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REVIEWS OF Epic Wellness IN Vermont

Stacy Cobb

Great experience, takes the time to really address the issues. I like that he talked through the adjustments so i know what's going on. I had gone to another provider, and that just didn't work with my schedule anymore. I can't beat someone that comes to my place of business and completes and adjustment during my work day! Two appointments in and my back is starting to feel much better along with my neck. It's all a process, but i can def feel the difference!

mary minarski

A wonderful session! It was my first time going to a chiropractor and she made me feel very comfortable and went over everything that would happen. It was amazing!! What a wonderful feeling to get your first adjustment! So happy my work place is providing this at our office so I can work on my wellness. Can’t wait for my next appointment! Highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a quality practice who truly cares about your whole being.

Lisette Vaillancourt

Dr. Alyssa came to my place of employment, which is wonderful as I just don't have the time to get out to her. She actually listened to me and heard what I had to say about what works and doesn't work for me. The adjustment was so relaxing and I have definitely felt better since. I already set up my appointment for the next time she is here.

Danielle Jepson

Dr. Erik did a fantastic job of assessing my issues, especially my chronic issues!

Stacie Beuschel

I am so relieved after my visits, just knowing there is an end in sight for my chronic back issues. Yesterday after my adjustment my day was much easier to get through without the ache. Thanks for everything!

Sam Mathewes Clark

My session was at work but Dr. Alyssa was professional and made it feel like I was in her office. I felt great after she readjusted my back and she gave me great tips on how to continue to stay aligned.

Amy Grant

I really get a lot of relief when I go to my appointments.

Jo-Ellen Buck

Having Teri come to my work place is great. We can go get our chiropractic needs done while not taking a long time away from work. She always seems to make my back feel better and will focus on the spots that are bothering me more and manages to make them feel so much better when I leave. She will give you suggestions to try not to hurt it again.

Andrea Hossley

Dr. Wendy has changed my life with her incredible knowledge and advanced skills with Dry Needling. I have lived with chronic headaches since I was a child and accepted this as my "normal" but still hoped for a possible cure. I heard about Epic Wellness and Dry Needling and felt it was worth a shot. My world has been flipped upside down! I now walk around in amazement that I am not in pain! I am still not 100% as this is a process but, in a few months, I have gone from 5-7 headaches a week to 1 or 2, which is life altering for someone accustomed to living with chronic pain. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Dr Wendy, her staff, and those amazing Dry Needles!!!

Michelle Coburn

I saw Dr. Alyssa for the first time a couple weeks ago. She was very knowledgable and took her time to get to know what my needs were. The massage work and the adjustment really helped with my neck pain.

Jennifer Wolford

I appreciate every person in this office that I have met so far. April is AMAZING to work with and so patient with my sometimes full schedule. Dr. John and Dr. Wendy are very knowledgeable, professional and take the time.

Glenn Griesser

Dr. Wendy was great - thorough with questions, exam and adjustment.

Susan Platania

You immediately feel welcome by everyone! Great customer service, and Dr. Wendy takes the time to explain everything. Wonderful experience so far!

Nicholas Bernier

Absolutely floored with how well Wendy's treatment has helped my back and knee pain. I'm having my mother in law and wife visit too, hopefully it will help them.

Amanda Startari

Dr. Erik is very knowledgeable about his work. I like that he is able to explain everything in a way that I am able to understand.

Sabine Chabot

Dr. Wendy and her team at EPIC Wellness are fantastic. From the super friendly front desk with April, to the expert consultation and services provided by Dr. Wendy, to the fantastic knowledgeable massage therapist Andrea, it feels like everyone has your best interest at heart. I can highly recommend EPIC Wellness to anyone wanting to try out chiropractic services for the first time or looking for expert help for a specific problem.

Lee Wilschek

I've been using Chiropractic care for over 35 years and I know what works for me. Dr. Wendy Mehaffey has a gentle, effective technique that really get the job done in realigning my body and helping me stay healthy.

Montana Giusto

John has been instrumental in correcting my spinal aliments and always has a friendly way of engaging in conversation. Thank you John for your services!!

Jamie Hauer

Dr. Alyssa has helped my back and neck pain significantly! She's a kind and caring doctor and always walks me through what adjustment she is going to perform, how it'll affect me, and she always asks if I'm comfortable.

Kim Poirier

Love Epic Wellness Chiropractic care. I've been seeing them for several months now and have had fantastic results. Needed an immediate visit and they got me right in and took care of my issues. Highly recommend them..

