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REVIEWS OF Syracuse Chiropractic & Health Center IN Utah

Troy Nilson

Dr. Elmore is the best! Every time that I have gone to him I have felt so much better. Very personable and happy to talk to you about your treatments. I consider him a true friend. The staff is excellent! Always so happy and willing to carry on conversations.

Dallin Anderson

What a place comfortable, caring, friendly and very knowledgeable. Dr Elmore is great and very helpful and knowledgeable on the path to my wellness.

EGD Photo

After three days with a migraine and constant lack of sleep I went to see Dr. Elmore and the staff took me in immediately. I got adjusted, had acupuncture done on my head, plus back therapy. After I left his office, I didn't feel much change but a few minutes after I got home my headache dissipated and I was finally able to sleep for a few hours. Dr. Elmore is great and his staff is attentive and caring!

Kimberly ariza

I have been feeling great ever since I started going there, I also love the staff everyone is so friendly.

Leah Hess

Excellent work, excellent service, and great results!

Kandi Anderson

While visiting in Utah I needed an adjustment. Syracuse Chiropractic got me in right away. Dr. Tyler Elmore and his staff was so professional, friendly and I felt comfortable right away. I was so pleased with the care I received and felt 100 percent better after my treatment. Such a great experience ! I wished I lived closer I would be a regular.

Lorrie Deragon

Dr. Elmore and the staff are great, but if you are going because of a car accident and have an attorney, they put you on the back burner when it comes to sending your records.

Michael Bonger

Dr. Tyler has been my chiropractor for around 8 years now, maybe 10. He has not only helped me in the Chiropractic treatments but through his candida program, has helped me lose weight, almost 50 pounds, still more to come off and feel better all the way around. Personally, I feel he is an amazing chiropractor and example of success. He and all his staff have become my friends and I am thankful for that. Makes me feel like a box of Lucky Charms with rainbows shooting strait out of my bloomin ****. Any how, I recommend to everyone that they see him for both crackin the bones and cleansing the belly and losing some pounds.

Ralae White

Sandie S

Very accomodating with schedule. Very friendly and they always go the extra mile. Very professional. Love these guys. They're the best.

Brandon Rypien

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Dr. Tyler Elmore and his staff. They are so friendly and really care about you. Dr. Tyler Elmore is very personable and takes time to create a program that works for you. I would recommend going to Syracuse Chiropractic and Health Center.

jason pedersen

no complaints with these guys have had bad experiences with other chiropractors but Tyler is very knowledgably and friendly as with the entire staff.

Shaunna Ricks

Dr Elmore and his staff are wonderful. They are helping my husband with his back. We are in the process of going 3 times a week for a month. Every time we walk in they greet us by name (this is a huge thing for me). They all make me feel just as welcome, and I'm not even patient. My husband and myself are getting ready to start the nutrition program.. im super excited to see what comes from this. Thanks Dr Elmore for being the kid of doctor everyone search's for and rarely finds

Lauren Bitner

dr tyler and his employees are great. everyone is so friendly and professional i love coming to syracuse chiropractic!

Sherry Miggin

I love Dr. Elmore! He has a variety of methods he uses including acupuncture which worked wonders for me!

Eddy Abbott

Dr. Tyler Elmore and his team are great. They work hard to make sure all their patients are taken care of in a timely manner. Dr. Elmore is very knowledgeable and helpful with the services he provides.

Jake Cowdin

Dr. Elmore is top notch and his staff is incredibly friendly.

Jaclyn Edelman

Amazing staff!!!!!!

Terry Lane

After two years of painful walking and no relief from medication I asked my doctor about seeing a chiropractor and he highly agreed that I should give it a try! I did and within two weeks I was walking with no pain. It is wonderful. Dr. Elmore and his staff are all exceptional!

