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REVIEWS OF Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center IN Utah

Marcus Hollinger

Both Dr. Corbley and Samantha make this place the best spinal care facility in the Salt Lake Valley! Never once had an issue and I always leave feeling better. I would recommend this place to everyone of any age or body type or history of back and neck pain!

Patrick Graver

The absolute best chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr. Taylor takes his time with his patients and truly cares about their recovery. I would highly recommend this office to anyone in need of spinal care. Can’t say enough positive things about this place.

Tate Moyer

Best chiropractic office in town! I originally checked this spot out due to the high Google reviews and Dr. Hedstrom and his team absolutely live up the the ‘5 stars’. Courteous, compassionate and jovial - everything you would want from a doc and staff.

James Buslon

This is the best clinic I have ever been referred to. Dr. Leonard communicates very clearly and truley expresses concern about your injuries. During our initial appointment, I was really comfortable and the adjustments were great. My wife also receives treatment, and Dr Leonard is really great and keeping her comfortable during their appointments. The staff at the clinic are great too, appointments are easy to make/cancel and they are always in a good mood. The clinic has great hours too, we’ve had early appointments and late afternoon appointments as well! Good luck on your recovery and make sure to ask for Dr Leonard!

Lan Nguyen

Dr. John Corbaley is awesome! Super friendly and attentive. :)

Susan Dickstein

Dr. Hedstrom and his staff are over the top incredible to work with. i was sitting at a red light and some hit me from behind. I am pain free and 100% mobile and brand new. i wasn't sure i was going to get full range of motion back but i did and it sure feels good to be pain free.

Nick McGurk

Dr. Hedstrom is excellent. I’ve been to nearly a dozen chiropractors — so I can compare and have a sense of what works — and his approach has worked WONDERS! I continue to visit because I continue to feel awesome. This is a real gem of a practice — Utah is lucky to have him!

caroline allam

Omg! I love Dr John! He is the most personable person I have ever encountered. He does great job. He knows his stuff. My daughter and I were patient of his. Highly recommended!

Stacie Fairclough

Dr Hedstrom is AMAZING! I am so impressed with the amount of thought, care and concern he has put in to my healing. I can't imagine where I'd be if I didn't have the proper diagnosis acheived through imaging and Dr. Hedstrom. No Chiropractor I have been to prior showed any concern in regard to the root of my problem nor did they strive to fix it. Aspen Falls is not your average Spinal Care Center. From the friendly staff, to the Chiroprators, to the massage therapists(Roxanna is amazing!) this is one well ran business I will continue to support.

The Four Kids

Dr. John Corbaley is smazing & he’s very approachable! He did a great job relieving my back pain which I have it for years years now, so do with Krista, the medical staff she so friendly as well as the front desk people.

Paul Howell

I had been having neck pain from my exercise routine. I visited Dr. John Corbaley and he helped me gain my mobility back. I am so happy I saw him and am still feeling the relief! I have also worked with Dr. James Leonard and also had a good experience with him as well. He is very knowledgeable and skilled, and his goal is to get you fully healed! Thanks Dr. Leonard!

Ashley W

It's clean & comfortable. The staff is nice & helpful. The massage therapists are amazing!


Dr. Corbaley has been a great help to both me and my dad would recommend to everyone...

Ryan McAllister

Dr. Hedstrom is awesome. I was having chronic lower back pain to the extent I could barely sit at my desk and get through my work during the week. I've been coming in for adjustments since mid November and my back pain is virtually gone and much improved. Support staff are fun, personable, and caring individuals and I very much look forward to my sessions each week.

Cameron Stanger

James Leonard takes the extra time to understand my pain and problems and then offers a solution. Not before, I appreciate that.

Charlene Welsh

Dr. Corbaley is great! He really takes the time to understand what is ailing you and discusses with you the treatment plan best to keep you healthy and strong. The office staff are great, friendly and good at what they do. Love it here!

Loli Murphy

This place is FANTASTIC. I landed at SLC airport in so much pain and they made time for me to be seen and adjusted. I went twice and both times left feeling so much better!

Ionut Roman

Dr. John Corbaley is such a great person to deal with! His knowledge and experience in the chiropractic field is extremely solid! All you have to do is to follow up and do your schedule adjustments! You'll definitely see the results! My lower back pain have decreased significantly since day one! All the staff there will go beyond expectation to offer you the best in customer service! Great team! Keep up the good work!

Todd Mcdowell

I first started coming to Aspen Falls almost two years ago after a car accident. I started care with Dr. Hedstrom and was pleased with how well I was able to recover. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. I can't thank Aspen Falls enough for all they have done! I would recommend Aspen Falls to all my family and friends. Not to mention their massage therapists are top notch and know their stuff!

Tatum Quinonez

As a high-level athlete, I am more prone to injuries and accidents. After being traumatically dropped on my head, I was suffering from neck and back pain. I went to an Insta-care where I was incorrectly diagnosed as “fine, just sore.” After still experiencing increasing pain, I decided to be reevaluated. Aspen Falls Spinal Care was immediately able to get me onto the schedule to be assessed. Once evaluated by Dr. Leonard, he came to the conclusion that I had suffered a concussion and my body was still in shock from the accident. Dr. Leonard has been so kindhearted, personable, and considerate. He knew it would be difficult for me to take time off from training, but stressed the importance of rest and recovery from a concussion. If it weren’t for him I would not have taken the time I absolutely needed to heal. After having three sessions with him for the past few weeks, my results have been incredible. I went from having an immensely low range of motion and exceptionally high pain as well as severe headaches, dizziness, and nausea to being able to resume activity without pain and restore my health. Dr. Leonard is an exceptional chiropractor and I would most definitely recommend him. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Dr. Leonard and the entire Aspen Falls Spinal Care staff!

