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Steve Washburn

This week marks my 1 year mark of training at Elevate. My overall experience – FANTASTIC! In 1 year’s time Elevate and their staff have helped coach me into much better physical shape. What I really like about Elevate is that they have SO MUCH to offer. I benefit from their group training programs, nutritional coaching, chiropractic work, physical therapy AND massage therapy (and they offer so much more!) all under 1 roof. No need to go to different places for physical health needs! One of MANY examples depicting how cool Elevate is: A few months ago I injured myself. I went to Elevate for help. Shelby (personal trainer), Matt (physical therapist), Von (chiropractor) and a massage therapist all paused what they were doing, huddled together to offer their suggestions, based upon their individual expertise and training, and set a game plan for me and my recovery. I was SO impressed. When they see me in the gym they still follow up with me - even without a formal visit. Only in a place like Elevate can you get that sort of treatment!!! Elevate and their staff truly care. I try to attend one of Elevate’s group fitness training every day – sometimes multiple times per day. A few months back there was a change in personal trainers. Elevate employs the best of the best. I was a bit apprehensive with the change because I was enjoying my experience. HOWEVER, I am SO IMPRESSED with Shelby since she took the reins. Shelby is extremely knowledgeable and professional with her approach. She spends equal time with each gym member, giving them the proper advice and suggestions that they need during each class. She knows exactly how far to push the class collectively, and each person, individually. She is constantly tailoring exercises for individuals who need some sort of adjustment. She is focused focused focused on form. SHE WON’T LET BAD FORM SLIDE! I’m pretty sure she’s not required to do this, but she actually walks around with a clipboard to track progress! This is just one example of how she’s willing to go above and beyond. That’s the kind of lady she is! The atmosphere of Elevate is awesome. Everyone is so friendly, and knows me by name. It is a fun, relaxed environment and everyone becomes your genuine friend – Elevate staff as well as gym members. Rich has built and created a gem (and gym) in Utah Valley by creating, staffing and running an incredible business. I’m sold!

Jennifer Rusby

In light of recent changes at Elevate and the resulting handful of negative reviews, I wanted to offer one based on my experience training with BOTH Shelby and Kyle. I began attending classes with Kyle two years ago. I saw physical results after just 4 weeks and enjoyed his fun, energetic and motivational style, but felt the need for a more personalized program. This past year, I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease that could result in muscle deterioration so severe as to affect my ability to walk or use my arms. I spoke with Shelby, current Head Trainer, about my illness and its effects on both body and mind. She understood my concerns as well as the psychology behind my motivation and goals in order to design a program that fit my needs and personality. I admire and respect Shelby’s knowledge and honesty. With her encouragement, I have achieved what I never thought possible! Her ability to communicate how to perform each exercise—in words that even I can understand—is remarkable. Shelby rivals that of the most sought-after trainers I’ve had the privilege of working with and provides personal attention to motivate me and ensure no injury occurs. She monitors my progress or regress accordingly to assist me (and my doctors) in tracking any muscle loss. Shelby’s integrity—and the integrity of the Elevate team—is above reproach. My RESULTS have been AMAZING!!! I’ve lost fat while gaining physical strength and lean muscle. Most importantly, I have attained a new confidence in myself, dramatically improving my outlook on and approach to life. I am grateful to Kyle for getting me started on my journey and wish him only the best. However, Shelby and Elevate have gained my trust, respect, appreciation and a member for life! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Morgan Levanger

Shelby Johnson is the real deal. She is incredibly knowledgeable, she has a wonderful personality, and will push you beyond your mental and physical limits. There's no question that Shelby knows exactly how to train you to get the most out of each person she trains. Add to that that she can teach you exactly how to get your nutrition under control, and you have yourself an all-in-one solution that is worth her weight in gold. The best part about working with Shelby is that she is fun and always insightful. She keeps me laughing always, and adds a fun element to every workout to keep me motivated and working at my peak. 5 stars. A+. Don't even think twice. Hire her if you want the BEST body you've ever had Period.

Jeff McClellan

I’ve been to elevate for two injuries, and the PT team has been fantastic in helping me get back into good running shape. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly.

April Nielson

I was referred to Elevate by my doctor after trying & failing other weightloss treatments. I have worked with Karrie & Shelby, who are amazing. They have helped me change my diet and lose weight. While they have mentioned the shakes & supplements sold at the gym, they also suggested more budget friendly options that I can buy elsewhere and really works for me.

brock gavery

I am very excited to be under Elevate Chiropractic and Rehab's professional care. As a battered endurance athlete, Elevate has me back on the mend to make my strongest comeback ever. The atmosphere is comfortable and relaxing and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and understanding. Its also conveniently located with plenty of free parking.