Lazy L Ranch

Not just for back/neck problems! I started seeing Dr. Elmore in an attempt to fix a knee that locks up at random (after having surgery!) and while I was skeptical, I figured "Why not?" Nothing else had worked. As it turns out, my knee is improving! Dr. Elmore and his staff are kind, courteous and friendly. Also, the services are affordable. My health insurance doesn't cover chiropractic care so I have to pay out of pocket. They offer a cash discount for those of us in this situation, which is great. Definitely give Dr. Elmore a chance to fix what ails you. He's really good at his job!

Alicia Marcom

I love how this place is so honest and upfront!! Dr.Elmore and the staff are amazing!! If you are tired of getting the run around and want help and answers look no further!!!!!

Nik Stewart

They are great people and treat you like close friends and they definitely know what they are doing. Doctor Elmore is fantastic!!

Jimmy Schaaf

great service. great staff. doc is great. been to many chiros in my life, these guys are top notch. office hours are a challenge sometimes, but overall no complaints. would recommend to anyone.

Lisa Bingham

Excellent care and refreshingly beautiful office. Great knowledge of nutrition, too. Love Dr. Nate!

Shannon Lambert

The acupuncture I recieved at Dr. Elmores office instantly lessened my neck pain. After two treatments the pain was gone. I had never had acupuncture before so I was a bit nervous, but it really is not painful and feels so wonderful after.

Chris A

I have been in to see him now and again and he was great so was his staff. I will continue to go to him for any of my back and muscle problems that i get now and then.

Greg Packer

They are patient,flexible and they care about you and your needs and can get you in pretty quick. I won't go anywhere else.

Wade Roberts

I have been going to see Dr. Elmore for nearly a decade now and have a great respect and adoration for this man! He is genuinely and truly interested in the wellbeing of his patience and reflects a model of health and wellbeing through his actions, attitude and energy. In addition to providing a high degree of chiropractic care - you leave feeling physically relieved and mentally reinvigorated. High praises for Dr. Elmore! I reserve a score of 10 for the best of the best - and Dr. Elmore, you deserve a 10! Thank you for your incredible service. Cheers!

Meghan Garcia

Dr. Elmore and his staff are wonderful! They are so friendly and helpful. Dr. Elmore is very knowledgeable and his adjustments are gentle, not painful. He treats many memebers of my family and we all feel so much better every time we go in. I highly recommend Dr. Elmore if you're looking for a chiropractor!

Seana Thayer

Dr.Elmore and his staff are so sweet Everytime you go in. They make you feel so welcome. I have having massive migraines before I went and seen him and he has helped them so much!

Jason Lefler

Dr. Elmore is great! The staff is really nice and they do a great job! I have been to quite a few chiropractors and he has been the most willing to work work to get long term relief. I have been more than pleased.

Masyn Weston

Dr. Elmore and his staff are very personable and friendly. You will feel completely comfortable coming here for any problems you may have. I've gone in a few times for bruised tailbones, hip pains, back pains, and neck pains. No matter what it is, they have been willing to do all they can to help me. I leave every time feeling much better.

Kailey Southwick

Dr. Elmore and his staff are so great! They have been a lifesaver in my life over the last month. My baby had colic so bad and after researching one sleepless night I called their office as soon as they opened one morning. They got me in that day and have been seeing us once a week for three weeks so far. It has made a HUGE difference in my baby- he is so content now and sleeps so well.

Shawn Bell

They do a fantastic job and don't try to make you go through more appointments than necessary to get you feeling better!

linda sheppard

I loved it

Hastie Family

So helpful and caring! They worked me into their schedule so I could get started right away. I'm so excited to start feeling better and looking better as a added bonus. They have been there anytime I need. Thank you all for being so wonderful

Judy Smith

I have been going to Dr. Tyler for many years. He has taken a personal interest in my health and well being. I have suffered with chronic pain and fibromyalgia and he has helped me immensely. I would whole heartily recommend and endorse him. His office staff is so friendly and accommodating. They are the BEST!!