Collin Teague

If I could give six stars, I would. I came here with four herniated discs resulting from a bad auto accident less than six months ago. Dr Hedstrom provided me excellent care and helped dispel any doubts I had about my outcome. As of today I feel great. I’m almost sad to get discharged because the whole staff feel like more like friends now than anything. I’ll recommend this place to anyone who needs a chiropractor.

Melissa Wright

So far I am having a great experience. The staff is super nice and accommodating. I'm happy with the fact that my Dr wouldn't touch my back til I got an x-ray to make sure no further damage was done. Turned out to be a pinched nerve. Since going to him only a couple weeks so far, my pain level as gone from a constant 9 to like a 2! Sometimes it flares up worse but it's not magic, so ya know.

Benjamin Vetter

I have gone to Aspen Falls a couple of times and every time I have had a wonderful experience. The girls behind the desk are very friendly and help you right away. The massages are easily among the best I have ever received. Very thorough and she would ask if it was to hard or soft, it was very relaxing and I felt like she really cared and put all her effort into it. The doctor who gave me the adjustment was very amusing and greeted me very warmly each time. He listened intently to my issues and made sure he did everything he could to help me, giving me advice and ways to help the things that an adjustment wouldn't fix. Even though I have no major problems and I am only going in for maintenance they really look after me and take care of me as if I was going to be a long term patient with serious issues. Overall amazing service, I leave feeling revitalized and ready to go. Thank you very much!

Divine Skeen

Great place! Extremely nice Chiropractors ( Dr John is my favorite)and CNAs. I enjoy my visits all the time.

Brandon and Suzette

I have had back pain off and on over the years. At one point it was so bad it was debilitating. I have been fine for about the last 8 years, and suddenly it flared up on me again and I was in total pain. In the past I had only gone to physicians and physical therapists. I've had injections and nerve stimulation and other various treatments. This time I decided to talk to Dr. James Leonard. I'm very glad I did! From the very start I was absolutely impressed with him and his office staff. Their technology is above and beyond anything I have seen in any other treatment office. I loved his positive attitude, and optimistic outlook. It was evident from my first meeting with him that he was very well educated and experienced in diagnosing and treating my specific back issues. In just 10 treatments, using DRX, adjustments, and back excersizes I'm almost back to 100%. In the past it took months for me to recover. I would recommend Dr Leonard and Aspen Falls to to anyone suffering from back pain. Thank you Dr. Leanard!


Dr Taylor was very gentle and effective treating my neck injury. The staff is friendly and wait times are very short! Would highly recommend!

Ana Uzumaki03

Doctor Taylor has helped me get rid of a lot of pain and it's a short amount of time he's really there for his patients and he's a really nice person that you can trust.

Kate Nielsen

After being involved in an accident and suffering from multiple symptoms I was referred to Doc and his team. Every visit has been enjoyable and I am seeing a marked improvement. The entire staff is friendly and professional. They make you feel at home and take a genuine concern in your health ad well-being. Heather (the massage therapist) is amazing. She focuses on what the overall goal is and works with me to reach the goal. I would recommend Aspen Falls to anyone!

Matthew Busche

I went here as I was passing through town for a cycling race. Needed help getting loosened up and adjusted. The massage therapist did a great job and the doctor made sure to take good care of me during adjustment too. Overall a good visit.

Steven Schneider

I met Dr Taylor a month ago and he's been fantastic! I've been extremely tough on my joints - from being overweight to playing volleyball for almost 20 years, I've had my share of twisted ankles, rotater cuff injuries and knee problems. He has addressed a plan for me, to get me feeling my best again. The first appointment was an interview of my expectations, range of motion and current reason as to why I'm here. After I left the first appointment, I was pain free. I've set up a recurring appointment schedule which will be beneficial to me for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr Taylor!

aaron craner

My husband and I love this place. Dr Hedstrom is an amazing Doctor! We always look forward to our appts and feel great when we leave. The staff is amazing!

Taylor Connell

Excellent experience with Dr. Zach Taylor. Very accommodating and friendly staff. All around a great place

Blue River

Aspen Falls provided me with superior health care. Dr. Leonard was amazing, caring, and thorough! After 6 weeks of neck pain, I was thrilled to be pain free in one visit. Over the next few weeks, my results continued to be positive. I am on my way to 100 percent with specific exercises and continued support! Thank you so much!!!! I am so very appreciative!!!

Mehak Jain

I went for a full body massage (focussing on lower back and neck) and was assigned a sports masseur who was good. The massage started 5 minutes late and ended 5 minutes early. Being a 60 minute massage, I usually expect the whole time being used mindfully.

Erin Acord

Dr. Taylor got me in on super short notice and was able to give me an assessment, took the time to explain my issues and then fixed me up right. He gave me several stretches and exercises I can do at home to help strengthen and relax and hopefully keep my back and neck and hips healthy. He was amazing, patient, knowledgeable, and understanding. 13/10 would recommend.

Brook Lyons

Dr Leonard made such a huge difference in my pain level in just a few visits. I have had bad experiences in the past and told him my concerns and he did an amazing job of making sure I was comfortable. You can tell that he loves his work and it shows in his performance! I will be sending everyone I know to him from now on.

Sarah Larsen

I love Aspen Falls! Having been to a few different chiropractors before, I can honestly say that their attention to detail is the best. The doctor spends a lot of time talking to me to make sure what my issues are before he treats me, the modalities are top notch (I highly recommend the pain laser!) and the staff are all friendly and knowledgeable. Also, their massage therapist totally put me to sleep she was so relaxing. I would recommend them to anybody looking to get healthy or stay healthy!

Armand Patella

I didn’t ever think to go to a chiropractor to rehabilitate a knee injury (LCL), but Dr. James Leonard and the Class 4 MLS laser had been recommended to me. He took a more wholistic and longer term approach than I’m used to seeing (I’ve had a few bumps and bruises along the way). I’d flown in from New York to work with them for two weeks…when I arrived I was on crutches, before I left Utah I stopped for a hike in Moab. If those aren’t results I don’t know what is. - The whole team was fun to be around as well, definitely a great use of time.