Kate Castonguay

I have had a great experience so far, feeling much better than before my visits started. Also super convenient that they come to my work so I don't have to take a lot of time off - just 20 minutes from my day.

Tatiana Andrievskaya

UVM offered its space for a Chiropractor right on campus, so I could walk instead of driving! I went just once so far. We've talked about my problems and agreed to meet again in a month after adjustments. I'm looking forward to it!

Samuel Rheaume

Wendy is skilled, knowledgeable, and intuitive in her approach with patients. I went in as a new patient to try and approach some mid-back pain and APT issues and she was able to make some immediate, effective adjustments!

Laurie Bergeron

Dr. John has helped me with my swollen ankle. The realignment and exercises he has shown me has helped with the swelling and it continues to be getting better. I would give him 10 stars if you gave me that choice.

Emma Faustner

Dr. Alyssa is awesome, my issues are improving with these adjustments, and it's so great to not have to even leave the building for a chiropractic appointment. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to take advantage of such a great perk.

Tara Gregory

Dr. Wendy and the entire staff is so helpful and caring. I hadn’t been to a chiropractor in years but was suffering from serious neck pain and lower back pain. After one visit I felt I could move without pain and felt so much better. Dr. Wendy worked with me to prepare a plan to getting my body back on track, and I’ve never felt better. I love the laid back yet professional environment that Epic Wellness has established. Can’t recommend them enough!

Melissa Nelson

Having never been to a chiropractor before, I was quite nervous going in to my first appointment. Dr. John did a wonderful job of explaining the process, making me feel comfortable, and the adjustment felt great. A very thorough and comfortable process.

Alex Bushey

Eric is very professional. He listens and understands what your needs are. I know Wendy (owner) as well, and the The Epic Wellness office is also very professional, they can do mobile service or in office. Very reliable and friendly. I recommend them to anyone.

Sara Stowell

At first I was hesitant to seeing a chiropractor but I thought I'd give it a try. Right away, Wendy and her staff made me feel at ease and were so welcoming! I recommend them to all I know. They are wonderful and you wont be disappointed in going here!

Steff Stecklare

Dr. Wendy is fantastic! Initially, I had some hesitation to chiropractic care based on past experiences, but Wendy does an excellent job of discussing my response to her work as well as how to proceed with care. She is responsive to what I feel comfortable with and explains what she sees as most beneficial to my health and success in my physical goals.

devin quinn

Dr. Wendy is amazing! I went to see her being very nervous of any adjustments that I may need. She made me very comfortable and helped with the pains that I was having. Great decor in and welcoming staff as well.

Nora Liskowsky

Dr. John was very helpful in assessing and treating my low back pain. The exercises he gave me to practice work well, and I already feel some tension relief. Will be going back for another visit!

Sean Slattery

My primary care physician couldn't figure out what was wrong with my shoulder, and wanted me to "go through the process" starting with an x-ray (which I had already done 6 months prior). Instead I went to see Dr. Wendy at Epic Wellness. Within our first 30 minute visit, she had diagnosed what was wrong with my shoulder and had my AC join and another ligament on its way to being back in place!

Janet Franz

Dr. Alyssa listens to my concerns and tailors each treatment to my needs. My body feels better because of her careful adjustments. It's so convenient to receive treatment at my workplace, so I can easily fit it into my schedule. My employer understands that this benefit makes employees more productive.

Dan Cristelli

I was referred to Dr. Wendy for help with some issues with my back. Her holistic approach and attention to detail have made it clear that this was a wise choice. The staff at Epic Wellness have been a treat to work with, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Scott Zuanich

Exceptional treatment and knowledgeable doctor. I've been to several other Chiropractic doctors and these people are very honest and professional.

Rachel Cronin

Working with Dr. Alyssa has been my first chiropractor experience. I've always been a little nervous about seeking chiropractic help (for all the stereotypical reasons you hear), but I'm so glad I finally did. Dr. Alyssa is professional, informative, and clearly an expert in her field. After just one session I began to find relief from pretty chronic neck, shoulder, and hip pain. I will definitely keep coming back to Epic Wellness.

Maggie McAuliffe

Dr. Wendy and her team are great! They have been very Accommodating with getting me in due to my non-flexible my work schedule. I look forward to my weekly adjustments with her and have seen improvement with my sciatic issues.

Cindy La Rocque

The adjustments have been wonderful. Fast, efficient and very affordable. Dr Alyssa is warm and approachable and very professional.

