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Sarah Louise

This place is awesome. I love Rebecca, there is never a wait. I went to them for the first time after I had fallen while rollerblading. I could barely stand up and walking was misery. Doc Mc Lel had me up and feeling better than ever within a few weeks. I <3 this place. If you're lookin' to get you spine cared for, definitely go here because they will get you straightened out and feelin' good!

Wesim Alsaidi

I first decided to see Dr. McLelland because of the great reviews, but when I called to make an appointment I already felt like I was going to be taken care of because of the great customer service the staff gives. I hurt my back playing basketball, so I was walking around with a cane. A day after my first visit, I no longer needed the cane. Dr. McLelland gave me advice on how to take care of my spine and prevent future injury, and told me to read the Spine Owners Manual which gave me a whole new outlook on how I take care of my body. I am very grateful to have met Dr. McLelland and I definitely recommend him to anyone with a problem dealing with their back.

Matt McDonald

If you care about your health then you want someone who does as well, and that's what you will get form Dr. McLelland and his staff. Not only will they help get you into alignment, they will give you exercises and advice to use with the adjustments to help you fix or maintain a healthy spine. The staff is always polite and accommodating, and I am always in and out quickly. Between that and their flexible scheduling, there is no reason not to get an adjustment. Don't live with back pain, call and set up an appointment, you will be glad you did.

Feisal Osman

Dr. McLelland has helped me manage my spinal health for 15 years. If it was not for his excellent care I would not be able to continue practicing dentistry.

Rebecca Rose

Dr.McLelland is one of the most hands on, actively-involved in your care Chiropractors in the Richmond area. He genuinely cares about his patients and their health. He and his staff are attentive to the needs of their patients. Chelsea, Silvana, and Kathy are always on top of the game. There is never a wait to be seen or a very minimal wait at most, yet you never feel rushed or like "just a number". Your healthcare concerns are of top priority to Dr.McLelland and his staff. I recommend his office to all of my family and friends in the Short Pump and surrounding areas! If you have been hesitant to visit a Chiropractor, drop that hesitation and get in to see DrJ today! He will walk you through the process and calm any anxiety you may be feeling. Your life depends on it! What is your health worth to you?

Jim Hribar

Dr. McLelland got my back in shape so now I can walk the golf course. My swing should be much better that now I really can turn my hips.

Erika Owens

I will not recommended. I developed vertigo after his adjustments. I went for low back issues and end up with neck problems, neck headaches and dizziness.

Jordan Cram

Douglas Bankston

Chris Lofgren

Dr McLelland and the whole staff are the best in the business! I have been going to this office since 2001. I am a 42 year old who thinks he is still 20. I run extreme races like the Tough Mudder, do Muay Thai, P90X and play football. To say I abuse my body is an understatement. I believe because of the chiropractic care I have received from Dr McLelland I have been able to stay so active. Doc takes the time to explain all your options so you can make a educated decision on treatment. In the many years I have gone they have always found a way to get me in when I have done something and need an adjustment. Rebecca and Silvana always great you with a smile and great conversation!

Danielle Willson

Dr. McLelland and his staff are great. They are always very nice and welcoming. Dr. McLelland makes sure that I understand what's going on and always asks me if I have any questions, concerns, things that I like or things that I'd like to change. He wants me to learn about my spine so that I can help direct how my treatment goes. I am still a fairly new patient but I feel like I have been going there for years. My pain is finally starting to go away. That makes me very happy. Thank you a lot.

Mike Isper

In 2009, I had horrible lower back pain and many times could barely straighten up after sitting. Thankfully, I found Dr McClelland. Through spinal health education, "retraining" my spine and its supporting muscles, and through my monthly maintenance visits, I feel great. Could not have done it without him and his staff. -Mike I

Adam Hamil

Thanks to the patient, caring staff at Chiroworks Short Pump, I have a pleasant experience every time I go for an adjustment. They have up to date equipment, a wonderful atmosphere, and a hands on approach to spinal care. I would highly recommend Dr. Mc Lelland to anyone wanting better spinal health. Crack on!

Allen Ramberg

I was refreshed by Dr McLelland's attitude of educating and empowering the patient to take charge of his/her joint health and to suggest ways to improve. I also enjoyed and was helped by the diversity of therapies available in the office.