Tibble Fork

I would like to thank Kyle and the staff at Elevate. I have only just started the Elite Group Training at the first of September, but with Kyle's workouts I have been able to drop 10 minutes off of my 6 mile mountain runs. It's been incredible how quickly the group training has made a difference in my strength and stamina. I still have a long ways to go but I am very much looking forward to working with Kyle and staff to see how far I can go. Thanks!

Richard Esplin

A sports injury led me to do a number of sessions with their Physical Therapy team, led by therapist Matt Scott. I highly recommend them. * I was really happy with the results. After only a couple of visits I saw significant improvements and was back to my normal routine. * Matt was patient in answering my questions, and was willing to go into significant detail to explain what he was doing, how it would help, and what I could do on my own to improve things. * They were cheaper than other therapists in the area. They have a flat-fee price for cash payments, or they could bill my insurance. * I was glad that the therapist was clear on when he thought I would stop seeing benefit for the money I was spending, and was better off reducing my visits and letting my injury heal on its own. The next time I need assistance from a sports therapist, I'll be heading back.

LaurieKae Banks

After 7 years, we won’t likely be back. Lots of empty promises touting weight loss and nutrition. Finally hired the best trainer we have ever had (my husband and I), and they earned our loyalty. Until we saw the whole truth... Although they teach Whole Foods, they are super pushy about their shakes that are a bit overpriced ($60 for 13 servings- find them cheaper elsewhere) with poor return policy. Beware of the promises. Ask to show proof of the numbers of those who have lost weight with their program... and kept it off... they don’t exist. But they will be happy to continue to take your money, even if you suspend your account. If this was about how to take your money, then they would have earned 5stars, because they have mastered that. If you want a good review, I would leave a five star review for Kyle, the bearded trainer, he is the guy to follow. And a master at getting you and your body to excell to the next level and beyond. We have lost so much weight with him and are stronger than we have ever been. And he is SOOO FUN!!! He isn’t with Elevate any longer, so we don’t see a need to go back. But you can find Kyle Boyce by looking up #thebeardedtrainer

Margret Ellwanger

Hands down the best Physical Therapy I have ever received by their well trained and excellent PT staff. Thanks so much.

Angie Kenyon

This place is amazing! If you ever need any kind of Physical Therapy I would highly recommend Matt. He's the best around!


Best Chiropractor I have ever had.. perfessional honest and caring fixes me right up and I feel wonderful

Sheryl Mclean

My chiropractor is here and he is great.

Cindy Bohn

I've been going to Elevate for a while now and my life has seriously improved. I have fibromyalgia and deal with chronic pain. The physical therapy team is amazing! I also see Karrie for nutritional coaching and she is amazing.

Nellie Mackey

Kyle was the only reason this gym was a 5 star. Kyle made everyone feel not only comfortable but also extremely confident. Seriously the best trainer I’ve ever had. Very poor and unprofessional decisions made on elevates part. Kyle was what made Elevate the gym it was.

Benjamin Dent

I wish I would have found Elevate a few years earlier. This place is amazing. The medical professionals (physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors and dietitians) that work there are highly qualified and their professionalism is outstanding. And that is the same for the assistants and other workers there as well. Everyone is friendly, there is never a dull moment, and everyone seems to know how to relate to someone and make them laugh and enjoy their time. Facility is clean, cool looking, nice and open. It seriously is the best gym and rehab place I have ever seen and I have been to a few in different states over the years. On a specific note, Matt Scott is a PT at elevate. He graduated from the #1 PT school in the nation and his diagnostic skills, knowledge, and passion for learning and staying up to date on the most effective treatments is next level. I am an elite road cyclist and I have had some injuries over the years. Last year, Matt got me healthy in no time. The best part was that I was still able to train while I was doing rehab and getting worked on. That is perfection as far as rehab goes for me. Considering the qualifications of Matt, I am sure his associates are at the same level. You will not be disappointed here.

Michael Nyman

Best gym I've been to. Kyle and the rest of the staff are amazing are extremely dedicated at helping you meet your goals! I couldn't recommend a better place.

Adam Bradford

Stopped in for a workout while on vacation, and they were fantastic. Very friendly and welcoming (unlike some nearby gyms I could name). Small gym, but quality equipment (bars, racks, kettlebells, not machines)

Sherri Whiting

Matt Scott has been a great Physical therapist for me. As I improved strength, balance, and mobility I moved onto an exercise program in the therapy pool as well as exercise with the great trainers on staff. Shelby and Kyle do not make it easy, but they keep me motivated. I am in my mid-60's and feel like I am getting individualized physical therapy and exercise that really work for me. Although it is not easy, and I am often surrounded by athletes who compete in triathlons, for the first time in my life I am motivated to never miss a session and I go 6 times every week.