Amy Hamlin

Dr. Erik was wonderful and I was very impressed with knowledge, professionalism and caring personality. I left my appointment feeling so much better. Thank you!!!

Kara Greenblott

Dr John has been very kind and helpful thus far. I look forward to my visits and remain hopeful that my back pain will improve.

Christie Keene

I had shoulder issues for over 6 months and had seen a doctor and specialist, with no change. I found out my company had a chiropractor onsite and I scheduled an appt. with Dr. Erik. Dr. Erik listened to my issues, made adjustments and I’m now able to move my arm and shoulder in a direction that I was unable to for a long time. I highly recommend Dr. Erik and his helpful team at Epic Wellness.

Kaitlyn Rooney

Dr. Wendy was extremely thorough in assessing and addressing my injury. She explains what and why she is doing as she goes. She made time to see me, was truly empathetic to my pain and dedicated to addressing my ailment. I highly recommend her!

Sophie Deshaies

My visits with Dr. Wendy have been so helpful. I suffer from severe migraines and have not had ANY since visiting her - plus the environment is super positive and everyone who works at Epic Wellness is so kind.

Ben S

I went to Dr. Wendy after needing some immediate attention to my back. I was able to schedule an apt with her the same day as my call only a couple hours later! She thoroughly assessed my back issues and catered specifically to them. By the next day I was walking and feeling so much better! Thank you so much for your kindness and attention to detail Dr. Wendy :)

Rick Valenta

Dr. John is a great chiropractor. He has really helped me reduce paid and keep everything aligned and working well. I am going to see him quarterly for maintenance going forward and can't recommend him enough.

Matthew Kuhlmeier

This was my first time coming into Epic Wellness, and I was very impressed! Very nice location with friendly staff! Dr. Wendy and I discussed what was wrong, and came up with a great treatment plan that included some dry needling and adjustment work for some nagging injuries. Cannot wait to continue my treatment with her.

Heather Getty

I had my first chiropractic appointment last week and Dr. Alyssa was great about explaining everything she was doing and providing me insight as to why I might be experiencing the pain that I was. The adjustment went well and I will definitely be seeing her again.

Jessie Curry

Dr. Alyssa is so knowledgeable and so caring during her visits. I really appreciated her asking questions to find out how she could best help. She was very gentle and I felt so much better after our visit!

Spencer Perry

Such a huge help, I've only had 3 sessions but I can already notice a big difference. I would recommend Dr Erik to anyone who is seriously looking to improve their quality of living.

John Colin Dudunake

I’m an avid athlete with periodic back pain and had never been to a chiropractor. Had back pain a week before a ski trip and she got me realigned and back to normal just in time for the ski trip!

Loretta Lauzon

My initial visit with the kind folks at Epic Wellness was a wonderful experience. From the cheerful front desk to Dr. Mehaffey, I was pleased to receive treatment from the Epic Wellness care team and will continue to enjoy their patient care moving forward.

Amanda Essien

Dr. Alyssa is thoughtful and she took the time to listen to my symptoms and she clearly laid out a plan of action!

Taylor Traverse

I've only been to John once but i can tell you he has already made me feel so much better. Other chiropractors that i have seen in the past never do any kind of assessment on my back/neck, they usually just crack me and send me on my way, leaving me worse off than before. John did a great job explaining what I do that causes the pains and did a full body assessment before realigning me. He massaged exactly where my pains were in my upper back and sent me home with multiple exercises that will improve the strength in my back! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend giving him a chance!

Shane Levine

Great, friendly service! I've noticed a significant reduction of the pain in my lower back in just a few weeks

Courtney Norris

This was my first chiropractic experience and Dr. Alyssa was great! Very friendly, informative and professional. Walked out feeling great, would highly recommend!

Kate E. Matthews

Very helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. Two thumbs up!

Crystal Careau

Dr. John was absolutely fantastic. He was able to get me in at last minute and was truly just great. Thank you Dr. John!!!!

Steve Dodge

I've always struggled with my lower back and had a bad chiro experience years ago which made me hesitant to want to try Epic. I can happily say that Dr. Eric hooked me up and I feel fantastic!!

Elizabeth Gohringer

Dr. Alyssa is very friendly and explained everything to me as we went along. She took the time to answer my questions. Overall, great experience!

willis brigham

Nothing but an amazing experience with Dr. Wendy and her amazing staff!! I feel very welcome the second I walk through the door and am greeted by one of her amazing receptionist! Wendy herself is very personable and easy to talk with, which just adds to the whole experience.