Kristina Buss

Simply SUPER!!! I haven't felt this good in years. Thanks, Doc, Chelsea and the rest of the staff that make me feel like a million bucks when I walk out. You're AWESOME.

Frank Curbeira

Dr. McLelland and staff are great! I started treatment with Dr. M approximately nine years ago. I have seen him for different things throughout the nine years. He is a great listener. He has helped me improve flexibilty and reduced pain. What I like best of Dr. M is that he tells you the way it is no sugar coating and he expects you to follow through your homework. There is zero wait time. They see you right away. In addition, they are flexible if you call in for a non-scheduled visit. I highly recommend Dr. M. and staff.

Sarah Wilson

Jake Mazulewicz

I came to Dr. McLelland with a painful pinched nerve in my neck that had lasted for more than a month. 12 visits later, I am pain-free, back to practicing Aikido, and WAY more aware of how to do "preventative maintenance" on my spine. (And I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for any scheduled appointment.) Great therapy. Efficient organization.

Catherine Govindankutty

When first going to Dr McLelland I was extremely skeptical about chiropractors. I had had a terrible 1st experience and communicated that to him. He listened and took all my concerns and put them immediately to rest with his extreme care and patience. I now trust him completely. I have had migraines for 20 years and this is the first time since they started that their frequency has diminished drastically. I would also like to promote the timeliness of this office. I rarely even sit down to wait for my appointment. When I walk in they take me right back and get me started. At most, I have waited a minute or two. They are extremely flexible with appointment times and bend over backwards to make sure they get you in so that you can get on with your day. This is the most efficient doctors office I have ever been to! I would highly recommend Dr McLelland to anyone who is looking for a new or different chiropractor.

Laurie Corbett

Dr. McLelland and the staff, especially Chelsea are awesome. The Dr. spends time with me to make sure I'm really telling how I feel and not the usual 'I'm fine' answer most folks give. I also love the full package service. You don't just go get adjusted. You are given homework!

Mahood Fonville

Dr. McLelland and the staff are great. I am always seen at my appointment time and never have to wait. Dr. McLelland always has great advice for my entire body not just what is hurting. Overall my back pain is going away and with fewer adjustments a month. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to feel better and stay better!

Molly Long

Jeanette Heaton

Seems good so far

Ron Deskins

I've been a patient for 9 years and thing Dr. J has really helped my quality of life. More Chiropractic visits = Less Pain.

JoAnne Sharp

I don't usually take the time to review anything or anybody, however, I can't believe the satisfaction offered at the Short Pump ChiroCenter. I have been going through soooo much pain for at least 20 years. I am 70 years old and have bone spurs, and degenerative disk in my spine. I have seen more than a handfull of "doctors". I have been given many pain pills, Shots at the bass of my skull, in my shoulder muscles, and in my neck. My most recent doctor, has even mentioned fusion. After seeing him for two months because of the feeling of a knife in the top of my head, and neck pain so bad I was given an Opiod, which did no good at all. The doctor ( an Orthopedic Specialist) finally decided to send me to a Neurologist. The appointment was three months away, so I decided to try something else. I made an appointment with Dr.James D. McLelland, at the Short Pump Location. From the first treatment I felt relief. When I went for my first treatment, my pain at the time was about an 8 out of a choice of 1-10. I have had a pain level of 10, but not since seeing Dr. McLelland. He is so informative about whats causing your pain and also a good idea of how much you can improve. Totally Satisfied Jo Anne Sharp

Kevin Price

If all healthcare providers were this efficient, life would be a lot better. I never have to wait. I don't think I've ever even sat down before being led to the back for treatment. Dr. McLelland keeps my spine in great shape.

Shannon Close

Davin Hicks

Coming here was the best decision I’ve made. The visits are quick, never had to wait for anything. And everyone in the building is friendly. I highly recommend if you care about your back.

Scott Burns

I have had nothing but positive experiences since I began visiting ~2 years ago. The entire team is thoughtful, thorough and kind.

Meredith Mullins

Best decision I made was to become a patient of theirs. LOVE everyone there, and felt a million times better after just my first visit let alone months of going.

