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REVIEWS OF Jassy Chiropractic Center IN Virginia

Donna Campbell

Belinda Moore

1st visit in 5 years! ....I went in on Tuesday due to my right hand going numb. I got supurb service...enough adjustment to ease my pain, review of my exrays, next day another thorough review and a detailed plan to get my body healthy again. The entire staff really connects, very comfortable atmosphere and a real genuine interest in my health. I even received a followup call that evening to see how I was responding to my adjustment.....impressive!

Daniel Timberlake

Top of the line chiropractic! When it comes to character and professionalism this office is the best there is! They go above and beyond to fix you up and as Dr.Jassy likes to say " power is on" give them a shot and you'll never leave.

Gina Thompson

Great staff that are so caring and friendly. Both doctors are amazing.

Bill Donovan

I go to Dr Jassy before going to my Doctor's office. I still use my medical Doctor, but 100% less than when going to get adjustments on a regular basis. Dr Jassy has been my Chiropractor since 1999, when I relocated here. I truly know that This Really Works..... Bill Donovan

Angel Copeland

Angela Conover

I was SO incredibly sick for at least 2+ years. No one could figure out what was going on or how to fix it. So many expensive & invasive answer from "the experts". After much encouragement from several people, I went to see Dr. Jassy. With his help (and some dedication on my part) the problem has resolved... from THE START. .and not come back! This practice has honestly given me my life back/saved my life. They are my heroes

steam rose

Dick Jones

They keep us young after all these years!

Scott Elder

Great, friendly staff- every time I go Dr. Jassy (either one) fixes me right up. If you need a chiropractor I highly recommend Jassy Chiropractic Center.

Ben Maynard

I would love to give negative stars. Where to begin? I was told to see him 3 times a week and all seemed to be going well. After each appointment I would ask if I owed anything and I was told "no all taken care of by insurance". On my last appointment he took an x-ray whilst I was wearing a necklace and held a load of herbs and supplements against my chest saying my body needed certain supplements because he could "feel my body pulling for what it needed" he then showed me my xray which showed all kinds of problems and remarkably failed to show my necklace I had been wearing. When I declined further treatment I was presented with a bill for all the copays that had been "taken care of by insurance". I said I couldn't pay that much right off they said I could make payments I said to please Bill me with it next I know I have a letter from a lawyer saying I have to pay this now, I went to the lawyers office to make a payment because they couldn't take payments over the phone and agreed to make 10 payments to clear it except there is 10% a month interest. I ended up being taken to court for the outstanding balance. The very worst type of doctor after that last visit I was in more pain than I had been prior to starting the visits. He is a complete con man he keeps you on the hook and hurts you when you get free.

Ish'Maelle Little

I had been having severe back pain for 8 months and had gone to my primary care physician several times with this issue, coming to no resolution. One day while at work I bent down to pick up a file and fell to the floor unable to get up due to the pain. My manager referred me to Dr. Jassy. He did a complete exam (with x-rays) and addressed my pain immediately. The next day we reviewed my x-rays, he showed me what was causing the pain and gave me an treatment plan to recovery. I had also been suffering with some other health concerns that seemed to have no resolve, Dr. Jassy informed me that these things would be addressed by me sticking to my treatment plan. Since beginning my treatment, my pain has reduced tremendously, and many of the issues I came into his office with have gone. Dr. Jassy was very informative and his team is very kind and supportive. I would highly recommend Jassy Chiropractic Clinic to anyone.

