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REVIEWS OF Chiropractic USA IN Utah

Christian Hernandez

Dr. Moore was really great. The staff is very friendly. I’d recommend Dr. Moore for any chiropractor needs.

Aaron Woodall

My wife and I both had a great massage here.

Dia Beck

I used to dance competitively and first came into Dr. Moore's office when I had injured my neck and spine to the extent I couldn't turn my head without any pain. After some x-rays, we discovered I had no curve in my cervical vertebrae, in fact it was curving in the opposite direction than it should be. Dr. Moore gave me exercises and a tracting wedge to help correct my neck, which I did and used religiously. After several months, we re-x-rayed my neck. The exercises, coupled with the adjustments had fully corrected the curve in my neck! I haven't had any further problems with my neck and continue to visit the office for maintenance. The staff is very friendly and they allow me to reschedule appointments when life gets crazy and I need to make adjustments. A+ in every way!


Great location, great office, and wonderful staff. My kids love the play area. No one gets bothered by my busy 2 year old. And I loved my adjustment.

Juli Benson

Professional, caring and so effective. I always leave feeling so much better.

Vicki Haymond

I've been using Dr. Moore and Chiropractic USA exclusively for a couple of years. Appointments are handled efficiently by the courteous staff. The facility is new, always clean and comfortable. Dr. Moore listens to my complaints and treats me gently using the latest techniques with significant improvement afterwards. It's reassuring to count on them.

Derek Schwendiman

Dr. Moore and his staff are very good at what they do. I feel like this is a place that will really listen to you and try to find some way to help. I can't recommend them enough!

Armando Rodriguez

Austin Overman

Dr Moore is the best. I was in a bad place with some mid back pain. His initial consultation was super helpful, we got a couple of appointments in and things are SO much better. My only regret is that my wait time isn’t a little longer since i get to use their massage chairs before it’s my turn for treatment/adjustment

Angie Motsinger

Amazing people and service! Always have a great experience, and leave feeling good. Dr. Moore keeps me moving! Thank you Chiropratic USA!!

Heraldo Domingues

I like the crew, they are always friendly and helpful. The service is awesome. It helps that he is specialized in sports injury.

Katie Lin

I took my whole family to Chiropractic USA for adjustments. We had a great time there and Dr. Moore absolutely did a great job. I had back pain for years but after the adjustment I felt reborn. I recommend Dr. Moore, he is the nicest and the best chiropractor EVER.

richard lawson

Got my orthotics about 10 days ago. What a difference. I have been dealing with hip pain for most of the last 3 years. Dr. More suggested the orthotics and in 10 days the hip pain is negligible. Good call Doc.

Jeanine Compton

Really helped straighten my back and neck out and my hips. great equipment to use

alicia tomlinson

They are amazing! . their staff treats you like family,I'm learned so much about the spin in just my first visit. I will defiantly be going back on a regular basis.

Ruth Young

Richard Stark

Staff was very kind and courteous, they took the initiative to assist. Dr. Chris was phenomenal, patient in answering all of my questions, and educating me on how I can improve my health.

mason mayo

The people here are really nice and explain everything very clearly. Haven't had a single bad experience with them.

Doug Larson

I had one of the best massages i"ve ever had at Chiropractic USA

Stacey Cook

Dr. Moore and staff are very great at making you feel welcomed into their office. I would recommend him to all of my friends and family. He is closed on Friday's but he is willing to help out his customers if they are hurting and need the extra care until the next weeks visit. I definitely will always chose Dr. Moore and his staff to be mine and my family's chiropractor for the rest of his career. Thanks so much Dr. Moore and staff

Michelle Green

Dr. Moore is a fantastic Chiropractor! I love the work that he does, and I couldn't ask for a better one! I'm always anxious to get in again!

Joey Rivest

I used to have headaches several times a week until I came here. They work wonders.

Heidi Andersen

I've had wonderful experiences at Dr. Moore's office. I've felt welcomed and the everyone in the office was very kind. I really appreciate the way he educated me. I could tell that he really cares and wants to help.

Lisa Coombs

Dr. Moore and his staff are amazing! I love getting myself back in line and a massage is always a great way to start, continue or end your week!

Rob Weber

They not only take care of your back they help with the whole body. Highly recommended

Merissa Tilby

Dr. Moore has been great to work with! I’ve been seeing better improvements coming to him then previous chiropractors!