David Grenier

Dr. John is attentive, knowledgable and considerate. He makes decisions about my care that I trust. He talked with me about my comfort level with certain aspects of the treatment ahead of time. I am looking forward to great results.

Sheila Dodd

I had a back injury and Dr. Alyssa was great about listening to me, understanding my issue and not doing too much on my first visit. I had never seen a chiropractor before but will definitely see her again!

Mallory Walling

Dr. Wendy is wonderful as is the entire Epic Wellness team! They listen to concerns thoroughly and customize treatment accordingly. I have tried various services and all have been fantastic and helpful. I couldn't recommend more!

vanessa tessier

I have been to physical therapy and it never worked. They were putting me in a lot of pain but then I started going through epic wellness and that made a big difference. Dr Erik was so gentle and made me really comfortable even on the first visit ! I would recommend to everyone !

Heather Ferrell

I've just starting going to Epic Wellness Chiro sessions this past month and I'm already feeling a tremendous improvement in my back from the adjustments. I highly recommend!

Catherine Benoit

This is the first time I've been to any medical practice or chiropractor that I have connected so well and Dr.Wendy really listens to you concerns and works right beside you to do all she can to help to make you feel better in you mind, body and spirit.

Daniel Bowie

Although I've only seen Dr. John with Epic Wellness twice, each experience has been positive and I've left the office feeling better than ever!

Jess Rodrigues

I was hesitant at the start going to my first appointment. I'd never seen a chiropractor before. As soon as I walked in and was genuinely greeted I instantly felt better. They are fantastic. Great atmosphere, they listen to you, and are both professional and friendly. I love coming here and seeing Wendy!!! She is really great making it fun and easy for my nerves. In one month I feel so much better!!! I highly recommend her!!!

Nicole Grace

I was having some tension headaches and after only two visits, the headaches seem to be gone! Wonderful experience.

Joey Palumbo

For my first chiropractor, Epic Wellness went above and beyond my expectations. Informative appointments that are both quick and relieving. Wendy is super friendly and happy to explain exactly what is going on/why you might be experiencing pain. After two visits I feel very comfortable returning and recommending anyone to come here. Plus, it's affordable! Definitely check them out if you are experiencing any kind of joint or muscle pain.

Matt M

Dr. Wendy is great. Very personable and knowledgeable. First time ever going to a chiropractor and now I wonder why I waited so long. Got me back on the ice in no time. Highly recommended.

Roland Tousignant

I hurt my back gold panning and through exercises, alignment and stretches I've gotten it back to 100%.

Caitlin Bourassa

Dr. Wendy Mehaffey is an excellent chiropractor with many years of experience. I tweaked my neck during a yoga workshop and she got me back to ship-shape after just one visit! She has a very whole body, whole person approach that I appreciate. Would highly recommend to anyone in the market for chiro care in the Burlington, VT area!

Molly Partelow

I heard about Epic Wellness from a coworker who had been receiving dry needling, which I had received in the past. I called for an appointment and was able to schedule an appt for a week later. I met Wendy who was super sweet and understanding of my problems and got dry needled that day. I recommend dry needling to everyone having problems with muscle tightness/trigger points and now I will continue to recommend Wendy as who they should see. So happy to have found her!

Dan Haycook

I went to Dr. Eric at NLG when he was on site. I had never been to a chiropractor before. He was very helpful in helping me understand the process and giving me methods at home to help with my back. Very personable, and very professional. I can’t wait for my follow up appointment!

Jessica Murray

I really like to Dr. John takes the time to explain what is going on and takes the time to really listen to what is going on.

Sandra Sonntag-Alvarez

Professional. Knowledgeable. And excellent communicator. I especially appreciate Dr. John talking about each step/action prior to taking the next step during the treatment session.

Amanda Gados

Dr. Wendy was amazing. She saw me as a new patient on short notice. She was very thorough and listened to all of my concerns. She did not only chiropractic work on my back but did some muscle work as well. I would recommend her to anyone with back pain!

Mary Woodward

I saw Dr. John for the first time last week for lower back pain. I am a skeptic because of one bad experience 20 years ago. I was nervous and he took the time to listen and talk through everything with me in advance and it changed my life. My back is 95% again after one adjustment. This IS THE GUY, I'm telling you. Just as others had told me (only, I didn't believe them)! Believe me, worth your time and money. Your body will thank you!