Sabrina Ellsworth

I have to say, my first experience wasn't great, but they have gone above and beyond to rectify the situation, which wasn't easy as I didn't even want to talk to them. But they kept trying and have really encouraged me to go back and try again. I look forward to trying it again and hopefully changing my rating to 5 full stars. They seem genuinely interested in trying to help you have a wonderful experience. Thank you!

Trace Coccimiglio

Dustin and his staff are amazing. Unfortunately, my wife and I have been to see them many times over the years. Dustin knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t just start cracking stuff. He utilizes MRIs to try to assess what’s truly going on, and he utilizes many types of therapy to make you better. Remember that chiropractic care takes time, so don’t expect overnight perfection. Also, they are busy, so you may sometimes wait a sec, but it’s worth it...

Paul Lopez

Dr. Taylor worked wonders on my torn rotator cuff. Fantastic experience and a pleasure to work with.

Kang MiOk

Whenever I feel soar on the back and/or the shoulder, Dr. Taylor is the first person that I want to visit. He has helped me recover from any kinds of pain in my body since last winter, and I always experience great results within a few visits. The staff in the reception is welcoming, willing to better support patients. Great place, great people!!

Tim Woffinden

The whole staff at Aspen falls is absolutely amazing..... They care and it shows. You can feel the warmth and love at Aspen falls When you go there....They are extremely great at helping you heal.

Gary Barton

The Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center did a great job helping me relieve my lower back pain, which I had lived with for over 12 years. Dr. Leonard took great care and helped me gain my mobility back. The staff is wonderful, Caitlin and Anna and very friendly and helpful, as well as the front office staff. I recommend the center.

scott coocimgilio

Got me in the next day and fixed my neck and back after just ONE VISIT! Dr Hedstrom is incredible along with the facility and Staff!


After having a few undiagnosed lower back and hip injuries in high school, I once again injured my lower back about 8 weeks before last year's Boston Marathon. I couldn't walk, let alone run, without pain and my training came to a standstill. I saw an orthopedist who immediately recommended Aspen Falls. I noticed a difference in how my back felt after the first visit with Dr. Taylor and he had me running again within two weeks and at the start line pain free. I've been seeing Dr. Taylor for the past year any time I start to feel tightness in my back and he has kept me injury-free the entire time. I would highly recommend Aspen Falls to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment!

Joshua Barraza

I was skeptical about chiropractors because of bad reviews from friends and family however, I must have found a good chiropractor because I have absolutely 0 complaints. I genuinely feel the improvement after each visit. Dr. Hedstrom is spectacular and I would recommend anyone with back issues to get treated by him. He is very cautious and weans you slowly back into your normal routine. I am a crossfit athlete and he is taking every precaution to make sure when I return I don't come back.

Whitney W.

I've been visiting Dr. Taylor and Aspen Falls for a while now and I couldn't rave about him and the staff enough. They are so friendly and always greet me with smiles. Dr. Taylor genuinely listens to my concerns and symptoms and treats with care. I thoroughly trust his knowledge and skills to get me back to 100%. I'm 30 and have sporadic lower back and neck pain from work and a history of herniated discs, so I'm very picky about who I choose to treat me. Thumbs up all the way!


Dr. John has been amazing! He has helped me to keep my pain under control for the last 2 months. Dr. John has been gentle but firm when i receive treatments. The front desk girl's have been kind and helpful. Especially Roxanna!!

Greg Handy

Dr. Zach Taylor has been a great doctor on helping me with my lower back pain. With my job it's very demanding and causes a lot of stress on my body and back. But with his guidance and work on my back has been getting it back to working standards. He's been great to work with. All the girls that work in the office are total sweethearts. Been great to work with being late for my appointments. If your back is out of whack call Zach. I recommend every one I know to Aspen Falls and to Dr Zach Taylor.

Brenda Chambers

Had a Groupon, they treated me great

Ashley Black

Dr. Taylor was awesome! He was patient with me as I explained all my concerns. He was very attentive to the concerns I expressed and I felt some instant relief from the pain I was in. I highly recommend him. The office staff was very friendly and professional as well. Parking was a little tricky.... but I am not used to downtown parking. Overall it was a very great experience and I recommend Dr Taylor.

Hugo Munoz

My experience with Aspen Falls was wonderful, I had a greate experience with staff, my doctor James F Leonard is one of the best doctors I've visited with, they all made me feel very welcome every time, Yesenia is one of the massage therapists there and she is well trained and professional at what she does. After my accident I was terrified thinking I was going to be in pain for along time, but Aspen Falls and their staff took very good care of me, I highly recommended them for any situation, they will take care of you and make you feel better sooner than what you think.

Ginger Brundage

I suffered with neck and back pain for so many years. I was worried the only option I had was surgery. Then I found Dr. Taylor! He is great and took the time to figure out what was causing my pain. After DRX, laser and adjustments, my quality of life has improved greatly! It’s also really helped with my migraines. The office staff is the best! They are all so friendly and helpful! Krista and Ana are awesome! I’m so glad I found Aspen Falls Spinal Care!

Nicholas Daniels

I needed a massage after a sports injury. Roxanna is one of the best massage therapists I have ever been to. I went there because I bought a Groupon. Couldn't be happier.


I have been going to Dr. Taylor for about a month now and he is awesome! But really the whole team is always so helpful and has your best interest!

Tyler Schmauch

Aspen Falls has improved my quality of life. I initially saw Dr. Hedstrom - he does amazing work. Now I go back week after week for massage with Nicole. Nicole gives the best deep tissue massage I've ever received. She listens to me and adjusts treatment based on my current aches and pains and is very professional and thorough.