Dan Ludwin

They are focused on you, your issues and teaching and training you to understand what is wrong and how, together, it can be fixed. Very organized, thoughtful and efficient practice. Highly recommend.

Cindy Harrington

I have been to Chiropractors for many years, would consider Dr. Mc Lelland one of the best.

Ali Taki

Dr. McLelland is awesome. Spends time with you, instead of you just being another appointment. Great prices and even better service.

Justin F

Jake Dog

McLelland is average in his skill and fails in his bedside manner. Advised me he could manage a degenerative condition and structural defect through routine adjustments and the roller table. In speaking with other patients in the waiting room, I find it interesting how many of us come in with different issues but the methods of treatment are the same. Furthermore, McLelland has a terrible ego issue. Casting any concern or asking of questions related his recommended course of care resulted in arrogant and condescending remarks. Also, he claims to be one of the highest rated chiropractors in the Richmond area. However, after a few sessions, you are requested by staff to provide feedback here on google. Further visits to the office result in being continuously asked if you have yet completed the survey. If you have not, they will offer you the opportunity to complete the survey on their patient registration computer. That computer is adjacent to Chelsea, or whoever else may be tending the front desk. The computer also faces into the small waiting area, where your information/feedback can be seen by other patients in the lobby, or by Dr. McClelland via the mirrored one way glass he has in his office. That brings up another point. What doctors office have you been to where the doctor has mirrored one way glass facing out into the lobby from his personal office? Hahaha, its just creepy and weird. Anyways, the point is that it seems unethical or in the least, disrespectful for a patient to be continuously asked to complete a survey after only 3 or 4 appointments. Chiropractors are helpful, but they're also a dime a dozen these days. This guy is immature and acts like a spoiled child. So I've happily taken my money and loyalty elsewhere. Now for a personal message for the practice: There have been other not so spectacular reviews on this specific review site about you and your practice. Interestingly enough, those reviews seem to have gone missing. If you take down what I'm posting, I'll just keep reposting. Since you push so hard for reviews, now you've got one, and youre stuck with it.

Samantha Forbes

Dr. J, Rebecca, and Sylvana take your spinal care very seriously. The staff are not only friendly and helpful, but will do whatever it takes to get you in as soon as possible if you are in need of pain relief. Care here is always tailored for specifically for your individual needs, and preventive therapy is also offered. This location offers the professionalism you expect from a big name health care facility with the family feel of a local practice. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. J and co. if you are in need of chiropractic care.

Sherry Long

I've spent almost 5 years going from Chiropractor to Ortho to Physical therapy trying to resolve chronic back/shoulder problems. I've finally found someone who strives to treat the problem, not just the symptoms. I sincerely appreciate Dr. Mclelland's approach of Chiropractic care in conjunction with at-home exercises and practical advice for day to day spinal care. 3 weeks of treatment and I can finally bend over without pain... and my aggravated trigger points are gone. Highly recommend them, the office is top notch, a no-nonsense approach, quick appointments, never a wait, easy scheduling, and very friendly staff.

Stacey Brooks

Jennifer Krug

Dr. James Mclelland is very knowledgeable and professional. My family depends on him for maintaining our physical health and well being. Growing up, my parents never took me to a chiropractor, so I didn't understand exactly what they did or how their methods can be a cure for certain ailments. But know, as soon as I get that achy feeling in the back of my neck that says "Here comes a cold!", I make an appointment right away! And believe it or not, I don't get the cold! We have also used Dr. Mclelland's services for ear aches, waking up with stiff necks, and football injuries. I would highly recommend him to everyone I meet!

martha raposa

I came as a skeptic and have become a convert. Professional medical care offered by all staff and the Doctor. Pain relief and long term practices for ongoing health management.

Nic Ortiz

Dr. McLelland is an incredible chiropractor and has a great staff working with him. He is a very knowledgable and was great at explaining the cause of my pain. He uses up-to-date equipment, and the entire office is very clean. All of my fantastic appointments only lasted about 35 minutes because Dr. McLelland and his staff work efficiently and understand the importance of our time as well. He is the best chiropractor in Richmond by far!

Catherine D

Excellent! I have been a patient of Dr. McLelland for a few months and my review is that everyone needs to visit him routinely for spine health. Not only has he and his staff relieved me of my severe neck and occipital pain, but he has educated me on my condition and the importance of spine care for overall health and well being. The office is pleasant and the entire staff is VERY CARING!