Mosiah Gonzalez

Fantastic facility and team! I was looking for a gym to work out in while visiting family on vacation. I chose to check out elevate after I saw great pictures of their equipment on their Google page. They allowed me to workout there for two weeks at a discounted and affordable price. Several other gyms wouldn't take me on unless I signed a long term contract, or paid outrageous prices. They treated me just as well as they did their long term members. Kyle was great help. He had no problem taking time to show me around and answer my questions on their equipment. They have high quality Rogue racks with safety arms, Rogue bars, bumper plates, bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, and more. The place was never really crowded, although it's not a large gym. I was able to do all of my traditional strength training comfortably while HIIT style classes were happening around me. Whatever your fitness goals and preferences are, you're likely be able to work out here. I'll definitely go back every time I'm in town.

maren black

Matt works on my boys sports injuries (frequently) and is amazing ! And we just discovered the incredible massage therapist @ Elevate! 5 Stars from our family.

Angie Jaten

In two simple visits I went from not being able to walk to being pain free! These guys know what they’re doing!!

Alexander Baron

Came here after I dislocated my ankle. I was amazed at how quickly they got me back on my foot. Everyone was personable, and patient. It was actually a fun experience!

Von K. Stocking

Great combination of doctors and exercise

Lisa Spencer

Love this place completely.. Dr. Von and Jennifer SO amazing..

Juliana Nagliati

This place is amazing! They're super nice, prices are fair and affordable. They provide a variety of services, they do fun events and promotions specially around holidays and such. I come for the circuit training with Kyle and I seriously love it. It has changed my life and the way I see health and exercise. He's always innovating, staying current and updated with the always evolving world of fitness. He stays in touch during the week through text, he does health coaching, he's encouraging and uplifting. Best trainer in the whole state by far.

Kris Dews

Elevate is truly amazing!!! I had a membership at another gym for over a year... and hired personal trainers, thought I was doing pretty good thinking I had platued my weight and muscle potential due to my age (mid-50’s) and was happy with where I was! BUT...then a friend told me about her workouts at Elevate, and I could see her amazing results so I decided to join in on the group classes...and within a very short time (6-weeks) I had dropped 4-pounds of body fat and gained lean muscle mass... OMG... seriously amazing!!! Love, love, love Kyle Boyce...trainer extraordinaire! He is the talented personal trainer who designed the group classes to provide maximum benefits no matter what your personal goals may be! He is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and passionate about his every detail...and his fun personality makes the class enjoyable! My work schedule has recently changed...and my biggest concern is getting my workouts in...because of my amazing results, this is now my priority! Thanks Kyle!!! Oh...and I recently had the great pleasure of working out with Shelby, she is another fabulous personal trainer at Elevate!!! Equally passionate and knowledgeable, and is relentless in her detail, it must be the requirements for hiring personal trainers at Elevate! I’d recommend this gym to any and everyone!!!

Kimberly B

The training is unparalleled! I worked out for almost a year by myself at Planet Fitness, and never saw the results that two months at Elevate has gotten me. The one-on-one training is fantastic, and I love the energy of the Elite Group Training. I would recommend it to everyone!

Annette Heaps

Thanks to everyone at Elevate! Karrie, Rich, Shelby, Kyle and Lindsay really stuck by me and encouraged me to lose weight & get fit! I couldn't have lost 58 lbs without them! The best part of this journey was going to my Internist after being on a Keto Diet for 5 1/2 months and seeing that my blood test results came back NORMAL! No high Cholesterol medication for me! I feel so much better and I recommend this diet to anyone that wants to seriously improve their health and the quality of their life!!

Dani Andreasen

Elevate is THE place your looking for to start and maintain a healthier active lifestyle. Both Shelby and Kyle offer personalized workouts that cater to your body, wants and needs. I've been working out with Shelby twice a week in a group setting since January. It's absolutely changed my life and body, physically and mentally. It's awesome to see my progress tracked and to be challenged each week. Shelby truly cares about each individual client - she is the best! I can't say enough good about this gym - GO!

Brittany Hyde

Shelby (the trainer) was fantastic! She has a great wealth of knowledge, cares about results, and is super flexible! Great experience!!