Tony Anaya

Coming to get adjusted here is always the highlight of my week. After my car accident, I was experiencing pain in my lower back and I didn't know where to get treated. After weeks of adjustments and massages, I am feeling lots better.

Dawn McCoy

Dr. Moore is such a great chiropractor! Very knowledgeable, professional, caring, genuinely wanting to ease patient's pain and discomfort. Love Chiropractic USA!

Rabab Dkhissi

Dr Moore and his staff were amazing. Very professional, yet friendly. I went in for an adjustment, but I also got the chance to learn about my body movements and posture and how it affects my everyday movement. I'll definitely go back there again.

Kiera Welch

Dr. Moore creates a very fun, family experience. He seems to get to know his patients by name and remember things about them and their lives, he spends quality time with his patients and even though its just an adjustment he makes you feel like you are the only patient there.

Phil Neibaur

what i liked most about chiropractic usa was the good service and family feel. dr. moore likes to socialize with his patients. good stuff. massages are great there too. i'm already feeling increased mobility in my back after a couple weeks!

Lyndsie Miles

Samantha Wright

Migraines suck. If you’ve ever had one, you know. Mine were so bad I was on a 7pill cocktail twice a day and that did not stop them all. My worst ones required ER care. I started to see Dr Moore for care of my back and neck. In the beginning I had to see him twice a week because my body would not keep the corrections long. The pain relief is hard to explain, it’s great and you can do normal things like tip your head back, but you keep waiting for the migraine to come back and slam you to the ground. It’s been over five years now that I’ve seen Dr Moor, and no migraines and no migraine pills. I have a correction once a week and I rarely even get a normal headache. On the occasions that I do Dr Moor is great to let me do a walk in. if you have migraines give DrMoor a chance to help you too. The only thing you have to lose is killer migraine pain and the days in dark begging the meds to kick in.

Gloria Bennewitz

Jeremy Kocherhans

Val Thurston

Not having much exposure to chiropractic care I was a hopeful skeptic at first. My lower back pain was getting worse, I was having a hard time standing up or walking without hunching over after sitting. To Make matters worse I fell down the stairs so I decided to take a chance to see what a chiropractor might be able to do. To my pleasant surprise I was feeling much better after the first six adjustments. I invested in the orthotics for my shoes which also helped. I can now play golf and ride in the car for long periods pain free. I attribute it to the care I received from Dr Moore and his staff at ChiropracticUSA and I would recommend them to others with back pain.

Joyce Coleman

I have never been to a chiropractor before. I went to USA Chiropractic the first of Spring 2019. Has changed my life. I feel like my movement has been improved so much. I sleep better. Because of childbirth issues years ago I feel like my body is repairing in so many ways. I believe that my back nerves have been revived and are helping my inner organ to even work better. Thank you so much Dr Moored

Janie Demetropoulos

Professional and quick. Never felt pressured to pay for more than I wanted.

Ashley Hickman

Dr. Moore is AWESOME! he’s been our go to guy since I got into a car accident and he really knows his stuff. He’s constantly asking how I’m feeling and making sure I am progressing, instead of other chiropractors that will just adjust you without any real progress. He’s one of the best chiropractors I’ve been too.

Holly Perdue

Sydne Beatty

I am 36 weeks pregnant and I have been coming to Dr. Moore since I was 18 weeks pregnant. I have had some pain in my hips and lower back and Dr. Moore has been really great with relieving these pains and helping me walk better. I didn't know how beneficial chiropractic care would be for pregnancy, but it helps align my hips in preparation for birthing. It also brings me comfort in carrying the weight. Dr. Moore has educated me more about chiropractics and pregnancy, and has been a key player in my pregnancy because of the adjustments. His prices are so great and affordable, and his staff is always happy and helpful. The massage therapists also do prenatal massages, along with your standard therapeutic massages. I highly recommend this place!

Leslie Anne Jeanfreau

Love the staff, love the progress I've made in Dr Moore's care!

Brian Smith

My family and I have been going to Dr. Moore for years now. My youngest loves to climb right up on the table and wait for his "Justments". The office staff is always friendly and treat me great when I come in. The adjustments I get from Dr. Moore have always been exactly what I need. They have worked with both my Health and Auto Insurance and have helped me find treatment plans that are within my Insurance Plans and personal budget.