Katie Burtch

Dr. Elmore and his staff are amazing! They are friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely care about each and every person that comes through the door. Not only do they offer great chiropractic care but also nutritional programs for weight loss and healthier living. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cyd O

My elderly mother-in-law has had serious problems with her neck for years. When she began having nerve pain in her shoulder, and all the way down her arm, we went to see Dr. Elmore at Syracuse Chiropractic. I'm a retired medical professional, so it means something that I was IMPRESSED by the way he explained her problems, showing her the x-rays, then outlined therapeutic options. He specifically said he wished he could tell her he'd have her feeling like she was 30 again, but in truth, MAYBE he could get her to feeling 60. That's all she wanted - honesty, and some relief. The staff are friendly and caring, and Dr. Elmore is professional, friendly, and attentive. They won't keep you on the hook for the rest of your life. In fact, they set up a plan in which, if she's not feeling any improvement after the first few weeks, we'll stop treatment. They definitely don't rip you off. I recommend Syracuse Chiropractic.

Greg Bell

Dr. Thompson and Dr. Elmore know their stuff. Dr. Thompson took great care to note all of my symptoms and issues to customize a treatment and nutritional plan that has helped get my body back on track toward optimal health. They know how the body can heal itself with proper attention and they can unlock this power without pills or surgery as the medical world would have you do. Trust me, I've seen every medical doctor there is about my condition with no results. If you suffer from pain, obesity, diabetes, arthritis, etc., these guys and their awesome staff can absolutely help you get results and relief.

Sara Treasure

Amazing Doctor and great staff! Dr. Tyler Elmore really takes the time to listen and get to know you. He is well rounded and tries to help with any aches and pains you may be dealing with. My entire family goes to him and will continue to! If you are looking for a great Chiropractor he is your man!

Alexa Hall

I’ve had the best experience here, highly recommend to anyone needing chiropractic care. Staff is always welcoming, professional and super friendly!!

Kevin Kay

I did the 12 week nutrition program and not only do I feel much better but I also lost a lot of weight, 60 pounds!

Brecca Tholen

I went to Syracuse Chiropractic with intense jaw pain- it hurt first thing when I would wake up, especially when I would eat, it was terrible. I felt all the stress and tension in my shoulders, which was very uncomfortable. When my dentist prescribed pain killers and muscle relaxants for my tense jaw, I knew I needed and wanted to find a better, more permanent, and holistic treatment. My friend recommended Dr. Elmore as a chiropractor and since receiving adjustments and chiropractic care, my former issues have been managed and the pain is gone. Syracuse Chiropractic is the best!

Julie Morrison

This office encompasses it all - an awesome doctor and a warm and friendly staff that cares about your health and feeling great.

Heather Poppleton

I have been coming to Dr Tyler for 10 years. He is willing to listen to any concerns I have. His staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I have a daughter who come a with me all the time, staff is great on giving her coloring pages. They have many perks. They have 2 customer application days where you are adjusted for free (which is alway nice) and for new people they have coupons where they pay $20 for the first visit. My family loves him and his staff, we are willing to drive 90 min one way.

Kent Price

Amy Ihrig

My family has been coming to Dr. Elmore for several years. He is an awesome chiropractor and we highly recommend him.

Kathy Brown

I’ve been going to Dr. Elmore for over a year now. Love his adjustments and the time he takes with me. His staff is also very nice and friendly. If your looking for a good chiropractor look no further!

Lloyd Roberts

There is not a better Chiropractor in Northern Utah. Tyler and his staff truly make you feel at home. I have always been very please with the recommended treatments and resoles. I wish I could break away from work more to visit Syracuse Chiropractic. Great place to do business.


Awesome staff and extremely professional and efficient office. Doctor is very knowledgeable and his experience shows! I would highly recommend this office!

Heidi Potter Hunt

I absolutely love Dr. Elmore. He takes great care of me and is super friendly. His office staff is also extremely friendly and helpful. love them!