Candace Barnes

Dr Hedstrom and staff are amazing!! I've been seeing him for 5 years. The best service I've ever experienced. Highly recommend if you are looking to get chiropractic care.

Ryan Benitez

I can not say enough good things about Aspen Falls Spinal Care! It is hands down the most efficiently run medical office I’ve ever been in. I don’t think I’ve waited in the waiting room or in between treatments for more than 5 minutes. This is the 3rd chiropractor I’ve been to over the years, and the biggest difference is Aspen Falls really helps you understand your issue and what it takes to get better. Honestly, I never believed the previous chiros were actually going to fix my problem. Whereas at Aspen Falls you can tell they really want you to get better and help you to believe the treatment will work. Just a few weeks with sessions on their MLS laser and my issues were basically gone. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Barbara Jensen

I want to thank Dr. Leonard & Dr. Taylor, for the excellent help they have giver me. I also want to thank all the girls in the back Ana, Krista, Sarah & Cartin & I can't forget Samantha who greets me at the front desk she always has a smile. I'm feeling so much better than I did when I started.

Jared Wangsgard

I purchased a Groupon and they never called me back regarding my adjustment. Never did get the adjustment. Groupon also came with a massage which was good but when I tried to schedule additional massages they would call me an hour before I was scheduled and tell me I'd need to reschedule.

John Krestalude

I have had sciatic nerve pain and had Dr Corbaley fix it. I recommend Aspen falls.

Makaela Jones

Best massage I've ever had! Ask for Natasha, she had magic hands. Great staff. They've really helped me recover from a bad car accident

Amma B.

I have been going to Aspen Falls for just over two years now and it has changed my life. I originally went because of a groupon that allowed me a consult with a chiropractor and get an hour massage. The pain relief and guidance for what to do about my hip pain has been incomparable to many other methods I have tried. Dr. Taylor is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He has been a vital support in my back and hip healing with laser, DRX, and stem treatments as well. If you were not aware that they do massaged the licensed massage therapists at Aspen Falls are some of the best I have ever been too. With life long back pain I have been to many different places. I won't go anywhere but Aspen Falls for a massage in Salt Lake City. I highly recommend Natasha Nicol for a massage. She is the best and remembers all my pains and aches from appointment to appointment. Depending on your insurance coverage you may be able to get a Chiropractor appt. and one hour massage for only your copay. Call them today and check it out. Everyone in the office is extremely nice and helfpul.

Wendy Pousima-Staley

I was very impressed with Dr. Corbaley. Every visit of mine feels like my body is adjusting well and continued to improved tremendously. I just want to add... ALL staff members are SUPER welcoming and VERY friendly environment, and they are always wanting to accommodate your needs. Hands down to ASPEN FALLS!!!! Keep it up!

Ethan Evans

Dr. Taylor is fantastic - very thorough and careful in his adjustments. Massage therapists are great too. Aspen Falls also has a working relationship with The Advocates, which makes billing the insurance of those at-fault in an accident easy - a representative from The Advocates actually met us at Aspen Falls, which made the process very easy.

Jonathan Howell

Dr Hedstrom genuinely wants to help his patients. He has been treating me for a herniated disc and since seeing Dr Hedstrom, I feeling significantly better.

Krystle Agtarap

I was skeptical about chiropractic care prior to coming here. I have dealt with chronic low back pain for years and have tried multiple courses of physical therapy and massage therapy in the past. Earlier this year, I developed severe sciatica which interfered with standing and walking for long periods of time. I saw Dr. Taylor and he developed a care plan for me including laser therapy, DRX and adjustments. Nothing has gotten my symptoms and function better faster than this! I was back to spin classes 6 weeks after getting treatment at this clinic. The whole staff is so welcoming and are always willing to help. Thank you Dr. Taylor and staff at Aspen Falls for helping me get my life back and turning this skeptic into a believer.

chase Bodhaine

Went in for my first time. Doctor Hedstrom was great and made me feel comfortable. The massage I got from Nicole was pretty dope too. I've never gone to a chiropractor regularly, but Ima start.

Ashlyn Pace

I struggled with chronic back pain for almost 5 years after an unfortunate boating accident when I was a teenager. Throughout those years, I went to multiple doctors (surgeons, spine specialists, physical therapists, general practitioners, etc) who gave me little hope of any recovery/relief. A good friend of mine referred me to Aspen Falls and it has quite literally changed my life. Through lots of hard work with Doctor Hedstrom, my pain level decreased dramatically and my range of motion sky rocketed. For the first time in 3 years, my pain level is below a 3 on the pain scale (before it was at an 8). The treatment I've been given has brought me not only pain relief, but hope that I can be normal again. I was treated with the utmost kindness and I feel like I am part of the Aspen Falls family. If you are struggling with back pain, listen up! Aspen Falls can and will change the way you live your life! They will help you get back to living pain free!! It's the best thing I have done for my back!

Sil Hoggan

Dr. Leonard is excellent. I am truly impressed by his knowledge, bedside manners and true dedication to my care.

Randall Madsen

I had the pleasure of getting to know Dr. Hedstrom and his staff at Aspen Falls while being treated for my lower back pain. When I first started my treatments with him, I could not stand for a few minutes without extreme pain. He developed a plan that would allow me to stand the majority of the day. PAIN FREE! I am now able to run again without pain because of Dr. Hedstrom. The whole team is very friendly and understanding of everyone's problems. I truly felt that they had my best interest at heart. Go see him and his awesome team! This is coming from the California transplant (AKA California Raisin).