Chris Martineson

Chiropractic USA has been the very best at customer service, Dr. Chris Moore understands the body and it's movements, and most importantly gets your spine in tip top shape! My brother was a Chiropractor, so I believe in none surgical means of getting your body at its healthiest. Simply put, Dr. Moore and his staff are the very best in their profession!

Andrew Coleman

Very friendly staff and are very interested in you and your life


The Doc is great and staff his friendly. You will not be disappointed.

Nathan Walker


Brandon Buckner

Quick and awesome. The team is the best.

Haley Peart

Chuck Burgess

I love the service I get here. The great thing about Dr. Moore is he is focused on taking care of the problem. He doesn't perform expensive procedures so he can charge more money. He does what is necessary. He is focused on helping you get the attention you need so you can feel better. He is easy to work with and very flexible. I will never go anywhere else.

Joshua Jenkins

Very knowledgeable and he does a great job!

Sean Brinegar

Awesome job! Had some bad whiplash and I also serious back pain. I have some problems with my L4 L5 disc, and I’m also an extreme sports athlete. I had a bad fall, resulting in a lot of nerve pain. Went in and they were able to reduce the pain significantly in just one visit, I have now gone 3 times. This is definitely my go to place for when I’m hurting. The office is very clean, organized, and professional. They have high tech equipment, they are able to figure out just what is going on and create a solution. Really just an easy process with great results!

Island Boat and Land Tours

Fast and Efficient. Dr. Moore and his team are seriously the best. Their new office is amazing as well. Get adjusted. Your life will be better because of it.

Taylor Reynolds

Dr. Moore is a champ. After hurting myself badly he agreed to come in after hours to get me started on recovery. The staff is friendly, always helpful and the massage therapists are phenomenal.

Cherie Nilson

I appreciate their friendly front staff. Always smiling and accommodating to someone who is new to Chiropractic care. Dr. Moore is more than willing to help answer your questions in simple understandable terms. I have enjoyed both my visits and learned more of how to care for my body.

Eric Hansen

Dr. Moore is great! Spends the time to listen and figure out a plan to best help you with what's going on. Has helped tremendously with my lower back pain that I've been dealing with.

Kaitlin Swift

I saw Dr Moore at Chiropractic USA for a year. The only reason I stopped was because I moved away! My care there was always fantastic. Truthfully I was a little skeptical at first, since I generally don’t buy into alternative medicines. This not only helped my back pain, but I appreciated that the people there weren’t over the top into some of the weirder alternative medicines. Some people may like that, but I wanted a place that felt as scientific as possible, and this fit the bill for me. I was pregnant during that year, and because of the regular adjustments and monthly massages, I had very little pain, even at nine months pregnant. I think my recovery after birth was also better than it otherwise could have been. I was taking my baby and running errands after only a week! Also, the x-rays themselves showed how much my back and neck improved in that year. I would definitely recommend to anyone to give Dr Moore and Chiropractic USA a try. If you keep up with the recommended treatment, you will not be disappointed!

Nick huntsman

Jenessa Miles Sturgell

Dr Moore is very personable, I like his staff too. He really helped me with back pain post partum.

Teresita Babcock

I really appreciate Dr. Moore and his willingness to help me and my family out. His staff is great, it's such a friendly environment. I appreciate them and their kindness and look forward to chatting with them every week.

David Tingey

Really friendly staff. Always feel welcome there. Dr. Moore really knows his stuff and is really concerned with helping you get better and giving you the cheapest option. He’s always sure to explain difficult things clearly so that you can understand better what’s wrong with you. They also do massages, which are amazing and really relaxing. They’ll explain to you exactly what they’re doing, how you’ll feel after, and what to expect and do afterwards


Gerald Wright

Dr. Moore and his staff ahve been a God send for me after my accident. They have been able ot reduce my back pain to where I can now sleep and my neck pain to where I can go a day without a headache.

Cynthia Aguilar

Great experience professional office staff, massage therapist is awesome and Dr. Moore is very caring and is the best chiro. I highly recommend this office.

Hunter Clark

I have been adjusted by a few other chiropractors for headaches and neck pain, but leaving Dr. Moore’s office I have felt better than I did leaving any of the other ones.

Britten Harmon

You guys! I am a single mom of three kids and I have almost never missed an appointment. I love this place! I’ve always been a believer in chiropractic but it hasn’t always been affordable. Chiropractic USA has afforable plans to help me continue to get the care I need. I have experienced neck headaches and knee pain in the past and after the care I have received, both are completely gone! You need to make an appointment today!