Kristen Pool

I heard about Elevate through a friend who talked me into joining her for a group class. I quickly fell in love with the classes and continue to do the group training classes with Kyle 3 times a week. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. I have also been to the chiropractor and massage therapists and they are awesome too.

Brady Johnson

LOVE THIS PLACE!!! The head trainer Shelby is great to work with on both physical training and nutrition coaching, her morning fitness classes are amazing. Everyone at Elevate feels like family. It is nice having so many things related to the body in one place like Physical Therapy, Chiro, and Massage Therapy.

Erin Bentz

This gym is awesome, always changing and always challenging. Shelby and Kyle are such positive and effective trainers. They also pay close attention to injury prevention and whole body health. Love Elevate!

Jani Radebaugh

I've been training at Elevate for - wow - 7 years! (since I turned 40) While I've always been good at exercising, I can't understate the value of having a trainer for muscle work and general fitness. Since I started there, I dropped a size and everything has gotten better for me physically. Now I really love my small group class with Kyle, he's a skilled trainer who takes care of his clients, and he cracks a mad joke on the floor... :) Matt took very good care of me with a PT issue, and Rich and everyone else are great, it's like a home.

Jenni Woodley

I was in great shape before training with Kyle and he has pushed me into the best shape I've ever been in. The workouts are challenging, fun, exhausting, and the results are even better. The bearded trainer is the best EVER. Highly recommended

Jeff Beatty

Kyle is the best trainer I've ever had and the facility provides so much more than the local giants, like Vasa or Planet Fitness. They not only care about your effort, but your sleep, your nutrition, and you overall well-being.

Taylor Vance

I had previously torn my ACL and had never really recovered and then a year later I hurt that same knee. This time after surgery I was determined to get my strength and stability back. Matt and Nicole did such a good job of pushing me and helping me achieve my goals. I'm well on my way to a full recovery and it is in large part due to Elevate and the staff. I couldn't have asked for a better place to get back to full strength.

Mindy Lindquist

I am in love with the Elite Group Training class. Kyle AKA The Bearded Trainer, is the best! He creates workouts that challenge you. Each week he tweaks the workout to help your body to stay challenged. You work through circuits focusing on all parts of the body. I just love it!! Oh and at the 9:15 class, they offer daycare. It is an extra charge, but I am willing to pay it so I can workout with Kyle!

Mark Austin

Friendly helpful tips, and staff. Great equipment and atmosphere. I love this place!

Jayne Harding

This has been the greatest place for my physical therapy. The people who have helped me are so kind and friendly.

carlie wendel

I first came to Elevate years ago for physical therapy and loved the attention I got. I found them again a few years ago and have loved Kyle's Elite group training classes and being coached through my weight loss journey. Allee, the office manager always greets you with a smile and Rich, the owner is so welcoming to everyone that walks through the doors! Love this place!

Cory C

Shelby is an awesome trainer and nutrition coach! I can tell she really cares and her heart is in her job! Keep it up!!

Kylie Woodley

The Bearded Trainer is just the best! It's so nice being able to get in my workout first thing in the morning and then rest assured my body is going to get me through the day and burn the calories I need to stay in shape. I have more energy too to keep up with and focus on my kids!

Tyrell Sainsbury

I really enjoyed the personal training classes given at Elevate, Kyle pushes you hard but provides a fun atmosphere. The Physical Therapy staff was also very knowledgeable and Matt and Kati are very personable. A good atmosphere for any age and condition.

Alyssa Takitaki

They have an amazing staff especially their head trainer/nutrition coach Shelby! I love their fitness classes, I have seen huge results already and I’ve been there only a couple months. Their nutrition program is very helpful also, I have leaned so much from this place, and would recommend it to anyone!

Brittney Thomas

I had the opportunity to work at Elevate and I’m very grateful for the experience. During my time at Elevate, I learned a lot and met so many great people. They gave me so much support and encouragement when other opportunities came my way. Thanks for the good memories.

Joshua Lowder

From Very Happy to Extremely Disappointed. Just got an email saying trainer Kyle Boyce was let go (who is the lifeblood of this gym) Around a year ago, after looking at reviews online and seeing how many people loved Kyle's classes, I decided to make a leap and attend my first class there. From the first class I could see Kyle was truly invested in the success, safety and hard work of all attending. It was an easy decision from there to sign up for an elevate membership with the additional cost of three classes a week with him. In short, I signed up b/c of Kyle, his personality, and the type of group training he runs. I've been around a TON of training/trainers in my life. I grew up spending a lot of my time at a gym that my uncle owned and managed (PT offices attached, etc... just like Elevate) I can honestly say after 30 years of seeing all types of trainers, Kyle ranks up there at the top. After I signed up, he was super proactive in making sure I was recovering and eating well. He always went around and made sure everyone was pushing themselves and challenging themselves in a safe way. This feels like a VERY poor business decision because I know I'm not the only one who has had this experience. I can only imagine the amount of clients that will be lost b/c of this.