Tad Lloyd

This is a great place. I have suffered from Migraines and the treatments have been great. Staff is wonderful and helpful.

Aldo oreggia

(Translated by Google) Tyler Elmore My great friend, excellent professional my career as a fighter and coach would not be the same, I have great injuries thank God I met this clinic Not only 5 start 10 star I would highly recommend it to everyone. Thank you for everything (Original) Tyler Elmore Meu grande amigo, excelente profissional minha carreira de lutador e treinador não seria a mesma, tenho grandes lesões graças a Deus conheci esta clínica Não só 5 start 10 star I would highly recommend it to everyone . Thank you for everything

Alisa Ringler

Amanda Lewis

This place is the best! Friendly and professional atmosphere with great treatment.

Lynda J

If I could give Dr. Elmore and staff 10 stars I would. Love the professional yet friendly atmosphere of the office. Dr. Elmores attention to detail is amazing. He is also excellent with the littles of the family! Wouldn't trust our chiro care to anyone else!!

Levi Vigil

Been dealing with lower back/hip sciatic nerve issues since Thanksgiving 2017 and recieving treatments off and on in ND. Came into town for some RR and had a very beneficial consultation Dr. Elmore, better than all the previous treatments I've received in ND. Too bad Utah is no longer my permanent residency, because I would happily return.

samantha scheffler

This place is amazing I have been 2 different doctors and they could not fix me I made an appointment here and I was filling amazing after my first treatment I couldn't walk very well and after I went under their care I was a new person I wouldn't go anywhere else they are the best in my opinion

Tiffany Farr

This office is so nice & professional, staff is amazing & personable, adjustments feel wonderful. We love Tyler's office & will continue going there for our primary chiropractic needs.

Sydnee Anderson

Best office with the best staff! Dr. Elmore really cares about each patient and their needs. Everyone is very friendly and it's a very positive environment. Dr. Elmore completely healed my lower back and I haven't felt any pain for 5 years. Such a great place to go! Would definitely come here whether it's for pain or wanting to get healthy and lose weight. They also do a great nutritional program that many including myself have seen great results with.

John Raynor

A great experience! I called on short notice and they were able to accommodate my schedule without any problems. I injured my back at work and the had my back set and the pain gone only one day later. They even gave me therapy for my knotted muscles.

Eli Weston

My moms awesome

Ray Von Cannon

I injured my back in 1983 and suffered with flare-ups off and on for years. I herniated several discs due to weight training over the years. If I didn’t hurt bad enough I had an ATV roll over in 2003 and broke my back. I had suffered every day since and thought I would never be able to have a normal life again. I’ve tried several times to get back into weight training, but the pain was to great. I could not enjoy hardly anything, then I went to see Dr. Elmore. I’ve been going to Syracuse Chiropractic for two months and have never felt better. I’m do things again that I never thought I would ever be able to do. The staff is incredible to work with and always friendly.

Mike Smith

Unbelievable is one word to describe Dr Elmore. His Staff and receptionist are truely amazing. Highly recommended.

Brian Janroy

Dr. Elmore and his staff are first rate! Easy to schedule appointments, well managed processes and a variety of treatment plans. Tyler is a personable and knowledgeable chiropractic expert. I've been seeing him for over a year...and I've signed up for another. Nuff said!

Audrey Burt

I have been struggling with nerve pain on the entire right side of my head and down my neck for over two years. The doctors keep trying new medications but nothing works and the side affects are awful. Went to Dr. Elmore to try acupunture for some relief. I was amazed at the results not only did I get I get the relief but have very little pain at all. After only three weeks I am back to sleeping through the night, my mind does not feel full of fog and I can do things I haven't been able to do for years. The staff is very caring and professional.