Don Williams

I literally was crawling around the house and couldn’t walk without extreme back pain before I went to see Dr Moore. He is miracle worker as far as I’m concerned. After the first treatment I was able to walk more comfortably and now after 3 treatments I’m feeling so much better!


Wow!!!! the staff was on point, I love how well they explained everything and how they can help me. I love how the doctor is open on his adjustments.

Betsey West

Sierra Watson

Everyone at Chiropractic USA has been very nice. I was referred by a friend and continued referring my friends because I am pleased with this office. I have always been picky about chiropractors and I am very happy with the care I get from Dr. Moore!

Kathleen West

I always feel so much better after an adjustment and they are so professional

Kirsten Smith

I’ve been looking for a chiropractor for long time. Dr. Moore came highly recommended by an acquaintance so I gave him a shot. I was thrilled with his location, office hours, flexibility, and the full comprehensive exam he gave me on my first visit. It was a VERY reasonably priced first visit. I have since signed up for a lengthy treatment plan to fix a 20 year old neck injury. For the first time in 20 years I feel better since starting the treatments with Dr. Moore. I am cutting way back on pain meds and feeling so much better in general. He’s a very caring doctor and his staff is great as well. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great chiropractor!

Jean Christiansen

I've been a patient of Dr. Moore for 7-8 years. He is an incredible chiropractor. He knows his stuff. He also has some great massage therapists. Everyone in the office is very cordial and friendly. I have many health problems and their professional practices have kept me going for all these years. It helps to be on a maintenance plan to keep the body well. Even the number of colds has greatly diminished. I am so grateful they are a part of health and wellness team.

Jake Nielsen

I was experiencing extreme pain in the muscles at the top of my neck, going to behind my ear, and it was becoming difficult to perform daily tasks, even eating and sleeping, without hurting immensely. So I popped into Dr.Moore’s office, and they were able to get me in immediately. Dr.Moore and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, warm, and inviting. They have everything here: X-ray machines, latest tech and tools, and the massage therapy is next level. Basically they can and DO everything here. I feel much better, my neck is mending nicely, and I’ve been very pleased and 100% satisfied. I fully recommend Dr. Moore, the massage therapist’s, and his staff-they have a really good thing going on!

Hollie White

Kirt Hullinger

Sariah Collazo

All the staff is friendly. Dr. Moore is the best their is, he really cares for his patients. I have recommended him to mutiple friends and coworkers.

Nicole Fullmer

I started going to Dr. Moore because I had the absolute worst migraines, I had been in the ER twice in one month due to the pain. I have been COMPLETELY headache free, (not even a little one) for 5 complete weeks now!! Sleeping better, living better!! Life is good with out headaches!!

Ashton Sumner

Dr Moore is awesome! We liked how personable and professional he is. His treatments are great too. My wife had neck pain and constant headaches for a month straight and he made it all go away. I'd recommend him to anyone!

Chuck Robbins

they have been very professional, knowledgeable, and feel like they're actually making improvements to help me in the long run!

Erika Atwood

Excellent service, Team and people.

Mark Arnold

I've been a patient of Dr Moore since 2012. He and his team have taken care of my spinal health. A monthly visit, for me, keeps my spine in great shape and keeps me from the splitting headaches I get when my neck is out of alignment. I highly recommend Dr Moore and his staff.

Dana Peterson

I love coming here! They know me as a person, always greeting me by name, and remember my situations physically for my chiropractic needs, and personal events. Very friendly and they tend to my physical ailments that they can care for.

Erin Overly

I bought a Chiro plan that will allow for me to see Dr Moore affordably twice a month for the next 12 months. I am a receptionist 8 hours a day and seem to have something new come up in my neck, shoulder blades, or lower back every 3.5 weeks. Dr. Moore has turned each separate issue around for me within 2-3 visits. He makes time to listen to me. His staff is so friendly and attentive. Wonderful caring service as soon as you walk in the door and check in with Lori.. Dallin his assistant will remember your name and set you up on one of their full body massage chairs, and the Dr’s kind and respectful bedside manner coupled with his ability to heal is why I won’t go anywhere else.

Dan Jones

Dr Moore and his staff have been a great help, I really appreciate the tune and effort that he has put in to customizing care for me. My entire body feels to be in better sync with itself, let alone the back pain being gone.