Elizabeth Teixeira

My midwife had recommended that I see a chiropractor at 39 weeks due to persistent sciatic and the posterior positioning of my baby. I chose Dr. Jassy because of the convenient location and hours. I had actually seen him 10-15 years ago as an adolescent and remember having a fine experience. However, when I went to his office, I was immediately shown testimonial videos and went through a full assessment before my immediate concern was even addressed. I then was asked to come back the next day for my adjustment and a plan of action in my case, even though I had an immediate presenting problem. When I returned the next day, I had to watch more testimonial video footage before speaking with the doctor. Before my adjustment, he presented me with a 5 month plan and asked me to sign on to a package deal for that plan that would cost $2000. When I asked about whether or not my insurance company had been contacted, he sent in another employee to try and sell me on the plan again and who let me know that my particular insurance plan did not participate with this doctor. I felt misled here because I was told that my insurance company would participate, and when I pressed the employee further, she told me that few to none of the company plans participated. I did not sign up for a plan, but insisted I take the paperwork with me and would pay for each service accrued. The company insisted I set up more adjustments for the next week before delivery, but after looking at the prices, I cancelled all future appointments and will be seeking another chiropractor who does not pressure me into participating in something I can not afford. I do see the benefits of chiropractic medicine and did find that initial adjustment on my second visit to be helpful, but I did not appreciate the pressuring environment that felt more like a car dealership than a place where people were taking control of their health and wellness.

Stephanie Ross

Genuinely care about their patients as people first!!!!

Shannon Johnson

I randomly found Jassy's Chiropractic Center while searching on google and I'm so glad I did! Jassy and his staff are amazing. They make you feel completely comfortable and like you're family. : ) i recommend them to anyone looking to see a chiropractor.

Julia Ellestad

Cody Griffith

Brianna Razlaff

Love the people!!

Greyson Harrell

Dr. Justin, Dr. Jassy and the entire staff are always extremely helpful and make every visit very comfortable. Both of the Doctors are great with education and take the time to answer any questions I may have. After each adjustment, I leave feeling better and better.

Joe Herring

When I first met Dr. Jassy, I was scheduled for a five vertebra fusion in my lumbar spine. Wow ! was I scared .Everything I read said to only consider that procedure as a last resort. So I looked for Chiropractors who provided decompression therapy. After talking with Dr. Jassy , he told me he could help me. He told me it would take a long time to heal me because my back was a "mess". Six months later , I was walking without a limp, playing golf and had my life back ! That was seven years ago and I am still pain free and playing golf ( Oh , I am 71 years old )

Al Greene

One of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a complete lifestyle change and %100 worth it.

Kyle Grinnage

Brenda Sprouse

Eric Strother

Dr. Jassy has been an incredible help to my wife and I for the past 10 years. His clinical knowledge is exceptional and he is a gifted clinician. He and the staff are kind, compassionate and have been truly a blessing to us. I would highly recommend Dr. Jassy to anyone needing Chiropractic care!

Addison Varner

The whole staff is caring and professional. They really care about you and help in every way possible. The adjustments help me to feel better; great stress relievers. I have no pain in my injured shoulder.

greer harvey

Chris Humphrey

Very friendly doctors and staff

Christopher Payne

Kathryn Wentworth

My life is SO much better with chiropractic care! I used to have to wear a knee brace to make it on my daily walks. Now the inflammation is gone. I am standing up straight, my back is healthy, and I am ready to seize the day! Call today on your path to wellness!

Dr. Louis Williams

If my problem is a chiropractic problem, then only a Chiropractor is going to help me. Dr. Keith Jassy has proven to me over the last 30 years how effect he is in correcting my health problems. I have lived with less pain and more energy. Dr. Justin Jassy is relatively new to Jassy Chiropractic and is proven to be as skilled as his father. I give them an unqualified recommendation.

Robin Ferguson

I had a problem with my right arm not being able to lift up, I started going to Dr jassy the pain went away and I was able to lift my arm. Dr jassy and his office staff have always treated me with respect and always made me feel welcome. They are a great group of people I just love them all!!!!!!

Wanda Sloan

Getting adjusted at Jassy Chiropractic Center gives me relief from the stress I carry in my neck and shoulders. It is amazing how they can always target my trouble spots. When people ask me why I go, I let them know it is for the maintenance of my spine and body. It makes me feel great to know "THE POWER IS ON!"

Lonnie Elliott

I've been a patient here for many years. Helps me tremendously!