Cary Zhou

Going to Dr. McLelland's chiropractic center was absolutely awesome. Although I had to relocate and my time with Dr. McLelland was short, there were so many reasons I enjoyed visiting. For starters, the staff made me feel welcome from the moment I stepped in (thank you Chelsea!), and there was never any wait time because they never overbook. I found this to be particularly pleasant as many practitioners overbook just to maximize profit margins, whereas Dr. McLelland and his staff genuinely care for their patients. Additionally, Dr. McLelland always went the extra mile and educated me on how to better care for my spine, so even after my relocation I was able to continually improve my spinal health. PS. Dr. McLelland has terrible jokes but he's actually hilarious.

Sharad Suryavanshi

He is one of the BEST i have seen. 2 Years back i had neck pain that lasted for 1.5 months. Only 1 sitting and all pain was relived. Such a knowledgeable person. Highly recommend.

Carolyn Atkinson

I've only been going to Dr. M for about four months. Even in that short time I've gotten soooo much better. I really love that I never have to wait, staff is always pleasant and what Dr. M does really works. I have to admit I was skeptical but my husband and son have both seen Dr. M for different things over the past couple of years and kept telling me I should try. I am so glad I did!

Fed Week

I had been suffering with lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disease for over 10 years. I have trained with heavy weights for over 30 years and gradually my discs have compressed dramatically. I have gotten cortisone shots since 2008 with diminishing results. When I walked in Dr. McClelland's office I honestly thought there was nothing that could be done to relieve the pain I've experienced for so long. I was wrong. My pain level has gone from a 7-8 out of 10 to averaging around a 2! Along with in-house treatments he also gave me some exercises to do at home to help decompress my back. I highly recommend Dr. McClelland for anybody who has suffered with lower back pain. He can help you. K. Couch Glen Allen, VA

Shaughna McClain

I am a 64 year old woman who suffered for many years with back, hip, leg and shoulder pain. I had been all over the place (interstate) to different Doctors and "so called specialists" and spent a fortune and received temporary relief or little to no help. A physician that I was seeing for many years (for another specialty) suggested a Chiropractor (he said his wife had received some great help from one). I thought "what the heck let me give it a try". At the time my husband and I owned our own business and it was very difficult to make the time to get to my visits. Dr. McLelland and his wonderful staff made me feel welcome, at home comfortable and most of all "well informed of my conditions and the treatment for them". I remember walking in the office all bent over and unable to stand straight - I left walking erect. Dr. McLelland and staff made sure I was informed in every way possible, they always accommodated my schedule and NEVER ONCE did I feel like a number. I am a person there always and am treated with the utmost respect and caring. After over 20 years of chiropractic care I honestly can say I feel better today than I felt over 20 years ago. Thanks Doc and Staff and God Bless you all for always taking that extra time to be sure everything is as it should be. Sincerely, Patricia Abbamonte

justin madison

Dr. McLelland and staff are great to work with. I especially appreciate his up front honesty about the Chiropractic process, and the work required on the patients end to truly heal the spine. He also is very good at answering all of my (sometimes silly) questions, so that I better understand how the spine works and how I can better take care of it. I would recommend him to anyone with neck or back issues.

Judy Miller

I can't say enough good things about my experience here. Everyone that works here is EXTREMELY nice, so nice that I have had to bring my children here a few times and sweet Chelsea prints their favorite character on a piece of paper so they can color and stay busy. I came to Dr. McLelland at the end of the summer with alot of mid back pain. It's now mid-October and I'm pain free! Amazing experience and great office!!