Jessica Prestwich

Dr.Elmore and his staff are amazing!! I took my 7 yr old in to see if they could do anything to help him with a vocal tic that he has. Dr.Elmore suggested trying some acupuncture and adjustments. He was so good with my son and made him feel so comfortable that my son would actually ask to go back for acupuncture, lol The staff there is also amazing, they are so organized with everything and know what they are doing. You can tell that they care a lot for their patients.

Jamie Shepherd

Dave Dixon

Dr. Tyler Elmore has provided care for me and my family for many years now, and not just during regular business hours. That is what truly sets this practice apart--the personal touch and sincere value of each individual patient. Tremendous doctor with an amazing staff!!

Melony Young

Participating in their Weight Loss Program and Michele is AMAZING to work with!

Michele Lunt

I've had migraines for years, all the doctors wanted to just put me on tons of meds, which only created more unpleasant side effects. I decided to come see Dr. Elmore and he was able to get my headaches under control without having to take all the yucky medication! He has a great staff, always friendly and caring, and Dr Elmore always treats every patient like his only patient! Syracuse chiropractic rocks:)

Kari Webster

LOVE, LOVE THIS OFFICE! Everyone is extremely kind and great to work with. The care that is given is always about the best interest and wellness of the person! The doctor does amazing work, extremely knowledgeable, and has the best bedside manor I have ever seen!

Brandy Abel

I have been coming for about a month and a half, twice a week, now and have definitely started to feel a difference with my sciatic nerve issues. The staff/friends are very attentive, always super nice and make sure you're comfortable. I would for sure recommend giving them a try! Thanks guys!

Joelyn Weston

it was great as usual

Kris Capener

Dr. Elmore and his staff are great! I love they way they treat their patients,

Ernest Rios

A Google User

Love everything about Syracuse Chiropractic! Doctor Elmore connects with the patients and caters treatment to their specific needs. The staff is friendly and the office is clean and quiet. I have never waited more than 5 minutes to be treated.

Jeff Paschall

Dr. Elmore and his staff are friendly professionals that really know what they are doing! I appreciate the care and the comfortable environment in the office...very personable staff that you can have conversations with while be treated. (Conversations are especially fun during college football season. Hey doc, RTR!) I've been a patient for the last 4-5 years and will continue to use them for my chiropractic needs.

MC Sample

Kind and welcoming staff; friendly and professional doctor - what else could anyone want? Competitive prices for effective pain relief - they’ve got that, too. Highly recommended.

Afton Gunter

I am so grateful to have found the wonderful Dr Elmore and his fun staff. They make you feel like family. I have had back issues and severe dibilitating pain for a very long time. I opted to the spinal decompression and acupuncture. I'm grateful to say I can walk now with more ease and I have have less intense pain overall. I consider this a blessing. Thank you!

Kelsey Loesch

Amazing chiropractor with an awesome staff. Dr. Elmore and his staff are amazing, they take the time to get to know you and discuss all your symptoms and concerns in order to help you in the best way. My family and I would highly recommend Dr. Elmore to anyone looking for a chiropractor. He has helped me and my family in many different ways, neck pains, pregnancy pains, ligament pains and also with my husbands lower back issues due to arthritis. Highly recommend this office, such an awesome experience.

Laramie Downs

After a car accident that progressed my hip displacement I had this wonderful team to come to to help me heal. I have had family and friends come here since they opened and everyone has had a great experience. I don't know how long I could of gone on with the pain I had if I didn't go here.

Pam Diviney

Excellent Dr. and Staff!

Justin Bodily

Dr. Elmore and his staff are fantastic!!! I set up an appointment with Dr. Elmore because I was suffering from server neck pain to the point I could not turn my head. On our first visit he was able to located the trigger point, relieved the tention and by the end of my treatment; I was able to turn my head again!!!