Annie Spillane

The decision to seek chiropractic care with Jassy Chiropractic has been the best choice I ever made in attaining optimum health and energy. I am 67 years old and have been a patient for 20 years. I attribute a good deal of my health, both physical and mental, to the philosophy, skill, and dedication provided by Dr. Keith Jassy. Not all chiropractors are alike, just as not all other specialists are alike. When you find one with a combination of outstanding skill and uncanny insight into your own personal needs for reaching and maintaining optimum health, you have hit the lottery. Dr. Keith Jassy is this kind of doctor. In addition, there have been times when an injury has caused pain. In all cases, Dr. Jassy and his staff have engaged in the exact treatment to restore me to complete health. Chiropractic care with Jassy Chiropractic is part of my life on an ongoing basis. I have regular adjustments twice a month, and they make all the difference. This is not the forum for supplying data on why chiropractic adjustments are so important to health. However, Jassy Chiropractic provides free lectures and scientifically based research to support their work. The entire staff is welcoming and cares about each and every patient who walks through the door. I recommend, without reservation, Jassy Chiropractic for anyone suffering pain and/or wanting to actively partner with someone who will show you how to reach and maintain optimum energy and health.

Valerie Totty

This practice significantly changed my quality of life for the better!!! I am So thankful for the doctors and the office staff. Always friendly, caring, and helpful! I highly recommend Jassy Chiropractic Center!

Ann Marie G. Halstead

The doctors are fantastic! So knowledgeable, caring & supportive. I always feel so much better after an appt. The staff is wonderful too- pleasant and helpful. I love that you can just walk right in & be seen!

Steve C

Julie Mullian

Dr. Jassy may be a decent chiropractor for back and other join pain. However, my concern with him is when he attempts to practice medicine beyond the scope of his license and expertise. He has attempted to treat real illnesses by selling hundreds of $20+ unregulated herbs, vitamins and supplements. He FAILED TO REFER (a common problem in the chiropractic industry) to appropriate medical experts when necessary; instead choosing to just keep on selling more products. Please beware: Dr. Jassy has recently filed dozens of suits on HIS patients for failing to pay his exorbitant bills! This seems to be a sign of predatory practice on unsuspecting patients who later learn they have signed up for something bogus.

Angie Lovero

We love the doctors and staff at Jassy Chiropractic. We all feel so much better after receiving chiropractic care. Everyone there is knowledgeable about our issues and so helpful.

Pete Pensabene

Great staff and doctors. Highly recommend.

Tammy Kaleta

Dr Jassy has really helped my daughter. She came in with back pain that was aggravated by overuse. Now she is dancing again, pain free.

Doug Jones

I have been a patient for over 20 years. Dr. Jassy really helped resolve my long term back problems, and keeps me tuned up on a regular basis. 5 stars!

Rob Patterson

JoseEric DeJesus

Always amazing service! They take such great care of my family! I can’t thank them enough!!!!

Randy Campbell

I have seen D.r Jassy for over 25 years. Numerous neck and back problems from sports accidents and a car accident. Have found Dr. Jassy’s “Welness” approach to the complete body to work. Seeing Dr. J is an investment in my health, not just to relieve back pain. It’s interesting to see people walk in Jassy Chiropractic that are clearly in pain. When they leave they have a different look on their face and they are moving much better than when they entered. Upbeat staff and office environment. Relieving pain and feeeling better without drugs just makes sense to me.

dustin burtner

Super helpful and caring of my entire family.

doris maxey

I was introduced to Keith Jassy over twenty five years ago and I’ve never left. Him along with his staff are excellent! They are very welcoming and informative .


I've been to their office and wasnt impressed that I was encouraged to use both Chiropractors for care. My request was NOT received kindly and was still pushed. I requested different techniques but was told that the actuator would be used anyway and was pushed to receive adjustments 3 x a week. The muscle testing practice seemed to be outright QUACKERY.

pam lindsay

A blessing on earth!

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