help relieve back pain/tension in my upper back. I did see relief in treatment, but through treatment another pain started in my lower back. We focused extensively on my lower back with heat, stretching, aggressive twisting adjustments, etc. This went on for many months and for over a year I tried to treat the lower back pain that started while under the care of a trained Chiropractor. Longer story short, at 27 years old I was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5/S1. In my opinion, I was too young to have a herniated disc without extensive trauma; trauma I associated with the very aggressive twisting adjustments to my lower back. Please be aware of what people are doing to your body, the amount of effort/force the are putting against it, and the risks associated with that. I have to deal with pain for the rest of my life due to incorrect adjustments and treatment. Now, that the scene is set you should understand why I was skeptical to see another Chiropractor. Dr. Brandon's initial visits were pretty typical. What wasn't typical is his bed side manner. He took the time to listen, get to understand my fears of being on a table again, and my doubt at his ability to help me without causing additional pain. He walked me through the equipment he uses and took my concerns very well, to which I was later thankful. I've been with him for 6 months now. His treatment released serious tension in my back and his tables provide gentle stretching of the lower back without pain. He has treated other ailments of my body on the spot, and always with a smile. Really, who is always that happy all the time. You can tell that he lives what he preaches. Give Dr. Brandon and his team a try. I promise you won't be disappointed. I'm not!!! ;)

Reese Law

Amazing at what they do and the staff is incredible.

John Barrett

Dr. Brandon got me back on my feet, quite literally. In February of 2017, a slipped disc in my lower back became so painful, that I could not stand for more than a few seconds without the pain becoming unbearable. I had never experienced anything like that before (or since!). I wanted to avoid surgery, and my internist suggested I try a chiropractor. I asked around and several friends recommended Dr. B. He and is his staff were outstanding. Dr. B. told me he could help me and that I needed to stick with it in order to see (well, feel) results. My slipped disc didn't happen overnight, so I couldn't expect it to be fixed overnight. Dr B worked with me, adjusting my back, using other in-office treatments, giving me stretches to do at home, and providing advice that slowly and surely eliminated my pain and quite literally gave me my life back. Today, I am free of pain and symptoms. I started my chiropractic adventure with a health dose of skepticism, but today I have no doubt that Dr. B has made all the difference in my quality of life. Don't hesitate. Go see him today.

Kelli Thomas

Dr. Brandon’s therapy really helped me a lot. After a motorcycle accident, the back pain I got was just unbearable. But after a few therapy sessions with Dr. Brandon, I really feel great! I will surely recommend his service to all my friends and family!

Ronald Gordon

The clinic of Dr. Brandon is very clean and the staff is very accommodating. They also use up to date techniques when it comes to chiropractic care and therapy. Overall, I would rate them as one of the best in the country!

Alberto Smith

I previously had a back injury due to my overnight work and this chiropractic clinic really did the job. Now I feel really good thanks to the amazing therapy session that I had.

Nabanita Roy

Jennifer Jenkins

Dr. Brandon's chiropractic therapy was amazing! You can feel the results right away after the therapy. I had back pain due to overwork and stress and Dr Brandon's therapy really helped me a lot get back to shape.

Gina Riegelman

Dr. B is awesome and really helped with my hip pain!

James Sagen

Dr. Brandon is a one-of-a-kind person. I've been going to Pure Chiropractic for three years now, having followed in the footsteps of my wife, who has been going for the last four years. I'm not going to lie: I was skeptical at first. But as I watched my wife's back pain fade away, along with a reduction in her crippling migraines, I started to come around. I got my own wake-up call when I myself developed back pain. Dr. Brandon has helped not only in practice, but in guidance and providing the tools I need to reduce my back pain. He's the real deal, people. He loves what he does, he is engaging, and he actually cares. I am constantly in awe that he can remember every single person that comes into his practice, can hold a conversation with that person, and genuinely wants you to leave better than when you arrived.

Diann Givens

I really had a great time with Dr. Brandon. The therapy that I got really worked out great and I’ve never felt good this way before. I am sure to recommend his amazing therapy to all my co-workers out there!

Irene Mullikin

After a sport injury, I was recommended that I should get help with a chiropractor and this clinic was the answer. After a few chiropractic therapy with Pure Chiropractic, the pain in my back was gone. The service that this clinic gives is second to none!

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