Tom Perdue

Absolutely wonderful! Seriously from the moment I walked in to the minute I walked out I felt better. Actually I was surprised at the level of professionalism. I've been to other chiropractors in the past and they were effective but these people take it to a whole other level. They explained in detail what I had done to my back, how they would fix it and fixed it! I am very impressed with these folks and yes, as the other reviewers state, Dr. Elmore really is the best.

rashaad neal

Had the best experience of lifetime was back to work the next day with just minor issues compared to several days of pain this is the best place by far in Utah

jennifer shartzer

What a great place with great people!!! Love them all so much!!

Nancy Nakae

The staff and technicians were very kind and compassionate. Dr. Elmore was also. His knowledge and treatments were helpful. His skill level was also outstanding. He knew what to do and when. Thank You.

Wanona Riggs

I had never been to a chiropractor in my life. I suffered from headaches since the age of five. The headaches accured two or three times a day. Nobody could find a way to rid me of my headaches. I went to see Dr Elmore last year and I haven't had a headache since. I highly recommend Dr Elmore he's worked wonders for me!

Chelsea Martin

Great office and great staff! Dr. Elmore is so easy-going and informative, he really knows his stuff! Every visit I've had has been a good experience.

Shawn King

Dr. Elmore is the best chiropractor I have used and will continue to use from now on. Very knowledgeable and understanding of personal needs. His staff is awesome prompt and professional.

Britney Smith

First experience at a chiropractor. Everyone in the office was super friendly and nice! Dr. is setting us up with a plan and we’re excited to get going on it!

Dustin Nielsen

Doctor Thompson is something special. I have been boggled by my inability to just "feel better." My back hurt, my shoulder hurt. I tried a lot of things. Dr. Thompson was able to pinpoint a few things that other doctors had not even considered. I am happy to say that I am well on my way to healing after visiting with Doctor Thompson.

Jeanne Webster

My husband and I Went to Dr Elmore's seminar with hopes of finding a different way to lose weight. Trust me we have tried several! After hearing Dr Elmore, I just KNEW in my spirit this was the real deal and it would work for us! Well, four months later and we have lost 120 lbs collectively! But that isn't the best thing to happen. My husband has reduced his medicine by about 95%! Diabetes, high blood pressure, and cholesterol!! Now the staff. They are the greatest people! Very personable, supportive and friendly! Michele always kept in touch during the week to make sure we were doing ok! Any questions we had she would respond almost immediately! Dr Elmore is full of great advice and is always willing to discuss anything you ask and he is enthusiastic to the core! Annette, Christine and Julie are nice, friendly and very helpful and encouraging! I would and have recommended Dr Elmore and his Club Reduce to everyone! I am grateful my husband had to visit the clinic and brought us to these fantastic people!!

Mike Thomas

Very positive experience with elevated health program.

Spencer Ashby

Dr. Elmor does great work and the staff is extremely friendly. Waiting times sometimes take a bit but that's just because so many people come for the healing that takes place here.

Stephanie Kinney

I went to Dr. Elmore for digestive issues. I had gained 50 lbs in a summer and could not get it back off. I had also developed major food allergies and was in a constant state of stomach aches. I had developed insulin resistance and was continuing to gain weight no matter how much I went to the gym and watched what I eat. I followed their 5 week program with absolutely no cheating. I lost 11 inches, 29 lbs, and have eliminated my food allergies and insulin resistancey. I feel better then I have in years and am loving not worrying about getting sick or breaking out head to toe in a rash. The plan seemed a little pricey, but I was desperate. After the fact it was worth every penny!!! If you have stomach problems I would highly recommend Dr. Elmore.

Jim Goodwin

I have been a patient for almost 14 years. I am very satisfied with the staff and the atmosphere of the office. The chiropractic treatments I have had have helped me to be able to live a more normal life without debilitating pain. The health advice I received has helped me find food allergies. My overall health has improved by eating foods that aren't destroying my body.

Ryan Carter

Dr. Tyler Elmore and his staff are fantastic ! I have visited them several times over the past few years and they have taken great care of me each and every time.