Chris Ruiz

I was referred by my personal physician to train at Elevate. My goal was to not only lose weight but to physically train and prepare for a five day work related training I was asked to attend by my employer. This military style training involved lots of physical excursion, which included running, crawling, lifting heavy objects, climbing, etc. Knowing that this was the case, I was introduced to Kyle, "the bearded trainer" and he asked me to train three times a week at the 5am class. I had four months to prepare for said event. Kyle's patience, knowledge of nutrition, and the proper way to lose weight and gain muscle was invaluable to achieving my personal goals. His "encouragement" during workouts helped me prepare for what was about to come. I lost 37 pounds in less than four months! One of the key factors in having success was working out with a group of motivated people, even at such an early hour. I highly recommend Kyle and his style of group training. It helped me a lot.

Callie M

Great gym and great experience. Staff is so friendly and helpful. I did physical therapy and got a massage. It was the best experience! Physical therapy was super helpful and the massage really took care of my back problems I was experiencing.

Ashley Hill

I discovered Elevate Fitness after my daughter had a soul, crushing and season ending knee injury. After her first surgery, we visited our "prescribed" Physical Therapist. I didn’t feel like they were helping her progress to athlete shape as she would need to return to her sport. We decided to search out a new therapist after her second knee surgery (ACL). Matt was exactly what she needed. As we spend the next long months doing rehab, I knew we had made the right decision. He was able to tailor workouts that are sports specific. His Physical Therapy knowledge is vast and he makes sure to stay up on current research which is a big plus, in the ever changing medical world. I am confident she will be able to return to her sport when she is ready and cleared to go (which can't come soon enough). There are no guarantees with knee injuries, but I am confident we are doing everything possible. She is also working on ways to help prevent future injuries, and Matt has been able to point out things she can do different to make her a better athlete. We have been visiting Elevate’s boot camp since May and love to hate it . Kyle makes sure to work us hard, while maintaining careful watch on form, and my daughters knee. Whether you want to hone your skills for a sport, or get in better shape check out Elevate Fitness & Rehab.

Amanda H.

My husband and I are coming up on one year using the Insulin IQ service and 8 months with the IQ Fit service through Elevate. We cannot recommend it highly enough! We have tried other gym memberships and trainers in other facilities, and this is the only thing we have been consistent with for more than a month. Shelby and Kyle are both excellent coaches with an in-depth knowledge of proper exercise and nutrition. They craft modifiable and effective regiments to perfectly suit our ability. We feel both motivated and challenged every workout, and it always feels like the whole staff is cheering us on. The positive changes in both our diet and activity level have affected so much more than what we could have imagined, and we could not have maintained the consistency we needed without the incredible people working with us. We're getting stronger, losing weight, and feeling great!

Scott Bell

Love my workouts with Kyle! He truly knows his stuff! He always switches it up and I'm never bored. But more importantly he truly cares about everyone and seeing them reach their goals.

Brad W

I see Matt 3 days per week for physical therapy and Von every few weeks for Chiro work and absolutely love it!!! They have completely changed how I feel after my injury. Everyone there is like a big family which I love too!!!!

Katie Giras

Dr. Von Allderman is a fantastic chiropractor. He listens and spends like with me and my kid to make sure we get the best care.

Spencer Carrier

Both my wife and I have come here for Physical Therapy with Matt. I highly recommend him! I am very impressed with his abilities and his theories of how he runs his clinic. Many PT clinics around here don't provide much interaction with the Physical Therapist but instead have you working with their aides. But Matt believes that his patients deserve to be with either him, a DPT, or one of the PTA's that work there. This way you know you are being helped by a trained expert and not just a part-time aide who has no real credentials. He is smart and genuine. Go see him!

Jake Stowell

If you want to accomplish your fitness and well-being goals Elevate Fitness is the place to do it. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable and know exactly how to encourage you to keep you motivated. After working with Kyle, I was able to cut my body fat percentage in half and also gain muscle!

Fire Science Nutrition

My experience here has been nothing but the best, from my trainer Shelby to the awesome management and staff. I have been in the fitness industry for years and still learn something new each time I train there. I don't normally leave reviews like this but the training and nutrition coaching from Shelby has really changed my overall well being. THANKS GUYS!!!!

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