Karen Dahlin

The office is nice and friendly. I appreciate that the appointments run on time. It's too early to comment on the treatment.

Adam Miller

Dr. Erik was great: he's got a real gift for communicating with his patients in a way that is clear and helpful, and his absolute lack of judgement in my treatment (finding time to stretch is hard!) was both refreshing and very helpful in setting me up with a regimen that I can actually commit to. I've been to a few other chiropractors, and he is BY FAR the best I've encountered in this area.

Amanda Broder

Dr. Alyssa is great! She is friendly and down to earth. She is knowledgeable and has a great touch. My neck and shoulders always feel immensely better after a session with her. Highly recommended.

Heritage Ford Lois

Dr. Erik has his work cut out for him when it comes to my chiropractic needs. He has met them with great expertise and enthusiasm. My sessions with him have been very helpful and I highly recommend his services to everyone who suffers with nagging back and neck pain.

Adam Howard

She has helped my back and neck tremendously after 4 visits. Very knowledgeable and a very welcoming staff and environment. I've been very happy with my experience.

Erik Steingas

I came in with a sore lower back and they made some adjustments and I felt great! They also gave me some stretches and exercises to do on my own to maintain a strong back. Highly recommend.

Amber Anderson

I love Wendy, Lauren and April! Their welcoming nature definitely put me at ease during my first visit and Wendy's professionalism and dedication to her craft is surely one to recognize. I appreciate their willingness to accommodate my schedule and.... for lack of more sophisticated terminology, THEY ROCK!

Gage O'Donnell

Dr. John Glemb has been fantastic to work with. He has not only helped me when I was not moving well, but he's worked with me to get to a place where we address all of my weaknesses and problem spots to make sure they don't come back. He is also incredibly pleasant and knowledgeable. I highly recommend working with Dr. John if you want to get better and stay better.

Nora K

Loved the convenience of Epic wellness coming into our work place! Alyssa was wonderful to work with, extremely professional and helpful! I am looking forward to my next appointment and to continue to get better!

Zach Malloch

I was greeted by name on my first visit by Laura at the front desk. I had already filled out my forms, so Dr. Wendy immediately brought me back to start my assessment. She quickly identified all of the areas I had been concerned about, moved on to some soft tissue work, use a vibrating massager on my back, then did a few quick adjustments. Thought the entire process she was friendly, engaging, comfortable, and informative. I've already made a follow up appointment :)

Dave Rivers

Enjoyed the visit. Very convenient that they come to my place of business. Learned a lot and got some relief from my back pain. Looking forward to the next appointment.

Ashley Nunez

I appreciated the attitude that their intention is to get patients to a point of being able to be self-sufficient and attend to improving their own wellness. Very friendly and attentive.

Victoria Foster

Dr. Teri made me feel so comfortable because she knew I was nervous for my first visit! She explained everything to me (but also offered not to share so much about it if it wasn't helpful) and walked me through everything she did. I could visibly see the problem before and the fix afterwards. I highly recommend!

Tori Williams

I had such a pleasant experience working with Dr. Alyssa. She paid close attention to what I told her, explained what she was doing every step of the way. I highly recommend her.

Katie S

I've had a great experience with Alyssa. She's a very caring practitioner and takes the time to explain each and every part of your visit. I had a lot of apprehension about visiting a chiropractor and she made me feel very relaxed.

Cathy Yandow

Super-friendly and helpful staff. Office is bright, airy and welcoming. My set of symptoms/problems is complicated, and Dr. Wendy has developed a treatment plan which is already working for me. I am grateful to be evaluated and treated for my specific problems, and not with a cookie-cutter approach. And I've already recommended the practice to others.

Jessica Fondry

Dr. Alyssa is so friendly and made the entire experience comfortable and fun. As it was my first time, she would explain things as she went along, and made sure to make me feel comfortable. Her love for dogs was just a bonus! Highly reccomend her!

Lance Dematteis

So convenient. I had not been to a chiropractor previously. My back hasn't felt this good in years.

Tori Houston

As my first chiropractic experience, Epic Wellness far exceeded my expectations! Dr. Alyssa answered all of my incessant questions with great expertise and a kind and gentle tone. Scheduling appointments has been a dream thanks to the wonderful support staff. I would absolutely recommend Epic Wellness to folks who are looking for a welcoming, affordable, and supportive practice!