Pamela Areta

Dr Moore is the best!!


It's been an amazing help with my back, I've played basket ball and volleyball for awhile. It's helped me not hurt as much when I go up for rebounds, and they're all amazingly nice here.

Dallin Medel

Ryan Best

After using many other Doctors I found Dr. Moore, and now over 3 years I refer all my friends to him. 5 stars HIGHLY recommended!!

Danny Brand

I've gotten great service at Chiropractic USA and since going to see Dr. Moore, and thanks to his adjustments and and the orthotics he provided,, I no longer have any lower back pain, which troubled me for years.

Hope Field

I had an excellent adjustment and care by Dr. Moore. He took the time to listen to my needs and adjusted accordingly. He was gentle yet effective. I am 36 weeks pregnant and it's amazing the difference I feel already. His office staff was friendly and didn't bat an eye at my wild toddler. They even have Massage chairs and I plan to visit their massage therapist as well. Highly recommend scheduling an appointment with Dr. Moore at Chiropractic USA.

Ingrid Henderson

Great staff and office. Very honest and caring. I learned a lot about my spine and received great treatment.

John Tillotson

Awesome staff and accurate adjustment. I feel great.

Allison White

Everyone at Chiropractic USA has been so helpful! I was in a car accident and had never been the chiropractor before and they made it so easy and really helped me know what I can do to get back to where I was pre-accident. I would definitely recommend them to any of my friends or family!

Nancy Thill

Nice staff. Handicap access.

Josh Pantos

DR. Moore is a great chiropractor, but not just that he is also a great person. Saturday night at 7pm I had neck pain all day, and I called his office(after hours) and got transferred to his cell and he made a special trip in to help me. It shows a lot of character when he took time from his family to help me alleviate pain.

Mercedes Dominguez

I had a great experience there and everyone there were friendly and helpful to my condition... I would recommend anyone to this office

Michelle Madruga

Dr. Moore is very personable and thorough. He took the time to listen and address all of my concerns, helped me select orthotics that were best suited for my needs, and has given me multiple exercises to do at home to get the best results in the shortest amount of time. I feel like he genuinely cares about my health and wellness!

Josephine Rogers

It's always a wonderful experience here! After receiving a massage by an assistant who has a handheld massage device, I receive a good adjustment with Dr.Moore and I especially appreciate that he's always willing to double check to make sure he got everything if I'm not sure. I always feel much better after his adjustments and his staff is very friendly too! Thank you!

Maurena Nauman

This was the 3rd chiropractic office I tried after hurting my back climbing. I couldn’t even Boulder anymore and the two offices I went to prior seemed to make the issue much worse and push extra visits. Dr.Moore was AMAZING. He took the time to listen to my issues and learn about my physical activities. Everytime I have had any back/neck issues from climbing I have returned and immediately felt relief. Wouldn’t recommend any other chiropractic office!

Brandow Consulting Corp

I like Dr. Moore because he set me up with a program to accomplish a goal. The adjustments, the stretches, the massages are all catered towards accomplishing my specific needs.

Michelle Wakefield

Amazing and Excellent service! Very caring to your needs! Awesome Massages! Thank you so much for helping me out!

Genevieve Henrie

Russell Dye

Love the new facility, and the staff is very friendly.

Paul Waldron

Sariah Masterson

The staff is so friendly and welcoming. I've been having trouble with my right shoulder and the adjustments and education about my spine have helped so much.

Travas Young

The staff are friendly and professional. The chiopractic care is excellent, using up to date chiopractic techniques. For example, they offer a percussion message before every adjustment. Each adjustment is gentle but effective. The equipment is up to date in a pleasant atmosphere. They have massage therapist on hand to round out their chiopractic care. I highly recommend Chiopractic USA.

Tia Jensen

I couldn't bend over or twist without sharp pain everywhere in my body for two weeks, after I get adjusted I was able to bend and twist again without pain. I'm so happy I went when I did.

Hannah Bennett

Super helpful with listening to my needs and creating a care plan. My 2-5 times per week headaches have lessened to 1-2 a month and my stomach aches come a lot less often!

Ashley Beecher

After I had my baby I was having a lot of trouble with pain in my hip area. If I walked around a store my hip would start to ache and sometimes one or the other would hurt when I was just sitting on the couch. I had to be really careful about what position I slept in or I would be uncomfortable. A friend recommended Chiropractic USA and I'm so grateful! My day to day activities no longer cause me pain and I don't toss and turn trying to find just the right position to sleep in. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I felt comfortable at the office and with everyone that works there.