Tonya Gallegos

Dr. Hedstrom provides excellent care. I appreciate during my initial evaluation he took the time to ensure I understood my back issue, what the prognosis is, treatment options and provided a clear treatment plan. He always brings a positive outlook to every appointment. All staff members are welcoming and professional. I'm always greeted with a smile and by my first name and I've never been in the waiting room for more than a few minutes. This is an awesome practice to receive chiropractic care from!

t's landscaping

Great staff been coming to Dr. John C. For a couple months he has help me would recommend to anyone.

kaybri chalk

Doing hair all day can really take a toll on your body, and it has now been my 4th time seeing Dr. James Leonard and I couldn't be happier with my results! Not only is he very attentive with my problem areas, but he is also fun to have a conversation with. The staff is always really friendly as well.

Kim Pratt

I recently had a "catch" in my lower back - I couldn't even bend to pick up my computer off the coffee table. Within a I have had an AMAZING experience at Aspen Falls with Dr. Leonard. He has super positive, high energy, comes ready to fix the problem by finding what is creating it in the first place. Provides exercise to support, muscle stretching, body balance with minimal "high-velocity" work. Perfect. Recommending him to anyone who has back/postural issues. I can't say enough good about Aspen Falls.

Elise Andersen

Dr. Leonard was kind, personable, and professional. I felt at ease and comfortable. They really take care of your body by coaxing things back into place rather than quick aggressive movements. My back and neck have never felt better after an adjustment. Nicole also did an incredible massage! I will definitely be going back!

Rachel Buslon

The staff is always so friendly and Dr. Leonard is always kind and patient. I would recommend him and Aspen Falls to anyone who is in need of spinal care.


Dr. Hedstrom is fantastic. I appreciate how he integrates an adjustment with muscle work as well. I also like how individualized treatment was each time I came in and that he provides exercises to complete at home as well. I am also grateful that the staff was so accommodating with scheduling. They also were very accommodating when I needed to nurse my newborn. Thank you all!

Stephanie Kaufman

Dr John C cured me!! I came in with a twisted up neck when I was in town for a conference. I could barely move with pain in the 8 or 9 range in my neck and upper back. I walked out feeling better after one appointment, with tips on how to work on the injury through the day. I came back the next day for more adjustments to further fix the injury before I left town...walking a lot lighter and super grateful!!

Olivia Galletta

I love this practice and their staff! I can tell they genuinely care about me and my well-being. Samantha up front is SO sweet and such a hard worker as well as Dr. Hedstrom and his assistants. They truly make the time to have a meaningful connection with you. My insurance is out of network and I still come here because I know I’ll be taken care of. I would recommend this practice to anyone!

Aysia Toronto

Staff is amazing and super friendly. Highly recommend Dr. Hedstrom.

Dakota Cannell

Excellent staff, relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and great doctors. They're open, amiable, and listen when you tell them what's wrong with your body. I definitely recommend for people trying out chiropractors for the first time or for those who want a place to go for a monthly checkup.

Madison Krall

I am grateful to Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center for assigning Dr. James Leonard to my chiropractic case this past May. Dr. Leonard is an accessible, sociable person who recognizes the importance of making his clients comfortable during their visits while simultaneously working his hardest to do his job—reducing client pain/improving client mobility/fixing client problems etc. I would recommend Dr. Leonard to the people I care about and others because I trust they would have a positive, enjoyable experience working with him, just like I did over the past two months. What’s more, I greatly appreciated the friendliness of the support staff—I truly believe the main practitioners couldn’t do their jobs without the engagement and receptivity of individuals like Sam and Anna!

Cindy Garcia

they are the best. my pain was at a 9 and it is now hovering at 3/4

Angie Fellows

Dr. Corbaley and the staff at Aspen Falls are friendly and top-notch. Dr. Corbaley takes the time each appointment to listen to you, answer questions, and provide excellent treatment. I’ve been hugely happy with the results I’ve seen/felt.

Crystal Tuthill

Doctor C is awesome! He does great work. Love the whole crew.

Hassan Youssef

It is a great clinic. I went their after an injury I had in my right knee. I thought I would have that pain for the rest of my life. But within 4-5 session, I went back to run and hike.

Cathy Steel

If you are looking for a chiropractor in the Salt Lake City area, then I HIGHLY recommend visiting Aspen Falls! I had terrible pain in my rib and sternum area along with a sore right shoulder and I feel so much better after visiting Aspen Falls. Dr. Hedstrom is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and really helped get me into the direction of healing. After living in a few different areas throughout North America and experiencing other chiropractic clinics, I can confidently say that Aspen Falls provides the best chiropractic care and experience. The front desk staff are so helpful and friendly and go the extra mile. I have been continuously raving about my experience to my friends, family, and co-workers since receiving treatment. Thank you Aspen Falls!

Chase Bodhaine

Doc helped me out with lower back and ankle pain that had been ongoing for years. Nicole is my massage therapist and she is really freaking good. She has broke down a lot of scar tissue in my shoulders and helped me with pain, discomfort, and increased my mobility. As a result of these two and aspen falls, I am able to live a much more active lifestyle without suffering through the pain. I’ll continue to recommend Them to friends and colleagues!

Valerie Peters

To start off...Aspen Falls Spinal Care is THE BEST! If you are looking for a chiropractor clinic this is place. My friend recommended them to me and Im so glad I listened to her! I personally worked with Dr. Hedstrom throughout my treatment so i am biased but all the other Dr.'s are wonderful as well! Back in October and early November of 2018 I was in two car accidents and had two herniated discs. For four months Dr. Hedstrom had me coming in three times a week for DRX, laser, stim, and massage treatment. It took a lot out of my personal schedule but it was absolutely worth it. If you go here be sure to DO THE HOMEWORK! The at home exercises will speed up your recovery. On another note all of the staff was especially great! They all knew me on a first name basis and that felt awesome to walk in and be noticed and cared about. I just finished my treatments a couple weeks ago and I'm feeling great!

Marlene Leon

I enjoyed a lot one hour massage plus chiropractor , it was amazing ! no more pain and you can get a monthly membership for 49.00 one hour massage and one additional for 40.00 , but it doesn't include chiropractor session.