Ed Gill

I have been seeing Dr. J and his amazing team for roughly 4 years now and I cannot speak more highly of them all. To start, each time I walk into his office I am met with welcoming smiles and gestures by Chelsea and Silvana. As well as keeping on top of transitioning patients between 'rides' as they call them, they are always interested in how things are going in my day-to-day life leaving a very personal welcome feeling. Dr. J and his staff have been tremendous at helping me LEARN about health, well-being and how spinal health is pinnacle to wellness. They are very well-educated and always willing to listen and offer advice to remove the stresses that can cause certain pain. I would suggest everyone looking to positively impact their health to see Dr. J and his team. Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Andrew Bauman who was a fantastic addition to the already established team. Dr. Bauman is another very well-educated helpful individual. This evening I attended his FIRST EVER Spinal Health Care class, and I must admit I had been looking forward to this since I heard about it last Friday. It was one of the most informative and eye-opening sessions I have been to. As a teaching golf pro I was excited to continue to learn more about the spine, nervous system, stresses and best practices that can people can put to use for a better way of life. Dr. Bauman spoke knowledgeably and clearly about the subject matter, and was very open to all questions during the class. I cannot speak more highly of Dr. J and his awesome team. They truly care about all their patients concerns, health and well-being and it shows in more ways than just their chiropractic service.

Pam Deyerle

I have been a patient of Dr. McLelland for almost ten years. He has helped me through hip and back problems from a herniated lumbar disc, as well as shoulder, neck, arm, and hand pain due to repetitive motion from my job (my own business) and sitting all day long. I truly believe that having regular adjustments from Dr. McLelland has allowed me to continue the work in my business that I love. They are always happy to work me in before my regular appointment if a problem arises and waiting time is usually zero. Dr. McLelland is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly! I highly recommend him. ~Pam Deyerle

Daniel Gilbert

The difference in my back pain after a few months is remarkable. I would recommend Dr. McLelland to anyone having back problems. In my line of work, back stress is a daily issue. Thanks to my adjustments, I am no longer in constant pain

Timeka M

great experience great location love the staff

Toni Jordan

Dr McLelland's office staff are always prompt and friendly. They've been great about answering my questions and accommodating options for my schedule. They waste no time to start therapy. Between the "rides" like the roll bed, massage chair/and therapist, Interferential Electro therapy, there is not one dull moment in the office. Additionally, and probably more important, Dr McLelland is more than a Chiropractor, he's an educator. One in which I appreciate as I have spina bifida occulta. His knowledge and experience is extensive, which was particularly evident the first day he worked on me. I've seen Chiropractors for several years (outside of Virginia) and must say he is my favorite. The work done by Dr McLelland, my goals with my back and overall health, continuing education and resources (handouts, website and specific to my needs exercise program) all make for why I'm more often a "1" rather than the "5" I was when I first entered his office. Thank you Dr McLelland!!!!

Katherine Goldsby

I have been a patient of Dr McClelland's for over 10 years. I had polio as a child and because of that, have had a great deal of pain in my back and hips. Through his care, Dr.J has minimized the pain and provided me with excellent information and resources for pain management, exercise and lifestyle changes that have enabled me to live my life as fully as possible. His office staff is friendly, professional and helpful. I use chiropractic care on a regular basis because it works!

S Martin

Top notch. I can’t share enough good things. Best chiropractor ever. Staff is amazing to work with. ♥️

Alex Emilcar

This office is great and I recommend it to anyone needing physical medicine. After experiencing lower back pains for several years I contacted Dr. McLelland's office to have a consult. He was able to get me into his office quick and began working on the healing process. Not only did he help alleviate my pain, but he also did a great job at explaining how I came to experience the pain. Dr. McLelland and his staff are very professional, respectful, and friendly. For anyone looking for physical medicine look no further than ChiroworksVA.

Deborah Percey

I have been receiving care from Dr. McLelland for about 6 years and I absolutely trust him and his staff with my most precious spine. They are very friendly and can always fit me in if I am in need of care. I have less pain in my neck and shoulders and rarely get headaches anymore. I would recommend Dr. McLelland for anyone looking for spinal care.

Susan Kilgore

My whole family is seen here, we all love it and can feel a difference in our health!!

Ahmad Abbassy

The staff members are very kind and personable. Dr McLelland is not only professional but is very knowledgeable in his craft and has a great sense of humor. There is no lying in what he does; its either white or black no gray. He emphasizes that one needs to move and exercise and that he doesn't want you to waste your time to come in without concern or questions. These people treat you with respect and honesty

David Byford

Gives great advice so that you can make life style changes to help your condition. Very prompt and courtesous service, the place runs like a swiss clock.

Dawn England

Dr.McLelland has been seeing me for several years. He is very encouraging and positive about my progress and is always able to fit me in last minute if I have pain.

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