Jessica Russo

I was finally given the opportunity to try a chiropractor and I am very happy I was treated by Dr. Erik. The treatment provided was professional, and very helpful. Explanations were given prior to treatment, with great follow up advice. I had great success in treatment, would go back again, and highly recommend.

Jordan Cotto

Prior to my first chiropractic appointment with Wendy, my lower back hurt constantly and I was worried it may go out. I was also really nervous about getting my "backed cracked". Wendy was fantastic and helped me feel comfortable and my back felt better within a few weeks. She also gave me preventative tips for home life to avoid getting this pain back. Thank you Wendy!!

Ashley Toof

Dr. Alyssa is simply amazing! She listened to all my aches and pains and came up with a game plan on how to get me back to my old self! Highly recommend Dr. Alyssa to anyone needing chiropractic care!

Stephen Zarriello

John is very professional and patient. He actively listens and works to understand your needs, and provides care tailored to them. After the first visit I notice marked improvements in my comfort and pain level, and after regular appointments that trend continues. It's very convenient and helpful; I'd recommend his service to anyone who thinks it might be useful, since it's easy to try out.

Joe Michno

Dr. Wendy is an extremely personable and knowledgeable professional in her field. I have thoroughly enjoyed every visit with her.

Nicole Pinard

Epic Wellness is great! I was a little nervous about going to a chiropractor the first time but that didn’t last long. Dr. Wendy is very helpful and knowledgeable and everyone is always so friendly. I highly recommend them!

jessica warren

The staff at Epic Wellness is amazing, ! They always go above and beyond to make sure my needs are met. Lauren at the front desk always greets me with a smile and is full of personality!! Dr. Wendy is very attentive and knowledgeable with what she does. Being a hair dresser for many years and also working on the computer at the desk I experience both back and shoulder pain often. I've always had great results with the treatments I have received at Epic wellness. I would highly recommend them to anyone!! Its all in the name They ARE EPIC WELLNESS!! :)

Carrie Fox

I highly recommend Dr. Erik and the Epic Wellness team. I recently became a client. The appointment process was quick and easy. Within a day, I received a welcome packet to introduce all the available services. I look forward to more appointments in the future.

Derek Blood

Dr. Erik was awesome. I met him for the first time last week and had a great experience. He was attentive, knowledgeable and able to give me some good tips to get my spine back in shape. Will definitely be coming back!

Dawn Lawliss

I had never previously had chiropractic care, but Dr. Alyssa immediately put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable and personable. She took the time to listen to why I was there and then walked me through the exam. I would recommend her for your chiropractic needs.

Brian Cotton

Dr Wendy was recommended to me.And I did DRY NEEDLING for the first time.It was so quick.And way less scarier than acupuncture .For some people don't do because of being worried about needles hurting.Which to me they don't. Dr.Wendy is now my go to Doctor from now on.And April is so AWESOME ! ~ Brian.- UNDERHILL

Samantha Jackman

Great people, super convenient! Dr Alyssa was pleasant and professional and made sure I completely understood all information provided. I'll be back!

Diana Camaiani

I love Dr. Alyssa! She is extremely good at what she does--she's skilled, thorough, careful, attentive and personable. I have been seeing Dr. Alyssa for a couple of months and my persistent hip pain is now basically gone. I highly recommend her to anyone, you won't be disappointed.

Renee B

Dr. Alyssa has been wonderful! As a first time chiropractor patient, Dr. Alyssa has walked me through each process so I understood what she was doing. Very knowledgeable and comfortable to work with. Highly recommend!

Stacey Fillion

Dr. Alyssa was very thorough on her intake exam and considerate of multiple issues that limited treatment options. Even with these limited options her treatment was effective. I highly recommend her.

Dana Bean

Dr. Erik is fantastic. He takes the time to listen to your issue and does the adjustments needed and then provides you with the follow up preventative exercises and stretches needed to keep you moving. Strongly recommended.

Erin Blaisdell

I love Epic Wellness! I'm a runner and have never been to a chiropractor before. My body needed a major adjustment and Wendy as able to identify exactly what I needed. It's helped my running and recovery tremendously! Overall, the atmosphere is very welcoming and I'd recommend this place to everyone.

Stefania Fernandez

Great experience! I highly recommend Dr. John. He has been helping me with my back and hip pain. It’s so wonderful to have his services at work!

Zachary Briggs

Never been to a chiropractor before, Dr. Wendy is knowledgeable and helps you through every step of the way to relieve any anxiety you may have about it. I would strongly recommend, a great service at a relatively reasonable price!

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