Tramandra Moralli

Dr. Corbaley is fantastic!!! I was in so much pain when I first came in and he cared so much about me that it made me trust him! Btw I dont like doctors but I can honestly say now I am so grateful that Aspen falls has him on the team!!! Thank you dr. John corbaley!!!

bearbaby scoville

This place is good. Doctor Taylor is very helpful, and I've been feeling a lot better as a result of coming to get adjusted. Also the technician with the short- ish mohawk hairstyle is very nice. She is my favorite even though I don't know her name.

Michael Bell

I have known and been doing business with Dr. H for a while now. He is a pleasure to work with. I can attest to his integrity and quality way of doing business of he and his team.

JEFF Thygesen

Every appointment l have with Dr HEDSTROM. He makes me feel like I am part of the family. I Met doc when he first moved here, and was having problems with my neck and l asked him if he would crack my neck and he took care of my problem then and there. No questions asked. That is the kind of person I want to work with. Five stars...

Theresa Chiang

Dr. Leonard is one of the best healers whom I have ever met. He cares, meaning he really puts his heart and attention with you. I had an accident on February 10 and was treated by Dr. Leonard on February 12 around noon time. After the first treatment, my pain level dropped from scale 8 to sale 4 immediately. I have had history of back injuries and that is the main reason that I have a tough chronic pains to deal with. I have received 5 treatments from Dr. Leonard since February 12. My body can tell the significant improvement from each treatment: it is healing each time. Dr. Leonard's diagnosis and strategies make sense and they work. I highly recommend Dr. Leonard and the Aspen Falls Clinic. There is a joyful and positive energy in the office and Dr. Leonard's hands.

Cameron Taylor

As a former collegiate athlete, I am very particular with the treatment I receive. I have been plagued with a history of back problems throughout my athletic career and was looking for treatment options. Dr. Taylor exceeded all my expectations when I went to see him for treatment. He was very thorough and had a genuine interest in my well-being. He is very knowledgeable and provides quality results. I would highly recommend Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center and Dr. Taylor to anyone seeking chiropractic treatment.

Makelle Alexander

Absolutely love this place. Not only do they offer a variety of chiropractic solutions, I can get schedule an appointment with aassage therapist before or after I see my doctor.


Dr C is a great chiropractor! He is an excellent manipulator and can really work out problem areas.

Jill Harkness

I've had intense pain in my right shoulder for over 2 weeks. I called Dr.Taylor and he got me right in! I walked in with a very limited range of painful motion, and after lots of pressure point massaging and placing a rib back in, I walked out with just minor tenderness!! His evaluation was thorough and professional. He gave me recommendations to help loosen and relax the affected muscles. I highly recommend his expertise!

Chelsea Harmston

I have had the pleasure of working with two amazing drs at asphen falls. I was very against going to see a chiropractor but I ended up messing up my knee pretty bad and one of there fantastic team memebers pushed me into going to make myself feeling brand new. And she was right! These guys know what they are doing and I would recommend them to everyone. Currently I’m working on fixing my lower back pains and let me tell you Dr. Hedstrom has made everything so much easier! As a server back pains can slow you down and he has worked some miracles! I thought it was normal to have those pains! I was very very wrong! Having a chance to work with Dr. Taylor as well has given me a better understanding of the different techniques they have gives you endless possibilities of feeling better and having the momentum you need in your everyday life! Besides the drs, you can see each and every person that works there takes pride in making you feel like family! Every time I walk in they asks about the family and work! They aren’t in the buisness to see you as a customer, they are in the business to growing the family! Have no fears of chiropractics, these guys will take all the fear away! Thank you guys for being human and making me feel like family!

Ben Change

Dr. John corbaley has been fantastic! Great doctor.

Jamie Cheney

I had been getting tension headaches for over two weeks. I scheduled a massage with Heather and she was AMAZING! Not only were my tension headaches completely gone, but every muscle in my body felt so much better! I would highly recommend Aspen falls for all your chiropractic and massage needs -- I have given gift cards to my Dad and Aunt for Christmas and know that they will enjoy them!

karen verdida

Great service and staff! Specially Dr. Corbaley, very friendly and he makes sure you’re always comfortable every time you have an appointment. I definitely recommend him :)

Francisco Garrido

Dr. John is amazing! I was impressed about how much I was informed about how my joint and muscles work. Made the experience a lot comfortable than I anticipated. This is my first time ever getting some work done, and if the experience was great, I would not find another reason to look for another place. Work is done and in progress from here! I strongly recommend! Good stuff.

Denice Summerhays

The staff is wonderful, and Dr Hedstrom really takes the time to make sure I’m getting the care I need. I definitely recommend Aspens Falls to all my friends.

Jacee Robison

Had back pain for a few years and finally came to Aspen Falls Spinal Care to have Dr Corbaley take a look. He was upfront and honest about options. He ordered me an MRI so we could see what was going on and to know the best way to treat whatever was wrong. I had 3 herniated discs and a couple tears in the discs. He gave me options on what type of treatments they had available. The MLS laser was one of the therapies he recommended. I decided to try it out and I’m so glad I did! It helped so much with the dull, achy, and throbbing pain I’d been dealing with for several years. So thankful for Dr Corbaley and his team!

Lucy Colosimo

I’ve been going to Dr. Leonard for a month now and he’s been such a huge help getting my back problems under control. Glad we have such a great chiropractic practice in SLC!

Janet Stice

Dr John is a highly skilled practitioner. He has helped me with my neck’s ability to move. When I came in I had very limited mobility. No longer the case!!! I highly recommend Dr John and his team!

julian carr

I highly suggest Dr Taylor/Aspen Falls in general. I receive massage/chiro 3-5/month. Imperative to my well-being and my profession... extreme skiing. The office is very comfortable, friendly staff, and quality treatment.