Jacqueline Hurt

On my first visit they did a lot of assessing of my feet, posture, joints, etc to see possible problem areas and they took xrays and even adjusted me in that appointment as well. On my follow up visit the doc showed me my xrays and compared them peopel with better and worse conditions than mine and showed me what he would do to correct things over time. He gave me a price quote as a package deal instead of just charging me per visit which would have been a lot more expensive. I felt the doctor spent alot of time with me and answered all my questions. I had a great experience and would recommend this office to anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Reuel White

Scott McKnight

I have seen a big difference in my quality of life since before my first visit. I was treated after a car accident and in addition to my back pain, I also lost my snoring at night. Even my asthma improved. I highly recommend these professionals who really know what they're doing and really care for the individual.

Mark Hamilton

Dr. Moore has SAVED me! Twice! This last time, I threw out my back so badly, even a simple sneeze caused excruciating pain and made my back seize up. In just a few visits and adjustments, I was well on my way to a pain-free life, and now I have NO pain! Thank you!

Cindy Nguyen

Jason Neilson

Dr. Moore and his staff are outstanding. Over the years I have received quality treatments from at least 5 or 6 chiropractors and in my experience Dr. Moore provides superior adjustments.

Brock Hunsaker

I slept on my right side for the first time in years after my last adjustment. Dr. Moore is really nice and a great communicator. Explains everything step by step. Great office staff. Really helpful and easy to work with. Awesome massage chair pre adjustment as well. Thanks!!!

Brody Barnes

My schedule hasn't worked out too well with their hours, but for the most part it hasn't been a problem. The people at Dr. Moore's office are "A" team people. I've always enjoyed going in for my adjustment. I feel great afterward every time! The massage therapist is great as well, and does a fantastic job. I highly recommend this office to anyone for their chiropractic needs!

Janelle Jensen

Doctor Moore is an excellent Chiropractor. He is very concerned with my chiropractic well being and making sure I am in optimum health. He and his staff are always very nice and are interested in getting to know you. The welcome me with a smile and are always very helpful. They are always so helpful. The chiropractic care and massage are always excellent.

Brandon Williams

Michelle Jones

Dr Moore at Chiropractic USA has taken phenomenal care of me and my family. I was diagnosed with carpal tunnel at age 20 and did not want surgery so I decided to look for care to reverse the affects and help me heal instead of doing surgery. This is the reason I started seeing a chiropractor but not the only reason anymore. My posture, balance and overall health benefit from this care. Dr Moore is kind, listens to your concerns and adjusts you accordingly to your concerns and spinal needs. I would recommend Dr Moore to everyone and look forward to continued great health because of the chiropractic benefits I receive regularly. Thank you Chiropractic USA!

Chris Miles

Fantastic doctor (Dr. Chris Moore), a very friendly team, combined with a focus on getting you lasting results is what impresses me most about this office. I recommend you visit them to see for yourself!

Mae S.

I am giving this a low rating b/c of the business hours. I bought a living socials deal, one hour massage and chiropractic consultation. The massage was good, but they have the goofiest business hours. Only Mon-Thur for the massage and you there are only 6 hours out of that Mon-Thur. you can choose from, nothing after 5pm. So if you work M-F 9-5 like many people, you are screwed if you bought that living social deal. I bought three, one for me, one for my mom and one for my brother. My brother will never be able to use his b/c of the business hours. When I asked if I could use it since he would be unable to, they wont let me, wont offer a refund. The only option they gave me was to pay an extra $30 on top of the $25 I already paid for the massage. Really really really poor customer service here. They should advertise their silly business hours on the living social/groupon website. I did not like the Chiropractor at all, he was snooty, and very pushy about selling his foot insoles. The massage therapist is gifted.

Michael Jones

I have been a long time client of Chiropractic USA and Dr Moore. My family’s experience has been wonderful. His treatment has helped us through injuries and helped us maintain excellent health. In addition to treatment he has excellent education both through consultations and classes he offers. I could not recommend him more highly.

Tony Elmer

This is by far the best chiropractic office! And the customer service is fast and wonderful.

Camille Payne

I love getting adjusted! I can always run better and I feel stronger during my work outs. He performed miracles on my lower back!

Merlin Fish

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