Nadean Gabbert

I was in a car accident. My daughter convinced me to come here. I was nervous to go but they were so good with me that I felt comfortable right away. No one is ever grumpy or mean. They are positive, caring, encouraging, cheerfully, etc. The office is clean and comfortablely decorated. I love coming here!

Rebecca Laws

I've been to lots of chiropractic offices and this one is my favorite. They are quick and efficient, I've never had to wait for very long. The staff is very friendly and great with my kids. My kids ask if we can go to the chiropractor every week! I had been having headaches daily for a couple months, and after coming here, they quickly went away! I highly recommend Dr. Elmore if you're looking for a chiropractor.

Dena Ranck

I love these guys they are so friendly. Great place!

Jenni Carver

The staff is super friendly and Tyler Elmore is great he makes you feel comfortable and he easy to talk to and they have helped with migraines and correcting my posture I would recommend them 100% they are great!

nikki J

I love Dr. Elmore and the morning staff. They are always sweet, kind, and remember me by name. I come every month and we pick up conversation like I see them every day. The staff see's many people daily but they even noticed I got my hair cut. My appointments are always on time no matter how busy they are. Dr.Elmore takes great pride in his work and is amazing at what he does. He listen to your needs and give the best advice. He is very friendly so you feel very comfortable to chat. Thank you for always making me feel 1000 time better and treating me like an actual person and not just another person. Ps the little massage things at the end are amazing.

chad pearson

I was having sharp pain going down my right leg it was very hard for me to walk on it. I had a MRI done that Dr. Tyler looked at it and seen I had a bulging disc causing pain. After 3 visits in a week I wasn’t having anymore pain and was able to walk. Dr. Tyler the nurse and receptionist are very polite, courteous and awesome thanks to them I didn’t have to have back surgery. Been to other chiropractors and won’t go anywhere else now that I found Syracuse chiropractor and health they are the best hands down.

Debbye Boe

Great chiropractic care!

Deneil Kirkman

Staff was very friendly. Dr. Elmore did a great job listening to my issues and taking the time to address them.

Tyler Whitlock

I really enjoyed working with these guys. They are very helpfull and I think they did a great job. My back feels much better.

Da Man Dan

Dr.Elmore is a great chiropractor! I like how he takes his time with explaining what's going on with his patients. I am all about getting care from someone who actually cares!

Erin Lohman

Dr. Elmore is fantastic. His staff is wonderful. I have seen many chiropractors having moved a lot and he’s definitely one of the best!

Annette Kay

I've been a patient of Dr. Tyler for about 9 years. I love the variety of therapies he offers. I recently completed the 12-week nutrition program. I feel so much better. The bonus is losing 28 lbs!

Shelley Delker

Dr. Elmore really cares about his patients. He takes the time to listen and answer any questions you have. I never feel rushed. He has really helped my back and neck pain with his comprehensive treatment.

Andrew L

Michael Baxter

professional and very helpful. Coming is worth it.

Annette Wasden

I met Dr. Tyler Elmore and his amazing staff at the beginning of this year (2018). I am pleased to announce that I had been looking for a wonderful New Chiropractor and Wellness Center for a long time in the Davis County area. I "FINALLY" found what I had been looking for. He is currently and will continue to meet ALL my Chiropractor needs and Nutritional Needs. I am pleased to say that "I Found EVERYTHING I was looking for in ONE place"! Thank you SO much Dr. Elmore, Michele and the rest of the staff! :-) I look forward to MANY, MANY years of getting healthier with you!

Caty Grigsby

I am thankful to have found a chiropractor that is so thorough and knowledgeable! The environment is great at Syracuse Chiropractic.

Katie Henrie

Always feel better after I leave! Dr. Elmore is very kind and gives information to further help you at home.

Betsy Russell

I am always satisfied with the adjustment and treatment. I appreciate that Dr. Elmore also goes the extra mile in educating me on how I can do additional treatment at home so that I can heal and improve faster. It's not just about an adjustment. He wants his patients to find healing and total body health.

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