Sarah Wealton

I love the personal attention I receive as a patient at Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center. Everyone is so welcoming and friendly. Dr. James Leonard is the best! He has helped me attain incredible results in a short time. The massage therapists are great too. When I met Dr. Leonard, I was in so much pain and couldn’t even stand up straight. After a couple days working together, my pain had decreased quite a bit and my range of motion drastically improved.

AmandaJo Pulliam

Love Zachary Taylor. He has been amazing getting me through my hurt back. The staff have been awesome too. Have recommended him to all my friends and family.

Cassie Rand

Very professional, calming atmosphere. Dr. Taylor has been very thorough in finding the source of my discomfort and working to get me aligned. Great place. Highly recommend

Truth Speaker

Aspen calls spinal care center should be investigated for lying to clients, coercing them to continue “treatment” even if they have concerns about coverage, and irresponsibility with patients files. Not only do they not update their files to reflect conversations but the conveniently “forget” to input important information that can later be used against them for their faults. They seem friendly and act like they are but it’s a ploy to gain as much money from you as they can. Do not go here if you want to have a good experience.

The Advocates

Dr. Hedstrom is fantastic and does a great job! Their entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, very helpful, and saying they are kind would be an understatement. I have never had to wait long at my visits, their intake is extremely easy and to check in at their office all you have to do is walk up to the kiosk and enter in a pin number they help you setup. If you are looking for chiropractic care in the Salt Lake City area they are simply the best!

Ana Vazquez

My experience at Aspen Falls has been wonderful! I sought out care after pinching a nerve in my neck. I was in immense pain with very limited mobility. Dr. Leonard had me feeling better, with noticeably improved mobility after one visit! He’s been working with me to rehab my injury, and we are now shifting over to a maintenance program. I recommend him and Aspen Falls to anyone who will listen!

Melina Savadians

Dr. Zachary was awesome, my shoulder already feels much better after only one time visit. :) Clean place, nice and welcoming. :) I will definitely recommend this place, specially dr Zachary. Thank you so much aspen falls care center team. :)

Reanne Tallon

Dr Hedstrom and his staff were absolutely amazing! Treated myself as a person rather than a patient while being professional at the same time. They were able to treat my neck injury from a car accident in a timely matter and were very knowledgeable. Id definitely recommend going to see them!

Alan C

I have tried every therapist there and they are all great! However, I would say Leslie is my favorite she is a very versatile therapist. Plus the clinic atmosphere is awesome!

Konnie Chamberlain

Dr Hedstrom is fantastic! Being a busy body and active he is still able to help improve my tendonitis in both arms. I almost never have flare ups and when I do they don't last nearly as long as before seeing him. He has also helped with sports injuries as well. Great doctor, great staff great place!

Colton Julian

I've been going here for about a month now and I'm very pleased with Dr. Taylor's methods. He did a thorough assessment to locate my problem areas, and, I'm already seeing significant results from his adjustments. He's also given me a home stretching plan, that includes stretches I most likely wouldn't have found elsewhere. The stretches are incredible and give me immediate relief. Dr. Zach Taylor is super friendly and comforting, also, willing to work with you based on your needs.

emily johnson-eaton

Staff here are so welcoming and make you feel right at home. Dr. James Leonard is well educated and competent in his work, and is always thorough answering my questions. I definitely recommend Aspen Falls.

Sarah Hugo

Started seeing Dr. Leonard 2 weeks ago for a sore neck and issues (numbness and poor circulation) in my arm/hand resulting from severely breaking my collar bone over a year ago. Those issues were resolved quickly with a combination of adjustments and soft tissue therapy. He really listens to me and works to resolve the underlying issue.

Robenson Zidor

They do have very good treatments there and Dr Taylor is awesome, I really recommend people to go there .

David Kirby

Great doctors, great staff, I feel great. No more migraines and no more lower back and neck problems.

Roger Haines

Best massage in Utah they totally help relieve pain,stress and muscle aches.

Anthony Butorac

Dr Corbaley has been treating me for about 1.5 yrs. We have worked on a few different areas of concern and one caused by a car wreck. He is very committed to making you feel better and always spends as much time is needed on the visit. I have never felt rushed through the appointment or part of an assembly line like I have at other Chiropractor offices. They always seem to be improving the practice with new technology. I highly recommend Dr Corbaley and the Aspen Falls Spinal Care Center.

Jean Robinson

Great massage from Leslie.

Rucel King

Best services and treatments. Great staff very nice and friendly and remember your name. I tried other places and the services were quick and not as good. Price is very affordable if you dont have insurance. Highly recommend Aspen Falls

Jason Lynn

Dr Zach Taylor has worked miracles on my neck. I lived with significant neck pain for quite some time prior to visiting Dr Taylor. He immediately prescribed an MRI and discovered I had 3 bulging disks in my neck. He put me on a spinal decompression program and adjusted weekly. That was about 6 months ago and I feel amazing. Dr Taylor and his expertise and individual attention has been a game changer. Thanks Dr Taylor!!

Markus Gotz

Dr. Dustin Hedstrom is Amazing at what he does. Dustin truly cares about his patients and wants them to feel healthy. At Aspen Falls the staff is absolutely amazing and super friendly. I feel better every time I see Dustin. Even if I don’t do my stretches. Dustin is such a great person and I feel like family.

Travis McKnight

Dr. James Leonard is excellent at his craft and genuinely engages with his patients. I feel well cared for under his supervision and my back is healing well.

Ashley Reyes

Dr. Taylor and his team at Aspen Falls do a fantastic job. I like how it didn't feel like he wanted to oversell treatment, like I've experienced at other places. He does a thorough exam at the initial visit and always provides more care than just a 2 min adjustment. I am feeling virtually pain free after a short time seeing him and would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Peter Stransky

Excellent care and consulting. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The treatments help to heal and maintain. I love it here!

dave seljestad

This is my favorite Chiro Ever!!! Every time I visit Dr. Headstrom he’s rite on the mark. Bedside manner, cleanliness and everyone on the staff are top notch. When I send a friend or family member there they’re always well cared for!!! They make you feel like family... I won’t go anywhere else.

Jenn Lynn Kikel-Lynn

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Zach Taylor with Aspen Falls Spinal Care for several months. We’ve been incredibly impressed by the care that’s he’s provided for us and also the approach to our health from the beginning. We’ve been to other chiropractors in the past and Dr. Taylor not only exceeded our expectations but has also fixed the issues that brought us into his office in the beginning. We’re both very grateful for Dr. Taylor and would highly recommend him to anyone we know!


Chiropractor treatment of sore back was great, and I recovered after only two visits. However, the front office billing practice was deceptive. I was told not to worry about any costs; that my insurance would cover my treatment. Then two weeks later, I'm charged over $90 for my treatment. New patients, be sure to get written clarification of billing practice before treatment.

Lillian Scoville

Dr Taylor has helped two of my daughters significantly reduce the neck and back pain that they had been experiencing. One daughter had nearly constant headaches before seeing him. We are now on our third week of treatment and her headaches happen only about once a week. My other daughter was experiencing back pain every day at work, significant enough to need ibuprofen. She can now work her entire shift without medication and feels pretty good at the end of it. Thank you Dr. Taylor!

Kashif Bhatti

I met Dr John Corbaley about two years ago. At that time I was suffering from extreme pain in my hands and forearms from working at a desk job for over a decade. I had previously been in physical therapy at another place but the relief was only temporary. However, Dr Corbaley understood the problem immediately and knew exactly what I needed. Thanks to him because my pain has almost disappeared and I'm much happier today. Also, Samantha at the front desk is so kind and goes out of her way to help and serve you. Thank you Samantha and Dr Corbaley.

Sarah Shepherd

Dr. Leonard is AMAZING! I'd call him a MAGICIAN, actually! I was in a mountain bike accident 2 weeks ago which locked up my neck and left shoulder, driving a pain into my chest, to the point that it hurt to breathe, cough, sneeze, and laugh. I was MISERABLE, but felt the need to mask it because of work priorities...My fiance talked Dr. Leonard and Dr. L actually made the effort to call ME and have me come in for a consultation. I am a bit stubborn and can handle discomfort pretty well, so I was a bit skeptical going into it, thinking I didn't need a chiropractor. I allowed them to scan the tension in my neck and back and then Dr. L did some quick tests on my range of motion and quickly concluded that I didn't have a hairline fracture like I was starting to think because it just wasn't healing quickly and the pain was pretty unbearable. He had me do a couple exercises and, IMMEDIATELY, I felt improvement. Then he did a mild adjustment on my neck and shoulder and, again, it released the tension even more. Like I said, he's a MAGICIAN! What he did was like MAGIC!!! I swear that the pain in my neck, shoulder, and chest was reduced like 90%. It's positively UNBELIEVABLE!!! I would recommend him to anyone I know needing chiropractic services!


I am 63 years old, I had Cervical Spondylosis, came from wear and tears of the spinal column, (degeneration) total of 3 car accidents in the past and bad posture from designing, painting and using the computer. Well, one day I wake up with frightening symptoms as severe neck and shoulder pain with inflammation. Tingling and numbness in hands and fingers. Strange sensation in arms with muscles weakness that stopped me from functioning normal, I had difficulties buttoning my shirt or wash my hair. I thought of trying Aspen Fall Clinic before thinking of going to Neurologist. Dr James Leonard took his time to explain every thing to me, l finished 12 treatment included Laser , the pain and inflammation diminished from the first week. The DRX was the best I ever had, it took the tension away that was coming from the neck. The work on my neck, shoulder and back that Dr did. I did the exercises that Dr Leonard asked me to do at home. I took nutrition. I am successfully done with the treatments, I fee so great, numbness, weakness 95% disappeared I am back to my normal life, Thank you so much Dr Leonard, you do care, you was optimistic and you was right. Also Thanks to Mark, Anna and the best customer service Travis. Professional friendly team work at this place, I trust them.

Ian Durupt

Great experience every time I go in. Dr. Taylor takes the time to accurately assess your situation, listen and make the correct adjustments. Would recommend to anyone seeking back pain relief.

Axel Luna

This is by far the best spinal care center in the valley. Dr. Hedstrom is a true professional and knows what he is doing. i have great confidence in him. The massage therapist is awesome. The staff is very friendly and the facility is always clean. I highly recommend Aspen Falls!!

prasad reddy

i'll recommended Dr dustin and his team for chiropractic . Message therapist in afscc is good and especially yesenia Arana does a great job.

Ricardo Estrada

Best massage I've ever gotten! Nicole was amazing while doing my deep tissue massage, very professional and responsive to all my needs. Exceeded my expectations. Dr Taylor was also great while doing the chiropractic checking. I felt the results immediately and will definitely be coming back here.

Marivi Rueda Lugo

Great place for a massage! I met with the doctor after to go over the examination and he did a great job explaining some reasons for discomfort. I did feel a bit pushed when he asked to fill out a review through here. I honestly do not feel that is appropriate for someone to ask to do. He then waited for me to finish writing the review (felt so uncomfortable). I will probably return if I want another massage but just for that.

Jenna Christensen

I've been going to Aspen Falls for years and I honestly haven't been to a better chiropractor or massage therapist. Dr. Hedstrom is fantastic and goes above and beyond to keep my neck in line. I've seen all of the massage therapists who are there right now and they are incredible. The scraping especially does wonders for my muscles. I very highly recommend Aspen Falls if you need a chiropractor, a massage therapist, or both.

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